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An unofficial, original author approved fan continuation of Darkjester's "Best Use for Ribbons."

Several hours after being used, abused, and left bound and gagged on the road by an unsavory Delibird for the next passerby, Lunamew finds herself in even more peril than before! Will no one come to this desperate mew's aid in her most dire hour? Will she finally be freed of her torment, or will she spend the rest of her already ruined holiday (and her life) as an Umbreon's plaything

Contiains Rape, H/C, Bondage, Con and Non-con, and lastly Pegging.

Story Notes:

A bit of a history behind this one.Originally I started writing this last year in December, as a gift for Lunamew (the person), as part of a project between me and my Furaffinity friend, White_Crest, who had always wanted to do something Lunamew related. He was going to do a comic based around this story, and I was going to do a story for the comic. We chose to do an unofficial sequel to Best Use for Ribbons (after getting Darkjester's permission of course) since it was in season for the time.Unfortunately IRL issues came up for WC, so the comic was put on indefinite hiatus. I continued the story for a while, before giving it up (by that point I had already written about 3/4's of the story). I would eventually come back to it on and off in the following months, but it wasn't until three months later I actually put any real effort into finishing it. Afterwords it would spend another several months on the shelf, collecting dust, until RuscoIstar came along and volunteered to proofread it.After quite a bit of hesitance and procrastination I've finally decided to give it it's chance and submit it here, after getting some... surprising success on furaffinity. The reason I've put off on submitting it is because this story is quite a bit of a deviation from the "normal" genre of Lunamew stories, so if hurt/comfort really isn't the kind of thing you want to see in a Lunamew story, I don't blame you for skipping over this story. Still, I don't think it would be fair to RuscoIstar to put off on submitting this any further, especially after he worked so hard on proofreading this rather long story of mine.At any rate, rate and comment! If you like it, great! If not... Keep in mind, this was an older fic of mine that's been in dustbowls for a long time so it's probably not going to be my best. Don't worry, though... My next one will be better.Oh and before I forget, you can also view this story on Google Docs if you prefer it that way. Personally I think its a lot cleaner and easier to read that way (certainly a lot easier to group-write and proofread.)Google Doc's readers also get a bonus: there's a hidden scene which I removed from the "public" final version.

  1. Season's Greetings (12670 words)

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