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Castelia Daycare Services! by Vulpsis


Story Notes:

This will be a small series I plan to update every once in a while. The setting will be about a corrupt daycare that will ensure their success at any costs, expanding their business through any means...

Author's Chapter Notes:

"And do not forget, we are always looking for hired help..." Gallade manages to break in and Zephyr the sneasel just might get what's coming to her... but at what price?


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Gallade lurked outside of the trainer's house, the one who sold his own Pokemon for cold cash. The bastard... he so foolishly wanted to keep his materials to the point that he sold his own Pokemon...

"Dylan..." The Gallade muttered under his breath as he watched the former trainer settle in his new home. Boxes of packed possessions laid stacked in corners as Dylan removed momentos from his acting career out of the brown cardboard boxes. He gazed distractedly at a trophy he had pulled out from a box filled with packing peanuts.

"Where did I go wrong..."

"When you sold away your partner to keep these painful reminders" Dylan's head shot to the left, then to the right. He could have sworn he heard a voice but he couldn't figure out where it came from. Gallade had used his telepathy to speak to him directly from outside, his figure well hidden from shadows and bushes as Dylan got up to search throughout the house.

"Hello?! Who's There?!" He shouted.

No response

"I must be going crazy..." Then Dylan heard a pop, a quiet noise that broke the lonely silence of the small home before he suddenly felt himself grabbed by two arms.

"You are, selling your Pokemon to thugs like them! What were you thinking?!" Gallade spoke as his lips remained closed, his eyes glaring down at the former actor with an indignant glare.

"Oh god let me go! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Are you?! Or are you just scared?!" Gallade kneed Dylan behind his leg and caused him to kneel down in pain as Dylan struggled in his grasp.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'll get her back! I swear!"

"You better... or else all these pointless objects will go missing... along with their pathetic owner..." Dylan felt the two arms loosen just enough for him to break free. He turned around rapidly to face his assailant only to see the Gallade wave goodbye before teleporting away...

"I can't..." The Luxray simply stated... the lion facing away from the young pup while the Braixen laid on the floor, knocked out from the overdose of pleasure the Luxray had inflicted on her just a while ago.

"Whhhhhy?" Arcadia the Riolu was tugging at his fur gently from behind, the little pup desperately in need after what she went through. Her body was itching, it was yearning to feel the pleasures of mating once more. The machine, the Sneasel, the atmosphere of this place... it was too much for her. She was growing frustrated at the Luxray's insistence.

"You're way too young... I may still be in need like you but I still have my limits... besides you should try to restrain yourself. This place is evil; it changes critters into only thinking about sex"

"Hmph... You're no fun..." Arcadia huffed as she walked away to the opposite side of the room. The room was spacious enough for all three but it was also pretty small. It housed a plain white circular table in the middle that was low enough for Arcadia to eat at standing up. In the corners opposite from the door laid 2 beds, one intended for quadrepeds like the Luxray and the other housing a small child sized bed that seemed to be suited for the Braixen. There was a litter box and toilet near by, both looking flushable and no windows, just portraits of the outside world that Arcadia has yet to see. She sat up on the bed and watched as the Luxray struggle to hoist up the Braixen, his snout digging under her side so he can toss her on his back. He struggled and caused her to slip off several times before Arcadia sighed and got onto her feet.

"Here let me help..."

Gallade sneaked and stuck to the shadows in the alleys opposite of the entrance to the daycare.

"Why can't I teleport in..." He muttered as he hid behind dumpsters to avoid alerting his presence to near by gang members. He was attempting to get close to the garage of the daycare, that was the only point of entry he could get close to without being seen by anybody. The garage door was guarded by a security guard who was relaxing and leaning back in his leather seat, the human reading a magazine in a bored manner. When the coast was clear Gallade sneakily stuck to the walls and slowly inched closer and closer. The smell of the city's garbage revolted him every time he had to sneak past the dumpsters. Finally he had his chance. He was now sneaking against the daycare's own walls, the Gallade observing and focusing his psychic powers to read the human's thoughts. Nothing more than just trvial knowledge going through his head as he read the magazine as Gallade finally managed to sneak all the way behind his station. The controls to open the garage was inside that station... if he can knock him out fast enough he could...

Just then a call came up from the station which caused him and the security guard to flinch from surprise.

"Yeah? … alright." Gallade stood as still as a statue, the psychic type standing against the wall between two garage doors that lead inside the daycare. One of them opened slowly, the mechanical noise acting like a timer to Gallade as he hoped to not be seen while half expecting to be caught. He watched as a car drove past him slowly, a young driver focused on the road as a old fat man who had grown bald long ago seemed interested in some sort of technology device. Gallade tuned into their minds to see if they would look his way and only grew more enraged when he realized that the old man was viewing the sick actions he committed to the Braixen earlier when Zephyr was finished with her.

"That bitch is going to pay..." He muttered as he glared at the old man's face.

"Donovan..." He whispered as he made a conscious effort to remember the old man's name before he sneaked inside the open garage.

Gallade was now inside a dimly lit parking lot. There were only a couple cars left, so while that meant the place wasn't busy it did mean that people still remained in the daycare... somewhere. He was on his own now, and had to rely on luck. He still walked along the walls to be careful, Gallade taking cover behind the occasional concrete pillar as he half expected the noise of a person coming down to leave or a new visitor joining. At the end he reached a couple of steel doors along with a panel of buttons, an elevator. He looked around, hoping to find stairs or anything else that wouldn't alert anyone else about his presence but he was out of luck. He gulped nervously and pressed a button to go up. He stood there in front of the Elevator door that had a light lit up above while waiting in a fighting pose, the Gallade ready to fight and knock out anyone who was in there. The sense of danger and excitement pulsed through his veins, the Gallade feeling like a secret agent fighting for justice from this feeling. The door lit up, the dinging sound echoed in the garage.

The door to his right opened instead of the one he was standing in front of.

Feeling rather silly but relieved the Gallade entered and went inside. There he saw number of floors the daycare had. Eleven plus the garage being zero equaling a total of twelve floors with each number containing a symbol next to it. He knew zero was the garage since it contained a small car symbol but some of them he couldn't make out. Number one had a silhouette of a human, two had an egg. Three had what looked like vials lined up next to each other while four and up to nine had the same symbol, a pokeball. He assumed the pokeballs symbolized the Pokemon being held. Ten had the hardest one, a home. Eleven... it didn't have anything. Strange... he can already sense that this place had secrets that its own workers might now even know about. Regardless he knew what he had to do first... break out the Pokemon and hope that they will help him take over the day care. Hopefully by sunrise this daycare will be no more...

Together Arcadia and Luxray laid Bordeaux on the tiny bed.

"So... what is this place?" Arcadia asked as she softened the Braixen's pillow, the Bordeaux moaned in her sleep as she turned to the other side, her witchling outfit rustling as she did so.

"I don't know exactly, I know they force breed us but why... I don't know. I don't know why you're here either.

"Why I'm here? It's because I live here no?"

"You live here? You don't have a trainer?"

"No... I was born here. I'm only a couple months old."

"Really? Well do you have idea why you're in this room now specifically?" Arcadia shrugged and watched as the Luxray stretched, her eyes trailed down between his legs and noticed that his large member was still throbbing. He noticed and immediately sat up and used his forelegs as cover.

"Well they usually pair up females with me... they feed us something strange that gives us desires to breed... as you already noticed." Arcadia felt a bright blush form on her cheeks as she nodded, her gaze falling to the floor. That itchy desire to be filled and seeded still persisted, but having this conversation was helping distract her mind.

"Yeah... they were trying to make me have an egg but it didn't work..."

"Clearly! You're still a pup!" Arcadia huffed and folded her arms.

"I'm not a pup! I'm nearly grown up already!"

"You're only a couple months old sweety, you're a pup in my eyes... oh Bordeaux is waking up already... that damn food..." Arcadia looked over and noticed Bordeaux stirirng awake, a paw reaching down below the skirt as she whimpered and moaned. The Luxray's star like appendage covered Arcadia's eyes as he poked at her with a paw.

"Hey... Bordeaux. The child is awake... wake up..."

"Luxray... please..." she muttered and moaned. Arcadia reached up and grabbed the tail star as she looked over at the Bordeaux curiously. The way she was touching herself... Arcadia was about to mimic her motions until Luxray whipped her with his tail.

"Don't. You still have a chance... you don't want to end up like us."

"A chance?! A chance for what?! It's not like I'm ever going to leave he-"

And then the doors were forced opened.

"Who the hell are you!" The surprise had awoken all three from their forced heat. Bordeaux shot up from her bed as Luxray's tail forced Arcadia behind him, the lion kneeling down and ready to pounce. Gallade stood at the doorway, his eyes scanning the Luxray as if reading his mind before looking towards the Braixen and finally the Riolu.

"You... you want revenge." The Gallade said in a matter of fact tone.

"What do you mean?!"

"I need your help. Zephyr is downstairs as we speak, she's cleaning up all alone. No security. I need you to keep it that way and keep her from getting back up while I free the others in case I triggered an alarm." The Luxray smiled.

"A break out... I'm in."

Zephyr was wiping down the machine with a white wash cloth, the damn Riolu stained all over the top with her lady juices.

"Everyone had fun today except for me... I should really get Billy to nab that Luxray for me again... my legs are shaking just thinking about it..." She muttered to herself. It was a habit for her, to talk and fantasize when she did actual maid work. It was rare since she was Billy's favorite, but tonight was an exception since he wanted to experiment on that Riolu. Now she was upstairs possibly being pounded by him while she stayed down and cleaned... it was a crummy way to end the night. When she was sure she had scrubbed it clean she stood up and admired her work. She then huffed... and began to stroke up and down along the shaft atop the fertilizing machine.

"Maybe just one ride... I do deserve it..."

"Yes, you do." Zephyr turned around in surprise, from the shadows stared two pairs of eyes. One with a fire colored gaze that burned. The other glowed with a golden hue that seemed to penetrate her body.

"What?! What are you two doing out?!" Zephyr asked as she began to back up, sweat drops from fear began to form as the two figures stepped closer. Bordeaux and Luxray, their bodies exposed as they stepped into the light.

"H-How did you get out!" This was the first time Zephyr saw Pokemon break out... it still wasn't registering to her. The concept was just too hard to grasp... they escaped... and now they...

Zephyr turned and ran, but towards where? She had no idea. The Luxray's claws clicked along the solid floor and grew in volume as he ran closer to her. She knew the exact moment he pounced, the Sneasel pinned against the cold hard floor.

"Get off of me you beast!" Luxray didn't comply, instead he bit and gripped her by the scruff of her neck. She gave out a pained mewl as her body acted on instinct, the Sneasel keeping still in fear that the Luxray would snap her neck. He was certainly capable of that...

"Ooh what's this? Your fancy new toy?" Bordeaux asked aloud as she observed the machine. Luxray looked over, Zephyr brought around as he carried her like a newborn cub.

"Bring her here, let's test it on her!" Zephry finally panicked and tried to squirm and slash her way out! The Luxray had to slam her against the ground, Zephyr grunting as her side was met with an intense shockwave of pain. She ceased her resistance; a few glass vials flew from her apron and rolled across the ground towards the Braixen. Bordeaux noticed and reached down to scoop one of them up.

"What's this... Luxray? Oh Luxray! She has your seed in this! What a naughty little Sneasel!" Zephyr said nothing. Luxray only chuckled as he brought the now peaceful Sneasel over to the machine, The lion threw her ontop as he used his tail to assist Bordeaux in having her sit atop the machine. Bordeaux lifted the Sneasel's skirt and lifted her rear to sit her on the rod of the machine, Zephyr moaning as she felt the cold metal rod shocking her nerves as she slipped in with Luxray and Bordeaux guiding her down gently down. Zephyr attempted to get up but quickly shouted in pain, her whole body spasmed as she felt the Luxray whip her with his tail, which was electrically charged to boot.

"Let's see. There seems to be a slot to put in this thing... Let me just plop this here..." The sound of the machine automatically working filled the air which caused Zephyr to shake and stare at the Braixen with a wide eye stare.

"N-no! Don't! I'm begging you!"

"Now all I have to do is press start!" Bordeaux pressed start and the machine was about to chug to life until a buzzer sounded, a message showing on the display. Low battery.

"Darn... looks like this thing is out of juice." Zephyr nearly sighed in relief... she thought she was going to end up pregnant.

"Here, let's see if this helps." Zephyr then convulsed as she felt the Luxray unleash an electrical attack on the machine and consequently her, The machine then dinged, full power.

"That did it! Thanks Luxray you're awesome!" the luxray only chuckled as she smooched him on the cheek, Zephyr trying to get up in one last ditch attempt only to be met with the crackle of his tail whipping her. Her muscles gave out on her due to the electricity and she couldn't do anything even if she fought against the torture. Bordeaux only laughed, her paw hovering over the start button.

"Well Luxray... looks like I won't be the only one baring your child..." and finally to Zephyr's horror Bordeaux pressed the start button.

"So you're a super hero!" Arcadia stated as she and Gallade wandered through the hallways.

"Well... not really super... and I'm not sure about hero... I just want to save all the Pokemon here. It's not right..."

"Can you tell me more about the outside?"

"Well... there's no roof outside. You can see everything else that exists! The sun during the day and the clouds that decorate the skies, and then at night you have the large pale moon beaming down at you with thousands of stars that can't be seen during the day!"

"Wow that sounds amazing, Luxray's star was beautiful on its own but thousands up high?!" Gallade checked the next door, locked and no one responding to his knocking as usual. There was something unusual about this place, he couldn't focus his psychic powers in the other rooms. Either they were empty or there was something blocking his power... and he didn't like that thought.

"Yes... amazing." The Gallade muttered as he hid his disappointment. He turned around and looked down at Arcadia who was looking up at him with crimson red eyes that were filled with admiration and wonder. He did feel like a super hero, the way she looked up to him.

"Yeah kid, stick with me and you'll be strong just like me. I'll save you... don't worry."

Zephyr couldn't believe it. The shaft pushed up and spread her walls apart. They hugged tightly against the smooth steel texture as it spun and vibrated. Her claws pressed down against the machine as she rode it, her body betraying her as she humped in pure ecstasy within the first few seconds. Bordeaux laughed at her as the Luxray watched with a smirk, the shame piercing into the once proud Sneasel as she caved into the same desires that she forced so many others to.

"Look at her! What a slut!"

"Yeah... and that dress just makes me want to do her more..."

"You like that gaudy looking thing? I thought you had taste Luxray..."

"Heh don't get jealous, I'd pick you over her any day."

"Who said I was jealous? Oh... the seed is going into the machine." Zephyr's eyes widened once more as she looked down at herself. Her maid outfit covered what was happening underneath, but she knew what was going to happen. She screamed in her head to get, to pull back and run while the two were distracted. She wanted so badly to get off this amazing machine, the steel rod dropping down then thrusting into her as it spun and rumbled... but it was too good... her own body was betraying her. Her instincts took over and she shivered in anticipation...

She felt it, the cum wasn't warm but it retained its sticky texture as it shot directly into her womb. Zephyr's juices squirted all over the machine below as she submitted to what was possibly her quickest orgasm ever. The seed just kept pouring in, seconds seemed like minutes as she was filled beyond its capacity and swell with the Luxray's spunk. Then just when it felt like her orgasm was about to die down she squeaked as she felt the metal rod suck the cum back in, her climax drew out as she felt the foreign pleasure of a vacuum literally sucking her pussy dry as the seed that was forced into her slowly drained away. Then she heard the sound, not the buzzer noise she heard when she continuously attempted to fertilize Arcadia. No now it was a positive chime, a ding. Braixen read the display. Fertilization Successful. Zephyr was now officially pregnant.

"Hehe look at her, she enjoyed every second~"

"Get her off... I'm too hard... I've been craving this day for so long..."

Zephyr didn't struggle as Bordeaux forced her off the machine. Her pussy dripped as she slipped off the metal rod, Zephyr having a zombie like expression after what she experienced. She fell on the floor with a soft thud as Bordeaux pushed her off, the Luxray now towering over her. The shadow of his presence caused her eyes to spark back to life, Zephyr looking up and glaring at him with rage she never had.

"Y-You'll pay for this..."

"I'm just giving you what you deserve..." The Luxray's heavy paws slipped below her skirt and up along her sides, her outfit turned over and exposing her naughty bits to the Luxray. She leaned over and scratched along his face, the Luxray growling in pain as her claws drew blood and carved three scars along his cheeks. He retaliated by dragging her closer, his throbbing member now slipping inside and penetrating her pussy in one drawn out motion. His barbs scratched her the same way, her flesh being carved into as her back arched against the ground, her slender black body essentially giving itself to the Luxray as he hilted her. He didn't stop there, he pulled back just as fast and pushed right back into her, his motions only slowed down by the added friction his sharp spines caused. Zephyr's tongue lolled out as she cried, her belly swelling as her tiny body acted as a cock sleeve for the Luxray. Her angry attitude melted away once more as she was left as moaning mess, her arms laid as useless as noodles as the Luxray's member caused her lower half to raise up into the air as he trust again and again. Zephyr's mind was slipping she couldn't handle this. Her body was way too small, last time she went at her own pace but now the Luxray was being too rough too soon and being too fast for her delicate frame.

"I-I c-can't..."

"Take it damn you! Take it! This is for teasing me and leaving me with that machine!"

Bordeaux watched as her paw wandered beneath her skirt once more, her soft paw rubbing up and down her swelling clit and across her moistening lips as she watched the Luxray take control of Zephyr. Her fire type body began to heat up as she felt the flames of desire burn with passion inside. Seeing her mate acting this ferocious... It almost made her feel envious! She was actually growing jealous of Zephyr! She wanted to be on the receiving end, she wanted to feel Luxray's impressive length mark her as his. She wanted to make Zephyr pay even more... and she wasn't going to wait her turn. Bordeaux waltzed over to the couple, the Luxray staring at Bordeaux with a smirk as Zephyr's small dark type body wobbled like a rag doll, her tongue lolling out as her eyes barely retained any focus or life left. Bordeaux smiled at how pathetic Zephyr looked now and stood over her right above her head. Zephyr didn't respond as Bordeaux sat on her, her moist and delicious pussy rubbing against her face.

"Go on, eat it out. I know you want to you slut!" Bordeaux barked at Zephyr as her witchling skirt completely hid Zephyr's head. To her surprise and delight Zephyr actually listened. She reached up and grabbed Bordeaux by the sides to hold on as she licked and kissed at her dripping pussy. Luxray couldn't believe the sight and felt his cock throb with his impending climax. He began to hump faster, the Luxray trying his best to hold back just to let this amazing moment of revenge last longer. Bordeaux's head shot back as she murred contentedly, Zephyr's tongue was slender but it was quick, smooth and warm. Zephyr suckled and drank at her pouring juices as her tongue explored inside the fox's fiery warm pussy, the ice type's mind seemingly melting away as her lower half was assualted with that painful pleasure while her senses and mind were assaulted with the fox's pheromones while her lady juices contained a hint of that secret ingredient that raises a 'mon's heat..

"Damn it... this is weird... all of the doors were locked except yours..." Gallade pounded on the last door in frustration as he turned around with a sigh and faced Arcadia.

"Were we the only ones here?"

"That's impossible... this is a daycare... they must have others here."

"What if they're downstairs in the scary room?"

"The scary room?" Gallade asked

"Yeah... the room with Zepyr..." Arcadia shuddered. The heat had passed, Gallade set her straight with both his pychic abilities and dramatic entrance. She wanted to be like him now and escape to the outside to see all of the sights while protecting the weak, that was her dream now instead of being used like some toy!

"You're probably right! Let's get to the elevator!" Arcadia nodded with a smile before the two ran across the maze like hallways.

Zephyr couldn't take it. The fluids she drank caused her once icy cool body to melt into an incredible heat. She submitted orgasm after orgasm as the Luxray gave thrust after thrust, his cock outlined against her tight slender body as his cock ravaged her insides, Bordeaux leaned the Sneasel's head closer against her pussy as she moaned from her amazing tongue work. Her slender tongue slipped inside her high quality vixen pussy as she suckled and swallowed the juices that would only cause Zephyr to want more. She couldn't think straight, her brain cells were literally killed. Her body went through sensory overload when they started and now she was and conditioned as the rest. She craved cock, she thirsted for pussy. She wanted to please both with her body, she was a slave to anyone's desires.

"Shit... I can't hold on for much longer..." Luxray muttered between his humps. Bordeaux struggled to open her eyes, the Braixen turning around as Zephyr continued to eat out her pussy.

"Pull out, cum on both of us... please..." she pleaded as she rode Zephyr. Luxray obliged, and just when he felt like his climax was going to slip out he pulled back and spilled the copious amounts of his cum all over the two.

"Nyaaaa~" Bordeaux shrieked quietly in excitement, her tongue managed to catch a few drops of his seed as she opened her mouth. Zephyr's body laid on the ground, used up and immobile as Bordeaux got up and revealed the Sneasel's blushing and zombie like face. Her eyes were expressionless as she said nothing more than a droned out groan. Bordeaux reached down and dabbed her paw in the cum that spilled all over the Sneasel and her gaudy outfit and sampled the flavor while smirking at the luxray and giving him a flirty smile.

"I'll deal with you later Bordeaux."

"Better treat me as roughly as you did with her..." was all she said before she suddenly was thrown away.

"Bordeaux!" The Luxray shouted before he felt himself lift up from the ground and get thrown away in a similar fashion.

Bordeaux coughed as she got up, her poor little body was thrown against the back wall that was shrouded in darkness.

"Luxray?! Where are you!" She struggled to shout as she got up, her arm and leg feeling dull from the impact. She looked around, the darkness hiding everything. She was about to blow a flame to help her see until all of the lights turned on in a dramatic fashion. At first she was blinded from the sudden brightness but then she saw Luxray nearby, injured but still conscious.

"What the hell was that...?" He groaned as he struggled to get up as well.

"Well well well, looks like you two had some fun." It was a feminine voice and it carried the same tone as Zephyr... but somehow it was much more ominous. Bordeaux hid behind Luxray as he growled at the source. His golden eyes focused on the crimson red irises of his assailant before him and Bordeaux were thrown back once more from an unseen force...

The doors slid open and the two stepped out, Gallade having both his arms raised and ready for combat while Arcadia copied his same stance. They walked slowly into the large open room, something was wrong, it was too quiet and dark.

"It was darker than before... nobody's here..." Arcadia muttered to Gallade.

"This room must be closed... let's go back." Before they could relax though a loud clapping sound echoed in the large room and all the lights blazed to life. Gallade covered his eyes with a hand to protect himself from the flash as Arcadia actually fell back from being blinded so fast. When his eyes finally adjusted the Gallade squinted through and couldn't believe it.

"Remember this room Gallade? This is where you first took my innocence..."

"Gardevoir?! Wh-what are you doing here?!" Gallade dropped his battle stance as he stared in disbelief. Gardevoir stood in the center of the room. Near her three Pokemon laid unconscious, Luxray Bordeaux and Zephyr. Gallade raised his arms again and glared at her.

"What did you do?!"

"I was a Kirlia back then... so sweet... so innocent... so naïve... so easily corrupted."

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM?!" Gallade repeated, his angry shout filled the room and played back through the spacious walls. Gardevoir frowned.

"And now here I am. More powerful than you can ever imagine." Gallade ran, his mind focused on countering whatever move she would use. She wasn't experienced in battle so he knew he can fight whatever influence her telepathy had.

He was wrong.

Gallade was caught in surprise by the amazing force of her psychic abilities and was thrown back. Arcadia was barely getting back up when she saw in horror how easily Gallade was taken down. The elevator vibrated to life and began to travel upstairs as Gallade's back smashed against the buttons. Arcadia glared at Gardevoir and ran towards her as well, Gardevoir only laughing as she waved her arm and threw Arcadia to the side.

"Gallade I followed you... I wanted you but you ignored me. They took away my ability to have eggs at the lab because I asked... because you said you wanted no more children being taken away from you but even that wasn't enough!" Gallade growled as he stood back up, one arm holding onto his injured shoulder as he glared at Gardevoir who had honest to god tears in her eyes. She was angry... and she was sad. Her emotions entered his body and influenced him, made him feel what she felt...

"Gardevoir this is wrong... You can't possibly work for these people."

"But I will. I will have you to myself and anybody else I want. I will break you and make you mine! They gave me this power!" She waved her arm again and threw Gallade at the opposite side of Arcadia. His body dragged along the ground painfully as he tried to fight the psychic force in a futile manner.

"They gave me control!" The elevator came back down and the doors opened. A group of Weavile appeared, the many dark types moving out in formation ready to carry away the Braixen and Luxray to their rooms once more. Gardevoir took her sweet time to walk up to Gallade, the fighting type trying his best to drag himself away from her as he watched from the corner of his eye his partners being taken away once more. He also saw Zephyr stirring as she laid on the floor, the Sneasel looking dazed and confused as she got up.

"Wh-what I thought they were already sleeping... Billy told me... the Weavile were..." The speakers broke the silence, Billy's voice boomed in the large empty room as Arcadia struggled to stand up. She didn't know what to do... she wanted to help Gallade but she couldn't fight the Gardevoir.

"Sorry Zephyr" Billy said over the speakers.

"And... they gave revenge." Gardevoir finally stated when she reached Gallade.

"But... Gardevoir proved to be the better worker earlier. She will be replacing you now. You can now refer to her as Lilith."

"R-Replacement!?" Zephyr's whole world was crashing. First she was seeded, then used as a rag doll. And now... and now... "What about me?!"

"Well... you will be replacing your mother. See she recently reached an age where she's no longer fertile... and we do need a steady supply of workers so we decided to best grab someone while they're young for optimal efficiency." Zephyr said nothing. She turned and looked over at the Gardevoir who stared back with a triumphant smile.

"YOU BITCH!" She shouted as she picked herself up and ran. Her claws were raised, Zephyr having a murderous glare as she aimed to kill Gardevoir... no Lilith! She was about to slash at her until Gardevoir twisted and turned with grace, Zephyr looking back as Lilith dodged the attack and returned with a powerful kick that even shocked Gallade. Zephyr was knocked against Gallade as he held her, his once sworn enemy now reduced to a broken mess. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her now, what was going to happen to her? What was going to happen to him?

The second elevator doors opened and more Weavile came in with stretchers. Gallade watched as two of them fought a struggling Zephyr and forced restraints on her before carrying her away.

"You can't do this to me Billy! I was your favorite! I was the one you picked!" She shouted repeatedly as she was carried away. When Arcadia saw that the Weavile were about to carry Gallade away she felt a renewed sense of rage fill her body.

"Leave him alone!" She shouted. Everyone looked towards her direction, the Riolu standing her ground as she raised her arms, aura forming at the end of her paws.

"A Riolu that knows how to use Aura? How exciting!" Lilith snapped and pointed at Arcadia, the remaining two Weavile rushing towards her with open claws. When they were close Arcadia knocked one away with a blast of aura and turned to dodge the slash attack and delivered a round house kick behind the second Weavile's head.

"Arcadia..." Gallade muttered, astonished at her skills. Lilith looked down at him and grew even more jealous... even after all she did some other bitch goes and takes his attention.

"Stay down!" Lilith shouted as she waved her arm from high up to down below, Arcadia instantly being slammed to the ground from the unseen psychic force. Within an instant her showtime was over and Arcadia's muscles grew limp from her new injuries. The two Weavile got up and after clearing their heads they hoisted the Riolu up and began to lead her back to the elevator. Arcadia looked towards Gallade one last time before the doors closed, the defeated psychic mouthing his words.

"I'm sorry..."

"So the injection had some unintended side effects... ah well that's science, right?" Billy's mentor stood beside him as he watched the spectacle, his right hand adorning a mega ring.

"What do you think happened?" Billy leaned back against the chair as he looked up at the scientist. He had grown old over the years but his mentor was someone he looked up to, the former scientist of this place before he sought out Billy himself.
"I don't know, I have to run some more tests but if I were to guess I'm guessing Arcadia's body matured in a way we didn't anticipate"

"Matured how?"

"Well it was meant to hasten her biological development faster and have her grow fertile while in the baby stage but I'm guessing her body matured in a way that gave her an evolutionary advantage. In other words, she has the abilities of her evolved state while still being in the baby stage." The old man smiled as he patted Billy's shoulder.

"Perfect, then my serum worked as intended. I was hoping for both enhanced power and early fertilization but you can't have everything on the first try."

"Oh, so that was your goal all along?"

"Yes, reproduce the serum with the samples that are left. I'll try to perfect it for breeding purposes or create a new one altogether. And have Lilith injected with a sample while you're at it, I want to see the effects of the serum on a Pokemon that can potentially evolve into the mega stage."

"Aye aye captain" The old man finally left and Billy watched as Gardevoir... now known as Lilith stand over Gallade.

"This is going to get much more exciting..."

Author's Note:

Every ending has a beginning, while Zephyr's spotlight is over you can still expect "flashback chapters". Also I hope you enjoyed the ride so far since the grand project is happening soon! Friends will be made! Allies established from various stories and lives will be lost... but now is the beginning of a new form of story telling on my page! I just want to thank The Eternal Sushi for giving me the ideas and motivation to keep writing and ZoroarkLover for inspiring characters! Also I want to thank you for reading, it's your continued views that keep me writing as well! Thanks!

Also from now on any added chapters or new original stories will be posted on for a bit before I upload them on fanfiction. I plan to post it up for suggestions and edits so I can make it to everyone's liking before showing it off on here since this is where I get the most views, again thanks x3
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