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It's late at night; the family's out. Home alone, Ian's resigned to another night in with his psychic companion, Vera. Some things can seem dull in moonlight, but she makes him a proposition he's not too interested in refusing...

Story contains psychic tomfoolery, and was commissioned by a very dark, shady and willingly anonymous character. You will never found out who he or she was.

Human x Espeon

Story Notes:


Espeon x Human F/M

Human/Creature, Oral, Fondling

Started 20/06/2012; Finished 02/07/2012; produced by BRN.Quil for (anonymous)

  1. Psychosocial (3660 words)

    Date:Mar 16 2021 Title:Psychosocial

    This guy plays scout in TF2, smh my head. Heavy is obviously the better choice.

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