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Reach for the Stars by Liranaux


Story Notes:

Well, here's my very first story! To be honest, I'm quite excited to be doing this. I was motivated to start writing after reading both Luca, by Felix, and Mina, by Crystal Serebii. I hope you'll enjoy, and leave suggestions!

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are property of their rightful owners. The plot and characters are of my own creation. I'm not associated with the creators, producers, or owners of any media franchise in any way, and I am not expecting any profit to be made whatsoever. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Woohoo! It's about time I uploaded a chapter! I've been awfully sick, and I didn't have much time in the day to get a lot of work done. I'm looking at you, GTA V! Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy this longer-than-normal chapter, and leave your opinion and all that good stuff!


My day wasn't over yet. I still had things to do.

I pretended to fall asleep with Star, because I had to do what Abby asked of me. I quietly got out of the bed, trying my hardest to not wake Star up. She sleeps pretty deeply, but I didn't want to risk it. I succeeded in my task and made my way out into the hallway. I opened each of the doors upstairs enough for me to see through, but Morris wasn't in any of them. Matthew and Hilda were sound asleep, so I just left them to their slumber. The bathroom was empty, which didn't surprise me at all. The last door that I had opened had to be Morris' room. Abby was sleeping on the floor, curled up next to Inu, who was mumbling in his sleep. The sight was pretty cute, to be honest. But, as I looked to the bed, Morris was nowhere to be found, neither was Fali. I crept into his room to try and find his Pokeballs. I searched through all of his drawers, I searched his closet, and I searched his trunk. Nothing. I then decided to look under the bed, and I found two open Pokeballs. I assumed that they were Abby's and Inu's. I cane to the conclusion that Morris was not upstairs, and made my way downstairs. The living room was empty, and so was the dining room. The kitchen was uninhabited, too. I looked out to the backyard and say Zoren sleeping peacefully in his nest, while Von and Jack slept in a small Pokemon house. I walked up to my Flygon and stroked his wings gently. He shifted a little, then went back to snoring. I decided to wait until tomorrow morning to look into Abby's issue, until I heard an odd noise. It didn't sound like any of the Woobats, so I had to investigate. There was a pair of basement doors next to the back door that I didn't see. It wasn't locked, so I slowly opened the door and made my way down into the basement. The noise grew louder, and it sounded like moaning. Lights guided me to the source of the noise. I rounded a corner, and what I saw surprised me. Morris was above Fali on a cot, his member deep inside of his Weavile.

“Hello, Morris.” I said calmly. Morris nearly jumped out of his own skin and almost fell on the ground. “J-Jason! What the hell are you doing down here?” Morris yelled as he got dressed. I had turned my back so he'd feel a bit more comfortable. “You better start explaining why you decided to come down here.” The Trainer said as he came towards me. I didn't respond fast enough for him, so he shoved me hard enough to knock me over. “Morris, calm down! I'm not mad at you! Just relax!” Morris didn't listen. He got on top of me and clenched his fists. “Well? Tell me why you're down here, or I'll beat you to a pulp!” I tried to muster an answer, but I couldn't. Morris was applying a lot of pressure to my chest, so breathing was difficult. I hacked and coughed, getting some saliva on Morris' shirt. “Abby asked me to see why you and Fali were so close.” Morris was confused. He applied less pressure to my chest, allowing me to breathe a bit more. “What are you talking about? Pokemon can't speak!” Morris yelled. “Actually, they can. Most of us just can't understand them. I was born with the ability to do such a thing.” He wasn't buying it. He raised a fist...

“Morris, stop!” Abby said as she came down into the basement. She pushed her master off of me, letting me stand up. Morris stood up and dusted himself off. “Okay, Jason. What did Abby just say? Huh?” The aggravated Trainer said. “She said 'Morris, stop!'” I replied. Abby nodded, and Morris' anger faded. “Y-you really can understand them... Holy sh- Can you tell me what Fali says?” Morris' anger turned into astonishment. “Absolutely. But first, I have to finish Abby's request. Abby, please come with me.” Abby nodded and we stepped out of the basement. “Abby, Morris is mating with Fali. This is why he leaves her out most of the time. This also might be why he closes himself in his room.” Abby gasped and her jaw dropped. “I-I don't know how to react... I am mad at Morris for what he is doing, but he's been my master for so long. I can't be mad at him... I don't know what to think...” Abby stuttered. She began to cry, so I pet her head and then lifted it so she was looking at me. “Abby. If there is something you want to say to Morris, then let me know. I can translate for you.” Morris' Absol nodded. We then made our way back down to the basement and sat down in the circle. “Okay. Morris, Abby has something to say to you. Abby, please begin.” Abby looked at Morris and began to make noises that sounded like barks, growls and yips to Morris, but Abby's master looked at her as if he understood. I began my translation. “Morris... I don't know how to react to what had just happened. I am angry at you, yet I am not at the same time. I just don't know what to think. The whole thing is a bit too overwhelming for me, so I must ask you if I can spend some time away from you to ease my mind. Master, may you lend me to Jason? I feel as if traveling with him will allow me to let the whole thing simmer down. I will come back, I just need some time to clear my mind.” I finished. Morris and I were shocked at what Abby had said. I pet her ears while Morris sat in awe. “A-Abby... Do you really want this? I mean... Jason isn't a bad person, but... I-it's just... You and I have been through so much together. A-are you sure that you want to travel with him for a while?” Morris stuttered.


Morris started to cry. Abby walked up to him and began to lick his tears. Her master surprised her with a tight hug that warmed my heart. “Abby... I'm going to miss you... You behave for Jason, you hear? I hope you have fun with him.” Morris said, face buried in Abby's fur. He soaked her white silk with his tears. Abby yipped softly in his ear, and rubbed her head against her master's. Fali and I stood next to each other and watched the scene. Abby and Morris sat there hugging for about ten minutes before Morris finally stopped crying. “Jason, I want you to take good care of her, you hear? Actually, come with me, please.” Morris said with a shaky voice. I complied, and he led me to his room. Inu was still sleeping like a baby, so I knelt down and rubbed his head lightly. Morris reached under his bed and grabbed Abby's Pokeball. “Here you go. If you lose this, I'll have your head on a plate. I also have one more thing for you.” Morris said. He opened one of his drawers and took out what looked like a watch. “I want you to have my old Xtransceiver. I'll contact you to check in on Abby and to give you any news that might interest you. I plan on staying here for a while, so you can come back whenever you like. And thank you for understanding. I know that it's wrong but...” Morris trailed off. “No, it's okay. I believe that the relationships between humans and Pokemon can go as far as they want. If you'll excuse me, I need to get back to Star. If she's awake, she'll be wondering why I'm gone.” I said happily. Morris opened his door for me. “Goodnight Jason. Oh, I think Abby wants to sleep with you tonight.” He said. I looked down and saw Abby walking through the door, heading towards my room. “Do you mind if she does? I think it'll be good for her, if you ask me.” He nodded and sent me on my way. I entered my room and closed the door behind me. Abby gently climbed onto the bed trying not to disturb Star. “Do you mind if I sleep on the bed, Jason? Morris' bed is so small that I have no room, and the floor is so uncomfortable.” Abby said. “Go ahead. Just try not to wake up Star. If you do, we'll never hear the end of it.” I joked. Abby giggled and curled up at the end of the bed. I began to climb in, but then I realized that my pajamas were dirty. I thought about sleeping in my underwear only, but it seemed awkward to be doing that around Abby. So, I just brushed myself off and climbed into bed. I sighed. “Goodnight Abby.” She just snored. It was a good enough answer for me. I slowly drifted away.

I woke to something poking my ear. I was poked again, and then I felt something brush along my nose. I sniffled and shifted positions to try and make it stop. The poking stopped, but the nose tickling didn't. “Jeez, don't you guys ever take a break? I'd like to be able to wake up normally someday.” I moaned as I pulled myself out of bed. “Sorry Jason, but I couldn't resist. It's always fun to pick on you.” Star said in her cute, childish voice. I couldn't be mad at her, because her inner child is very prominent. Abby was sitting in the middle of the room innocently, smiling. “I know that you were the one poking me in the ear. Just remember that I may get you back someday.” I sneered. Abby's smile faded and received a giggle from Star. I made my way to my bag and motioned for everyone in the room to turn around to let me dress in peace. Once I finished that, I put Morris' old Xtransceiver and my bag on then made my way downstairs. The smell of waffles came my way and I almost jumped down the stairs to reach the kitchen. Hilda and Matthew were both in the kitchen and they greeted me with warm smiles. “Well, good morning, Jason! I hope you slept well! Oh, and there's Star and Abby!” Hilda said happily as we three approached her. Morris, Fali and Inu were already finishing their meals while Hilda prepared our breakfast. I was given 2 home made waffles with a generous amount of syrup while Matthew handed Star and Abby some store bought Pokemon food.

I sat at the table with Star right next to me while Abby took a seat a little ways away from the table. I could see the sadness in Morris' eyes. I gave Star a half of my waffle and she dug into it immediately. She got syrup all over her face, and I couldn't contain my laughter. She looked at me with an angry face, so I began to clean her up while giggling at her. “Think of this as karma, sweetie.” I said between giggles. She went back to eating her waffle, barely touching her synthetic food. I looked at Abby just to see her sitting there, staring at her food. “Do you think that she'll be okay, Jason? I'm a bit worried about her. She's going to be traveling with us, right?” Star whispered in my ear. I nodded before noticing her last sentence. “How did you know that she was coming with us?” I asked quietly. “I read her thoughts while she was sleeping. She seems troubled by what happened last night, and I hope that she'll feel better after coming with us for a while.” I just turned back to my breakfast, thinking about what Star said. What if she read my thoughts to see what her surprise was? If she did, she was doing a great job at containing her excitement. I grabbed my plate and carried it to the kitchen. “Thanks for the breakfast Hilda. It was delicious!” Kirlia handed her still full bowl of Pokemon food to Hilda and then stuck her tongue out. “Star! That's not polite!” I scolded her. “Oh, don't worry. Morris' Pokemon don't appreciate it that much, either. I've gotten that a lot from Fali when she was just a little Sneasel.” Hilda replied happily. Her happiness never seemed to fade away. I took one more look at Abby and saw that she had not moved an inch, and her food was untouched. “Star, can you tell me how she's feeling?” I whispered to the Kirlia beside me. She smiled and began using her powers. You could tell when she did because her head ornaments would glow. “I'm getting mixed emotions here, Jason. She's angry, sad, happy, and embarrassed all at the same time.” Star whispered back. I was a bit puzzled myself. I walked over to Abby to try and break her out of her trance. “Abby? You in there still? You haven't touched your food!” I said as I rubbed her head. She jumped at my touch and her whole body tensed up, so I retracted my hand. “I'm sorry Abby, but Star and I were just a little worried about you, that's all.” I said calmly. Abby relaxed a little, but she just went back to staring at her food. I sat back down at the table. “I hope we can get on the road soon. I can't stand seeing Abby like this.” I said to Star, who was fiddling with one of Inu's toys. “I just want to do something other than sit here.” She replied. I couldn't agree more.

“Well, I suppose that we should get going. Thank you for letting us stay!” I said elatedly to Hilda and Matthew. “Think nothing of it. You're welcome to come back whenever you'd like!” The wonderful woman said with her warm smile. Matthew nodded and smiled. “Come back and battle me again sometime, kid. I had a blast, and so did Jack and Von.” Matthew said with his rough voice. “You're on!” I said as I made my way to Morris. Matthew laughed loudly. “Morris, I'll take make sure Abby gets attention. She really needs it.” I said softly. Morris just looked down and sighed. “I'll miss her, Jason. But this is for her own good. Make sure to keep that Xtransceiver close by, I'd hate to lose contact with my Abby.” I patted his shoulder and made my way to the back door. I opened it to check on Zoren, who was chatting with Jack. “Get ready to leave, Zoren!” I called out to him. He looked at me with his glossy red eyes and nodded. He said his goodbyes to Jack and relocated to the front yard. I went back to Abby to relay the message to her. “Abby, we're going to be leaving, alright?” I whispered to her. She moved her tail a little. “I don't plan on putting you in your ball. I think a bit of walking will do you some good.” Abby's tail moved a bit more. I looked for Star, and I found her standing impatiently at the front door. “Alright, c'mon Abby.” I said while rubbing her ear. She let out a soft yip and we went outside. The cool morning air hit me like a punch to the face. “Good morning, Jason. I hope you slept well.” Zoren said as Star, Abby and I came outside. “Like a baby. How about you?” I replied. “It was like sleeping on the soft sands back at the desert. I must say, you and Matthew did an excellent job with that nest. Now, where are we headed today?” Zoren asked. I smiled and looked at my companions. “We're going home. It's been a while since I've seen mom.” Star was ecstatic. “Yay! I miss Melody, Jason! C'mon, c'mon, lets go!” Star said enthusiastically while jumping around. Zoren and Abby were a little less interested. “Don't worry guys. My mom loves Pokemon, so you can just settle in when we get there. Zoren, there is plenty of room for you inside of the house, so you don't have to sit outside all day. Abby, if you'd like some privacy while we're there, just let me know, okay?” Abby and Zoren both nodded in sync. “Alright, now that we know where we're going next, I have to make a quick stop at the store around the corner. Lets go!” I called out. Star was already running up the road, with Abby and Zoren not too far behind. I went from a fast walk to a full sprint trying to keep up. “H-hey! Slow down!” I shouted to them. They didn't stop. I finally made it to the store, and Abby was sitting by the door while Zoren stretched his wings. “Jeez, you guys have so much energy. Abby, where's Star?” I said between pants. “Oh, she's just looking around the store.” Abby replied. It was nice to hear her talk. “Abby, I'm going to need your help. I have a surprise for Star, but she can't know about it yet. Do you think that you can distract her while I get it?” I asked her in my signature calm tone. “Sure! What are you getting her?” Abby replied happily. “I can't tell you, either. Star can read minds, and if she found the surprise in your mind, it'd be ruined.” I answered.

Abby and I entered the store, and my new temporary partner made her way to Star to begin the distraction. “Oh, Star! You gotta check these out!” Abby said to Star to get her to look away from me. I made my way to the clerk that I paid last night. “Good morning! Is the Cherish Ball ready?” I asked the friendly clerk. “Yes it is! Do you want it bagged? Because all Cherish Balls come with a nice velvet carrying pouch.” I nodded quickly, because I didn't want to put a ball this valuable in a simple paper bag to hide it from Star. The clerk went to the storage room behind the counter and grabbed my ball. It was separated from the rest of the custom balls, which made me feel a little special. He came back and showed the ball to me. It was beautiful. The top half was green, with white along the sides and red eyes peeking out. The button was red, much like a Gardevoir's chest ornament. The bottom half was white, with little bits of green showing, like the inside of a Gardevoir's dress-like appendage. And, right above the button, there was the blue Star Piece. The ball was a masterpiece that should belong in an art gallery. The clerk then gently placed the ball in a navy blue velvet pouch that had gold drawstrings. “Here you go, sir. Will there be anything else?” The clerk said with that same attitude from the night before. “No. Thank you so much for doing this.” I replied. “Think nothing of it.” He said as he went back to reading his newspaper. I put the pouch into my bag, and went to get Star and Abby, who were looking at tools. “Alright guys, let's get going.” I said to the unsuspecting Pokemon. They turned and looked at me with questioning looks. “Jason, what are these things for?” Star asked me. I'm fairly sure that Abby had the same question, so I answered. “Well, these are tools. We humans use them to build things, or to destroy things. For instance, Abby, Hilda's home wasn't always there. It used to be a part of the forest, until some humans came along and cut all of the trees in the area down using some of these tools.” I said as I pointed to a chainsaw. “They then used the other tools to build all of the homes. Most places start out small, then they become larger over time.” I concluded. Star and Abby both looked at me in amazement. “That's just a brief summary of what tools are. When we get home, I can give you a lesson on the most common tools.” Star and Abby smiled. “That would be nice, Jason. Can we get going? I'm so excited to see Melody again!” Star almost shouted. I smiled, which made her even happier, and escorted her and Abby out of the store.

Zoren was ready to get going, ready for me to climb on his back. “You intend on getting home quickly, right? Then I can fly you there. Just let me know the town's name and I'll get you there as fast as I can.” Zoren offered. I couldn't refuse. “Abby, I hate to do this, but you'll have to get in your ball. Zoren can't fly with the combined weights of you, Star and I. Is this okay?” I said, kneeling down in front of the disaster Pokemon. She yipped in approval, and sat down, ready to be absorbed into the Pokeball. I took it out and pressed the button. In a flash of red, she was gone. “Climb on, folks. There are two seats available on Zoren Airlines.” Zoren joked. I climbed onto his back after putting Abby in my bag and got comfortable. Star rested on my back, holding onto my shoulders. “Prepare for takeoff, people.” My dragon said as he began to flap his wings. He jumped, and he began his ascent. The sight from that high up was magnificent. The morning sun coming up over the horizon bathed the whole town in an orange light. “Now, where do you live, Jason?” Zoren asked. I told him the town name and he flew in the direction of my home. As he flew, Star and I looked down at the forest below. The trees looked like a blur and the people looked like colored dots. A few minutes later, we passed over the town where I first met Morris. The town was quite busy for a Saturday morning. We came to the desert, and Zoren issued a warning. “Seems like there is a sandstorm going on down there. You may want to shield your eyes, the sand may get this high up.” We heeded his warning and squinted. Star looked at my face and began to laugh. “Jason, you look funny!” She laughed. “You do, too!” I replied. She stuck her tongue out at me like usual, but she got a bunch of sand on it this time. She spat it out and made me laugh. “Remember what I told you about karma, sweetie!” I reminded her. She just rested against my back and hung on tight. We eventually passed over the desert and flew over more forests and such. About ten minutes later, we began to close in on my hometown. Nothing seemed to change since I left, which was a relief, since I've grown attached to the locals. “My house is that one, right there.” I said as I pointed to my home. My mom's sedan was in the driveway, so she had to be home. I felt Star's excitement in my shoulders as she tightened her grip greatly. Zoren landed lightly in the front lawn, making sure to keep quiet so Star and I can surprise my mom. “Sneak around to the side of the house, and try to keep a low profile.” I whispered to Zoren. He acknowledged my command and did as I said. I nonchalantly walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. “I'm coming!” My mom yelled. She opened the door.

“Oh my... Jason! Star! You're finally home! I missed you both so much!” My mom exclaimed as she hugged Star and I tightly. “We missed you too, Melody!” Star said with much elation. She let us go and let us inside. “Actually, can you hold on a sec?” I asked. My mom stopped mid-step and waited. I whistled, and Zoren came around to the front door. “Mom, I would like you to meet Zoren. I met him in the desert a few days ago. He was badly wounded by those Team Sabre punks. Can he come in?” My mom made room for him to squeeze through the door. “Please, come in!” She said. I came in and Zoren barely made his way through the door. Star was pushing him from behind, trying to speed the process up. Once he made his way in, he scoped out the living room. “Is there any spot where I can curl up?” He asked my mother. I translated for her. “Oh, the rec room has a lot of space for a dragon of your size to rest. Go ahead and make yourself at home.” She encouraged. Zoren smiled and made his way there, holding his tail to prevent any accidents. Star ran to the living room and jumped up onto the couch. “Melody, Jason, come sit down!” She called out to us. She patted the two cushions beside her to get the message across. “Alright, alright, we're coming, Star!” I called out to her. “Shall we?” I asked my mom. “After you, my son.” She replied. I took the seat to the right of my little lover, while my mother occupied the only vacant seat remaining. “So, do you mind continuing your story about Zoren?” She asked me. I nodded and began. “Well, we found him in the desert. He was being beaten by some Team Sabre punks, so Star and I decided to take action. We knocked the two grunts out and carried Zoren all the way to the nearest Pokemon center. He was pretty heavy, but we came across a few trainers that were willing to help us bring him in. We met someone named Morris who was going to the town we were heading to, so we went as a group. He was pretty concerned with Zoren's health for an average trainer.” I finished. My mom was smiling at me with her signature smile. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, just like it did when I was younger. “Now, who is this Morris guy?” I felt that she deserved to know who he was, so I gave her an answer. “Well, Morris is a pretty good guy. He is a trainer like me, and he's currently staying with his aunt and uncle a few towns away. While I was with him at his aunt's house, there was a little problem that happened. I decided to leave the morning after, and his Pokemon wanted to come with me for a while.” I said as I reached for Abby's ball. I pressed the button on the ball, and Abby came out. She yawned and looked around.

“Jason, where are we?” The sleepy Absol asked. “We're at my home, Abby. I'd like you to meet my mom, Melody. Mom, this is Morris' Absol, Abby.” I said with a large grin. “It's nice to meet you, Abby.” She said as she stuck out her hand. Abby looked at it with a confused look. “You're supposed to put your paw into her hand.” I instructed. Abby did as I said and shook my mother's hand. “She's a wonderful Absol, Jason.” My mother complimented. “Yeah, I ride her like a horse sometimes, Melody!” Star exclaimed. We all laughed, and I decided that it was time. “Hey, do you mind if I go get Zoren?” I asked the group. They all shook their heads, so I made my way to the rec room. In there, Zoren was curled up tightly. He was still holding his tail, so I decided to tickle one of his wings. It twitched a bit, so I kept tickling that wing. Zoren snapped up and readied a Dragon Claw in anger. “Jason, I should let you know that I despise people that do things like that. Now, what do you want?” He said through clenched teeth. “It's time for Star's surprise. I'd like it if you were there with everyone else when it happens.” I said after backing off a little. “I'm tired. Can't you just do it without me?” The beast said as he laid his head back down. “Zoren, please! This means a lot to me!” I implored. Zoren let out a sigh that was accompanied by some smoke. “Fine. Let's go.” He muttered. We made our way to the living room and saw Star climbing onto Abby's back. “Attention everyone, I have a surprise.” I announced. Abby and Star both looked at me with excited faces. “Star, would you come here, please?” I asked my little Pokemon. She let out a shriek of happiness and ran to me. “What is the surprise, Jason?” She nearly yelled in my ear. I said nothing as I reached for my bag and pulled out the navy blue velvet pouch. “Star, we've been through so much. But there is one thing that we have yet to do.” I said as I knelt down in front of Star. “Open this pouch, Star.” I said softly. I handed the pouch to her and she fiddled with the strings for a second. She then opened it and she yelled at the top of her tiny lungs. She pulled her ball out for everyone to see and then hugged me very tightly. “Thank you so much Jason! This is amazing!” She said, burying her face in my chest. I felt something wet against my shirt.

“Star, are you crying?” I asked. She didn't reply, but I didn't expect her to. My mom and Abby were tearing up a little while Zoren had a big smile on his face. “Jason, catch me.” Star said as she handed me her ball. I pressed the button and just like that, she was gone. I pressed the button once more and she came back out, jumping for joy. Star wrapped me one more hug, but this one was different. As she hugged me, she began to glow white. “I love you, Jason.” The glowing Kirlia said. She then proceeded to kiss me very passionately. I didn't resist. The energy she was giving off filled me with a very positive feeling. Time seemed to come to a crawl during that moment. Star grew taller, her dress became longer, and her head ornaments vanished while a new one formed in her chest. I felt her breasts grow larger against my chest, so I naturally blushed a little. The moment eventually came to an end, and my little Star was no longer little. The new Gardevoir let me go and looked around. “Wow, everything looks so different from this high up.” Star said. “Wow. Star, you look amazing!” My mom said as she marveled at my companion's new form. “Yeah Star, you're gorgeous!” I said as I looked at her body. Her slender form and flowing dress made her look like an angel. Higher up, her breasts were quite large I couldn't look away. “Jason, do you like what you see?” Star teased as she noticed me staring at her chest. My face turned as red as a Cheri berry. My mom, Abby and Zoren all laughed, making me even more embarrassed. “I-I just...” I stuttered. “Oh, it's okay Jason. I don't mind.” The new Star reassured me. She stood closer to me and put her hand on her head. “Dang, you're still taller than me!” She stomped her foot. “I don't think that you'll ever be taller than me, sweetie.” I chuckled. Despite her new mature form, she was still a child on the inside. She stuck her tongue out at me like always. “Star, will you ever stop sticking your tongue out at my son?” My mom asked. Star just shrugged. “Well, since the scene is coming to a close, may I go back to sleeping, folks?” Zoren said after yawning. “Go ahead. You deserve it, anyways.” I said. Zoren bowed his head and made his way back to the rec room. “Well, what now, guys? I just evolved, it's still somewhat early, and there's not that many trainers in this town that are up for a fight. What can we do?” Star complained. I sat down on the couch and thought for a minute. Abby and Star stared at me the whole time, waiting for an answer. “I got an idea. Star, wanna go meet some old friends?” I asked her. She looked confused for a second, then she got the idea. “Yeah! It's been so long since I've seen them!” She exclaimed. “What are you guys talking about?” Abby questioned. I felt morally obligated to answer her question. “Abby, Star and I are going to see some friends of mine that I've known since I was in school. We haven't seen them in a few years, so we intend on checking in on them. Do you want to tag along?” Abby sat and thought about it. “I think that I'll stay here.” She said. I smiled. “Whatever you think is best for you. Star and I will be back eventually!” I called as my companion and I made our way outside.

As I shut the door behind me, Star tapped my shoulder. “Jason, do you think that they'll remember us? What if Birrn thinks that I'm a threat and attacks?” She said worriedly. “Don't worry. If they don't remember us, I'll figure something out.” I reassured her. Star let out a sigh of relief and rested her head on my arm as we began walking. A few silent minutes passed, then we entered the forest. The noises of bug type Pokemon filled the air and the sight of the young bug catchers made Star a little giddy. “I recall the day that I fed a Sewaddle family that lives in this forest. I wonder if the little buggers became Leavanny or not.” I said, trying to break our silence. “Aw, how nice. Hey, do you think that Abby will be okay? I mean, she's there without anybody to talk to other than Zoren.” Star mentioned. “I think that she'll be okay. Zoren is an understanding Pokemon and probably wouldn't mind conversing with her to ease her mind.” I replied. Star agreed with me and returned to resting her head on my arm. The silence returned and we welcomed it. The sounds of nature around us seemed musical and the Pidoves acted as a sort of metronome. Everything about that moment was just wonderful. Unfortunately, that moment had to come to an end. We emerged from the forest and the school I once attended stood before me. The place was empty, which was just as I had wished. Star and I cut through the playground and moved through the bushes. I heard some rustling not too far off, but I dismissed it. Star picked up her pace, so I naturally did as well. The rustling intensified. In a flash of tan and brown, a Furret knocked me flat on my bottom. “I never thought that I'd see you two ever again.” The Furret said. “Why? I'd never forget you guys, Spring!” I said to confirm my identity. “Jason! How have you and Star been?” Spring said as she got off of me. “We're doing pretty well. How about you?” I asked. “Well, since you last seen us, I have made a new den, and....” Spring trailed off. She then gasped in amazement as Star came out of a nearby bush. “S-Star! You evolved!” Spring nearly shrieked. “Yes I did! It's all thanks to this guy right here.” Star said as she wrapped her arms around me. “Well congratulations! Hey, why don't you guys come see Birrn and Kvair? They've been dying to see you guys again.” Spring asked. “That's why we came here. Lead the way!” Star said while raising an arm. The little Furret began to move through the bushes quickly. Star tried her hardest to keep up with Spring, while I tried even harder to catch up to my Star. After a short chase, we came across a cave. Spring went up to the entrance and called out for the inhabitants. “Hey! Come out, I have a surprise for you!” A Mightyena emerged from the cave and looked at Star and I. “Of all that is holy... Jason and Star! Jeez, you guys look so different!” Birrn said with a shocked expression. “You do too, Birrn! How are things?” Star exclaimed as she hugged the canine. “Well, my family and I are doing okay, Spring is still hunting for her mate, and Kvair is out protecting the forest. I swear, one day he's gonna get hurt bad.” He sighed. The thought of Kvair guarding the forest made me panic a little. “I'm sure that he'll be fine. You say that you have a family? May we see them?” I asked. “Meh, why not?” Birrn said as he led us into his den.

“Welcome to my humble abode. Make yourselves at home.” The Mightyena let us into the inner chamber. Inside, there was a second Mightyena and two Poochyenas. “Daddy, who are those two?” The first pup asked. “They look silly.” The second pup commented. “Sylvia, Gera, I'd like you to meet Star and Jason. These two are some of my best friends.” Birrn introduced us. I got down on my knees and held a hand out for the two pups to sniff. They acquired my scent, then began rubbing against my arms. “Are they always this affectionate, Birrn?” I asked. I looked around, but Birrn was nowhere to be found. “Yes, they do that quite often.” The second Mightyena said. “I assume that you are Birrn's mate?” I asked the female. “That I am. My name is Kyrsta. It's nice to finally meet you two. Birrn likes to talk about the days when you and Star would go play with him when he was still a little Poochyena. Only if he was enthusiastic as he was back then.” Kyrsta sighed. Star walked up to Birrn's mate and began rubbing her between her ears. “We'll try to change that, Kyrsta. Now, Birrn said that Kvair is guarding the forest? What did he mean by that?” Star had to know. Kyrsta let out another sigh and looked down. “Kvair witnessed a close friend of his get captured by a Pokemon Trainer. But this Trainer was different. According to Kvair, the person was wearing an outfit that had a large 'S' on the back of it. He grabbed the Oshawott by the leg and dragged it away right in front of Kvair. It was horrible. Since then, he's been roaming the forest, keeping an eye out for any Trainers that try to take any of the local Pokemon and attacking them.” Star had another question. “It sounds like you were-” Kyrsta cut her off. “Yes, I was there. I charged the Trainer, but he kicked my right flank and knocked the wind out of me.” She turned to show me where she had been kicked, and the fur in that area was a lighter-than-normal shade of gray. Star looked away and I stared. “Yeesh, that's pretty bad... I'd like to talk to Kvair. Do you know where I can find him?” I had to ask. “I should know, but I'm pretty forgetful. Birrn knows, go ask him. He's right outside.” Kyrsta said as she went to tend the two playing pups. Star and I emerged from the cave and saw Birrn staring into space. “Birrn? I need to ask you something.” I said to my old friend. He didn't respond. “We need to find Kvair. Do you know where he is?” Star asked my question. Birrn's ear twitched, but the rest of his muscles were motionless. I tapped Star's shoulder to get her attention. “Something's wrong with Birrn. Can you read his mind and see what's going through it?” I whispered to my partner. Star nodded and her chest ornament began to glow. After a brief moment, Star's ornament stopped glowing and she began to look somewhat glum. “I see why he's not answering us. Let's find a place where I can tell you why.” Star whispered back. I grabbed her hand and led her into the bushes.

We put enough distance between us and the cave, so we could talk normally. “Jason, Birrn's mind is swarming with thoughts of a third Poochyena. From what I've seen, he's thinking about his pup that has passed away.” Star explained. I couldn't think of a response, and I don't know how I felt. “Jason, we should just leave him alone for now. I think we can find Kvair ourselves. How hard could it be?” She said enthusiastically to reassure me. “I dunno. Let's think for a sec. Kyrsta said that he attacks all Trainers that try to capture the local Pokemon, right? If we pretend to catch one of the Pokemon here, Kvair might come and get me. When he does, I'll need you to restrain him until I remind him of who we are, okay?” I explained my game plan to Star. “That's the stupidest plan I have ever heard, but I don't see any other way. Let's go find a local.” Star said as she looked around. “Gah, this foliage is too thick, I can't see. Let me try something...” Star said to herself. I looked her way and saw her beginning to levitate. “Haha! I can levitate! This is so cool!” My floating Gardevoir laughed. “Can you see anything up there?” I called up to Star. “I can see a few Zigzagoons, some Patrats, and many Weedles.” She responded. I had to take action. “Alright, come back down and we'll move on the Zigzagoons.” Star descended and returned to my side. “We have to stay quiet unless we want to scare them away. Now, let's go.” I told my partner in crime. She went ahead, treading lightly and using weak psychic energy to move the bushes out of the way. Soon, we were right on top of our “prey.” I held up a clenched fist to let Star know that she should stay still, and I crept up to an unsuspecting Zigzagoon. I felt bad for how I approached this situation, but it had to be done. I grabbed the little Pokemon's tail and held it tightly. The rest of the Pokemon ran away and the Zigzagoon that I had grabbed shrieked in pain. My heart was crumbling inside of my chest, but then I heard a noise from the trees above my head. I let the little fellow go and I looked to the canopy above me. I was getting a little frantic. I saw something move, and readied for an attack. Suddenly, a Sceptile roared and jumped at me with a Leaf Blade attack following it. Star jumped out of the bushes and used Psychic to deflect the leaves. She then pushed me out of harm's way and took the charging Sceptile head on. The impact kicked up a cloud of dust that enveloped all three of us. Once it cleared, I saw Star holding the foe back. “You! I'm gonna make you pay for hurting these poor Pokemon! I'm going to... Wait a minute... No, it can't be you.” Kvair said in disbelief. “Yes, it is me, Kvair. Star, let him go.” I told my valiant companion. Star complied and let Kvair go. “Jason... Why would you do such a thing?” Kvair asked. I saw this question coming. “I saw no other way of finding you. Spring was nowhere to be found, Kyrsta didn't know where you were, and Birrn is lost in thought. I don't plan on doing something like that ever again, so you don't need to worry.” I assured him. He looked down and shook his head. “I'm sorry Jason. I'm very happy to see you again, but this must be done.” Kvair said somberly. I opened my mouth to ask him what he meant, but I was cut off by something hitting me in the back of my head, sending me to the ground. I began to lose consciousness, but before I drifted away, I heard Star. “JASON! You bast-” She also received a swift blow to the back of her head.


When I came to, I was in some kind of prison cell. The sun was gone, and the moon has taken it's place. I had a pounding headache, and the torches didn't help it at all. Just outside of the cell, there were two guards, one Typhlosion and one Manectric. I surveyed the area, and it seemed that the entire place could be leveled with a little bit of effort. Upon further inspection, I saw Jason's bag just outside of the wooden cage that I was held in. 'What a bunch of idiots.' I thought. I slowly reached through the cage and grabbed the bag. I looked through the contents of the bag hoping to find something that would help me escape. All I found was my Pokeball, the tent, our sleeping bag, and the rest of our camping stuff. I began to get frustrated. I opened the pocket that Jason kept our valuables in and found my blue Star Piece. I was a little skeptical, but I took it out anyways. I was filled with that warm feeling that I felt the first time I held the gem, but this time I welcomed it. This time, it filled me with an odd sense of power. Then I began to feel weird. My whole body began to tingle, and I began to glow. Not just my chest ornament, but my whole body. This got the attention of both guards, but they were too scared to do anything. The very air around me began to vibrate with immense power, and the wooden cage exploded, sending thousands of splinters in every direction. The odd feeling intensified. My colors began to change. White became a very deep blue, green became black, and red became white. My transformation made the two guards run away, making my job that much easier. “Now, let's see here... I'll need this.” I said as I donned Jason's bag. I enveloped it in a protective shield to preserve my Pokeball. “This prison camp sickens me. I might as well redecorate.” My voice echoed. Using some of my energy, I generated a small black hole in the middle of my cell block. It grew in size as it sucked in all of the architecture. I managed to contain it after it's job was done, and closed it before it caused too much damage. “Okay, time to find Jason.” I said to myself. I shut my eyes and remembered Jason's energy. After a few seconds of “listening,” I located Jason. He was in a cell block not too far from my location. I had to make haste. I quickly flew through the air, destroying all buildings I saw with odd, black balls of energy. After a few destructive seconds of flight, I located Jason's cell block. The Pokemon in the area ran for their lives. I had no reason to harm them, so I let them flee. I landed in front of Jason's cell.


An odd figure landed in front of my wooden cell. It's deep voice echoed in the distance. “Jason, it's me, Star. I know that I look weird, but you gotta work with me here. I'm getting us out.” The beast said. It grabbed the cage and it began to shake violently. I felt a surge of energy run through the cage and it erupted in a shower of splinters. “Here's your bag back, sweetie. Now, how are we gonna do this? Are we gonna wreck this place, or are we just gonna leave it alone? Your call.” It said as it gave me my bag. I took a quick look through our belongings and saw that everything but the blue Star Piece was there. “Wait, where's the blue Star Piece?” I panicked frantically. “Oh, I have it right here, don't worry. So, what's the game plan?” The Pokemon inquired. I thought for a second. The place was an eyesore that could be wrecked quite easily to prevent any more Trainers getting captured, but then again we could leave it alone and save our own hides. “I think that we should demolish this place. Just make sure that you don't harm anyone here, we don't need people or Pokemon dead.” I told the new and fearsome Star. She nodded and soared away. I looked through my bag and pulled out a club-like weapon. I never told Star that I had it, but I needed it to protect myself just in case she wasn't there for me. I had no intentions of using it, but I planned to use it as an intimidation factor. 'Jason, just in case you were wondering, most of the Pokemon in your area have run away. I'm right above you, if you want to know. My new colors allow me to blend in with the night sky.' Star told me telepathically. She didn't seem to notice my cudgel, or if she did, she didn't care much. Not too far from my current position, I heard what sounded like a vacuum, so I went to investigate. 'Don't get too close! If you do, you'll get sucked in!' Star warned me. I heeded her warning and kept my distance. I got a good look at the black hole she generated and saw all of the havoc it was causing. It sucked in all of the nearby buildings and wrecked all of the cages. I wondered why they were empty. Star closed her black hole and guided me towards the central hub of the prison. When we got there, a Tyranitar and a Hydreigon came out of the main building. A familiar Sceptile came out of the trees above. “Jason! What have you done!? You have destroyed the only thing that is keeping these Pokemon safe! Why did you do such a thing!?” Kvair said angrily. I knew that he would be this way. “Kvair, you have to come to your senses! Capturing people can lead to things worse than some mayhem! Hell, local authorities could roll through here and exterminate you all!” I explained to the grass dragon. He just shook his head and raised his arm. “You two, take care of this savage! I want his head on a platter!” He cried. The two colossal Pokemon charged at me, Tyranitar readying a Stone Edge attack and Hydreigon preparing a Dragon Claw attack. I raised my crude weapon and closed my eyes. The sounds of explosions filled the air, and when I opened my eyes, Tyranitar and Hydreigon were cowering down in front of me.

“You will not harm my master! You two will be punished for your acts!” Star's massive voice boomed. Beneath the two Pokemon, a giant black portal opened, sucking the two foes into a Dark Void. Upon closing it, the two reappeared, and they were sleeping like little babies. They began to shudder, and one even flailed it's tail around. Kvair jumped out of the trees once more and stood in front of me. “How? How do you do such a thing?” Kvair asked out of curiosity. I didn't need to answer, because Star descended from the skies and landed next to me, a black orb of energy in her hand. The orb was a black color with specks of white in it, making it look like a starry night sky. “Wh-what are you?” Kvair nervously asked my powerful ally. “I am your worst nightmare. I am the thing that goes 'bump' in the night. I am a demon among mortals. And I will do with you as I please.” Star struck fear into Kvair's heart. “No, no, no, please! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry for what I've done! Please forgive me! I'll never capture people again! I'll vanish and you'll never hear from me again! Just don't kill me, please!” The Sceptile cried as he fell to his knees, begging for his life. Star's celestial orb dissipated and she lifted Kvair up from the ground. “If you wish to live, you will help us destroy this place.” The frightened Pokemon nodded excessively and began to help us tear the place apart. Star created black holes, Kvair used Leaf Blades, and I used my cudgel to wreck the place. After a good thirty minutes, we had devastated the place. Debris was scattered all around us. “Run. If I happen to see you again, I'll hurt you. Badly. Now go!” Star commanded. Kvair ran for his life. He disappeared into the forest and Star began to laugh. “Man, that was fun! I have never felt so good in my life! Who knew that the Star Piece would grant me such power?” I looked at her menacing form. The energy she was giving off was sheer black, and it felt strange. “Star, I think you better give the Star Piece back. Besides, I don't think we need it anymore.” I asked my Gardevoir. She shook her head. “Nah, there is one thing I want to do first.” She floated upwards once more. She generated shields around all of the sleeping and unconscious Pokemon. She also created one around me. I couldn't see through the pitch black barrier, but I did hear that vacuum sound again. But this time it was much louder. I tried calling out to Star, but the shielding must've been sound-proof. Touching the shield wasn't a smart idea, because it was extremely hot, or extremely cold, I can't tell. It felt like a white flame and liquid nitrogen at the same time. I was getting impatient, then the shield collapsed. Star was landed next to me and stretched out her arm. “Here's the Star Piece.” She said with a flat voice. She dropped it into my hand and her colors reverted back to their normal forms. Her gaze was fixated on the area that she cleaned up with her final black hole. “What is it, sweetie?” I asked.

“This place... Don't you remember? Look around.” She replied. I did as she said and observed the area. The nostalgia hit me like a bullet to the heart. “This is where we first met. I remember what you told me when I found you.” I reminisced. “Yep. I told you that my parents left me out here to starve. If I ever find them, I'll give 'em a piece of my mind.” Star said through clenched teeth. “Calm down, sweetie. I doubt that we'll find them. Now, it's pretty late. I don't think walking home at this hour would be a smart idea, so do you want to set up camp here?” I asked as I set my bag down. “Sure. You can put up the tent.” Star said with a grin. I just rolled my eyes and got to work. Adrenaline was still coursing through my veins, so the tent went up in a matter of minutes. As soon as I finished, Star walked inside the tent and rolled out our sleeping bag. “Get in here and lay down, you have to be exhausted. Arceus knows that I am.” Star commented as she shimmied into the bag. I squeezed my way into the sleeping bag and snuggled closely to Star. Her body was very warm, so I tried my best to wrap my arms around her to draw her close. “Jason, what are you doing?” She asked. I giggled. “I'm cold, and you're warm. Besides, I was scared that we might've never seen each other again. I was so scared...” My smile turned into a frown and I began to tear up. “Don't worry, Jason. I'm still here. Just hold me tightly, and everything will be fine.” She consoled me. I held her close, her breasts pressing against my chest. It made Star moan a little in pleasure, which made me blush a bit. “I love you, Jason.” Star said under her breath. “I love you, too.” I replied. She locked me in a kiss as soon as I had finished my sentence. Her tongue infiltrated my mouth, so I pressed mine into hers. Our tongues wrestled for a few minutes before Star had stopped and unzipped the sleeping bag. I felt a rush of cold air hitting my body, but I didn't care. Star positioned herself so her bosom was in my face, and her face was in my crotch. She proceeded to unzip my pants and pull my stiffening member out of my underwear, and I moved her dress to reveal her wet pussy. Star ran her tongue along my now fully erect penis and got a moan out of me. I returned the favor and began to run my tongue around her cunt. She shuddered at the feel and began to work my cock a bit faster. Star eventually took it all in her mouth, still using her tongue masterfully. “Star... You're wonderful.” I complimented. “Mmmph.” She replied. She didn't stop for anything, but she seemed to know when I was close. She stopped and repositioned herself, her dripping vagina hovering over my erection. “Ready Jason?” Star asked. The thought of mating with her drove me wild. “Absolutely.” I told her. She smiled and lowered her hips slowly, the tip of my member spreading her slightly. Star and I moaned in sync, but she didn't stop. Star kept lowering herself onto me, the warmth of her insides driving me insane. Star winced when she felt the tip hit her hymen. “Ah, right... I forgot about that.” Star sighed. She took a deep breath and forced herself onto me. She shrieked in pain while I gasped in shock. I saw the blood run out of her vagina and felt good knowing that we were both no longer virgins. Star's pain subsided and she began to move again. Her warmth and tightness nearly drove me over the edge, despite the fact that we had just begun. “So, how does it feel to be mating with a Pokemon, Jason? Is it everything that you have wished?” She asked between pants. I mustered enough energy to respond. “Y-yeah. Everything and more.” Star smiled and picked up the pace. I could barely hang on as she just kept on going, having a seemingly never-ending supply of energy. “S-Star... I'm gonna... I-I'm...” I tried to say. Star leaned in closely and whispered into my ear. “I know. I'm close too, so let's cum together, okay?” Her words entered my brain and lodged themselves in it. Star sped up immensely, bringing us both to climax almost instantly. “Jason, I'm cumming!” Star said elatedly. “I am, too!” I replied, practically gasping for air. A cold shock ran through my entire body as I shot my seed into my Pokemon. Star's eyes shot wide open and she inhaled deeply as she felt our fluids simultaneously. I noticed that Star finished much earlier than I did, while I just kept on filling her up. “J-Jason, there's so much... I can't take much more...” Star worried. Despite her worried state, she didn't get up. She let my still stiff penis occupy her. I looked at her vagina and saw all of my sperm that didn't fit running out onto our sleeping bag. When I eventually stopped ejaculating, Star was almost dizzy with satisfaction and a spot on our sleeping bag was drenched. She rolled to my side and kissed me one more time.

“That was amazing, Star. I'm so glad we got to do this.” I thanked her. She smiled and pulled me closer. I felt her still wet cunt on my leg, but I just ignored it. “You know, I've wanted to do that for so long. Ever since I caught you masturbating while I was bathing that one day, I had a burning desire for you. So, I should be thanking you for allowing me to mate with you.” Star confessed. I wasn't as surprised by this as I should have been, but I didn't care. I didn't care about anyone or anything other than Star at that moment. No words were spoken after that. We let our exhaustion put us to sleep. I had good dreams that night, all about a life with Star.

Chapter End Notes:

Aaaand that's that! Like I said, I hope you enjoyed it! I'll work harder next time! I promise!

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    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
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    Another great chapter. Few grammar mistakes--and more text walls.
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    Thank you very much! This means a lot to me. I'm glad that you're enjoying it so far!