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Now that that's out of the way, I want to thank a fellow author by the name of Felix. His story, "Luca", is the semi-inspiration for this story. I contacted him and I asked if it was ok to have his characters make a few cameo appearances later in my story, to which he had this to say,

---"Thank you very much for asking. I would be honored to even have one cameo in your story!"---

So with that end, I guess I'm gonna cameo it up! lol
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Day 1 of Luke's rest. With the life of her love's on the line, tensions are mounting. Mina uses Caleb to vent her frustrations and she raises questions about the trainer's mixed and often contradictory emotions. He decides to reveal a secret he has harbored since before he became a trainer.

Chapter 6: The Lonely Angel.

My eyes closed, enveloping me in darkness. I felt myself falling through the void; falling for what felt like forever. Is this it? Was I… dead? It felt peaceful. Just like sleeping. The pain crippling my body had faded. This couldn’t really be it though, could it? I still had things to do. Missions to complete. Dreams to achieve. Feelings to express. I had to make sure Mina was going to be okay without me.

Mina… I can’t leave her behind. She would kill me if I went and died on her! Wait… What happened? I can’t remember why I am even here… what killed me?? It was a pokémon right? Yea! Well- no but, it was because of a pokémon. That I’m sure of.

I don’t want to die… I can’t die… I WON’T DIE!

The blackness faded as I opened my eyes. It was so bright I could hardly see. In fact, I couldn’t see. Everywhere I looked, there was only white. I turned my head and looked around for any sign of anything, but there was nothing. No floor, no ceiling, only me in an infinite expanse of white. I was standing though, on solid ground apparently. Looking down at my body, I could see that everything was just normal. I was wearing my normal black shirt, with my normal blue jeans. I touched my chest where I was sure there would be an injury for some reason, but of course there was nothing.

I was alone in this space. Until I heard a voice call out to me. “Luke…” I looked around to find the source, but I couldn’t find where it was coming from. It was very familiar. I remember hearing it by the river when I held back that fireball. “I am very proud of you my son.” Son? What was going on here? My dad couldn’t be talking to me, he died a long time ago, and what would he be proud of?

“Who are you? Where are you?... and, uh. What did I do to make you proud of me?” I barraged the white space with questions, hoping to get some of them answered. “I am your father Luke.” A shadow appeared in front of me. It was pretty far away though, and I couldn’t see anything else but a human form. “I have been watching you for as long as you have been on this earth.”

“If you’re my father, then I guess I really am dead…” Depression caught up with me as I sat down on the immaterial floor. “Do not be ridiculous. You are not dead. You are only unconscious.” That’s a bit of relief, but it didn’t really help the fact that I didn’t know what had happened or why I was unconscious. I had so many questions, but they would have to wait. The voice spoke up to me again and the shadow raised its arm on the precipice of my vision.

“You have come further than I thought you would without me. I was afraid that… without me there to guide you; your powers would lie dormant forever.” Powers? What powers? I’m only human! Yea, I guess there were a couple instances where weird crazy glowing shit happened, but I could hardly call them powers! “You mean that glowing thing right?” the voice gave a ‘hmm’ in confirmation as the shadow nodded. “But I can’t even control that. It happened like twice on accident. If I could control that, I wouldn’t have been sliced open by that Tyran-”

I stopped my words mid sentence as the memories of the events leading up to my condition flooded back into my mind. “I- I remember…” I said out loud into the void. “It took longer than what it would have if I was still alive, but you finally started developing. But my real surprise was not that you gained my abilities, but that you fought and won against a formidable foe without them.” My head was reeling. Everything was moving along too quickly for me.

“Remember Luke. You can do it. You can control the power, and you can get stronger. You just have to fight for it…”

“Fight? I have to fight? Fight who? Fight what?” I had so many questions, those few just burst out of my mouth first. “Are you talking about Archangel? I suppose this is about the time you tell me that ‘I am the chosen one and only I can save the world from evil!’” The shadow started to laugh, “What do you think this is; some television series? It was my job to train you. It is up to you what you achieve from there. I would love to talk to you some more my son, but you are about to leave.”

“WAIT! I can’t go yet! I have so many questions!” The space started to fade to black once again, “Who are you really? How did you die? Where are you now? What kind of powers are these? How can I talk to pokémon? How do I develop these abilities?” Once again, just a few questions left my lips, but the voice only silently laughed to himself, “I know you have many questions, but there just is not enough time to answer them all.”

The white room faded to black and my body disappeared, the shadow faded away as the voice said one last thing to me. “There is one thing you need be sure of. I truly am your father, Luke. And I love you and your mother very much. Tell her I said that, as for your powers; ask your partner to help you. Maybe I will get to talk to you again sometime… for now, goodbye my son.”


We fought hard during the battle, some more than others… but the end result was; the Weather Institute was saved. Castform was rescued. The hostages were freed. And all of this happened because Archangel messed with the wrong group, our group. None of that mattered to me now though. Luke was in the infirmary with a broken arm, deep cuts along his chest and stomach, burns, and what they call internal bleeding… whatever that means. Everything that happened after I saw Luke collapse, was nothing but a blur.

He was in my arms, his, uh… red stuff… soaked into my fur. I thought… I thought he was dead. Then I felt the warm feeling of slow breath and I knew he wasn’t dead, my love was still alive! My instincts took over and they told me ‘protect the body. Don’t let anyone get near us.’ I carefully turned him over to lie on his back, and held him sitting up in my arms. The warm salty sensation of tears welled up in my eyes as I was surrounded by humans. I let out a low growl to warn them to stay away from us. Caleb looked to me with a deep fear in his eyes as my ferallity took over my body.

“Mina… you have to stop. These people can help him.” His words didn’t make it through to me. I looked to him and bared my teeth which made him and Glade back away from us. The floating body above us lowered itself into my view. This was the pokémon we had saved from that mad man, and for some reason, I felt my hate burn towards the creature. It wasn’t that impressive; just a grey blob that looked as though it was sitting on a cloud.

“Please ma’am, let him go. If he doesn’t get help, he will die.” The pokémon’s words cut through me like a knife. I ceased my growls and the scientists came closer. Within a few short minutes, Luke was taken from me and Caleb, Glade and I were taken away into another room by two armed soldiers.

I huddled against the wall with Glade next to me. My knees pressed hard against my chest, and the worst thing was that I could smell it. The thick red liquid stained in my fur; the strong iron smell of human… vein fluid, was driving me mad; even more so the fact that I knew who’s it was. I couldn’t hear what the humans were talking about, it didn’t matter to me.

After a few hours in that room left to my thoughts, we were led to another room. Only this one wasn’t going to be an interrogation, there were two beds in here and over all it looked to be pretty much the same as a pokémon center room. Caleb walked over to one of the beds and took off his belt which only had one ball left on it. I knew his pokémon had all been injured during battle and were taken to the medical wing to be treated… along with. With… Luke.

Now I sit on the end of the bed hunched over with my paws crossed in my lap. My mind raced, ‘I should have been stronger. I should have protected him. I could have stopped it. I should have stopped him.’ The trainer laid his belt on the pillow and gave out a heavy sigh. He looked to me with heavy eyelids and a worried expression and sat next to me on the bed. “Mina…” I’m sure he said my name, but I wasn’t really listening. I had too many things on my mind. “I can tell that you are, blaming yourself for… for, what happened to Luke.” Caleb spoke slowly to me, taking care to annunciate everything carefully as to not anger me. “I- I did not see the whole thing but, from what I did see… there was nothing you could have done.”

I knew what he was trying to do, and some part of me knew he was right, but I couldn’t deal with this right now. Fresh tears coated my furry muzzle as I pushed the boy to the side, knocking him to the floor and leapt off the bed in a huff. With a few more angered steps, I found myself in the bathroom and I swung the door closed behind me, pushing the button to lock the movable wall.

I sat on the toilet with the lid down. Still wearing my human clothes, I hunched over covering my face with my paws. Within a few minutes, I heard a knock at the door. Knowing it was just Caleb again, I didn’t respond choosing to ignore his fixation. “Hey… Come on Mina, open up. Luke will be fine, just please come out and talk to me at least.” I could hear him on the other side trying to get me to come out.

“NO! I can’t just act like nothing happened!” I choked out the words through my tears. It didn’t matter anyway, I had forgotten that I was a pokémon again and unlike Luke, humans cannot understand me. “I- I’m sorry if I upset you more, but… I don’t think I can keep calm about this either. Can’t we just talk about it? Please?”

I harshly swung open the bathroom door making sure to transform into a human beforehand. As the door banged against the wall, I was face to face with the young man and as an added benefit; my human form was a few inches taller than him. “WHAT DO YOU CARE!?” My scream nearly knocked him off his feet, “You think we’re disgusting freaks! You never liked us! Why are you all of the sudden worried about him!?” Caleb backed away from me and squeezed up against the wall, but I wasn’t finished tearing into him yet. “I’ve met a lot of humans since I started traveling with Luke, but there is just one human I can’t understand!” He looked up to me as he slid down the wall to sit on the floor. His expression was blank, looking into my eyes.

“YOU! You! I don’t get you! One minute you are having fun with your pokémon, the next; you flip out and over react to such a small thing. Then you get all depressed about over reacting! Then within minutes, you inspire 27 trainers to unify and fight! Now you have depressing feelings about the man who called you out on your selfishness!” I couldn’t stop. I tried to curb my frustration, but right then at that moment, Caleb was the outlet for all of my frustrations. “Why are you still here!? Shouldn’t you have left by now?”

“I- I just… eh. Look, I. Sometimes, I… I mean. Man, this is hard.” Caleb stuttered as I waited for an explanation. “The past few days I've spent with you guys have been pretty great- um, I mean except for the crappy parts. You know, getting attacked and kidnapped and all. But, I grew up, having feelings for pokémon like what you and Luke have.” My eyes narrowed and my legs gave out from under me letting me slump onto my knees. Sitting back against the wall next to the bathroom door, I continued to listen to Caleb explain himself.

“I had a romance with a wild pokémon a long time ago, nothing too serious, we’d hug and kiss and basically be around each other all the time… hold hands. I loved her, or at least I thought I did. Just looking into that Kirlia’s smiling face sent a wave of happiness through my body. Our love wasn’t to be however, no matter how much time we spent together, I couldn’t understand a word she tried to say to me. It wasn’t until I became a trainer at twelve that I realized our relationship was wrong…” Caleb looked to the floor and gave a sniffle, a single tear welled up in his eye and dripped down his cheek to splatter on the carpeted ground.

“I had to break her heart, and mine broke too. Since then, I distanced myself from pokémon so I wouldn’t get attached, and have to hurt them too. When I found out about you two… I was jealous of what you had, and I still thought he was using you because well, pokémon and humans can’t talk to each other.” Little did he know, I found myself wanting to tell him about Luke’s ability, but I quickly put those thoughts aside. “I guess… whenever I found out that you loved him back, and you had a way of communication; my thoughts changed, and… I get it. I totally get it. I don’t hate you guys, but what Luke said back at the river. It just cut through me like a hot knife, and I really felt bad when I had to give up my pokémon. Even though I knew it would only be for a few minutes.”

There it was. All I needed to know. Everything he did over the last week seemed to make a little more sense. I could tell he had some deep emotional issues to overcome. Maybe our pestering had only made it worse. “Caleb, I’m sorry. I didn’t know, but you need to know something.” The boy raised his head after hearing my statement, expecting me to continue. “Ever since we first met you, Luke and I saw how you treated your pokémon and we thought that you were just a close minded boy. On the first night, we had a talk with everyone in your party while you were asleep and we tried to make you be nicer to them by… well, you know.”

Caleb started to laugh under his breath. They got louder and louder until he was crying out in laughter. I didn’t quite understand, I thought he would be mad, but from his reaction it seemed like it was just the opposite. Not having any words to say, I tilted my head to the side. “I see now. I thought Luke was just crazy!”

My mind snapped back to Luke. He was hurt bad and there was nothing I could do about it. Caleb and I sat in that little hallway between the bathroom and the exit door to our room for quite some time. As much as I hated to admit it, Caleb was right about talking. It did make me feel better even though I knew I should be feeling terrible.

“You should get back together with her.” I quietly said still looking at the floor. “Relationships between humans and pokémon can work out. Even if they can’t directly speak to one another. I- sometimes, I hear humans speaking their views on TV about that sort of thing. They say things like; ‘pokémon can’t love. Pokémon can’t feel like humans do. Interspecies love is sick and wrong. We have to protect pokémon from sexual abuse.’ But they don’t know what they are talking about. To them, we are only objects that can’t feel anything, not even love… but that’s not true. Trust me, if I didn’t like being with Luke, it wouldn’t happen.”

“Thanks Mina. I really needed to hear that.” He thanked me for my words and actually gave a slight smile. We had about two minutes to revel in the glow of our conversation before I heard a knock on the door leading out to the second story hallway. Not wanting to keep visitors waiting, both Caleb and I stood up from the floor and I took the liberty of opening up the door beside us.

Dr. Brennen stood on the other side with two male scientists holding a couple bags. I recognized both of them as Luke and Caleb’s. The doctor invited herself into the room and the other two men set the bags just inside the door before leaving. “Hello you two, the UDS found these bags hidden in the bushes when they did a perimeter check.” The brunette lady held out a hand for both of us to shake after gesturing to the backpacks leaning against the wall. She had bandages wrapped around her head and her glasses were cracked, but otherwise she looked to be in good health. We both took a hand and shook at the same time. “Caleb, the young man who lead the uprising and Mina, the pokémon in disguise.”

My eyes widened at my introduction. Truthfully, I wasn’t that surprised she managed to put it together. “Yes, that’s right… I know you are a pokémon, and truth be told; revealing your secret to the public would clear up a lot of misconceptions and further our research by years.” I withdrew my hand and I could only stare at her. Caleb did the same. “Hahaha! Relax you two. I won’t tell anybody, your secret is safe with me. It’s the least I could do for the kids who rescued us and Castform.”

I didn’t care about that; I only had one question on my mind, “H- how is Luke?” hearing my question, Brennen adjusted her glasses, taking a dramatic pause before responding.

“Luke… was in pretty bad shape. I don’t know what happened after I got knocked out, but from what I can tell by his condition, it must have been pretty brutal. He is in the emergency room right now being stitched up and treated for burns. Really you guys are lucky this facility operates as a pokémon center as well.”

I inched closer to the woman crossing my arms over my chest. “How… Is… he…?”

“Luke will be fine. He doesn’t have any broken bones, so I expect he will make a full recovery in about a couple weeks or so.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. My love was going to be okay. That was all I wanted to hear… well, I mean from a professional. Caleb had said Luke would be okay, but hearing it from Brennen was a bit better. “Can I see him?” Dr. Brennen shook her head at my question. “I’m afraid you won’t be able to visit him until tomorrow. Oh! I almost forgot…”

The scientist reached into her pocket and pulled out a necklace with a blue stone on the end of it, letting the soulstone droop out of her hand by the cord. And holy crap, I had to shield my eyes to see where it was being held out to me. This thing was so bright now. I saw Caleb’s expression turn to wonder as I’m sure he hasn’t seen this thing yet. Reaching out for the crystal, I wrapped my hands around it to stifle the glowing. Once it was covered I could see Brennen smiling through her cracked glasses.

“The doctors found that on Luke when they prepped him for surgery. You kids are just full of surprises.” Brennen nodded to us and began heading for the door leading outside the room. “You know, I have seen and researched few soulstones in my time, and I must say… That has got to be the brightest rock I have ever seen!” She opened up the door and stepped out into the hallway. “Well, you kids enjoy your stay, and make sure you come downstairs and visit Castform as well, I think it would really like to meet you guys in a calmer state. For now, just get some sleep. Good night.”

Caleb and I nodded to the woman as she closed the door. She managed to leave me speechless, and Caleb wasn’t much better off. I looked to the window behind the beds and to my surprise it was dark outside, and still raining Skitties and Poochyena out there. It felt like we had hardly been here that long and yet, it was like we’ve been here forever. Being a pokémon, I kind of get antsy when I’m locked up inside for too long. I guess it was a good thing that Luke shared my opinion on that topic; so much so that when we were young we spent more time camping at the waterfall than actually being at the house.

I took slow, long steps toward the bags leaning against the wall by our room’s door. Just from glancing at them, I could tell they weren’t very wet. The overhanging roof must have ran most of the rain away from them, which was a good thing because Luke has a few electronics in this thing. A Pokégear, Pokédex, even our map was running on a tablet with Stratus-T OS… whatever that means.

Without even thinking, I picked up Luke’s large bag, walked to my claimed bed and placed it next to the nightstand. “So… I’ve always wanted to ask this,” I glanced up from the bag as Caleb started to ask his question. “What’s it like to be a pokémon?” What kind of question is that? I opened one of the smaller pockets on the bag which coincidently contained the Pokégear.

“Well, that’s a hard question to answer.” I thought about it for a moment as I placed the soulstone next to the mobile phone. Geez that thing was bright! I made sure to zip up the pocket to stifle the light. “It’s like if I asked you, what it is like to be a boy. I’m sure there are good and bad things for both genders.”

“Yea, but you’ve experienced being both human and pokémon. I can’t imagine someone better to ask than you.” The trainer took a seat on his bed after repeating what I had done with my bag, only his was against his bed. If he hadn’t spilled the beans to me about his love affair with a Kirlia, I would have found it strange for him to suddenly be curious about being a pokémon. Now he genuinely wanted to know something, and I didn’t really have any answers for him.

Then, I had an idea; I’ve never even thought of this before and it might not even work, but if I could transform myself into a human, I should be able to transform a human into a pokémon right? “You want to know what it’s like to be a pokémon right?” The human smiled and nodded his head to me. “I’ve never done this before, and don’t get your hopes up too high, but I might be able to show you.”

Caleb’s eyes lit up at the sound of the offer, “S-show me? How?” Oh boy, I might be getting in a little over my head here, I could see the young man shaking in excitement. I imagined what he would look like as a pokémon, and giggled to myself as I could see his non-existent tail wagging out of control. “Calm down, I don’t want you to get too worked up, but you know how I can transform into a human?”

“It’s magic right?” Caleb jested. I looked over to him with pursed lips and a stern expression. As much as I hated to admit it though, he wasn’t far off, but I wasn’t looking for a reason as to why I could do it; I’ve accepted that it works that a long time ago. “Anyway, I’m not sure how it works, but I do know its part of my illusion powers. My body now isn’t just an illusion though, when I do this, I change physically. So I think I might be able to change you too, but like I said; I’ve never done it before, not even with Luke.”

“But we can try right?”

I nodded, “Tomorrow. I’m still really tired from earlier… and, I’m covered in, well… I’d rather not talk about it. We can do it after I visit Luke.”

Caleb slumped over on the bed as I got up from mine, obviously a little bummed from being told he had to wait. It would seem like he understood my position though, “Your right. I can wait, let’s just make sure he’s fine first.” Digging through Luke’s bag, I obtained the large bottle of pokémon shampoo and made my way to the bathroom. I was almost to the door when I pulled my shirt off which is something that would have been completely normal, but of course; I forgot that humans are much more sensitive to nudity than pokémon are.

“You don’t wear a bra under there?” I stopped just short of the door and looked over my shoulder at the young trainer who sat on the bed. I had my back turned to him so its not like he could see anything, but my carelessness still made me blush a little. “Grumpig!” I transformed back into a pokémon and threw my shirt at him. It whizzed through the air and hit him right in the face causing him to lay back on the bed. “Hmph!” I turned and closed myself in the bathroom before taking off anymore clothes.

The bathroom in this place was much nicer than the ones at pokémon centers. When I locked myself in here the first time, I didn’t get a chance to look around, but now that I was calmer, the space looked a bit extravagant. I tossed my shorts to the side and took a look at myself in the big mirror that hung above a dual bowl sink. Hmm. Hair disheveled in a tangled mess, tear stains in my fur around my muzzle, tired eyes, Luke’s… mess, all over me. I really did need this shower.

I sighed to myself as I went to work, taking out my hair tie and turning on the water to the shower. Unlike pokémon center rooms, this place had a weird set up when it came to the bathtub. It wasn’t a tub, but a shower only thing, and even though it had similar mechanics, the water started to spray out of the walls and ceiling as soon as I turned the knobs. Three walls and from the top, I was being sprayed with perfectly tempratured water from every side. Not wanting to make a mess of another bathroom, I closed the blurry glass door behind me.

I haven’t had a nice warm shower in such a long time. I had to admit, being indoors had its benefits. The water ran through my fur taking all the filth with it. Looking down at the rough tiled floor, I could see all of the dirt, grime and… blood… wash down the drain. I hated thinking about it. My own or someone else’s was fine, but I didn’t want to believe Luke could have that stuff inside of him. Whenever I thought about it, I was constantly reminded of when I was a Zorua alone in the woods. In order to survive, I would have to catch and kill my food; the local Rattata and Sentrets didn’t stand a chance. I’d catch them, and kill them, letting their insides spill out on the ground before eating my meal. I didn’t like it, but a girl has to do what she needs to stay alive.

Since I met that man, I haven’t needed to hunt for myself; a luxury which I never take for granted. I just don’t like to think of Luke being what someone else might consider prey, as I did to smaller pokémon. I shuddered as the last bit of liquid iron left my fur, leaving me to sigh a heavy breath of sadness. I wish my problems could wash away as easily as that did; my only hope was that we could eventually put everything that happened behind us.

I opened the bottle of shampoo and began to generously squirt it all over me. Truthfully it would be much easier to do this in my human form, but when I do that my fur doesn’t get clean. Running my paws through my fur, I tried to scrub the tangled mass as best as I could. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get most of my back, but that’s not where the mess is anyway. I heavily focused on my front and arms, finding that my fur was slightly stained with a red tinge. No matter how hard I scrubbed, it wouldn’t go away.

I had had enough of this! Stepping out of the shower, I cracked the bathroom door open and transformed into a human again. “Caleb!” I called out to the trainer who responded with a ‘hmm?’ “Look in my bag, there should be a scrub brush in the front pocket. Could you bring it here please?” Immediately I heard shuffling as I would assume it was him getting off of the bed. Then a zipping noise and another shuffling sound. “Got it!” I heard him call back as his footsteps came closer to the door. I quickly turned back into my Zoroark form and Caleb came to the door with his eyes covered and handed me the scrub brush. I thanked him of course, but he would have to guess that as I closed the door. “Um… you’re welcome?”Yep, he got it.

Returning to the shower, I began to use the brush to scrub at my body as hard as I could. The wooden block with stiff bristles felt really good on my skin, but didn’t help much with the cleaning part. In an act of desperation, I squirted more of the Pecha Berry Blast on me leaving the bottle just about empty. I started to scrub and scrub and scrub. Violently trying to remove the painful reminder, I started to tear up in anger. Why would this stuff not come off!? I gave up and threw the block to the floor; its stiff bristles worn down all the way to the wood, the water took all of the soap suds off of my body and pulled it down the drain.

I sat down against the solid wall; water continued to pump out of the rough surfaces through their rectangular sprayers. My hair hung around my shoulders limp with the liquid pulling it down. I had cleaned myself, if it wasn’t for those damn red stains, I would have been out of here by now. On the floor of the shower, I laid my paws in my lap. Why did it have to happen like that? If Luke were her he’d know what to do. He always takes such good care of me. My mind drifted to that last day in Driftveil City. Just one of the many happy memories I had of us together. That kiss… oh, Arceus that kiss was amazing. The only thing that was better was what we did later that night.

Just thinking about it was getting me quite excited down there. I just loved how shy he was; not wanting to hurt me HA! I had to all but rape him to get him to cooperate, but once he did… now that was real magic. My heart began beating faster and my body started to feel warmer. What was I doing? I couldn’t be doing this when Luke was on a hospital bed! I couldn’t stop myself though; once the thoughts came they just wouldn’t leave me alone. Not being able to restrain myself any more, I traced my lower lips with a claw. They weren’t sharp as the last few days have definitely worn them down to a soft pointed curve; an issue I would have to take care of later, but for now they were perfect for the situation at hand… uh, paw. Heh heh.

I felt a sudden rush of blood flow to my loins as a claw came to the sensitive, fleshy button at the hood of my hole. I closed my eyes and let my head rest against the wall as I allowed my mind to imagine anything. The sound of the water from shower jets turned into a waterfall and the rough floor of the shower turned into the slick cavern floor I remembered so well. When I opened my eyes, I could see it. I was back in the cave behind the waterfall in Anville town. The soft glow of soulstones illuminated the area with their blue light. My own personal illusion.

Smiling to myself I inserted the claw into my fleshy ring by only an inch and began to rub the sides of the tunnel in a circular motion. Bringing my appendage to the outside air, I began to circle my clitoris with the sharpest point my nubs could offer. The sensation sent shivers down my spine, but not much else. I looked to the cave entrance and through the waterfall, I could see a shadow stepping through. Squinting my eyes, I tried to make out its features and gasped when I realized who it was.

“Hey Mina, you look like you could use some help.” It was none other than Luke! He was okay; not a scratch on him! And he was… shirtless! My eyes lit up as I beamed a smile to him. He kneeled beside me as I still rubbed myself trying to get to that peak, but couldn’t quite get it. “No, no. You have to do it like this.” Luke whispered into my ear as he traced his right hand down my body still staring into my eyes with his loving gaze. “Mmmm. That feels nice Lukey.” I let out a moan of pleasure as his hand came closer to my nethers.

Removing my own paw from myself, I reached out and embraced my lover. His lips came closer to mine and we locked together as his middle finger slipped into my cunny. Our tongues danced together as he worked me below; his thumb now lightly rubbing my clit. I couldn’t see it, but the feeling of his finger sliding in and out of me, and his thumb massaging my sensitive organ sent wave after wave of pleasure into me. With one of my paws, I searched his pants for the sweet treasure I desired. Feeling his left leg, I followed the appendage upward until I came upon my prize, forming a tent beneath the fabric of his trousers. Once I had found it, our kiss had ended, but not once did he stop pleasuring me below, in fact he was now going at it a bit faster. I could feel my muscles contract around the fingery intruder, trying to milk it for the seed it didn’t have as it slid with ease through the wetness. My hole was already starting to dribble with pre as Luke’s finger touched me in all the right places.

Oh, I was so close. I began panting and he started picking up the pace, I started to rub at his member, wanting it so badly. My breathing quickened again, I could feel it coming. Luke smiled and put a hand to caress my furry cheek. That was all it took to send me over the edge. I pulled him into my chest and held on tight as my orgasm hit. “Ohhhhggaaa!” I groaned as the cum flowed out of me, released onto the already slippery cave floor. My body tensed as the warm sensation flooded my entire being, then relaxed as I started to come down from the sexual high.

I held Luke in my furry arms, sitting in a puddle of fluids. “That’s my girl.” Luke whispered into my ear. I loved hearing that, it was the icing on the cake; the words sent shivers up my spine. “I love you… so much.” I whispered back to the human in my arms my voice waivered through my tired pleasured breath. “I love you too Mina.”

The cave faded away from reality as the original sound returned to the spray nozzles. The soft blue crystal glow turned into bright white florescent lights. The only thing that remained was my love in my arms, but even he was destined to fade into nothingness. His smiling face disappeared from my view, and I was left alone; sitting in the shower once again. The last reminder of my personal illusion was the clear, slick juices that washed themselves down the drain. “I love you too… Luke.” I mumbled under my breath. My lust was taken care of, and my body felt calmer and more relaxed, but now I was miserable; reminded that he wasn’t with me.

After a few more minutes of sulking, I came out of the bathroom having been shaken and toweled dry. I looked to Caleb in his bed. He had a book lain on top of him, and a fresh set of clothes to his side. He must have fallen asleep waiting for me to finish taking up all of the hot water… poor guy. I put the almost empty bottle of shampoo into the bag and placed my hair tie on the nightstand.

Pulling back the covers on the bed, I glanced over to the light switch and saw that it was just a normal switch and not the fancy motion detector ones. I gave out a sigh as I conjured a tiny shadow ball and shot it at the switch. The force of the attack was just enough to switch the knob downward, turning off the lights and leaving me standing in the dark with a snoring Caleb. I wasn’t standing for long though as I laid in the bed and covered myself up and drifted off into dreamland, the sweet pitter patter of raindrops singing me a sweet melody.

Chapter End Notes:

This is the first in three chapters that are to come in the near future. Each chapter covers a whole day of Luke's recovery as he sleeps in coma-land.

Oh hey, a new chapter was released... what and only 3 days after the last update!? My my, its almost as if I stayed up all night typing it because I couldn't go to sleep until I typed it out! Heh Heh... Yea... Ok, that is exactly what happened. I try not to do that very much because I have 2 jobs and shitty internet, but I just couldn't stop myself!

As always, leave a review and tell me what you think! I think that Caleb's confession was enough to explain one or two of his outbursts and then "-eh- what ever..." but I feel like I'm missing something.

ANYWAY, I hope you join me for the next chapter as Caleb may or may not go on his pokemon adventure!

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    Reviewer: Lunis1992
    Date:Jun 19 2013 Chapter:Chapter 6: The Lonely Angel.
    This is all good dood 83 I must tell you though, the point where Caleb told his secret seemed....random o3o;;; Of course it's just me ^^;;; But the story is still coming up strong :3
    Author's Response:
    Aww... Somehow I knew that would happen. Figures, I try to explain Caleb's position and it comes out weird and doesn't fit. :/
    maybe I should try again...
    Reviewer: scratchchicken
    Date:Jun 20 2013 Chapter:Chapter 6: The Lonely Angel.
    You know, I feel like I've been influencing the story too much with my comments, so for now, I'm going to sit back and see where this Star Wars thing goes. I do however, strongly suggest reading the TV Tropes article on "Mary Sue" before proceeding.

    As for Caleb's reveal... well... I guess it makes sense. I would have gone for giving him bipolar (leading to potential humor in future), but it's an acceptable explanation. However, like the previous commenter stated, Mina's anger at Caleb seems to come on almost as bipolar as Caleb himself (though I couldn't help feeling her dialogue mirrored my opinions quite well, hence why I think I'm influencing you too much).

    Also, I wasn't kidding before about Luca. I'm sure the story is fine, but the writing style makes it impossible for me to finish.
    Author's Response:
    I didn't want to tell you this, but everything that has happened so far has been what I originally planned. In fact, everything in the first act is already played out in my mind like a movie. That part with the tyranitar was coming weather someone suggested it or not; even Caleb's reviel was forshadowed at the river when he first got butt hurt over Luke and Mina. I promise that it wasn't something I pulled out of my ass to explain why he is a random guy lol. Your reviews did however affect tiny things here and there, a few dialogue, but I would hardly say that you're influencing the story too much. If you truly feel that way, then by all means take a step back, just know that I really do like hearing from you... even though, I guess you think I don't know what a mary sue is...
    Which brings me to my next point. Yes, there is an evil organization. Yes Luke gets powers. Yes Luke does something about it, BUT!! it is not his "destiny" to do so, and he cannot do it alone. It is not his purpose to bring down Archangel and truthfully anyone with a large enough firepower could do it too. I really shouldn't even be talking about this because these events are not to be set in motion until Act-5. Hell, Luke isnt going to truly meet me until Act-2 and I have already forshadowed that at the river here in in measly chapter 3... or 4, cant remember... so, yea...
    I hope you do keep reading though, and if you do, I think you might end up really enjoying this "Starwars thing" lol. Thanks scratch ;)
    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jun 21 2013 Chapter:Chapter 6: The Lonely Angel.
    Great work. Had enough time to sit and read everything that was posted. Keep it up! And no need to apologize for chapter lengths--some readers prefer longer chapters because more can be told.

    Major Name-Spelling Note:

    And if it's not too much to ask, could you read and review my work?
    Author's Response:
    LOL thanks for the name correction, WORD does not recognize pokemon's names so that means I have to look up every one of them in mah pokedex... or online. I let just that one slide cuz I thought I had it lol. oh well, I am a terrible speller.
    ALSO, I will definitley read your stories, but seeing as how they are all rated XXX, you'll have to wait until next month because I have no internet at home. Wouldn't want to read erotic furry pokemon fanfiction at Mc.Donalds would we lol.
    Thanks. :D
    Reviewer: wxp_73
    Date:Jun 2 2016 Chapter:Chapter 6: The Lonely Angel.

    In paragraph 6 you should have said, Luke, I am your father!