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Castelia Daycare Services! by Vulpsis


Story Notes:

This will be a small series I plan to update every once in a while. The setting will be about a corrupt daycare that will ensure their success at any costs, expanding their business through any means...

Gallade and Kirlia

Joey scanned the alleyway as he made his way through it slowly, pieces of trash and paper blew off the tops of overstuffed dumpsters in the shadow covered street. (Is this really the place?) Joey asked himself as he stopped in front of a stained door. On the left it had a paper taped against it completely, however most of the color and text faded away. He can still read the name though. Castelia's Daycare Services. This was the place that guaranteed an egg the next day. He held onto the metal handle of the door as he looked left and right. (Why do I feel like a criminal?) he thought to himself as he stepped inside.

The inside was surprisingly nice. An attractive and young lady sat behind the counter as she typed away on the computer. Noticing him she quickly got up and offered her hand.

"Welcome sir! Would you like to check in a couple Pokémon?" Joey looked around, the place had nice soft carpet and elevator like music playing from some unknown source. He noticed chairs to the left, making the place have a waiting room like atmosphere.

"Yeah uhhh… I was wondering if this place had the one egg a day guarantee"

"Yep we sure do sir, or your money back!"

"Oh, well then yeah. I'd like to check in a couple Pokémon."

"Alrighty, who'll you be checking in today?"

"My Gallade and Kirlia please"

"Okay, we'll check them right in!" Joey reached down and unclipped the balls from his belt before offering them to the clerk who made a call on a speaker system.

"Customer? Can you come down and transfer our new guests?" She had such an upbeat attitude that any doubts he had were washed away now. A Sneasel then came through an automated door, took the two pokeballs that were placed on a very fancy and soft pillow and went back from where she came.

"You can pick them up tomorrow morning!"
"Great! See ya then!"

Sneasel had gone through several flights of stairs before stepping off the elevator, the pillow still being held by her two arms as she made her way through hallways of doors, all labeled with a single letter and 3 digits. When she arrived at the vacant room she simply pushed the door in and placed the pillow down. With a sharp claw she pressed the button in the middle of the poke balls and released the two Pokémon inside. Gallade materialized with his arms across his chest, tapping his foot impatiently as he stared angrily at the Sneasel. Kirlia came out standing with her legs close together, an arm raised up to her lips as she tilted her head in a confused fashion. Sneasel grinned at the Gallade, giving a wink before picking up the pillows and the empty balls and exiting the room.

"Be back with your lunch soon…" she said before closing, and locking the door behind her.

Gallade couldn't help but chuckle to himself. What good would locking the door do? If he wanted he can simply unlock it or just kick it down, but whatever. He then scanned the room he was imprisoned in for the day. There was a round table in the center with a couple chairs, a single but large comfortable looking bed and a large mirror that spread across the entire wall on the opposite side of the wall that the bed rested against. It was clear this room was intended for humanoid Pokémon like themselves, otherwise it could easily be mistaken as a room for just normal people. He then looked down at the Kirlia, who was looking up at him with big bouncy curious eyes. She was obviously too young, and too innocent. Gallade couldn't do this, it was in his DNA to stand up for what was moral and right. And this, they basically wanted him to perform pedophilia, not that he would've mated on demand in the first place.

"Well um..." The Gallade said, trying to spark a conversation.


"Do you know why our owner brought us here?" asked the Gallade, wanting to get straight to the point.

"Nuh uh" Her voice sounded so light, so innocent. Gallade tapped his foot impatiently.

"damn it, this isn't right!" he muttered, growing more frustrated from her ignorance on the subject. She tilted her head, the Kirlia able to sense his angry emotion

"What can't you do? What's wrong why are you so angry?"

"I'm not angry it's just-"

"Yes, you are angry. I can feel it." Kirlia interrupted, her bouncy look turning into an agitated gaze. The Gallade gave off an exasperated sigh.

"I'm sorry, it's just they want us to..." He was interrupted again when the door suddenly opened, and the same Sneasel walked in. She had carried in a silver platter with a single raised arm that held two medium sized bowls.

"Hey you two, we were hoping you'd get busy by now!" Gallade merely glared at him as Kirlia blinked in confusion.

"What do you mean get busy?" The Sneasel giggled to herself as she offered the bowl to Gallade who just looked away, refusing the food. The Sneasel giggled to herself some more as she set the bowl on the table, making sure to wiggle her hips to get the Gallade's attention.

"Well sweetie, you're owner wants you to make some eggs, you do know how right? I mean a stud like him..." she elbowed Gallade who did nothing but stare back, a blood vessel twitching as he held in an anger outbreak before she walked up to Kirlia and offered her the second bowl. "Why, he should be a lot of fun~"

"He wants us to make an egg? Why doesn't he just buy one?" The Sneasel's giggling and elbowing was beginning to piss Gallade off, his foot tapping faster as he began to growl a bit to himself.

"Show her the ropes huh? I'd hate to see what they do if you didn't get busy."

"And what would THEY do?" Gallade pronounced each word with such contain rage that Kirlia actually shivered from the intense rage filled emotions he was experiencing.

"All I can say is I hope THEY would have mercy, now get busy you two~"

Several hours had passed and Gallade had been talking with Kirlia. He tried to explain to the best of his ability how Pokémon made an egg, Kirlia had grown a vivid blush when she realized why he was with her. Although her shyness soon passed as he shared stories from when his owner used to use him, how he had won a couple gym battles before he decided to put him away. Kirlia shared a worse fate, she was caught as she was known, taken away from her life just to be kept with the professor, never to be used. When the sun began to set the same Sneasel came in, carrying the same silver platter.

"So you decided not to make an egg then, huh big guy?" Gallade stood there, arms crossed and watched as the Sneasel switched the empty bowl with the full one. "Shame, I wish I could switch with that gal right there, you look like you can get a bit...rough~" Kirlia blushed; now that she knew what the Sneasel was talking about she began to picture it in her head even though she didn't want to. She gave the Sneasel her empty bowl and accepted her dinner.

"Thanks..." she said, still trying to be polite. The Sneasel winked at the Kirlia before moving out, making sure to wiggle her hips in a seductive fashion so Gallade can watch.

"Well, don't say I didn't warn you... Goodnight~" She then closed the door slowly, giving the two a wink and locking it securely after shutting it.

"Do you really think they would do anything to us?" Kirlia asked as she began to eat up her dinner. Gallade gave off a deep breath as he grabbed the bowl that was placed on the table for him and began munching as well.

"Doubt it, if they hurt us or anything like that I'm sure our owner wouldn't stand for it, even if he had forgotten us"

Kirlia had eaten half her bowl before looking at the mirror, fixing her hair.

"I hope you're right..." she said worriedly. Suddenly the two heard a weird hissing noise. They looked around but they didn't see anything. The room though began to smell funny... like a sweet scent but instead of attracting them it made their eye lids heavy and their muscles lazy. Gallade couldn't stand, he sat on the bed as he tried to smack himself awake, but it wasn't working.

"Gallade...what's happening?" she said as she slowly made her way to him, her head resting on his lap as the rest of her body struggled to lay onto the bed.

"I-I don't know...stay close to me..." he said before his eyes closed shut…

He had just woken up but he couldn't see, at first he thought he went blind and tried to rub his eyes, but his arms weren't moving, they were tied up behind his back. The Gallade couldn't see anything, he began to panic and wiggle about and trying to use his psychic abilities to free himself but the material wasn't reacting. As his senses began to come back he noticed his entire body was restrained. His arms, legs, hell his mouth even had a mouth gag and he couldn't even use his psychic abilities. He could tell he was sitting though, however whatever he was sitting on was sturdy as hell and must've been bolted to the floor. That wasn't the only thing though; he can feel that his manhood was fully erect, and swelling. It felt like blood was constantly rushing and his nerves felt so much more sensitive, he could feel even the smallest movements in the air tickle the nerves. He then felt something sharp and smooth tracing against his skin, the Gallade tried to cry out and demand what was going on but his mouth gag was preventing him to speak any coherent words.

"Tsk tsk tsk, now what did I say? Look what they did; they had to tie you up!" the sharp point then traveled south, the claw dug into him, scratching his skin but not piercing it. The was familiar to the Gallade. The voice then giggled, giving it away. That wretched Sneasel! "We had to do things the hard way hmmm? Well as much as I'd love to use you for myself big boy~..." She said as her hand stroked across his manhood, drawing out a blissful moan out of the Gallade as his mind cursed her out. "...We'll need you to fuck that little naive girl right now~" She then guided his cock inside of something, the surface felt warm like flesh and yet so tight that his cock began to hurt from being forced to squeeze inside…

"Gallade? Are you there? What's going on?" Kirlia sounded like she had just woken up, but then she began to cry out, scared. "What's going on?! Stop it, that hurts!" she yelped as Sneasel giggled, the dark type continued to guide Gallade more into her. Gallade can feel Kirlia squirming and trying to force him out, however he can feel her tiny frame press against his, she must have been forced to sit on him, and gravity was doing most of the work now as he felt his standing cock slip into her more and more…

"Please stop! It hurts! No more!" Sneasel laughed out loud as she relinquished her grip on him.

"Can't help yourself huh big boy? That just means you had a nice dinner~" Gallade can feel a thick warm fluid gush around his cock and down onto his legs, Kirlia still crying out begging for him to stop, but he couldn't. His body wouldn't obey his mind.

"Usually we would just gag the two of you, but I wanted you to hear her~" The Sneasel gloated as her claw tracing around the red horn on his chest. "A first timer like her? Well they wanted to see and hear for themselves..." Gallade was wondering what she was talking about, this whole damn place seemed wicked and he couldn't help but feel frustrated as his cock penetrated Kirlia, his entire member finally slipping in as she cried.

"I can feel them! They want to do nasty things to me! It hurts so much though…I can't!" Gallade tried to communicate with her, but it wasn't working. Somehow all psychic powers were nulled.

"Oh, I can explain…See on the front my masters operate as a daycare, making sure people get their eggs quickly so they can come and bring more. Happy customers are returning customers~" Gallade can feel Kirlia's body moving against his cock, the Pokémon was whimpering as he felt her body rub against his, was she doing this on her own or was Sneasel forcing her to hump against him? Whatever it was he couldn't help it, his cock was twitching as he felt the tight skin seemingly wrap around his skin is such intense warmth. He can feel the fluids moistening around her walls as her body began to move faster, the Kirlia's whimpers were beginning to turn into moans.

"But as a side business we let People get a kick out of this, that's where we make most of our money~" Gallade made muffled noises as he tried to curse her out, demanding to be let free but the gag wouldn't let one word out, he was so angry and frustrated that his body was overheating as he was overwhelmed with all this emotion, and hearing Kirlia cry was beginning to make him cry as well. He didn't want to do this in the first place for this exactly, she was too young! But now he was forced and Kirlia's cries of pain were beginning to turn into bliss…

"Gallade! I'm sorry! It hurts so much but…the way they feel, it's changing me!" She said between pants. Kirlia felt like her sides were being forced to split in half with each hump, and yet from some unseen presence she can feel a large number of people enjoying this. Their corrupted fetish was beginning to rub off on her and her mind was beginning to corrupt as a result, her body was starting to numb the pain as she began to hump against Gallade faster, her body sitting on his as the two were forced to fuck.

"Do you want me to show you?" Sneasel asked as he felt her body purposely rub against his, a claw snapping a string can be heard as Gallade opened his eyes, only to be shocked to see how many people were gathered. Kirlia had several black bands wrap her arms against her body, she had a blindfold on like he did and her legs were forcefully spread as she sitting right on top of his cock. He saw that his legs were also chained right against the chair that was indeed bolted. Their bodies were forced together in some sick BDSM lair but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the group of men who dressed in fancy suits, they seemed wealthy and they were enjoying drinks as they watched the show, They sat in a room behind a window, the many men sitting in comfortable chairs as a couple Weavile acted as waitresses for them. Some of them were actually rubbing themselves during the show, and a couple more actually had Weavile treat them with their mouths, the Weavile rested on their knees wearing French outfits as they worked on the men, their hands resting on their heads as they greedily watched him fuck Kirlia.

The sight had left him aghast. Kirlia can feel the shock absorb into her body but the emotions of the men and their sick fetish overpowered that greatly. She pushed against the Gallade's body, her hips moving like waves as she began to lust the feeling of his thick hot member filling her up. Gallade can feel his climax began to rise as he saw that she was making the motions herself, her knees pressed closer against his legs as her head rested beside his horn, the Kirlia panting and her tongue stuck out, traces of her saliva spilling as he felt her insides begin to leak with her fluids.

"Yes…oh yes it feels good…"

"Doesn't it darling? And soon you'll be pleasuring every man in that room, if it feels so good doing it here wait until they surround you, all their cocks rubbing against and inside of you…" The talk of the Sneasel seemed to drown Kirlia more into that corruption, the Gallade growing further ashamed that she was going to sink into a whole new low and all he could do was sit there as she fucked him.

"Yes, please I want nothing more but their cocks…"

"But do you love the cock?"

"Yes…" Sneasel pulled the Kirlia back, her hips swaying in the air as she began to shiver, Kirlia whimpering from the lack of Gallade inside of her. Gallade also whined, but quickly tried to hold it back, his cock felt cold as it was exposed out in the air, a mixture of fluids dripping off…

"Say it honey~"

"I love the cock"

"Say I love fucking cock!"

"I love fucking cock! I love sucking cock! I'll do anything! Please let me fuck him!" Sneasel smirked right into Gallade's eyes as she let her back on him, the Gallade kicking himself in the ass in his mind as he gave off a content sigh from feeling her insides again…

"See what she became since you didn't want to fuck her upstairs? But that's okay, because when she's done I can have you to myself~" The way she winked, it made his cock twitch as he felt those insides rub and down so smoothly against his sensitive member… damn it now he was imagining the Sneasel riding his cock, her petite form riding him like Kirlia, those claws tracing against his…

No. He closed his eyes as he shook his head, forcing himself not to open his eyes. Come on focus your psychic powers, you might still be able to save her if you just got her away from here…

"What's wrong Mr. Psychic? Upset your telepathic powers aren't working? Well sweetie these bands, they're made from dark types~ and your gag, your straps, even the chair your sitting on is made of this material, as long as you're in this room you won't even be able to manipulate anything, but of course we can manipulate you…"

His eyes shot open wide and glared angrily at her, the Sneasel tilting her head and blinking innocently.

"A Pokémon is only as bad as their master right? And my master loves this…and so do I~" His voice muffled as he forced his eyes shut, Kirlia's moans were growing louder as her body rubbed against his, only her hips were moving now. He couldn't stand it anymore. The rocking motions were massaging every sensitive spot, it felt like the walls were trying to milk him dried. He gave out a muffled moan as his cock felt like it literally exploded, stream after stream of milky white seed shot into Kirlia who's whole body shivered in ecstasy.

"Perfect, it looks like she's done~ She'll have an egg ready for us soon, I'm confident that you made sure of it~" Sneasel said as she guided the Kirlia off. She then walked her to the room of the wealthy pricks, the kirlia's legs were still shivering as Sneasel and some of the Weavile began to apply and tie rope all around her body. Gallade had to watch as they harnessed her into the air like an ornament, her legs and arms were forced to spread open as Sneasel forced a unique mouth gag on her, one that had a large hole in the center of it. She was only dangled up to the men's waist, which was good enough for them because as soon as one of the Weavile gave the okay sign the men soon untied their belts. Gallade watched as Sneasel went into a back door with the other Weavile, the men were quick to grab a hold of her as one forced his cock into her freshly fucked pussy, another grabbing a hold of her head as he jammed his cock through the mouth gag, his penis sliding in and out of her slick mouth as her hands reached out and grabbed a hold of the other men. She was being gang banged, tears welled up in the sides of Gallade's eyes as he saw the friend he made today go from an innocent young girl to cock lusting slut…

Sneasel came out a couple minutes later, the dark type winking at Gallade from the room as she twirled her body, she wore black leather boots that went up to her knees and a frilly French maid outfit like what the other Weavile made. She swayed her hips as she walked out of that room and towards Gallade, his cock still erect and throbbing. He could feel a blush growing on his face, he knew he couldn't hide his desires anymore. Her mere appearance made his cock pulse with lust, he can feel so much blood being pumped to his muscle that it began to hurt.

"I know you won't be satisfied from that alone, you won't be satisfied with me. I'm going to ride you all night so that by the time your owner comes he won't have a fight happy Gallade anymore, no I'm going to fuck all the fight out of your masculine body~" She said as she traced a claw up his bright red manhood. She then got on her knees, a hand gripping around the base of his manhood as she traced her tongue against his cock, her tongue licking over his pulsing veins and stopping right at the tip. He felt his whole body shudder from that lick alone, the Gallade wishing he could move his arms so badly, just so he can fuck the talk right out of that Sneasel. That damn, fucking sexy Sneasel. She giggled again, her giggle having a light childlike tone to it that he didn't notice before. She licked him again, and again, several times before she finally wrapped those soft lips around his member, his cock brushing against her moist soft tongue on one side and the other rubbing against the back of her throat. He could feel another orgasm build up as he looked down at her, the Sneasel's eyes were closed and her ears were flicking occasionally as she took his entire manhood with relative ease, her throat muscles squeezing around him as he felt her swallow in slow and careful motions, he couldn't take anymore and gave out a loud muffled sigh as he felt his seed shoot down her throat, and straight into her stomach…

Kirlia's mind was being overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions, she could hardly breath as a cock was forcing itself down her throat, making her gag every few seconds as she felt another cock fill her up repeatedly. She can feel the warm thick cocks rubbing all over her, her hands were wrapped around one as she stroked unknown men off, their moans and satisfied laughs deafened her. The men teased her, called her out for loving cock, called her names like bitch, slut, whore, and told her to take them. To take their cocks and their cum. They had forced her blindfold off and positioned her so that she was facing a mirror, she could see how she dangled in the air because of the ropes, and she can see the faces of the unknown men as they had a wicked smile on their faces. Literally every sense was being invaded by cock; she felt she was going to die as her little body was dangled up as a toy. When one man finished his cum would spray all over her, only to be quickly replaced by another man. She couldn't think about the situation anymore, the way these men felt, it left her emotion sensing mind a complete wreck. She wasn't even thinking in coherent words though, she just knew she wanted it, she wanted it so bad everywhere… her little body would shiver violently with every climax she had. Whatever man that was using her pussy would moan ecstatically as her pussy would clamp down on his cock, her insides squeezing as fluids would spray all over the place… but before she could even finish she would feel his warm seed fill her up and leak out her hole only to be pulled back and replace by a newer and seemingly harder cock…

Sneasel climbed against his body in such a slow seductive way, her smooth silk dress rubbed against his cock as small traces dripped across it, that damn material felt so good, but then her knees closed around his cock. A wicked smile had grown on her face as she rubbed her knees up and down, her soft black fur brushing against his smooth red cock.

"I have you all to myself~" She teased as she rubbed her knees against him together, his cock rubbing against her inner legs. Gallade groaned as he felt each strand of fur brush against nerve after sensitive nerve, that familiar blood rushing through his cock, his muscles beginning to feel sore as he was forced into this pleasurable treatment.

"That dinner had a rare and unique ingredient into the mix, one that makes you wanna fuck all night long~" Sneasel continued on, her voice starting to feign an innocent tone, as if trying to tease the Gallade some more. Even the sound of her fur brushing against him was beginning to be too much, he didn't have any self-control anymore. Gallade didn't think about right or wrong anymore, he just wanted to break free, to just grab the Sneasel and fuck her, beat her, punish her for making him so horny…"and it makes it easier for you to fertilize as well, but I'll be milking you dry before we actually have the real fun…" Sneasel teased as she brought her frilly dress over the tip, a paw swirling over it as her knees continued to brush against him up and down, fur tickling his every nerve… "…So cum for me. Cum until you run dry~" She said. This teasing…it was too much. Gallade gave off another groan that carried both pleasure and pain, he felt his cock pumping out as he succumbed to another orgasm, but cum didn't explode like before, instead barely a drop trickled out, only to be quickly absorbed from her dress.

"Ahhh…you're ready~" she whispered as she began to mount him…

Kirlia was about to pass out. She wasn't taking in enough air, and just when it felt like every nerve in her pussy was being rubbed out one the men began to poke her other entrance. Her mind woke up from the foreign feeling; the pain of her body being forced to stretch reminded her of her situation. She wiggled uselessly in the air as she tried to beg the man not to do it, that she wasn't ready. His tongue brushed against her dirty hole a few times, the man complimenting how small it was before he began to poke his cock against it. She couldn't do anything but cry tears as she felt the cock force its way inside, penetrating her and making her body feel like it would split in half. She wanted to bite down on the cock forcing itself down her throat so bad, for a second she had stopped stroking the men she had gripped with her hands, but not wanting to be left out she felt their hands wrap around her own and forced her to stroke, the Kirlia couldn't do anything to brace herself…

Sneasel guided the member into her tight slit, she closed her eyes as she took in a couple deep breaths before she sat down against him all the way, her hips meeting his as she gave out a squeak from the thrust. Gallade had made a moan as well, but since he was still wearing the mouth gag it came out as nothing but the usual muffled sound. Sneasel looked up, blinking as she smiled and began to move her hips. The dress made ruffling noises as she traced her tongue up across the red chest spike Gallade had, the moist ticklish feeling combined with her warm tight pussy made it feel like he would already be pushed to the edge but his cock felt sore at the same time, his nerves felt more sensitive then ever, and Sneasel somehow was able to move her walls, her insides seemed to wrap around and contract around his cock in ways that felt so much better than a massage, she was indeed much more experienced then he though.

"All to myself, I imagine it might be hurting by now, but right now it's about me, what I want…" Sneasel whispered as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Oh god it feels so good, you're so big and hot, I feel like I'm going to melt!" She said as she began to move her hips faster…

Kirlia felt better than before somehow. The emotions of the men, they clouded her mind and as a result her senses. It hurt so badly now, it still did but at the same time he was rubbing her in places she didn't know would feel so good. His hand rubbed against her over used lips and pinched at her clit, making her give off muffled squeals and moans as her mouth was being used. She stroke men faster, she felt them release themselves all over her, her face, arms, back, legs, all were soaked in so much cum. As the man pulled back from the mouth gag she felt the cum coat her throat's insides, she couldn't swallow anymore. Despite that another one came right in, just as vigorous as before. She didn't mind though, she didn't think of anything but the fact that she loved cock. She loved cock. She. Loved. Cock.

Gallade couldn't think of anything but to fuck the Sneasel, his cock twitched and pulsed inside of her as she rode him, the Sneasel's cries of bliss just making him more horny, making him just want to break free and thrust into her, thrust into her mouth, her ass, against her dress, into Kirlia, anything! He just wanted to fuck until he felt the familiar feeling of his muscles tightening, his cock pushing and balls being drained. He wanted to cum damn it, as her cries got louder his body shivered, his cock twitching repeatedly as he succumbed to another orgasm, yet nothing shot out. His penis was in severe pain right now, but it was still so hard and he was still so mad, so angry that he could just fuck the fur off of Sneasel. He couldn't think of anything else but humping now…

When the sun began to rise Kirlia had pushed out her first egg as she dangled from the air. The two Pokémon were then brought back to their room. What felt like days were only a few hours… but the two weren't sleepy. When Sneasel released them out of their pokeballs Gallade had grabbed Kirlia and threw her into the bed.

"Big boy can't think of anything but to fuck now~" Sneasel teased, The Sneasel yawning as she waved before closing the door. "You two have fun now...~" Gallade jumped on the bed and forced Kirlia down, she looked up at him with such a pleading look.

"Please…give me your cock again. Yours was the best…" How could he refuse? He pushed his hips against hers as she hugged him, The Gallade making a vicious growling noise as he fucked the little girl.

When the two were finished a Weavile had come into the room alongside with a Hypno. The two stared at the pendulum as Weavile watched, making sure Hypno did his job. He wanted the two to forget, to forget all that had happened in the past evening. That was all he asked for though, when the two woke up from their trance they still craved to fuck, but it didn't cross their minds why, or how they became like this...

Chapter End Notes:

This chapter was posted 2 months prior to when I uploaded it here, a new chapter is soon on its way

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