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Story Notes:

Eevee -> Espeon, Glaceon, Cinccino.
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. I've had a lot going on recently. Here's a quickie for me to get back on the saddle and back into a writing train of thought, and also to keep y'all from tearing my head off ;] . Enjoy.

Chapter 7

Frank looked out the window while the stir-fry cooked on the stove. The girls were out in the backyard playing in the snow that had previously collected on the ground. Ok, no, they weren't all playing. Rii and Stara were, they were roughhousing around toward the back corner of the yard. Binx was also enjoying the cold air and snow. Her thick, luxurious coat afforded her protection from the elements, allowing her to dig a series of tunnels through the snow that she seemed to be having fun exploring. Vivii, who had a short coat, little patience, and who was from a species that thrived in warmer climates, not the northern region of Unova her master lived in, did not enjoy the recess she was given in the freezing cold. Earlier in the day she had nearly set the yard ablaze trying to keep herself warm. Luckily, he noticed the fire she had started before it had gotten too large. He made a note to watch her for the rest of the time she was out.

*thump thump*

Frank looked at the door, where the noise was coming from, and saw Vivii pounding her tiny fist on the glass pane, looking like she was about to cry. He had hoped they'd all go out and get some exercise and maybe stay out of his hair for a bit while he cleaned the house and cooked, but it looked like the victini was at her limit and had had enough of the cold. As soon as he opened the door, an orange blur zoomed past him and straight into the blankets on the couch. The mass of cloth shook and shivered. Frank went back to cooking and watched Stara and Rii play outside...especially Rii.

As she lunged playfully at her espeon sister, Rii showed off her grace and beautifully toned body, though unintentionally. When she jumped, tiny pink pawpads revealed themselves momentarily, before icy claws dug into the snow, helping anchor herself into the ground. Her tail turned and twisted, reacting to her movements and providing extra stability and balance. While Rii was smaller than Stara, she was much more athletic, and it showed. She constantly bested Stara in their play-fight.

She looked like she could very easily place highly in breed shows if she was entered into one. Everything about her was toned, symmetrical, and perfect. She was a fine example of glaceons everywhere. Now that he had embraced his fetish, the fact that he found his girls to be sexually attractive, Frank wanted to go a round with her as well. For the past several days he had been daydreaming about her; how she would feel inside, the sounds she would make as he fucked her, her sweet scent, her lovely taste.

When he broke out of his daydream he found that he had finished chopping the rest of the vegetables. Stirring them into the pan, he went around the counter and called the others inside. Frank divided the stir-fry up among himself and the girls and sat down to eat, flipping the tv on to the news as a way to escape his thoughts. The weather forecast was warning of another blizzard that was expected later that night, typical of the region in this season. He knew he should have plenty of supplies in case it got bad, but he would have to check after dinner to make sure there was enough imperishable food, water, and other essentials.

Later that night

Frank woke up groggy and stared lazily at the ceiling. The snow, swept along by harsh, swirling wind, whistled outside. The house was fairly new and sturdy, but it still creaked in a fairly relaxing, ambient way. He convinced himself to turn his head just enough to see the bright digital clock next to his bed. It read 2:47. He had been dreaming until just then; a dream about Rii, sure enough, and a sexual one at that. His body was still excited from the acts the dream version of Rii had performed with him.

He sighed slightly and pulled himself out of bed, thinking to himself,

"A glass of warm milk sounds amazing right now."

He attempted not to disturb Stara, who was sleeping in her usual place next to him under the covers. As he was stepping out, however, his foot brushed against her. He looked around to make sure he wasn't about to step on anyone. Rii was at the foot of the bed, sprawled out as if this freezing air was the most comfortable weather in the world. The tiny ones, Binx and Vivii, were likely curled up together under the large mass of blankets on their bed. As he walked out of the room, he heard the pitter-patter of paws and the familiar quiet jingle of a small bell. Frank waited for Stara to leave the room before closing the door gently behind her and continuing to the kitchen.

For a while she simply followed him, not saying anything. After Frank put his mug of milk in the microwave and started it she spoke up.

"Is something the matter?“

"No, just couldn't sleep is all."

The espeon sniffed him and nuzzled into his crotch.

"Do you want me to help you relieve that?“

"No, not tonight Star. Another time."

She replied with a disappointed "Ok."

Frank put the empty mug in the sink and turned to head back to the bedroom. Stopping in the living room, he looked back at her.

"You know what, I think I will take you up on that offer."

“Ok! Where do you want me?“ She replied eagerly.

Instead of instructing her, Frank simply lifted her up and placed her on the end of the nearby couch so that the lower part of Stara's belly rested on the armrest and her rear end hung over the side; easy access for him.

"Just a quickie tonight, ok?"

"Ok," she replied with a hint of lust in her tone. The bell tied to her twin-tail jingled slightly as she swayed it expectantly from side to side.

This had started to become a common thing for them. Since the first time he had slept with her, they had mated several times. Whenever he needed to let off some steam or was simply horny, Stara would offer him her body, and tonight was no exception. He would need to give her some special attention to get her body ready for him.

Frank went to his knees and after asking her to raise her tail, proceeded to attack her slit with small kisses and licks. Soon her body warmed up and her honey began to lubricate her pussy, preparing to accept a male. Frank took in her enticing musky pheromones and sweet taste and went at her even more vigorously with his tongue. Stara was clearly ready for him, but he decided to give her a little something extra for spreading her legs and giving self-gratifying quickies to him recently.

Moving his tongue to her bud, Frank inserted two fingers into her hole. He pulled the tips of his fingers down against her incredibly sensitive spongy spot and thrusted his fingers back and forth repeatedly. With his free hand he grabbed her collar, pulling her head to the side before then grabbing her muzzle and covering it to muffle her whimpering. After just a minute or two of this massaging, her body tensed up and he pulled his fingers out, causing a small blast of her clear cum to squirt out.

"There you go babe, how was that?" He proudly asked her, letting her muzzle free from his grasp.

"Amazing," she managed after her panting subsided.

Frank rose to his feet, then dropped his boxers, bringing his manhood to her entrance. He rubbed the tip up and down her slit, taking advantage of her natural lubrication that she was leaking. He then slipped it inside her pussy and moved his hands to her hips. A single thrust later, and he was completely inside her, but he didn't stop, instead, nearly pulling out before slamming into her all the way once again. After a few of these thrusts, he realized that what he really wanted was just to get his rocks off, and switched to a shallower, quicker method. He fucked her in short, fast thrusts, allowing her just mere split-seconds in between each one. Her tight pussy grabbed at him; her slippery, hot walls caressing his tip, and her muscles clamping down on his rod. His grunts became more heavy, and he quickly reached his peak. Frank did not attempt to delay his bliss, instead letting nature run its course. As his manhood swelled inside Stara's pussy, he leaned into her, his tip pushing against her uterus. Seconds later he reached his peak and squeezed her hips as a large load his cum filled her womb and spilled out on her legs and the couch.

He rested inside of her for a moment, allowing the aftershocks and final spurts to subside before pulling out of her and gently spanking her on the rear.

"Good girl," he praised her, smirking.

She giggled and responded, "Thanks."

After a short pause she asked, "You haven't mated with Rii yet, have you? Why not?"

Frank simply shrugged at her question.

"Well you need to, she needs to get laid." A half-sadistic giggle escape her mouth. "I wouldn't mind a threesome you know... why don't you convince her. I'm the one you cum inside of if we do it though."

She winked at him and pulled herself off the couch and returned to their room, leaving him in a state of confusion, pleasure, and expectancy; among other things.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading. I'd love it if you left me a review and tell me what you think. I do try to reply to every review I get, especially those with a question or suggestion. Now that I'm back into my writing, I'll be trying to get stories out in a quicker fashion. Until next time,

Onii-chan! Welcome back, I missed you!

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