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Sibling Rivalry by brnquil


Story Notes:

M/M Feral

Mightyena x Poochyena;

Oral, Muzzlefuck, Incest

For Nicobay; by BRN.QUIL - started January 2012 finished Feb 28th 2012

Sibling Rivalry

Author's Chapter Notes:

One of my older stories.

Sibling Rivalry

At this time of the year, the sun always set a little later than usual. Although it was already long into the day, it was only now that the first streaks of pink were beginning to reveal themselves from behind the numerous dim, fluffy clouds; like strokes of paint in the sky, a colour swath that, as time dripped on, would reveal oranges and deep reds; the twilight hours swallowing the aquatic blues of the daily luminescence.

Barely half an hour would remain until the glowing sun, would finally sink behind the horizon, falling into the seas of the Emerald Isles. A party of Swellows crossed the fading light, searching the small and numerous islands for somewhere to sleep. Cliff faces were common; the islands were vast in number, but only the most protected cliffs would suit - it was breeding season for the birds, but also the animals of the islands’ forests, and in caves and trees and burrows and the seas of the Emerald Islands, Pokemon sought out their partners.

But even though it was still light, the air was chilled. It was going to be a cool and cloudless night. Padding along a narrow beach, a Manectric nuzzled his compatriot Mightyena. Low in the rocks, a short few steps from the lethargic sea edge, he smiled, meeting her eyes... stepping ahead of him, the youthful ‘yena batted the more seasoned Manectric’s cheek with her tail, looking back round at him with a sly blush coating her grey-furred cheeks.

He only smiled more, guiding her to his cave.

It was to be a cold night, perhaps, but his cave, tonight, would be quite hot.


The night slowly passed. Another day came and went. Autumn slowly began to disappear, and the cold winter flew by. Spring arrived to a cacophony of new life; Butterfree tended to small Weedles; tiny Growlithe ran on the moors. Linoones tussled with Zizagoons; Furrets licked their bumbling Sentrets.

In the entrance to a cave, by a narrow beach, two small Poochyena opened their eyes to the outside world for the first time.

A proud mother, a Mightyena, leaned down to lick the messy fur of one of her small cubs. A Manectric stood behind her, watching them both, waiting, knowing that in seconds, the two cubs would take their first steps in the sand.

Courage, or maybe the naivety of youth, filled the first Poochyena. Reaching out to the warm sands, blinking, his paw spread into the soft, silken beach...


Two years brought the cubs to maturity.

Cain’s tail swished behind him, as he watched his younger brother.

Pressed against a small boulder, the tips of his fluffy ears appeared over the top of the rock, his focused, feral eyes soon joining them - his piercing gaze following Wren as the slightly-smaller and slightly-younger Poochyena padded across the beach, his paws sinking into the sand with each small step, completely oblivious to the attention.

Cain felt the familiar rush of excitement flowing through him. His gaze focused on each little step his brother made - his muscles felt tense, ready to burst, as his ear twitched, batting the air...

Wren passed the boulder.

The hiding Poochyena tensed, leaping up, and scrabbled to the top of the rock, claws scratching for purchase on the large boulder. Without pause for breath, Cain leapt - his powerful hinds springing him into the air again as his brother flinched at the sound, slipping in the sand.

With the air of practice, Cain landed beside his brother, spending just long enough on the ground to smirk at his brother’s startled horror, before he barrelled into his smaller kin.

“Got ya-!”

They rolled in the sand, golden grains sticking to the pair’s fur. Cain clung tight to his brother’s chest, as Wren wriggled to pull away - but he wasn’t letting his prey - brother, not prey, his conscious mind reminded him - slip away! Not this time!

It was all over in just a few seconds. Laughter rung out between the two competitors as Cain rolled to the top of the battling pair, his brother worn out beneath him, Cain’s heavy paw pushing down on his chest to keep him still.

“I got you! Say it!” The stronger Poochyena barked, grinning widely, a lop of wet sand clinging humourously to his left ear.

Wren coughed between his laughs, his sandy tongue lolling slightly out of his maw, as he tucked his paws beneath his chin.

“Alright, alright, Cain! Let me go, I’ll say it then...”

“Not a chance, you got me last time with that!”

“Fine, you win-! You win, you win. Happy?”

“Very.” Cain grinned widely, as he relaxed his paw, his brother finally claiming submission. He’d won... he’d won... victory made the competitive Poochyena very, very happy.

“So what do I have to do, now?” Wren asked, still grinning. “It was your paw, last time, can we not do that again? Your paws are icky!”

Cain laughed, letting his brother go, standing in the sand beside him, as waves lethargically rolled up and down the beach.

“Alright. You have to lick my tail.”

“Aww, but it’s covered in sand!”

“Too bad for you!” Cain paced slowly round his brother, finally crouching by the younger Poochyena’s head, his thick, fluffy tail raised. “You lost. Gotta lick my tail.”

Wren leant up, the smaller Poochyena now leaning on his side, as his muzzle lightly closed around his brother’s tail. His canid tounge slipped out of his maw, and he suckled gently on his brother’s furred appendage, trying not to gag as the fuzz tickled the inside of his maw, a faint taste of sand staying with it.

Trying not to see what he was doing, he closed his eyes, sinking down the tail - and suddenly, his snout bumped his brother’s thigh, his tongue trailing right across Cain’s soft rump. They both flinched, Wren opening his eyes in a flash and letting his brother go as Cain whipped around to stare at him.

“Ewwww-” mewled Wren quietly, as his brother stared, bursting into laughter.

“Well, that was a bit low.” Cain smirked, and laughed quietly, swishing his slickened tail in pleasured contentment.


“If you say so.”



Spring passed, and a hot summer made the days lethargic.

A high sun rose to rule over most of the days, a cloudless season parching the island of water. The forest trees of the island grew little by little, but the undergrowth spread- brambles, saplings and ferns competing for control. Only the cliffs and the beaches remained free of green; the golden sand, and the blue sea and sky, matched closely with the Manectric, their father, who brought them the food of the land.

Berries, some Magikarp, a number of Spearow; the old, weathered Electric-type was an ace hunter of the Water and Flying types of the island. But the two Poochyenas were growing older - and this year, they were going to have to fight for themselves. With his supervision, of course.

As Autumn fell, the rains returned to the island, and so began the final flourish of life for the island. Leaves were yellowing, and beginning to fall; but life was in its final peak before the winter, the rush for food, the rush for a mate. It was a perfect time to learn how to fight.

The Mightyena, their mother, watched with a wan smile from the beach cave as, for the very first time, the Manectric padded into the forest with his two sons - our two sons, she thought.



Cain nudged Wren as they followed behind their quiet father, padding quietly along one of the many forest paths.

“Hey-” Cain whispered.

“What?” Wren replied, equally quietly.

“You think we’ll get to see dad fight?”

“Do you think we’ll have to fight?”

“Shh,” insisted the Manectric.

The two fell silent, as they followed their father’s stare up into the trees. With the keen eyes of the canid hunters, a proud Spearow was easily visible against the light of the sky, preening its feathers as it clung to a thin branch, stemming from a tree that was so far away it might’ve taken several seconds to run to.

Cain silently admired his fathers eyesight. Wren anxiously trembled.

The trio stared, completely still.

The Spearow seemed to guage that something was amiss, pulling its head away from its preening to look around, visibly tensing up even from the distance

Not a single muscle twitched among the three grounded Pokemon, and soon, the Spearow eased up, returning to cleaning itself.

Suddenly, the Manectric leapt forward, a faint yellow glow from the peaks on his head loosing an awesome crackling sound. All about, the air seemed to shimmer- the Spearow flinched, having only the time to call out its own name before the wave of shimmering air passed through its body. Sparks jumped from its feathers as it twitched, its legs loosening, falling roughly to the ground.

“Go, boys!” - the Manectric roared. Cain leapt forward to join his father, receiving a shunt in the backside with the larger canid’s snout as Wren hustled reluctantly to meet them.

It was only a short sprint to the tree, but it felt like no time at all, as adrenaline began to suffuse the dark-type Poochyenas. Their father’s Thunder Wave had obviously paralysed the bird, and it struggled, flapping uselessly at the two, unable to stand.

As he arrived, Wren saw two things. The Spearow’s beak opened and shut, again, and again, completely uselessly. And yet, its eyes were very much alive.

Until Cain followed his own instincts, and clamped his jaws around the bird’s body, in a harsh crunch.

Then there was no more flapping, and no more life in those eyes.

Cain shook the Spearow for a few seconds, before letting it go, disbelief seeming to show in his own eyes.

“I-I did it- I did it! Ha!” He laughed, loudly, before smirking at his brother, and leaping at him.

Wren was used to his brother’s rough games, and rolled to the side, dodging his sibling’s leap entirely.

“Come on, get back here, Wren!” Cain laughed again, his brother feeling strangely unable to laugh. Had he done a bad thing? Letting his brother hunt?

“Get back here!”, Cain called, laughing.


Wren’s reverie was interrupted as the sound of their father boomed through the forest. The two Poochyenas shared a quick glance, before chasing back to the Manectric.

Some horrific sounds shattered the forest, and as they arrived, Cain called out.

Gouges in the dirt showed where the Fearow’s beak had pierced the ground, as it flapped, hovering just above their father. The Manectric’s claws swiped at the Flying-type as he lay on his own back, writhing beneath the bird, dodging Horn Drill after Horn Drill. His paw swung out, coating itself with thunder as it smashed into the bird’s wing, but the Fearow didn’t even react, forcing itself only closer to the canine as the bird’s cruel talons seemed ready to rip the two Poochyena’s father into pieces.

Suddenly, a Horn Drill drove right into their father’s paw, shattering the flesh.

Wren watched in horror, stuck in place. Only a flash of grey by his side seemed to register.

Roaring a wolf’s roar, Cain was a picture of fury as he ran, leaping, colliding into the bird’s side.

It was over in seconds. Cain fell with the surprised bird, and the Manectric expertly rolled to his paws. His head-peaks glowed bright silver as he pounced on top of the bird, Cain rolling to his side -

Wren looked away, as a horrific cracking sound broke through the forest.

The silence and guilt roared inside him.

It wasn’t until a bright, white light shone, an awesome sound pierced through the forest, and his sense faded away, that the Poochyena looked back.

His father, felt stained with red, was stepping backwards. The Fearow’s body- or, most of it - was still on the ground. And his brother was shining, with pure white light.

“Dad-!” was all Wren heard from his brother, before he suddenly shone brighter, burning through the Poochyena’s sight even as he closed his eyelids to try and cope.

Then it faded. Standing in Cain’s place was... a new Cain. The Mightyena, covered in pristine grey and black fur, stood, examining his own body.

The Manectric looked at his eldest son, before looking at Wren, then back to Cain.

There was a pause; the quiet of the forest so bizarre, now. The Manectric grinned.

“This’ll show your mother,” he managed, wincing as his ruined paw tapped the ground.



The older, larger, motherly Mightyena relentlessly licked her elder son, who could only laugh at the attention he was getting, almost held to the floor by her paw.

“So-” lick!




“Mommm-!”, Cain half-complained, as he was licked again and again. “Stop it! It tickles!”

Wren sat on his hinds, at the entrance to the cave, staring out at the sea. It was all he could do to listen to the sounds of his happy, more confident, stronger brother, without just leaving. Why did he feel this way? Why did he want his brother’s attention more than anything else?

Cain was a Mightyena, now.

Why would Cain want to play with him, when he was just a Poochyena?

Deep in his own thoughts, the young Poochyena didn’t even notice his father as he padded up from behind, only turning around as the Manectric bumped his snout to the back of the small wolf’s neck.

“You seem unhappy, son.”

“Maybe a little...”

“What’s so heavy on your mind?”

Truthfully, Wren didn’t even know. He thought he knew, but he didn’t want to admit it to himself. But all he could think about was his brother... the fearless way he’d charged to fight the bird with his father, all the games they used to play, the way that Cain used to roll on top of him...

“Can we go for a walk, Dad?”



Winter was on its way. The sun was setting earlier, this time of year. It was low in the sky already, and Wren looked out at the ocean with his dad, watching the sun sink minute by minute. It was going to be a chilly night.

“How come Cain’s become a Mightyena, but I haven’t?”, said Wren, looking up at his father, who lay by the Poochyena’s side.

The Manectric sighed, trying to explain it.

“It’s all to do with... your nature, your personality - and also, how much you do, how much you’ve fought. We’re Pokemon, we’re built to fight and train, to get stronger. Your brother must have just done more fighting than you did today. And that Fearow he downed was.. a big fighter, even with me helping out. It must have been the one thing that set him off.”

“So, all I have to do is hunt a Fearow?”

“That’s not an easy thing to do, son.”

The Manectric picked himself up, stumbling slightly.

“Are you hurt, Dad?”

“It’s just my paw, son. Since today. That damn bird. That’s all.” The Manectric wiggled his injured left paw in front of the Poochyena, as if to prove it was nothing, but winced again, and brought it back.

“But I think you’re going to get the chance to go hunting again with your brother, soon. I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring anything home for a while. Maybe you can pick up some experience.”

Wren tried not to let his feelings show as his heart jumped into his throat, thinking about spending more time with Cain.

“Okay, Dad.”



The sun rose. Days passed. The sun set again. And as it rose again, on a cool winter morning, Cain sat beside Wren, trying not to snicker at the bizarre size difference between them - not noticing the admiring stares he was receiving, as his little brother awed himself with the sight of his big brother’s powerful body.

It was on his mind all the time, and Wren knew it. He couldn’t get his brother out of his head.

“S-so,” Cain mumbled. “Mum, he’s gonna be alright, right?”

The voice of the brother’s mother, the kindly Mightyena, grew stronger as she appeared from around the corner of the cave where she and their father slept each night. It was faint, almost wan.

“I don’t know, son. Probably.”

Wren looked up at Cain’s face as he looked down at his younger brother, before padding into their parent’s chamber alongside the Mightyena. On a bed of leaves, their father slumped on his side, his left paw a strange colour - a very tired expression in his eyes, which refused to brighten, even as he smiled to see them.


“What’s wrong, Dad?”, asked Cain. Wren sat quietly by his side.

“Not much. The same as before. I think you guys are going to need to do the hunting for a little longer than I expected. Do you think you’re up for it?”

Cain blinked, before nodding. Wren sat quiet, gazing at the floor.

“That’s good to hear. Take care of yourself and each other, while you’re out there. It’s about time you got used to hunting.” The Manectric paused for a little while.

“Around this time of year, the best spots are near the lake,” he finally finished. “Bring a fish home for me.”

“You’re not coming with us, Dad?” Wren finally asked, his smaller voice sounding so pitiful after his big brother and the old, strong Manectric had spoken.

“Not today, Wren. Go on now; the early bird catches the Wurmple. And the early you catches that bird.”

The Manectric seemed to shudder slightly, as if containing a cough or twitch.

“Listen, you boys. Can you take care of each other without me?”

Wren blinked, looking up at his brother (a rush, a thrill, seemed to flow through him, as he admired his brother’s strong body... before he controlled it - what under Arceus was that?), as Cain looked back down at him; then back at his father.

“Yeah, I reckon I can look after him.”

Their mother smiled, before taking a step forward, nudging Cain’s neck with her snout.

“Go on, and have fun, you two,” she smiled. “I know you’re going to have a good time together.”



Oh, the familiar thrill! Energy pulsed through him; he could see in every colour, every detail... his limbs were tense, ready to flee or fight! He could even feel his small, fluffy tail swivelling this way and that behind him, as he crouched behind the small rock, nestled beside a tree...

Wren tried to suppress the laughs that were threatening to give away his hiding spot as he peeked over the top of the boulder by the lake, searching for any sign of his brother.

Cain’s voice floated out from the trees.
“I know you’re here, Wren! I can smell your fur from anywhere, you should be running - or I’ll find you! Bet on it!”

It came from over there! Between the winter-trees... a flash of grey and black!

That was his brother - he was going to be close in barely a few seconds.

Wren ducked back down behind the rock, his forepaws tight against his muzzle, trying desperately to hold back even the sound of his laboured breathing... as his brother’s heavy paws softly padded along the lake-bank, between his rock and the water...

“Oh, you’re close... I know you’re here... you’re... here!” The Mightyena’s snout suddenly appeared behind the boulder just next to his, the wolf’s paws scrabbling for a purchase on the rock, as he leapt right over!

Wren barely had time to watch his brother’s powerful legs propel the wolf towards him as he rolled backwards, instinctively pressing himself back against the other side of the tree, his laughter finally bursting from his Poochyena muzzle.

“Give up, Wren, I found you! You can’t win, I’m gonna pin you down!” Cain laughed, his tone filled with the playful joy of his teasing personality.

“N-not a chance! I’ll pin you down!” Wren stuttered, having too much fun to care.

“You? You’re tiny! And better still, I know exactly where you... are!” Cain yelled, as he leapt right around the side of the tree, the Poochyena beside it barely scrabbling away from his brother’s reach.

“Nuh-uh!” Wren took the chance, fleeing back around to the other side of the tree again.

Cain yelped with excitement. His favourite game, the hunt, but he’d been a little hasty and chosen the wrong rock. It stirred up his adolescent power... and he loved to compete with his brother. Even if things were different since he’d evolved.

He paused for breath, giving his brother a few seconds break.

Wren, realising he wasn’t being chased, suddenly felt the feel of a crazy plan. With a powerful leap, his Poochyena paws scrabbled to the top of the small rock he had been hiding behind... yes... he was easily higher up than his brother, now!

“And to think, we’re supposed to be hunting... and I get the chance to hunt you!” Cain chuckled, his voice coming from the other side of the tree.

“But I can smell you, Wren, and I know exactly where you’re hiding...”

Dropping low, to a stalking pose, the wolf reached his fore-paws out quietly, getting ready to pounce around the side of the tree, one last time, to take and catch his brother...


The breath was suddenly knocked out of his chest as his brother appeared from nowhere, landing right on him! He felt those tiny paws grab his back, bringing him down to the ground - not a chance! - and used his own paw to grab the little Poochyena, squeezing him tight to his body as instinct made him roll over on his side, quickly resting on three paws as he lightly pinned his wriggling brother with a forepaw.

“Nice try.”

“Aww, that ain’t fair, Cain!” Wren whined, struggling. “I’m barely half your size and I totally got you.”

Winded, Cain took the time to pant a little, holding his brother down beneath him. He watched the little Poochyena’s tail wriggling, having caught his brother back-to-front - and laughed gently, realising his brother would be having a fine view of his furred underbelly.

“That’s not my problem, Wren. Maybe you should be a Mightyena.”

“Aww, b-bite me, Cain.” Wren laughed, still struggling against his brother’s paw, as the two brothers caught their breath. A tingle of feeling ran through him, as he realised he hadn’t been this close to the Mightyena his brother had become... well, in days and days.

In fact, from underneath here, he could see everything... Cain’s powerful body, those legs... t-that... his... his sheath....

Ohhh, Mew... had he thought that? Really?

“Bite you, Wren?” laughed his brother. “Now, why would I do that? You know the deal... you’ve got to do whatever I say. Wait...”

Wren swallowed hard as he felt warmth spreading through him.

“Huh... what-” mused Cain, suddenly quiet.

Wren stopped struggling, utterly embarrassed. Oh Mew, please don’t let it be showing...

“Hey, Wren? Something on your mind?” Cain laughed, teasing. The Poochyena beneath him, about half the size of his body, lay completely still, knowing full well what his brother could see.

Just south of his paw, Cain saw the little slip of a black, shiny tip spreading the entrance of Wren’s sheath, bulging gently just between his hind thighs. He couldn’t help but grin.

“What, you admiring the view down there, Wren?” Cain laughed openly, smirking, staring down at his brother’s sheath, and the prize that had just begun to show itself.

“L-lay off...” Wren was quiet as a Skitty, laying utterly still beneath his brother’s paw, his back against the ground as his own paws tucked protectively under his chin.

“Nah, Wren... I didn’t know you liked that view.” A small chuckle escaped the ‘yenas maw as he wriggled his paw just a little more south on his brother’s body, grinning as he felt his brother twitch beneath him - that sheath swelling just a little more.

“H-hey!” Wren called out, his eyes shut tight. “S-stop it... it’s not funny...” Thoughts and feelings were running through him, but all he could feel was his brother’s paw on his body, the soft pads against the soft fur of his belly...

“Oh, it’s hilarious... I didn’t know yours was black.”

“What?” Wren’s eyes opened, suddenly finding his view filled with his brother’s belly much lower than before. The Mightyena’s hinds were low against him - and his brother’s paw finally lifted. Cain shuffled, his own sheath lightly bulging, now right above his brother’s muzzle.

“You lost, Wren. Now I want you to lick this.”

Wren, the Poochyena, could hardly feel his body. He knew he was panting... knowing his hot breath would be breaking upon the bulge of his brother’s furred sheath, his own paws tucked tight to his chin, even as Cain leaned forward to give his brother better access.

Was this really happening?, Wren thought. Oh Mew, please say it was happening.

The Mightyena splayed his hinds behind him, dropping his body even lower until he knew his sheath - he could feel himself swelling, now... - was hovering barely above Wren’s maw. A second passed...

“Go on. You lost. Lick me.”

Suddenly, he felt it-! Cain held back a violent buck forwards as he felt his brother’s tongue slip against his sheath, the ridged, textured canine muscle feeling so slick... tightly pressed against his mildly-furred, sensitive skin. Fuck!

Cain felt the low mewl of pleasure rumble in his throat before he could even stop himself making the sound.

“A-again.”, he commanded, authority starting to infuse his arousal-shaken voice.
“But...”, the mild voice of his younger brother floated from beneath him. “I did it, I did what you said already...”

The reluctance seemed so fake. They both knew it.

“W-we’re not playing the game anymore. Lick me.”

Wren shook slightly, as he lay on his back so close to his brother’s treasure. This was what he wanted. This was exactly what he had needed. Why was he even being so... so shy? Fuck, his brother was... he couldn’t ever stop thinking about Cain. This was a dream.

He leaned up once more, teasing his brother’s sheath, his wide, canid tongue running up from the stiffening middle of the furred bump to the small folds of muscle nestled in the tip of his brother’s entry, the musk of his brother absolutely exhilarating to smell and to taste...

He could feel his own shaft full and throbbing against his belly, as the tip of his brother’s sheath began to swell, revealing the pink-red tip of the Mightyena’s secrecy.

“Ohhh, fuck, Wren...”

Spurred on by his own arousal, and the pleasured sounds of his brother, Wren lifted a paw, caressing the side of Cain’s furry bump as he teased again and again with a tongue, running his slick muscle across it.

He knew he was starting to soak his own fur; his black shaft spurting that clear liquid it always did whenever he got aroused, but he didn’t care; watching his brother’s shaft grow and grow and thicken as it started to reach its full extension was incredible, and knowing it was all because of his treatment... he couldn’t even think properly...

“Wren... f-fuck....”

The Poochyena paused for breath, his tongue slightly dry, but tingling with an incredible, deep flavour. His eyes savoured the sight; his brother’s pink-red length almost glowing with a deliciously vivid colour as it throbbed and twitched against the Mightyena’s belly - and easily as long as his whole muzzle!

Wren blushed a little as he realised his brother wasn’t just bigger than his body, but that Cain’s shaft was also big enough to outshadow his own.

But that flavour... was just so rich... Wren was almost aching for another taste. He closed his eyes, his tongue running across the edges of his maw, before opening them again as he heard his brother move.

Cain rolled to his side, hinds proudly splayed, showing off his full and swollen length to his brother and lying beside the Poochyena, admiring Wren’s cute, smaller body. Wren was on his back, so cute, so... so vulnerable... his stiff, slick black shaft so visible between his brother’s legs... why hadn’t he made a move earlier?

“Get up, Wren. On all fours.”

Wren blinked, obliging, as Cain rolled back over, almost standing over his brother - giving him a full-on, front-on, face-on view of his shaft. The Mightyena was almost twice as big in body-size as the Poochyena, and straddling the little guy was hardly a challenge.

“Lick me again.”

Under his brother, almost pressed down slightly by the Mightyena’s chest, Wren leant forward; his legs were quivering, but the thrill flowing through him was too much - he had to service his brother; his brother commanded it!

As the tip of Cain’s full shaft throbbed gently in Wren’s view, a small drop of clear, shining fluid wobbled, capping the small gap at the end of his brother’s long, canid length. Wren’s tongue slowly slipped over it, as Cain panted above him - the taste and feeling of his brother’s musk...

Wren ducked lower, leaning up towards his brother’s shaft for better reach as he began to lick and service with avid pleasure. His wide, Poochyena tongue might not have been as big as his brother’s - but it was enough to flick over and against his brother’s shaft, gently wrapping around it as it throbbed above him, seeming to swell so slightly at the base as his ministrations treated the very tip...

His tongue lapped against every surface he could reach, trailing against Cain’s length - occasionally slipping right down the Mightyena’s shaft to caress his brother’s developing knot - the slick, textured surface of his tongue seeking out every flavour, every part of his brother...

Cain was in bliss, his sensitive secrecy barely used to anything but his own touch. He could barely resist the urge to flinch, buck, and thrust as Wren’s tongue seemed to caress and massage the very tip of his shaft; he could feel the pulse of his pre leaking from him, fuck! Animalistic, base pleasure was writhing through him, the feeling of that slick, rough tongue... it... it was indescribable, amazing - - he needed more!

“Wren-!”, Cain panted, trying to quiet the pleasured murmurs that kept forming in his maw.

Cain looked around his side, trying to control his heavy, pleasured panting as he placed a paw against his brother’s backside, beneath Wren’s tail.

“Huh- what - Cain, what-”

“O-open wide.”

Wren made a brief sound - silenced, suddenly, as his brother pushed with his paw, the Mightyena bucking forward to push his shaft into Wren’s muzzle. His length slipped against his brother’s lips, the soft flesh rubbing against the stiff, slick muscle as Cain growled in animalistic pleasure - his brother’s eyes widening in shock, as almost half of his brother’s length was thrust inside him.


Wren found himself pushed lower to the ground as his brother shuddered with pleasure, gaining control back from shock just in time to prevent himself from applying his teeth to the thick, hot shaft in his maw. That flavour... that feeling... Wren shut his eyes, letting his brother’s fluids seep into his muzzle - seeming to come thicker and faster... Wren swallowed, letting them seep down his throat -

“Oh, fuck...”, panted his brother above him.

Cain felt his brother swallow, the incredible feeling of his hot shaft, totally enclosed by the slick insides of Wren’s maw, running right through him. Pure shockwaves of pleasure seemed to drive through him as he felt his brother’s tongue wiggle, seeking out more of the fluids that he could feel almost pouring out of his shaft- and an animalistic pleasure flooding his body, a faint clenching in his body letting him know that his peak would be just on the horizon.

Cain pressed a little harder at his brother’s behind, forcing Wren closer to him to swallow even more of his thick shaft - the Mightyena’s engorged knot almost fully swollen, and taking up the whole of his brother’s vision, as the abused Poochyena loyally took his brother to the back of his maw; hardly finding it possible to breathe, but too flooded with his own, thrilled enjoyment to care.

“Wren you... you little... fuck....” Cain grunted, barely in control of himself as he wrested with animal instinct. Instinct and pleasure won out - and the Mightyena thrusted forward, plowing the remainder of his thick length into his brother’s muzzle as he felt the tight squeeze of his brother’s throat begin to caress the first, most sensitive inch of his length. His knot bumped into his brother’s soft snout, as the diligent Poochyena suckled, both of the brothers almost completely run through with animal instinct - the dominance of his brother overpowering the Poochyena as his submissive mind took it on to devote everything to the service of his alpha’s body - his brother’s body - alpha, brother...

The Mightyena arced his hinds back, pulling back an inch or two as the Poochyena took a breath, his tongue running over his brother’s length, searching for more of the copious and delicious pre his brother’s canid length was leaking inside him, before Cain the alpha plowed back inside him, setting a quick and brisk rhythm of animalistic vigour.

Wren’s maw ached, as once, twice, three times - the knot of his brother’s shaft hilting against his snout over and over before, suddenly, Cain thrust with a final, finished vehemence.

His length plowed to the back of Wren’s throat, and Wren could feel that canid tip spread the back of his gullet - his brother’s shaft throbbing, spurting, spewing hot, Mightyena seed in thick ropes, that seemed to almost fill his muzzle - Cain’s knot capping against his snout for the final time. The Poochyena swallowed, over and over, the muscles of his maw working to keep up with the flow of musky fluid as his brother howled out, panting in pleasure, his paw tight against the little Poochyena’s behind.

The flow seemed to last for minutes, as Cain shuddered again and again. Wren swallowed and swallowed, knowing his alpha - - -his brother -- was loving it as much as he did.

Cain’s pleasure slowly subsided, allowing his rational mind to take back over, as he gently pulled out of his brother’s muzzle, letting his slick, knotted shaft throb gently beneath his belly.

Wren stepped back, barely capable of thought, looking at up his brother’s kindly face. And both could see the wide grin on each other’s face.

“T-that... that was...” Wren stuttered, unable to think straight.

“That... was something I’ve wanted for a while.” laughed Cain. “Fuck, Wren.”

An awkward silence stretched on, for a couple of seconds. before Wren mumbled.

“M... me too...”

The little Poochyena could only blush, and the Mightyena snickered, eying a little pool of shiny grass between where his brother had stood, Wren’s smaller shaft slick with liquid, the fur around his sheath matted and wet.

“No wonder. Seems you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

“W-we should... get clean, Cain...”

“Sure. But we’re gonna do this again, another time, another place, Wren. Get ready for it.”

“I’d...” Wren’s body fluttered with feeling. “Yes..!”

Cain grinned.



Pawprints in the sand. They seemed to go nowhere at all.

He could hear Wren fumbling about in the cave, but he’d checked himself - there was simply nobody home. Mom and Fad had dissapeared, it seemed.

“They’re just not here, Cain!” Wren called out, his mild voice floating out from inside the cave.

The sun was setting, he noticed. It would grow colder soon.

“I know, Wren. I checked too,” Cain called back.

“W-where could they have gone?”

Though, to be honest to himself, the two sets of pawprints didn’t go nowhere. They walked next to each other - and one seemed irregular; as if walking with a limp. And they headed right towards the sea.

But that was ridiculous, he reasoned. His mom couldn’t swim, she’d never learned how. And the Manectric, his father and mentor, was way too injured with the paw injury he’d sustained.

Not a chance.

Listen, you boys. Can you take care of yourselves without me?
Something nudged his hind leg.

Wren appeared beside him. “Cain, I said... where could they have gone? Do you know?”

The Mightyena looked out to sea.

Yeah, I reckon I can look after him.
“A better place, probably.”

Chapter End Notes:

-BRN x

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    Befuddling since 1985, when the Cows came home
    Reviewer: Raw19
    Date:Oct 18 2014 Chapter:Sibling Rivalry

    Intense action followed by a hot sex scene and ending fairly depressingly. The feelings wrought here are real.


    Most Excellent.