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Castelia Daycare Services! by Vulpsis


Story Notes:

This will be a small series I plan to update every once in a while. The setting will be about a corrupt daycare that will ensure their success at any costs, expanding their business through any means...

Author's Chapter Notes:

With seeds running low, the staff at Castelia's Daycare decides to have their best Sneasel extract new seed from an unlucky Luxray. Her payment? To do as she pleases as long as she doesn't waste the product...

Luxray and Sneasel

A full day had passed since Joey had left his Kirlia and Gallade in the daycare center. When he entered the building through the familiar septic alleyway nothing felt different. The attractive receptionist recognized him right away and pressed a button on the computer.

"Trainer Joey is here to pick up his Gallade and Kirlia! Bring 'em up Zephyr!" Not even a minute had passed when a Sneasel, dressed in a maid uniform for some reason, brought the 2 pokeballs on a tray with an egg inside a display case. Joey couldn't believe it! They really did bring in an egg.

"Thanks! Is there a PC I can use?"

"If you like our daycare has automatic deposit directly to your PC. Would you like to transfer them?"

"Yeah if it isn't too much trouble!" Joey then lifted the egg without glancing back at the pokeballs as the receptionist brought it back down to the Sneasel. Joey then paid the fee and went on his merry way without thinking about his two Pokemon.

A couple days had passed now, and in the basement of the Castelia daycare sat a man sitting at a computer. He was in what he referred to as the storage room. In this room vials of Pokemon essence sat in rows. Some were to breed the perfect traits, others were extracted with techniques in mind. The man wore a labcoat, although he did not consider himself a scientist. Scientists conducted studies and experiments to find new data, he knew what he was doing. He knew which vials to combine, to breed the perfect Pokemon for his benefactors. Here in the daycare hundreds of different Pokemon could be stored and here him and his colleagues worked together to find out about these Pokemon, to study their potential and their techniques and take advantage of that. As he clicked away on the computer, surfing the web as the day rolled on his business cell rang.

"Hey this is Bobby... uh-huh... alright yeah we can have what you want. Do you have the funds? … alright you can come by tomorrow, it'll be ready by then" He then pressed snapped the phone shut.

Bobby got up and looked through the cases of vials. "Speed, Special attack, defense, ahhh here we are, Attack... hmmm" He withdrew a case to find only a few vials remained. As he extracted the frozen vial he quickly brought out a secondary cell phone.

"Yeah, bring down Zephyr I need her today. No everyone else is too incompetent, I don't care that it's her day off, she can have the day off tomorrow. Tell her she can handle it anyway she wants! … she's on her way? Good." He then snapped the cellphone shut as he laid the vial carelessly down on his computer desk, Bobby bringing up a screen that cataloged all the Pokemon they had currently.

Soon Zephyr came walking into his workplace, her arms stretched and claws laid behind her back as she walked in casually. She looked up at him, her eyes telling him to hurry up and explain what she has to do. Bobby didn't seem to care though, he merely gestured her to hop on his lap to look at the computer screen. She sighed and did so, the Sneasel plopping herself on his lap so she could see the screen. "See this Luxray? He's on the fifth floor. He's the only one capable of producing what we need. Do what you want with him, but make sure you deliver the product back here alright?" The Sneasel rubbed her chin as if she was thinking, a smile forming on her lips. This Luxray was quite large compared to their average size, her eyes tracing over his muscular features as he laid on his side in the room, the lion pokemon not even knowing that he's being monitored. The Luxray then quickly nodded, Bobby chuckling and patting her on the head. "I knew you'd like him you devious girl you, Have some fun..."

The Luxray was sleeping on his side on the comfortable bed that laid against the floor. He was a quadruped so there were no tables or chairs, just a bed and bowls and toys laid about. Although the bowls were licked clean, the toys remained untouched. As Zephyr walked up to his door he could hear the large beast snoring which brought a smirk on her face. She pressed her sharp claw against a thin slit in the door, designed just for her, to make the door pop out of lock. The metallic clicking instantly woke the large Luxray up, the lion jolting awake as he glared over at her with his blood red and golden eyes.

"Wakey wakey sleepy head!" In a raised arm she held a small bowl containing various well scented berries.

"Who are you? Part of the staff here? Has my trainer come to pick me up yet?"

"Now now it hasn't even been a day, you're trainer won't be back for a looooong time remember?" She then winked at the electric type as she walked over to the empty bowls, bending over and curving her back to make sure the Luxray got a good view of her plump rear, her maid outfit cut short so that he could see her exposed body. The Luxray didn't say anything for the intentionally long time it took for her to place the bowl down and pick up the other bowls up.

"I-I um. Was just hoping he would change his mind..." The Luxray said as his gaze quickly went to focus on the Sneasel's eyes as she turned back around, trying to make it seem he wasn't eying her in a suggestive manner.

"Don't worry kitty~" The Sneasel teased as she dragged a claw from his tuft of chest fur, up across his neck and below his chin, the Luxray taller than her as he sat down, but brought to a near hypnotic state as his head leaned down against the claw, the two now staring at each other closely, so close their lips could meet... "You'll be given good care here... now shush and eat your berries, you'll see me a lot sooner if you do~" And with that the Sneasel winked and turned around, her outfit swaying with her walk as she slowly closed the door behind her, the Sneasel waving a claw at the Luxray before she shut it closed.

The Luxray eyed the berries for a bit, he felt a bit speechless and honestly frustrated and grumpy over what had just happened. A big, proud lion like himself broken down to a big ball of blushing fluff because of a Sneasel dressed in a maid outfit. He huffed and shook his head, the next time she bent over like that he was going to pounce and punish her. No Pokemon should go inside rooms and tease others like that, it should be a law! No matter, he was getting hungry anyways. He went up to the berries and sniffed them, he preferred meat or live prey, this place was boring. He was hoping he could lay outside and sunbath, but this is the first he heard of a daycare running like a human hotel. He began to wonder as he ate the berries why they would raise and keep Pokemon inside the building like that. The berries were a mix of sour and sweet, his favorite flavors. He ended up devouring the berries quickly, the Luxray licking his lips as the berry juice dripped off his chin. He then took a good look around the room. No windows, no body else and all there is is a bed and a bunch of toys he refused to play with. He wasn't a cub, he was a full grown lion. Why did they keep him in here like this? He was bound to get bored. Hopefully they'll take him outside or at least let all the Pokemon here mingled. He then yawned, his eyelids suddenly felt very heavy. He found that simply sitting was making his body heavy. That's weird he just woke up from a nap, he shouldn't feel so exhausted... unless that Sneasel put something in there. Then it hit him, she was going to come back in while he was sleeping. That's why he would see her soon if he ate the berries, but none of it tasted funny! It was all pecha and cheri berries, how?! He struggled to keep his eyes open, but he could barely hold them halfway. Eventually they fell down, the Luxray's conscious fading as he heard the door open again...

When He woke up, he couldn't move. His limbs were tied together as he laid on his back against a cool metal surface. He wiggled left to right as he attempted to shout, only to hear his voice muffled against something. His vision was blurred as he tried to find out where it was, only for it to focus on the Sneasel, her claws at her sides as her hips were pointed in a single direction, an eyebrow raising as she smirked at him.

"Finally awake hmmm? You were a heavy one, but I got you here all by myself~ Guess what kitty cat? We need you to produce something for us!" the Luxray shook his head as he closed his eyes, focusing all of his electrical charge towards her only for his energy to shine in place as they were sucked up by his bands.

"Heh you think we'd be that careless kitty cat?" She walked up and adjusted his position. All four of his legs were raised upwards before she adjusted the metal table so that he was now at a more easy angle for her. She then quickly climbed on top of him, her black with white frills maid outfit rustling against him as she sat on his chest, the Sneasel moving his forelegs over his head and strapping them against the metal table by tying the bands around a circular hook at the end. The Luxray looked away as she did this, although they forced a ballgag in his mouth the Sneasel intentionally left the blindfold out, she knew these lions could see right through it plus she wanted him to see. She smiled over him as she traced a claw around one of his large circular ears, before forcing him to look up at her.

"Truth is kitty cat, we need you to give us your essence, and they entrusted me to do that~" The Luxray's blue furry cheeks suddenly began to show a tint of red as she said this, the Sneasel nodding as she licked her lips at him. "Yes that's right, but because I'm such a haaaaard worker..." Her body then pressed against him, the Sneasel's hips grinding against his tummy and lowering themselves so that her soft and smooth maid clothing brushed against the Luxray's sheath, causing him to growly lustily "...They decided that I can do whatever I want with you before they begin to extract from you~ So prepare yourself kitty cat, you'll be lucky to have your mind in one piece when I'm through with you~"

The Sneasel began to lower herself, one of her sharp claws ruffling through the Luxray's thick fur as she traced it downwards along with her body, the Sneasel brushing her other claws gently against his rising member, this Luxray was so easy to entice and arouse~. She saw on the screen how he devoured the berries as soon as she left, males were always so easy to control~. As she got all the way down she lowered the Luxray's hind legs and strapped them down so they wouldn't get in the way, the Sneasel plopped her little tush onto his leg as she traced another claw upwards against his erecting member, as if teasing it out and helping it grow. Her excitement grew with it, the Luxray himself was pretty big so it would only be natural to assume he was proportionate as well, and to her delight he was. By the time his cock finally stopped growing she couldn't help but nuzzle her face against it.

"Oh wow, you're so big! You've got some good genes kitty cat!" The Luxray growled in response, but his growls were quickly choked out to muffled cries as he tried not to sound that he enjoying it. The Sneasel's soft furry face brushed against the top of his thick member, her fur tickling across the smooth and sensitive flesh before she finally held her hand against it and pressed her lips around the tip, her tongue teasingly poking in his hole and drawing out more gagged cries from the Luxray, his body tried to wiggle and move away but her claws gripped around him, as if making sure this one piece stayed...

When she finally drew her tongue back she wiped the back of her hand across her lips as she looked up at the glaring and blushing Luxray.

"Oh my you look like you want to hurt me~ Don't worry~" She traced a claw around one of the pointy barbs that stook out from the lion's cock. "I'll be sure to feel what you want to do to me~ but first, I have to make sure I don't waste any of your produce.." She then reached into the pocket of her outfit, and withdrew a ring. The Luxray's eyes widened as she began to fit that ring around him, going easily down at first since his barbs curved downwards, but then the ring meeting with some resistance around a quarter of the way there. His massive cock began to throb as veins were quickly being exposed, the Sneasel's tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she did her best to bring it down as much as possible. A little more than half way down was all she could manage, good. She looked up and saw the Luxray's face filled with nothing but contempt for her. She couldn't help but giggle, feigning innocence as she tilted her head at him. "hmm what's wrong kitty cat? Feeling uncomfortable? Here, let me make you feel much better, or worse, either way is fine with me~" She the tilted her head as she let out a warm moist breath against his throbbing cock, her tongue quickly following as she traced it along, a trail of warm sticky saliva being dragged across as she made her way to the top, the Sneasel then wrapping her lips around the tip as she bobbed her head up and down, her tongue acting as a soft blanket of pleasure as she slowly took in as much as she can, his tip poking at the back of her throat as she closed her eyes, her hands carefully yet swiftly rubbing his impressive shaft up and down, the Sneasel giving as much attention to the Luxray's size as she could just so she could hear his anguished cries of bliss. The Luxray was panting and no longer growling, his eyes nearly shut as he watched her work. He felt the fluids wanting to rise, the Luxray feeling the pleasurable sensation of wanting to release... but it never did release. The sensation went higher and higher then it stayed, the Luxray felt the constant sensation of wanting to cum because of that damned ring. As she went on, the feeling began to slowly hurt, the Luxray trying to beg her to stop but couldn't because of the gag. What went on for minutes felt like days to the Luxray, as each second was drawn out from being painfully denied to climax...

When she finally withdrew her claws and tongue, the Luxray felt a new kind of relief. Kind of like holding in waiting to use the washroom only to wait so long that the feeling to go faded, except in this case the feeling to cum faded much more quickly. After a few seconds the painful sensation seemingly drained away, but the Luxray knew the Sneasel was just giving him a break. He knew she wanted to feel him inside of her... his cock twitched at the image of her fitting the whole thing inside, although it didn't seem possible for such a small girl...

But then she gripped his shaft, the Luxray mewling as she squeezed around him, her grip was extremely tight, surprising coming from her. She then looked up at him as she climbed up, her maid outfit rustling against him as she let go just to grip him again with her legs. She rocked back and forth, his cock being massaged by strands of her black fur as she did so gently yet powerfully, stroking and massaging him with tender bliss...

"Time for the best part kitty cat~" She teased as she raised herself, the Sneasel reaching down and gripping him again, guiding his meat against her tight moist slit...

The Luxray bit down on the gag as she guided him into her. The Sneasel's eyes were closed as she took in deep breaths, a light blush showing on her face as she squeezed him inside. His cock was huge, probably the biggest she had to deal with. It's throbbing presence was felt by her tight walls as they squeezed around him, his cock spreading her nice and well as she felt the ecstasy of being filled beyond her limits. She hissed as slipped in more than half of his cock, the Sneasel momentarily stopping as she tried to catch her breath. The Luxray glared down at her, his cock twitching against her moist clamping insides that wrapped around him. He wanted to break out, to force all of it inside of her, to fuck her to the point where she would beg to be his. But she was in control right now. Her slit was leaking fluids down against his shaft, drops trailing down and soaking his orbs before dripping down against the cool metal surface. When she finally regained her composure the Luxray expected her to move back, but to his surprise she forced herself down even more. He bit down as he felt his cock slide inside of her, her fluids rubbing against his sensitive skin and down the band that held back his desired climax. He tried to say something, anything, but his words were muffled. He wasn't even given the chance to voice his dissent, he laid there bound and useless until she was finally finished with him...

She felt her insides clamp and parts of her body actually move as she came close to fitting him inside. She felt like she was being stretched, and that his cock's outline would actually be visible if she weren't wearing the outfit. She let out a sigh of relief, her tongue sticking out when she finally managed to fit him inside. She shivered as she wiggled her hips left and right, his heated member brushing against nerves that were never before felt. She held onto him and shivered as she submitted to an orgasm of her own, her fluids leaking out like a stream against him as she gave out a quiet cry of bliss... For a few moments she held onto him, panting and trying to stay focused. When she felt her climax die down completely that was when she began to pull back slowly, his barbs dragging along her insides and rubbing deeply into her flesh. She bit down her lower lip as she felt it carve into her, it hurt so bad to be scratched like that, and yet it felt so good. It was like she was being punished for being so naughty, and she liked being punished~.

The Luxray's hips were slightly bucking against his bounds, the movement he was making was negligble but noticeable to the Sneasel. She smiled down at him.

"Poor kitty cat, he wants to be in charge! Too bad he's being punished! Yes being punished for feeling soooo good...~" She then licked the tip of her claw as she smiled mischievously at her, before scratching him across his chest. The Luxray's body shook and flinched from the sudden pain, the ends of her claws slightly soaked in his blood. She then gripped tufts of his fur tightly, her claws sinking against his skin as she nuzzled her face against his, The Sneasel now humping and riding against him.

"Naughty Kitty! Being such a good fuck!" The Luxray cried out against the gag, indistinguished moans of pleasure and pain emitting from his throat. Her claws sunk deeper into him, the Luxray's cock twitch and throbbing as the desire to cum seemed to explode up against his cock, the upper half growing numb and at the same time ready to explode. The Sneasel herself was having the time of her life, his cock filled her up, made her bulge, punished and pleasured her all at the same time. His cock filled her with warmth, his spines carved into her flesh and made her bleed, his shaft rubbed against her nerves and made coaxed her fluids out, his orbs bashed against her rear as she humped against him violently. Every time she submitted to an orgasm her claws would sink deeper into the Luxray, only for her to slash him again, punishing him for making her climax so good, so many times. The puddle on the floor grew, a mixture of the Sneasel's fluids and blood as her claws began to become bloodstained as well.

This barbaric treatment went on for hours, She was moving feebly against her, her insides seemed to have dried up from how much she came out. With a final sigh she held her breath and pulled back all the way, his erect cock took some time to slide out, his barbs intensifying the friction between the two before she finally managed to pull all of it out. She couldn't help but feel so empty, so cold afterwards but that's what happens when you force a beast to mate with you for hours on end. She looked up at the Luxray, who's eyes seemed out of focus. His face having an intense blush on it making him look like a zombie. She giggled, she may have fucked his brains out literally. She crawled over him and removed the gag, his tongue lolling out as he sighed, an exhaust of held air releasing. She smacked him a couple of times, his eyes now gaining focus again as he looked over at her.

"P-please...take it off."

"Not yet kitty cat, for me the fun is over but for you, it's about to begin~" She then walked away, the Luxray looking down at his enlarged cock. Oh god, what kind of horrible place was this, what was she going to do with him now? When she came back she had a weird plastic device, a tube, a tub and a cylindrical shaped object with a curved round tip all attached to each other. His eyes widened, he suddenly remembered why he was here to begin with. She smiled as she slid his cock inside the tube, a claw snapping the band off before she fit the whole thing inside. She then began to poke the cylindrical object against his rear, the Luxray groaning out as she slid the cold metal device into him, his cock twitching and causing so much pre to leak out that one could've mistakened him for climaxing right then and there. When both parts were attached securely she then pressed a button and the device came to life. The tube functioned like a vacuum cleaner, sucking his cock and whatever pre that came out of the tip. The cylindrical object began to vibrate, the rumbling tickling his nerves and massaging his prostae. The Luxray roared out as he glared at the Sneasel.

"N-No... I w-won't cum..." The Sneasel smirked at him

"You have no choice.." He shook his head, the Luxray closing his eyes and repeating himself over and over, doing everything in his power to hold back. The Sneasel giggled and watched the tub, except it wasn't getting filled. A couple minutes actually passed and he still managed to not give out. She tapped a claw against her chin, she underestimated him. She then looked up at him, the Luxray shaking his head and still mumbling dissent. That's when she had an idea.

She then crawled up onto the Luxray, guided a claw from his bloodstained chest to the base of his chin and guided his head to look at her. His eyes opened, glared right into hers. She looked back at him with lust, and pressed her lips against his. Her tongue swirling inside his maw and tasting his tongue. That's all she needed to do, break his focus. His whole body flinched and shivered as she kissed him, the Luxray mewling and whining as his cock twitched and finally let out all of the pent up seed, his essence getting sucked up and entering the plastic container. She pulled back and looked at him, the Luxray panting as his tongue lolled out, blush on his face, pride completely broken.

"See you in a week, kitty cat" She then hopped off of him, the Sneasel walking away as the sounds of his pleasured cries and the humming of the device slowly faded away.
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