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Starting in the Lab - Kanto by zephyr_paws


The Underwear Raiders

Starting in the Lab

DISCLAIMER: All characters and properties are copyright their respective owners. All writing and original characters are copyright 2010 Zephyr Paws. The author is in no way associated or affiliated with any third-party. This original fiction was created with no intention of any copyright infringement against any third-party, and is purely for fan enjoyment.

WARNING: This story contains textual descriptions of sexual positions. Haha. I love that. Anyway, if Pokemon having sexy fun in threesomes and stuff disturbs you, or if you are under 18 (or whatever the age is in your area), well, um, you'd better leave now, because this story is made for sexy fun almost exclusively. No epics here! Now get enjoying and make sure you're good to go.

The Underwear Raiders

"Beech! Cedar! Come on, you Slowpokes!"

"Wait up, Maple!"

It was just an ordinary day outside of the laboratory in the middle of Pallet Town. The weather was nice; it was a clear and sunny spring afternoon. It had just rained the other day, forcing the trio of fairly young starter Pokemon to stay indoors.

Needless to say they were all glad to finally be able to play outside again.

Leading the charge was Maple, a Charmander that was both fiery in appearance and personality. She suggested that they check out some of the townspeople in Pallet Town, seeing if they could get into any mischief. She had a knack for making mischief and getting into places she wasn't supposed to be, taking things she wasn't supposed to, and looking for interesting human things.

Behind her were her two friends, two other starter Pokemon ripe for new adventurers to pick from as they embark on their voyage. Beech, a Squirtle, happened to be the slowest of the bunch when it came to running, but he was nearly as brash as Maple was, so they got along pretty well.

That left just Cedar, a more reserved, careful Bulbasaur, tagging along to make sure that the two didn't get into too much trouble. His vines had come in handy on several occasions, yet he was often times the one who took the blame for whatever mischief Maple and Beech caused during their rampages, as neither of them wanted to accept responsibility for whatever mess they made.

"I want a hat to go with this flower! A straw one! Like that one lady was wearing the other day!" exclaimed Maple as she ran ahead of the other two Pokemon, dreaming of wearing a straw hat atop her head. She already wore a signature blue flower up there, picked from Professor Oak's garden, but always searched for ways to complement it.

"Can't you just... slow down a little bit..." said Beech, starting to run out of his steam as the trio nearly reached a patch of familiar houses in the town. "You know I can't run that fast!"

"You're a baby, Beech!" said Maple as she stopped, turning around and sticking her tongue out at the slow Squirtle. She was clearly teasing him, trying to rouse more energy out of the sluggish turtle Pokemon. "Come on, you can't catch me, haha!" She swatted her butt playfully, then continued running from Beech and Cedar.

Beech couldn't take it anymore. He stopped and caught his breath, panting quite heavily. Cedar caught up to Beech and stopped beside him. "You know she's doing that on purpose, right?" he stated, sounding pretty sure of himself, though not necessarily because he knew why.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, I know." Beech kept panting, but was starting to regain a bit of his energy. "Sometimes I just really want to catch her, you know? Agh!"

Cedar smiled a little sarcastically, not quite sure on how to respond to that. He knew that Maple was definitely a handful, but she has been particularly bad since Beech was brought in by Professor Oak. Perhaps it was their similarities that really made Maple a bit more mischievous, or maybe it was just being cooped up indoors that had her craving something to do. She hated being bored, after all.

Whatever the case was, the Bulbasaur still considered her to be a friend, despite what she may think of his rather calm attitude.

After recovering, Beech darted off ahead suddenly, leaving Cedar behind once again. Cedar just sighed as Beech left him in the dust. "I guess I'm the one left out again..." he said with a sigh, trying to put on a fake smile and then running off.

He couldn't help but feel excluded from the fun ever since Beech came along. Even though Maple wasn't ever really that playful with Cedar in the first place, the fact that she was with Beech made him feel a bit jealous in a few ways. It was like a part of him really wanted to be that fun, energetic Pokemon that Maple was, but it was completely opposite of his personality and he wasn't about to do anything to change that.


Beech and Cedar finally caught up to Maple, who was standing on top of a crate outside of a house, peeking in through the window. She had to climb up so she could look in and was holding on by her elbows.

"What do you see?" asked Beech, growing increasingly curious over what the Charmander saw inside of the human household.

"I don't think this is her house... it's a dump inside! Must be a guy who lives here with this kind of mess!" She started crawling up until she was all the way in the window, crouched down at the windowsill and getting a much better view. There were piles of clothes in one corner of the room, a few dirty dishes lying around, and a big TV off in the other room.

Without giving the other two a heads up, she hopped into the human residence, leaving Beech and Cedar behind. She had to check it out for herself. Besides, it didn't look like anyone was home.

"Maple!" exclaimed Cedar, naturally being the voice of responsibility. He hopped over to the crate, though didn't climb it yet. Instead he just looked up towards the window. "Maple! Get back here! You can't just go around someone's house like that! Don't you remember last time...?"

Cedar felt a thump on his bulb as Beech gave it a solid thwack, climbing up the crate while laughing the whole time. "Ah ha ha, it's not going to happen again, you Bulba-bore! It'll be fine. Let's check it out!" He crawled up to the windowsill and then climbed in through the window, looking around until he saw where Maple had wandered off to.

"Guys..." mumbled Cedar, realizing that, like always, it was just going to be another big mistake. Something bad was going to happen. Something bad always happened whenever they did something like that. It was just an inevitability, and he didn't really want to get punished for it.

He started turning away, wanting to be the better Pokemon, but found himself turning back at the window. What if they got in trouble? What if they were in danger? What if they just needed a way out? He knew that he had to go, even though it was against his better judgment. Besides, he never was one to ultimately be excluded in the end -- he'd do whatever it was Maple or Beech were doing after being alone for long enough, just to feel like he was a part of it.

The Bulbasaur released his vines from his bulb area and reached them up at the windowsill, grabbing it and pulling himself up, skipping the crate altogether. With a little bit of a struggle, he reached the windowsill and jumped down onto the hardwood floor inside.

He caught up to Maple and Beech, who were digging through the piles of dirty clothes.

"Look at this!" exclaimed Maple as she held up a pair of pink panties, stretching them at the elastic waist and giggling at them. She wound up putting it over her head after a few seconds of examining it. The leg hole even seemed to fit perfectly to allow her flower to remain undisturbed. "It's a weird pink hat!"

Beech grabbed a pair of briefs -- which smelt quite a bit worse than the panties -- and followed suit, placing them on his own head just as Maple had done with the panties. "Hey, cool! Mine's even got this thing I can open on the front!"

"What's that for, a horn?" asked Maple with a giggle, walking over to her Squirtle buddy and playing around with the fly, stretching it apart and wondering what its use was.

No one really thought all that much of what it was they were doing or the silly garments they were wearing on their heads. It all seemed like just a game to them, one that they were greatly enjoying playing.

The only one who really had all that much concern about anything was Cedar, who diverted his attention away from the pile of clothes that Maple and Beech were digging through to take a look at the rest of the house -- or at least what was in the immediate area around him.

By the large TV was a big, comfy-looking leather couch, as well as several DVD cases on the floor. It was a bit dark, but he picked one of them up with his vines and held it over to the light coming in at the window to take a look at it, wondering exactly what it was.

On the front, it showed a human woman with her top exposed and some human lettering that a simple Bulbasaur like himself couldn't really understand. He thought nothing of the human's breasts, as they weren't something that Pokemon like himself really had any understanding of, so he just set the DVD case back where he put it.

"Hey, what'd ya find, Cedar?" said Maple as she and Beech walked over to the Bulbasaur, each still wearing undergarments on their head, except Maple now wearing the briefs and Beech the panties.

"I was just looking at some of these human things. Boxes and stuff. I don't think there's anything to them or anything." He still felt a little uneasy about going through that unknown human's things. He shouldn't have. He really shouldn't have.

"Did you find anything cool?" asked Beech, looking at his Bulbasaur friend with an excited, eager look on his face, rubbing his shoulder against Cedar's bulb playfully.

Cedar really couldn't tell if what he found was 'cool' or not, because it certainly didn't seem so. It just seemed like just another one of those human things that made absolutely no sense whatsoever to Pokemon. "I don't think so. Just that box over there."

Maple walked over to where Bulbasaur had set the box down, but accidentally stepped over the remote control for the TV, turning it on as she walked over in the direction of the DVD box. She stopped as the TV flickered on, showing a blue screen in front of them.

"Whoa, that's kind of cool," said Beech, walking over towards the rather large flat panel TV set in the middle of the living room area the three Pokemon were now in. "It looks sort of like those screens that Oak has in the lab."

He didn't notice that he, as well, hit another remote control that had been left on the ground by the home's owner. It was for the DVD player, and, ironically enough, Beech happened to hit the power button which would resume the DVD right where it left off playing last.

The screen remained blue for a few more seconds, though there was now a loading window in the bottom corner due to the DVD loading. None of the three Pokemon paid it any attention, though, and Maple and Beech just continued staring at the nearly blank blue screen.

"I don't understand how humans watch this stuff. Doesn't Oak's usually have Pokemon on it?" The impatient Charmander scratched the pair of white briefs on her head, adjusted her flower, and then reached down towards the DVD box that she was originally going to grab in the first place. "Hmmm... that looks like a naked human," she said, analyzing the woman on the box.

"Really?" asked Beech, walking over to Maple and trying to look at the box for himself. "Huh, weird, I wonder why humans always wear so many clothes!"

"And why they have such large breasts," said Maple, shaking her head at the picture of the breasted lady on the box. "It just looks weird."

Their conversation was interrupted rather abruptly as the DVD player finally loaded the DVD that was inside of it, resuming it right where its owner had left it. On the giant TV screen to the side of the curious Pokemon popped on a rather erotic scene showing a man lowering a woman onto his cock, guiding her up and down onto it while her breasts bounced like bouncing balls in the air.

The three Pokemon immediately drew their attention to the TV screen, hearing the moaning and squishing noises coming from the speakers while also seeing the rather erotic site before them. It seemed rather intriguing, so Maple and Beech watched particularly attentively, trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

Cedar, however, was not so naïve. He knew exactly what was going on. He was watching on that TV screen two humans mating! Why they were trapped in there and mating before their very eyes was a little unusual, and he couldn't think of any explanation -- not knowing how TVs and DVDs work -- but he did blush and feel quite embarrassed watching the two copulate right in front of them all.

"Wow, what are- what are they doing?" asked Maple, walking closer to the projection of the two humans. She tried touching the screen, only to find that it was just that, a screen. It confused her, though, as one of the parts on the human looked incredibly familiar to her. "Is that thing going inside of her vagina?"

"Her what?" asked Beech, not being too bright when it came to... well, a lot of things, really.

"You know, that hole by where you pee from." She didn't really know how else to explain it, never being introduced to mating and its significance before. In fact, she was totally oblivious to the fact that Beech and Cedar didn't have them, because she never had any reason to question it -- Beech kept his inside of his shell, whereas Cedar was on all fours almost all of the time.

Of course, Beech's mind started getting increasingly confused, thinking perhaps it was her butt, but if it were her butt, where was her sheath? Where was her penis? "I don't think that's right. It's like a huge opening going into her."

"Yeah, stupid, tell me something I don't know," snapped back Maple, hitting Beech over the head. His panties didn't really absorb all that much of the hit.

While those two remained completely oblivious to what the two humans were doing, Cedar watched on in fascination, the wiser Bulbasaur knowing exactly what they were up to. He couldn't believe it. Right before his eyes, he was watching two humans mate! He had more of an idea that males and females have gender differences and that he was supposed to stick his member inside of a female one day in order to mate and start a family, but he'd never really gotten more than just a glimpse at one -- thanks to Maple -- and was always secretly curious.

"They're mating," said Cedar, causing both of the two other Pokemon to stop their arguing and listen to him for a change. They were split between looking over at the Bulbasaur and looking at the TV screen, but they were probably more interested in hearing what it was they were watching, since it sounded like someone actually knew.

"What do you mean they're mating?" asked Maple, looking over towards Cedar in a confused way.

"I remember my dad kind of telling me about that when I was little, before I was taken by Oak." Cedar looked rather reminiscent, remembering the days when he was much younger. "He showed me and my sister our differences, and he sort of explained a few things."

"Why didn't you ever tell us, Cedar?" Maple walked over to him and hopped up on top of his bulb, then started riding him a little vigorously. "Tell us! What's the matter with you?"

In an attempt to get the Charmander off of him, he shook his body all about, but was finding little success in removing her from his bulb, so he instead rolled onto his side. He knocked Maple off of him successfully, but found himself trapped on his back.

"Help! Get me up, guys!"

As Maple got up, she walked over to help Cedar up, but noticed down between his rear legs a red member appearing seemingly out of nowhere. She didn't know what it was, but it looked like it was in the same rough place where that other object was on the man in the film.

"What's THAT?" she asked, pointing right at it before having to check it out for herself. She got down on her knees and held the thing firmly in her hand, causing Cedar to yelp out in shock.

"W-whoa! Th-that's my penis!"

"Wait," said Beech as he walked over to it, examining it as well. "It looks bigger than it usually does." He also got down on his knees and examined his friend's member along with Maple.

The two Pokemon were rubbing his shaft without even realizing it as they fought between who was holding it and checking it out. It felt very strange for Cedar, the unfamiliar sensations of sexual pleasure surging through his body, but he quickly found it feeling quite good.

"No, I want to see it! This is weird!" exclaimed Maple, still fighting with Beech over it. "I don't have anything like that! I want one!"

As the two continued fighting over it, it became rather sticky with an unfamiliar liquid. It didn't smell anything like piss would have, but instead smelled quite sweet, like a honey or sap of some sort, and it got over the two Pokemon's hands as well as all over the Bulbasaur's member within just a minute or two.

"Whoa, what is this stuff? You didn't just pee, did you?" asked Maple, causing both her and Beech to stop. She brought her hand up to her face and sniffed it, definitely ruling out the possibility of it being pee of any sort. "Wow, this stuff smells good!" Being the impish Pokemon she was, she stuck her whole hand into her mouth and sucked on it, taking in the delicious sappy flavor of Cedar's pre.

Cedar had no idea that she was doing any of that, though, and for that matter, had no idea of what that stuff was. All he knew was that it felt really, really good, whatever it was that the two of them were doing to his member. "G-guys... can you just... can you keep doing that?" he asked hesitantly, feeling a little nervous about asking, but also incredibly eager to continue.

"Doing what?" asked Beech. "Licking your pee?" He took some of the Cedar's precum into his mouth and sampled it, finding it also surprisingly tasteful, though not even close to as much as Maple found it delightful. "Hmm, that's kind of good, actually."

"You're doing what?!" he asked out of worry, now really getting confused over what they were doing up there. That sounded incredibly disgusting, but it didn't really feel like he peed, either, and he couldn't remember his dad telling him anything like that.

"I have an idea," said Maple, positioning herself so she was now right behind the Bulbasaur, staring at his cock dead on. She got down on all fours, raising her tail up in the air, and then started licking at the base of Cedar's shaft. "Mmmm..."

"A-ah...!" exclaimed Cedar, recognizing the wet muscle hitting his own as Maple's tongue. "You're licking th-that?"

She wanted to do more than just lick it, though. The Charmander kept licking up the Bulbasaur's cock until she reached the tip, twitching a bit due to the pleasure, but looking so incredibly inviting to her. She licked her lips and then took the tip of it into her mouth and began sucking on it as if it were something that could be suckled, applying a ton of pleasurable pressure and a warm sensation all over Cedar's boyhood.

"Whoa! Are you sucking on that?" asked Beech, looking very carefully down at the Charmander as she took more of the member into her mouth, appearing to really be getting into it, whatever it was she was doing. She nodded her head in response to Beech's question. "Is it good?"

"Uhnnn, oh ye-eahh..." moaned Cedar, feeling an elevated sensation of pleasure since his member had become engulfed by the eager Charmander's mouth. It felt incredible and like he was in an amazing, dream-like state.

As Beech watched Maple suck off Cedar, he happened to notice his own cock, which was now emerging from his shell and standing proudly in front of him. At first, it took him off-guard, barely recognizing it as his own penis, but he quickly realized that it was probably just going through the same thing that Cedar's was for whatever reason.

An idea then crossed his mind. If Maple was sucking on Cedar's maleness and he seemed to really be enjoying it, perhaps that would mean that Cedar could try suck on his own excited cock. "Hey Cedar," said Beech as he walked around so he was staring down at the upside-down Bulbasaur's face, who happened to be looking back up at him with his eyes half-closed. "I got an idea, too."

Cedar seemed to be quite intrigued at seeing his Squirtle friend's penis standing just an inch or two away from his face, particularly because he had barely gotten a chance to see his own in an erect state like that. Beech's looked particularly large, though, which was natural given Squirtle anatomy. "W-whoa...!" he exclaimed, wishing he were right-side-right, but at the same time too overwhelmed with pleasure whilst on his back.

"Wanna try it? Yours tastes pretty good, and maybe you'll make me feel like you're feeling?" He blinked a few times down to the Bulbasaur beneath him, hoping that he'd be more than willing to return the favor.

"I- uhhn... I don't know..."

That wasn't exactly the answer that Beech wanted to hear. He rubbed the back of his head, stroking the panties still on top of it, and then looked down with a bit more determination than before. "Aww, come on, buddy," he said, using one of his hands to keep Cedar's mouth open -- a task that wasn't very hard at all -- and then guiding this member inside of the Bulbasaur's mouth, feeling it rub against his warm, smooth tongue.

Cedar figured why not. He wasn't really in a position to argue, so he closed his mouth and began trying to imitate whatever it was that Maple was doing down there to his own cock. He reached forward and grabbed the Squirtle's legs, then started pulling them towards him so he could take more of the Squirtle's cock into his mouth, knowing that it felt really good having more of his own deeper in Maple's mouth while she continued to suckle him.

Speaking of which, Maple was finding herself fondly enjoying what she was doing to the Bulbasaur. His taste was delicious. She felt like she was at a Poffin eating contest, eating up as many sweet Poffins as her belly could hold, except his flavor was doing everything but filling her up, so she had little reason to even want to stop. It just tasted so good, but she was also starting to blush redder quite a lot as she kept up her oral treatment, subconsciously finding her own desires to be rapidly increasing.

The three Pokemon kept up their little threesome together, enjoying the tastes and sensations the other was providing. It was really remarkable to think that they'd never done anything quite like that before, because it was absolutely amazing! They were all in such delight over all of the feelings and tastes sweeping through their young bodies.

Beech found the sensation of having his member licked and sucked to be amazing, but since he craved more, he instinctively found himself mounting his friend's head, grabbing at his chest and thrusting his member inside of his mouth -- slowly, but still doing so -- finding the added pleasure and control to be incredible.

Cedar started growing increasingly sensitive to every little ministration Maple's tender mouth and tongue was providing him, all while getting overwhelmed by the rather nice, subtle flavor of Beech's cock penetrating his mouth. He didn't realize it, but he was getting increasingly closer to the edge.

Not more than a single minute later was it that the feelings Cedar had been feeling became too much for him to contain. An amazing, burning feeling started picking up in his loins, feeling like he had to pee, somewhat, except far, far more powerful. It almost didn't feel natural it felt so good!

With a muffled moan into Beech's cock, the Bulbasaur tried to warn Maple to stop, because he was still a little worried that he might be peeing or that whatever was about to happen wasn't supposed to happen in her mouth, but he found himself unable to warn her before his groin felt on fire with pleasure.

Giving one final loud moan into Beech's own groin, the Bulbasaur came for the first time, feeling a golden feeling liquid eject from his penis in several vigorous pulses deep into the Charmander's mouth. She unwillingly swallowed down the first two shots of his semen, not knowing what the heck it was or what was even happening, but she withdrew her head from his ejaculating member just in time to receive a few more squirts of his tasty, sappy seed on her face, thankfully just barely missing her eye.

Maple looked quite freaked out by what he had just done, but the taste and feeling of whatever he had just spewed into her mouth was unlike anything she had ever had before, and it was certainly far different than the pre she had been sucking up just a few minutes ago. She wiped a bit of it off of her face and licked it, finding its thicker texture to be interesting, but also finding it to be incredibly sweet -- almost like it were a drop of sweet sap.

"Mmmmm... wow, I didn't know other Pokemon could, mm, taste so good," she said, wiping another strand of seed off of her face and licking it, though finding that last bit a bit more difficult to remove than the first. It was sticky and all over her fingers, akin to what actual sap was like. "What is this stuff?"

Beech hadn't even noticed what had happened with Cedar. He was far too engrossed with his own sensations, taking incredible delight in the feeling of bucking forward onto his friend's face while he sucked on his large member. Cedar had stopped sucking, though, for the most part, as he was trying to catch his breath, but Beech was so close anyway that it didn't really matter.

With just a few more thrusts, Beech, too, felt that amazing feel start to take hold of his loins, inviting him to indulge in the pleasure that was being offered to him. He gave one, two, three more thrusts into Cedar's mouth before finally stopping with the majority of his cock inside of Cedar's mouth.

That hot, electrifying feeling swept through the Squirtle's body, quickly growing in intensity right down at his groin, until he finally felt him squirt several powerful streams of a lighter, runnier fluid than what Cedar had just shot into Maple's mouth, but it still had a particularly sticky texture to it.

His orgasm was a bit different from Cedar's in general, anyway, as the streams lasted longer and it wasn't in quite as rapid of pulses. It was just a long squirt, then another long squirt, then one more nearly-as-long squirt to finish it off, though it still produced far more of the male juice than Cedar blessed Maple's mouth with, filling the Bulbasaur up and giving him no option other than to take it all down inside of him.

He coughed a bit as Cedar panted on top of him, signaling the Squirtle to get off of him. He did so, rolling onto his side with a dreamily content look on his face. "Mmmmm, wow, that felt fantastic~!" he exclaimed in an ecstatic tone, still wrapped in the warm afterglow of his first orgasm.

"Cedar tasted really good, but I feel really weird now..." said Maple, sitting down on her rump and continuing to wipe that cum off of her face, but finding it to be a bit more difficult than she would have liked. "I don't know how to explain it."

Cedar finally stopped his coughing, still heavily gasping for air while on his back. He had just received an enormous amount of pleasure as well as an enormous amount of Squirtle jizz deep into his belly, so he had a lot to recover from. "Uhh... a little he-help...?" he asked weakly, reminding the other two that he was still on his back.

Beech went ahead and helped him back up so he was on all fours again, then patting him on his bulb a few times. "Man, thanks for that! That felt really good!"

He couldn't help but blush a bit. Cedar finally felt not just included, but appreciated. That made him feel pretty pleased with himself and how things turned out. "Yeah, well, it was really fun actually," he answered back, finding himself not just saying that but really meaning it.

The two friends somehow felt a little better about each other for some reason. Cedar was still definitely the more calm, reserved Bulbasaur he was, but it didn't feel like he was doing anything wrong in what he just did, either, which made him feel relieved.

However, the two of them looked over to see Maple dazed and staring intently at the TV screen, watching the man and woman take each other on doggystyle. She was fascinated in how he was pushing his penis so deep inside of her with every thrust that he made. It seemed completely mystifying, but also like it was something that she absolutely needed.

That was it. It then hit her. That was what she needed! That was the weird feeling that she was feeling! She wanted one of their cocks inside of her! "Hey, pay attention, you two!" exclaimed the needy Charmander, glancing over to the two males while still sitting down. "I want to try that!" She pointed back at the screen.

When the two looked back, they saw the man and the woman stop having sex with each other and instead the man lay on his back with the camera pointing down towards his groin -- similar to how the three first saw them going at it -- but rather than inserting his penis into her usual entrance, he gave a cautious push into her anal opening, pushing inside slowly and cautiously.

The two males watched and seemed a bit curious over what they were seeing. Cedar immediately knew that he was pushing into her ass, but it took Beech another few seconds, as he was a little thrown off seeing one hole, much less two, seeing as Cedar never really finished his explanations.

"Is that her butt?!" exclaimed Beech in that usual confused manner, staring quite curiously at the two humans. He tilted his head a bit and reached towards behind his shell, feeling around his tail to sort of visualize what, exactly, was happening. "Wow, so he's putting his penis up her butt?"

Maple looked back at the screen to see the two humans in a totally different position than when she first tried to attract the boys' attention, as that was not what she was intending to show them... but, at the same time, she couldn't help but find it a little intriguing as well. She stared and blinked at it a few times, reaching down under her hips curiously as well.

"You want us to do that to you?" asked Cedar, seeming a bit reluctant to ask in the first place. He did seem rather curious about it himself, though.

"That's actually not what I was thinking!" she exclaimed, crossing her arms at first, but then putting her hand on her chin as she cocked her head to the side. "But... well... I don't know. I was going to say my other hole."

"It seems a little weird, though," said Cedar, getting a bit hesitant. "Wouldn't, you know... it get a little dirty or smelly or something?"

Beech watched the two humans on the screen, still quite fascinated by what they were doing. He had an idea in his head, because he knew that he possessed two of the things that seemed to be in use on that screen. "Hey, but we thought that about our penises, right?" He smiled and looked all the more excited. "I think we should try this!"

Maple looked back at Beech and laughed at him. "You almost sound like you're the one that wants it there, you know!" She stuck her tongue out at him playfully. Of course, she didn't realize that there was quite a bit of truth to her statement.

"Well? Maybe it'll feel good, too?" He twiddled his Squirtle fingers nervously. Then another idea hit him. "What if we have Cedar use his vines to find out? They're good for poking around in things!"

That idea didn't sound particularly appealing to Cedar. Though he would much rather stick a vine in someone's ass than his own malehood, he still didn't like the thought of it getting too dirty. "I don't know about that..."

"Oh come on, Cedar!" said Maple in a bossy manner as she got up and walked over to the Bulbasaur. She reached around his bulb, trying to find where the vines came out of. "Beech can clean it off with Water Gun, you know that! Just stick one of the vines up his butt and the other inside of my vagina."

The Bulbasaur couldn't help but blush a bit. It wasn't that terrible of a request, especially because it didn't really involve his own body at all -- for better or for worse. It just seemed a little odd to be doing that, but, then again, so did what just happened... so he figured he might as well. "Fine, alright, but you'd better clean these things, Beech!" He withdrew his two vines from around the bulb on his back and tickled his two friends' cheeks with them.

Maple quickly grabbed one of the vines and positioned it down by her slit. It had a bit of a round sort of shape at the end of the vine with the rest of it being long and smooth. She rubbed Cedar's vine down by her sensitive region beneath her light yellow belly, feeling surprisingly good as it ran across her clit. The few times she's touched there before always felt fairly nice, but nowhere near as nice as it did now.

The Charmander, still standing, stopped her original idea of putting the vine inside of her and instead just kept rubbing it up and down the path of her slit, lightly parting her folds a bit as it tickled her extremely sensitive nub just at its edge.

"Ohhh... wow, feel that, Cedar?" she asked him, still holding the vine with her eyes passionately closed. "Just tickle that thing for a bit first. It feels really g-good, uhnnn..."

Of course Cedar was more than willing to oblige. He flicked just the tip of his vine across the trail that Maple had been guiding it down, paying extra attention to that bump just at the tip of her slit. Every few seconds he'd focus entirely on that, tickling it wildly, causing the Charmander to clench her legs and clutch herself down there along with the vine.

The pleasure was really racking up quickly. After all of the attention and arousal she'd just given the boys, it was about time that she was finally able to feel just how good it felt as opposed to simply how delicious it tasted.

"Don't forget me! You've got two vines!" exclaimed Beech, running and grabbing the Bulbasaur's other vine, then getting down on all fours, presenting his rear to Cedar. He couldn't reach his tail hole while holding the vine, so he let it go and hoped that Cedar would insert it right where he wanted it.

While still tickling Maple's clit, Cedar reached his other vine over to the Squirtle's ass and smacked it once, twice, and then a third time. "Whoops, I swear I just missed," he said, knowing fully well that he meant each one of those strikes, but hearing no disappointment from Beech. He then positioned the second vine right at the Squirtle's tight entrance, pressing it up against his tailhole.

The Bulbasaur then pushed the vine inside of Beech's ass, feeling it penetrate him. It was very tight and difficult to push inside at first, and Beech appeared to feel a bit of pain from it, but it was nothing he was going to cry over and instead he felt excited about the feeling of having something inside of him down there.

After the tip of the vine was inside of Beech, the rest went in fairly easily. Cedar kept pushing it further and further into the Squirtle's rectum, feeling it hug and squeeze as it went inside. He couldn't help but wonder if that was what his penis would feel if he had stuck that in there instead. Maybe the TV was right after all.

"Keep going!" ordered Beech, raising his rump higher to the sky while resting his head and chest on the ground. He felt the vine pass a certain bump deep inside of his ass that triggered an immediate flinch reaction due to a sharp, but very pleasurable sensation. "A-ah! Pull it back!"

He did so, pulling the vine back and running it across the Squirtle's prostate once again, only to hear him shout back, "Push it back in! Ohhhhh yeah~!"

"Hey, don't forget about me!" shouted Maple. She took the initiative herself and, grabbing the vine firmly in her hand, pushed it inside of her folds and into her pussy.

After Cedar felt her warm innards caress my fairly sensitive vine, he decided to take over from there and try do roughly the same thing he was doing to Beech, pushing the vine in as deep as he could only to then withdraw it again.

The sensation coursing through Maple's body as she felt her vagina penetrated for the very first time was a bit painful, but mostly pleasurable. The most pleasurable part was when he slid the vine far inside of her and ran across a little lump in her cushiony insides. It sent a powerful shiver down the female's spine.

Before long, Maple found herself unable to remain standing due to the weakness in her legs over the pleasure she was receiving, so she lay down on her side. She lifted one of her legs up so the vine could slide in and out of her even easier, not to mention travel even further inside of her.

Right in front of Cedar were his two friends, the two that tended to ignore him in the past, that he was now pleasuring beyond his own comprehension. It felt really good to be in that much control and to feel that useful to the two of them. His vines were in really deep in both Maple and Beech, and he would periodically wriggle the tips of his vines when he was deep inside of them, eliciting favorable responses from both of the two Pokemon.

However, his own needs were starting to catch up to him. He was getting incredibly aroused seeing his own vines penetrate his friends' openings. Had he had another vine, he would have pleasured himself like that, just to see what it was like, but instead he just had nothing more but a building erection to satisfy his own needs, and that wasn't about to do anything on its own.

He looked in front of him to see an open hole, though; the Charmander lying on her side, one leg in the air, had one of her two orifices occupied, sure, but her rear was completely open. He looked up at the TV screen to see the two humans still having anal sex. Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing...

Right about now, though, it could have been a bad thing for all he cared. He needed some sort of relief and sexual attention. While still keeping his vines thrusting in and out of both the Charmander and the Squirtle in front of him, he took a few careful steps over to Maple and got a nice, close look at both the hole he was penetrating as well as the hole he was not.

It looked really fascinating, really being able to see it up close for the first time like that. It was just a little slit on her body, somewhat similar to his own sheath, except it was puffier and had that little nub at the top of it. And, of course, while he was penetrating it with his vines, it looked incredibly moist and inviting, not to mention smelled delightful. But even just looking at her vagina being penetrated was getting him so incredibly aroused, because he knew that was one of the things that made he and Beech different from her.

Then he glanced down to her other opening, her ass, just a little bit lower than her vine-invaded pussy. He knew that he was not only pushing his other vine into Beech's ass, but that Beech was really enjoying it and getting into it. And he also knew that it felt amazing when something was encompassing his needy member...

Taking one final glance up at the TV screen, seeing just how right and inviting the thought of anal sex looked, he knew that he had to ask. He simply had to. "Hey, Maple, got room for one more?" asked Cedar with still a bit of hesitance, worried that it sounded just a bit corny.

Maple had a pretty good idea what the Bulbasaur was really asking her. The thought of getting penetrated from yet another of her orifices sounded unbelievable to her. She was already in enough pleasure as it was, but being the strong, dominant type, she always had a craving for more. "Go ahead! Just- just be slow, okay?" She did still feel a little bit of pain from the vine cutting through into her vagina for the first time, hence her concern.

As the Charmander lay on her side, Cedar leaned forward and hugged Maple's leg, then started pushing his hips forward a bit, feeling his cock press against the scaly fire lizard's skin. He couldn't quite find her anal opening at first, taking nearly half a minute of looking, but then he finally felt it touch a little indent in her body. It really was going to be tight, that was for sure!

Slowing down his vine-thrusting for just a moment, Cedar pushed his member forward with all of his might, slowly entering Maple's tight rear opening. He felt his tip greeted by a warm feeling, but not at all the mushy feeling he had been fearing. Instead, it felt somewhat similar to Maple's mouth, except a lot tighter and a lot more firm.

He pushed and pushed but barely seemed like he was getting anywhere.

"Ow! Slowly!" she cried, feeling just a little more pain in her rump than she would have liked. Her cries were answered with an increased thrusting into her vagina with his vine, pushing in and out of her until she shut up, so to speak, and no longer was focusing on the pain.

That was all he needed to do to subdue her. Not only that, but it was just the amount of time it took for her ass to start getting used to his member inside of her. He was able to push it further inside of her -- still slowly, but at least able -- and did so, sliding his moist, erect member into her tight opening.

"Oh wow... uhn... this feels great..." moaned Cedar, really starting to get into it. Using the same pattern he did with his vines, he started pulling just a little bit of his member out of Maple's ass, only to push it back in, except a little bit further than it was.

He was now pushing his member further and further into the Charmander, feeling her tight innards squeeze and caress his cock. Additionally, he could even somewhat feel the vine that he was inserting into her other opening, but just barely.

Cedar wasn't the only one feeling pleasure out of that, though; Maple at first felt quite a bit of stinging pain from the Bulbasaur's member invading her anal cavity, but at the same time felt a strange sense of arousing delight from the sense of having both of her openings down there thoroughly stuffed and penetrated.

The sensation of having Cedar's penis in one opening while his vine pleasured her other canceled out a lot of the pain that she felt at first, enjoying the overpowering feelings stemming from her double-penetration. She found herself drooling down onto the ground, moaning out in delight with every thrust into each of her openings.

Not more than a few seconds later, Beech stood up, feeling very weak in the knees and very aroused. It felt like every thrust being made into his ass was stimulating him in an entirely new way, all thanks to Cedar's vines, but it left his malehood unattended to.

As he saw Cedar go over to penetrate Maple's rear, he realized that he had the opportunity to do the same thing and get in on that fun over there, except taking up Cedar's ass instead. If he broke down and got to the point where he was willing to do that with Maple, surely he would be at least willing to hear Beech make his case.

The exceptionally aroused Squirtle took several hobbled steps over to the Bulbasaur that was standing relatively upright, grabbed onto his sides, and then pressed his erection against Cedar's butt. "Can I get in on this?" he asked playfully, not really considering any response but one: yes.

Naturally, though, that was the response that the curious Bulbasaur was more than willing to give, getting so into the moment to evaporate whatever stigma he had earlier on. Who cared how dirty it was or how dirty it got them, because they could always clean it up. "G-go on...!" he cried, giving the Squirtle an extra few flicks up his ass to signal his approval.

Beech smiled and grew incredibly excited to be able to penetrate something more than just a mouth, all while having that vine still worming around in his rear. Every strike against his prostate alone was incredible, but he missed the feeling of having Cedar suck on him. He pressed his rather large cock up to the Bulbasaur's entrance and pressed it as hard as he could until it finally parted and let the tip of his member into Cedar's ass.

Cedar let out a bit of a yelp as he felt his ass get penetrated by the larger male. It hurt quite a bit, but it also pushed him deeper into Maple's tight rear, so the offset of pleasure helped get him through some of the pain. Far from all of it, though. "Ow-ww! C-careful back there!"

"Oh, just shut up and t-take it," said Maple, looking back at the two of them with a very aroused smile on her face. Her eyes were just barely open and she was panting quite heavily from all that she was receiving, but she was definitely really getting into it.

She was right, though. Everyone was having their asses invaded by something, so no one should complain. They were all in it together. And they were all going to finish it together, somehow, that was for sure. No wimping out!

Cedar finally resumed his vine play, squirming his vines deep inside of Beech's ass and Maple's vagina, all while Beech did the work of pushing his cock into Cedar's ass. It was rather nice for Cedar, because the force that Beech was delivering was enough to push Cedar forward, penetrating Maple, so he didn't have as much thrusting to focus on.

The three Pokemon continued their joined unison of moaning, thrusting, bucking, and vine screwing, feeling intense and unearthly amounts of pleasure. Before that morning, none of them ever would have imagined any of that. It looked like it was a good idea to go inside of that house, after all.

Beech at last had most all of his large cock inside of the Bulbasaur's rear, which made the thrusting in and out significantly easier, as his ass could now accommodate it all much better now that it'd been in all the way.

It felt extremely weird having something so big fill that space, but at the same time, between that and pushing his cock forward into the Charmander's hot pucker, he felt absolutely euphoric with a boiling ecstasy encompassing his whole body.

All three of the Pokemon were receiving roughly the same level of pleasure due to having every lower orifice of theirs totally in use. It was absolutely amazing. The three could hardly believe that such pleasure was imaginable and sure felt glad to have witnessed that scene on the TV screen, otherwise they would have been none the wiser.

For the next several minutes, each male's thrusting only picked up further, pushing in and out of the target's ass at a much quicker pace, finding it easier and easier to glide in and out. The recipient also felt much less pain and a lot more pleasure with every thrust, too, thanks to the feeling of sexual pleasure sweeping over their bodies and dulling whatever pain there would have been.

But their time was nearly up as each Pokemon in the threesome drew closer and closer to their own orgasm. The arousal they were receiving was just too great to hold back for much longer.

The first to hit their orgasm was Maple, who had been aroused for much longer than the boys without any form of release. From sucking the Bulbasaur's deliciously satisfying member to having his vines tickle her clit to having his thick cock penetrate her ass repeatedly, she couldn't help but lose herself to the grips of orgasmic ecstasy.

She felt an incredible, hot sort of fiery feeling quickly surge through all of her body, focusing like a pleasurable sting right down in her vagina, though. It felt hot and warm, even more so than usual, and like she had to go immediately -- but at the same time entirely different from that sort of feeling.

Then, with a strong spike in those feelings, striking her insides with a powerful singe, she let out an uncontrollable cry as she felt the innards of her pussy squeeze and grip tightly at the vine invading her there, tugging at it, pulling it in if it tried to escape. Additionally, the walls on the other side of her insides, the ones lining her rear opening, also squeezed firmly on Cedar's malehood.

The pleasure at that point was close to unbearable to the crying Charmander. She found herself overwhelmed, crying so loudly over it, but in a good way. It wasn't the pain that was forcing her tears, but the absolute pleasure, that orgasmic high she felt as her orgasm swept through her body like a wave in the ocean, crashing down and causing her to let out a very loud moan mixed in with her intense tears.

The squeezing and milking in her ass was proving to be quite an amazing stimulation to Cedar, too, finding himself getting incredibly aroused over the sensations that her tight opening was providing to him. Not only that, but he seemed to feel increasingly intense spikes of a hot, burning feeling -- a feeling far different from the feeling of having his member sucked earlier -- flow through his groin with every thrust the Squirtle behind him made into his body.

He felt it again, that incredible sensation of orgasm, but it seemed far more intense than ever before due to the added stimulation made against his prostate. He was almost starting to get too weak and overwhelmed to keep up his vine thrusting into Beech's ass and Maple's cunt, but managed to keep at it, finding it to somehow provide him more pleasure as well.

It was too much for him to hold back, though, as that sensation was just too much for him to withstand for any longer. He let out a loud cry, giving one final thrust into the Charmander's ass in front of him, leaving it deeply embedded in her while the Squirtle behind him continued thrusting at a vigorous pace.

That was all it took for the Bulbasaur to reach his boiling point. With one final thrust into Cedar's rear, Beech's cock pushing against the Bulbasaur's sensitive prostate, Cedar let out a cry and came deep into Maple's tailhole, ejecting the sweet, sticky seed far into her ass, letting it out in several small bursts. Each burst was added to in pleasure by Beech's continued thrusting, feeling an incredible pleasure strike him with every thrust despite the fact he was already at his peak.

He fell forward, still propped up on the Charmander and buried deep inside of her, but unable to really do much else other than work his vines and lean forward on Maple, using her leg as leverage to keep him steady as Beech continued pounding his rear. He was absolutely spent and panting heavily, drooling with a wide, starry-eyed grin on his face.

While the Bulbasaur was experiencing his own orgasm, it caused his anal innards to firmly grip and squeeze at the Squirtle's thick cock, adding an intense amount of satisfying resistance to the forceful thrusts he made forward.

As he felt his cock getting gripped tightly by Cedar's warm walls while also feeling Cedar's vine invade his deepest opening, striking and gently tickling his own prostate, he felt that orgasmic sensation surge through his body in a similar way. It was as if his entire groin was being electrocuted, stinging in a hot, burning way, but an extremely pleasurable one.

Giving a few final thrusts into the exhausted Bulbasaur's ass, he felt the feeling flow through his penis and, with one loud moan, he squirted a powerful stream of semen deep inside of Cedar's rear entrance, then another, and then one more jet of his wet, runnier -- but still somewhat thick and sticky -- ejactulate far inside of him.

He stopped his thrusting shortly after that, pushing forward and back just two times, weakly, after cumming inside of him, just to make sure he'd gotten every last bit out. He then fell forward as well, sort of resting himself against the Bulbasaur's bulb as he snuggled it tightly, rubbing his head against it while taking delight in his own afterglow.

The three had all exhausted all of their energy. They were essentially reduced to just piling on top of each other, still all connected just as they had been, but losing all will to do any more thrusting or, in Cedar's case, vine play.

Cedar had still kept up tickling his two friends' innards with his vines, but after feeling they, too, were exhausted, he pulled the vines out of their bodies instead, causing one last sensation strike their body as they felt the thicker-tipped vines pop out of their openings. Cedar still remained conjoined with Maple's ass, while Beech kept inside of Cedar's, but at he didn't have to keep up his vine play.

"Man... ha... ha... that was amazing..." said Beech in a weak voice, panting heavily and still recovering from the intense afterglow. "I wanna stay in you forever, Cedar..."

"Mmmm... oh... w-wow... that was so good...!" exclaimed Maple beneath Cedar, glancing behind as far back as she could in her pose to look at her two friends. "I feel so... so filled. It's really good... Thanks Cedar."

"Yeah, ha... thanks Cedar," added Beech, hugging Cedar's bulb playfully while giving a gentle thrust forward. "I don't think we could have done this without... without you..."

Had Cedar's face been any less red from the overwhelming stimulation he had felt over the past few minutes, he would have blushed more after hearing that, but instead he just blushed and felt all warm on the inside -- partially due to Beech's cum in his ass, partially due to the Maple's tight, warm grip on his cock, but also due to just how nice it felt feeling appreciated by his friends.

"It did feel really good," said Cedar, not knowing what else to say without coming across as boastful or self-centered. He didn't want to make it sound like he was the sole reason that they did that. He did have humility, after all. "We can do this again sometime... you know... heh..."

"Yes!" exclaimed Maple, smiling at looking back at the Bulbasaur that she had a new appreciation for. "I want to do this every day!" Naturally, the overeager Charmander would want to do anything she greatly enjoyed as often as possible. That was the way she lived her life, after all.

"Me too!" Beech chimed in, patting the Bulbasaur's head in a silly manner. He began pulling his cock out of Cedar, finding it to be quite difficult to do, but since it had shrunk a bit in girth post-orgasm, he managed to. As he pulled out of his ass, he saw a bunch of wet cum drool out of Cedar's rear, causing the Squirtle to laugh. "Haha, wow, looks like I sure shot a lot of that in you!"

Feeling the weight off of his back relieved, Cedar tried stepping back, standing on his two hind legs while pulling his member out of Maple. He pulled it out successfully, though nearly lost his balance and fell backwards onto his back again. Thankfully he didn't, though, and got on all fours quickly, looking forward to see Maple's ass soaked with his own sweet seed.

Maple sat up, though left her tail stretched out in front of her so she could examine her pussy and ass for herself, seeing just how much more used they looked. They looked quite a bit different than what she had been used to, as they were still recovering from being stuffed, but it felt sort of satisfying in a way.

They all looked over at the TV screen to see that it was stuck on a looping menu, showing the same scene of a topless lady jiggling her boobs around over and over again. There was nothing more of interest up there. Really, it didn't matter what was up there, because they felt that they learned a lot from it.

"Man, I'm hungry now," said Maple, standing up, feeling quite weak in the knees and like she'd been stung down beneath her tail. She gritted her teeth and tried to continue looking unaffected by it, being in her nature to look tough. "Let's go back to the lab and get some food, guys. I've got a cooler hat anyway." She adjusted the pair of white briefs on her head, along with the flower, and laughed.

"Yeah, let's get some food!" Beech ran over to the window that they had climbed in from, finding himself also rather unsteady. "Haha, whoops. Hey Cedar, can you use your vines to lift us up onto the windowsill again, and then we can pull you up?"

Cedar and Maple both walked over to the window where Beech had ran to. Cedar extended his vines towards Beech and shook them in front of him. "You've gotta clean them off, first," said Cedar, reminding his friend what he had promised he'd do.

"Oh yeah!" The Squirtle then used Water Gun and soaked the vines with a stream of water, making sure to thoroughly rinse the used vines off. After about a minute, Cedar nodded his head and withdrew the vines, feeling they were clean enough to use.

He lifted Beech up first, guiding him up to the windowsill, then lifted up Maple, placing her right beside him. After he had set Maple down, he tickled at her slit playfully with his vine before withdrawing it back and out of reach.

"Hey, you!" she exclaimed, immediately facing back towards Cedar, crossing her arms but finding herself laughing instead of slinging any bossy threats his way. "Come on up here." She grabbed the vine that had touched her, licked its tip playfully, and then, along with Beech, lifted the Bulbasaur up onto the windowsill with them.

The three Pokemon all laughed and then hopped down the crates, landing on the ground and heading back to the place they knew as home: Professor Oak's lab.


After their little experience in the house, the three became much better friends, finding new and more creative ways to play with each other like they had back there.

Professor Oak had gotten a bit confused when he found an unfamiliar pair of pink panties left in his house, though, and had questioned why Maple was wearing a pair of underwear on her head. He tried several times to remove it from her head, but she kept putting it back on, occasionally switching to the panties that Beech hadn't really wanted to wear anymore.

Life was nice for them over the next few days as they explored each other's bodies and explored their own sexuality, sharing plenty of enjoyable moments together, all while staying unnoticed by Professor Oak.

But then came the day when a new Trainer came in, wanting to select his first Pokemon that would join him for his journey.

As Professor Oak led him to the three Pokemon to let him choose, he found the three Pokemon playing together in a rather inappropriate way -- Maple riding Cedar, who was on his back, in a very sexual way, grinding up and down on him, all while Beech was having Cedar suck on his member in front of him.

"Oh dear! What are you three doing?!" he exclaimed in a panic, running over to them and trying to separate the three. It didn't take too much for the three to get separated, but Maple in particular looked rather dissatisfied that she was interrupted, wanting more still.

"Wow, a Charmander! I really want that Charmander!" exclaimed the new Trainer, running over to the Charmander and petting her on her head.

"Ah, you see, I don't think it would be a good idea if you took that Charmander."

Maple was already hugging against the Trainer's leg, finally feeling wanted for a change. She'd seen a Bulbasaur and Squirtle get picked before either Cedar or Beech were even brought in, so she felt excited that someone finally wanted her.

But... she also felt sad, knowing that she'd have to leave her friends behind. She looked back at them, who both looked rather uncomfortable still from Oak and the new Trainer walking in on them. "I..." She didn't know what to say.

"We're going to miss you, Maple!" exclaimed Beech, hugging her gently from the side.

Cedar, who had managed to get right-side-right, hopped over to Maple and nuzzled against her other side. "I'm happy for you, that you'll be going with a Trainer." He started to feel really sad, though, realizing that it would probably be the last time he'd see the friend he would now always remember as his childhood friend. "Take care of him, okay?"

Maple found herself crying, letting a tear drip down her face as she realized that the time she spent with Cedar and Beech, all of the fun that they had together, all of the laughs and bodily fluids they shared... it was all at an end.

All starter Pokemon had to accept it at some point. She'd already seen two other starter Pokemon under the care of Professor Oak be handed out to new Trainers. It was just her time...

"Thanks guys... I'll miss you, too." She hugged her two friends tightly, then looked up at her new Trainer and smiled. "I'm Maple! I want to be your Charmander!" she said to him in her Pokemon tongue, winking cutely and smiling up at the human.

He picked her up and hugged her, earning a lick across the face from Maple. "Aww! I can take care of her, Professor, don't worry!"

"Somehow I don't feel good about this... But, you know, sometimes a bond between Pokemon and their Trainers are created in the strangest ways, so as long as you take good care of her and don't mistreat her, I have to believe that you will develop a strong bond." Professor Oak walked over to the human holding Maple, holding a Poke Ball and a Pokedex in front of him. "Here you go. Take good care of your new Charmander! Be sure to give her a nice nickname, too."

"Thanks, Professor!" exclaimed the human, tapping the Poke Ball on Maple's forehead, bringing her inside of the Poke Ball and then placing it into his pocket along with his new Pokedex. He then left the lab a new Trainer, ready to go.

It was only a matter of days before both Cedar and Beech met their own new Trainers as well, each getting selected and brought into the care of an eager and enthusiastic new Trainer that sought to travel across the land, exposing their Pokemon to an endless number of new adventures.

Such is the life of a young starter Pokemon. The time that they spent together would always remain in their hearts during their travels and none of them would ever forget each other or the experiences that they shared together as they journeyed with their Trainers.

And just as they met each other and became friends, a new batch of starters would soon replace them, they, too, waiting the day where they would become a new Trainer's Pokemon, and hopefully spending the days together as friends before that time would come.

-~= THE END =~-

Chapter End Notes:

Yep, just a fun little story for your reading pleasure. I wanted to write something that people could totally get off to for a change, so, um, yeah, that's it's purpose, but hopefully the characters were charming enough anyway.

Who knows where the three will end up with their new Trainers... hehe

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