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Academy Affairs by Drass


Story Notes:

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Now rested from their weekend of fun, Mark and Co. set back to work training, though this time Sarah has something a little bit different in store for them.

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Sarah's Test

I woke up sometime around noon to find Clara still snoring as she lay across my chest. I smiled and watched her sleep for a while until she woke up on her own. Seeing I was up as well she smiled and said good morning before climbing down from the couch and heading to the kitchen. I asked her what she was up to.

"I'm going to make Master's breakfast" she said cheerfully, though I doubted her cooking abilities as she moves a chair so she could reach the stove. I shrugged and decided it didn't really matter how the food turned out as it was the thought that counted.

As Clara cooked I went in to check on Flare, who was still passed out on the yoga mat. Sighing, I decided to put him in his pokeball so I could finish cleaning the mess and put the mat away. I doubt he even realized when I returned him to his ball, but I set it down on his bed so he would know where he was when he inevitably woke up and let himself out. It took a good fifteen minutes to clean the now dried cum off the mat, but once it was done I rolled it up and returned it to its corner before walking back out to see Clara had set the table and was already dishing up a plate for me. She smiled and asked me to take a seat, which I did happily. She set a plate before me filled with hashbrowns, toast, and a couple eggs. They looked all right and upon tasting I was surprised to find they were pretty good. It wasn't the best breakfast I had ever had, but I couldn't deny it was impressive for her first attempt. Clara had started eating a meal of her own special food in the meantime, and as we were both finishing Flare wandered out of the bedroom with a yawn.

Clara immediately started giggling, and it took me a moment to realize why. What I at first to be just bed-fur was actually Flare's coat all but mangled with dried spooge. I sighed as Flare looked at me and Clara confused. I led Flare to the bathroom and me and Clara both set to work cleaning him; me washing his back half while Clara levitated a washcloth to cover his front. We had him clean in half the time it would normally take for me to clean him on my own, and Flare was definitely happy to be out of the water sooner than normal.

I was surprised to hear my phone ringing when I walked out of the bathroom and ran to answer it before it went to voicemail. "Hello?" I said, after quickly flipping the phone open.

"Hey mark," Sarah's voice answered. "I was wondering if you wanted to get some extra training in this evening with Clara and Flare, I had a training period reserved in the gym for this afternoon, but Spinarak is still passed out from staying up all night."

"Oh sure!" I answered, "Just as long as Clara's up for the extra training." I said, looking down at Clara to see what she thought. She nodded eagerly. "Yeah, she's ready. What time should we meet you there?" I asked.

"Well I'm kind of already there," she admitted "so ASAP would be ideal."

"All right we'll be there in just a few." I said

"Great, I'll get something set up for Clara in the meantime. See you soon" she said, and then hung up.

All three of us set out, and Clara was really excited at the chance to see my school again. Once we arrived, it was a short walk from the front doors to the gym. Inside we found Sarah putting last few dummies in place of what looked to be a make shift obstacle course.

"you got here just in time" Sarah said as Clara rushed over to inspect the course. "I decided to focus less on her fighting abilities for this course because she'll already have plenty of practice by the end of the week."

"Good thinking" I commented. "So what all did you put into this?" I asked, curious about her plan.

She motioned to some orange cones set up at the end of the gym "That's the starting point. First is a climbing wall, then a team lift challenge, and finally the last bit will test her battle reflexes, though you won't know how until you get there."

I sized up the challenge before me before looking around for Clara. I was surprised to see she was already waiting at the starting line for me and waving for me to hurry up. "You gonna time us or make this an endurance run?" I asked

"A little of both." Sarah said smirking. "Just get to the starting line and wait for my signal before you begin." She said before walking to the back half of the course, and motioned for Flare to come with her. Flare followed and I walked over to meet Clara.

After explaining briefly what was going to happen, Clara and I took our ready positions on the line and waited. It seemed a long while before we heard Sarah shout asking if we were ready. "Yeah!" I hollered back and within moments I heared the starter pistol coach used as Sarah shouted "Go!"

We took off, though I made sure to adjust my speed so Clara could keep up. We reached climbing challenge, which consisted of a fifteen foot wall covered in rope nets, and I ascended quickly having used the many times before. At the top I looked down and waited for Clara to catch up. She was struggling about halfway up, having some trouble pulling herself up higher and higher.

"Come on Clara, you can do this easy" I said, reaching down for her. She gritted her teeth and surged up the ropes with surprising speed as she reached out to grab my hand. Once she got to me I hauled her up the rest of the way and we jogged down the sloped back end of the wall. At the bottom was what appeared to be two pillars with a slab of solid steel between them and a few places for gripping at the bottom. Having done this challenge before, I knew how it worked. The metal was on two rails inside the pillars, which held it upright in place, and the goal was to work together with your team mate to lift it and get by underneath it. The school had a few of these with varying weights to the middle piece, and it seemed Sarah had picked a heavy one for us.

"All right Clara, I want you to use your telekinesis to try to lift that chunk of metal straight up" I said to her, cracking my knuckles and stretching so I didn't hurt myself trying to lift it.

"A-are you sure master?" she asked, looking doubtful. "I don't think I can lift that thing."

"Don't worry, I'm gonna help you." I said smiling.

"Master and I will lift it together?" she asked

"Yep" I said, assuming my position as I took hold of the grips at the bottom of the slab.

She nodded, seeming to be more confident in accomplishing the task now. "Okay" she closed her eyes and brought her hands close to her head, and I started pulling on the handles. The thing felt like it wasn't going to budge, and I could barely move it an inch off the ground.

"Looks like someone should have been taking his vitamins!" Sarah taunted from the side lines. I gritted my teeth, trying to ignore her as I redoubled my efforts, gaining another inch off the ground. Suddenly I heard a weird kind of growl from Clara and the slab was suddenly a lot lighter. It was still immensely heavy and progress lifting it was slow, but eventually we had it a couple feet off the ground.

"Alright Clara, you go under first!" I grunted, bracing myself for the dip in lift she was putting out, but I was surprised to see her slowly walk under it without wavering or opening her eyes. From the way she was gritting her teeth and the sweat rolling off her brow though I could tell she was struggling at least as much as I was. Once she was clear I shifted my grip and ducked under and past the slab, letting it down gently as Clara released her psychic hold on it. We sat there panting for a while until we caught out breaths and moved forward.

"Alright good job," Sarah called from the sidelines. "now this last segment has some rules." I saw that there was a narrow lane made between two lines of tape in front of us leading to two more cones marking the finish line. The length was only about thirty feet. "First, you step out of the lane you go back the start. Second," She held up a foam rubber ball about the size of her head, "Either of you gets hit with one of these, you both go back a step, and if you deflect one you go forward one. Third and final rule is she can only use Psybeam to deflect the balls."

"You've got to be kidding me" I said. "you're seriously making us run the gauntlet?"

Sarah flung the ball at my head fast enough that I couldn't dodge, and after a solid but relatively painless THWAP, she yelled "That's a step back for both of you!"

Clara obligingly stepped back and I sighed, doing the same.

"We can do this Master" Clara said, smiling up at me reassuringly. I could help but smile back at her confidence.

"All right, lets do it then" I said.

Sarah lobbed a ball high, aiming to come right down on top of Clara, but a brief flash of rainbow light from Clara easily sent the ball flying back and we both took our step forward. Sarah continued to lob similarly easy to deflect balls from a kart full of them, Clara missing only once by accident. I began to suspect she was up to something by the time we easily made it half way across the lane.

Suddenly I heard a rush of air just before a ball collided firmly into the side of me head, causing me to stumble and step out of the lane.

I looked to my left and saw Flare standing in front of a line of the balls Sarah was throwing and he gave woof when I spotted him.

"That's back to the start!" Sarah yelled, grinning.

I sighed and trudged to the start of the lane again, Clara walking close behind me. "It's okay Master, it was too easy before anyway." She reassured me.

Sarah lobbed another high ball and Clara deflected it easily just before a ball kicked by flare collided with her. She stumbled, but stayed in the lane.

"Sarah's ball is just a distraction" I warned her. "Keep an eye on Flare as he throws them in hard and fast while you're staring at the easy one." Clara nodded and took a battle stance, waiting for the next ball.

Sarah obliged, but Clara ignored her for the most part and watched Flare out of the corner of her eye. As predicted, Flare launched another ball at us with a powerful kick, and with two quick shots of her psybeam Clara deflected both balls with ease. We took our two steps forward and the pattern continued for a few more tossed. Sarah then switched it up so flare would only throw after her ball was deflected or hit us, and the switch caused Clara to get hit once as she waited for Flare, but after that she caught on and kept equal watch on both of them. We made faster progress than before advancing two steps instead of one every round, but it was far more difficult now, with us getting sent back a couple steps more than a few times when Clara missed a shot and the balls pummeled us. Soon we were close to the finish line though, and Clara was psyched up and her reflexes were equally wired. Just as we were about to deflect the last two balls though, they pivoted in the air and swung around, crashing into us, driving us both stumbling out of the lane.

A happy yip from behind the ball kart clued me into what had happened, and as I suspected a purple fox leaped up and revealed itself to be Esper, Sarah's Espeon.

"You didn't think it would be that easy?" Sarah asked. "You know my standards for training."

"Right, right, it was getting a bit boring anyway" I taunted back, not letting her get to me. Clara and I walked back to the start and began the third trek to the end. This time, both Sarah and Flare would throw their balls simultaneously and Esper would alter their courses to try to confuse us, or sometimes even send the speeding straight at us. It was a long time before we were even able to make our first step past the start as Esper was clearly very good with her telekinesis and made the paths of the balls hard to predict. And the few times we did make progress we were sent back before long by a cheap shot or a fake out by Esper.

"Ready to give up?" Sarah taunted after a while. "we're running out of balls to throw at you."

"Zip it" I shouted, panting.

"Master we can do this" Clara said, sensing my frustration. "I have an idea."

"What is it?" I asked, looking down at her.

She simply smiled and her eyes lit up blue. Understanding her plan I was surprised we hadn't thought of it sooner.

"Alright, Let's give it a go" I said, feeling a bit more confident in our abilities.

The next wave came, and Clara waited until Esper had a hold on the balls before making her move. I saw Esper's head dip a little as Clara reached into her mind and using what she found easily predicted the balls paths and deflected them. We took our two steps forward and repeated the process. Wave after wave we deflected every throw and quickly advanced towards the finish line. I could tell Sarah knew what we were up to before long, but from the way she was grinning I think this was what she planned for us to do. Eventually the last wave was thrown, only this time Sarah flung two balls and so did Flare, and Esper responded by sending all four rocketing straight for us. I winced, expecting to be knocked back, but Clara only giggled as she fired four Psybeams rapid-fire and sent every ball off course.

We advanced the last few steps, and cheered, victorious. Flare ran up to us barking happily as Sarah applauded us and Esper licked her paw, seeming uninterested. Sarah congratulated us and said she knew we would figure it out eventually. She said one of the key advantages to a psychic pokemon is they can read minds, and that was a very valuable skill for a partner to have. She also complimented Clara on her accuracy, as even knowing the paths the balls were going to fly they were still difficult to hit. Clara smiled and thanked her.

We all pitched in to help clean up the gym and move all its equipment back to its proper spot. Collecting the balls which were literally everywhere was what took the longest, though having two psychic pokemon who could carry about ten of them at once made it a lot faster than it would have been. It took Flare, Esper, and me to move the lifting obstacle back to its storage space, and Sarah mentioned that that slab weighed about three hundred pounds as we hauled it past her.

Afterwards we decided to all go out to dinner together at the new restaurant for pokemon Flare and I had gone to earlier that week. The owners recognized Flare for his massive size and welcomed us back warmly. The food was as good as before and we enjoyed chatting together over our meals. When the time came to split the bill I insisted on paying for everyone's meal myself, as Sarah had already been generous enough by giving us her training slot in the gym. Sarah argued to pay for her own food for a while, but I eventually won out through sheer stubbornness and she conceded. Happy and full, we said our goodbyes at the bus stop and promised to see each other at school tomorrow. Sarah got on the bus, finally calling Esper back to her pokeball as Flare, Clara, and I started the walk home.

Once inside, we decided to call it a night early and headed to bed. Flare curled up happily on his own bed as Clara and I got comfortable together in ours. Just as I was about to lay back, Clara kissed me deep on the lips and nuzzled against my chest "goodnight, Master" She said. I blushed and smiled at her as I lay down, wrapping my arms around her as I fell asleep.

My dreams were odd that night, or rather they didn't seem like my own dreams. One minute I was on a beach with Clara, who was now a beautiful Gardevoir, and then we were kissing each other in bed and she was a Kirlia again. Then we were in the gym having a battle against Sarah and her Espeon before finally returning to the bedroom where the dream seemed to stabilize.

I was lying naked with Clara on top of me and we were kissing each other passionately. After a while Clara pulled away, looking embarrassed. "What's wrong love?" I asked her, gently wrapping my arms around her.

"Do you still like me as a girl even though I have a penis?" She asked bluntly, sounding sad.

I smiled and hugged her tightly "Clara, it's not that important to me what you have down there, if you feel you're a girl then you're a girl to me"

She seemed to get even sadder despite this. "Then why do I like having a penis so much..." She mumbled.

I kissed her on the lips, causing her to jump with surprise but slowly returned the kiss before long. "That doesn't matter, you can be a girl and still enjoy having a male part. At the very least it gives you a unique experience as a woman."

"R-really?" She asked, sounding hopeful. I smiled and answered her with another deep kiss. We stayed like that holding eachother for a long time until I felt her male parts starting to swell against my stomach.

She pulled back from the kiss, panting and blushing as her pink shaft poked free from her skirt. "I want you to take me Mark, I want you inside me."

I nodded and gently shifted position so that she was laying on the bed and I was over her, feeling my own member stiffen up in anticipation. I brought the tip of my shaft to her asshole as she quivered beneath me and slowly pushed myself inside her, feeling her tight hole stretch wide around me.

Clara moaned my name loudly as she squirted pre onto her chest. Somehow I was able to fit my entire member inside her, and it felt amazingly tight. I waited a little to let her adjust to me before she told me to go on. I obliged and slowly began working my shaft in and out of her, feeling her body quiver with pleasure below me. Feeling her sphincter begin to relax a bit around my cock, I began thrusting into her faster, eliciting more moans from her.

"give me all you got!" Clara demanded, moaning as she writhed beneath me and I obliged, thrusting harder and faster into her small frame, starting to pant and moan myself. After just a short while she started squirting cum all over her chest and face as I brought her to orgasm, and I started slowing down to give her a break. "No, don't stop." She commanded. "I want you to mate me until you cum inside me" I didn't need any more encouragement than that and resumed humping her wildly.

I was surprised to feel something poking at my asshole each time I pulled back as Clara smirked up at me. "I found Master's toy" She tittered with amusement as she held it in place behind me with what I could only assume was telekinesis. Before I could respond though, she slowly moved the toy forward, easily penetrating me; going deeper inside me every time I pulled out of her. She held it there in place as I continued thrusting into her so that I would have to ride the dildo as I fucked her. All I could do was moan at the added pleasure and before long I was at the edge, Clara sensed this and suddenly shoved the toy deep into my ass as I thrust into her one last time, pumping wave after wave of my seed into her ass as she reached a second climax, cumming all over herself yet again.

I collapsed next to her, spent. She smiled at me as I slowly pulled out of her and I leaned in to kiss her. As we lay there making out the dream slowly faded away and my regular dreams came back to me for the rest of the night.
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