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Her Biggest Fan by zephyr_paws


Story Notes:

Yep, this was meant to just be a light little story and my first attempt at writing F/F, but, of course, it turned into something deep and emotional. There's not a bunch of plotless F/F sex in here -- the primary focus is on their relationship together. That should make it feel even better, hehe.

Chapter 3: Their Last Day

Her Biggest Fan

DISCLAIMER: All characters and properties are copyright their respective owners. All writing and original characters are copyright 2008 Zephyr Paws. The author is in no way associated or affiliated with any third-party. This original fiction was created with no intention of any copyright infringement against any third-party, and is purely for fan enjoyment.

WARNING: This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual acts and sex between two female Pokemon, as well as a non-consensual male-on-female scene. If this kind of stuff freaks you out, or if you're younger than 18 (or whatever the legal age is in your area), you'd better run, run far away right now! Otherwise, get reading!

NOTE: There is one Male x Female scene in here, but I am choosing to keep the story categorized strictly as Female x Female. That's really what it is supposed to be anyway and I don't want anyone thinking that it's just like all the other stories... Male x Female with a little Female x Female scene on the side. You know that'd happen, right? So if you're really against Male x Female, you might want to read ahead a bit, but, like I said, it is non-consensual. It really is a Female x Female story... Thanks for understanding and forgive me for the presence of cock.

Chapter 3

Their Last Day

The next morning, Jeff released Ignis, Effloresca, Tsunami, and Elly. Tsunami headed out right away, but Ignis and Effloresca stopped and laughed at Elly, who was denied her love and felt really bad about it.

"Ohoho, so looks like la petite Plusle has no femme to play with," teased Effloresca, laughing in that sick laugh she often gave.

"Ahaha, 'Atty' doesn't get to come out and play. What ever will you do? Maybe you can find a male to mate with instead -- you know, like you're supposed to," added Ignis, only depressing the Plusle even further.

"Just leave me alone..." she said in a sad tone, hanging her head and sighing.

Ignis and Effloresca obeyed the Plusle's wish and left her alone, chuckling a bit as they left. They would have rather bothered Atra anyway, as they knew and despised her so much more than the Plusle.

"Why do you look so sad, Elly?" asked Jeff, who was still in the room, packing his things.

"Pl... a..." she squealed, walking over to him and tugging on his pants. The poor Pokemon looked pitiful.

"You really don't look so good, Elly. You don't want to play with the others?" he asked her, looking down at the small Plusle.

"Pla..." she answered, shaking her head.

Jeff stopped and thought about it for a minute. For whatever reason, Elly always seemed to want to be around Atra, regardless of how much Atra seemed not to like it. "It's not Atra, is it?"

Elly's ears perked up as he said that. "P-pla?"

"She keeps hurting you, Elly! I can't have you get hurt again. Not today. I'm sorry, but she's going to have to stay in her Poke Ball. She's not going to be hurting you again, don't worry."

Elly began crying in response to what the human said. She couldn't stand the thought of Atra staying locked up all day, especially for something she didn't even do!

"No, no amount of tears will change my mind. Go on, there's plenty of other Pokemon that you can play with that aren't going to hurt you. Now, sorry Elly, but I've got some business to tend to before we get to Lilycove and I'm pressed for time."

The human walked out of his room and left Elly alone there. She cried for a little bit, but then wiped away her tears and was determined to find a way to be with Atra.


Elly walked around the ship for awhile, carefully pondering what to do. Atra was with Jeff, who was nowhere to be found. Not only that, but she was contained in a Poke Ball. "How the heck am I gonna see Atty? Man, I hate this!"

Thinking of really good ideas wasn't a specialty of hers. She was more dependent on other Pokemon's thoughts and ideas and focused more on helping than actually coming up with stuff.

Eventually, she realized she had no options at all. Well, no options except for one... knowing that there was nothing else she could do and hoping that she could get some help, she went off in search of the two Pokemon she'd grown to despise: Ignis and Effloresca.

She found them near the bow of the ship, sitting down and cuddling with each other. "Umm... excuse me, Ignis and Ms. Roserade..."

"Ohoho, it's la petite Plusle! My name is Effloresca, ma cherie, get it right."

"What do you want, huh? Decided to see what it's like being with a real male?" asked Ignis in a demeaning way. He and Effloresca continued their cuddling, though were listening to hear what the Plusle had to say.

"P-please... I don't want to fight... I don't want you to hurt me... p-please... I just want Atra..." She didn't even have the heart to call her 'Atty' as she usually did.

Ignis and Effloresca stopped their cuddling, looked at each other, then broke out in laughter. "Ahaha! You gotta be kidding me! That's too much! Ahaha!"

"She actually thinks we would care about la petite Weavile? 'Atty?' Ohoho!"

"I know... I don't expect you to... but I'm begging. I love her... don't you two understand what love is? I need her... p-please... please, can you just help me, just this once?"

"No! I'd never help that old bitch out. You're some kind of stupid if you think we'd actually help you out. I know what love is. Love is jamming your cock into a female and making her take it all, ahaha! That's what I call love!"

"Oui, ma cherie, you do not know what love is unless you have been with a male, ohoho," said Effloresca.

"You're... you're wrong. Both of you."

"Ahaha, you'll never know until you actually try it with a male, you freaking dyke," said Ignis.

"Shut up!" yelled Elly, clenching her paws and looking very upset. "I have mated with a male and felt nothing but pleasure. That was it! Pleasure! That's not love. I love Atty and I know that she'll never fill me up like a male, but that's not why I love her. I love her for more than just things like that... even if I never mate with her, I don't want to be with anyone else but her..."

Ignis and Effloresca looked at each other, blinked a few times, then looked back at Elly. They didn't think of her as having any experience mating, due to her small size and perky demeanor.

"Why don't you suck my cock, then?" he proposed, chuckling afterward.

"Did you even hear anything I said? I love her -- not any males, not any other females -- just her," she said back.

"Yeah, well did you hear when I said to suck my cock? Ahaha! You should know how to do that, after all." The Blaziken reached his talon down towards his groin and started rubbing at it as a taunt. "Right here, come on."

Elly turned her head and crossed her arms. "I should have figured that you two wouldn't care about actually helping! You're really horrible, you know that! Horrible!" Upset, she began walking away in a fluster from the two Pokemon. What a waste of time...

"I know what room Jeff and Atra are in," said Ignis just loud enough for Elly to hear. She stopped and listened. "You'll need someone to open the door, too, shorty. Now you should know that a little pleasure can be pretty persuasive... so what do you say, pipsqueak? How about you suck my cock now?"

Reluctantly, Elly turned around to face the arrogant Blaziken. She stared back at him in a very frustrated, upset way, though she felt that he might actually be able to help. The Plusle clenched her fists and began walking back towards them.

"Ohoho, she wants to take you up on your offer, non?" said Effloresca, chuckling lightly.

"That 'a girl, Elly. I knew you wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of a real male like myself." He grinned and touched himself just a bit more.

"Please... if... if that's what it takes, I'll do it, but just please... please help me save Atty..." said Elly, nearly crying. She knew that she was essentially being forced beyond her will to pleasure Ignis, but she also knew that he was right; she wouldn't be able to open the door due to her small size, not to mention she didn't even know where she was.

Ignis stopped rubbing his groin and instead patted his lap with his talons, inviting Elly to join him. "Come on ever here, then, Elly."

The Plusle sighed and walked over to the Blaziken. He hefted her up and placed her on his lap, petting her belly with one of his talons. It made her feel very uncomfortable, especially because she knew his intentions.

His talon began traveling south on the Plusle's body, stroking lower and lower across her belly until it bordered on the edge of her groin. He flicked his talon across the Plusle's puffy slit, sending a shiver down her spine.

The fowl then brought his talon back to her groin and rubbed it across her slit once more, this time even slower and more threatening than the last. It was so large in comparison to the tiny Plusle. He used another talon on his hand to spread her outer lips apart and reveal her tiny pinkish girlhood to him.

The whole act was making Elly extremely uncomfortable. She detested the feeling of the sinister Blaziken teasing her body in the most erotic of ways, yet she knew she couldn't protest it if she wanted his cooperation. Instead, she just sighed and shed a single tear as the Blaziken delighted himself in stretching the Plusle's tiny slit apart.

He then took his talon and slid the tip of it inside of Elly's vagina, causing her to squeal and shudder. She couldn't believe that she was actually letting him do that. In the past, she might not have minded it, but now that she was smitten by Atra and only wanted to be with her, it felt like a betrayal, not to mention awful as it was against her own will.

"You're nice and tight. Mmmm... Too bad there's not a chance I'll get anything in there. Poor you. So instead, your mouth will just have to make due." He slowly withdrew his talon from her opening and moved his hand away from her girlhood, bringing temporary relief to the abused Plusle.

Ignis picked Elly up, turned her so she was facing him, arched his legs and spread them apart, then placed the Plusle between them, giving her a view of his growing member emerging from his sheath. The cock was already several inches tall and looked like it was far from done growing. She was grateful that he wasn't even going to try stuff that inside of her vagina, because she knew she'd probably die in the process.

"Now, if you want me to help you get that bitch, you'd better suck it good. And I mean good. And I want you to swallow every last bit of my cum, got it? You'll get extra points for that, ahaha!" He reached one of his hands down to his cock and started rubbing it while reaching the other towards Elly.

He wrapped his talons around Elly's head and started pulling her in closer to the member he was lightly stroking. After a few more strokes, he stopped and simply let his gigantic cock stand tall and proud. It really intimidated the Plusle, as it was almost half as big as she was!

Elly just stood there, mesmerized by the Blaziken's mighty phallus. She knew she had to suck it, but she really, really didn't want to. Fear of choking on it flowed through her mind. Though she'd given head in the past, it wasn't to as tall and endowed of a Pokemon as Ignis.

Ignis was getting impatient. He used both of his free hands to grab onto Elly's head, then guide her against her will down towards his anxious cock. "Suck it," he ordered, no longer beating around the bush.

Elly released a sigh and did just as the Blaziken ordered. She didn't even have to get down on her knees in order to begin her work; his cock was right up by her mouth while he was just sitting down on his rump.

The giant piece of flesh entered the Plusle's mouth as she lowered her head down and began her work. She gave a few light licks against the tip of the penis and at his urethra, causing it to twitch and for him to giggle in pleasure. She also used her paws to rub across the shaft of his penis in hopes of giving him even more satisfaction.

"Ohh... that's it, you know what you're doing..." he moaned, releasing his talons from the Plusle's head. He looked over at Effloresca, who had gotten up when the Plusle started her work. "Effs, go make sure no one sees us." Ignis resumed his gaze on the Plusle beneath him. "You'd better not waste time, since if a scene breaks out here, you aren't going to get my help. Just give me the quickest, but best job you've ever given, got it, twerp?"

Effloresca headed off to stand guard while Elly continued her work on the Blaziken's member. Taking heed to what he said, she decided she'd spare the formalities and just skip right ahead to doing whatever it took to get Ignis off as quickly as possible. That actually relieved her, since she detested every second spent stuffing her face with Blaziken cock and wanted it to end sooner than later.

The Plusle began sucking on the tip of the member, taking in a bit more into her mouth and tasting the Blaziken's bitter, salty pre. It tasted far worse than any other sex fluid she's tasted, though it did have a spicy aftertaste to it. She also stroked Ignis' shaft up and down with her paws to provide additional sensation.

"Damn yeah, not too shabby. Holy crap, you're a natural at this, you know?" said Ignis, laughing afterward. He felt fantastic over the Plusle's ministrations. She was doing a pretty good job in his mind.

Even if Elly could respond, she wouldn't want to. The Blaziken's arrogance sickened her and she just wanted her duties to be over more than anything else. Well, anything else but seeing Atra, that is. That was her first priority.

Elly periodically took a break from sucking on Ignis' dick to lick it instead. She licked her tongue across the tip of his penis and, after licking it across his urethra, had an interesting idea. Due to their size difference, Elly was able to slip the tip of her tongue inside of the small opening on the tip of Ignis' member, causing him to shudder and cry out in surprise.

"Whoa! What are you doing, there?! Damn, keep it up!" he exclaimed, pounding his fists to his sides and smiling wildly. Drool was falling from the excited male's mouth and down onto his fluffy chest.

As instructed, she kept up what she was doing, though took a brief break to give another few seconds of sucking before slipping her tongue back in. While inside of his urethra, she flicked her tongue around a little bit, which provided an interesting sensation through the Blaziken's body. She didn't think anything of it, though; she was too preoccupied by the disgusting taste of Ignis' precum, which was flowing out more steadily out of that tiny hole.

It wasn't too much longer before Ignis felt the familiar burning sensation form in his groin and travel through his shaft. He knew he was getting close to climax. "Uhnn, aha... Get ready, because here I cum! Ahahaha! Remember, you'd better gulp it all down!" he exclaimed, laughing hysterically and panting heavily.

Elly sighed on the inside and braced herself to take the Blaziken's semen into her mouth. She briefly withdrew her head from Ignis' member, causing a moment of panic and disbelief for him, before she slammed her mouth back down on it and sucked with all of her might.

Adding to the pleasure, Elly conducted a glittery sparkle of electricity from her two paws and quickly ran them up and down the shaft of the Blaziken's erection, providing a zap of electricity through his member that was just enough to send him over the edge.

Ignis cried out in delight as he pumped his repulsing semen deep into the Plusle's throat and all over her mouth. She was choking on all of the fluid and couldn't breathe while he filled her up with his spicy seed. After she felt the Blaziken's orgasm subside, she pulled her head up off of his shaft, took a deep gulp, and gave a raspy breath to regain the oxygen she'd lost suffocating on the foul liquid, coughing afterward.

He fell onto his back and panted with a large smile strewn across his face. "Aha... ha... damn, that was great...!" Cum still oozed from his shrinking member, though neither he nor Elly would be bothered enough to deal with it.

"That was disgusting..." whispered Elly, reluctantly swallowing the rest of the Blaziken's ejaculate that remained in her mouth. She wiped her face with her paw, too, to clean up some of the cum that spilled onto it. "Now you need to live up to your end of the bargain!"

"Naaahh... figure it out yourself, pipsqueak," said Ignis in a groggy tone.

"W-what?! I didn't just do that for nothing, you know! Get up! You promised you'd help me if I did that for you!" exclaimed a frustrated Elly.

"I never promised you crap."

Elly clenched her paws and bore an extremely angry look on her face. "You said you'd help me!! Now you'd better freaking help me right now!!" she yelled in a rage.

"Get outta here, I'm done with whiners like you. The head was good, though, thanks," he said back, laughing afterward.

Elly felt her rage explode. She felt so betrayed and so infuriated by the Blaziken that she wanted to kill him right then and there, though she couldn't, since she knew that even Atra couldn't stand up to him. "Fuck you!" she yelled at him, not holding anything back. She then ran away from the Blaziken, who broke out in laughter.

"Oooooh, already did, ahaha," he said through his laughter, which she heard as she fled, making her even more upset and causing her to start crying.

As Elly ran further away, leaving Ignis far behind, she saw Effloresca standing guard. She tried to run past her, but the flowery Roserade stopped her in her tracks and grabbed her.

"Let me go!!" shouted Elly, who was now crying pretty heavily.

"No," said Effloresca. "I will take la petite Plusle to monsieur Jeff and la petite Weavile."

Hearing that caused Elly to stop struggling. "Huh? W-why?" She wiped a few tears off her face.

"I heard what happened, with you and Ignis. It was not right, non? He is... immature at times," said Effloresca. "We are femmes and what you did was very hard to do for a femme, non? It must have been degrading enough to do what he wanted, but it was not right for him to not help after you did that."

Though her accent and simplistic English were a bit difficult to follow at times, Elly could tell that she was actually being sincere. She was so right about how hard it was to go through with that awful, awful experience.

"I... I can't believe I did t-that... and I c-can't believe he isn't going to h-help..." said Elly. Her tears were starting to dry up. "Are... are you going to help me, then, Efflo... Ef... Effloresca?"

Effloresca smiled at hearing her name pronounced right. Not too many bothered with trying to get it right. "Oui oui, ma cherie, I will help you find your love. She may be a femme... but, la petite Plusle, you must really love her to go through what you did, non?"

"I do... I just want to be with her and I want her to be happy. She's never been happy before, but I think she's starting to know what it's like to be happy and have a friend."

"Maybe... you are good for her, la petite Plusle. We may have our differences, but I see why she loves you, yes," said Effloresca.

"She doesn't really... she just said that to get away..." said Elly, sighing. Though she was fine with the fact that Atra didn't love her back, she really did wish that she did, because then she'd truly be able to know what happiness and love were like.

"Well, ma cherie, I think she may if you be such a good friend to her," said Effloresca, smiling at the Plusle. "Now, we have wasted too much time, non? La petite- I, I mean... Atra is in the Room 7 up here. I will help you save her, oui?"

"Okay, thanks!" exclaimed Elly, who took Effloresca by surprise by hugging her.

"Merci!" she exclaimed in response.


The two Pokemon ran together along the deck of the ship in search of Room 7. After a few minutes, Effloresca said to stop and pointed at the door she stopped in front of. It was Room 7.

"Jeff and Atra are in here, ma cherie," said Effloresca. The Roserade looked up at the door and appeared to be thinking about something.

"How do we get in?" asked Elly curiously. She was also eying up the door.

"The door is most likely locked from the inside, so we will need to make a temporary distraction. Ma cherie, you will need to make a run inside of the door when it opens, oui?" She looked over at Elly and took a breath. "You will only have, say, a few seconds of time to make it in and out, and you cannot get caught. You can do this, non?"

Elly nodded her head. "Yeah, I think I can," she said. "But what do I do when I'm inside?"

"Ohoho, good question! Jeff's pants and belt will likely be on the floor somewhere, so you will need to find his belt, take the Poke Ball on it, and make it back outside before he notices you." Effloresca placed her petal-like hand on the Plusle's forehead. "If you cannot make it outside in time... you will have to wait inside until they leave."

"Alright, so let's do this!" said the Plusle in a peppy tone. She did a little bit of stretching to get herself ready to sprint while waiting for the Roserade's cue.

"Okay, ma cherie, wait right over there." Effloresca pointed to the wall a few feet away from the door. "I will make sure that Jeff will be looking at me the whole time, so you will need to run in the door while he is looking at me, oui?"

"Got it!" Elly walked over to where the Roserade instructed her to go and got down on all fours to prepare herself. "Ready!" she called over.

"Bonne chance!" With that, Effloresca looked up at the door, took a deep breath, then started banging at it wildly. She kept striking the door in an attempt to get the attention of Jeff.

After twenty or so seconds, the door finally opened to reveal an angry Jeff, clothed only in a towel. "What the hell do you want?! Can't you see the Do Not Dis-" He paused as he noticed no one there. Then, he noticed Effloresca, who he didn't notice until he looked down. "Oh, Effloresca, I'm sorry. What's the matter?"

"Rose, raaade! Ro-ro, roser-ade!" She was tugging on the human's towel in an attempt to pull it off. Even if she were to fail, it'd provide a fair enough distraction.

"Hey, no, this has gotta stay on! Stop it! I'm not wearing anything under here!" the human exclaimed, blushing a bit after realizing he said it aloud. While using one of his arms to secure the towel in place, he used his free hand to engage Effloresca in a tug-of-war for his towel.

While all the towel action was taking place, Elly darted forward and into Room 7. She made it in without being noticed by Jeff, which was good. She did see a suspicious large, human-sized lump under the sheets on one side of the bed, though, which made her wonder, but not enough to cancel her mission over.

Elly located Jeff's pants, strewn on the floor with the rest of his clothes -- as predicted -- and ran over to search for the Poke Ball containing Atra. She found his belt under the pile of clothes and managed to find the lone Poke Ball still attached to it. She pulled at it until it broke free from the belt, grabbing it with her paw and looking at the red-and-white sphere.

After taking a second or two to stare at it in wonder, she snapped out of it and glanced back at the door. She saw a naked Jeff trying to reclaim his towel from Effloresca, who seemed to have gotten it from him. It looked like she'd be able to make it.

Stuffing the Poke Ball in her mouth, the Plusle got back on all fours and ran out of Room 7 at full speed, running to her left as to avoid the attention of Jeff. She ran away as fast as she could and turned down the first turn she could find as to be completely out of sight by Jeff and catch her breath.

"Atty, I finally get to be with you again!" exclaimed Elly as she hugged the Poke Ball and rubbed her cheek against it. She briefly turned her head back towards where she ran from. "Thanks, Effloresca..."

Finally, Elly positioned one of the digits of her paw over the little circle in the center of the ball and nervously pressed the button, releasing the Weavile it contained with a reddish beam of light.

"H-huh...? Elly?" asked Atra, looking at her claws and surveying her surroundings to see that Jeff was nowhere in sight. "How did you...?"

"You really don't want to know..." groaned Elly, remembering what she had to go through to get some assistance. "I just wanted to get you out of there! It wasn't right that you got locked up for what that jerk Ignis did! But you're free now, so we can talk and do whatever else you want!"

"Elly..." said Atra with a sigh. She couldn't help but remember what she overheard Jeff say on the phone. He was going to trade Elly... She'd never be able to see her again if he did that.

Elly walked over to Atra and looked up at her. "Yeah? What's up?" she asked.

She didn't want to tell her. She didn't even want to believe it herself. But, Atra knew it was going to happen... just like it did with Leto, except... Elly actually cared for her. She really did. By the end of the day, Atra would have lost the one and only friend that she'd ever had, the one and only Pokemon that made her laugh and smile, the one and only Pokemon that showed her that there are things more important than weak and strong.

"Atty? 'ya there? Come on!" The Plusle was waving her paw up at the Weavile to try and snap her out of her apparent trance.

"It... it's nothing," answered Atra, sighing afterward. She didn't have the heart to tell Elly. Even though she knew that she should, she didn't want to ruin their last day together. "I'm just so glad to have met you, Elly... you have no idea." Atra picked the Plusle up and pulled her in for a hug.

"Aww, Atty, I'm glad that I met you, too! You're awesome!" Elly smiled. "I'm also really glad that you're not mean to me like you used to be and that I think you actually like being around me now."

Atra nodded. "Yeah... me too." Of course, she just had to rub it in, didn't she? Atra knew that she enjoyed being around Elly, even though just a few days ago, she wanted nothing to do with the overly energetic fluff-ball. She didn't want her to leave... she didn't want to be separated from the only Pokemon that cared about her.

"What's the matter?" asked Elly, observing a few tears forming at the Weavile's eyes. "Are you crying?"

She didn't want to make it obvious that something was wrong. In fact, she wanted to entirely forget about what she overheard. But in all actuality, she couldn't, and it was eating her alive from the inside out. "P-please... I don't want to talk about it. I just want to be with you right now... okay?"

The tone of Atra's voice really concerned Elly. She sounded so distant and lonely for some unknown reason. "Are you sure?" she asked compassionately.

"Y-yeah..." Atra said as wiped some of the tears off her face with her arm. "Hey, Elly?"

"What's up?" answered Elly.

"Follow me, alright?" asked Atra, getting up and offering her claws to the Plusle to hold onto.

Elly was happy to comply and held the Weavile's claws, smiling up at her. "Alright!" she cheered.

Atra led her around the ship, keeping her eye out for Ignis and Effloresca, until she reached the room that she was in yesterday with Elly. She fiddled with the doorknob until she managed to open the door, allowing the two to enter the still-unoccupied room.

"Hey, why is it that no one's ever here?" asked Elly out of curiosity, recognizing the room as the room they were in before.

"Simple," Atra replied, smirking, "it's empty. No one is staying in it." She walked forward over towards the bed, hopped up, and sat down, leaving Elly behind to think about it.

"Wha? Really? How'd you know?" she asked as she followed Atra over to the bed and hopped up next to her.

"I was sitting right outside for a few days and never saw anyone go in or out, so I checked inside and there wasn't any sign of anyone here. I'm glad I didn't discover it until after you were bothering me, though, otherwise I probably would have just stayed in here alone for the whole trip."

Elly placed her paw behind her back and closed her eyes out of embarrassment. "Haha, yeah, I would have really gone crazy then!" She scooted closer to Atra and rubbed her head against Atra. "I'm just so glad to be with you again, Atty! It would have been so boring without you around, jeez!"

Atra sighed and stared off away from Elly, pausing for a few seconds. "Elly... I... I need to tell you something," she said, much to her dismay. She was struggling with herself as whether or not to tell Elly that she was going to be traded away or not. She didn't want the sadness to spoil their last day together.

"Yeah, what is it?" answered Elly, tugging on the Weavile's arm and forcing her to look back at her.

Atra's eyes were fixated on the Plusle, who was staring right back at her with those adorable beady eyes and that perky smile she seemingly always wore. She was so oblivious to anything but her. How could she tell Elly that they'd have to be separated?

"Atty?" asked Elly, barely seeing Atra's eyes move while she stared her down.

"I..." Her internal struggle was relentless, swaying back and forth like a ship in a stormy sea, ready to capsize at any given second. The longer she waited, the harder it'd be on Elly, but ignorance is bliss; if Elly didn't know until it was too late, at least she'd be happy until the very end.

"Atty, what is it? Come on, tell me!" She was tugging harder at the Weavile's arm, eager to hear what it was she had to say. She could see tears start forming in Atra's eyes, which sent a clear indicator that something was wrong.

'I'm really never going to see her again...' thought Atra, realizing that her thoughts were indeed true. 'I'll never see her smile... or hear her ridiculously cheery voice... I'll never be able to return the love she's given me.' Her tears had begun falling off of her face, yet she still remained as still as a statue.

"I'm serious! What's wrong? Atty, please, don't cry! I don't want to see you cry!" exclaimed Elly, doing her best to try and cheer Atra up again, or to at least get her to talk about it.

'I'll never be able to know if I love her or not... I'll never be able to know... until it's too late.' She finally started lightly sobbing and brought her free paw up to her cheek. 'Elly... oh, Elly... if I do love you, I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I never had the chance to tell you. If I do love you... I'll regret it for the rest of my life if I never had a chance to show you... Elly... I... I...'

"Atty!! You're really scaring me! Please, don't cry! You're making me worried! Whatever it is, you can tell me, it's alright! We're friends, remember? Friends!" exclaimed Elly.

"I... you."

There was a moment of silence while both Pokemon grasped what Atra had just confessed. Neither thought the day would ever come when she'd be able to admit that, but those three little words kindled a bond in the hearts of Atra and Elly like there'd never been before.

"A-Atty...? You... you mean that?" asked Elly, almost in disbelief over what she just heard. She wanted to be confident that it was, in fact, what she heard.

Atra placed her claws around Elly's head, then leaned in, bringing Elly's lips up to her own until they were joined together in a kiss. The kiss was short, yet so significant. "Yes," said Atra after breaking her kiss, only to bring Elly back in for another, much longer kiss.

For the first time in both of their lives, they had someone that loved them back. Words couldn't express the fulfillment they both felt in their hearts, knowing that it was more than just a passing thought and more than just a fling. Atra felt more and more confident in her confession, conquering her initial reluctance to it and feeling proud of herself for actually doing it. Perhaps she really did love Elly all along and just didn't have the courage to admit it.

After their passionate kiss ended, they'd found themselves on their sides on the bed, cozy in each others arms. Elly was quite a bit smaller, so her legs only reached to Atra's lower chest area, assuming they were head-to-head with each other. It didn't matter to them, though.

"Ah... Atty...! I can't believe this! Ahhh! I'm soooo happy!!" the cheery Plusle exclaimed, practically screaming out in happiness.

"Yeah, you know what? I am, too," said Atra as she gave a quick kiss to Elly's cheek. "It feels so good to be able to do that!" she exclaimed, smiling widely at the Plusle.

"Oh, Atty! I can't believe how happy I am!! You really love me back! You really love me back!" She nuzzled against Atra's face. "We're gonna be together forever! I can cheer you on in all of your fights, and you won't have to sit alone at Pokemon Centers anymore, and we can cuddle, and snuggle, and do everything we want to together!"

Atra wore a fake smile in reaction to Elly's enthusiasm. "Yeah..." said Atra. She knew the unfortunate truth that Elly wouldn't be there to do any of that... But seeing Elly's excitement and affection affirmed that Atra couldn't tell her about the trade. Even though heartbreak was inevitable, she wanted Elly's heart to stay unbroken for as long as possible.

The two spent the next few minutes lying on their backs, snuggling up next to each other and staring at the ceiling of the strange room.

"Hey, Elly..." said Atra, though keeping her head facing toward the ceiling.

"What's up?" answered Elly, looking over to her friend with a look of interest.

"There's something I'd like to do before-... b-before..." The Weavile loosed an accidental slip, nearly spoiling the whole moment. "Before we get to shore," she added, recovering from her slip-up.

"Oh? What's that?" Elly asked back, sounding highly curious about what Atra wanted to do.

"I... I want to mate with you," said Atra, looking over at Elly and blushing. She knew that now would be her only opportunity to mate with Elly, or, quite possibly, with anyone. Sure, she might have been rushing into things a bit -- not like Elly hadn't been -- but she'd regret it for the rest of her life if she never had that magic chance to perform such a passionate act with her first real love.

Elly's eyes lit up and her ears perked up as she heard Atra say that. "Reaaally?!" she exclaimed, feeling like it was too good to be true. She thought for sure that it'd be another few days before Atra would feel comfortable enough for it, realistically. "Yeah! Oh yeah, definitely! Yeeeaah, let's mate! It'll be so much fun and feel so good, trust me!"

"How do we... er, do it?" asked Atra, who was a bit unsure of exactly how two females could mate, but knew there had to be a way or else Elly wouldn't have brought it up the other day.

"Well," started Elly, "there's a lot of ways for us to mate! We could find something like a banana or a cucumber, or we could just touch and rub each other, or... oh, hey, we could just lick each other and suck on our parts! Yeah, that'll totally help get this awful taste out of my mouth, too, except I dunno if we'll be able to do it both at the same time 'cuz you're a lot taller than I am..."

Atra shook her head briefly, trying to understand everything Elly was saying. "Uh, what? Will that matter?" she asked.

"Nah, it'll still be fine, don't worry!" Elly smiled. "So did you, like, want to mate now or were you thinking of later maybe?"

"N-now's good," answered Atra a little nervously. "But you need to tell me what to do... you know I've never mated before."

Elly rolled over and then crawled onto Atra's chest, giving her a lick across the face. "Sure thing! First, I want you to stick one of your claws inside of my pussy, okay?" she asked with an excited look on her face.

"Okay..." answered Atra.

The Plusle sat up on the Weavile's chest, then slid around until her back was facing Atra. She then lay down on her and slowly scooted towards her face, displaying her plus-shaped tail, her butt, and her little slit. "There! Now try lightly rub it before you stick it in, okay? This is just to warm us up, but it'll feel good! Oh, oh, and be sure to remember to rub my clit, too!"

"Right, right," answered Atra, observing the Plusle's feminine features. It felt so different seeing them on another Pokemon's body, though, as opposed to her own. Even then, she barely paid attention to her own features, so the sight in general was a new experience for her.

Her claws drew nearer to the Elly's slit, which looked to be mildly moist already, until they were poking at the side of the tiny slit. She ran one of her claws down the side of the Plusle's labia, drawing it tantalizingly close to the opening, then stopping right at the small Pokemon's tender clitoris. Striking it elicited a gleeful chirp from the creamy yellow Pokemon, enjoying the sudden stimulus given to her.

Atra smiled, knowing that what she was doing was roughly what Elly was doing earlier -- the same thing that made her feel so fantastic. It took her mind off of every other worry and concern, leaving her new goal to satisfy her friend -- no, her lover -- to a blissful state.

Remembering what Elly did to make it enjoyable, Atra ran her lone claw across the sensitive little bump. Her claw was a lot sharper and rougher than Elly's soft paw, which was a bit daunting for the Plusle at first, but it felt highly satisfying due to its increased rigidness. Thankfully the claw was unsharpened on command of the Weavile, otherwise it would undoubtedly be a lot more painful.

She ran her claw across it several more times, with every few times trigging a twitch and an increase of tension to run through the Plusle's body. Her tail reactively raised in the air as Atra continued to pleasure her slit.

After a few more sensitive flicks across that sensitive little nub of pleasure, Atra's interest shifted more toward the little Plusle's innards. She kept one set of claws just below the slit and continued rubbing her clitoris with it, though her second set was making its way to join in on the fun.

Those cold, icy claws ran across Elly's mounds, sliding up and down its length. They began easing her two folds apart, revealing Elly's pinkish girlhood in the process. She then took her claws on that paw and began spreading her folds even further apart using her first and third claw, stretching the Plusle and her opening, arousing both her and Elly greatly.

"Mmmnn, Atty, that's great...! Put it... in! Ohh...!" moaned Elly, crying out in anticipation. She was eagerly awaiting the Weavile's commanding claw inserted into her, particularly due to its length and relatively large size. She knew that there was no way she'd be able to take it all, but she sure wanted to try and hoped Atra wouldn't hold anything back.

Atra grinned, then lowered her middle digit and slid it along the pinkish flesh until it reached Elly's vagina. The Weavile found it fascinating how the little hole pulsed every so often, particularly in reaction to her movements across Elly's nearby clit. It was so inviting to her, so arousing... she was so tempted to slide that claw in, aside from the purpose of solely providing pleasure to Elly. She wanted it for herself.

Just the very thought of it was filling her mind with erotic thoughts and her body with sexual urges. Try as she might to tease Elly more, she couldn't resist her own temptations coupled with the Plusle's plea. She extended that lone claw forward and slowly slid it inside of the tiny opening.

Elly immediately let out a cry, mixing pleasure, surprise, and perhaps even a hint of pain in the outburst. Her body twitched and reacted as well, almost alarming Atra and leading her to believe that something was wrong.

"Are you okay?" she asked, claw still inside, just to be courteous. She knew that her claws were dull, but did consider the possibility that perhaps her own excitement may have sharpened them unintentionally.

"Y-yeah! F-fine here! Oh, Atty, keep going! Uhhnn, you're doing great!" exclaimed Elly in return, giving Atra no reason to worry herself. Though Elly did feel a bit of pain, due to the girth and hardness of the claw, it was little compared to the massive pleasure she felt being stuffed with the powerful claw of her lover.

Atra heeded her words and resumed her work, sliding her claw deeper inside until she felt it'd be good to stop, which she then withdrew the claw and prepared it for another run. Before sliding her claw back inside of Elly, she used her other two claws on that paw to stretch Elly's furry folds apart even more, stretching out her innards as well. She gave a light, teasing scratch to her vagina, invoking another involuntary twitch and chirp.

Her claw made it much further than her last insertion, jamming deep into the furthest innards of the small Plusle. It felt good on her claw, though, and even better in her mind. She wanted to do more to Elly. Yes, much more. It was her first time pleasuring another Pokemon and she already had total confidence in herself over what she was doing. So much confidence that she wanted to try something else.

Atra withdrew her claw again from the Plusle's body, then adjusted her claws so she was holding onto Elly. She then sat up and turned Elly around so she was still upside-down, but her back was resting against Atra's chest.

"Ah! Atty, what are you doing?!" exclaimed Elly. She was a lot more surprised and intrigued than she was worried, curious to know just what the Weavile was intending on doing. Was she really enjoying pleasuring her? Did she have a new idea to try? Elly figured that Atra would at least ask, but was obviously mistaken.

"Trying something," she answered back confidently. Using one arm to tightly grip Elly's chest and keep her from falling, she used her other arm's set of claws and resumed the grip she once had on Elly's pussy: two claws spreading her folds apart while the middle claw slid inside of her vagina.

The Weavile pushed her claw back into the Plusle's deep hole, though it no longer felt like she was pushing Elly away from her when she slid it in, so she was confident she could jam it in even further than before.

Though rather than get too ambitious with her current thrust in, she decided to give a few more normal-depth thrusts inside of Elly's pussy first to make sure things were going smooth. They were, and Elly seemed to be greatly enjoying herself as evident by the visible smile on her face and the excessive moaning. Her girlhood was also getting considerably moist, too, making it much easier for Atra to slide her claw in.

A dozen or so more thrusts and squeals later, Atra decided to attempt her plan and drill her claw down as deep into the Plusle as possible. She thought nothing of any potential consequences or damage and felt confident that it would drive her friend wild.

She started by completely withdrawing her middle claw, causing Elly to wonder. Then, the Weavile slid her claw quickly back down to where it had been hitting, though pushing it even farther, using her other two claws to spread Elly's girlhood to its limit and allow Atra to force even more of her claw down to the very depths of Elly's vagina, scratching against its physical limit.

"Ahhhhng!! A-Aaatttyyy!" cried Elly, flailing around in an ecstatic frenzy and completely overwhelmed by how deep Atra had inserted her claw. For never having mated before, she was really impressed with the Weavile.

Of course Atra saw it more than just what it was. To her, it seemed more like a battle, except a lot more fun and a lot less painful for her adversary. It was still a matter of knowing your opponent, sizing up their every move, their likes, dislikes, points of weakness, and finding the best way to exploit your opponent to ensure victory.

Atra wasn't exactly sure what she defined victory as in this fight, but her thrill was in the challenge getting there, and she knew the more she was pleasuring Elly, the closer to victory she was.

With a smirk, Atra flicked her claw around Elly's deep insides, running across her cervix and inciting a cry of pain and pleasure from the still-flailing Plusle. She gave her another, and another, feeling her moist, textured walls slide across her claw like a knife spreading butter on a warm slice of bread.

Her eyes were fixed on her work -- the sight of her claw nearly hilted into the Plusle's girlhood provided enormous amounts of gratification and arousal to Atra. It turned that smirk of satisfaction into a smile of delight, taking pride in her work and feeling completely oblivious to all of her past worries and woes.

Elly really was right about mating and love. They really were overpowering to her. Thank goodness, too.

Rather than slide her claw outside of the Plusle, Atra took a different approach to her continuing to pleasure her friend. She used the arm that she was holding the Plusle with and slid Elly up and down against her belly and chest. Her ears and fuzzy fur was lightly brushing across Atra's clitoris, which stood proudly above the soaking mess of arousal Atra had stained into the bed that they were on.

Though it didn't tickle her often, it tickled her enough to incite a moan every now and then, all while she kept sliding the Plusle's body -- still upside-down -- along her own body, impaling her on her thick claw. Elly was moaning and crying out loudly in an absolutely euphoric state, feeling lighter than air and beyond the point of ecstasy.

Atra began gyrating the base of her paw around at the base of Elly's pussy, causing the two claws she was using to spread Elly open to instead flutter over her clit with each gyration, increasing the pleasure Elly was receiving by a significant amount. Not only that, but it caused the submerged claw to shimmy around in her deep corridor and push off to the sides, stretching her even further and bumping against a very sensitive spot down there.

The enormous amount of stimulation generated from both Elly's clitoris and g-spot was absolutely overwhelming. It was better than any mating experience she'd ever had before, ever, in the history of her life. Not only was Atra amazingly attractive, not only did she have a surprisingly sweet side to her, but she was damn good at mating, too!

Elly lasted only about half a minute more before she could feel that intense sensation of sexual release begin sweeping over her body like lava ready to gush from a volcano -- boiling hot and ready to blow any moment with extreme force!

Atra could feel Elly's walls tensing up, squeezing and gripping at her inserted claw. She wasn't certain that was the signal she was looking for, but she knew something was changing. She continued sliding her claw along Elly's innards, finding much more resistance in doing so, until she felt one powerful squeeze clench her claw tightly.

With that, Elly loosed a loud cry of absolute pleasure, then hit her climax. Surges of hot delight coursed through every vein in her body, feeling strongest right near the epicenter. Just a few seconds later, Elly's volcano erupted, spewing gushes of steamy female ejaculate all over Atra's claws, her own belly, and shooting forward to soak the bed with her love fluid.

The Plusle was panting heavily, enjoying her amazing afterglow and still feeling Atra's claw sunk into her vagina. It was an absolutely amazing experience and she couldn't believe just how skillful Atra turned out to be.

"W-wow... Atty, wow!" exclaimed Elly. "That was... amazing! I can't believe you've never done this before, because you're a freaking champ at it!" Still in Atra's grip, she leaned her head forward and looked up at Atra, who was not only smiling, but blushing pretty heavily as well.

"T-thanks," she said back. "It was pretty fun. Hope I didn't hurt you." She didn't really know what else to say, since it seemed more than evident that Elly had a great time.

"Not too bad! A little pain actually makes it feel good, so don't worry!" Elly's exhaustion had already lifted and she had regained her usual energy level. "Heeeeyyy, want to try something? Take your claw out and take a lick of that stuff!"

"A lick of... that?" asked Atra, sounding a little unsure about tasting those foreign sex juices. "It'd better not be piss..." She complied with withdrawing her claw, though, but was still looking at the soaked pussy with suspicion.

"Noooo, it's not, don't worry! You'll either like it or you won't, but most Pokemon I've been with loved it! I know yours tasted pretty sweet and even kind of minty. It was nice! Yum!" The little Plusle -- who was still held upside-down -- licked her chops.

Atra decided to give in to her curiosities and lick her claw, tasting a sweet, tangy twinge to it thanks to the fluids it was coated with. It tasted surprisingly nice, though it seemed hard to believe that such a good-tasting liquid could be generated from such a seemingly nasty place.

"Not too bad," remarked Atra, cleaning off her claw entirely.

"Hehe, help yourself!" exclaimed Elly, winking at her friend and wiggling her legs a bit.

The eager Weavile wrapped her now-free arm around Elly, so she was gripping her with two arms instead of one. She brought Elly up a bit so her soaked pussy pressed right against her mouth, then proceeded to lick the sweet juices off of her tender snatch.

Feeling Atra's slightly-rigid tongue scrape across her slit sent shivers down the Plusle's spine. It got her excited and made her thirst for more sexual fun with her friend. She knew that it'd be her turn to return the favor when Atra was done, but she'd like to see if she could get any more pleasure out of the patient Weavile.

Atra continued licking the Plusle's slit, eventually lapping up plenty of juices, yet still left with a craving for more. She ran her tongue between Elly's folds and lapped away at the Plusle's pink flesh, tasting more of that delightful fluid she sought.

While Atra was licking, Elly began moaning, chirping in delight every now and then in reaction to the Weavile's tongue pleasuring her. She released a loud cry when Atra slid her tongue inside of her vagina, then flicked it around a bit to consume every last drop of the Plusle's sweet fluid.

"Uhhhnnn, Aatttyy, ohhh...!" moaned Elly, panting and feeling even more in love than when Atra had her claw in there. Sure, the claw was far more pleasurable sexually, due to its intensity, but Atra's mouth to her muff felt satisfying in a different, more sensual way -- still very pleasurable, though, but both sexually and emotionally.

She continued eating her out, slipping her tongue deep in her insides and enjoying the texture of her inner walls. The sensation of them pulsing her tongue made it particularly intriguing, increasing her arousal significantly. Her taste was also highly enjoyable, inviting her to keep going. Not only that, but it seemed like Elly really, really liked it.

"Ohhh, uhhhnnn, Attttyy, keep going!! Ahhh! Wow, ungh, it feels sooo g-good!" moaned Elly, twitching her body and wiggling her legs uncontrollably, enjoying the sensations and getting closer to a second orgasm. She felt the Weavile rub her tongue against her own sensitive g-spot, causing her to cry out in delight with every stroke across it.

Atty knew she was doing something right when she hit that peculiar spot, as it seemed to drive Elly wild. It satisfied her knowing she was not only getting a delicious treat, but really making her friend feel so good. It made her curious just how good it felt, actually, and was hoping that she'd be able to ask Elly to return the favor and show her how it feels, now that it no longer seemed gross.

Every strike across Elly's g-spot rapidly brought her closer to orgasm, yet Atra continued with a fiery passion. Even the scent of the female was starting to grow intoxicating as she took more and more of it inside of her, stirring her arousal and driving her crazy. She pressed the Plusle's rump firmly against her face, making sure that she could stuff every last bit of her tongue inside.

Only a few seconds later, Elly once against hit that point of no return, crying out in pleasure and tensing her body up. Atra could feel Elly's inner walls squeeze firmly against her tongue, feeling even firmer than before due to the softness of Atra's tongue compared to her rough claws.

That magical burning feeling rushed through Elly's body once again, surging through her until it finally reached its target, then squirted a powerful gush of the delightful female cum into Atra's eager mouth and spraying all over her face.

A little bit of it dripped onto the bed, but Atra did a good job at keeping most of it for herself. She gulped it all down, feeling light and woozy afterward, then gave a few final flicks inside of Elly's exhausted pussy before withdrawing her tongue entirely. She licked her chops to take in some of the cum that squirted on her face, though had to leave the rest until she set Elly down.

"Wow! That was amazing, Atty! I can't believe how good you are!" exclaimed Elly in absolute ecstasy, still experiencing her second powerful afterglow.

"Guess you've never seen me eat," said Atra with a chuckle, causing Elly to laugh heavily in return. She then turned Elly right-side-right and stood her down on the bed, though she quickly fell over due to dizziness and lightheadedness. "You okay?" asked Atra.

"Yeah, just, whoa, huge headache! My head is pounding and everything's going black!" said Elly.

Atra blushed, feeling a bit embarrassed and knowing exactly what it was. "Whoops," she said, scratching the back of her head and facing the Plusle. "Guess I shouldn't have held you upside-down for so long, heh."

Elly sat up and placed her paws on her head, trying to recover from both the intense orgasm and the lack of oxygen to the head. "It's fine, don't worry!" She glanced down between Atra's legs to see her dark-colored fur even darker down there along with a puddle of moisture under her. "Heeeeeyyy, you're lookin' pretty wet, too!"

The Weavile looked down. Even though she didn't have a very good view of her girlhood, she could definitely see the damp patch in her fur and on the bed. "Yeah... guess so," she said, blushing even more heavily. "Hope you're hungry." She grinned, hoping that Elly would be willing to give her similar treatment.

"Boy am I ever!" exclaimed Elly, licking her lips and smiling eagerly back to Atra. "How do you want me to do this?"

"How?" asked Atra. "However, I guess. Whatever you think."

"Alright!" Elly crawled over to Atra, briefly nuzzled against her arm, receiving a pet on her side by Atra's claw in return, then walked over in front of her. "Just lay down on your back, spread your legs apart, and just, uhhh... just do whatever you think will make it feel better once I start! Haha, since I don't think you want me stopping, right?"

Atra smirked. "You'd better be able to breathe through your nose, because you're definitely not stopping," she said, giggling a bit afterward.

"Haha! Yeah, I can, don't worry!" She smiled. "Now lay down, already!"

She complied without hesitation, falling back onto the bed and already feeling an erotic shiver flow through her spine just in the anticipation over what was soon to come. She parted her legs to the side, spreading her slit apart and revealing her soaking pussy to Elly.

Elly got down onto her belly and crawled over to her target, excited and eagerly awaiting that delicious taste she had a sample of yesterday. She got over to Atra's wet pussy and gave a quick lick to prepare her, sending another one of those shivers through the Weavile's body. The Plusle then used her two paws, keeping herself up with her shoulders, and stretched Atra's pussylips apart, stretching them again and again, taking a satisfying pleasure in doing so.

"You're taking too long," said Atra, being facetious. She decided to take her two sets of claws and tenderly run them across her sensitive nipples while Elly took her time to get ready or whatever it was she was still waiting on.

"Fine, fine!" exclaimed Elly, giving one final stretch to Atra's pussylips before drawing her head in closer to it. She extended her tongue and ran it right across her exposed pink flesh, lapping up more of that awesome flavor she craved. Each flick of her soft tongue caused Atra's body to lightly shiver in pleasure.

While Elly continued licking at the delicate flower of the Weavile, enjoying its nectar, Atra kept up her rubbing against her own breasts. The sensation of her nipples being stimulated in such a way was an odd one, but the funny sensation did make the situation feel even more arousing.

Her nipples began hardening more, responding to the attention they were receiving, and in turn providing more of a deep, satisfactory feeling as opposed to the weird one. She focused and sharpened her claws so they would be sharper rubbing against it, allowing them to strike the nubs with a sharper slash -- taking care to ensure it was just the right sharpness level to maintain both pleasure and pain.

The stinging pain converted perfectly into heightened pleasure. Her painful pleasure was met with even more of an arousing delight as Elly finished cleaning her outer flesh and began sticking her tongue inside of Atra's vagina.

Elly's tongue felt even more erotic than her paws did, due to its soft, floppy nature and its meek texture. It wasn't as firm, but it was far more sensual and rewarding. Not only that, but it possessed more movement and flexibility, twisting and turning inside of her opening and exploring her trenches in a whole new way.

Elly had brought her head even closer to Atra's muff, burying her face between her legs and fully slipping her tongue inside of Atra's vagina. Her nose bumped against Atra's clitoris as she ate the Weavile out, taking in her intoxicating scent both orally and nasally, as well as giving Atra two types of sexual pleasure.

Though her tongue wasn't particularly filling, being much shorter than what even Atra's relatively virgin vagina could handle. Try as she might, the little Plusle couldn't quite get her tongue deep in enough to reach Atra's g-spot, though she didn't let it disappoint her too much, as she was too occupied with the taste filling her mouth and the satisfaction of returning the favor.

Atra dropped her arms to her sides, though bent her claws at the elbow so she could continue flitting her nipples with them. Her head tilted to the side as well, eyes closed and face blushing an intense shade of red, enjoying the awesome feeling she felt surging through both her nipples and her groin.

The feeling of Elly's tongue squirming around inside of her continued to stimulate the Weavile's body in ways unlike any she'd felt before. And made her legs tense, her hips buck, and moans to pour out of the Weavile's mouth out of pleasure. She had no idea that being eaten out felt so good and felt even better about herself knowing that she gave Elly a similar pleasure just a few minutes ago.

Both Pokemon kept their work up for another few minutes, only feeling more and more arousal dancing through their love-driven heads. Atra could feel that feeling she felt yesterday -- the feeling of nearing orgasm -- well up in her groin and begin traveling throughout her body in a signal that climax was approaching.

"Uhhn, aahh, El-ly...! I think... uhhnn... I think I'm g-gonna...!" moaned Atra, still with eyes closed. She was flicking her nipples even more ravenously than before, sending shivers down her spine as she felt her release rapidly approaching.

Elly heard her words and braced herself for a rush of the Weavile's enjoyable, minty taste she'd been sampling throughout her cunnilingus. Atra's vaginal walls squeezed tightly at the Plusle's tongue, gripping the floppy piece of muscle and exciting Elly tremendously. She knew exactly what was happening and was looking very forward to the coming moments.

Atra's body tensed up and flailed around as her orgasm hit her. She released a cry of pleasure from her mouth and several powerful gushes of minty ejaculate into the mouth and all over the face of the eager Plusle.

She happily guzzled it all down, licking the panting Weavile afterward to ensure every last drop of the delightful fluid was hers to be had. As a parting gift, she tickled Atra's clitoris a bit before crawling up onto her chest and cuddling against her body.

"Now what'd you think of that, huh?" said Elly, sitting up and smiling at the panting Weavile. She looked up at her and smiled back. "I know I sure liked it! Wow, you taste great! All minty kinda and surprisingly sweet!" She then hopped off of Atra and lay down beside her, cuddling against her chest.

Atra, though, was having other thoughts. She stared up at the ceiling. "You've... you've had a mate before, haven't you?" She sighed, unable to help but feel a little envious and somewhat jealous over that fact. Even though Elly said that she loved her, she wondered if there was anyone else she loved at what her past experiences were like. After all, Atra had never mated before, so the time she was having with Elly felt particularly special as it was her first time, even if it wasn't with a male.

"Not like you, Atty," said Elly in a somewhat saddened tone. "I love you."

"But you've mated before, haven't you?" Atra asked back.

"Yeah, I did. A few times, actually! But it was just for fun and just out of curiosity. I didn't love any of them..."

Atra sighed. "I see... Why didn't you love them?"

"I don't know, they just were in it to mate, and I figured why not, right? The first time I just wanted to see what it was like, and I liked it, so I did it a few more times." Elly rolled over on her side and looked up at Atra's head. "But I never fell in love with any of them and they didn't really care about me as much as they did my pussy!"

"I'm just sick of jerks like Ignis that mate with whatever Pokemon they can and don't think anything of it," said Atra in a flat tone. It was true, she hated Ignis for that. Though Atra didn't really pay too much thought towards mating, she did think that it should be something more special than how Ignis always portrayed it to be.

Elly hugged her side and nuzzled her head against it. "I love you, Atty! If you're worried I'm going to be like Ignis and mate a whole bunch of times just because I did in the past, you're wrong! As long as you love me... I'll always be by your side. I only want to mate with you!"

Atra sighed again, Elly's words reminding her of the unfortunate reality that they'd soon be separated. "What if we were ever separated? What then? Would you move on and find another mate?"

"W-why are you asking me that? We're not going to be sep-"

Elly was interrupted by Atra. "Just... answer the question."

"I... don't know! I love you, Atty! I don't ever want that to happen! I mean, if you died or something, I'd try and find another mate rather than be sad for the rest of my life like you were before you met me. And I'd want you to do the same, Atty!"

"Elly..." said Atra with a mournful sigh. It almost felt like a mistake falling in love with Elly since she'd just be gone soon anyway. "I don't want to lose you..." Could she really cope without her cheery Plusle friend? She didn't know what she'd do without her. It was enough to start bringing her to tears.

"A-Atty, you're crying! What's wrong?" asked Elly, climbing up onto Atra's chest and looking directly at her face, which appeared to becoming even more saddened.

"I love y-you, E-Elly... and I d-don't know wh-what I'm going to d-do without y-you...!" said Atra through her tears and light sobbing. "You're th-the best thing that's ever h-happened to m-me... the only one that really c-cares about m-me... I've never b-been h-h-happy before... until I m-met... you..."

"Atty! What's the matter! You make it sound like I'm going to die or something!" The little Plusle was shaking the Weavile's collar to try and snap her out of her sudden depression. "I love you! Hear that? You! I mean, if you're still thinking that I'm going to run off and mate with a male, you're wr-"

"That's not it, Elly!" shouted Atra, interrupting her friend and rendering her completely silent, even somewhat scared. "That's not it..."

"Then what is it?!" exclaimed Elly, who was growing more and more desperate to know what it was that was causing Atra to be so sad.

Before Atra could answer, they heard rustling at the door. The door opened to reveal one of the crew workers in a white suit, who entered the room and saw the two Pokemon on the bed. Behind him was Jeff, who walked in as well.

"There you are, Elly! We were looking all over for- Atra?!" He noticed Atra beneath Elly on the bed, looking incredibly shocked and worried. "What are you doing out of your Poke Ball?! Bad, bad Atra!" scolded Jeff. Both Atra and Elly had gotten up and were sitting on the bed, nervously watching to see what Jeff would do.

"That's them, huh? No clue how they got in here. No one's even staying here. Well, just let me know if I can be of any more help. We'll be disembarking in about five minutes," said the crew worker as he tipped his white hat.

"Thanks," answered Jeff, turning away from his Pokemon for just a second before turning back. "Come on, Elly, we've gotta get you ready." He reached for Elly's Poke Ball and then pressed the button in the middle.

Atra quickly knocked Elly down and then got on top of her, shielding her from the red beam of light intended to return her to her Poke Ball. "Wea, wea-weavile!" shouted Atra to Jeff, turning her head to face him the best she could at the angle she was at.

"Atra, what the hell is the matter with you?! Fine, I'll do you first. You've really disappointed me, Atra, you've really disappointed me..." He reached for Atra's Poke Ball only to find that it was absent, missing, vanished, gone. "W-wha?! Where's your Poke Ball? I could have swo- grr... I'll have to get you a new one."

Without giving her notice, Atra got up on one knee, tightly gripped Elly's paw, then ran with Elly out the door, completely taking both Jeff and Elly by surprise.

"Atra!! Bring her back right now!!" yelled Jeff, quickly running after her.

"Never a dull day," remarked the crew worker, who walked over to the bed the two Pokemon were on to tidy it up. "Phew, sure does reek in here!"


Atra ran as quickly as she could with Elly, leading her to the bow of the ship to get away from Jeff. Jeff was chasing her, but was still quite aways away.

"Atty!!" screamed Elly. "What's going on?! Why are we running?!"

"I. Can't. Tell you now," said Atra in between her panting while running at full speed, dragging the Plusle behind her.

"Go, Ignis!" shouted Jeff as he released Ignis from his Poke Ball and instructed him to catch Atra without harming Elly. He ran ahead of Jeff, using his powerful legs to gain on Atra and Elly.

"Atty!!" she cried. She felt very scared about what was happening, especially because she didn't even know what was happening.

Atra and Elly stopped as they reached the bow of the ship and saw the magnificent skyscrapers of Lilycove City in front of them. Unfortunately, though, they were out of luck and had nowhere to escape unless they felt like swimming.

"Atty!!" shouted Elly for the third time, hoping to get some answers. "Tell me! What's going on?!"

Before Atra could answer, their Blaziken pursuant had landed from an impressive jump and was only several feet away from the two females. " 'Atty' has been a bad girl, that's what, ahaha! You've been pretty naughty, too, Elly, but I'll let that slide since you were pretty naughty to me, too, ahaha!"

"W-what?" asked Atra, shooting a vile look at the arrogant Blaziken.

"Yeah, guess your little lesbian friend there isn't quite as gay as you thought, 'Atty.' She gave me some pretty damn good head! You know, the head you'd never give me, ahaha!" he said to her, taunting and teasing her, and making obscene hip motions.

"E-Elly...?" Atra didn't want to believe it. There was no way that Elly would ever do something like that for Ignis. Just the very thought repulsed her. It couldn't be true, it simply couldn't!

"I'm sorry, Atty! I had no choice!" exclaimed Elly, tugging on the Weavile's claw. Atra was completely frozen, though, in total and utter disbelief.

"Oh yeah, no wonder you'd want to fuck her, 'Atty!' I know I sure wanted to, but you're lucky I didn't, because I damn right would have killed her trying to stuff my gigantic cock inside of that tiny snatch of hers. But she's just right for a small pussycat like you, ahaha!"

"Atty! I only did it because he said he'd help me get you out of your Poke Ball so we could be together! And then he didn't even help anyway! He tricked me, Atty! He tricked me!"

"Oh boo-hoo-hoo, no one cares! Maybe if you stopped using your mouth to whine and started using it to suck again, you'd feel a lot better, ahaha!" The Blaziken was laughing hysterically, taking a cruel, sick sort of pleasure from seeing both Atra and Elly upset. "At least I sure would, aha!"

Atra clenched her claw-filled fists, held back her tears, and began charging at the Blaziken. "I'm going to rip your throat out!" she shouted as she jumped up and threw a swipe at the Blaziken's neck, narrowly missing. Still in mid-air, she slashed once more, hitting Ignis' chest and slashing through his feathers, piercing his skin.

When she landed, she spared no time in giving Ignis a chance to retaliate, and quickly reached her claws toward Ignis' sheath, successfully grabbing it and causing Ignis to freeze out of terror of losing his pride and joy.

"A-ah! D-d-don't you dare!" yelped Ignis, still completely frozen from fear. "T-that's a l-low blow!"

"You think I care right now?! Move one inch and you'll be lucky that's all you have left," threatened Atra, gripping the Blaziken's sheath even firmer.

While Atra was distracted with Ignis, she failed to notice Jeff catch up with them all. It wasn't until she saw Jeff press the button in the middle of Elly's Poke Ball that she noticed him, and by then, it was too late.

Reactively releasing her grip on Ignis, time seemed to flow at a dramatically slow pace as she tried as fast as she could to run over to Elly, who was standing at the sidelines and about to be returned to her Poke Ball. She wasn't fast enough. Not even close. The red beam of light struck Elly and engulfed her in a glowing red light before sucking her inside of the ball in Jeff's hands.

"Elllllyyy!!" shouted Atra, crying out as she tried running towards Jeff, still in a seemingly slow-motion state, before feeling a powerful chop against her back, slamming her down onto the ground. Ignis then pinned her down and grabbed her into that same powerless hold she was in earlier.

"Ahahahaha!!" he cackled. "I 'oughta fuck you right now for what you tried to pull on me earlier! But with Jeff standing right there, I guess it'll have to wait 'til we're alone. Ohhhh, but I promise you, your ass is going to feel a whole new kind of pain soon. Bitch. Ahahaha!"

"You bastard!!" shouted Atra, trying desperately to break free from Ignis' powerful hold and failing once again.

Jeff walked over to his Weavile and gave a very disappointed look towards her. "Atra... I don't know what I'm going to do with you. I can't put you back in a Poke Ball, and you're just too out of control to leave running loose."

He placed his hand on his chin and was pondering how he could keep Atra under control. "Ah, I've got it! Come on out, Effloresca!" he exclaimed as he released his Roserade from her Poke Ball.

"Rose...?" she said to her Trainer.

"Effloresca, I want you to use Sleep Powder on Atra. She's gotten too wound up for some reason and I lost her Poke Ball, so we need to put her to sleep until we can get to the Pokemon Center to register her in a new one. I'll do it right after trading Elly and Tsunami."

Effloresca looked shocked for a moment, hearing that Elly was going to be traded, then looked up at Atra, who was struggling wildly to break free from Ignis' grasp.

"Ahaha, look at that, Atra! You know what happens when Jeff trades Pokemon! Ahaha!! You're never going to see Elly again! Ahahaha!!" cackled Ignis. "Not only that, but he's giving us an excuse to put you to sleep! Oh, and in advance, pay no mind to that pain you'll feel between your legs when you wake up, ahaha!"

"You bastards!! I hate you both!! I swear, I will kill you! I will!!" shouted Atra, who was completely overtaken by her rage and anger.

Effloresca saw the anger in Atra's face. For once, she actually sympathized for Atra. She knew that Elly loved her and actually began hoping that Atra would grow to love her back. She knew she treated Atra poorly over the time they'd been together, always mocking her and teasing her, parroting Ignis' dislike for her for no valid reason.

The only reason she was with Ignis in the first place was because he'd have sex with her and she enjoyed it. Deep down, she wanted to know what love was like, too. Ignis sure didn't love her, yet she felt bound to him because he didn't treat her poorly like he did everyone else.

"I am sorry, Atra... I know how much la petite Elly loves you, ma cherie... Do what you can to fight for your love, non? I will do what I can... and what I am told..." said Effloresca to Atra, trying to let her know that she'd help, but not knowing how to fully express it.

Atra didn't even hear it, though, as she continued crying out and struggling to break free from Ignis' grasp. The Roserade then propelled a greenish powder from her petals that landed all over Atra. She purposely used a weak dose of Sleep Powder in hopes of Atra being able to wake up in time to do something, but it was still a gamble.

"Please, ma cherie... fight..." she said. Atra heard those words as she felt her body become limp and immobile and her eyes increasingly heavy. Her ability to struggle was diminishing and instead she was left only with fatigue and exhaustion.

"No... n-nooo... El... ly..." mumbled Atra as she finally fell unconscious due to the effects of Effloresca's Sleep Powder.

"Thanks, Effloresca," said Jeff, returning Effloresca to her Poke Ball. "Now Ignis, I want you to carry her until we get to the Pokemon Center and get her registered with a new ball. If she wakes up, just let me know, got it?"

Ignis smirked and nodded, then glanced down at the sleeping Weavile in his arms. "Oh, am I going to have some fun with you, ahaha..."

End of Chapter 3


Chapter End Notes:

Things are looking pretty damn hopeless, huh? Stupid jerk, Ignis. The final chapter won't have any sex in it (though some suggestive content), but I guarantee you it is the most intense scene I've ever written in any story and I hope it is a worthwhile ending to this charming series. Oh, and I guess this chapter was mostly sex-filled (though there was definitely some plot on the side), but that's part of the thrill of any good lemon story, right? :

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