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Academy Affairs by Drass


Story Notes:

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Author's Chapter Notes:

We pick up again with Mark and his attempts to get his new partner recognized by the academy; though back at home he is surprised by a discovery about Clara.

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.


That weekend went by comfortably. Mostly we stayed in the house and relaxed as Clara got used to her new home. We went out a couple times; once to give Clara a tour of the town, another time to make a trip to the pokemart to pick up the special food my uncle recommended, and a third time on Sunday when Clara asked what kind of training she'd be doing as my partner.

That time we headed to the academy and managed to get our coach to agree to let us set up a few wooden practice dummies in the gym to test Clara's abilities out on. She was confused on the concept at first, and after a botched attempt to explain it she tried tackling the dummy to little effect. After a little more explaining she caught on and faced the dummies with determination in her eyes. She stared them down for a moment before swinging both her arms forward, hitting the dummies with a psychic pulse. She knocked about half of them over and the rest she moved a good foot or two back from their original position.

She started laughing smiling at her accomplishment. "Was that good?" She asked

"yes, that's actually pretty good for a first attempt" I said, "What do you think, Coach?"

Our couch scratched his chin and thought for a moment before responding. "Mark's right about that being a good starting point, but you've got a long way to go before you're officer material, little Kirlia" he said sternly. Clara looked crestfallen, and quickly reassuring her coach went on, "So do Mark and Flare though, stick with them and I'm sure you'll make a great team someday." Clara seemed to cheer up at this and turned to survey her work again. Coach turned and spoke to me "You know, you're in for a lot of work if you want to raise two partner pokemon for the force, there's a reason we have a standard pokemon to train."

I nodded silently and watched as Clara finished knocking the dummies over, using more focused pulses to knock back individual targets. Coach let us use the dummies for the rest of the afternoon before making us sweep the gym as payment for using it. It didn't take long, but both me and Clara were tired from working and Flare couldn't hold a broom. After that we headed home and watched TV the rest of the evening. I didn't usually like to watch it so much, but Clara seemed to enjoy it and was curious about everything she saw. Eventually we called it a night and Clara crawled into what had become her usual spot next to me in bed. Flare had wanted to sleep on my bed too, but I managed to convince him that there wasn't enough room, he was snoring within minutes of curling up on his own bed so he must not have been too upset. Clara seemed to be out just as quickly after her head hit the pillow. Guessing she must be pretty tired from her workout, I laid back and closed my eyes. Sleep came quickly, and with it a rather strange dream.

I was sitting on my bed and I felt a warm, slender figure embrace me from behind. I saw her feminine pale hand rub and massage my chest and stomach before slipping them into my boxers and gently kneading my malehood. I could feel her warm breath on my neck and moaned quietly as she quickly stroked my growing member. I leaned back into her as she worked, enjoying every little carress. She slipped one hand down to massage my testes as she stroked my shaft even faster with her other. The combined sensation brought me to the edge quickly, and she quickly shifted her hand from my shaft to my chest as she giggled quietly in my ear. I breathed heavily as the high passed and she resumed stroking me, only this time she moved with deliberate slowness. I moaned quietly as she teased me and brought me back to the edge again, only to back off and repeat the process. Eventually I was panting and moaning in her arms, unable to think clearly as she finally decided to let me finish. She stoked my throbbing manhood, now slick with pre, as fast as she could with both hands. I quickly rose to my peak and came hard, squirting thick globs of my seed all over myself and the bed as I thrust my hips weakly. The figure pulled me closer and started kissing my neck softly, tracing her fingers through the mess I made. Despite the haze of the afterglow, I still registered something warm and stiff poking into my lower back. From the way it was twitching I began to wonder if the figure behind me was really a she. Before I could ponder this further though, the dream faded and I awoke alone in my bed.

I looked around, briefly wondering where Clara had gone before the sound of the shower starting reached my ears. I sat in my bed for a while, debating with myself whether or not I wanted to go see what was up, and a shift in position which sent my elbow into a sticky puddle under the sheets made up my mind. I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom quietly, noticing Flare was snoring quite heavily as I passed. Once in the living room I could see the light on under the bathroom door. I approached the door and knocked firmly. "Clara, I know its you in there. Can I come in?" I asked though the door.

Clara's panicked voice reached my mind almost immediately "P-please don't master, I don't want you to see"

"I just want to talk, Clara, Please?" I tried to sound reassuring.

There was a long pause before she responded "O-okay..."

I slowly turned the knob and opened the door, feeling the humidity and heat of the shower hit my face. Clara was perched on the toilet seat with a towel wrapped firmly around her waist. She had her arms locked over her groin as if trying to hide something. I kneeled down so I was at her level.

I looked at her for a long time as she gazed at the floor before speaking. "Is there something I should know?" I asked as gently as I could.

Clara fidgeted and wrong her little hands together as she blushed "K-kindof..." she mumbled

I cautiously reached out and hugged her "You can tell me, Clara."

She squirmed and blushed more, so I let go and leaned back to give her space. "P-promise not to tell anyone?" she asked nervously.

I nodded, "I promise."

She looked at me for a moment, studying my expression before swallowing hard and slowly removing the towel from her waist. What she revealed was the small tent she was pitching in her skirt, it took me a moment to realize what I was seeing. "you're a male?" I asked, astounded.

Clara sobbed a little and nodded, tear brimming in her eyes. "I like being a girl though..," she whimpered. "This is why I had to leave my home, they called me a freak for saying I was a girl and acting like one... Do you hate me for lying to you?"

I quickly embraced Clara and held her tight, feeling her little arms wrap around my neck in response as she sobbed into my shoulder. "I don't hate you Clara, I'm just surprised is all. If you feel like a girl and want to be considered one, that's perfectly fine with me. You had me convinced from the start, so not much can really change here." I said, trying my best to sound encouraging.

Clara and I sat there holding each other for a long time until she calmed down, eventually she spoke up sheepishly. "I-I saw you and flare... together..."

I blushed deeply and stuttered out an apology.

I noticed she was blushing too. "not just the other day, but when we met on the beach" she mumbled. "I searched your mind for what it meant to be a partner and saw you two making love on your first bed."

I blushed even more, but let her continue. "I didn't know what it was at the time, just that it was very private and intimate. Then when you went to school together I tried using your computer thing and I started reading all I could about it..."

"so then...?" I asked

"It got me aroused..." she said the word funny, as if she wasn't sure how to pronounce it. "I ended up masturbating in your room. I felt so dirty afterward, I made sure to clean up so you wouldn't know. Then when I woke up later I hear what they called moaning from your room." She tensed up, clearly uncomfortable but the twitching tent she was still pitching gave deeper insight into her true feelings. "I told myself I shouldn't look, that it was rude and perverted, but I did anyway. I saw Flare licking you down there and I got aroused all over again, so much that I had to masturbate again as I peeped. I'm so sorry."

I was blushing as well now, that at least explained the white stuff on the floor. "It's okay Clara, everyone has urges like that, even pokemon." I reassured.

She fidgeted, clearly having something more to confess, and I prompted her to let it off her chest. "I..." She started and trailed off before mustering her courage. "I snuck into your dreams earlier..."

I blushed as the realization hit me and the dream I had suddenly made sense. "so that was really you in my dream?" I asked, amazed.

"yes and no" the admitted. "I had to make myself taller so I pretended I was Gardevoir for you. I'm really sorry but I also played with your body the same way I did in your dream..."

I wasn't sure what to say to that, and seeing she was near tears again all I could do was hold her and try to calm her down.

"I-I want to be your partner too, like flare is" she blurted out.

Stunned, it took me a moment to put together a response. "Are you certain you'd want that?" I asked, nervously. "Aren't you a little young?"

Visibly frustrated She retorted, "I'm not young, just small. I'd be prime breeding age if I were a real female"

"I'm sorry to have doubted you" I said. "I'm just not sure how that would work with our size difference..." Still, the idea intrigued me, and a stir in my nethers signaled it wouldn't take much convincing from her to get my body ready for it.

"I-I can use my mouth like Flare did for you" she blurted out, looking eagerly up at me.

I remained silent for a while, thinking. Well, it had worked with flare and I didn't see any reason not to indulge her request. "You know if we do you can't tell anyone else, right?" I asked, making sure she knew what she was getting into.

She nodded eagerly "yes, I knew that since the beach! Please master?"

I sighed, already feeling my malehood starting to grow "alright, I'm all yours Clara. How do you want me?"

She grinned and kissed me on the lips. "I want you to sit down with your legs spread so I can pleasure you" she said eagerly.

I softly kissed her back for a moment before obliging her, showing off the now large bulge in my boxers. She licked her lips and all but pounced on me, quickly opening the slit in my boxers to reveal my stiff member. I could feel her body shudder at the sight of it. She closed her eyes and leaned forward, gently kissing the tip, sending a tingle up my spine before she slowly took it into her mouth. I gasped as the warmth enveloped me and gently pet her hair as she ran her tongue around the tip. She teased me with her tongue like that for a while before greedily taking as much of my shaft in her mouth as she could in an attempt to deepthroat me, succeeding in getting just over half of it. I moaned, she either was a natural at this or had no gag reflex. She started quickly bobbing up and down my length and I could see she was quickly stroking her own pink tool, which was now poking free of her skirt. She started sucking harder as she stroked herself faster, moaning around the dick in her mouth as I moaned with her and before long she had me at the edge.

"Clara, you're gonna make me cum" I grunted out, and this time she didn't bother with teasing me, she pulled back and started quickly stoking my length as she jerked herself off, aiming me at her open mouth as she moaned loudly. I came just as hard as before, painting her face with the first couple spurts before she took the tip in her mouth to catch the rest. I could feel her body shaking and from the warm wetness that splashed into my thighs as I came in her mouth, she was cumming as well. She made sure to swallow every drop that landed in her mouth before letting out a contented sigh. And collapsing on top of me. I held her and stroked her hair as she recovered.

After a long while of cuddling, she looked up at me, streaks of my seed still on her face. "thank you master, I' sorry about the mess I made" she said, blushing a little.

I smiled and kissed her lightly on the lips. "That's perfectly fine Clara, I'm happy you enjoyed it too."

We cuddled a while longer before deciding to shower up and clean up the mess on the floor. We took turns scrubbing each other, though I had to sit down in the shower for Clara to be able to reach what she needed to clean. Afterwards we quickly mopped up the remains of the mess on the floor and headed back to bed. Flare was still sound asleep as we crept back in and slipped under the sheets. After a bit of adjusting to make sure we weren't laying in the mess from before we found a comfortable position to cuddle in and were both sleeping soundly in each other's arms within minutes.
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