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Reach for the Stars by Liranaux


Story Notes:

Well, here's my very first story! To be honest, I'm quite excited to be doing this. I was motivated to start writing after reading both Luca, by Felix, and Mina, by Crystal Serebii. I hope you'll enjoy, and leave suggestions!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are property of their rightful owners. The plot and characters are of my own creation. I'm not associated with the creators, producers, or owners of any media franchise in any way, and I am not expecting any profit to be made whatsoever. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a chapter which will explain how Jason and Star met. There is no smut yet, since this chapter took place when they were still young, but I promise that there will be smut later on.

Prologue: Humble Beginnings

Jason was on his way to school one day, enjoying the scenery, and talking to the wild Pokemon. You see, Jason has the ability to talk to Pokemon! He had an interesting conversation with the Sewaddle in the area, who say they have been having a hard time finding food. "Don't worry, I'll help. I'll come back after school with some food for you and your families!" Jason loved helping the Pokemon. He actually liked Pokemon more than he did other people. As he began getting closer to the school, he heard the bell ring. "Oh, no! I'm going to be late!" Jason cried as he ran at full speed towards the school building. Jason always got good grades, and he was almost never late. The only reason he was almost tardy today was because he intently listened to the Sewaddle's dilemma. Still, he made it to class just in time, and he took his seat in the corner of the room, like always. Jason didn't have many human friends, but when recess came, he was always excited, because he plays with the wild Pokemon in the area instead of the other humans. Jason was really happy today, because it was the last day of school, so recess was longer, and classes were shorter. As the class came to an end, Jason couldn't contain his excitement much longer, and as the class was let out, he was out of the classroom and running towards the playground before he knew it. He had a place that was close to the playground, but secluded by the bushes so that he and his Pokemon friends could play in peace. Jason's friends are a Poochyena named Birrn, a Sentret named Spring, and a Treeko named Kvair. As Jason approached the bushes, he heard some rustling of leaves nearby. He was worried that a teacher has found his hiding spot, and that he would get in trouble, but suddenly, Birrn had jumped out of a bush, knocking Jason to the ground. "I gotcha!" Birrn exclaimed with a slight sound of triumph in his voice. Birrn always liked suprising Jason, even though Jason didn't like it so much. "Birrn! You know I don't like that!" Jason replied with a jokingly annoyed tone. "You should stop doing that, Birrn. Jason might not come back if you keep doing that." Spring said. Spring moved around by jumping with her tail, much like a spring. Birrn nodded slowly, and backed off of Jason's chest. Kvair descended from a tree, and accidently landed on Birrn. "Ow! Kvair!" Birrn yelped, obviously irritated by Kvair's clumsiness. "I'm sorry, Birrn! I meant to land next to Jason!" Kvair said with a hint of sadness in his voice. He must've felt bad for landing on Birrn. "Don't worry about it, Kvair. It's okay." Birrn replied calmly, reassuring the Treeko. Kvair smiled and got off of Birrn, and the three Pokemon circled around Jason. "So, what are we going to do today?" Jason asked. He knew that he had plenty of time to play with them, so he let them take their time thinking about a game. "Oh! Why don't we have a race?" Birrn asked. Birrn was the fastest Pokemon in their group, and he was never fair when it came to playing games. "No way, Birrn! You always win!" Spring said. She was still thinking of a game, when Kvair had an idea. "Why don't we show off our moves? I've learned some new moves yesterday." Kvair said. They all knew that Jason wasn't a Pokemon, and that he had no special abilities like they did, but he still liked to pretend that he did. "Alright! Kvair, since you learned some new moves, why don't you go first?" Jason said with glee. He liked watching Pokemon use their abilities, since he knew that he would never get to use them himself. Kvair nodded, and entered a battle stance. He then proceeded to use Leaf Blade on a nearby tree, leaving a pretty large cut in the trunk. Jason clapped while Spring and Birrn cheered at the coolness of the move. Spring hopped up, and she used Bounce, which was her favorite move. She jumped up high, landed on a tree branch, and then hopped back down, landing on her tail and kicking up a cloud of dust. Jason had to squint and he coughed a little bit, but he still clapped at her preformance. Birrn didn't do much, since she always used Bounce when they showed off their moves. "Birrn! Show some appreciation!" Jason whispered. The Poochyena sighed, and then began to falsely cheer Spring on. She bowed, and let Birrn take his turn. He stepped up, reared up, and headbutted the nearest tree, knocking a sleeping Pidove off of it's branch! "Wow, Birrn! That was nice!" Jason exclaimed. He knelt down next to the Pidove to see if it was okay, and then asked Kvair to send it back to a branch. Kvair gladly accepted Jason's request and carried the Pidove back to the branch it fell off of. "Birrn, you need to be a bit more careful. I understand that you want to be the best Poochyena out there, but try to refrain from hurting other Pokemon unless you have to." Jason said, petting Birrn between his ears. The Poochyena yipped in agreement, and returned to sitting in his original position. Kvair came back down in time to see Jason's turn, which he anticipated greatly. Jason asked Spring if she could get him a piece of wood. She came back with a decent sized tree branch, which she set down in front of Jason. He smiled, and proceeded to pick up the branch, and then Jason tried to break it in half over his knee. His attempt failed and he fell over, holding his knee in pain. Kvair, Spring and Birrn immediatley ran over to see if Jason was okay, to which he simply smiled and stood up, wincing slightly. All three Pokemon sighed in relief, knowing that their friend is okay. Shortly after, the school bell rang, and Jason knew he had to leave. He sadly said goodbye to his three friends, and slowly made his way back to the school building, stopping to rub his injured knee once. He gathered his things, and looked towards the forest he walks through every morning. "Oh, crap! I forgot the food for the Sewaddle!" Jason thought to himself. He quickly made his way back to the bushes he had just played in, and looked for some berries for the Sewaddle. After having found plenty of berries, he stuffed them in his bag and began to make his way towards his home. He stopped where he had talked to the Sewaddle earlier in the day, and gave them all of the berries he had found. "Thank you! Oh, how can I repay you?" The Sewaddle asked. "You don't have to do anything. As long as you use those berries to feed your family, I'll be happy." Jason replied with a smile. The Sewaddle smiled as well, and crawled away with the berries on a leaf. As Jason approached his home, his mother was waiting for him on the front porch. "Hello, Jason! How was your last day of school?" She asked. She always greeted him with a smile, even on the worst of days. Jason knew that a smile like hers could brighten even the darkest of days. "Today was really fun, mom! I helped a Sewaddle's family by bringing them berries, and Birrn, Spring, Kvair and I showed off our moves!" Jason replied with much excitement. His mother kept smiling, and let him inside. Jason immediatley ran to his room to drop off his things, and went out in his back yard to play with the occasional wild Pokemon. His mother did what she always does; prepare dinner and watch her favorite T.V. show while Jason played outside. When the time came, she called to Jason, who came running inside with the appetite of a Snorlax. His mother had prepared a simple meal of Miltank burgers, which Jason devoured quite fast. "Jeez, Jason! Your friends must have a lot of energy to make you this hungry!" Jason's mom said with a shocked tone. She knew that his friends were Pokemon, and she knew about his ability. "Yeah! Birrn pounced on me again today, and Spring came to my rescue. Then, Kvair fell out of a tree and landed on Birrn!" Jason exclaimed with glee. "Can I go back to the playground and play with them some more tomorrow?" Jason asked. "Of course, sweetie! Just be sure to stay safe and to be home before it gets dark. And I hope your knee gets better!" His mom said with a smirk. "What? How did you know about my knee?" Jason replied, a little worried. His mom doesn't really like seeing Jason hurt. "Don't think that I didn't see your odd walk, Jason. I can tell when my son is hurt. Don't worry, I'm not mad." She said. Jason let out a small sigh of relief, now feeling a lot better. "Just how did you hurt yourself?" She just had to ask. "Well, after Kvair, Spring and Birrn had a turn at showing off their moves, I tried showing them my 'Strength,' but it didn't work so well. I tried to break a thick branch over my knee." Jason answered. His mother looked a little upset at Jason's desicion, but still smiled. Jason began to feel calm, and the whole thing was forgotten. After finishing his dinner, Jason helped his mother with the dishes, and went upstairs to his room. He fell onto his bed with a sigh of comfort, just to get back up, shower, and get into his P.J.s and get into bed. He fell asleep in a matter of minutes, and he had a dream.

He was drifting through a dark void, empty of everything. He heard a voice not too far off, and it seemed to be getting closer. After listening carefully, he heard his father's voice. Jason's father died in a tragic construction accident a year ago, and it still haunts him to this day. Listening to his father, Jason's eyes became misty, and as the voice drew away, tears began to roll down Jason's cheeks. When the voice was gone, Jason began to fall. He picked up speed quite fast, and as he looked down, he saw the scaffolding that his father died on. As he approached it, he suddenly stopped falling, and he was forced to watch his father fall off of the scaffolding on to the rebar below...

Jason woke up with a sharp gasp, with tears welling up in his eyes. These nightmares were happening a lot more often than they used to, and this one was by far the worst one yet. Jason looked at his clock, to see that it was almost 3 A.M. He tried his hardest to fall back asleep, but it was very difficult, so he went downstairs. To his suprise, he found his mother down in the living room, hugging her knees... "M-mom? What are you doing down here?" Jason asked. There was a bit of worry in his voice, because he knew that his father's death hit her the hardest. She jumped at the sound of Jason's voice, and looked at him with a face full of despair. "O-oh, Jason, it's you. Please, go back to bed, it's very late." She said weakly. "Mom, I know that there is something wrong, and I want to help. Is it about dad?" Jason knew that saying that was not the smartest idea, but it just happened to work. "A-acutally, Jason, yes. It is. It's just... I miss your father so much. I don't know how we carry on without him... He was such a nice man, he loved you lots, and he loved Pokemon as well... He was a perfect man..." Jason let her talk, so she could vent her feelings. Jason's eyes got misty again, and his mother's did as well. "It's okay mom, let it all out. Someone is listening..." Jason said, reassuring her. She didn't say anything, but she did cry. Jason hugged his mother, letting her cry on him, and crying on her, too. After a brief moment of crying, they got up. "Thank you, Jason. I feel much better now. We should go to bed, it is very late." His mom said between some sobs. "You're welcome, mom. I'm glad to be of help. Sleep well." Jason said. As they made their way to their respective beds, Jason couldn't help but think about the nightmare he just had. Laying in bed, he slowly shut his eyes, hoping that the nightmare wouldn't come back. Thankfully, it didn't. Jason woke up to the sound of movement downstairs. He quickly got dressed and brushed his hair. Jason took pride in his hair, which was not too long, but not too short, either. He went downstairs and cought a whiff of bacon and toast coming from the kitchen, drawing him in. Jason's mom greeted him with a warm smile, which he returned as he sat down at the table. She brought him a plate of breakfast and they ate in silence, which was quite common in their house. When they finished, Jason helped his mom with the dishes again and she turned on the news. There was another report of stolen Pokemon. "...Three Pokemon were taken from their rightful trainers. The trainers appeared to have been assaulted, and they are currently in stable condition. The thieves sre still at large, and the only clue we have as of now is a "S" that was spray-painted on a wall near the scene of the crime. We will have more news as it happens..." Jason looked away from the T.V. He doesn't like hearing reports like that, and those thieves have been quite active lately. He figured he couldn't do much and started doing his chores, which consisted of mowing the lawn, cleaning his room, and taking out the trash. He glanced at the clock as he came back inside, and realized that it is about the same time that he'd go out for recess during school. Jason knows that his 3 Pokemon friends always went to their little spot every day at the same time, so he asked his mom if he could go to the playground. "Remember last night? I said you could go." She said with that same warm smile. Jason thanked her excitedly, and he bolted out of the house and ran towards the forest. As he approached the entrance, Jason thought that someone or something was watching him, but he just shrugged it off and continued on his way to the playground. He entered the bushes and expected Birrn to jump on him, but to his suprise, Spring had jumped on him instead! "Jason! We thought you were never gonna come!" Birrn said as he walked out from behind a tree. Kvair jumped off of a tree branch and landed behind Jason instead of on Birrn. "I'm sorry, guys. I had some things that I needed to do, and since school's out for the summer, I'm not close by." Jason explained as calmly as he could, still a bit angry over Spring landing on him. Spring bounced off of his chest, and landed next to Birrn. Kvair jumped over Jason's head, adding a front flip to show off. "Hey, Kvair! You don't need to show us all up! We all know that you can do tricks!" Birrn snarled with irritation. Kvair got scared and hugged Jason's leg as he stood up. "S-sorry, Birrn... I just wanted to show Jason..." Kvair's voice was very shaky, since Birrn barred his teeth. "Okay, that's enough! Birrn, please apologize to Kvair for showing your fangs! You know that he doesn't like that! And, for the love of Arceus, stop jumping on me like that! It startles me a lot!" Jason yelled, fed up with how his friends were behaving. All three Pokemon ducked under his loud voice, and Birrn apologized to Kvair while Spring apologized to Jason for jumping on him. Once that was over, Jason calmed down, and apologized to his friends for yelling at them. They all accepted his apology and sat down to decide on a game to play. "Can we play hide and seek? I have a few new places to hide!" Birrn exclaimed with a smile. "Sure! Who is going to hide?" Spring asked. She never liked looking for Kvar, Birrn and Jason since they always hid so well. "I'll count while you guys go hide, alright?" Jason volunteered happily. The three Pokemon nodded in approval and ran off to their hiding spots. Jason began to count to 50 as he heard the rustling of leaves. He guessed that Kvair or Spring hid in a tree, but it was okay, since Kvair taught him how to climb trees. "Ready or not, here I come!" Jason yelled, and he heard a slight giggle nearby. He began to scan the bushes, and found Birrn quite easily. "Aaaaargh! Dang it, Jason, you're too good!" Birrn said with a fake growl. "Well, hide in a better spot next time!" Jason said with a slight sigh. He knew that Birrn was better than that, but it didn't matter, because he had to find Kvair and Spring. "Stay here while I find the others, alright?" Birrn nodded, and Jason was off. He scanned the trees for any sign of Kvair or Spring, but he had no luck. He heard what sounded like a stick breaking and quickly turned to find the Sentret hopping away. "Found you, Spring!" She stopped and turned towards Jason with a fake grimace. He just smiled and told her to go wait with Birrn while he looked for Kvair. She nodded just as Birrn did, and Jason began scanning the trees again. As he was looking up and running, he tripped over a root and fell into a clearing. Jason rolled onto his back, holding his injured arm. "Geez, I gotta be more aware of my surroundings. Now... where am I?" Jason said to himself as he looked around. There was a small lake in the center of the clearing, and there were lush plants all around. The sun bathed the clearing in light, making the colors seem much more vivid. "Wow... This place is beautiful! How come the others never showed this place to me?" Jason walked towards the lake and looked to the bottom. The water was crystal clear, and there was nothing to disturb the surface. After admiring the beauty, Jason heard what sounded like a little girl crying. He investigated the bushes, and found a little Ralts crying. "Hey there. I'm not gonna hurt you. Why don't you come out and tell me why you are crying?" Jason asked, as the Ralts slowly got up to move out of the bushes. It seemed a little hesitant, but Jason smiled to reassure it. As they sat down in the clearing, the Ralts seemed a little nervous. "So, what is making you so sad?" The Ralts said something inaudible. "What did you say? Can you please speak up?" Jason asked the Ralts politely. "Y-you can understand me?" The Ralts said reluctantly. Jason smiled and nodded, and the Ralts seemed a bit suprised. He wondered why the Ralts didn't use telepathy to communicate, since Ralts were Psychic type Pokemon. "O-okay... My name is Star..." The Ralts was still pretty quiet, but Jason could hear it clearly enough. "Nice to meet you, Star. My name's Jason." He then stuck out his finger for the Ralts to shake. Star didn't do anything, so Jason pulled his hand back. "Now, why are you crying?" Jason asked in a very warm tone. "M-my parents have left me alone out here... They said that they had to go find food for us, and they haven't come back..." Star said, and began to cry even harder. Jason rubbed Star's head, which made her blush a little. Jason knew that Star was female by hearing her voice. "How long ago was this?" Jason was shocked that Star's parents had just left her out here, all alone. "T-three days a-ago..." Star started to lay down and hug her knees. Jason came to the conclusion that her parents had abandoned her so they wouldn't have to worry about finding food for her. He also knew that he had to do something. He couldn't just leave a lonely Ralts out here to starve. "Do you want to come with me? I'm playing with some other Pokemon right now. I'm pretty sure they would love to have a new friend to play with." Star looked up at Jason quickly and stopped crying. "Really? I've never had friends before." Star said, her voice still shaky from her episode. "Really. why don't you live with me? My mom and I love Pokemon and we can take great care of you." Jason knew that this had to be done, or else Star would perish. She stood up very fast and began to hug Jason's leg. He picked her up and began to gently rub her red head ornament. She blushed once again, and Jason just smiled. He knew that Star was extremely happy to have a new family, and a loving one at that. Jason walked back towards where he had told Birrn and Spring to wair for him, and to his suprise, they were still there waiting. Kvair was there as well, guessing that Jason had given up his search. Kvair smiled smugly, but Jason ignored it and introduced Star to his group of friends. "Guys, this is Star. I found her out in a clearing not too far from here. She says that her parents had left her, and she's going to live with me. I hope you don't mind having a new friend!" Jason said, noticing that what he had said stirred up some emotions in Star. He pet her head once again to comfort her, and then they started to play hide and seek again. "Star, would you like to try and find us?" Birrn asked nicely, and she nodded quickly. As soon as they all hid, Star began to search. Jason hid in a nearby bush, Birrn hid in a hole, Spring was in a tree, and Kvair was as well. Star's head ornament began to glow a faint white since she was using her abilities to find her new friends. Jason was keeping an eye on her, a little worried that she was having a problem with something. His concern faded when she suddenly appeared on his head. "Waaaah! Star, what did you do?" Jason said, still shocked at what had just happened. "I can find you by tracking your residual energies. I saw that you were worried, so I wanted to see what you were worrying about." Star said in a happy tone. "I was just worried about your head ornament glowing like it did. I wasn't sure what was going on." Star giggled, and began to search for the others by tracking their energies. Star then began to walk silently towards Birrn's hole, and looked down in. "Boo! Found you, Birrn!" Birrn jumped and snapped his gaze to Star. "Grrr.... You're good." Birrn falsely growled as he began to climb out of the hole. He made his way towards Jason while Star had already started making her way towards Kvair's spot. She looked up and then teleported next to Kvair. "Gotcha!" She exclaimed while she giggled. Kvair's clumsiness caused him to slip off of his branch. Star reacted fast and used her abilities to stop Kvair from falling, suspending him in the air. She then eased him to the ground, where he sighed with relief. "Thanks, Star. That was quite awesome!" Kvair said as he began to run towards Jason and Birrn. Star heard a noise in the bushes behind her, and she turned around to catch Spring jumping into the next bush. Star anticipated her move and stood in front of Spring when she jumped into the bush. "Hi!" Star smiled and waved to Spring, who was laughing at being caught. "You're good, Star! Let's go find Jason now!" Spring said happily. Spring hopped back to Jason while Star rode on her head. Kvair and Birrn were talking to Jason about Star, and how she saved Kvair from falling. "Is it true? Did you catch Kvair with your powers?" Jason said, sounding a bit angry. "Y-yeah... I'm sorry for scaring him off of the branch in the first place..." Star's eyes began to water... And all of a sudden, Jason picked her up and held her close! "Oh, thank you, Star! I don't know what I'd do if any of you were hurt!" Star forgot all about Jason's fake anger, and laughed loudly. Jason set her down, and realized that it was starting to get dark. There was a howling out in the distance, to which Birrn listened intently to. "Hey, I have to go. Dad's calling for me." Jason picked Star back up and held her close once again. "I have to go, too. My mom want's me home now. Goodbye!" Jason smiled as he turned and began to walk towards his house with Star in his arms. "Where are we going, Jason?" Star asked, a little worried about leaving. "We're going to my home. You are going to live with me, right?" Star remembered his offer, and she excitedly nodded. As Jason approached his house, his mom was sitting on the front porch like always. "Who's this? A new family member?" She inquired. Jason simply smiled as he was let inside. Jason set Star on the couch and sat next to her. "Mom, this is Star. Her family left her all alone, so I thought that I could raise her." Jason's mom felt bad for Star, and pet her head. "Of course you can, dear! As long as I can help!" Jason nodded happily and smiled as he hugged Star. "Are you hungry, Star? We have plenty of food for you to eat. What do you like?" Jason asked, remembering that she hadn't eaten in three days. "Well, I do like berries, especially Pecha berries! Do you have any Pecha berries?" Jason's mom got up, walked to the fridge and pulled out a bag full of Pecha berries. Star's eyes widened as she saw the bag, and teleported onto the table that they were held over. "Woah, Star! You never told me that you could teleport!" Jason said as he stood up to watch her. "Yeah, I forgot to tell you that. I can use powers that most Ralts practice for years to master." Star explained and she grabbed a Pecha berry that was set before her. Star began to devour the whole berry, finishing it in only a few minutes. "Jeez, Star, slow down! You'll get sick!" Jason's mom said as she began to put the bag of berries away. "Wait! Can I please have another? I haven't eaten in a long time!" Star informed, as she finished the berry. Jason grabbed a berry for her, and she ate this one a bit slower. Still, she finished it quite quickly. "Oh, that was good. Thank you, Jason's mom!" His mom giggled. "Please, call me Melody!" Star nodded, and hopped off of the table to stand by Jason's side. He picked her up and scratched her belly. He noticed that quite a bit of dirt collected on his fingers. "Star, would you like a bath? You're quite dirty." Star smiled and squirmed happily in Jason's arms. He carried her up to the bathroom and when they got there, he set her down and let the bathtub fill up. He rummaged through the drawers looking for the Pokemon shampoo and soap that he always kept handy, and Star watched with much interest. As Jason found his supplies, he picked Star up and held her over the water. She squirmed a little, and Jason let her feel the water with her small feet. She let out a sigh of pleasure as Jason set her in the water. He saw the cloud of dirt disperse into the water, and all he could think of was how bad her parents must've treated her... He put those thoughts away and he began to clean Star's head, and when he reached her head ornament, she gently rubbed his fingers along it. He knew that the ornament was very sensitive, and when he rubbed his fingers along it, Star recoiled as if it hurt. She then realized that it felt very good, and let Jason continue to wash her. After rinsing her head off, he began to wash her body. He was careful to avoid her feminine region as much as he could, and when he was done, he wrapped a towel with a Pokeball design around her. She giggled with sheer happiness and she rubbed Jason's cheek with her own. Since it was pretty late, Jason went straight to his room with Star in tow. She looked around, marveling at the human's room. "Hey... Where am I going to sleep?" She had to ask. Jason smiled and giggled. "You're going to sleep with me, silly! Where else are you going to sleep?" She began to laugh as she jumped up onto Jason's bed. "Star, can you please turn your head so I can change?" Star nodded, and turned her head away from Jason just like he had asked. Once he was finished, he crawled under the covers and told Star to get under as well. Jason was a little worried that he'd have a nightmare like the other night. As he fell asleep, he had a nice dream about Star. He woke up the next morning before Star did. "I can tell that things will be great." Jason said quietly.
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    However, there is one thing tbat you NEED to fix pronto:
    The Text Wall
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