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This is the ORIGINAL one I typed years ago. What if Ash had to return to Alto Mare to protect the Soul Dew? Will he and Latias finally say the words on their mind about each other? Pokemon and all related chaacters belong to Nintendo and Pokemon International LTD

  1. Chapter 1: An Imminent Danger (1312 words) [Reviews: 1]

    This happens after the events of BW079: Caution! Icy Battle Conditions

  2. Chapter 2: Love Overflow (1086 words)

    This is the chapter that some have been waiting for. Now you devoted Altoshipping fans can fap to an intimate moment with Ash and Latias. Unfortunately the Bestiality part won't be until the last chapter

  3. Chapter 3: More Trouble From Team Plasma (954 words)

    At last the moment of Team Plasma's defeat is at hand

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    The Ice Maiden
    Reviewer: Onnokin
    Date:Mar 19 2013 Chapter:Chapter 1: An Imminent Danger
    It's alright, a little too short for my taste, though. The grammar could definitely use some touching up, and there are some small cliches (not too big to be a problem). It's good for a first submission, just keep what I pointed out in mind for your next chapter! Also, try to keep Ash in character. The Ash I know would have been overly shy and a bit oblivious at first. It shouldn't be so quick to jump to the action, you know?
    Author's Response:
    sue Microsoft cuz I wrote this on word and resaved it as a Text document to safely upload it