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Academy Affairs by Drass


Story Notes:

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Author's Chapter Notes:

We again join up with Mark and Flare after their taboo night together and things seem mostly unchanged; that is until a trip to the beach leads Mark to discover a new friend.

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Friend's, New and Old

About a week has passed since I had given myself to my partner pokemon and all I can say is things have only gotten better for it. I figured out his restlessness was most likely due to him no longer having a chance to relieve his desires like when he spent nights at the daycare, but now he doesn't have to worry about it and it's done wonders for his training. He's more obedient, more patient, has more enthusiasm and energy and I swear our 'fun time' has made us even closer as a team. My paranoia at being caught turned out to be unfounded as well, no one's even noticed a difference between us except our PE teacher and training coach, who thought nothing of it and simply offered his compliments on our progress.

Not everything went so smoothly, I had to outright replace my mattress and sheets due to the cum stains and I've had to buy an easy to clean foam-rubber yoga mat that I can roll out to cover most of my bedroom floor to make things comfortable again; it was either that or rubber bed sheets. Also some nights Flare insists on sleeping in my bed with me, which is problematic at best and at worst leaves me sweating so much throughout the night that I have to wash the sheets in the morning twice just to get the smell out. I really can't complain though, as what little inconveniences are negligible and are actually enjoyable if you look at them from the right perspective.

I reflected on all this to pass the time during my Thursday lecture hall, I knew I should pay attention but I figured a mental vacation today wouldn't hurt and I could make the material up later anyway. My daydreaming was interrupted by the bell signaling class being over though, and Flare and I all but ran out, both of us eager to get outside. I spotted Sarah in the halls but she was hurrying to her last class of the day and we didn't get to talk more beyond saying 'hi'. My own schedule was empty for the rest of the day and I had made plans with Flare, then Sarah to meet up at the beach this afternoon. She obviously couldn't make it there for a while yet but Flare was eager to stretch his legs so we left early.

It wasn't far from the academy to the local beach, we were a coastal town after all, but the place seemed eerily deserted. I guess that it's due to it being a weekday and too early in the afternoon for most people to be off of work, and aside from one person napping in the shade of a palm tree we had the place entirely to ourselves. Flare ran ahead of me, happily sprinting up the beach as fast as he could. He didn't often get a chance to really test his speed so I let him enjoy his run, feeling confident he wouldn't stray too far on his own. I decided to take a long walk down the beach to admire the scenery, opting to head the same direction Flare had blitzed off in just to make it easier to find me when he eventually got tired. I watched the waves as I walked, almost entranced by the constant motion and after what felt like a long time staring and walking something finally broke my daze.

"h-help me..." a girl's voice spoke up quietly from somewhere.

I stopped in my tracks, looking around to see I was near the boardwalk. "Are you hurt? Where are you?" I asked loudly, looking around for the source of the voice.

"Please... I'm scared..." the voice spoke up again, seeming to come from nowhere.

Confused, I started towards the boardwalk as it was the only place someone could be hiding. "Are you okay? I'm here to help you." I reassured. As I entered the dim space beneath the massive dock I saw a figure curled up near where the dock met the road. I slowly made my way towards her, "Are you okay? What's your name?" I asked as gently as I could. The figure looked up and I noticed the two large red horns protruding from her head. As I got closer I noticed her green hair, she seemed to sense my confusion and curled back up into the fetal position.

"It's okay, I can help you" I said calmly, kneeling down in front of the pokemon.

She looked up at me, tears fresh on her face, "A-are you a good guy?" she asked.

I smiled and nodded. "It's my job to help people, or at least it will be" I explained.

Her eyes flashed blue for a second and my vision double for a second before she exclaimed happily "You are!" as she jumped up and hugged me tightly. I noticed her lips never moved when she talked as I cautiously returned her embrace.

"You're a Kirlia aren't you?" I asked, pulling from the breeding knowledge I had picked up from my uncle on his visits home.

"Kirlia?" she asked, looking up at me confused. I was about to explain when her eyes flashed blue again, leaving me a little dizzy and she smiled and nodded "yes, I am."

"Are you lost?" I asked her.

"s-sort of..." She murmured "I-I don't really have a place I belong, but I don't know where I am either. I came here hoping to find something familiar but only got more lost, and then this big red furry thing chased me and I ran here, and then you came along." She cringed a little mentioning the chase.

It took a moment but I realized what had happened "Listen, this is going to sound bad but the red thing that chased you was probably a friend of mine" I explained, "and I don't know why he would chase you but I know he would never try to hurt you. His name is Flare, and he is pretty scary but still a good guy like me"

The kirlia shook her head, refusing to believe. "N-no... he was mean... he chased me..."

I thought for a minute before coming up with an idea "hey, you know you can just check my mind like you did before, that way I can prove I'm not lying see?"

"Y-you'd really want me to?" she asked nervously.

I smiled and nodded "I'm here to help, remember?"

She nodded and her eyes flashed blue again, this time leaving me with a sense of vertigo for a moment. She looked up at me stunned "You aren't lying to me."

"of course not, why would I?" I asked

"I don't know..." the kirlia trailed off, looking down at the sand.

"listen," I said, "why don't you come with me, you can meet a few more good people like me and I can make Flare apologize for scaring you, then together we can work on finding you somewhere to call home. How does that sound?"

"You'd really want to keep kirlia around that long?" she asked nervously, but I could still see the hope in her eyes.

I smiled and reassured her that I wanted to help. She seemed to need no more convincing and happily agreed to the arrangement after that. We shared a pleasant walk down the beach back the way I had come, though I had to slow down to account for her shorter legs. She made sure to thank me repeatedly as we chatted and every time I reassured her that I was happy to help. She seemed hesitant to want to talk about where she was from but I managed to learn that she was from a region far to the north and had no idea how to get back. At some point she sheepishly asked if I would mind carrying her, as she could sense she was slowing me down by walking, and having no arguments against it I gave her a piggyback ride the rest of the way back.

The guy who had been napping was now gone so we really had the beach to ourselves, though not for long as mere moments after arriving I heard Sarah call out from the sidewalk. I hollered and waved back, feeling Kirlia cringe and try to hide herself behind me from Sarah as she jogged to catch up with us.

"Where's Flare?" Sarah asked as she neared. Her Spinarak patiently waited for her to come to a full stop before scuttling down from her shoulder to the sand.

"He's off stetching his legs" I said. Then turning to try to look behind me I said "this is my friend Sarah and her friend Spinarak, you don't need to hide from them."

Sarah looked confused at first, but quickly spotted the white hands clinging to my shoulders and smiled. She sat down on the sand and following her lead I did the same. Her Spinarak backed off from it's master to give the kirlia room, seeming to know it had a scary appearance.

Kirlia shook on my back but hesitantly climbed down and walked over to Sarah. She kept her distance though, until I saw her eyes flash blue again, causing Sarah to reach up and rub her temples a bit before the Kirlia gave a suprising display. "Pleased to meet you, Sarah, Spinarak" she said , giving each of them a small courtesy while holding her skirt. She then approached Sarah and took her hand, smiling up at her.

"Pleased to meet you too, Kirlia" Sarah said, smiling back at her. Her spinarak gave what I could only guess to be a happy noise, but it was hard to tell from it's insectoid appearance and noises. The only one who could read him for sure was Sarah, who relayed the message to kirlia that Spinarak was pleased to meet her too.

We spent the next hour chatting and telling Kirlia about ourselves, with Spinarak regularly joining and leaving the conversation to cool itself off in the shade. Even though kirlia was comfortable being near Sarah, she was still very shy towards her and her partner. Before long, Flare returned panting heavily and collapsed beside me, all but unaware of our guest until I pointed her out to him. It took her a little bit to come out from hiding behind me but once I explained everything to Flare and she got used to the massive canine she allowed him to give her a single lick of apology for scaring her. We kept talking after that for another hour, in which kirlia's preferred seat seemed to be my lap, but she still got up every now and then to tentatively pet Flare, who gave a happy murr of appreciation each time. Eventually the sun started to set and we deiced to head back to the academy to see if we could do something about finding kirlia a home, but right before we set out Kirlia spoke up.

"Mark?" she asked nervously, switching between looking up at me and down at the sand.

"Yes?" I asked

"I was actually wondering something, though if you wouldn't want it it'd be okay..." She trailed off.

I kneeled down next to her "What is it?"

"I was wondering if I could go home with you instead of going to the academy" she mumbled, staring intently at the ground now and fidgeting.

I looked up at Sarah who only smiled and shrugged. "Would you really want that?" I asked

"Yes, you're really nice!" she exclaimed.

I looked up to Flare to see what his opinion was, and he simply sat there wagging his tail. "Well then, you can call my home your own" I said smiling down at her

She beamed and started giggling out loud, revealing her real voice to be a little weird but still feminine. "Thank you Master!" she exclaimed, hugging me tightly.

"Master?" I asker her.

"Isn't that what Flare calls you?" she asked, looking nervous and confused.

"Well I guess he does but I can't read his thoughts like you can." I said, then a thought occurred to me. "Do you want to be my partner like Flare is?" I asked

Kirlia blushed deeply and fidgeted "Would you really want me like that?" she asked "I'll probably never be as good at it as Flare is..."

I smiled and patted her head "Nonsense, you have your own set of skills and I'd be happy to have you as my partner"

Kirlia smiled while blushing even deeper "Then I want to be Master's partner" she declared happily.

After that we walked home, this time instead of me giving kirlia the ride she was on Flare's back. Sarah and I said our goodbyes when our paths home split, and Kirlia, Flare, and I walked the rest of the way home. Once inside, kirlia marveled at everything in sight, remarking that she liked how warm it was inside my den, and once she found out the small couch I had was soft she sheepishly asked if she could sleep there at night. I told her she could sleep anywhere she wanted, though I would work on getting her a proper bed as soon as I could. She didn't really understand the concept of a bed at first, but when I showed her mine she immediately got it. She seemed to be amused that the things people sleep on are so springy. Flare watched her antics while quietly wagging his tail, and for the most part tried to stay out of her way as she explored the apartment.

Eventually Kirlia resigned herself to playing with Flare in the living room and I sat down at my computer. I pulled up my email and typed up a long letter to my uncle, thanking him for giving me Flare, apologizing for not staying in touch, asking how he was doing in Jhoto, mentioning I had a friend in the academy from Jhoto, and finally asking him about a good training regimen and diet for a kirlia. I closed it off wishing him the best and hit send before logging out and heading to the kitchen to make some dinner. Kirlia was curious about my food and seeing as I had no specialized food for her I guessed it was okay to split my own meal with her just this once. She seemed to like the food, though was confused why humans like to heat their food up. I finished up the night by fashioning a lanyard with my apartment key and a makeshift tag with my cell phone number and address on it, and explained to kirlia what each thing did. Thankfully, she seemed to understand everything I told her. Finally we all went to bed and Kirlia opted to sleep on the couch.

Flare pawed at me anxiously after I closed our bedroom door, his signal that he wanted to have some fun. "Not tonight buddy," I told him. He whined but gave up on it, though he did insist on sleeping on my bed tonight. I sighed and allowed it, opting not to sleep under the sheets as the large dog would keep me plenty warm throughout the night. We curled up together and before long he was snoring loudly. I took a lot longer to drift off, though just as I was I vaguely registered another source of heat snuggling closer to me.

The next morning I awoke to a surprisingly empty bed. The door was open and I could hear Flare in the livingroom along with Kirlia. I walked out to see Flare sprawled belly up on the floor with Kirlia giggling and scratching his belly as his hind leg twitched. I smiled and quickly prepared a light breakfast for me and kirlia before filling Flare's large food dish. Hearing the familiar sound of his dish being filled, Flare quickly trotted to the kitchen with kirlia following close behind. We all ate in relative silence.

Eventually Kirlia asked what our plans for the day were.

"well," I started. "Me and flare have a lecture in the morning followed by a special PE class for me and Flare, after that I need to stop by the academy office to make an application for a second partner pokemon. I'm sorry you can't come with me until they approve the paperwork, but that shouldn't take too long. Me and Flare will try to be home as soon as we can, and tomorrow we'll be here all day"

Kirlia looked crestfallen "What will I do while Master is gone?" she asked, sheepishly.

"you could meet the neighbors if you wanted" I suggested "or if you get bored you could use my computer to help pass the time. Other than that there's TV."

Kirlia looked confused and I tried my best to explain neighbors, computers, and TV. After a few minutes she seemed to understand and wished me and Flare a pleasant day. After some brief reassurance that we'd be back before long Flare and I set out for the academy.

The day passed agonizingly slow. Class dragged on forever and our PE class was an endurance test which had us running a basic obstacle course over and over again trying to beat our previous times. Finally I made the trek upstairs to the filing office and waited a good ten minutes for the secretary to find the special partner application sheet, and another fifteen minutes to fill the tedious paperwork out. Thankfully the notary was in the office that day and I had it filed for approval at roughly noon, afterwards me and Flare rushed home.

I opened the door of my apartment to the sound of gentle snoring, and noticed that kirlia was passed out on the couch. I smiled and quietly walked over to my room and sat down at my computer, noticing that the browser was open to an encyclopedia website. I shrugged and opened my email, hoping to have a reply from my uncle, and was pleased to see he had gotten back to me, informing me that he was doing well, was intrigued that I knew someone from Jhoto, and thankfully had all the advice I could ever hope for on raising and caring for Kirlia and Gardevoir. I sent a reply immediately thanking him for his help and hoped to keep in touch with him more in the future. Just as I closed the window I heard the bedroom door quietly close behind me.

I turned in my chair to see Flare sitting right behind me. He whined and pawed at my leg, pleading. I sighed and agreed to help but told him he needs to stay quiet. He nodded silently and I could already see the tip of his member emerging from his sheath. I instructed him to lay down on his side, and once in position I grabbed the bottle of lube off my desk and kneeled down next to him. With one hand I gently kneaded his balls while I lubed up my other hand and massaged the tip of his malehood as it grew. As more and more of his shaft revealed itself I stroked it faster and faster, my hand quickly sliding up and down his length as I massaged his testes. I couldn't help but smile as his tongue lolled out and he twitched his hips as I worked his meat. It didn't take long before I could feel his balls tighten up as he approached his peak and I started stroking him as fast as I could. In moments he started cumming across the floor. He didn't produce nearly as much as the first time we mated, I had made sure to keep him from getting too backed up since then. Still, the puddle he produced was very impressive regardless.

I smiled and gave him a pat on the side before standing up, only to realize from a sudden tightness in my pants that I could do with a little release as well. Seeing as Flare seemed to be incapacitated I decided I had to take care of it myself and unzipped my fly as I sat down on the edge of my bed. Pulling my hard member out I quickly set to work stroking it, trying to finish quickly. Just as I started to lose myself in the act I felt something warm and wet drag itself along my dick. I opened my eyes to see Flare diligently licking all over my shaft and I moaned quietly letting him do his work. The size of his tongue let him all but engulf my shaft in wet heat. I twitched my hips weakly as I got close to my peak and Flare backed off, licking only the base of my shaft as the tip rested on his muzzle and slowly forced me over the edge. I came hard, covering a good portion of Flare's face with my seed as I panted. Flare wagged his tail and eagerly licked his chops as I finished.

I relished in the afterglow until I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. I instantly sobered up as I knew Flare had shut the door. Quickly zipping my pants back up, I opened the door and looked out, but didn't see anyone. I looked down and saw a few drops of something white on the floor but before I could identify the liquid I heard the shower turn on in the bathroom.

Curious I walked over and knocked on the door.

"Yes Master?" Kirlia's voice spoke up.

"You okay in there?" I asked cautiously.

"yes, I just needed what you call a shower as I don't think I've ever had one" she responded, though I heard something which sounded somewhat like a moan from her weird real voice quietly from behind the door.

"Oh, okay" I replied, sensing something clearly was up but deciding to let Kirlia decide when she wanted to talk about it. In the meantime, I set to work cleaning up the mess Flare had made before cleaning my own mess off of Flare's face, though he had already gotten whatever he could reach with his tongue.

Afterward I sat down with Flare to watch some TV and wait for Kirlia to finish, and after a long while the shower turned off and she emerged looking almost radiant. She wasn't kidding when she said she'd never showered, the difference was almost night and day. I offered her a seat next to me and she happily accepted.

"say, Kirlia" I started.

"Yes Master?" she asked, looking up at me eagerly

"Would you like to have your own special name like Flare does?" I asked her.

She blushed and smiled "Yes, I would love that Master!"

"hmm..." I thought hard about what to name her. "How does Clara sound?"

Kirlia beamed and hugged me tightly "I love it, can I be Clara please?"

I smiled and hugged her back "yup, I look forward to our time together Clara" I said smiling.

"Me too Master" Clara said smiling back at me.

Like that, all three of us relaxed for the evening. Flare had little interest in the TV, but was content just being near Clara and I. Clara however was greatly interested in the picture box, she asked questions about anything and everything she saw and I did my best to answer them. The time seemed to fly and before we knew it, it was already time for bed. On a whim I asked Clara if she'd like to sleep in my bed tonight and she eagerly agreed. Flare gave Clara a goodnight lick before curling up on his own bed and I tucked Clara in so she was comfortable before pulling the covers over myself as well. Clara cuddled close to me and before long was sighing quietly as she slept. I didn't take much longer to fall asleep myself, being comforted by the little ball of warmth lying close to me.
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