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Academy Affairs by Drass


Story Notes:

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Author's Chapter Notes:

After putting in a week's hard training, Mark and Co. spend the weekend relaxing in their own ways, and after Clara gets invited to a sleepover at Sarah's apartment, Mark and Flare are left to their own devices. While the girls are away, the boys will play.

I claim no ownership of the copyrighted characters involved in this story. The characters of Mark and Sarah belong to me. Pokemon, Arcanine, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Spinarak, and the many other mentioned in this story are all owned by Nintendo.

Effort Rewarded

The rest of the week went by quickly. Flare kept pushing himself in PE class and by the end of the week he had improved his physical abilities drastically. Clara was also quickly improving, going up against four of Sarah's pokemon each day by the end of the week. I also bought a few juggling sets for Clara to practice her telekinesis, and she was keeping seven balls in the air and moving without dropping them before long. Clara didn't seem to mind having to wait for Flare and me at home during the day, though I was suspicious of how she passed the time when we weren't there. Every day when I got home I found that my search history had been cleared, which was odd but not exactly incriminating for Clara; then there were more subtle things like my clothes draw being more ruffled than I remembered some days and my lube seeming to have moved a bit in its hiding place behind my monitor some days. Despite my suspicions, I gave Clara the benefit of the doubt and didn't confront her about it. By the time Friday came I was feeling pretty confident in my partners' growth. Though after our sparring session with Sarah then, Sarah surprised Clara with an invitation to a sleepover she was planning on Saturday.

Clara was surprised at the offer "You really want me to come?"

"Yeah, it's a party for my friends and their pokemon" Sarah said cheerfully. Flare woofed happily and playfully butted his head against her shoulder. "Sorry Flare, girls only" she said, giving Flare a consolatory pat on the head.

Clara looked at me for confirmation about whether or not she would be truly allowed to go. "Well," I said, "You've been working so hard you deserve a break, why don't you go?"

Clara jumped up excitedly "I'd love to go to your party!" she exclaimed.

After working out the details, we decided the plan was to drop Clara off at Sarah's apartment Saturday morning so she could spend the day getting to know Sarah's friends and that night they would watch movies. We said our goodbyes and headed back home, Clara beaming with excitement the whole way. We got home and spent the evening watching TV, Clara still curious as ever about anything she saw on it. Before long we decided to call it a night and headed to bed; though Flare insisted on sleeping in my bed and wouldn't take no for an answer. Somehow we managed to all fit on it, but only barely. I took a moment to marvel how my bedframe hadn't collapsed at this point before getting comfortable and closing my eyes.

The next morning we got up early and after a light breakfast, we all headed out for Sarah's house. Clara was a little nervous at the prospect of spending the night away from me, but still excited to be invited to a party. She insisted on sitting in my lap on the bus ride, after which we walked the rest of the way to Sarah's apartment complex. Sarah answered the door quickly after we knocked and invited us in. We were the first to arrive, so we chatted briefly as Clara explored the place. I asked Sarah how many pokemon she was raising, as I had seen her using at least eight different pokemon throughout the week. She blushed and admitted she was probably training at least two dozen pokemon separately; or rather her family was taking care of most of them for her while she was at the academy. We didn't get to chat for long as the first group of her friends arrived for the party and Flare and I had to say our goodbyes. Clara gave me a long hug before letting me leave, promising to be good.

I decided to walk home rather than take the bus, taking a detour through the park with Flare to enjoy the scenery. Flare seemed to appreciate it less than me, but didn't seem to have a problem with walking home. I was surprised to see our coach relaxing on a park bench with a weirdly round white and blue bunny pokemon. We stopped and waved before striking up a conversation. Coach made it a point to compliment Flare on his progress throughout the week and introduced us to his pokemon; who he called Azumarill, or Azu for short. He explained that before he got his job as a training coach he used to be a talented trainer, but gave up on the league after his pokemon was seriously hurt when one of his matches went severely wrong. It was then that I noticed his Azumarill had a long patch of jagged, discolored fur down it's shoulder and arm and never seemed to do much with that hand. Coach explained that his friend Azu wasn't able to use his arm quite right ever since and decided he didn't want to risk hurting any more of his friends after that. Despite coach seeming to get a bit grim as he reflected on his youth, Azu seemed oddly cheerful. Coach admitted he didn't regret his trainer days as it gave him useful experience to help train officers and their pokemon in his current line of work. We chatted a bit longer after that about the weather and about Clara's progress outside of the academy, and after that we returned to our walk, promising coach to keep at it when we got back on Monday and coach wishing me good luck raising Clara as we parted.

We got back home around noon, and once inside I plopped down on the couch. The walk had left me pretty tired and without meaning to I ended up napping there until the evening. I was woken up by Flare, who was pawing at my leg insistently. Groggy, I told him to give me a minute to wake up first before I helped him, but an annoyed growl told me he had other plans. Before I knew what was happening Flare had picked me up by my belt with his teeth and was carrying me to the bedroom. He tossed me up onto the bed before sitting in front of it and whining impatiently as he looked over at the yoga mat rolled up in the corner of the room. It the occurred to me that I hadn't taken proper care of Flare's libido since discovering Clara's secret at the start of this week.

"I'm sorry for kinda forgetting to take care of you Flare." I said, embarrassed and feeling bad for my neglect. Flare gave me a heavy lick on the cheek to tell me it was okay before walking over and pawing at the yoga mat. I got up and quickly rolled the mat out on the floor as Flare paced around excitedly. "Alright, to make up for it I want to do something special for you. You can have me any way you want, as many times as you want."

Flare gave a happy woof at this before tugging gently on my shirt with his mouth. I smiled and began disrobing as Flare sat and watched me, wagging his tail happily. I tossed my shirt on the bed before unbuckling my belt. I could see the red tip of Flare's large member starting to poke free as I slowly removed my pants, leaving my boxers on to extend the little strip tease. Before I could fully reveal myself Flare pounced on me, knocking me down on the soft yoga mat before grabbing my boxers with his teeth and murring as he slowly pulled them off himself. I smiled and let him, getting into the swing of things as I felt my own member growing.

I now sat before my partner fully naked and aroused as he tossed my boxers onto the bed with the rest of my clothes. Flare wagged his tail as he leaned down to sniff my malehood before giving it a slow lick. I gave a sigh of pleasure, but didn't get to savor the sensation before Flare shifted position and I suddenly found myself staring at the tip of his still growing member. I needed no encouragement and quickly set to work licking all over his shaft, feeling it grow fully engorged under my tongue. A contented murr from above told me I was doing well, and attempted to take him in my mouth. Unfortunately he proved too big for that hole, and I could only manage to fit the first inch and a half. The resulting gush of pre made it worth the effort, and I quickly swallowed his juices before I went back to running my tongue over every inch of his red cock. I reached up to massage his large testes as I worked, feeling them churn with pleasure in my hands.

Just as I was getting carried away in my work, Flare backed away out of my reach and crouched down so his muzzle was pressed against my groin. Before I could react I felt his hot tongue pressing against my sphincter and knew what he wanted. I leaned back and spread my legs to give him better access to my hole, and he redoubled his licking. I moaned quietly as he quickly loosened me up, something that was much easier for me now after just the few times Flare had used it. Before long Flare was easily pushing his massive tongue inside me, getting me lubed up with his saliva as I dripped pre onto my stomach.

When he felt I was loose and slick enough he backed off. I started to roll over onto all fours for him, but a low dominant growl from him told me he wanted me as I was. Not sure how he was planning to take me like this, I spread my legs wider for him and waited for him. He looked at me like that for a while and I swear he was savoring the view, but before I could be sure he crouched down over me, almost sitting as he lowered his back half into position. I reached down and took his hot shaft in my hand to guide it into my ass, and once lined up Flare thrust inside me in one smooth stroke. I was still a tight fit for him, but I was used to his size now and couldn't help but moan as he stimulated my prostate with his sheer size. Flare held in place for a while, letting me adjust to him as I more pre spurted out onto my belly before he started thrusting in and out of me. I moaned and panted as he quickly picked up speed and soon he was humping me quickly, causing my member to twitch and bounce each time he pushed his into me. I clung to his mane as he mated me, and before long I could feel his knot swelling and bumping against my ass. I braced myself for him to force it inside me but was surprised when he just kept thrusting as it reached it's full size. My surprise didn't last long as he suddenly started fucking me harder and faster, wrecking any train of thought I had going as he approached his peak and hammered my prostate. Just as I was getting close to cumming he thrust hard into my, ramming his knot against my asshole but failing to get it inside me as he unleashed his pent up load inside me. I clung to his mane panting as spurt after spurt filled me, but without his knot to hold him in place I could feel it leaking out of me quickly. He stood up before he finished cumming, easily slipping out of my ass and I was granted the nice view of hit massive rod twitching in front of my face as he unloaded his last few spurts onto my face and chest.

"Good boy" I praised Flare, panting. Though the high from being so close to the edge wore off quickly and was replaced with the powerful ache of being pent up. I looked down at my still rock hard member, marveling at the puddle of pre I had made on my stomach. Flare stepped back and saw I hadn't cum myself yet, and just stared for a moment, seeming to think hard before nodding to himself and looking me in the eyes. "Flare, what is it?" I asked, seeing he had something in mind, but not sure what. Flare walked over to my computer and with surprising dexterity reached behind the monitor and snagged my bottle of lube by it's cap before walking back and dropping it in my lap. I looked down at it, confused. "You want me to give you another handjob?" I asked him, figuring that my ass was plenty slippery if he wanted that again. Before I could make another guess though, Flare had turned around and laid down in front of me, raising his tail and presenting me with his asshole.

"You sure you want this?" I asked Flare, extremely surprised he would feel like trying anything like this. A low woof as he shuffled back, bringing his rear closer to me was all the answer I needed. I was about to start lubing up my hand when I decided to make it more personal. I leaned forward and pressed my tongue against his tailhole, feeling him jump with surprise but murring happily once he realized what I was doing. I set to work massaging the outside of his sphincter with my tongue, though my inexperience showed as it took a long while to get him to loosen up. By the time I got him loose enough to start pushing my tongue inside him my jaw was aching. I backed off, hearing a disappointed whine from his front, but before he could turn around I had grabbed my lube and gotten my fingers slippery enough to continue the job. He seemed to like this less than the rimjob at first, but as soon as I could get my fingers inside him and found his prostate he was murring happily again. I set to work giving him the best prostate massage I could, making sure to keep my fingers lubed up and before long Flare was panting with pleasure and loose enough that I could fit three fingers in him easily if I tried. I smiled and started gently kneading his furry balls with my other hand as I worked, but before I could get carried away Flare suddenly stood up.

"What's wrong?" I asked, afraid I had accidentally hurt him. Flare looked back at me, still panting and it was then that I noticed the wide stance of his hind legs. He whined for me to go on, raising his tail as high as he could for me. I grinned, and seeing no reason not to do as he wanted, I quickly stood up and positioned myself at his rear. I rested my hands on his flanks as I slowly pressed the tip of my shaft against his tailhole, and met with little resistance as the loosened and slippery hole eagerly swallowed my dick; the heat inside him was all but overwhelming. Flare panted more and I quickly set to work thrusting into his ass, which elicited many whimpers and murrs from my partner. It didn't take me long to get up to speed mating him, his tailhole felt so good and he seemed so eager that soon I was giving him all I had. I panted and moaned with him as I reached down and found his still engorged member and started quickly stroking it. I could feel he was dripping pre like crazy and the rhythmic tightening of his tailhole caused by me jerking him off felt amazing. I tried to hold out for as long as I could, faring well against the pleasure until a sharp whine from my partner and a sudden torrent of warm wetness in my hand told me my partner was cumming. I moaned and gave into the pleasure, burying my rod deep inside his tailhole and cumming mere moments after him.

I collapsed against my partner, but was only held up for a few seconds as he soon collapsed as well. I slowly pulled out of him before snuggling up against him as we lay there panting in the now massive puddle of cum he had produced.

I didn't get much time to rest as soon his knot has receded while his member remained engorged and he prompted me to let him mount me again. Keeping good on my promise I got on all fours and let him have his way with me. He lasted much longer than before; though this time he did knot me, leaving me to jerk myself off to a second climax as his knot all but crushed my prostate with its size.

Again and again he took me, so much that by the time he was finally satisfied I could see the morning light coming in from my window and all that would happen when he reached climax was his massive shaft would spasm wildly as only a few drops of pre dribbled out. He finally collapsed on the mat next to me and passed out, having nearly emptied every last drop of his seed into my ass. I picked myself up, exhausted, feeling his cum run out of my now gaping asshole. I smiled at the satisfied canine, who was now snoring contently as his shaft finally deflated and slowly receded back into his sheath. I managed to waddle my way to the shower and clean off most of the night's mess, but still felt his sperm running out of me after I finished. Sighing, I grabbed a large wad of toilet paper and tried stem the flow as I went back to my room to get some clothes. I slowly got dressed, being careful to keep the toilet paper in place as I pulled my boxers on. Now clothed, I set to work cleaning up the huge mess Flare had made. After going through two rolls of paper towels and still making little to no progress I broke down and got the mop out of the closet. Flare slept on, oblivious of me working. I got everything I could, that is, everything that flare wasn't directly laying on, and decided to call it good for now.

Yawning, I picked my watch up off the bed stand and checked the time. With a jump I realized it was only ten minutes until I was supposed to pick Clara up from Sarah's party. I jogged out the door, hoping against the odds that the bus would be there when I needed it, and for once it was. I quickly boarded and in just a few minutes was standing outside Sarah's apartment complex. Somehow I had made it in time. Sarah answered the door groggily, apparently the sleep over had turned into an all-nighter at some point as everyone was still awake. Clara walked up to me and hugged my shins as she thanked Sarah for the fun time before asking if we could go home now. Sarah giggled sleepily, saying Clara could barely stay awake despite all that was going on. She said that Clara got along surprisingly well with her friends; though she was shy at first, and the novelty of a pokemon that could speak English was enough to make her the life of the party for a long while. I leaned down and picked Clara up, who sleepily wrapped her arms around my neck and rested her head on my shoulder as I thanked Sarah for inviting Clara. Sarah said it was nothing and would gladly do it again before bidding us goodbye.

At some point on the bus ride home Clara fell asleep, snoring quietly on my shoulder. I smiled and kissed her cheek, causing her to smile back in her sleep. "Oh Master, you're so wonderful..." she mumbled telepathically, letting some of what I guessed to be her dreams slip out. I also got a brief image of Clara and I on the beach at sunset with Flare running in the distance. I carefully carried Clara up the stairs to my apartment after getting off the bus, barely managing to keep awake myself, and once inside decided that the bed was too far and collapsed onto the couch, causing Clara to grunt, but after a moment to shift into a more comfortable position with me she was breathing easy again, and once I knew she was comfy again I closed my eyes and fell asleep immediately.
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