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Eevee -> Espeon, Glaceon, Cinccino.
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Chapter 3 - The THIRD chapter

Frank woke from his sleep, still very groggy. It didn't take him very long to notice the desperate movements and muffled "vee, vee"s coming from under his chest. He lazed on the bed for a few more seconds until the haziness of sleep cleared and he was able to think clearly enough to realize that he had rolled over on top of Stara, his eevee. He rolled the other way, laying on his back. It had probably taken him so long to realize this because Stara usually slept at the end of the bed and wouldn't normally be where she was, so he hadn't expected it.

Stara breathed in and out, filling her lungs with air. She was still on her back, recovering from the near-death experience she had just encountered.

"Damn," she said, still panting. "I guess I pushed it a little too far there."

Stara recalled how she had ended up in this strange situation. She had been up for a short while, and after a nice long stretch and walk around the house to wake herself up, the eevee had found herself thinking of her trainer. She had grabbed a berry from the kitchen while she was walking around and was still nibbling on the last of it when an idea had come to her. She jumped back up on the bed and carefully climbed on top of Frank. Planting her front paws securely on his chest and bracing herself, she had inched her face slowly to his and placed the last bit of berry between Frank's lips.

"I'm kissing Master! I'm really doing it!"

She pushed the small treat through carefully and paused for a moment, blushing. After building up courage, the little eevee closed her eyes and pushed it farther in, her tongue brushing against his slightly. Stara held her place over him as he shifted slightly from the disturbance. She then paused to build up courage again, this time blushing even harder. She rolled her tongue around the treat and squeezed, spreading its juice over her tongue, then gave his tongue one long lick. This had caused him to swallow the piece of berry she had shared with him, roll over and wake up on top of her. Thinking about it embarrassed her.

"I really hope he doesn't notice the berry…or the juice…or my honey on him."

She hadn't been in heat, but the thrill of getting caught, kissing her lover, feeling his warmth when he had been on top of her, they all added up to excite her body. Her slit had become noticeably wet with her honey during the kiss, as her body prepared to accept him, and it had been pressed into him when she ended up on her back.

Of course though, Frank hadn't noticed. He wrote the taste of berry juice off as a forgotten midnight snack and her honey as wetness from her nose, and got out of bed. He was careful not to wake the other girls as he shuffled to the shower, undressed, and let the hot water cascade over him. As the comfortable shower began to work its magic and wake him up, he reflected on the strange situation he had found himself in upon waking up.

"Why was Stara sleeping that close to me?" He thought to himself, "And how did she end up on her back with me on top... like I was making love to her?"

His body reacted to his own thoughts, and his imagination and libido began to get the better of him causing him to drift into fantasies and dirty thoughts of his eevee, her sisters, and combinations of the three of them. Eventually, his dirty thoughts began to turn to that of his gorgeous bitch-of-an-ex-girlfriend. When he found himself fantasizing about and remembering sex with a person he now absolutely hated he shook his thoughts back into reality, ending his unusually long shower.

"Fuck that bitch." Frank said to himself as he dried his body off with a towel. He sighed, trying to get the thoughts of her out of his head. His day was starting to take a depressing turn and he decided the best course of action to change his mood would be to take a walk. He looked at the clock on his nightstand. It was still quite early, and very little light seeped through the window blinds. He checked the girls. Binx and Rii were curled up together on their petbed, sound asleep. Stara was on his bed, wide awake, watching him.

"Wanna go for a walk, girl?"

"Vee, ee!"

A cheerful eevee barked quietly at him, then jumped off the bed. He prepared a small backpack of snacks and water to take with them. Stara followed Frank out the door and the two began their morning walk. It looked to be a beautiful day today. The sun was just beginning to rise, turning the still star-filled sky varying soft shades of pink and orange. He breathed in deeply and smiled, then headed off with Stara.

The two of them walked along together down the dirt path leading away from his house. The path followed along a small stream for a ways before snaking through a large forest. If one were to follow it long enough, it would take them to a small town. Today though, Frank planned to trek the path just a little ways into the woods and watch the rising sun as its light filtered through the forest. He knew the perfect vantage from which to watch from too: a large fallen tree he had known about and explored since his childhood.

Upon arriving at the tree, Frank threw his backpack up on the large broken trunk, then picked Stara up and placed her next to it before pulling himself up. He closed his eyes and took another deep breath, enjoying the cool, fresh forest air. The giant trees gave off a pleasant pine-like scent and their needles blew gently in the wind, causing the morning light to dance through them. Frank opened the bag he had brought and offered Stara a berry. It was the same kind she had shared earlier this morning, and upon noticing, immediately blushed. She turned her head away to keep him from seeing.

"Not hungry?" Frank asked her. "Well that's ok, I suppose."

Suddenly, Stara's ears perked up and her body tensed. She was still staring in the same direction, but something was clearly wrong with her now.

"What's wrong? Stara? Star..."

He could hear it too, now. A buzzing sound was approaching them, drowning out the calming ambiance of the forest. Stara tensed up further and turned her head to him, barking desperately to him, "Evee! Ee ee! vee!" He had no idea what she was trying to tell him, but at that moment, the source of the noise came into view.

"Oh...fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. You've got to be shitting me."

A beedrill was heading in their direction and had now obviously seen them. It stopped and appeared to survey them.

"Please just leave." Frank thought to himself. "Please, please, please just keep flying. We don't want anything to do with you." Frank shifted his focus to Stara who was next to him on the tree trunk. She was poised, ready to fight and shaking nervously, pretending to be brave for him. He knew the little eevee wouldn't stand a chance against it. Unlike her older sister, Rii, who had participated in many battles and had been trained to fight since she was a cub, Stara had been babied her whole life. The closest she had been to a battle was watching her sisters, Binx and Rii, from his shoulder, and the closest to training she had was playing with them in the yard.

To Frank's horror the beedrill advanced in their direction. The sound its wings made as they beat against the air had changed, it was now more aggressive and focused. A hundred scenarios ran through Frank's mind as he tried to find a solution to this problem. What could he do to get out of this situation? He could run and leave Stara to stall the beedrill. This would probably allow him to get away, but it most certainly spelled the death of Stara. "Hell no, fuck that," he thought to himself. The idea of leaving his pokemon to die made him sick. There was only one thing they could hope to do and that was fight.

As the beedrill closed in on the two of them Stara crouched down into the trunk, extending her claws and digging into the wood slightly to gain momentum. She launched herself at the wasp pokemon, who was heading straight toward her master. It blocked her attack with its drill-arm, sending her flying to the ground. It jabbed the other arm straight at Frank. He yanked his face away and the sharp drill failed to penetrate him, leaving a cut across his cheek instead. The attack caused him to lose his balance and fall off the tree, giving him some distance from the beedrill.

Stara righted herself and jumped at the beedrill's back, this time her claws caught one of its arms and tore through the hard carapace and into the flesh underneath. Green fluid, its blood, seeped to the to the top of the gashes, covering the wound. The beedrill turned its attention back to the eevee, throwing several jabs at her. The poorly prepared eevee could not dodge them all, and took several of them dead on. This left her badly hurt and bleeding from several areas on her body. The pain was immense, and she could taste blood, but she would not give up. She would protect her love or die trying.

When the beedrill turned around to attack Frank, Stara pulled herself to her feet to make one last desperate attack in order to save Frank. She ran forward and swiped at the back of its tail. As her claws tore the shell, the beedrill hissed in pain. It wasn't enough to kill the beedrill or deter it. Instead, it seemed to piss the beedrill off more. It quickly flipped around and blindsided Stara with its arm. She tumbled across the ground and slammed into a tree.

Frank watched her hit the tree. It was a pretty serious impact and she was now lying on her side, not moving.

"Oh shit. Stara! STARA! No!" The beedrill was now heading his way, eager to kill its original victim. "Why? Why couldn't I have brought Binx or Rii? Why did this fucking beedrill have to show up?" He looked over at Stara. She moved slightly. "Thank Arceus, she's still alive." He thought to himself "Maybe if I just let it kill me now, before she gets back up, it'll leave and Stara will survive."

The beedrill had now closed in on him and was stabbing at him again. He threw his arm up out of instinct to protect himself. The arm-drill cut into his arm again but missed his face. It jabbed again and again, tearing his clothes in several places and leaving wounds all over him. He scrambled away from it to try to lead it away from his eevee.

Stara groaned in pain as she regained consciousness. Her body hurt so bad.

"I'm letting master down."

She attempted to pull herself up, but to no avail. Memories of the time she and Frank had spent together over the last few years played through her mind. She loved him so much and she never got the chance to show him that love. It was too late now, though. She wished she had the training her sisters did. She wished she was stronger, strong enough to protect him. She was sure Rii could have.

Stara painfully raised her head in a last-ditch effort to pick herself up and protect him. It was no use, her body was drained. and she collapsed back to the ground. She noticed movement in the trees near her but couldn't tell what it was, her vision was beginning to blur. What appeared to be an orange and cream-colored spike began to protrude from the tree. Stara attempted to focus on it but her body wouldn't let her. Her vision went dark as she slipped back into unconsciousness.






"...hear me?"

A soft, sweet, feminine voice called to her.

"There you go. Hello there!"

"Am I dead?" Stara asked the voice.

"No, silly. Teehee! I'm communicating with you through thought."

"Where are..." She was interrupted by the voice.

"Your friend is still very much in danger. I think I can help you, but I'm quite afraid of humans, so I'll let you handle it. Be more careful next time, k?"

A rush of energy flooded Stara's body, and she opened her eyes. She no longer felt the presence in her mind, but she tried anyways.

"Hello? Hello? Can you hear me still?"

No response. She looked in the direction she had seen the spike, it was gone. She thought about her situation and remembered the voice warningthat her friend was still in danger. "Frank! I've got to help frank!" A new sense of conviction returned to her. At that moment her body began to glow white and she felt weightless. "What's happening to me, am I evolving?"

Indeed, she was. The battle with the beedrill and the energy gifted to her, along with the years of love and pampering she had received, were enough to destabilize her body and cause her transformation.

Frank ran into a tree as he crawled backwards on his butt. The beedrill attempted to impale him again with its stinger, but he was able to dodge the attack. It pulled back and stabbed at him with an arm-drill, missed, and lodged the drill into the tree instead. Frank moved to the side to distance himself from the beedrill's other weapons. A large, purple, cat-like pokémon jumped past him and slammed into the beedrill, snapping the lodged arm off at the joint. The beedrill flew off a bit then turned to face the espeon. Green blood dripped from the severed leg.

"St-Stara?! Is that you?!"

She turned and looked at him, giving a slight nod. She felt a presence enter her mind. She could tell it was not hostile, it was warm and kind. It spoke to her again.

"Oh! I see you've gained tremendous psychic ability! You're a bit like me now, teehee! Do you think you have a grasp on any of your new powers yet?"

"No, I don't feel as if my abilities have changed. I can clearly see my body has, though." Stara talked to the being through her mind.

"You've gotten a lot bigger, indeed! I promise though, I can feel your psychic power from here."

The beedrill rose higher into the air and charged at her at high-speed.

"Try focusing on one of its wings and envision it stopping," the voice instructed.

Stara focus her attention on the charging pokemon and saw the joint where it's left wing was attached to the abdomen. She took a deep breath, then followed the voice's instruction, grabbing the joint with her mind. The beedrill lost it's balance, spinning in the air before crashing into the ground.

"Good job, I knew you could do it, Stara! I better be off now, it looks like you can handle things from here. That bug should have no chance against you now that your talents are developing. Come play with me again later, ok?! I'll let you meet me if you do!"

"Thank you for giving me the ability to save him. I will definitely return this favor some day," she replied.

"Good! Then come see me again!"

With that, Stara felt the presence leave her mind and she turned her attention back to the beedrill that was picking itself up off the ground. She expanded on what the friend had shown her by grabbing both sets of wings telekinetically. Frank watched as the bug tried to sting the air around it in confusion, before Stara grabbed it in her mind. The beedrill squirmed around, panicking from being helpless about the situation. As it's abdomen curled further inwards, towards its throat, the beedrill stopped squirming and instead seemed to be focused on holding back the stinger. The two pokemon battled over the muscles that controlled the deadly weapon, one physically, and one mentally. Stara's telekinetic abilities appeared to prevail as the stinger inched closer and closer to the beedrill's head before slowly penetrating the underside of its mouth. It let out a strange, shrill scream as the tip dug further upwards, now visible through its open mouth. The pain must have overpowered the beedrill's concentration, for Stara was able to completely overpower it and slam the stinger all the way through its mouth and into its brain, killing it almost instantly.

Frank was still shaking slightly as he grabbed the backpack and zipped it back up. He called Stara to his side and began walking back to the house.

"Good girl."

She had expected more than this from him, but as her powers continued to manifest she found herself able to pick up on his thoughts and understand just how close he had come to death, and how shaken up he was, so she simply smiled and barked a happy "You're welcome!" They walked the rest of the way home in silence, with Stara monitoring his thoughts. She picked up, through his thoughts, the memory of the beedrill stabbing at him and almost killing him. This made her feel bad, she had almost gotten them both killed. If she hadn't tried to play brave and taken that aggressive stance, the bug might have just continued on. Stara stopped in her tracks at the next memory. Frank was remembering the worry he felt when she was knocked out. "He had tried to draw the beedrill's attention away from me so I might live." This brought a big smile to her face and she bounced up to him, nuzzling into his side. "What is it girl?" He laughed as she took his hand in her mouth and nibbled playfully on his fingers. Her playing continued, until the two got back to the house, as she tried to soothe him and cheer him up. Rii and Binx had since woken up and had moved to the living room. Binx had climbed up on the couch and Rii was sitting in the windowsill that overlooks the front yard, waiting for her master. Her ears perked up when she noticed him coming up the trail, and even more so when she saw the lavender-colored espeon walking next to him.

"No fucking way." Binx, come look at this!"

The little cinccino ran up to the window at her big sister's request, raised her paws, and jumped repeatedly, attempting to reach the ledge.

"I can't get up there," she whined.

The glaceon jumped down, grabbed Binx by the nape of her neck, and hopped back up to let her see.

"Oh wow! Is that Stara? Did she evolve?"

"It looks like it," Stara answered.

"Neat! Look how big she is now! I wish I was that big."

Rii looked at her and giggled. "I think you're fine the way you are, Binx."

"Th-thank you s-s-sister." A big smile and a big blush had come to her face.

"You're quite welcome, now let's go welcome them and you can ask her all about her new form."

After putting his things away and tending to his wounds, Frank let the girls play and tackle each other in the living room while he went to the bedroom. He wanted to calm down and relax, and he knew exactly what would help. He opened the closet door and took a thin, rolled joint from a tightly sealed mason jar on top of his dresser. He sealed the jar again and left, heading out back with a lighter, to smoke his concerns away.

Upon returning to the living room, he found the girls lying in various places, tired from their play. He decided to sit on the couch, next to Rii. He turned on the tv and flipped through the channels until he was able to find something that he thought would entertain him as his high set in. He smiled and let his whole body relax as the high hit him. The show kept him entertained for a whole 15 minutes, until a commercial break interrupted the comedy, and his mind began to wander. His new espeon hopped up onto his lap and curled up.

"Oh wow, she's so much bigger now. She doesn't even really fit in my lap now. She fits on it though, haha. Wow, on and in are strange words. English is a strange language, maybe I should learn another."

He ran his hand through her soft fur and she purred for him.

"Oh ho ho, so soft!" Frank said with an incredibly goofy look on his face.

She looked at him inquisitively, the smell of a strange burnt plant on his breath had piqued her curiosity. She shifted her body to a different position, brushing her leg against his crotch in the process. This, of course, caused a reaction from his body, and soon afterwards, began to also affect his train of thought. "Oh she's so pretty," he thought as he continued to stroke her fur. Stara purred and nuzzled into his hand, her body shifting, wiggling, and rubbing against him, exciting him further.

He let his intoxication get to him as he let his petting wander to her belly,then to between her legs. After a few seconds of tracing the outer edges of her sex he removed his hand in self-embarrassment. She hadn't pulled away or tried to stop him. She was just laying there, thumping her tail absent-mindedly against the couch cushion, watching him with a tint of red across her face.

"Of course she didn't pull away," he thought to himself. "She probably has no idea what I was doing."

He nervously laughed to himself until she intervened.

"No master, I understand what was happening, and it...wasn't very nice of you to tease me like that."

He looked at her, incredibly shocked. Her face was incredibly flushed and she was looking away from him, clearly embarrassed,then it hit him:

"Oh fuck! She knows I was fingering her!" His face became as red as hers.

" were trying to get me ready to m-m-mate right? Is that what 'fingering' means?"

"Holy shit, wait, you're talking to me?" He tried to contemplate how high he was at the moment and he didn't think it would be enough to hallucinate about talking pokemon.

"Telepathically, yes, but you didn't answer my question, master."

He thought back to her question and scratched his head. "Yeah, I guess you could say that."

"Does that mean you want to mate with me then?"

"I uh-" He had seen this question coming a mile away, but still wasn't prepared for it. She didn't wait for him to answer though, choosing instead to nuzzle into his thighs and crotch and beg him with the most pathetic set of eyes she could muster.

"Continue?" She pleaded.

He pondered the situation. He knew himself, if he went through with this he wouldn't be able to stop, and he would eventually fuck her, which would make him a poképhilliac.

"Humans don't like it when other humans mate with pokémon? Why?"

"I don't know. Some people think that pokémon aren't as intelligent or something as humans, and so they couldn't consent to sex with us. Besides, we can't reproduce with you."

"Ooooh?" She inquired with an increasingly sexy voice. "Does that mean you don't think I'm smart?"

"No," he laughed, "You and Rii are probably smarter than I am."

"Then...continue? I'm in heat and it's such a pain. I won't tell anyone, I promise, so just this once?"

She had him beat on logic and he couldn't really lie to himself, he did want her.

"Fine, but just this once."

He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, laying her down on the bed. Stara rolled over on her back and took his first few fingers into her mouth, biting in a sexy and playful way, and rolling her tongue over them.

She let go of his hand and winked at him. "Use those on me," she suggested.

He ran his hand down her chest,brushing against her nipples and brought it to her clit.

"That feels so good," she thought to herself. He had taken his fingers to her engorged slit and pushed them just inside her petals, stroking lightly along the length. She shuddered from the ecstasy of being fingered by her master.

Stara closed her eyes and enjoyed his fingers as they found their way inside her pussy. She clamped down hard on him at first, but slowly relaxed enough to allow Frank to move and curl his fingers up against the top of her wall, one of her most sensitive of spots. He played with the small nipples along her chest to increase her pleasure along with the fingering.

She we getting progressively closer to cumming and it seemed like Frank could tell. His fingers moved faster and faster and the sounds her tunnel made as he did so became wetter and wetter. Desperate cries escaped her muzzle and her body jerked and twitched. He brought his thumb to rest on her clit, allowing the natural vibrations of his movements to pleasure her nub.

"Oh if this is what it feels like when he uses his paws, I can't wait to feel what actually mating with him will feel like! I would cum so hard for him!"

She thought of him on top of her, mating him like she wanted and had dreamed of, and used the stimulus of this thought to reach her peak. The espeon bucked instinctively into his hand and cried out for him as her pussy convulsed and her inner walls gripped and danced around his fingers, trying to milk them of seed and drenching them in her honey in the process. She panted and convulsed as she enjoyed her sex high, purring happily. Turning her attention to her lover she noticed the bulge in his pants.

"Master, I think I'm ready now." She smiled and giggled in his thoughts as she teased him. "I'm very ready to take you!"

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you for reading the third chapter of my first submitted story, Loving Sisters. I made this chapter far too long, it became hard to stay motivated midway through it, but I felt the need to tell a lot of story as a buildup to the lemon, so I apologize for the delay.

If you enjoyed this chapter let me know. If you didn't let me know that as well, preferably with a reason as to why, or a suggestion for improvement. If you ever catch any spelling or grammar mistakes please tell me. Being an editor, the last thing I want is mistakes in my own writing :s

Special thanks to standingon.words and the other regulars on the 4chan /vp/ fanfic thread irc for keeping me entertained and motivated, and for the help and ideas on the chapter itself.

Until the next chapter...

O-niiiii-chan, let's take a bath together!

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