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12:00 by Flygon


Author's Chapter Notes:

A Flygon masturbates on his bed.

Chilly Evening

I laid back, comfy. My back pressed against some pillows, pressed against the wall. My tail laid out in front of me, ahead of my somewhat chubby belly and legs. My three fingered hand rubbing my belly softly.


It's yet another 12AM. The next morning is to come, but not before I do.


My hand makes its way down, to my male Flygon slit. The tip of my finger rubs along it's firm sensitive edges, almost a mound, it is. A grumble deep inside my throat, happily, quite enjoying this. My finger rubbing in a bit harder, moving around in a circle, getting closer and closer to the centre of the mound. Most Flygon aren't quite this well endowed, with their slit. I guess I'm just lucky, the thought getting me to smile quite happily. It's always quite a surprise to others in bed... a pleasant one, of course!


My finger continues to make it's way to the centre, beginning to rub at the slit of the mound itself, claw completely retracted, it begins to push it's way in. My tailfans wriggle a bit, my breath beginning to become more deep, the familiar warm feeling from below my belly making itself quite clear.


My fleshy firm walls are pushed apart, as more of the stubby finger pushes itself in, my throat beginning to purr, the walls getting quite slick by the time my second finger is forced to push itself in. The scent of the scene begins to fill the room, breaching it's way into my nose, helping make me smile further. To say I am enjoying this would be a bit of an understatement, more than my tailfans beginning to wriggle from the stimulation, the tail itself beginning to squirm about.


By the time my third and final finger pushes it's way in, my slick walls begin to get rather fleshy, the bulges of my fingers rubbing against them, my shaft getting harder and harder. My hand pushes it's way in further, slowly as it is, the fingers opening up, and spreading the walls apart. I squeak softly, my feet wriggling about and my eyes closing for a second, I gasp and pant softly. I could never get used to that step, nor do I dare hope to get used to it. 


I keep squeaking softly, my flesh continuing to stretch around my hand, it's almost blisteringly warm compared to the cool Victorian winter air pushing in from my open window. I groan a bit more as my shaft stiffens up a bit more, the palm of my hand finding the tip of the shaft. My hand is very sticky, by now, I can just feel it, the shafttip oozing the thick stringy pre all over my hand, the walls surrounded by it... it's such a wonderful feeling, I whine softly in disappointment as I'm forced to pull my hand back, the shaft continuing to rub at the palm of it.


Soon enough, the mound itself was forced apart, having me squeak loudly, my much of my tail squirming about, continuing to do so as my wet sticky shaft meets the chilly air. My breath itself shudders, my chest and belly shaking. Not too soon after do I lean over, both hands wrapping themselves at the growing shaft, rubbing at it, if not just to keep it warm. 


As I rubbed at the sticky wet shaft, both my hands working hard, more of the viscose pre pumping it's way out, onto my hands and arms. Both of them, by now, freezing, the chilly air seemingly magnetic to the wet limbs of my body. My feet and neck shook, almost certainly too cold! I did the only thing I could think to do, my long neck leaning over, my tongue opening, the warm breath panting out as my hands worked. Not too long enough, I was rubbing and slurping my tongue at my arms, trying to get rid of the pre, trying to prevent the cool air from keeping them frozen!


But it is no good! As much as I could get rid of the pre, my arms would still get frozen! I groaned... and reluctantly put my arms down, and under my body... between my warm body and my warm bed. But that simply didn't sate my shaft, throbbing hard, and oozing pre... the thick viscose pre threatening to drop a huge glop onto my already chilly chubby belly. I had to act fast, I had to stop this from happening! I did the only thing I most cetainly practically could.


My head launched forward, the mouth quite quickly enveloping the tip of the shaft. The lips sealing tight as more of the shaft pushed in, spreading them wide. Soon enough, the tip pushes against the roof of my mouth, another warm thick spurt of pre hitting it, my tongue quickly lashing up to grab it... my goodness, the taste is amazing. I feel blessed to be able to do this, to reach my long neck around, to grab my mouth around my shaft, to keep pushing more of my shaft in...


My nose flares, as I breath deep. The deep musky scent of the shaft bombards me, only serving to keep me so aroused. My shafttip keeps being pushed back, into my wide throat by now... and it's still continuing to grow and stiffen up.  I'd have grinned if I wasn't so entranced, pushing my head further down the meaty sticky shaft, my tongue and mouth rubbing at the shaft as it comes in, cleaning it up, tasting beautiful... my tail was wagging pretty hard, almost thumping uncontrollably around the bed! 


My life is pretty much enveloped by begging the shaft deep into my throat, my lips sealed firmly about it... nearly sealed quite firmly against the now quite widely stretched mound. My throat bulges, the shaft's distinctive look most certainly visible. I can't really describe how incredibly arousing this is... my nose practically incapable of smelling anything but my own arousal, the feeling of the shaft throbbing deep inside my body, feeling the sticky pre push itself down my throat... I shudder in sheer delight just thinking about it. 


It's barely a few seconds after that my lips finally press firmly against my mound, rubbing hard against it. Doing this so, I can feel my shaft throb inside my mouth and throat, getting all sensitive... I can feel it tingle quite warmly, both inside. I can feel my tongue getting trapped, my spongy knot growing inside my mouth, my cheeks getting spread a bit as the knot finishes trapping itself inside my mouth...


There's no escape now, myself tugging on the on my shaft, trapped in my mouth, breathing deeply, half my throat squeezing warmly around it, my entire body feeling warm and tingly with pleasure. This all just explodes in pleasure, as I can feel the base of my shaft seize up. It thickens up, inside my neck, nary a second after the whole shaft seizing up, pushing the thick seed down my throat, practically forcing me to hold my breath.


I'm trapped in a world of pleasure, my legs unable to stay still, and my tail whacking about from the floor to the wall. I'm near overwhelmed! My shaft continues to seize and pump, pushing the thick seed down my throat into my belly... it's perhaps the most delightful feeling. Feeling it push up against my throat, the bulge of the seed itself making itself known... it's something that's quite hard to describe!


By the end of all this, by the time my shaft's flow tapers out, I'm worn... unable to move, and out of energy. The knot softens down, and pops out of my mouth, almost disappointingly. The feeling of it sliding out of my throat, even as I swallow down the rest of the seed, is strange, to say the least. By the time it flops out, and onto my belly, the last of the seed oozing out, my head flops against the pillow. I'm most thoroughly worn out... and most certainly need my sleep.


I lazily drape my warm blanket over my body... and smile. My eyes closed, and body relaxed, in what's the very least described as contentment.

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