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    This story is just a relatively simple story focusing on the curious antics of three starter Pokemon in Pallet Town. Yep, that's right, a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle! I don't even mention the word 'love' in here. Nope. It's just innocent curiosities all led by a rather mischievous Charmander named Maple.

    If you're looking for a deep, involving storyline or characters like I usually do, well, this is not your story. The characters are all really cute (I hope), though! This story is about sex, sex, and more sex. XD At least some pretty nice, sex scenes, including two very hot threesomes with VINES AND COCKS AND PUSSY EVERYWHERE!

    Yeah, imagine if you will... Squirtle taking Bulbasaur's ass while Bulbasaur is pounding Charmander's, pleasuring Charmander's pussy and invading Squirtle's tailhole with his vines.

    You know you want to read that.

  • Summary:

    Long before the modern days of man and Pokemon existed a time when the two species feuded. Humans treated Pokemon far from friend and purely as slaves, workhorses to carry the burden their masters bid them to do. Marcus, an Infernape, is a noble prince among a Pokemon kingdom that has been fighting the humans for centuries. Lei is an Ambipom slave that has lived her whole life in bondage and slavery by her human master. These two Pokemon's fates are about to intertwine and perhaps something can be gained from the sacrifices they've both had to endure.

  • Summary:

    Atra, a cold, detached Weavile that cares only for fighting and solitude, is pestered by her Trainer's newest Pokemon: a rare colored Plusle named Elly that he traded for. Elly soon finds out that not everyone shares her perkiness, though the little Plusle is bound and determined to be a friend to the Weavile she admires so much. Perhaps all Atra wanted throughout her whole life was just someone who cared for her... and maybe Elly is that someone, as much as she would never want to admit it.

    Talk about an unorthodox story! Breaking many of the cliches, this is, in fact, a story with just a Plusle (no Minun counterpart), and it is, in fact, a F/F story. I wanted to do something really different for a change, particularly from my usual stuff, and was personally quite pleased with the results. I hope you'll enjoy them, too!

    - Story Complete! -

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