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Season's Greetings by iameliphas


Story Notes:

A bit of a history behind this one.Originally I started writing this last year in December, as a gift for Lunamew (the person), as part of a project between me and my Furaffinity friend, White_Crest, who had always wanted to do something Lunamew related. He was going to do a comic based around this story, and I was going to do a story for the comic. We chose to do an unofficial sequel to Best Use for Ribbons (after getting Darkjester's permission of course) since it was in season for the time.Unfortunately IRL issues came up for WC, so the comic was put on indefinite hiatus. I continued the story for a while, before giving it up (by that point I had already written about 3/4's of the story). I would eventually come back to it on and off in the following months, but it wasn't until three months later I actually put any real effort into finishing it. Afterwords it would spend another several months on the shelf, collecting dust, until RuscoIstar came along and volunteered to proofread it.After quite a bit of hesitance and procrastination I've finally decided to give it it's chance and submit it here, after getting some... surprising success on furaffinity. The reason I've put off on submitting it is because this story is quite a bit of a deviation from the "normal" genre of Lunamew stories, so if hurt/comfort really isn't the kind of thing you want to see in a Lunamew story, I don't blame you for skipping over this story. Still, I don't think it would be fair to RuscoIstar to put off on submitting this any further, especially after he worked so hard on proofreading this rather long story of mine.At any rate, rate and comment! If you like it, great! If not... Keep in mind, this was an older fic of mine that's been in dustbowls for a long time so it's probably not going to be my best. Don't worry, though... My next one will be better.Oh and before I forget, you can also view this story on Google Docs if you prefer it that way. Personally I think its a lot cleaner and easier to read that way (certainly a lot easier to group-write and proofread.)Google Doc's readers also get a bonus: there's a hidden scene which I removed from the "public" final version.

Season's Greetings

Night had fallen. There was a fresh coat of snow on the ground, the stars above were plainly visible and their light easily poked their way through the leafless trees of the wintertime forest. For most who would take time to notice, this scene was rather serene, enjoyable if somewhat cold.

For a certain aqua-tailed Mew however, this night, though indeed very cold, was to be anything but enjoyed.


Lunamew could only sob miserably as the Umbreon behind her howled in orgasmic bliss, filling her innards with his unwanted seed as the rest that didn't fit in her just trickled down her white furry hind legs, creating big puddles of hot steamy sperm on the frosty white ground that melted the snow into tiny messy puddles of water. This had been... what? The 5th? The 10th? The 100th time that night he'd filled her? She had lost track, and quite frankly, she didn't even care anymore. She just wanted it all to end.

"How much longer is he going to keep this up?" she thought to herself miserably.

At least the Delibird who had captured her, whose ribbons still bound her paws and gagged her mouth, was content with raping her just once! This Umbreon who'd found her afterward and dragged her to this spot though, he just kept going on and on and on and on with this!

She had tried to plead with the Umbreon, hoping in vain that he would let her go. Unfortunately, her cries of misery only served to egg him on even more as he ravaged her helpless body. Her vain, fruitless struggles only made him even more determined to make her his complete and total bitch. He would taunt and give her demeaning titles as time and time again he buried his male prick into her increasingly sore depths, each time flooding her already abused cunt with more and more of his repulsive spunk.

How much longer would she have to put up with this torture?!

"Damn, I just can't get enough of your slutty little cunt!", the Umbreon behind her gloated as his unsightly, knotty cock left the warm confines of the tormented Mew's body. "Such a tight little whore! You love having a thick canine cock in there, don't 'cha bitch?!"

Luna simply cried in response to his taunts. His words were like pouring salt into an open wound. The last thing she wanted was to be "complimented" by this... this asshole, this beast, this monster, this... black furred demon! Though she hoped otherwise, she knew by now that this withdrawal was but a small break in between the rapes. Sure enough, she soon felt the familiar, repulsive sensation of his hard shaft pushing into her unwilling body once more.

"One more time, and we'll call it a night. Does it sounds good, my little slut? Sure it does!"

Her ears perked up. Only one more time and then he'd leave?! Finally! Hearing that was like music to her ears. Finally he would leave her be, leave her like the Delibird before had done. It wasn't the best she could have hoped for, but it was far better than anything that has happened to her thus far today. Finally, it would be over-

"One last fuck and then we'll go home."

And just like that, her heart sank. "We'll go home?!" Lunamew did not like the sound of that word in the least bit! No way in hell did she want to spend even more time with this bastard, let alone to be dragged back to whatever hole he crawled out of! Dread and fear filled her tear-filled eyes as she looked up at him. She hoped to the gods that he wasn't planning on doing what she thought he was...

"Ooh yeah, you heard me right bitch!" he snarled arrogantly in response to her silent question. "I said we'll go home. You didn't think I was just going to leave the best piece of ass I've ever had in my life lay out here in the snow did ya'? Oooh no. I ain't done with your yet, whore. Not by a fuckin' long shot!"

Her eyes went wide as her worst fears were confirmed. This sick creature was planning on taking her home, to be his own personal sex slave for the rest of her life!

And just like that, her long forgotten vigor was renewed as she struggled to get out of her bonds. Just as before, the ribbons would not budge. Her squirming did little to deter the dark eeveelution on top of her, who only laughed bitterly at her futile attempts at escape. He pushed her down into the snow as he continued his ramblings about what he had in store for her; all the while he had his merry way with her unwilling lavicious body.

"Oh yeah, I'll take you home, maybe have one of my buds chain you to a wall or somethin'. Maybe get one of those... psychic suppressin' doohickeys on ya'... I know that one Flaffy could hook me up with one, real cheap too. After all, I can't have you attackin' my bros as they rape every tight little hole on ya' after all. And trust me bitch, I got a lotta friends back home who could use a good fuck."

And that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Not only was he planning on keeping her as his own pleasure pet, the sick fuck, but he also planned on passing her around to his friends like some toy at a party! The Umbreon's laughing rang in her head. It was taunting, sneering, vile and seemed to echo inside her tortured mind. Suddenly she felt something in her rising, her concentration was slipping. All she began to see was white as her psyche snapped. Before she even knew what was going on there was a rush of energy swirling around her, she closed her eyes gritting her teeth as something surged inside her, a rage she'd never felt before.

In an instant a light blue aura formed over her and solidified into a bubble. She opened her eyes, feeling the urge to release her anger upon the world.

Suddenly the aura broke and Luna felt herself black out for a moment when she started to come around again. To her disdain, she could still feel the Umbreon's paws on her shoulders and his cock in her cunt, thrusting away as hard as ever. She winced as she quickly came to realize that her super powerful attack had done nothing at all!

"Just what the hell was that supposed to be? Was that really your best attack?! How fuckin' pathetic. Nice breeze through my fur though," he laughed as he taunted her. "You know... for a Mew... thing, you sure are a fucking weakling, aren't you?! Then again, you wouldn't be here if you weren't..."

Lunamew felt weak and utterly pathetic, not to mention stupid. She'd completely forgotten about that little fact! Of course the Umbreon wasn't going to feel anything from that little burst of energy. But still, she had one more trick up her sleeve. One she didn't have to rely on random chance to pull off. She'd learned a few fighter type moves along her travels as well, and she simply just needed to turn around and sock-

To her dismay and utter shock she found that, just like the Umbreon, the ribbons that held her down weren't unaffected by her psychic blast!

"What the fuck?!" she screamed to herself mentally. How could they still be on her after all that?!

"Mmu've OT oo me mumking midding me!!" she tried to scream out into the wood, only to find that her gag was still too wrapped around her head, muffling her frustrated yells.

Luna's outburst was rewarded by having her face suddenly shoved into the snow.

"Nice fucking try, but I can't have you pulling this shit back home," her rapist snarled as he abused her inner body with ever more gusto. "You need to learn your fucking place, bitch. You are mine now! You are my bitch, got it? That's your new name. Your name is now Bitch! Do you understand me?! You are Bitch, and Whore, Cunt, Slut, Slave, and that good shit. You are useless, weak, and pathetic! A toy to be fucked whenever me and my friends please! You do what you're told, you speak when your spoken to, and you don't fuckin' act up, you fucking hear me?!"

He took a moment to breath after his outburst. "I think Bitch needs learn some manners by having her shit packed in."

Oh god no... He wasn't talking about...

Indeed he was. Not a second after he said that she felt the sharp, painful sting of the Umbreon quickly yanking his thick, throbbing cock out of her sore, cum soaked vagina. In almost an instant she felt the tip of his juice-drenched dick press against the only place besides her mouth she'd been lucky to avoid being invaded. It was the one place she really didn't want it in, not that she wanted this monster anywhere, save as far away as possible. To her utter dread she felt him push against that part of her where it would hurt her most... Her ass! Indeed, she could already feel the very tip of his well soaked meat invade her most private of orifices. Despite the juice lubricating it, she felt like her asshole was being torn apart as it was forced open! And he hadn't even got started yet!

"Meeze mo! Mot mhere!" she pouted through her gag, tears once again coming to her eyes as she looked up at her attacker, who only shoved her rudely into the snow in response.

"Shut up, whore! You brought this on yourself! You just had to act up like a bad little bitch, so now you're going to take my thick canine cock, knot and all, in that sweet, tight little ass of yours! And don't worry, I won't be gentle!" the Umbreon mocked angrily. "Gods I can't believe I didn't do this sooner! And I was actually going to be gentle with you too! No... wait. No. I wasn't. HA!" He laughed in spite, as if her torment was the funniest thing in the world to him. "Enjoy your pain, Bitch! There's gonna be a lot more of it from now on..."

She could only sob anew as she waited for the inevitable torrent of agony she was about to receive. She tried desperately to push out what little of it was already in to no avail. She could already taste the unfathomable affliction that her rapist's would cause in mere moments as his cock tore her poor tail hole wide open. She could almost feel the pain course through her like the tiny sparks of electricity that danced in the snow in front of her eyes...

Wait... What? Sparks in the snow? Where did those come from? Was she seeing things?

"The hell...?" Luna's tormentor growled above her. "The fuck's going on?"

She looked up at him once again, seeing him eying the tiny fingers of electricity dancing and crackling along the ground. So she wasn't seeing things! He saw it too! But what, what could this mean-

Suddenly they could both hear a rumbling that got louder and louder by the second, the Umbreon's ears perked up, along with Lunamew's, her rapist's head soon following suit. "The hell is that noi-"

Lunamew saw the Umbreon's ears go flat; his eyes going wide as he saw what was coming for him.

"Aww shhiii-"

What happened next was... beyond the little Mew's comprehension. A bright blue light, similar yet very different from her previous psychic attack covered both and the snow around them was flung in all directions. She felt a slight jolt rush through every fiber of her broken body, like someone had shocked her with a strong jolt of static electricity. It was painful for her, yet it paled in comparison to the pains of constant violation she had been subjected to for hours that night. In fact, as she thought about it, it felt kind of nice...

Though what really felt better was the feeling of the Umbreon being lifted off of her. His howls of pain and the crackles of electricity around him were like music to her ears.

When the light and electricity faded, Lunamew had no idea what she had just witnessed and felt. Yet for some reason when it was all over she felt even better than she had before her encounter with the Delibird! She couldn't explain it to herself, but it was like she'd been completely rejuvenated!

She could hear the shuffling and growling of her malefactor behind her however, the smell of static and seared flesh hung in the air. Whatever was what hit the two of them, it hit the Umbreon hard!

"What... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" she heard the Umbreon bark angrily behind her. "Another one of your stupid tricks? Dunno what the FUCK that was, but it fucking hurt! That does it! I-"

A rustling noise in the trees above them caught the attention of both rapist and victim before the former could proceed with his threat.

"The fu-"

What happened next happened in a flash. Lunamew couldn't see very well due to her positioning. From the corner of her eye she could barely make some small blurry yellow and blue figure drop down from the trees like a bolt of lightning. She then heard the Umbreon grunt in agony as the yellow thing knocked the Umbreon away, throwing him quite a few feet back into the darkness and onto the snow blanket of the forest.

Lunamew squirmed in her bindings once more, this time she was not so much trying to get away as she was simply trying to get a better look at what was going on behind her. With some effort, she was able to turn herself just enough so that she could clearly see the blurry Mon that now stood in behind her.

At first, Lunamew could have easily mistaken him for a Pikachu wearing a pair of goggles and a large, cape-like scarf. He was about that size after all, and had that general shape.

A mere Pikachu had saved her from that big huge Umbreon? She could hardly believe it! She knew a Pikachu or two and none of them she knew of could even come close to taking on a fully grown Umbreon. Hell even a lot of Raichus would have trouble! But this 'chu had taken him out with a single swift hit! Well, two if one counted that weird energy attack that fried the Umbreon earlier, assuming that was even an attack, but still...

However, the more clearly she could see him, the more it dawned on her that this was no normal Pikachu. Or even a Pikachu at all. He had the tail and general coloration of a Raichu, but the coloring that more closely matched their younger kin, save for the back of his ears, feet, and all but the stalk of his tail. They were all a dark blue. The tip of it was a bright, more Pikachu-like yellow. The shape of his ears kind of looked like a mix between the two.

But perhaps the most notable features were the electrical glands on his cheeks. Instead of the usual yellow or pink circles, he had what appeared to be big bright blue equal signs on either side of his cheek. He also bore similar, yet somewhat different looking ones on his legs and the top crests of his ears. The ones on his cheeks were seemingly pointing to his eyes...

Those eyes... She only then noticed him blushing, staring at her. It took her a minute to realize it, but when she did, it hit her hard.

He was staring at her nasty bits: Her cum-dripping pussy, her cum-smeared tail hole... or both! She didn't know which he was looking at, but it had the same effect either way.

In that instant her heart sank. She could already guess his intentions, and they were not good.

Lunamew turned away, not wanting to look at her no doubt soon-to-be next rapist a moment longer as she sobbed loudly into her gag. How stupid could she be? To actually think for even one second that the Raichu... Pikachu... Minun... thing had actually come to save her, how ridiculous. He just knocked out the Umbreon because he wanted her for himself, she was sure of it!

She heard him say... something to her. But in her distraught state she could not make out what it was. Not that she even cared. It was probably just some insult, some boast, some way of letting her know he was about to rape her just like the Umbreon. Any minute now he'd be right behind her, plunging his chu dick into her already sore depths, with no doubt starting where the Umbreon left off and it would drag on for several more hours. She could already imagine him climbing up on top of her in order to align his genitals with hers, and then ramming them inside her body with reckless abandon. Her stomach turned as she imagined him, that little chu, taking her body against her will, spending countless hours in wanton bliss as she spent those same hours in misery, just as she'd done all night.

And that was the best case scenario. She dared not to imagine what other things he might do...

Indeed, it wasn't long before she felt the little chu's hands on her behind. Lunamew wailed loudly into the ribbons covering her mouth as she uneagerly awaited the inevitable feeling of a male forcing his way into her unwilling depths once more.

"Mmmyyyy?!" she choked into her gag. "Mmmy is mis mameming mo me?! Mzz mit meally too much to ask for one fucking guy that doesn't-" she paused, sniffling in surprise at the sudden clarity of her words.

"Wait... I can... talk again?! But how...? What...?" Indeed, the ribbons that had covered her mouth were now gone!

She looked around as she came back to reality, finding herself now sitting on her butt in the snowless ground rather than face down in it as before. She stared into the dark, open forest ahead of her, and then onto the undone and slightly shredded ribbons that laid right in front of her in the melted snow crater.

"Shh... It's gonna be okay," she heard an excited yet reassuring high pitched voice behind her. "I'm not going to hurt you. You're safe now."

She looked behind her, seeing the Raichu smiling back at her as she felt him fiddle and tug at the ribbons still binding her arms together.
"Sorry this is taking so long by the way, miss..." he sighed sadly, growling slightly in frustration. "I'm trying as hard as I can to get these ribbons off, but it's almost like these dumb things have a mind of their own or something! They just don't wanna come off! But I'll get'em, don't you worry!"

She sniffed in response, still hardly believing that this was for real, that he was actually saving her.

"You..." she choked, "You mean you aren't... gonna... rape me?"

"What?! Of course not!" He responded, shocked and somewhat hurt by that question, yet he clearly tried hard not to show it. "I mean, why would I go and do a thing like that?! Name's Matt by the way. Matt the Raichu! But my friends call me Mattchu..."

Before she could open her mouth to reply, something else caught her attention: She felt an ache in her arms as they were given a bit of slack. Seems Matt had made headway with the ribbons!

"Ah, there we go, almost got it..." Matt cried cheerfully. Lunamew could hardly wait to be free of those wretched things. "Annnnddd... here we go!"

And just like that, she felt her hands slip out from behind her back, finally free of those awful ribbons that had held them there for so long.

For a few moments, Luna could not bring herself to do anything but cry to herself in the aftermath of this horrible night. For the moment, the distraught Mew could think of nothing other than the horrors she'd been subjected to, her anger, frustrations, and sadness overflowing her head and spilling onto the ground in a continual stream of fresh tears.

Matt meanwhile never left her side, his soothing words of comfort were joined by his gentle caresses and nuzzles as he held her in his arms, despite her being bigger than he was. His concerned coos of "It's okay," and "You'll be alright," didn't seem to do much for the weeping Mew, but nevertheless it did help her calm down little by little. Eventually when she had finally stopped crying, the little chu left his embrace and stood in front of her.

"Would you like me to help you up, miss...?" Mattchu paused; he didn't even know her name!

"Thanks Matt, but I think I'll be fine," she replied as she gripped his shoulder, using his short stature to help herself to her feet. "I'm Lunamew by the way."

"Lunamew, eh? What a lovely name!"

" Why tha-" She stopped mid sentence, her cheerful smile turning into disgusted frown as a very unpleasant sensation made itself known to her. That Umbreon had made quite the mess inside her. All the white sticky seed was now sloshing around somewhere inside her belly and part of it was leaking out of her, dripping onto the grass and onto the sides of her legs.

It was a rather sickening and repulsive feeling.

"I just hope he didn't get me pregnant..." Lunamew scowled under her breath, groaning as she ran her hand over her sensitive slit and brought her fingers to her face, examining the icky solution on them. It was rather unlikely that she'd have to bear his bastard kits, all things considered, but still...

"Oh don't worry about that!" Mattchu piped in cheerfully. "My Omni-Attack should have taken care of that."

Luna's ears perked up as she looked at him, as she looked at him strangely.

"O-Omni attack?" she questioned, more interested in his words than the fact that he'd heard her mumbling.

"Yeah!" Mattchu replied excitedly. "You know, when you were bathed in blue light and felt slightly stingy inside? That was my Omni attack. It should have cleaned all that crap he put in you and fried our 'friend' to a crisp at the same time. Pretty neat huh?"

Lunamew could only nod awkwardly, her brain not quite processing his words.

His ears went flat however as he too noticed the dripping, apparently sperm-less cum in between Luna's legs.

"But I see it still doesn't really do anything about the liquid." He thought aloud sadly. "Ummm..."

Matt quickly untied his scarf and handed it to Luna. "Here! It's not much but maybe this'll help you out with... what's left," he blushed as he said those last two words.

"Ummm thanks," she replied awkwardly, taking the scarf and using it as a towel.

"You..." she paused as she pushed the scarf over her sensitive privates, sighing as its rough surface soaked up her and the Umbreon's juices, "You definitely aren't a normal Raichu, are you?"

"No. It's kinda a long story actually. I'll tell you about it on the way..."

Lunamew tilted her head to the side as she finished up cleaning herself. On the way to where?

"Oh! I uh..." The little chu stuttered, quickly realizing his error before a single word could leave her lips, "I... mean if you'd let me walk you home or at the very least help you out of the forest. I mean... if that's okay with you?"

Lunamew could only smile at Matt's offer. He was sweet and all but she really just wanted to get home and put all of this behind her. Having another person with her would just slow her down.

Though on the other hand it might not be a half bad idea, especially considering that this whole thing had started when she'd been left alone by that Flareon. After all, if he hadn't ran off, none of this would have probably happened, as he probably would have barbecued the Delibird the moment she opened that foul present of his. And it was quite clear that despite his size, Mattchu was more than capable of holding his own against any other Mons with ill intents that were out there.

And most of all, she could trust him. Had he wanted to suddenly take her by surprise and rape her out in the woods or suddenly tie her up and take her to some unknown hideout, she doubted he would have even bothered to untie her in the first place.

And besides, there was just something... alluring about this guy. Maybe it was just the fact that he was really cute, really nice, maybe it was just her natural tendency to make friends wherever possible, or maybe it was something else. But either way, she simply had to find out more about him.

"Alright, I think I'd like that."

"Yay!" The little chu cheerfully replied.

"Oh and here," she handed the somewhat soggy scarf back to him. "Sorry, it's kinda messy."

Matt shook his head as he took back the scarf. "No worries, it's just a scarf, it'll wash out." He said as he wrapped the dry part of it around his neck again.

"Oh, and Matt, one more thing..."

"What's tha-"

And with that, Lunamew pulled the little Raichu into a warm, friendly embrace. Although she'd caught him off guard, it didn't take long for the little chu to take the message as Mattchu stood on his tippy-toes, and wrapped his own paws around her waist. Even on his tip toes he was only breast-high compared to her. Their size difference didn't bother either of them as they simply enjoyed both the physical and mental warmth brought about each other.

"Thanks for everything," Lunamew cooed, petting the small Raichu on the head.

"It's nothing," the little chu smiled back up at her as they slowly broke their embrace.

And with that, the two of them started on their trek that would take them out of the forest, Lunamew being more than eager to leave the place that left so many bitter memories.

Neither one of them took notice of the pair of deep blue eyes watching them from deep within the forest as they went on their way.


As the two of them trudged through the snow, Matt explained to Lunamew about his origins. She was astonished to find that his was not unlike her own story; he was a genetically modified Poke'mon. One that was once human until team rocket kidnapped him and made him a guinea pig in their awful experiments. The only real difference is that she had been consigned to this fate after sabotaging a lot of their missions. With Matt however, they'd simply yanked the poor guy off the street one day and spliced him with Raichu DNA.

"...And so, how did you wind up like you did back there?"

Lunamew stopped suddenly and fell silent. She had been close to forgetting the day's events, but then he had to go and ask about it. Dammit! Though then again, she guessed it was pretty much inevitable that he'd ask.

"Um, sorry..." Mattchu said sadly, his ears going flat as he nervously stared at the snow. "I really shouldn't have asked that. You don't have to answer if you don't-"

"Nah, it's fine," Lunamew sighed sadly. "I should talk about it. Besides, I owe it to you."

As they continued their journey to the edge of the forest, Lunamew recalled the events of that day, a day that had started out okay enough, with some sex with a hot Flareon, but turned sour after that Delibird had shown up. She described how he'd said he wanted to give her a present, only to be turned into one instead. She recalled then how the Delibird then took her inside of a hollowed out tree stump and raped her there.

"That's terrible!" Mattchu cried angrily. "I hope someone finds HIM and-"

"It gets better!" Lunamew cut him off with equal amounts of sorrow, guilt, and sarcasm. "After that, the bastard took me right back out to where he caught me. Tied me back up, and left me there as a 'gift' for the next passerby..."

She then recalled, sadly, how the Umbreon had found her. At first she had thought it was a friend of hers, only to have her hopes dashed to pieces as he dragged her off into the forest.

"You mean the same one that was..."

"Yes..." She sobbed, by now on the verge of tears. "He was even worse. He raped me not once, not twice, b-but so many times I, I couldn't even keep count. And it hurt. A-And if you hadn't shown up, he would have raped me some more. A-a-and he said he was going to take me to his home, to his friends and-"

By now the little Mew couldn't hold it anymore. She broke down, crying in hysterics.

She felt Mattchu hug her reassuringly, as the little chu nuzzled her body.

"Shhh... it's ok now, it'll be alright, think no more of him, he's gone..." he soothed, "his foulness has been removed from you, you're free from that nightmare.... things'll get better, you'll see. You just need to find someone that'll hold you, love you for who you are."

She looked at him with tear-filled eyes, taking her hands away from her face as she thought about his words. He was right, it was over now, she should move on. This was just another bad night that she needed to forget... preferably in a wild fit of romantic passion in the arms of someone that truly cared for her. Someone like Ichigo, her first friend and team mate, or Kenzan, or Mattchu...

Wait... Mattchu?! How did the little chu in front of her managed to come up in that line of thought? She hardly knew him! She'd just met him not even an hour ago and yet she already thought of him right next to her two closest friends? And to make things worse, they'd been... well, let's just say not particularly clean thoughts either.

Was she really that shallow that after just meeting a new mon she would already have such perverse thoughts about them? It would seem so. For not moments after that slip of the mind, the floodgates in her head seemed to open up. She just couldn't keep those naughty images of him out of her head! Lunamew could already imagine those cute little chu hands wandering all over her body, caressing her lovingly, she could almost feel his hot breath on her lips as he repeatedly kissed her, his hot chu dick sliding in and out of her-

"Stop it Lunamew! Stop it!" she screamed at herself in her head, shaking her head wildly, trying to purge those nasty thoughts from her head. "What kind of a slut am I turning into? Thinking about a guy like that just after meeting him? Especially after being raped for several hours? I should be ashamed!"

Though, the more she thought of it, the more it made sense to her that she'd think that way about him. The little guy was perhaps the sweetest, kindest, most courteous and selfless Mon she'd ever met... well, apart from Ichigo. Was it really wrong to desire such a Poke'mon? Well, and he did save her from the Umbreon, and by extension, from a life of sexual slavery. And he had even prevented her from getting pregnant on top of that, even though that was rather unlikely in the first place, considering all her other sexual encounters. She had never gotten pregnant even once from any of her other partners and rapists, so she really doubted the Umbreon would even be able to get her knocked up, even after all the times he'd raped her. Still, Matt had cared enough to "clean" her, and it was the thought that counted.

And speaking of her other partners, who was she fooling? Of course she was, what some might call, a slut. She'd never thought twice about this when it came to the Flareon after all, did she? Or the Mon before that, or before that even. Yet, those had just been casual partners, but still to actually think of Mattchu in the same lines as Ichigo and Kenzan?

Then again, like she said to herself earlier, he did just save her. So it would only come natural to think that way of her little knight in shining armor now wouldn't it?

Well, that and he was extremely cute. Those ears, that face, that tail, those colors, she could just eat the little guy right up! Every little feature about the little chu just screamed "FUCK ME!" at the top of its voice-

"Um... Lunamew?" a little voice suddenly interrupted her thoughts. "Are you okay? You're, um, kinda creeping me out with that look..."

At that moment, something just snapped inside of her, something wanton, something needy, something... beyond the control of the lusting Mew. Before either of them knew it, she lifted Mattchu and had him pinned against a nearby tree, staring into his wide, shock filled eyes as she returned his gaze with her needy and hungry ones.

"Luna, what are y-!!"

Mattchu's excited shouts of protest were cut off as the Mew locked her lips with his in a very forceful, yet very passionate kiss. A shock filled Matt as he tried to resist at first, shaking and struggling in surprise, but even that melted away in the magic of the moment. His fear filled eyes narrowed, then closed completely as he accepted, then welcomed the kiss as both of their tongues danced happily in the other's mouth.

Lunamew could feel the little chu's arms wrap as far as they could around her, one around the back of her neck, and one around her upper back. She moaned appreciatively and hungrily into his mouth at his touch, the little Raichu doing much the same in return as he pulled himself even closer to her, the two of them were pressed ever so snugly and warmly against one another in the winter air...

Finally Lunamew released him, letting his body rest snugly against the tree as they broke their kiss ever so slowly, a thin trail of saliva still connected their mouths as she pulled away from him.

"W-w-woah!" Mattchu chirped shakily, his mind still enraptured from Luna's spontaneous display of affection. "I... I can't say I was expecting that at all Lunamew! You su- Uh... Luna?"

The chu looked around desperately for his new friend, unable to find her after he'd finally come completely to.

"Luna!" he called out, "Luna, where'd you g-"

A sudden flash of aqua brought him to attention, and then another. As the Raichu focused on it, he quickly realized it was Lunamew's tail, wagging gingerly in the air. His eyes followed her happy wiggling tail down to where its base met her cream white body, up her backside, and...

Just as his eyes managed to trace their way up to the base of her throat, the Raichu yelped in surprise as an unexpected jolt of pleasure surged from his groin through his whole body. He heard a lusty giggle come from in between his legs and a hot, heavy blush formed on his face when he saw where it'd come from.

There, buried in between his legs, was Lunamew, gingerly tracing her paw around his coin purse-shaped genitals as she looked up at him.

"Jumpy much?" she giggled, "Just relax."

"Luna! What are you-" he shouted in surprise, ignoring her previous order.

"Is it not obvious?" She raised her eyebrow in response. "I'm thanking you for saving me! It'd be kinda rude for me not to after all."

"You don't have to do that," Matt responded quickly, "I don't want any sort of reward or-"

He was cut off by another giggle from the Mew, soon to be joined by the sensation of her, wrapping one of her paws around his semi-erect mouse cock.

"You're too sweet Mattchu," she purred, "not wanting a reward like that. That's why I like you. And that's why I wanna do this to you. Well, that and you're just too cute... I could just eat you right up! And believe me, that's exactly what I intend to do."

Matt blushed heavily, both from her compliment, and from the fact that she had started to slowly stroke him. Luna couldn't help but smile as she felt up her savior's tool, noting its shape, texture and size, in particular the latter.

"My, you're rather big for a little guy, aren't you?" She commented.

"Mmm, well uh-" Matt was at a loss of words for the moment. "I mean, you don't have to do this. Like I said, I don't want a reward, I just-"

"Shhh!" Lunamew shushed him while putting her free finger on his lips. "Listen, I REALLY want to do this for you, my little hero. Not just because I feel like you need a reward. Well, that too. But also because after everything that happened to me today, I just..."

She paused; trying to find the right words as she very idly stroked his length.

"I just want to feel loved..." she continued finally, "I wanna feel it from someone who at least pretends to care about me as more than just some hole to shove their dick inside of. After all, you said it yourself, I need someone who'll hold me, love me for who I am. And... well... I think you're the one to do that to me, even if just for tonight."

"B-but why me?" Mattchu moaned out in response, his concentration partially broken by the female fondling him down below.

"Well," Luna began, still caressing the Chu's tender maleness, "You're kind, you're sweet, you're selfless. Hell, just the fact that you don't even want a reward just makes me want to give it to you that much. What's not to love about you? That and you're just so damn cute!"

"Alright," he panted lightly, "well, alright. You can keep going then, I just... mmmmm!" He again couldn't help but jump up a tad as Luna gently squeezed the base of his cone shaped prick. "Just wanted to make sure you didn't feel like you had to do this..."

"And that's why you're getting it, little mousie. Now... sit back, relax and enjoy your reward."

Mattchu nodded, leaning back against the tree as the horny Mew shifted her gaze back to his groin, ready to get down to the real work. Now that she'd gotten him quite hard, it was time to really get down to business.

Luna began slow, licking the very tip of his penis like a kid licking the top of an ice cream cone. The flavor that tingled on the tip of the Mew's tongue certainly wasn't ice cream though. That wasn't to say she disliked it, quite the contrary! She couldn't quite place it, but it had a rather tart, yet very sweet taste to it.

She just had to have more!

The Mew began taking the whole thing into her mouth, going down on him slowly as to savor its every inch of his cone-shaped cock as her tongue swirled around the whole surface. She sucked hard on it, not wanting a single bit of his delicious taste to escape her eager mouth.

Soon she felt her lips make contact with the base of his crotch, and at the same time felt the tip of his spear tickle the back of her throat. She felt herself gag at the sensation, realizing that perhaps she had been little too eager. The Mew quickly brought herself back up to his tip, breathing heavily though her nose as she did.

After a brief pause to catch her breath, she started again, this time a bit more carefully. As her lips once again wrapped around the tip of his hard shaft, she found herself lowering her head down onto his length more and more. Her tongue was once again swirling, hungering around the chu's surprisingly large girth as she went further and further, pulling back up before she felt herself getting gagged on it again, and starting anew.

"Mmm... that's good," the chu above her cooed gently, spurring her on.

Before long, Luna's cautious slides turned into rhythmic bobs. Her suckling intensified more and more, her tongue sloppily felt its way around his prick with each trip, tasting its tangy flavor. The Mew took more of her savior's delicious meat into her mouth every time she went down, the gagging sensation not having time to kick in.

Mattchu's contented coos and sighs turned into heavy pants and moans. Luna could feel him bucking his hips up into her face every time she went down, and before long, she felt his hands being placed beside his head, using it as leverage to face-fuck the horny Mew. While normally Lunamew would have to protest at this sort of thing, in Matt's case this sudden show of dominance only turned on the already enraptured Luna even more as she gave an excited squeal of approval onto his cock, the taste of his tangy pre only encouraging her even further.

Only a few moments later, Luna heard an excited shout from above her.

"Luna... I'm... Gonna!!"

Lunamew didn't have to even guess what he was trying to say. With one final trip, Lunamew once again took his throbbing dick as far as it would go, the familiar sensation tickling the back of her throat as a new one filled both her ear and mouth as she heard him scream in orgasmic bliss, while her mouth and throat were filled to the brim with the delightful taste of spicy citrus love. How surprised she was at just how much of it was there; despite her, greedily guzzling down as much of his yummy spunk as she could, some of it was still leaking out of her mouth and spilling onto the snow. Thankfully most of it went right down to her small and needy stomach instead.

The pair sat there, just like that for a few moments, caught in the afterglow of Luna's sudden blowjob. Finally, the Mew rose from her spot, a thin bridge of saliva and cum connecting Matt's softening tool and Luna's mouth as they parted; breaking as she climbed her way back up to his head, the two of them blushing in a deep crimson as they stared into each other's eyes.

"Oh gods," she began slowly and huskily, "You taste sooo good!"

"Why, um... thanks!" He blushed, closing his eyes and putting a hand behind his head in embarrassment.

"No, really, you do!" Luna grinned; a stray dribble of Matt's seed was clearly visible on the corner of her sultry smile. "Here, let me show you."

The two of them embraced in another passionate kiss and this time Mattchu was far less surprised and resistant than he had been before. Luna's tongue easily found its way into Matt's mouth, and she could feel his tongue sliding into her in return. The chu's muffled moans vibrated the Mew's mouth as he tasted his own seed, her own surprised moans coming from a different sensation entirely.

As the two kissed, Lunamew could feel Matt's pecker press against her furry chest, his rod slowly returning to its hardened state, pressing at times more and more firmly against Luna's tummy.

Luna's hand traveled down the little chu's chest and slid across his belly as their kiss ended. The Mew took his pecker in her paw once more, gently caressing it with the palm and tickling it with her furry fingers, eliciting a small, barely audible moan from the chu.

"Hard again, are we?" Luna commented suavely, her eyebrows rising questionably.

"It's hard not to be when you've got a beautiful Mew kissing you, is it?" The Raichu grinned back at her.

"Aww, you're making me blush!" The Mew giggled, blushing heavily at his comment. "I could definitely say the same for the cutest Raichu I've seen... I'm practically soaked!"

It was true. She was already quite hot for him before, but tasting his pecker and the tasty seed it produced only turned her on even more. Her needy heated core was practically dripping with want and desire.

"Here," Mattchu said confidently, grabbing her thighs tightly as he prepared to scoot himself down, intent on returning the favor she'd just given him, "let me help you with th-"

Lunamew stopped him just as he started to make his way down, firmly pushing her hand against his chest. The Raichu looked up at her questioningly as she leaned up close to his ear.

"Take me..." She whispered into it.

"So soon?" He questioned, staring at her in the eyes as she pulled back. "I mean, I was gonna slide down and-"

"I know," Luna responded sweetly yet firmly. She knew he had intended to eat her out, but she had other plans for him. "I appreciate the gesture, I really do. It's really sweet, but I... I just can't take it anymore! I NEED you inside me sooo badly!!"

He nodded, understanding completely. Truthfully she'd mount him right here and then, but there was a "little" problem: he was only 3/4's of her size! Trying to ride him wouldn't really work...

It seemed Matt was thinking about the best way to go about this too for a moment, when suddenly he pulled the Mew atop of him into yet another kiss, her eyes going wide as she was caught with her guard off. Luna made no attempt to repel this sudden onslaught however. In fact, she actually liked this little display of dominance.

The real surprise came when he suddenly flipped the two of them around, switching their positions without even breaking their kiss!

"Comfortable?" The chu asked the Mew below him, a moment later as they broke their kiss apart.

She responded by kissing him fully on the lips yet again, nuzzling his soft fur as she did so. A passionate look was in her eyes as they broke apart again.

"I am now, little shocker," she replied huskily, bucking her hips needily. Every time she did so, she could feel the refreshing feeling of his tip touching the very edge of her needy cunt. She bucked a bit harder, whining with want and lust as she did. Just feeling it there wasn't enough, she needed more!

Soon though, the little Raichu's hands held her hips down, keeping her steady as he got himself in position.

"Eager, aren't we?" he winked at her coyly.

"Please!" The horny Mew whined. "I need you in me sooo badly! I can't take it anymore! Please!"

"Alright already," the little chu giggled softly and lovingly, "I get it!"

Lunamew cooed and moaned lightly as the chu licked her cheek. She panted heavily with desire, taking a deep breath as she felt him lightly prod his hardened rod against her heated folds, each push spreading them apart a little more, the Mew spreading herself as much as she could for him in return. As a small grin spread over the little chu's features, a heavy blush spread across hers as she felt him grab her hips as hard as he could, Lunamew sighed contentedly at what was about to happen.

In just moments, she would give herself to yet another male. But for the first time that night, it would be someone she wanted to share it with. For the first time that night, she was looking forward to it with eager anticipation and wanton need, not vile revulsion and dread.

Sure enough, the heavenly sensation of his tool pushing its way into her depths washed over the blue cream colored Mew. She panted huskily as her body heaved and bucked on its own accord. She almost didn't even notice as the chu leaned in to her, everything at this point was so automatic. His lips met hers, their tongues once again danced in each other's mouths as he let her body adjust to his surprising girth. It was a nice gesture, but it certainly didn't take too long for the Mew to adjust...

"So... tight..." The little chu cooed as he nuzzled her.

"More!" She panted back, bucking her hips. "I need more!" she practically begged her little Raichu to take her as fast and hard as he could, to drill his dick into her depths as deep as it could go.

Despite her more carnal desires to have him take her as rough and hard as he could, she felt his tool start out with very soft and gentle, yet deep and filling thrusts into her needy depths. Mattchu was determined, it seemed, to make the moment last as long as he could; an idea that for once, Luna had to admit, she didn't disagree with.

Eventually even he couldn't hold back his more animalistic instincts. His thrusts became harder and faster and the little Mew moaned and panted heavily with delight and desire, the chu atop her doing much the same. Her paws wraps themselves around his back and on his firm butt, pulling him onto and into her with each deep and filling push into her needy cunny as she felt him pull her hips to his.

"Yes!!!" She screamed, "Harder! I need it harder!"

Before long there was no holding back for either of them. Now he was getting rougher, his thrusts were as deep and as hard as they could go; his tail was squeezed around hers, just as her arms were wrapped around his body.

As if the magic of the moment wasn't intense enough, she swore she could feel tiny, pleasant electric shocks riffle the deep insides of her body, making her moan and yelp as she felt indescribable pleasure in places she didn't even know she had! It felt like she was getting fucked hard by a vibrator on the highest setting, sending the already wanton Mew to new levels of ecstasy. It would not be long now... Indeed! She could already feel her orgasm fast approaching.

"Luna!" The Raichu in front of her panted excitedly, "I'm... Gonna...!!"

It sounded like his was coming too. It was time.

"Don't hold back!" She screamed excitably "Cum right inside me! Fill me up with your seed!"

The chu gave a nod and shortly did so after one final thrust into her nether regions. Luna's lips once again found themselves locked with his, the two of them kissing each other deeply as she felt the little chu shoot stream after stream of his hot spunk into her insides. Her walls clamped tightly around his maleness, milking it greedily for every last drop of chu goodness it could offer. She could feel her own juices wash over him, and could feel their combined orgasms fill her to the brim, and soon, she could feel the mess of their orgasms trickle out of her, and creep down both sides of her tail...

Time was lost to the pair as they stayed there just like that, Lunamew holding the little chu tightly against her belly, his slowly softening cock still buried deep inside her leaking womanhood. Neither could find the strength or resolve to do anything but enjoy the afterglow of the moment, and for what seemed like forever they spoke not a word nor moved a muscle, save perhaps for the very occasional moan that escaped their lips, and save for the very slow movements of each other's chests as they breathed in the sharp winter air.

"T... that was amazing," he panted; a look of absolute bliss was crossed on his face.

"You're telling me," Luna moaned back in agreement. Once again, the little chu had gone above and beyond her expectations. It had been everything she'd hoped for and then some. As she felt his seed churn within herself, deep inside her body, part of her felt rather bad that he probably wouldn't wind up giving her... a little souvenir to remind her of this moment. But then again, perhaps that was for the better. Lunamew was not quite ready to be a mommy any day soon; she was quite sure of that. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what kind of offspring she'd sire from him, if that was possible...

"Well, what's next?" The Mew moaned saucily. "Ready for round two? I know I sure am!"

To her shock and disappointment, the Raichu in front of her began to lift up off of her, his wet dick slipping out of her tight tunnel with an unsatisfying slosh. As the chu rose to his feet, copious amounts of cum leaved a thick trail of semen between his penis and her folds while more of it seeped onto the snow.

"Y-you're leaving already?!" She stammered, somewhat angrily, "B-but..."

"No-no!" the chu replied excitedly, waving his arms in the air in front of his face. "I-I-I'm not leaving you! N-not by a long shot! I'm just..." He took a deep breath as his hand reached behind his head, scratching it idly. "I'm just looking for something."

And with that he turned his back to her, actively searching the area for whatever it was he was after.

"Oh," the Mew curiously rose to her feet, fluids still trickling down her legs, "What are you looking for?"

"You'll see!" Mattchu replied as he looked over his shoulder, a playful grin was plastered across his face, and a twinkle shown in his eye.

"Now... let's see..." the little chu began searching in his belongings, while a very confused Mew floated closer. "Where is it? Here? No... This? No, that's my... Aha!"

Luna's head tilted curiously to the side as she landed right next to him, her feline feet making a familiar crunch as they made contact with the snow that thinly coated the ground.

"So, 'what's next' you ask?" the mini Raichu asked her smugly, his back still facing her as he spoke. Lunamew said nothing in response, curious as to what he'd do next.

And suddenly he turned around on his heel, clearly holding something black with straps in his right paw. Luna eyed the object... It was a long, tubular shaped thing attached to several black, leather straps which connected to it in the middle.

"Your turn!" the chu's face lit up as he presented the object, Luna's eyes going wide as she realized it was... A double sided strap-on?!

"I... um... uh... I..." Lunamew was at loss for words. What was he trying to imply? He wasn't...

"I'm thinking," Matt said cheerfully, "that maybe you'd like to have a turn with me?"

"Just... um... wow," Luna could do nothing but stare, mouth agape, as her brain strained to process this strange male's request. "So you really want me to... you know... this?!"

"Sure!" the electric mouse in front of her bounced with excitement. "It'll be fun!"

"Well... um... alright," Luna stammered in response, still unsure of this as she took the toy from his paw.

"So, uhhhh..." she began as she tried to put the device on, all the while fiddling with it awkwardly, "Where'd you get this thing from?"

"Oh!" Mattchu cheerfully replied, "I got it off from some Gardevoir I helped out... She used it on me and gave it to me as a present... She told me to 'give it to someone special.' "

"Oh... I see," Luna said flatly as she slipped her legs through the straps. That wasn't exactly what she had been trying to ask, but the more she thought about it, the more she realized it was probably better if she didn't know. However, it was quite surprising to hear of its... prior use.

"She also said it was magic or something. It makes you feel like you really have one!"

That was a little... hard for her to understand, or believe. Still, she didn't think too much on the matter as she continued to fiddle with the strange device.

She shivered as she felt the cold tip of the toy press against her wet and well-used folds. Gripping the business end of it, she quickly pushed the receiving end of it into her still wet and very well lubricated cunny, stopping only when the leather straps prevented her from pushing. She yelped and jumped at the sudden feeling of the self-imposed intrusion of her insides as it slid in with a satisfying slop.

It wasn't as big and round as the chu's cock had been, but it was a bit longer, nearly reaching her cervix. It took a little while for her to get used to the feeling of this thing, and to the sight of having a rod sticking out of her body instead of plowing in and out of her for a change. Well... the other half was actually in her, but...

This whole thing was completely new to her. She had partaken in quite a few sexcapades up to this point, even taken it up in the ass a few times, willingly and unwillingly. Luna never quite got used to it either way, though never before in her life had she actually been on the giving end of things.

Suddenly, she felt herself being hugged from behind. She looked over her shoulder, her eyebrows rising with curiosity.

"Just lubing it up for you," he answered her unspoken question, "and testing it out, see if it really works like she said it would! Erm, by the way, could you do me a favor?"


"Could you sit on my lap? It's kinda hard to hold the lube bottle while standing."

"Oh, uh, sure!"

Matt sat down in the snow. Luna soon followed somewhat awkwardly as she was still not used to wearing the device. She leaned back, letting out a small "mmm" as she felt his chest press against her spine. The chu's little arms wrapped around her small, blue belly. His hands quickly immersed themselves in the lube, getting them full of the gunk as he prepared to smear it on her makeshift prick.

As his hands wrapped around the black rod jutting out of her crotch, Luna felt a very weird sensation sweep over her. She moaned in both pleasure and confusion as his lubed up hands slid up and down the length of her fake dick.

"Ohh... that... feels..." she moaned awkwardly, not sure how to describe what it was what she was feeling. Deep inside of her, she felt the device vibrate against her walls with each of the chu's strokes, but that was only part of it. This other feeling... it felt pleasurable, yet extremely strange. It's like she was being massaged and pleasured in a place she never knew she had. Or perhaps, a place she didn't have until now. It felt like...

"Feels... like I... actually have... a real one?!" she finished, still confused as ever.

"Then it really works!" Matt squealed excitedly from behind her, stroking her "cock" ever faster and faster.

"This feels so strange... yet so nice," the little Mew panted, her hips bucking up into his hand.

After stroking her off for a few more minutes however, the chu suddenly stopped, much to Lunamew's dismay and confusion.

"Awww... but I was just starting to enjoy that," she whined profusely, "why did you stop?"

Hearing no response Luna looked behind her, only to find the little chu already bent over and braced against the tree. He lifted his long, thin Raichu tail as the Mew lifted herself up off the ground. She blushed as he presented that cute little butt of his, shaking and swaying it ever so tantalizingly and seductively for her.

"Erm... uh..." Luna stammered as she awkwardly approached the eagerly awaiting male before her, "I'm... uh... still not sure about this... I mean... I've... uh... never done something like this before."

The little Raichu smiled reassuringly at her, easing her uncomfortableness just a little as he spoke. "Don't worry. It may seem weird at first, but if you just try it you'll find it sooo enjoyable... Besides," he continued as he raised an eyebrow, "I have taken much bigger things up there than that."

That statement made Lunamew raise her own eyebrow in question. She had to ponder the idea of him taking even larger objects than what she was currently wearing in that tight little hole of his.

Luna quickly shrugged it off however as she placed one of her trembling paws firmly onto the side of his eager little butt, making the little 'chu coo with anticipation. Nervously, she took the business end of the strap-on in her free hand and guided it to the Raichu's eager small orifice.

The Mew gasped lightly as she could "feel" the tip of her strap-on make contact with the chu's small hole. The two of them sighed at the feeling as she prodded it carefully and rather hesitantly. Finally, she started to slowly slide it in. Luna let out a small, barely audible 'mmm' as she felt his tight little cavity clamp around her makeshift rod. The sensations she felt made her moan in delight as she pressed on, pushing it ever deeper by the second.

It felt so weird... yet so wonderful.

Before long, Lunamew felt her hips pressing against the chu's firm little buttocks. It didn't take her very long to realize that she had pushed her "cock" in as far as it would go. A small stroke of panic swept the Mew as she realized she'd been so concentrated on her own feelings. She hadn't even paid attention enough to know whether or not she had hurt the little Raichu inadvertently! The fact that he was rather quiet really worried her.

"Err, Matt, are you okay? I, uh, didn't hurt you, did I?" She asked rather feebly.

"No, no..." Matt looked back, his expression was as cheerful as ever. "I'm fine."

"You sure?" Luna raised her eyebrow. "You don't think I should wait a minute or-"

"Nah," he replied quickly as he shook his head. "You're doing quite well so far. Keep going."

Lunamew sighed with relief and nodded back. She started pulling herself out just as slowly as she had gone in, until only the tip was left in. She then began yet another careful drive into the chu's ardent depths. And then another, and another, becoming a smooth, gradual cycle.

Her rhythms were slow and cautious at first, as she was still not quite used to this. But before long she was really getting into it. The chu's pants and pleasured cries prompted her to speed up; she started pushing in harder and further. Before long, the sound of her hips spanking his cute little rump could be heard as their moans and shouts grew louder and louder.

As she once again began to feel the hot and overwhelming feeling of her orgasm fast approaching, she had to wonder whether she'd cum exactly like she usually would, or whether the 'magic' strap-on would cause her to shoot her cum into him, just like a male would. The idea was, of course, rather ridiculous, but for some reason she wouldn't put it past for this so called magic device.

Luna got her answer soon enough though as her climax hit her fast and hard. She thrust herself into his butt one last time, the two of them screaming aloud as her walls clamped tightly around the part of the strap-on buried deep inside her. Her juices began to gush and leak out of her crotch and run down her legs.

The strap-on remained buried in the chu's ass for only a minute or two longer, just long enough for the Mew to catch her breath, before she pulled it back out. As she turned her back to him and began to remove the strap-on, the Mew was vaguely aware of Matt shuffling behind her.

"Thanks a lot for doing that." She heard him say to her as she slipped the leather straps off her legs. "It was great! I hope you liked it as much as I did..."

"Yeah," she responded in kind, "It was a little weird, but fun."

With the leather straps free and dangling loosely in between her legs, Luna slowly pull the other end of the strap-on out of her dripping cunt; moaning as she felt it leaving her soaked orifice. When it was totally out she tossed it aside, and turned around to face Matt. She was going to ask him what he had in mind at this point, but it ultimately proved unnecessary. The sight of his hard, erect penis standing tall and ready to go again said more than the chu could ever have.

"Mmm, looks like someone's ready for some more Luna pussy..."

"You bet!"

And only a few moments and a playful shove later the two of them were at it again, his length once again buried in her tight little twat as she rode him into the night. They went on for hours and hours afterwards. They were mixing it up, taking turns giving and getting, trying different positions. She even invited him to take her the same way she'd taken him, the way that Umbreon had threatened to do, something she'd ironically dreaded so much. But with Matt, it was simply fantastic!

It all culminated into one final crescendo of passion as she took it in both holes, his throbbing dick thrusting in and out of her tight tailhole while he pumped her pussy with the device, her eyes rolled back in absolute ecstasy. Their final scream of pleasure was the loudest of the night as they came the hardest they had in all the night.

"Ohhhhh goooddddsss," Luna panted as she leaned against the tree, too tired to do anything but speak, and even she could barely manage to do that. She barely even noticed Matt's chu cock leaving her tail, or the strap-on leaving her tunnel....

"Mmmm... what now?" Matt panted back, his arms wrapping around the Mew's blue belly. "Sorry... but... I don't... think I could... make another round..."

"Mmm... me either." Luna moaned back, turning to her mate-for-the-night, "You really... wore me out..."

"I... I..."

Matt couldn't finish the sentence as he found his eyes getting heavier and heavier.

"Night..." Luna purred, holding the little Chu close to her.

"Night..." was the last thing she heard before her eyes lost the battle to stay open, the serene bliss of dreamless sleep following soon afterwards.

In their blissful respite, neither one took notice of the events unfolding back where they had met...


"Mmmmmh..." Lunamew lazily moaned as her eyes slowly started to open from the long hours of sleep. "Oh gods that was so goood... right Matt?"

There was no response.


Only silence. Just like before.

Luna's eyes flew open; shaking off whatever sleepiness was still left as she sat straight up. She hastily scanned the surrounding forest, hoping desperately to find any sign of the Raichu, only to be confronted with the obvious truth.

He'd left her. How long ago? She did not know, but he was definitely gone now.

Luna grumbled to herself. He'd left without telling her, in the middle of the night. It made her both sad, and a tad bit irritated and angry.

"So much for walking me home," Luna thought to herself. "Well, no point in staying around here, I guess I'd better get off my ass and-"

Just as her hand reached into the snow to push herself up off the ground, her hand came across something hard, smooth and very familiar-feeling in the thinly coated snow. As she glanced down at it, it didn't take her long to realize what it was: The magic strap-on from last night!

Had he simply forgotten it? No, it didn't seem that way. Not only was it completely clean, unlike it had been the night before, but it was also wrapped up rather nicely in green ribbons with a cute little bow. On one of the loops it looked like there was a piece of paper attached to a string.

A note?!

Lunamew wasted no time in snapping it off the string, her little fingers eagerly unfolding the document to read its contents.


I'm terribly sorry to leave so suddenly, but something very important has come up and I could not stay.

My mate arrived early in the morning, and he seems pretty eager to take me-'

"Wait a minute..." Lunamew's eyes bulged as she interrupted her own line of thought with another, "Matt had a mate? And yet I... we..." Lunamew became more than a little worried for her newfound friend. After all, she could only imagine what his mate might have thought to see him lying with some strange poke'mon. "I hope he'll be... wait a minute did it say 'he?!' "

Luna looked at it again, raising an eyebrow as she did indeed confirm that Matt did name his mate as a 'he'.

"I guess that explains a thing or two..."

The Mew shook her head as she continued reading where she had left off.

'-to take me home.

I know what you must be thinking. You must be worried after he saw us together like that. Don't be. Buriezu says he isn't mad at me for what happened between us, and certainly not at you. He wouldn't fault either of us anyway, "especially when it comes to a beautiful young lady like yourself," he tells me.

As you can already see, we've decided to leave you the strap-on. A little present for you, a memento of last night's passions. I know you enjoyed using it so much, and since neither of us have any real use for it, we both agree it'd be better left with you anyway.

Well, my mate is anxious to take me home now. I think he's waiting to give me a present of his own... -wink-

With Love,

Lunamew couldn't help but blush and give a little giggle as she thought about what she'd just read. She was about to think more on it when she realized she'd almost missed something written below the closing line...

'PS: I nearly forgot! Well, Buriezu's making me remember. He says he's brought you a gift too. If you haven't seen it already, I might suggest looking behind you...'

And just as she read that, she could hear a slight shuffle behind, followed by a muffled plead. Without even turning her head she looked behind her.

There, laying belly-down in the snow, looking right at her, was a Delibird. The Delivery Poke'mon was bound and gagged with the exact same color ribbons that had been used to imprison her.

He was looking at her, the fear and dread as plain as day in his eyes...

Oh yes, It didn't take too long for the Mew to put two and two together. This was the same Delibird that had captured and raped her yesterday, that had so sadistically left her to be taken by that Umbreon and raped her all day long after that. And now, he was here... tied in what she could only assume was his own ribbons.

That was him alright. No doubt about it. The way he looked at her was proof enough of that.

"But how...? When...?"

Luna's eyes darted back to the letter in search of answers as the penguin poke'mon protested and struggled uselessly against his bonds behind her.

'In case you're wondering, yes, it's the same one that raped you yesterday. I know, I know, I couldn't believe it myself when I heard it from him! But it honestly is him. Make no mistake...

You see, Bureizu ran into him yesterday, some time after the little bastard left you setting on the road. The Delibird himself told my mate about you. He even encouraged him to come and "take the present for himself before it is gone" I think he said...

Of course, rather than take him up on his offer, my mate simply knocked him out and headed over here to save you himself. Of course, The Umbreon got to you first, and then, well... you know what happened. I got to you before Bureizu did.

So instead, he wound up tying him up with his own ribbons and we left him behind with you, for your own enjoyment. We figure it's only fair. Since you are the one he wronged and not us, you should get the final say in what happens to him, right? What you do with him is completely up to you. Whether you decide to kill him, turn him into the authorities, or... something else, it's all your decision.'

And that's where the note ended. A sly, wicked and vindictive grin spread across Lunamew's feline features as the paper slipped from her fingers and fluttered lazily into the snow below. The Delibird's eyes went wide as she then turned to face him. His pleading, fearful gaze was returned in kind by her baleful and evil one as she approached. The Mew towered over the poor penguin menacingly as she twirled the strap-on around her finger by the strings.

"So you like to rape random girls because you feel lonely, huh?" she raised an eyebrow as her voice dripped with venom. "Well, don't worry, I'll fix that for you soon enough. Where you're going, there'll be plenty of big, burly male 'mons to keep you company for the rest of your life. But, before I turn you in..."

She suddenly tossed the double strap-on into the air and caught it, squeezing it tightly in her right paw as her eyes narrowed with malicious intent.

"...I'm gonna pay you back in spades for everything you've put me through!"

She could hear the desperate muffled pleas and shouts of the guilty male as she once again began to adorn the strap-on. The vengeful Mew sighed contentedly to herself as she once again felt one end of it enter her warm depths with a satisfying plop. The stifled cries from her rapist-turned-victim were like music to her ears as she stalked behind him. His vain, desperate struggles only served to encourage her all the more. The delivery nomad's desperate, futile attempts to get away from the Mew he'd so eagerly and lovingly raped the day before, to escape the inevitable torrent of torment that Luna was about to deliver to him, was all the more satisfying.

The Delbird jumped and screamed in terror as she placed one of her paws firmly on his exposed, vulnerable butt.

"Consider this a little warm-up for what's to come, my friend." She teased, putting a sarcastic, poisonous emphasis on that last word. "After all..."

Luna smirked evilly as she once again felt her surrogate 'cock' tingle as it pressed threateningly against the Delibird's unlubed and unprotected asshole.

"I wouldn't want you to be unprepared for your new prison pals, now would I?"

And so a shrill, muffled scream filled the surrounding area as their story came around full circle. Lunamew would spend the rest of the day taking revenge upon this evil 'mon who had so gladly ruined her holidays for her.

Chapter End Notes:

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