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Eevee -> Espeon, Glaceon, Cinccino.
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone. Lot's of smut in this one, know you guys love that. Enjoy.

Chapter 6 - The Fourth Chapter Before 10

Rii yawned and curled up tighter in Frank's lap, on top of his blanket. The glaceon was enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon while her master watched TV on the couch. Shrill wind blew over the cracks in the house, creating a whistle that was being drowned out by the TV program. Outside, snow drifted lazily to the ground, creating a white, fluffy playground for ice types like her. Maybe she would get Frank to play outside with her later. For now though, this was bliss. She stretched her front paws out and turned her head to look out the frosty windows and watch the snow fall.

"Oh, what's this?" In a playful tone, Stara messed with her.

"What is it, Stara?"

"Keeping Master all to yourself, are you?"

A mix of yes, go away, don't ruin this, and I'm comfortable came out as a long, drawn out groan in reply to her sister. Rii curled up into a ball and prayed her sister would go away. Instead, the espeon jumped up on the couch and tried to climb up into his lap with her.

"No, Stara, I really don't want both of you up here on top of me."

Rii smirked, then stretched again. Stara saw her victorious smile and decided to poke at her with "I still fuuuucked him," smirking back at her in a playful manner. She turned around and went to jump off the couch, when her sister stammered back at her,

"O-Oh yeah? Well I could get him anytime i wanted."

Stara stopped in her tracks. "Is that so?"

She had just wanted to play around and tease her, but now Rii had made it a challenge, which seemed like even more fun.

"Yeah. Watch."

The espeon sat down and watched her glaceon sister try to woo her lover. Rii placed her front paws up on Frank's chest and nuzzled against his neck, purring and whimpering into his ear. She barked at him softly, "Glace," in a needy tone. Her seducing was a failure however, as Frank turned to Stara and asked her what she wanted.

"She wants you to scratch her, just below the left ear."

"That's not what I wa- ~aaaah..."

Rii's knees became weak and she fell over on her side into his lap as he scratched her sensitive spot.


Stara giggled as the glaceon's back leg started kicking.

"St...St...St-Stara... I'll...kill you."

Stara laughed at her poor sister on her back, kicking involuntarily, under the spell of their master's fingers. "No you won't, you're a big softy. Look at that leg go!"

Stara continued to enjoy the cheap laughs she got from her cute, helpless sister for several more minutes, until Rii began panting heavily. She told Frank that Rii was "satisfied", then dashed off in order to escape her wrath. Rii simply slid off the couch and crawled away so she could recover from the tortuous ecstasy.

A little while later, Binx and Vivii entered the room and walked up to their sister. The two girls had become inseparable since Vivii had joined the family. They fit together well, they were both small and they were both naive.

"Hey Rii, what's mating?" Vivii asked her.

Shocked, Rii almost choked on air.


"Stara said I should tell Frank that what you really wanted was to mate with him, but I don't know what that means, so she told me to ask you."

'Damn't Stara, seriously?' She thought to herself. She didn't really know if these two should be learning this right now. 'I mean, yes, Binx is probably old enough to know about mating, but still, I don't know if she should, and Vivii definitely shouldn't be learning about this yet, she's barely old enough to mate.'

But the two had heard their sister talking about it, and now they were curious. If she didn't tell them, they'd likely just ask Frank, and she really didn't want him finding out that she had been trying to get him to fuck her, that would be embarassing. She also didn't want Stara putting ideas about it in their heads.

'That idiot would use them to get into his pants, I know it.'

So she decided to simply tell them herself. Except that there was a problem: she had never mated. She considered herself to belong to Frank, and would only mate with him, but she'd try her best.

"Ok, if your mate gets aroused...which is usually when a female, like us, comes into heat, his male part gets big and hard, and he sticks it into our female parts, and they rub inside, back and forth, and we feel good and he feels good, and when he feels good enough, his parts get...even bigger in us and then...he shoots a lot of white, hot, slimy stuff inside you, which is his seed, and then it makes an egg in our bellies."

Her face immediately turned bright red as she realized how detailed she'd gotten with her description, and how turned on she'd become. She was dripping wet. Arceus, she wanted him now. Binx stared at her utterly embarrassed, regretting she had asked. Vivii, however, stood with her head tilted, staring inquisitively back at her.

"What's a mate, Rii?"

"It's your lover, the one that protects you and comforts you and spends their time with you. Kind of like your best friend, but with...well, benefits."

"So then, is Frank our mate?"

Rii turned even redder and gulped.

"Y...yeah...I guess."

It was close to dinnertime now, and Vivii was hungry. She had been introduced to some of the chores and rituals of the family, and she wanted to learn them. She wanted to be useful so that she could fit in and be a part of the family. She flew around in the kitchen to try and help before Frank started on the meal. She found a pot that she had seen Frank using a lot and then took it to the sink. She knew that she could make water run by turning the faucet, which she did, and filled the pan up to what she thought was a good amount. She struggled to pick up the small metal cooking pot, barely filled an inch with water, and placed it on a stove burner. She turned a random knob (which was luckily the control for the burner she was using) halfway and watched it, smiling and happy because she was helping.

Of course though, she wasn't actually helping. For one, there was nothing in the pot, besides water. Then there was the fact that Frank was going to prepare a microwave dinner for himself, and heat up canned pokéchow for the girls, so her preparations were completely unnecessary. Finally, there was the fact that, while she had turned the water on properly when she filled the pot, she had simply left it running afterwards. The running water hit the dishes that were left in the sink with enough force to splash out and make a mess on the countertops and floor.

Vivii thought she was helping though, so it came as a surprise when Frank found her and her mess, and yelled, "What are you doing?!" The victini's face turned from one full of happiness and pride to one of confusion, fear, and sadness. Frank grabbed her gently out of the air and placed her on a countertop away from the stove and turned off the red hot burner and the gushing sink before turning to her.

"What were you doing, Vivii?"

Her tears began forming in her big blue eyes, her lips pursed, and she began to shake slightly.

"I just wanted to h-help..." She hiccuped. " you make dinner."

He picked her up again and brought her into a hug. Her tears soaked into his shirt as she cried. Her shaking died down as he stroked her head and cooed to her.

"What a good girl."

When she had calmed down, he put her back on the counter and grabbed the roll of paper towels near her. He broke off several sheets and handed half of them to her.

"Let's start by cleaning this up," he cheerfully told her.

Her smile gradually returned after hearing this. Frank began wiping the floor, and Vivii followed his example, hovering just above the ground and swiping randomly at the wet tile with her paper towels. After they had returned the kitchen to normalcy, Frank asked if she wanted to help him make their dinner. She nodded eagerly. Frank was glad a smile had returned to her face, he couldn't stand seeing her cry. He was careful though, and only gave her tasks he knew the little victini couldn't mess up. He didn't want her to lose confidence in herself.

"Thanks for helping me make dinner tonight, Vivii."

"You're welcome!" She chirped back at him, giving the classic "victory" sign that victini were so well known for.

When all that was left was to wait for the microwave to heat the food, Frank picked up Vivii and sat down in the living room.

"Hey, master?"


He looked down at her and stroked one of her ears. Then in the most unwavering, seemingly natural, and innocent tones he could ever have expected to hear the question in, Vivii asked him a bombshell.

"Hey, do you want to mate with me?"

She didn't look embarrassed or phased at all, as if she didn't understand the implications of the question she had just asked. She was simply watching him, her big eyes and long ears locked on to him, waiting for an answer. Frank's heart raced. Sex with Stara had been great, but he just figured that since she was the weird one, she would be the only one who would want that. Now Vivii was asking about it? He wanted to be sure she understood what she had said.

"What do you mean Vivii?"

"I want to make you feel good since you're my mate."

"Are you sure you know what a mate is?"

The victini turned her head to the side, as if thinking.

"I think so..."

"Why am I your mate?"

"You take care of me and treat me really well and stuff. Do you want to- "

Frank pulled her toward him to interrupt her as Rii and Stara entered the living room, within earshot of them. He whispered to her that they would finish the conversation later. He turned toward them and announced that dinner would be ready soon. He felt something grab around his index finger, and looked down to see Vivii's tiny hand wrapped around it. She was fluttering a few feet off the ground so that she was on a level where she could hold his hand.

'How adorable,' he thought.

Vivii dragged Binx up onto Frank's bed. It was just after dinner, and the two eeveelution sisters were napping on the living room couch. Stara was on her back, mouth open, snoring softly, and Rii was curled up at the end, her face hidden in the corner. Frank had covered them with blankets to keep them warm, before heading to his room to hide under the heavy bedsheets and watch TV. Vivii had told Binx her plans to experiment with Frank, and after a little convincing, Binx decided that she would join in.

"Hey you two, what are you up to? Do you want to watch tv with me?"

Binx chewed on her finger and blushed, almost giving up immediately, but her sister, who was much more brave, instead tried to crawl under the sheets and up his pant leg. She got her ears stuck as soon as she attempted this though, and pulled her head back out, looking disappointed.

"What in the world are you doing Vivii?"

"Show us how to mate...please?"

"Us? You mean you want this too Binx?"

She hesitated, but then timidly nodded her head. Frank hesitated for a while, looking at the girls. Binx was sitting on the covers on top of him, looking away and still blushing. Vivii had dove back under the covers and was fiddling with his clothes as if they were an impossible safe lock.

'I wonder if it makes me a terrible person that I want this.'

It had taken him far less time and far less convincing to sleep with his girls this time than the first time with Stara. He wondered if he had come to terms with their sexuality and the fact that he had a fetish for them. He had been finding all his girls sexually attractive since then, and they seemed to feel the exact same way, if not more so. Having made up his mind (and in order to keep Vivii from tearing a hole in his pants), he agreed to show them. This time though, he made sure the door was shut, so that he wouldn't make a certain glaceon and espeon jealous.

Unbuttoning his shorts, he took Vivii's hand and showed her how to unzip them. She was disappointed to find another layer of cloth underneath, and half-ordered, half-begged him to take them off. Once all the garments were removed, his manhood was observed by the two girls.

"Come here Binx."

She jumped a little at her name.

"I've got to get you two ready. I'm sure Vivii here is already fairly wet."

His victini took a sharp breath as her lover's finger grazed her slit. It was indeed very slippery.

"I have to get you ready Binx, otherwise it will hurt you. Come here and use your mouth."

"M-my mouth?"

"Mmhmm. Use your mouth and your are you talking?"

Vivii giggled. "Do you like it? Rii and I have been working on our communication for you. Its pretty hard to help others talk, aren't you proud of me?"

Frank smiled and rubbed her head. "I sure am."

Binx took his manhood in her paws and timidly licked the drop of precum off the tip before bringing it into her mouth. While her soft tongue rolled along his member, Frank placed his hand on her head, as he was used to doing when a girl gave him head. She looked up at the added stimulus and kept her eyes on him.

"Is it good?" She asked

She was barely able to take any length of him in, but her small mouth was very warm and stimulating, and she was using her tongue well. He responded by stroking her mane and nodding. He then checked her arousal in the same way he checked Vivii's, causing her to drop him out of her mouth.

"Let me try, let me try."

Taking Binx's place, the victini eagerly took Frank into her mouth. She was able to swallow more of him than Binx, too much in fact, and she choked slightly on his manhood. Her eyes watered as she coughed and Frank instructed her to slow down and take less. He held her head as she tried again, this time successfully. She whined for him when he moved his hand to her ear, massaging it like he had done the first night, when he bathed her.

"You smell good. Its making my body feel weird." She told him.

"That's a weird thing to say," he laughed.

It didn't seem to phase her though. Her actions became more feverish, and the look in her eyes was very needy. Frank pulled her off and held her.

"Ok, I think we can put it in now. You ready?"

A nod from his very horny victini was all he needed. He brought Vivii down onto him and slowly penetrated her.

"Let me know if it hurts, ok?"

Another feverish nod.

He let her slip further down on him, enjoying her tight, ribbed sex, rubbing her clit with his thumb. She didn't show any signs of being in pain, just complete ecstasy. In fact, she was handling this better than Stara did. Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were unfocused as she marveled in the sense of fullness he was giving her. She felt him hit her womb, and then pull her back up, before letting her slide back down him again. Her limbs felt weak, she didn't know if she could move and he was doing a good job, so she decided to let him have his way with her body for now.

Frank was feeling pretty good too. Her tiny, tight pussy was amazing, but he knew he had a second girl to please, so he couldn't let himself go just yet. He took one of his hands off the victini's waste and used it to rub Binx, who had been watching them. She squeaked at his touch, but didn't pull away from it. Her paws grasped for his fingers to keep them on her slit.

It was perfect timing as he felt Vivii's sex start convulsing around his manhood. She closed her eyes and Frank watched her cute orgasm ripple through her body while she was on top of him. He broke Binx's hold on him, much to her dismay, in order to raise Vivii off of him, and replace her with Binx.

The cinccino was harder to get inside of than her sister, so Frank let her control the depth. She watched her master while inching his manhood into her dripping cunt.

"I'm sorry I'm so slow master. Do I feel good?"

"You do, Binx, trust me. You can take your time"

A horny cinccino was a sight to see. Her front paws were placed on his stomach, and her back paws were spread wide in order for her hips to adjust to such a large male. Her luxurious, soft white and grey fur was a dream to run his hands through. He wanted to soil her perfect white mane with his seed.

Frank kept his patience until he felt his dick reach the end of her tunnel, and then began pumping into her, slowly at first, but then faster when he saw that she was ok. Her cries of ecstacy spurred him on. Now Binx was the one with a feverish look on her face, and as her lover mated her, her senses dulled and she simply let him fuck her.

Being that he was on his second girl, Frank was quickly reaching his peak. As he kept plowing her small pussy, his body prepared to inseminate her. His manhood swelled, and his testicles pulled up into his body, heating his cum. He thrusted into her one last time, flooding her insides before pulling out and shooting his cum on her thighs, belly, and chest, in order to stain her coat.


Vivii had somewhat recovered and was now begging for a second round from Frank. He placed Binx on the other side of the bed and then rolled over on his stomach, his face between Vivii's legs. Heated yelps escaped from her mouth as Frank's tongue explored her vulva and clit. It was clear she didn't know what to do with her arms and legs as they were constantly moving under the pleasurable spell of his licking and suckling. He licked her small slit up and down then from left to right, before swirling the tip of his tongue on her little nub. He thought he might wear her out from all this, but she came back for more every time she reached her peak and orgasmed. He was now licking up a fountain of honey that was flowing from her pot.

Eventually, he felt his manhood become hard again, and decided to finish her. He turned her on her stomach and rubbed the underside of his cock on her back before slipping it into her hot cunt. More heated whimpering came from her when he quickly and ruthlessly filled her.

"You like that Vii?


"Tell me what you want me to do."

"Fuck me."

"Ya, I bet you do."

Frank was enjoying himself. She was needy and horny and he was going to make her his little slut. He was going to fuck her brains out and she was going to enjoy it.

Vivii's eyesight began to go out again, and her front paws went limp. Her upper half collapsed into the bed, but Frank kept plowing into her. She gripped him with her vaginal muscles and then felt him start getting bigger, further filling her tiny pussy.

Frank slammed all the way into her several more times, then emptied himself into her womb over and over, painting her walls with sticky, white, boiling hot cum. He stayed in her, enjoying her pulsing muscles and watched her small wings twitch and flutter. She seemed to be enjoying being mated. He kissed her ear, then placed her next to Binx, before kissing the cinccino's ear as well.

"How was that girls?"

Neither one of them answered, they simply watched him through hazy, satisfied eyes. He rolled over on his back and placed his hands behind his head. He had been with all his girls now, except one, and he was going to make sure that glaceon was howling for him soon.

Chapter End Notes:

Special thanks to Wish counselor of ffnet for providing me with a few ideas for the story, I was having trouble thinking of the direction I wanted to take with this chapter until they sparked my imagination.

Thanks for reading the sixth chapter of Loving Sisters. Let me know what you think of it by leaving me a comment. Seriously, leave me a comment. Hearing back from the people that read their stories is what gives authors the energy to write. Even if you thought it was absolute shit, tell me why. For those of you that are looking forward to my next story, The Simple Life, I plan to have the first chapter out soon, sometime between now and the end of time. Hope you enjoyed this story, have a good night everyone. Until next time...

Oniichan, can we sleep together tonight, please?

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