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Castelia Daycare Services! by Vulpsis


Story Notes:

This will be a small series I plan to update every once in a while. The setting will be about a corrupt daycare that will ensure their success at any costs, expanding their business through any means...

Author's Chapter Notes:

"Welcome to Castelia's Daycare Services! Where we offer programs to train and break in your new unruly pets for a low cost!" The final entry for the first "season" of the daycare stories... where after the loss of her mentor one Riolu, Arcadia, manages to finally break away with the aid of her newfound friend.

Break Free

They weren't guests anymore. They were prisoners. The four had been restrained and kept separated from each other ever since that day Gallade came to the rescue... or at least tried to rescue them. Luxray, Bordeaux the Braixen, Arcadia and Gallade. Each day they were forced in cuffs and chains, their limbs stretched as they were refused the right to see or speak. Blindfolds covered their eyes while gags were stuffed in their mouths for every waking second. Bordeaux was kept busy... every day she was forced to lay an egg and give birth to several Fennekin that she would never see. Luxray was milked for all he was worth as well, the lion fathering many children that would simply be sold off and given away because of his priceless genes. The daycare was cruel, it was monstrous and with their newest employee things only went from bad to worse...

"Get up." A stern voice broke the maddening silence. Gallade moved his arms, chains rattling as he did. He couldn't reach up to remove his blindfold or gag but he was free to move around on his legs. He sat in the corner, hoping every day that Gardevoir wouldn't come. No this wasn't Gardevoir anymore... she went by the name Lilith. She was not the same shy and innocent being she once was. The Kirlia that looked up to him had become corrupted from that day they were forced to do the daycare's bidding. As a emotion Pokemon that was affecting by other people's feelings, Kirlia was the most affected. That gang bang, all those rich and powerful men had forced their depraved influence into her soul and molded her into something twisted. Something obsessive... ever since that day she longed for Gallade's touch. And when he rejected her she did what she can to make him hers, forever.

The sound of steel clinking filled his ears as his arms were free to fall and rest. He rubbed his arms, massaging them to relax them from their constant raised posture only for him to feel Gardevoir pushing him and binding his arms behind his back. Like a slave, Gallade marched forward blindly. Dark type pelts draped across his body prevented him from using any type of psychic or telepathic power. These pelts were everywhere and he knew where they came from. His mind traced back to Zephyr, the former host of the critters. She was sick and twisted in her own way, but she only aimed to pleasure the Pokemon out of some sick fetish. She was nothing more than a guide to the daycare. Gardevoir wasn't satisfied with simple pleasure. She wanted to break them down mentally and overwork their bodies like factories pumping out units. When Gardevoir replaced the Sneasel the daycare had her dragged away to meet the same fate as many others... to be a breeding machine. The fate of her children though was much more sad and depressing compared to everyone else. Once his sworn enemy, Zephyr was nothing more than an unfortunate victim of his failed rescue. A victim he truly felt sorry for...

"So Gallade, still have those naïve feelings of justice?" Gardevoir asked in her usual mocking tone. Gallade took in a fresh breath of air as she removed the ball gag first, followed by the blindfold. Gardevoir stood there, her slender figure donning the daycare's signature maid outfit. She work a skirt over the dress like flaps her natural body possessed, the colors a dark black along with the frilly white apron that pocketed a host of sadistic tools. Her head adorned a frilly white hat as she bent forward, her crimson red eyes piercing Gallade's as she wore that smug smile. Gallade said nothing, ever since that day he chose to remain quiet. He wouldn't give her the satisfaction of hearing his anguish or pleasure... no matter how hard the going went.

"Still not talking to me? Fine, I'll make you cave in eventually. Any day now you'll be begging for your release..." She reached down into her pocket and pulled out what he had expected, the clamping ring. He had hoped she wouldn't bring it out, but still it would have been silly to expect something different. She ran a hand between his legs, the Gallade clenching his fists as he shut his eyes tightly and bit his lip. He always tried his best to hold back, but Gardevoir was insistent, her smooth and gentle hand stroked up and down, his member eventually rising from the enchanting smoothness the Gardevoir had to offer. She traced a gentle nail across the smooth sensitive warmth across his length as she giggled, a hint of her former innocence carried in the gentle feminine laugh while mocking and shaming Gallade.

"You always try so hard to fight back, but your body cannot lie Gallade. This is what you want the most, and until you admit it I won't give you your release." As it began to stiffen Gardevoir placed the ring between her lips. She got down onto her knees and gripped his still erecting shaft as she closed in and guided the ring over his tip with her mouth. Gallade shivered as he held in his gasp of air by biting his lip, a minor trace of blood beginning to leak as he felt her smooth heavenly tongue trace back long his shaft as she left the ring at his base. It wasn't only the sensation that aroused him, Gardevoir was using her psychic and fairy abilities to influence his mood as well. Her own arousal seeped into his own body like an intoxicating gas. His cock only grew harder the more he resisted, his mind unable to focus on fighting her psychic abilities back while fighting his bodily urges as well. Her teeth sunk into the ring as she pushed it back as much as it could, the upper half of Gallade's shaft growing a dark red as blood was forced in but not out. When she was finally satisfied Lilith pulled back and pushed the ring just a bit more with a free hand and twisted it in place.

"There nice and tight! Now we can begin~"

Muffled grunts escaped Gallade's mouth as he kept his eyes shut, his arms restrained to the wall behind him while his legs were tied to remain spread as well. Against the wall he stood as Lilith went to work on her knees, the sloppy sounds of her mouth working on him echoed throughout the room and returned to their ears with higher volume. Gardevoir was passionately working on Gallade, the cock she loved so much was in her possession once more. Nothing mattered to her now but its delicious salty taste, the warmth of his blood throbbing within warming her lips and flavoring her tongue as she swirled her tongue ever so gently around the bulbous tip. Gallade was similar to human in anatomy, so Gardevoir often pulled the skin that covered his head back, her tongue swirling between the folds of his uncut member before she wrapped her lips and took in his member for sloppy sucking. Her saliva gushed around his pulsing member, the pleasure driving Gallade to the brink as he focused all his will into not giving her the satisfaction of hearing him beg. Everyday it was something different, she used him as toy during her breaks between hosting the daycare's many activities and everyday she would keep him from cumming until he would finally beg for his release. It's been a week now and his mind was beginning to tear, his sack grew into a light shade of blue from constantly being teased beyond his capacity. Gardevoirs hands stroked up and down along the length in timing with her head bobbing forward and back, her tongue slobbering all over as she went wild with her own desires. Finally she pulled back and looked up at Gallade who was shivering and straining to keep up his silent resistance.

"C'mon Gallade, all you have to do is admit you love this! Just say the words and I'll take off this ring and swallow your love..." Gallade shook his head like a stubborn child, making Lilith frown in frustration.

"You're making this harder on yourself, do you think you can keep this up every day for the rest of your life?" Gallade said nothing as Gardevoir began to stroke him off during this little attempt. He could sense her dissatisfaction, she wanted to taste and feel his pent up load hitting the back of her throat, she wanted to feel the familiar sticky warmth shoot inside of her and mark her as his but she wasn't going to have any of that. Gallade smiled when he felt her emotions flare up in rage.

"You're not going to last! You're going to break soon! I'll make sure of it!"

"I-I won't b-break you... b-bitch!" Those were the first words he had said to her since that day. Gardevoir's face twisted into a snarl as Gallade opened an eye to view her expression, a slight sense of joy overcoming the fighting type from her frustration. Then, the speakers broke their little session.

"Lilith! Put your toy away! We need you right away!"

"Y-you better go... y-your masters are c-calling you..." Gardevoir growled a bit in frustration before doing something shocked Gallade. She threw a fist right into his sack, the fighting type letting out a surprise exhale of air as he felt all his insides cringe from the sudden shockwave of pain. His kidneys felt like they had been misplaced as his cock twitched and went through a series of spasms as his entire body suffered from that one weak point. This is why they were hidden until mating!

"I'll deal with you tomorrow..." She simply stated before whistling and summoning the Weavile to take him away...

Arcadia the Riolu was the only one who wasn't in constant chains. In fact, it seemed as if she didn't suffer any consequences at all. She was still in the same room as before, bed and table with a litter box that emptied every hour and a Weavile occasionally delivering her food on a tray as if she were a guest. She didn't know why she was punished, she expected the worst after knocking out those two Weavile during the attempted break out but she was fine. She was constantly monitored, probably to see if the injection she received had any other effects. She sat on the bed, her little powerful legs dangling in the air as she waited for his return. Eventually she closed her eyes and focused on her surroundings. She had taught herself to focus on the energy that everyone was made of. Wisps of smoke formed as she sensed and felt everyone's presence in the daycare. The power of this aura allowed her to see everyone within range, and just as she tuned in to this seemingly other dimension she noticed Gallade's energy thrown into the cell, a feeling of pain and defeat seeped into Arcadia's body as she tuned into Gallade's mind.

"Are you alright?! What happened?!" She had asked. With this ability she was able to pass the dark pelts that blocked psychic waves and speak to Gallade directly with his own telepathy.

"Nothing... just was sucker punched where it counted."

"You should just stop already! She's just going to keep making the torture worse!"

"No... I won't give up. You should know me by now."

"Yeah... stupid... you poor thing"

"Enough, have you been training?"

"Yes, I was just waiting for you."

"Good, lets resume where we left off."

Instructing Arcadia was how Gallade pieced together his mind and retained his sanity. As the hours went by his blood flow returned to normal and the ring eventually fell on its own only for a Weavile to scoop it up during feeding hour. Arcadia prepped her body as well as her mind. She worked out, she moved with the flow and danced with the wind. The room had plenty of space for her to move as her nimble body stepped and hopped to avoid invisible attacks, Arcadia's paws thrusting through the air as she delivered blows to imaginary enemies. This went on until the night when Arcadia's body could handle no more...

Arcadia rested on the bed, Gallade eventually knocking out after they exchanged words of goodnight. Her eyes were closing and she was about to pass off to sleep as well until she heard her door opening. The silhouette of that bad Gardevoir appearing. Arcadia shot up, her entire body freezing up in fear as she saw Lilith smiling and pulling out a pair of specially made handcuffs for her.

"Get up."

The lights flickered on, Arcadia couldn't see but she could sense it. This was the room, the room where all the evil was committed. Her arms were tied behind her back, restrained by the pair of steel handcuffs as she was pushed and forced by Lilith into the room. She could sense someone else in the room, his energy coming off as malicious as she felt his instinctual desires come off like smoke from a fire.

"I understand that Zephyr attempted to fertilize you but failed. Billy thinks that the injection should be taking effect by now. He wanted me to put you on that pathetic machine, but I had another suggestion..." Lilith pushed Arcadia against the other being, her face rubbing along a musky and hot appendage only for Lilith's hand to grab Arcadia behind the head and smear her against the other's crotch.

"Nothing beats the real thing honey. Zephyr was kind enough to break you into your first time but that's just shows how weak she was. There's no kindness with me, you're going to be this Lucario's bitch!"

"Hehe she is a cutie..." Lilith's hand soon let go and was replaced by the Lucario's, his paw rubbing along the back of her head as Arcadia whimpered and kept her mouth shut. Her snout and lips were forced to rub against the Lucario's sheath, sack and erecting member as Arcadia tried to pull back. But she heard Lilith tsking and soon felt her body glow as she felt the Gardevoir's psychic influence control her muscles and force her lips open.

"Say aaaaaaah~" Arcadia soon felt the musky and bitter flavor overwhelming her tongue as the cock plunged into her mouth, the Lucario held her head and began to thap his waist against her repeatedly. She gagged and she choked, Arcadia grew lightheaded from the lack of air as the Lucario savagely fucked her face repeatedly right away, Lilith's mocking tone filling her ears.

"Look at her, that slut! Nothing but a dog in heat, I can't wait to see what you will become when I'm done with you..."

"So small... so tight... I can't wait anymore!" Lucario's paws gripped along her ears and began to pull back. Arcadia whimpered in pain only for her cries to be drowned out by the sickening gags and gushing of her saliva as the Lucario fucked her throat. Her snout rubbed against his fur as he kept his cock plunged down her throat for several seconds. Arcadia can feel her mind going blank as she was asphyxiated by the cock, the large throbbing member filled up her entire throat and even bulged visibly. Finally he relinquished his grip on her, Arcadia pulled back and took in a deep breath before coughing from the horrible experience.

She didn't even earn her reprieve during this, she felt Lilith's psychic influence take her over once more and forced her to turn around, the little Riolu standing on all fours and raising her rear while moving her tail out of the way for the Lucario.

"W-wait... please!" She begged to Lilith as she felt the Lucario's paws grip at her slender and curvy waist.

"No rest, this is a business Arcadia." Lilith simply stated with a sick smirk on her face. Arcadia can feel her vibes somehow, she can feel her jealousy of Arcadia being Gallade's "favorite" and she could sense her satisfaction at seeing Arcadia suffering. She also felt her heat, the heat was rubbing off of the gardevoir and onto Arcadia like a spreading virus. As she moved into position she could feel her body responding as her vagina grew moist and ready for the Lucario.

"This bitch... her scent!" Lucario sat down on his knees and pressed his snout right up between her legs and took a big whiff into her cunt, his member twitching happily as his knot became fully exposed. Arcadia shuddered as she felt him sniff her private parts, her cheeks blushing as she couldn't help but cry out in surprise!
"A-a-a-ahhh... please don't..."

"I can't help it! It's our insticts!" Lucario simply stated before grappling at her waist and mounting her like a dog. As he sat on his knees he began to hump right away, his cock rustling against her underside several times until he finally hit home and stabbed his hungry cock right into her needy slit.

Arcadia's back curved as her head shot up, her paws pressing against the ground as she remained on all fours. Her body couldn't budge anywhere else, Lilith was holding her down for the lucario as he kept his horny pace up with no consideration. His size was huge and definitely wasn't something her tiny little frame could handle. When she was brought down here before Zephyr had the decency to ready her body before doing anything more, but this male wasn't as kind! His member was causing her sides to stretch to accommodate his length and girth as it slipped in and out, her nerves flaring painfully from being readjusted as his cock was outlined by her small slender body. Arcadia's tongue lolled out as his tip repeatedly jabbed beyond her cervix, Lilith laughed and had a hand over her lips as if trying to stifle her giggled.

"The poor bitch, to be honest I'm kind of envious. To feel such an amazing cock fucking your pussy, to feel the male's warm blood rushing through their veins as their member connects into your body and make you two into one being... it's something that no machine can ever replicate!" Arcadia couldn't respond, every time he pushed in towards her she yelped and yipped as her pussy wrapped around his beefy meat, the Lucario's body thrusting against hers as the base of his member slapped against her lips, the knot trying to slip in.

"And with a canine like him, the feeling is only enhanced! Soon he's going to knot you... he's going to tie you and you two will be stuck as his cum drains into your womb!" Arcadia felt the lucario hump faster, his grunts filled the air as his grip on her waist tightened. She could feel him dragging her body closer, the jackal being affecting by these vibes as well as he desperately wanted to tie her. Arcadia's walls began to spasm and close randomly as her muscles lost control, her face was flushed as she gave into a premature orgasm, not from the cock alone but from Lilith's lust saturating the room. Her emotions were overwhelming the two and as she watched she only grew more aroused, which in turn made the two jackals aroused even further which only inflated the Gardevoir's desires. It was a never ending cycle and Arcadia was taking the full brunt, she could only think of Gallade and how he retained his sanity after every session, she couldn't imagine how he could keep up his strong will.

"Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!" She squeaked out with every thrust, but Lilith only laughed.

"So soon? After a single climax?! You haven't even satisfied your mate all the way yet! What kind of bitch are you Arcadia?"

"So close... I think..." Lucario grunted as his rapid paces soon turned into single powerful thrusts. His knot was slowly slipping past her lips and all it needed was a good pound. Arcadia's cries echoed with each push, the cry followed by the mooshy sound of his cock being slathered by her juices and the thapping of his knot being rejected again and again. Finally he gave it all he got and thrust right into her, his knot slowly slipping as his powerful arms forced her body to grind against him before it finally ripped into her. Arcadia screeched, Lilith finally letting her body go as she dangled from the Lucario's cock like a literal cock sleave. He sighed in relieve as she felt his cum ooze into her, her womb slowly being filled with the warm and creamy stuff as Lilith smirked and turned away to walk towards the elevator.

"Throw her back into her room when you're done" Was all she said as Lucario stood up, Arcadia remained stuck and seated on his member as his knot prevented her from sliding off...

She didn't even remember being thrown back into her room. She remember the sick Lucario mating with her several more times while they were tied until his member finally deflated and went soft. She was tossed back into her room, Weavile eventually coming in as they tested her and bathed her semi conscious body. They scrubbed her clean while they waited for the test's results. The same as last time, fertilization failed. When Gallade finally woke up he panicked, usually Arcadia was there to greet him right away. For what felt like days Gallade sat there, worry and anxiety overwhelming his body as he sat blindly waiting for her familiar voice inside his head. He was starting to go crazy until she finally came through albeit in a weak and fatigued voice.

"I'm sorry... I just woke up..." Gallade would have sighed in relief but the ball gag was in his way.

"I'm just glad you're alright..."

"Actually... something happened last night..." Gallade couldn't hear it, in fact her voice was breaking up since she was struggling to merely read his aura. Arcadia sat alone in her room, tears forming as she remembered last night. Her insides still ached as she struggled to remain upright against the wall as she sat on her bed.

"What happened?! Did they hurt you!"
"That Gardevoir... Lilith..." She was about to explain but then she sensed a second aura approaching Gallade's. That bitch... she was about to drag him away once more.

"Heads up... you have company... Stay strong!"

"I will... you too."

As usual Gallade was dragged to the room, chained against the wall Gallade stood as Lilith walked back and forth observing him like a specimen. Gallade merely watched as his red eyes followed hers, the two psychic Pokemon feeling mutual animosity towards each other.

"Yesterday you said some things that made me angry."


"And I admit I lost my cool."


"But today I'm going to punish you for saying those things. Today is the day I finally will claim your will as mine."

"You can't break me. I'll hold on till my dying breath." Lilith only smiled and with a wave of her arm she brought something from the hiding shadows of the room. Wheels squeaked as a television was dragged closer from the Gardevoir's telepathy. The TV was battery powered and portable, thin and large. And ready to play with the press of a button.

"Today... is my day off."


"And I have all day with you. I worked until the dead of the night yesterday to make this day a reality, and I'm going to show you just what kind of work I did so that you'll finally fall."

"What can you possibly show me that'll..." Lilith had turned on the TV in mid sentence. Gallade fell into silence as he saw Arcadia knotted by the Lucario, her body being supported as she was raised into the air, the Lucario humping against her like a toy as she cried and begged for help. Immediately, Gallade fell into an unfamothable rage. He tried to pull against the chains as he glared and growled at Lilith who only looked down at him with a smug smile.

"You bitch! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to fucking kill you and everyone else that works here!"

"Hehe, and I thought I had temper problems~" She casually pushed the TV away, not even bothering to turn it off as Arcadia's cries continued to echo in the room.

"So I have a proposal, I can promise you that no more harm will fall on your favorite little Bitch" Lilith added emphasis on the last word as if she were spiteful towards Arcadia. Gallade immediately knew what she was going to propose.

"In return..."

"You want me to say it?" Gallade asked. "Fine! You're my master! Make me cum, make me your slave! Just leave Arcadia alone!"

"ah ah ah..." Gardevoir said as she shook her head. "You had your chance... now I want something more..."

"How much more..."

"I want you to clear your mind, I want you to give up any resistance and let me take control of you... body... and spirit..." Her hand gently massaged the red horn that protruded from his chest. Gallade's eyes widened in shock, he knew just what kinds of consequences that had for him.

"You want me to become your literal slave?!"

"Either that or I'll have him knot Arcadia for the rest of her life~" Gallade grimaced as he turned his head away. This was it... she finally accomplished it. He can feel her ego inflate as she sensed his defeated feelings pour into her...

"...please... don't harm her anymore."

"So you'll clear your mind?" He looked up at her triumphant and proud expression with sorrowful red eyes.

"yes... master..."

"Good, now we can begin~"

Gallade shivered as he felt Lilith's tongue sample and taste every inch of his body. His private parts hadn't been touched and yet he was slowly growing erect and aroused, Lilith's lust pouring into his body as she pressed against him and gave him the affection she had been holding back for this moment.

"A-ah... Lilith..."

"Don't call me that..." She said as her hands rubbed along his red horn, her tongue passing across his chest.

"W-what?" She looked up at him with her formerly innocent crimson eyes, the Gardevoir giving up her usual corrupted attitude for this day only.

"Call me Kirlia..."

"Y-yes... Kirlia..."

"Mmmm... do you remember that day? When you first took me?" He exhaled as he felt her hand grip along his shaft, her smooth pale legs closed around it and massaged it as she moved them up and down... all the while staring at him with those innocent eyes...

"mmph... yes..." Gallade had been clearing his mind, he didn't put up any resistance anymore, for Arcadia's sake. This was dangerous, he knew it. Her psyche would soon change and warp his if he didn't fight back... but if he did then Arcadia will no doubt suffer. So he let her lust guide him, he let his body cave into desires as his cock throbbed between her smooth pale white legs, no more restraints... no ring clamping his vessels...

"That was the best day of my life... it hurt so badly at first..." he could feel her pussy begin to leak with excitement as his cock raised between her legs and rubbed along her slit underneath her dress like flaps and maid outfit. Gardevoir twirled a finger and the chains soon fell. Gallade thought for a moment, right now he had a chance to attack, to push her off and run to break the others free! But... the sinful sensations, feeling Gardevoir so hot and needing against his body as she trusted him with her own body... damn it... it was already too late. His mind was hypnotized... he was under her spell and he wasn't going to break out.

"But you like it when it hurts... don't you Kirlia?" Gardevoir's lust poured into his body like a tidal wave, that line alone caused her heat to inflate as she wrapped her arms around him and held him close, his bulbous tip slowly slipping into her pussy naturally.

"Yes... I love it when it hurts..." Gardevoir looked up at Gallade as he wrapped his arms around her back. The two leaned in close... Gallade pressing his lips against hers as she submitted to his tongue. Gallade kissed her passionately, his tongue overpowering hers as he tasted her tasty saliva, Gallade pulling her in as he began to nibble and bite at her lips. He felt her fragile body shiver from the pain, tingle with excitement at where things were going. Gardevoir couldn't handle this anticipation anymore, the day she so desperately wanted had finally arrived! "Take me already! Fuck me like that first day!" Her desires seeped into him, his instincts took over his intellect as he suddenly forced Lilith, Gardevoir, Kirlia against the wall. He raised her legs and plunged his cock deep into her folds, Lilith gasping as her legs hugged around his back and held him close. He pounded into her, against the wall as her head rested atop of his shoulder.

"Gallade! Gallade! Gallade!" She repeated, her heat intensifying as her slender figure held him close with arms and legs, her back pressed against the wall as Gallade humped furiously.

"You like that Kirlia? You like it when I fuck you hard?!" Gallade wasn't the type to talk dirty, but he was no longer Gallade. He was merely a vessel now, a being holding Lilith's lust as he acted primarily on instinct. She wanted him to talk dirty to her, to treat her like dirt! He continued to bang her delicate and naughty frame against the wall as it bobbed with his movements.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me harder! Faster!" Gallade wasn't satisfied with this position anymore, he literally threw her on the ground without pulling out and mounted her as she was forced onto her knees. Her cries filled the room with Arcadia's cries that played from the television, Gallade unable to distinguish the two anymore. He was an animal now... he was a beast. He wanted to fuck Lilith, to seed and impregnate her. Memories slipped away along with promises as his cleared mind was filled to the brim with this depravity... As he fucked her he slapped his powerful hands across her rear. The slap echoed loud as Lilith shot up and begged for more. Another whip of pain that stimulated her body. The stimulation transferred onto Gallade, their lusts feeding each other until Gallade finally felt that build up. His climax stirred from his sack, his cock no longer hindered by that ring.

"Yes! Yes! Cum inside me!" Lilith shouted. Gallade couldn't say anything, pleasure overwhelmed him along with pain as his load transferred and stimulated sore nerves. When he felt the climax finally about to break out he was crying out too, Lilith's senses mixing with his as he sensed her climaxing from the anticipation alone. He finally felt it escape, his seed literally erupting as the ecstatic feeling caused him to see stars. Lilith shouted yes as she felt an amazing amount of his seed pour into her womb, her walls closing in reaction to keep any of it from spilling out... Gallade eventually fell over, the orgasm was so intense that he was struggling to remain conscious during. After the last drop spilled Gallade fell to the side, physically tired as he panted. He heard Lilith stand back up. She looked down at him with the smug smile, Lilith no longer posing as Kirlia but as the host of the daycare.

"We've only just begun... I told you I was going to break you... and now... you're all mine~"

Arcadia tried to work out, but she couldn't. She was worried about Gallade, more than usual now that she knew what he was resisting. He was taking an a really long time too, usually it was only for a little while before he was thrown back in, but the hours slowly passed by and his room was still empty. Night soon came and Arcadia stood up waiting to no avail. She eventually dozed off only to wake up every hour hoping to see him back in his room... still nothing. Finally morning came and she saw different auras carrying him back. (Oh no... what did they do...) Arcadia muttered as she tried to focus clearly to speak to him.

"Gallade! Gallade! Are you alright?"

"Kirlia?" he asked. Arcadia was confused, he never heard him mention that name.

"No... Arcadia!"

"Kirlia... please... I'm still hard..."

"Gallade! Snap out of it! It's me! Arcadia!"

"Kirlia... Gardevoir... Lilith... I don't care anymore... I need to..." His thoughts soon faded away as Arcadia lost focus. She slowly sobbed and wiped her eyes with a paw as moist tears leaked out. She did it, she broke him. Gallade wasn't himself anymore. A mixture of guilt and rage surged through her body as she got up. Her paw was clenched, her teeth grinding as she growled to herself in the room. She walked to the table, and before thinking, gave it a karate chop to snap it in half.

"Damn it!" She shouted, unable to keep her voice to herself. "She broke him!" She kicked the table with surprising strength and caused it to smash into pieces as it made impact with the seemingly unbreakable walls. "Damn it damn it damn it!" She cried again and again in frustration for several minutes until her door clicked open and a Weavile opened the door.

"Quit destroying shit!"

"Where's Lilith?!" Arcadia shouted at the maid.

"Resting! What's it to you?! Lucario, calm her down!" suddenly the Lucario came into view, a smug smile showing on his face as Arcadia noticed his excitement already showing.

"Nice to see you Arcadia, I heard you were acting bad so they sent me up here to punish yo-" He couldn't finish his sentence. Arcadia didn't let him. She was pissed, impatient and tired of all the sex. That was all this place was about. Sex, sex sex. Her figure blurred as she rushed towards the larger jackal, her paw clenched into a fist as she delivered a powerful punch right into his sack, sheath and cock. The Lucario wheezed like a girl and before the Weavile could respond Arcadia grabbed her by the head and threw her against the hallway. Lucario fell onto his knees and balled up into a shriveling and whimpering mess. Arcadia stood there, panting as the realization of what she did seeped in. Looking around she realized she was in the hallway... she was free from the room and the elevator was close by. She ran.

The elevator doors opened as she made her way to it and saw that a group of Weaville were coming towards her. She jumped over all three of them, The Weaville trying to reach up as she lunged gracefully, rolling expertly into the elevator like a ball only to quickly get back on her feet in one fluid motion. Before they could respond Arcadia turned around and delivered an aura sphere, knocking all three of them across the hallway right before the elevator's doors closed.

"What now!?" the elevator began to raise on its own as Arcadia could do nothing but wait. Regardless she was going to find her way to Gallade and break him out, she had to save him! When the elevator stopped the doors opened and she was greeted with a whole herd of Weavile, undressed and ready to fight! She knew she couldn't take them all out, she had to run and keep moving. She punched one who got too close square in the face before ducking and avoid a slash from a second Weavile. She rolled forward to dodge some more and uppercutted a third one as she got up from the roll. While in the air her back was met with the slash of a Weavile's claw, causing her to gasp in pain. She retained her composure though and followed Gallade's advice. She had to not show weakness, and keept going through the pain! She didn't stop and kept the flow going, her paws landed on one Weavile's head and she took advantage by hopping off and away from the hoard. She didn't bother to look back, she ran forward and made her way through the nearest door, the Weavile punching and demanding entrance as she tried her best to keep the door close behind her...

"What the hell?!" She looked up and saw that she was in some type of kitchen. In the kitchen a single Monferno stood wearing a puffy chef hat and wielding a cleaver, a slab of meat slathered on a cutting board on the counter near him.

"Help me!" Arcadia begged, hoping he was an ally. The fire monkey looked around, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. He then eyed a nearby meat locker and dashed on all fours before stopping by its side and mustering all his strength to drag it. The locker dragged noisily as cans that rested atop soon fell and rolled across the clean white floor, the Monferno pushing with both hands to move the heavy locker in front of the two doors. Arcadia waited and finally moved out of the way when the locker kept the doors from opening, the Weavile shouting and demanding that they open the door as the two fighting types sighed and rested.

"Okay... now tell me. Who the hell are you?" the Monferno looked down at the fatigued Riolu and nearly melted when he saw her pleading red eyes, the Pokemon was tired and obviously had been through a lot...

"Do you know about this place?! What they do?!" Arcadia shouted.

"It's a damn daycare! I'm the chef!" he replied.

"It's not a daycare! It's something more!"

"Oh yeah? If not a daycare than what?"

"I... I don't know... but they do things... terrible things!" Arcadia began to tear up as she fell to her knees, her forepaws pressed onto the ground as she failed to hold back her tears a second time. The Monferno leaned down and held her, he had a worried look on his face as he wiped away a single tear, causing Arcadia to smile at him. "Thanks... I'm Arcadia... a-and you are?"

"Aiden." He replied. "What happened? What did they do to you?"

"This place... it's evil. They force us to breed and to have sex... and this Gardevoir she... she broke my best friend..." She was struggling to go on.

"That Gardevoir... the new worker here right? Something told me she wasn't right..."

"You know her?!"

"Yeah, I'm the chef. All the workers sleep and eat on this floor. I thought this place was just a daycare, I mean they promise trainers an egg the next day but..." he stood quiet as he stared at the ground, his hand clenching into a fist as his body began to heat up near Arcadia's presence.

"I didn't know HOW they did it until now... these sick bastards... they're going to pay..." Suddenly their heads turned as a familiar voice rang.
"What are you slackers doing? Can't open a simple door?" Arcadia panicked. It was Lilith... if she opened that door it was over and she would be back in her room... or worse...

"Listen! We have to get out of here!" Aiden said as he got her up.

"What?! But I have to save my friend...he..."

"If you get caught then you won't be able to save him! Come on we have to get out of here!"

:"what? They put something in the way? Stand aside..." Arcadia looked back to Aiden. He was worried, caring and above all strong. His brown eyes pleaded her to listen... she nodded. Aiden smiled and grabbed her by the hand which caused her to blush, she didn't know why but feeling his touch made her feel fluttery... her heart was beating for a totally different reason...

"Come on, we can go through the garbage chute!" He opened the silvery hatch and revealed the large hole to Arcadia.

"Garbage chute?! Is it safe?!"

"Yes I swear! There should be bags at the bottom now come on!" The Locker began to move as Lilith used her telepathy. Arcadia didn't need to be told twice. She jumped up... stared at Aiden one last time before jumping down.

"Aiden! What's going on!" Aiden jumped as Lilith stormed in, the Gardevoir's eyes looked quite tired as she stood there, cranky and arms at her waist.
"Just throwing out the garbage." Aiden peeked behind her and saw all the Weavile looked scared and frightened, obviously they didn't want to say anything to upset Lilith.

"These stupid Weavile... they told me a Pokemon escaped and ran into the kitchen, also why was the locker in the way?!"

"Um... What I just threw out was really stinky so... I tried to keep the smell in here until I got it down the chute." He still had the chute opened, ready to jump in if he needed to... if he CAN that is. Lilith merely stared at him before turning back.

"Fine... I'm too tired to deal with this now. I'll investigate this later... it's not like anybody can escape anyways..." She waved him off as she let the doors closed. Aiden felt a wave of relief wash over his body. Then he heard the voice through the speakers.

"Lilith listen! Arcadia has..." That was his cue. Aiden jumped down the chute, the last things he heard is Lilith rushing back in and shouting as he dropped out of her telepathic range...

He shouted as his body slid against the dirty silver chute. Eventually he landed on black plastic bags, Arcadia right below him as she yelped in surprise.

"Aiden! I thought you weren't!" the two remained silent as they realized that Aiden had his hands on her shoulders, his waist between her legs. The two instantly blushed as Aiden got up suddenly, every movement crinkled the garbage bags below.

"S-sorry! I didn't mean to..."

"No no it's alright! I mean it's not alright but..." Suddenly the two were lifted up. A nearby garbage truck had latched onto the dumpster and was pouring the contents into its fill. Arcadia and Aiden shouted, the driver slash operator distracted by music and ignorant of their presence as they were poured into the truck. As they landed Arcadia now sat atop of Aiden's waist... the two staring into each other's eyes. They didn't say anything, the embarrassed blushes on their faces said it all. Aiden's fur free cheeks flushed with red as the orange fur turned into a darker hue as Arcadia had full blown red across her face. She sat atop of him for a few more seconds... the two leaning closer to each other.


"Arcadia..." Then the walls began to close around them.

The two scrambled in a panic, Arcadia getting up and helping Aiden up.

"We have to get out of here!" Aiden shouted. Arcadia and him held each other's hands, his fingers wrapped around her digits as they lead each other out of the mountains of garbage bags before the two leaped out in time. The garbage truck soon drove off as the two stood back up. Aiden dusted himself off as Arcadia took a couple steps forward. She looked to her sides and saw people, tons of people at nearby sidewalks. She heard many sounds of machines going off into the streets, stopping and going as miscellaneous city noises filled her ignorant ears.

"Damn city... Arcadia? Are you alright?" Arcadia looked up to the sky where a sun shined down with all its beauty. A few clouds littered the sky which only enhanced the image for the sheltered Riolu. She then turned around and looked at Aiden, the Riolu smiling with a light blush.
"We did it... We're... outside..."
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