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Loving Sisters by rooh_the_editor


Story Notes:

Eevee -> Espeon, Glaceon, Cinccino.
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I had to introduce the third girl and I didn't include lemons. They are coming next chapter, I promise! I'm hard at work on it right now, so bare with me one more time. I could have forced a lemon scene, but I figured a short, sweet introduction chapter was better than ruining the entire story. I hope you'll agree.

Chapter 2

Stara jumped off the kitchen counter, a pair of berries hanging in her mouth by the stem. She curled up next to her older sister, Rii, who was asleep on the floor. Frank was out today, and had left the girls to themselves. The TV was left on in an attempt to keep them entertained because he knew both Binx and Stara took an interest in it. Nibbling on her berries, the eevee let her eyes wander around the room until they fell upon the cinccino at the opposite corner. Eye contact was made and Binx gave Stara a nervous smile, then immediately looked at the TV.

Stara noticed that her cheeks were flushed. Binx's shy behavior was expected since she always kept her distance from the eeveelutions, but the blushing was new.

The eevee cocked her head and asked, "Is something wrong, Binx?"

"N-n-no," the cinccino stammered, eyes to the ground.

Stara walked over to her, sat down, and cocked her head to the side again. "Why are your cheeks so red, Binx?"

"Umm, umm. Well..." Her eyes wandered back and forth and she played with her mane while she spoke.

Binx looked at Stara, her cheeks still flushed. She was hoping Stara had lost interest in the conversation, but sighed when she saw the eevee's head still cocked to the side, eyes straight ahead, looking concerned for her. She knew she wasn't getting out of this.

"I'm jealous of you two...sisters."

"What do you mean?" Came a voice from the back. The glaceon had been listening to them.

"Umm," Binx stammered. "Like...I wish...I was an you guys."

"Why would that be, Binx?" Stara asked.

"'ve never had a sister...or a family." The cinccino nervously played with her mane more. "And if I was an eevee..." She paused for a moment, causing Stara to cock her head to the side.

"Aaaaaand..." The older sister glaceon asked, half curious and half impatient.

Binx's face became even redder. "...then...all three of us...could be sisters."

She looked up at the eevee, embarrassed. Neither Stara's head nor her expression had changed.

"Well, there's a couple things wrong with that logic," Rii replied.

Binx's heart sank. *Of course she could never be their sister,* she thought to herself.

Rii explained herself. "First off, you have a family right now with us and Frank. You are a part of this family. And second, you don't have to be an eevee to be my sister." She smiled at Binx.

"I agree with Big Sister Rii. I wouldn't mind calling you my sister," Stara added.

Tears started forming in Binx's eyes and she began hiccupping repeatedly as she sobbed.


"Ya. In fact, why didn't you just talk to us about this earlier? "Rii asked.

"I'm not sure. I'm just...s-shy, and I didn't...want you two to be mad at me."

"I would like for you to be our sister, Binx." Stara told her, nuzzling up to the cinccino.

Rii got up and joined her, sandwiching Binx between them. Binx couldn't have been happier squished up with them, she loved her new sisters. Now if she could only make her fantasies of her master come true, her life would be perfect.

Chapter End Notes:

B-baka! It's not like I wanted you to read my story or anything, ok!?

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