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Loving Sisters by rooh_the_editor


Story Notes:

Eevee -> Espeon, Glaceon, Cinccino.
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm going to stop making excuses about my slow story writing habits. I am lazy, and between my PS3 and studying, I am constantly finding excuses to not write. It's mostly because I'm lazy though. Anyways, here's the first true smut chapter. Hardly any actual story, lots of sex. Enjoy.

Chapter 4 - The Chapter After 3

Frank raised his fingers slightly towards his face and looked at them. They were covered in his espeon's honey from his recent very heavy petting session with her. Normally, if it was a human girl's cum on his fingers, he wouldn't have thought twice about licking it off and planting his face between her legs.

"Does this mean I don't consider pokémon to be equal to me?" He thought to himself.

"I'm fine with that, master," his espeon, Stara, interrupted. "Just being owned by you is more than satisfactory. It's more than I could ask for. It's a bit sexy too, don't you think? Come here, let me submit to my master while you make me yours." She laid her upper body down onto the bed and arched her back and tail, raising them into the air for him. Her tail wagged slowly, seductively from side to side as she watched him and awaited his response. She desperately wanted him, her heat had fully set in.

Frank smiled, closed his eyes, and gave a short sigh. She wasn't going to let him get out of this, he could tell. Conceding to his fate and his desire, he checked the bedroom door, and found he had left it open. He wasn't entirely sure how his glaceon and cinccino would take it if they found him plowing Stara in his bed. His lust, however, was building and urging him to mate with her. He hastily, but quietly closed the door and jumped back into bed.

Frank looked over the gorgeous espeon who was there waiting for him. She was much bigger than in her eevee form, and while her parts definitely weren't made to take his, he didn't think he would be so much larger than a male eeveelution as to cause her any pain. This would be especially true since her sex was slightly inflamed, wet, and needy, thanks to her heat.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Frank asked.

"I'm sure," she confidently stated, still holding her best 'come and take me' pose.

She heard the sound of a zipper from behind, and knowing what it meant, hiked her rear up as far as she could for her mate. Stara let out a small gasp as she felt her lover's manhood rub against her slit, causing more of her honey to leak out. She then felt him position himself over her, hands grabbing her hips, and use the new-found stability to begin penetrating her small, very lubricated feline tunnel.

Stara mewed for him as she felt the head of his manhood push through her tight entrance and inch its way into her depths. She was in ecstasy as his shaft slowly filled her up, stretching her while her body adjusted to his size, until he hit her deepest wall. As soon as his manhood pushed up against her uterus, Stara jerked her head up and cried out, her walls convulsing around the throbbing penis she was taking. He was hilted all the way inside her and she could feel his testicles resting against her thought of having all of her lover buried inside her drove her wild and pushed her over the edge into an orgasm.

Frank held himself back from his own orgasm, multiplying difficult numbers in his head to keep his mind off the pleasure. He had greatly underestimated just how hot, tight, and wet her young pussy would be. It was incredibly stimulating. The fact that he hadn't had intercourse with anyone in many months didn't help either. He was a time bomb of built up lust.

When he was sure he was safe from cumming, he looked down at Stara, who was watching him, panting adorably with a light sweat beginning to form on her body. She had since collapsed onto the bed and relaxed her body. He pulled her back up on all fours and nibbled the edge of her sensitive ear, causing it to twitch in between his lips.

"Ready for round two?" Frank asked.

"I am," she replied between pants.

He pulled out all the way until only the very tip of his manhood was still buried in her, then wrapped his arms around her chest, before kissing her on the back of the ear."

This sent a jolt of electricity through her.

"M-M-M-Master just kissed me!" She thought to herself.

She wasn't able to relish in his kiss long as he slammed deep into her, hitting her wall again and again, plowing her like an animal. She wrapped her twin-ended tail awkwardly around his leg as he rested more of his weight on her back, mating her intensely. She loved it, his chest against her back, his determined grunting in her ear and the feeling of being full each time his manhood was driven in, followed by the teasing sensation when he pulled back and left her empty. Now if he could do something about the itch that burned deep in her pussy, craving male seed. This was her second heat, she experienced it before when she was still an eevee, and Frank had eased it by inserting a fake semen pill, that he had received from the clinic, into her vagina. Since this was her first time taking a real male, Stara wanted to know the feel of real semen spilling into her. She decided to focus on clenching her muscles and milking his cum out of him.

Frank's instincts were starting to take over. He was near his edge again, and his dick was being massaged by very warm, and now even tighter pussy. The slippery, constricting folds of her tunnel, covered in espeon honey, felt like heaven each time his tip rubbed over them. Her heated, adorable mews called for him, fueling a primal urge inside him. Stara's instincts caused her to subconsciously extend her claws in an attempt to dig in and support his thrusts. They pressed into his bedding, sinking in and almost causing her to slip on the soft sheets.

Frank felt it, the heat in his loins building, a crescendo of lust and passion. He didn't hold it back, his thought process had all but stopped. The only thing left was an instinctual need to fill her womb with his seed. He drove all the way into Stara's tunnel, hilting her once more, as his manhood swelled, plugging her and ensuring his cum would be delivered. His lust grew greater than he could ever remember it having done, almost to the point of hurting. There was no need to hold back, no need to pull out. He didn't have to worry about getting her pregnant. He could relax and enjoy inseminating his lovely espeon.

Stara's climax grew to a head upon feeling her mate's tool grow and knot her.

"This is it, here it comes!" She thought to herself.

Frank felt his climax climb to the top and then he let go.

He pumped load after load of incredibly hot seed into her womb.

A few loads shot hard enough into her that Stara could physically feel it hitting the back of her.

He quickly filled her womb with his cum, extinguishing the fire of her heat. Gush after gush poured into her. With nowhere to go, it overflowed out onto her thighs and legs.

Frank left his dick inside of her, still spurting the last of his built up semen. It twitched repeatedly, and over time went limp, its job completed. Stara looked ahead, dazed, panting, high from sex. Sweat dripped off her muzzle and Frank cooed to her, running his hand down her back and through her purple, soft fur, a thanks for pleasuring him with her body and taking his seed.

"Good girl," he lovingly whispered to her.

Frank pulled out of his lover, a sloppy, wet sound came from her as his tip popped out of her entrance.

He was sweaty, hot, and his lower half was covered in a mixture of sweat, his cum, and Stara's honey.

"I need a shower," he said to himself.

He sat up and began to get off the bed, before stopping. He saw an unusual blue object in the corner of his eye. He turned his head towards the object and found a glaceon sitting on his dresser, watching him.

Chapter End Notes:

As always, thank you for reading this chapter of Loving Sisters. Remember that most FF writers (myself included) live for feedback from the community, so if you can spare the time, leave me a comment, good or bad. Also as always, if you find any spelling/grammar/sentence structure errors let me know. Until next time...

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