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Maya's Tail by auspher79


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Chapter 1: The First Chapter (how original!)

Maya's Tail




Maya was having a wonderful dream. She was on a grassy field, blushing from her arousal. A studly, masculine stallion had approached her from the rear. He was a rapidash, and his fiery mane flowing in the wind. She was enthralled to have such a handsome hunk of horse be interested in a little girafarig such as herself! The stallion bent forwards, nuzzling her needy slit longingly, slowly drawing his lips across her own. Oh yes, she needed this. She needed this bad. Maya had been in heat for several days now, and sweet relief by one of her favorite fantasies could not be ignored.


Maya whined softly as she spread her legs and planted her hooves firmly into the ground. She leaned back and encouraged the stud stallion to explore her folds. Slowly, his tongue extended, and he drew it straight up her entrance, causing her to buck with delight. He did this several times, nickering to himself and nuzzling her crotch with glee.


And suddenly, the dream changed. She looked back, seeing no longer a horny rapidash stallion, but her own trainer. Ben! Her trainer! She gasped out loud. This was... this was not right! Ben was no pokemon! And yet he was there, debauching himself in this lewd, cross-species act! She couldn't believe it! Maya felt his tongue exploring her sex.... She actually felt it! She couldn't believe what was happening. It was her trainer! Ben! A human! Seeing her trainer pleasure her like this felt so wrong, so unnatural...


So... exciting!


Gosh, it felt wrong, but seeing him do it was just electrifying! She never would have guessed he would ever want to! She begged him to continue, whispering the words, no longer caring about the apprehension in her mind. Her trainer's tongue felt so wonderful, so exhilarating, so-


The sheer arousal she was experiencing caused Maya to wake up. The girafarig stirred, and opened her eyes wide immediately: the licking between her legs was no dream.


"Oh no, not again..." the girafarig thought to herself.


The room was dark except for the ambient glow of the moonlight peaking through the window. Maya lay at the foot of his bed, on a large sleeping pillow meant for pokemon her size. The only sound in the room was the quiet, steady, wet licking noise between her legs. Ben was on his bed, silently breathing in his sleep. Of course, he was there... her trainer would not be doing such a thing to her in waking life. That left only one other possibility.


Girafarig tails were the trademark of their species. Maya's lesser half was a skinny dark brown tail with a large, bulbous end. That end was actually a spherical head, complete with a pair of eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth, as well as a completely separate brain that never slept. She looked back to her haunches, seeing her tail doubled over and bent down between her legs. It was lapping at her needy folds at a steady pace.


Girafarig tails were not smart to think on its own: they acted mostly on instinct. And right now, being in heat, her instinct was to mate. Or at least.... to satisfy the desire to mate.


Maya whined softly from the tongue lapping between her legs. She was so embarrassed over the situation. She was embarrassed of the lewdness of her lesser half. Embarrassed at not being in control over her heat. And she feared what her trainer might think if he should awake. He was merely a few feet away on his bed, sound asleep. Ben was gracious enough to let her sleep in the room with him, but right now her pokeball seemed like a better option.


If only she knew where it was...


"Stop!" she whispered to her tail. There was no reaction. She pleaded with it in vain. Concentrating hard, Maya then tried willing it to stop, waging a mental war for control over her second mouth. But her tail resisted, being solely focused on bringing her body sweet relief. And as embarrassed as she was, Maya was too conflicted herself to force it: the girafarig was in heat.... and her body wanted this bad whether she would care to admit it or not.


Its tongue lapped with a steady rhythm across her aroused lips. Her arousal was growing stronger. She was already sensitive, already easy to set off. And it didn't help that her tail was going lower, beginning to lick straight at her sensitive clitoris. She flinched at the first lick and gasped.


"Stoo-ooop!" She softly whined. Talking to her tail was a bad habit of Maya's she picked up years ago. Even as she felt silly doing it, the act comforted her. Ben had assured her it was a somewhat common habit among girafarigs.


The thought of having a climax in the room with her trainer sleeping horrified her. He would be woken up by her moans! She would be caught pleasuring herself right at the foot of his bed! Grunting, she stood up shakily and nudged the door to his bedroom open. Once free, the girafarig galloped out into the living room. There she bucked and kicked, trying to dislodge her tail. An errant hoof carelessly knocked over a chair in the darkness, sending a stack of papers flying in the air.


"Just stop, please! Please!"


Maya turned in a circle, panting half out of arousal, and suddenly her legs buckled. She could feel her orgasm approaching. She couldn't fight it. Bending forward in the middle of the living room, wrapped in the quiet darkness, she shot her legs out, and let out a loud moan of sweet relief as pleasure wracked her body. Her tail's tongue did her justice, steadily applying its tongue to her nub with a delicious rhythm. She gyrated her hips into her tail, so focused on the pleasure that she never wanted it to stop. And as her insides tightened up in bliss, she had one last vision of her dream.




Maya panted loudly as she came off her orgasm, feeling immensely embarrassed and ashamed at her naughty thoughts. The tail continued to lick though her afterglow, leaving Maya to brood about her situation. In frustration, she growled and shook her butt in the air violently.


"Get off me!"


With one last buck, the tail relented, its muscles getting too tired to hold its head in place any longer. With a triumphant cry, Maya quickly used the moment of weakness to will her tail to bend up over her back. She then backed up and planted her rear firmly against the wall, protecting herself from any future stimulation.


"There! Can't get to me now, can you?" she taunted it.


Suddenly, the lights flicked on, and Maya sucked in a high-pitched gasp. Ben!







Groggily, Ben yawned, immediately covering his eyes while they adjusted to the bright hallway lights.


"What the hell is Maya doing up at this hour?"


The trainer shuffled into the living room, unsure of what was going on. But when he passed the threshold of the hallway, he stopped dead in his tracks.


A chair had been turned over. A pile of newspapers had been scattered across the floor and trampled on. And his girafarig was standing with her butt pressed firmly against the wall, staring at him with a look of morbid fear and surprise. Her tail was alert and staring straight at him too, with a maniacal grin on its face. Its lips were smeared with something wet and shiny.


"Maya, what the heck is going on, girl?"


The pokemon turned her head away, looking embarrassed. The tail continued to stare. Ben disliked that tail of hers.... that creepy stare it gave Ben was a habit that unnerved the trainer greatly.


"Maya?" Ben raised his voice tauntingly, only half-serious about his sternness. " Come on... Why are you up against the wall like that?" He walked up to the pokemon and pulled her towards him, but she let out a quiet squeak and dug her hoofs into the carpeting, refusing to budge.


Ben let out an audible sigh. "Fine...." He stared at her a moment, trying to gauge the situation. She was up against the wall, but he couldn't possibly imagine why.


"Maya, seriously, what's going on? Show me." he looked up at her and pointed to his head, thinking it was worth a shot. Maya whimpered and ducked her head down, looking positively guilty over something and flat-out refusing to even try. Ben shook his head in frustration.... she was being stubborn.


Deciding to give up for now, Ben bent down to gather up the newspapers strewn across the carpeting. He and Maya had been struggling with communication since he had first caught her. Many well-trained psychic pokemon often developed mental links with their trainers, allowing for shared visions and even silent conversation. But Maya did not seem to be one of those pokemon. She was always quiet and never used telepathy much, preferring to interact as most other pokemon would, with gestures, cries, and expressions. Ben never even got so much as a whiff of her thoughts.


"Maya, I-ah, gross." Ben paused as he felt something slimy on his fingers, and immediately recoiled. He looked down at his hands. One of the newspapers had a few droplets of liquid on it. He ran the fluid between his fingers, seeing that it was rather slick. Ben then decided to take a whiff of the scent, and immediately reared back in surprise from the smell. He glanced back up at his pokemon with a strange look on his face. Maya winced, looking like a kid who was caught with a hand in the cookie jar.


Ben's expression softened as he tried to console his pokemon. "Maya, this is perfectly normal for pokemon during-"


But he stopped in mid sentence as he saw his pokemon turn her face away, looking defiant.


"You don't want to talk about this, do you?"


The girafarig shook her head adamantly.


Getting up with a grunt, Ben stretched his arms behind his back. "Fine. I'll just get back to bed. Feel free to join me when you're done doing...." his face contorted slightly "...whatever it is you're doing out here."


After putting the scattered newspapers in a messy pile back on the chair, he flipped the lights off and shuffled back to his room.


"She's always doing this weird stuff" Ben thought to himself as he wearily climbed back into bed. "Its like she freaks out every time she gets in heat. Why can't I just have a normal pokemon? Or at least one who doesn't make such a fuss out of this little desire to go out and breed.... Gah."


Ben let out a frustrated sigh as he tried to get comfortable and fall back asleep. He felt genuine concern for his pokemon, knowing she was stressed out. But she was also too stubborn to talk about her problems, which annoyed him. Maya was his first and only pokemon... and there were a lot of firsts and new experiences that they have shared over the past two years or so that he had owned her. Never would he have imagined to own a creature bold enough to stay up late and pleasure herself while he slept!


... Or maybe it wasn't boldness. Ben knew that didn't fit. If there was one word to describe what Maya was, one of the last words he would ever think of using would be "bold". There was one obvious thing about Maya's personality, it was that she was timid and meek to a fault. Ben furrowed his brow as he thought.


"Maybe she just can't help herself... but then why is she making such a huge fuss over it? I mean... it's just like, her hormones and stuff... it's natural."


Ben thought a bit more about the situation before spontaneously breaking out in a tension-breaking chuckle."Man, its weird to think about pokemon like this... I wonder if pokemon can fantasize... What would she be thinking about? Other girafarigs? One big girafarig threesome? Maybe something a bit more exotic, like other pokemon?"


"... me?"


Ben smirked at the the thought of his pokemon having erotic thoughts about him, but only because he didn't take the thought seriously. He had no reason to, in his mind. Hoping he could have better luck communicating in the morning, Ben closed his eyes and relaxed. It didn't take that long for him to drift back to sleep.






Maya sighed in frustration. The dream.... she had the dream again. The dream about her own trainer. This time he was licking her... eating her out. That was new. It had felt so exhilirating... She got these dreams every time she was in heat, fueled by her own desire and that incessant tail of hers.


Maya turned to her tail, glaring at it angrily. "Please... please control yourself? You've gotten me into trouble again...." The tail stared back at her, its eyes unblinking.... its grin steadfast. "Please, please leave me alone," she begged. "You're putting me in such a difficult spot. Ben would never want to-" Maya paused, her eyes dropping to the floor. "... mate outside his own kind."


The weary girafarig looked around the dark family room, sparsely lit by the ambient moonlit glow from the windows.


This is all so ridiculous... You just want him because he's the only male you know! But he's a human, and that's... its not right!" She sighed. "I...I I want to get back to bed, okay? We're gonna sleep out here for now. No more licking nonsense.... please."


"...Please," she pleaded. Her tail stared back at her, silent as always.


Ben was a kind trainer to her, and she loved that he let her sleep in a pillow bed instead of inside of her pokeball at night. She liked being with him, listening to him sleep... the sound of his breathing comforted her. But that luxury was lost out of fear of a repeat session with her tail, and the possibility of getting caught by her trainer horrified the pokemon. She didn't want to think about what her trainer would think to see her so far gone to lose control of her ability to restrain her desires.


"Its not the sort of thing a well-behaved pokemon would do," she told herself.


Gingerly removing her rear from the wall, Maya blinked in the near darkness, noticing with a twinge of embarrassment that she had left a smear of her own fluids. She paused a second, before deciding to simply lean in and lap up the evidence. She did so without any disgust... the mild flavor was familiar and comfortable to her.


Walking over to the sofa next to the window, Maya hopped up on it and nestled herself next to the arm rest, giving her tail the luxury to look outside as she slept. She hoped that it would give it something else to think about other than her own body for the rest of the night....









"All right, who wants waffles?"


Ben watched with a grin as Maya's eyes immediately opened, looking suddenly alert. It was morning. The bright day glow shown through the window she had fallen asleep next to, and her tail was contently looking outside. The girafarig blinked in the bright sunlight bathing her head and neck. She raised her head excitedly, letting out a hopeful cry of surprise. Maya unconsciously licked her lips at the mention of her favorite food and stared at her trainer with excitement, not moving a muscle.


"Waffles?" Ben asked, confirming the offer.


Maya bayed another excited cry, which Ben knew meant a "yes". He smirked.... Ben didn't need to hear her twice.


"Come get 'em, then!"


The girafarig immediately got up and bounded toward him, looking like she had not been fed in a year.


"'Morning, Maya." Ben grinned. Simply beaming, she looked back up at him and nuzzled his chest. Ben smiled and gave his girafarig a brisk head rub. Working the muscles underneath her skin, he ran his hands down the short fur on neck and moved to her side, giving his pokemon a brisk massage on the flanks. She leaned back into him as Ben continued his short rub down, thoroughly enjoying the treatment. He then walked behind the pokemon to massage her rump area.


"Geeze, you're tail's happy to see me, too..." The trainer let out a nervous laugh.


His girafarig looked back to see her tail nuzzling Ben's crotch. She let out a quiet, embarrassed meep and immediately pulled away. Feeling the pull, her tail stubbornly latched on to Ben's shirt. Ben only chuckled from seeing his pokemon get upset, knowing it was from something so trivial. He gently put his hands around her tail's mouth and pried it open, removing the fabric from its jaws. Maya's tail didn't seem to like it... It resisted at first, only to suddenly let go and nip his hand in protest once Ben pulled harder.


"Ow!" Ben pulled his hand back and shook it, wincing in pain.


Maya pulled her rear from Ben's proximity, lowering her head and looking very upset. She cowered from him, not out of fear of punishment, but out of shame.


Ben laughed. "Oh, stop it, Maya... its just a little bite. It didn't even draw blood this time." He spoke softly... gently, in order to calm his girafarig down. "I'm used to it by now. No big deal." The trainer gave his girafarig a little rub on the forehead to encourage her. His words had their effect on the timid pokemon, and slowly she began to let herself smile once more.


"Good... Now, come on, let's eat. You want peanutbutter on yours, right?"


His girafarig excitedly replied in what Ben knew was a very enthusiastic "yes". Ben grinned. The trainer knew his pokemon loved waffles possibly more than life its self, and as favorite foods went, peanutbutter was not far behind. Everything had already set out to give a special treat for his pokemon. After seeing her so upset last night, he wanted to get her in a good mood.Seeing her so excited was more than worth it.


Maya bounded into the kitchen, looking delighted to see the small table for two had already been set. There was only one chair pulled out: Ben was the only one who needed it. The girafarig positioned herself in front of her plate, eager and waiting. She watched with wide eyes as Ben removed a pair of waffles from the waffle iron and placed one on each plate. He then opened the jar of peanutbutter and slathered a copious amount on top of her waffle for her, and topped the thing off with a bit of whipped cream. Maya let out a small cry of happiness and she immediately bent forward to take a big bite right off her plate.


"Ah, ah!" Ben reprimanded.


His pokemon looked up with a wide-eyed expression of surprise. A bit of whipped cream was already smeared on her pink nose. Smiling at her cuteness, Ben lifted his fork for her to see.


"Manners, my little girafarig."


Pouting for a second, Maya then complied with a show of sincere apology. Ben watched with a amused grin as his pokemon focused on her psychic power. Her eyes began to glow for a moment as a fork and knife daintily floated through the air, positioning themselves above her waffle and began to cut. When Maya was done, her fork plunged into a chunk of peantbutter-and-whipped-cream covered waffle and floated to her mouth. She took a petite little nibble at first, but then could not stop herself from pulling the entire chunk off her fork with one bite, chewing happily.


Ben enjoyed watching his pokemon eat. It was always an odd and whimsical thing to watch, seeing forks, food, and cups float through the air like on parade. As she ate, her tail copied her actions, moving its mouth up and down in time with Maya's chews and swallows. Ben always thought it was a rather creepy habit.


"Everything taste good, Maya?" Ben asked as he took a sip of orange juice.


The girafarig nodded happily as she continued to stuff her face as prim and prudent as possible. She still had a smear of whipped cream on her nose. The pokemon did not seem to notice.


"Good. Are you feeling better compared to last night?"


Maya paused in mid-chew and stared at him.


"I'm asking because I just wanted to talk about things a bit." Ben paused, taking another bite of his own waffle. He had tried saying the words as casual as possible, knowing this was going to be an awkward conversation. Discussing his pokemon's sexuality was not the most comfortable topic he could think of.


Maya put her fork down and turned away slightly, too embarrassed to reply.






"So this is what he was up to," she thought. "Trying to butter me up with waffles." She knew there was no way out of the conversation. Maya just had to pout and put up with it.


"Maya," Ben began. "I just want to say that you need to stop being so ashamed over yourself. Every female pokemon goes through heat. Even humans go through heat every month, in a way. You've gone through heat many times before, and I don't understand why you always try to hide it from me. It's no big deal, to be honest. And I just want to help, if you would let me."


Maya breathed in a sudden breath as she felt a tingle between her hind legs at his words. "He wants to help me? That.... that can't mean what I think it could mean... can it?"


Ben continued, either not noticing or not paying attention to her reaction. "I mean, I know it's gotta be tough because you're my only pokemon and we don't battle too often. You don't have any other pokemon to talk to, or play with, or.... well, you know. Heck, I'm pretty much the only guy you ever see!" He chuckled to himself. "So I had an idea this morning..."


Maya was frozen in place, her expression full of tension from a mixture of apprehension and excitement. Her heart was racing in her chest. Her cheeks immediately flushed under her short fur. "Oh, oh, oh gosh... oh goodness... does he know? How could he know? But it sounds like he knows! I've never told him about my dreams... I never told him anything! How could he possibly know about all my dreams and fantasies about him? Maybe I psychically project my dreams when I sleep? It's possible... Oh gosh, is this really happening? Could it be? Is he going to come on to me right here? Invite me into his bed? Oh gosh....could it be true that-"


So I was thinking about dropping you off at a daycare for a couple days so you could, err... let off some steam with the other pokemon there." Ben turned his hands out wide. "What do you think?"


Maya nearly choked on her own breath. She shrinked back and dropped her shoulders in embarrassment.


Ben wrinkled his brow in confusion. "What? You don't like the plan?"


Wincing, she shook her head left and right, trying to shoo away the naughty mental images of her trainer in her mind. She then tried put on a show of happiness for her trainer. There was nothing wrong with the plan. It was not what she expected at all... but yes, there was nothing wrong with the plan.








Ben broadened his smile as he watched his girafarig get visibly excited over the idea of pokemon daycare. "Great! Well, we need to clean up our dishes, and then we'll start our hike when you're ready! It's gonna take at least a day to get there on foot. I already packed this morning... everything we need for the trip, including our camping stuff for when we settle down for the night.


Maya looked like she was unsure about the idea, and muttered some unintelligible sounds to her trainer.


Ben took the last bite of his waffle and leaned far back in his chair to stretch, pretty sure he knew what she meant. "Don't worry, you're not being a bother to me. I'm going to spend the day at the department store over in Goldenrod... I was planning on going anyway. At first I thought about taking you with me, but I think you'd be happier at the day care instead of in your pokeball all day."


Maya apprehensively took a nibble from her last chunk of waffle. She seemed agitated over... something. Ben didn't know what it was. He frowned, becoming upset at her unease.


"Listen, Maya... Do me a favor and don't make such a big fuss over your heat, okay? It's no big deal, girl... I wanna see you happy, not upset." He leaned over the table and cupped her jaw in his hand to rub his pokemon's check with his thumb. She sheepishly looked up at him and gave a shy lick on his wrist. He took that as an "Okay, Ben". Smiling, the trainer then gave her a pat on the cheek. "Good. Well, we have to clean up. Can you start the dishes for me?"


Maya bayed an affirmative response. Ben watched as his pokemon focused her psychic power. Dishes and silverware began to rise, and Maya carefully floated them over toward the sink.


"Ah, hold on!" Ben leaned out of his chair to grab his glass before it floated out of reach. "I wasn't done with that." he said, taking his last sips of juice.


The trainer then got up and proceeded to scrub off the waffle iron as his pokemon quickly came up beside him to take care of the dishes in the sink. Ben smiled as he watched her move the dishes, soap, and brush through the air with her mind. He loved having her around the apartment... it was so convenient.


Ben noticed a couple of waffle crumbs on the ground behind Maya, and walked over to bend down and pick them up.


"Man, you gotta love psychic pokemon. For one, it leads to a lot of easy chores around his apartment... it's like having a maid around: an invisible maid that could clean, dust, and-"


And all of the sudden, he felt like a bear trap latched on to his ass.




He immediately put a hand to his rear and jerked his body around, seeing Maya's tooth-filled tail firmly latched on to his right butt cheek.


"Maya!" He screamed. "My ass!"


The girafarig suddenly turned to her trainer with a look of horror, loosing her focus and letting a plate and soapy brush drop with a clank. Ben's first reaction was to jerk away, and he did, pulling his frightened girafarig behind him. She shrieked in surprise and tried to pull back.


"Maya!" Ben frantically tried to pull the tail off his bum. He was in a lot of pain, and breathed in sharply through his teeth. "Tell it to let go or something, damnit!"


The pokemon only panicked. She tried to scamper away, and her hooves skidded in place along the linoleum floor in a flurry of moving legs. Her movement pulled Ben backwards, and he nearly fell over, then decided to jerk forward a few feet, pulling his poor girafarig behind him like a stubborn little five-year-old going to the doctor.


"Let go, let go, let go!"


Ben tried prying off the toothy mouth imbedded into his rear, but it only bit down harder. The pain was intense.


"Oh god, oh god..."


Ben lost it, and began pulling Maya around the kitchen in a panic. She stuck her hooves out to stop but only succeeded in sliding around even more. Ben turned a corner and whipped her around like a furry, long-necked tetherball. As they passed the table, Maya yelped as she slammed into one of the chairs and became wedged under the seat. Her tail winced and let go from the force of the hit. Now that he was free, Ben fell forward from his own momentum, smacking his head against the sink cabinet with a hollow "Thunk!" before falling to the floor.


There was an awkward silence that followed as both human and pokemon lay in shock.


Panting, Ben slowly rolled onto his back and looked up at the ceiling above him. He felt his heart beating in his throat and his butt cheek felt like a slightly used chew toy, complete with all the slobber. He massaged his sore cheek and found that the teeth did not break through his thick jeans, much to his relief. He took a few minutes to catch his breath.


"I... I hate your tail, sometimes.... I really do."


Maya struggled to untangle her long neck and limbs from the chair legs, whimpering as she tried to back up. Her efforts only brought the chair sliding with her.


Groaning, Ben favored his nibbled rear as he got up to help his pokemon out of the mess of chair legs. Her horns were caught against the leg bracers, and he gently removed them, allowing his pokemon to stand up and shake off the experience.


"Are you okay?"


Maya weakly nodded, appearing just as shaken up as Ben, if not more.


"I, uh.... made the mistake of bending over right behind you." He massaged his butt once more, feeling the wetness from her tail's saliva. "I got to go change jeans now."








As Ben walked down the hallway, Maya caught herself looking at his butt... and it wasn't because she was concerned about his injury. She shook the naughty thoughts out of her head.


Turning away, she then found to her horror that her tail was also staring at Ben's butt. Seething, she angrily bucked and removed her rear out of view of her trainer. Maya waited until he closed the door to his room to say anything.


"You!" She raised her voice at her tail, sounding incredulous." Why? You know who Ben is... you don't need to bite him! He's our trainer!"


The tail stared back at her silently.


"What's gotten into you? I don't get it... And don't act like I don't know what you're doing, too!" she rebuked her lesser half indignantly. "I know you smell that he's a male.... but that doesn't mean he's our mate, okay? You're not allowed to stare at his butt! You're not allowed to nuzzle his crotch, either! And you can't think about him like he's some..."


And suddenly, Maya trailed off, realizing that she wasn't yelling at another pokemon... It was her own tail. A tail that couldn't even talk back. Being mad at her tail meant being mad at herself, and Maya ducked her head in shameful resignation when she realized it.


It wasn't her tail's fault that she bit Ben. It was she who had inconspicuously backed up into him, hoping to just nudge his butt "accidentally" with her own. She wanted to out of some silly, naughty desire, she had to admit... and it was such a latent thought she had not even considered the reasoning or the logic behind it. This is why she hated being in heat. It made her do brash and silly things. She wanted to be mad at her tail, but she couldn't do so without being mad at herself as well.


Maya whimpered softly to herself, deep in thought. She was worried about jeopardizing her relationship with her trainer just because he was the closest thing she had to a receptive male. What if he was repulsed? Would he give her away? Leave her in a box? Release her?


The girafarig was so busy brooding over her thoughts that she barely noticed as Ben came out of his room, palming her pokeball in his hand.


"Okay, Maya... I guess now is as good as time as any."


And with that, he activated the recall mechanism on her ball, and suddenly, she was bathed in a warm light....







Maya had no idea how long she was in her ball, but she had fallen asleep inside of it long ago and woke up in an unfamiliar forest. It was dark, but the faint slivers of morning light were poking through the trees. There was a fire pit in front of her, with the embers barely smoldering. To her right, was Ben's trail-rated back pack, leaning against a tree. She reasoned that Ben must have trekked all day and set camp in the woods to rest, and Ben must have let her out of her ball while she had still been sleeping. Maya smiled, thinking it was very thoughtful of him to not wake her, and still give her the pleasure of waking up outside. She loved that about her trainer... he was always very thoughtful.


Speaking of Ben...


She turned and looked, seeing her trainer right next to her on the ground. He was lying on a foam sleeping pad, wrapped up in a light blanket, despite the temperature being very reasonable at this hour. He had taken his shirt off and had wrapped it over his eyes so that the light of the fire would not bother him during the night. He looked perfectly peaceful on his back, no doubt incredibly tired from all the traveling he had done while she was in her ball.


That was not what caused her to jump up and nearly shriek when she saw him.


No, what caused her to jump up and nearly shriek was that her tail, already close to his body, had wormed its way under the blanket and was nuzzling and licking the space between his legs.


She flailed about, nearly dragging the blanket off of Ben when she did. Her heart jumped in her chest. Her tail! It had touched him! It did more than that, even! She cursed her lesser half for its single-mindedness. All it wanted to do was to fulfill it's desire to mate. But to Maya, all it did was cause trouble. Her heart was racing. She felt panicked. The space between her legs ached, fueled by the licentious actions her tail had been partaking. She stared at her trainer in the morning twilight, amazed that he was still asleep.


And suddenly she noticed.... Ben had an erection underneath that blanket. It was clearly outlined underneath the fabric. Immediately, her cheeks flushed and she felt a tingle between her legs. He was aroused! Maya couldn't look away. Slowly, she laid back down next to her trainer with her eyes glued to the place between his legs.


There was no way she could get back to sleep now. Not with that thing a mere foot from her face.


Maya took in a deep, shaky breath as she looked closley at the lump between her trainer's legs. It was there.... and she had touched it. Well, her tail had touched it, at any rate. Yet, Ben appeared to still be asleep. Any pretense of fear and embarrassment was slowly being overwhelmed by the sheer pull of curiosity and arousal. She touched it and he was still sleeping! She had never been so close to him while he was aroused before. There mere sight of her trainer's raised member underneath the blanket was hypnotic for Maya. She could not look away. Against her better judgment, she scooted closer to get a better look. She couldn't control herself... she couldn't stop even if she wanted. It was only covered by a light blanket, and Ben was sound asleep.


A flurry of thoughts rushed through her mind. "Could she? No! Never! He was her trainer! But it wouldn't hurt, would it? It would be so wrong! But he wouldn't know! After all, he was asleep....Yes, he was still asleep. He slept through my tail, so he definitely wouldn't wake from THAT. He wouldn't know..."


"Surely, I could get away with sneaking a peek."


The thought caused her heart to race in excitement. Sneek a peek at her trainer's maleness while he slept? The idea felt so wrong, so forbidden! She would never admit it to herself, but she wanted to do it anyway. The idea of getting away with it was thrilling! Her head was swimming with arousal, making it hard to think.


And before she knew it, her mind had been made up. Lightly, she took a nip of blanket, and gently pulled, carefully watching her trainer for signs of movement. Nothing. Maya steadily pulled the blanket down to his knees, seeing Ben's shirtless chest revealed, then his flat belly, and then a pair of simple flannel boxers, and nothing else. She saw the perfect outline of his erection wedged between his belly and the fabric. The very tip of his cock was poking out under the elastic an inch or so under his belly button, and a wet spot from her tail's licks were outlining the top half of his bulge. She could see it already!


She couldn't believe what she was doing. He was asleep! It was so wrong... yet so exhilarating at the same time! Could she get away with more? Part of her mind desperately wanted to quit, screaming to herself that Ben could wake at any moment. But curiosity and arousal encouraged her. Very cautiously, Maya bent forward to examine at the front of his boxers. She frowned, being too afraid to touch them.


" No way" she thought. "I've gone too far already! This is so wrong! I wouldn't dare try to move them: Ben could wake from my touch!"


"... But..."


Focusing her eyes and concentrating, Maya her psychic powers to pull the front of them them down a few inches, making sure to watch Ben's face as she did so. She reasoned it was the perfect plan... he wouldn't be able to feel a thing if she never directly touched him. It seemed easy enough.


Maya nearly gasped as she saw his cock appear. There it was.... It was peeking out of his lowering boxers. She watched more and more appear with wide-open eyes until about four inches of his cock were poking out from under his boxers. Ben appeared to not even move a muscle. She marveled at the oddly shaped tip of it, never imagining human mating equipment would have a mushroom-shaped head. The faint outlines of veins looked simply exotic to her as well. The mere sight of that firm erection, free in the open air caused Maya to arch her back and clench her thighs in pure reflex, tensing up and imagining what it would be like to have that shaft inside of her pounding away. Her head was swimming in arousal. Seeing his erection for the first time.... it made her want more. She couldn't believe she was getting away with this!


She wished she could deny the fact, and that she could put herself above such feelings, but Maya wanted to touch it. She knew that sounded dirty, and preferred not to think about herself having such thoughts. But she wanted to touch it, smell it, feel it, and maybe even lick it! She was transfixed. Touching seemed out of the question... She was too afraid that Ben would wake. But...


She reasoned that he certainly wouldn't be awoken by a little sniff. Just a tiny, innocent whiff, to see what it smells like... what his musk was like. Her nose was already sensitive to catch whiffs of smells no human could detect, and if she could already smell hints of it, why not get one good sniff straight from the source? Just one sniff... that's all.


Ben's soft breathing could be heard clearly in the morning twilight. He was definitely still asleep. Leaning in to his body, Maya could feel her heart race as her head got near her trainer's erection. She got as close as she could, inching forward slowly until the tip of his cock was only millimeters away from her quivering nose, exhaling softly on his skin. Suddenly, Maya held her breath, pausing to reflect with disbelief at what she was doing. She was about to smell her trainer's manhood... She couldn't believe it! Steeling herself, she took in a slow, deep breath.


Instantly, the thick, spicy scent of male arousal filled her nostrils, sending signals to her brain and causing it to respond with a jump of adrenaline and pleasure. It was wonderful. Maya wriggled her hips in anticipation. She was wired to be enticed by it... her female body was built to respond. And although she had satisfied her curiosity, it only made her want more.


Before she even knew what happened, Maya found herself closing her eyes, opening her mouth, and leaning in.


" Just one tiny little lick..." she thought.


Maya extended her tongue and touched his cock with it, stifling a small moan as she did so. She felt the soft flesh of his shaft draw across her taste buds, getting a hint of his skin's flavor. Maya quickly reared her head back and blinked in disbelief. She had just licked her trainer's cock while he was sleeping! The girafarig swallowed thickly, so shocked at what she had just done that she was at a loss for words.


But she wanted more.


Looking up at Ben to make sure he was still asleep, she then extended her tongue again, taking in a sharp breath as her thick, black tongue drew across his shaft once more. Completely transfixed, Maya lapped slowly along the head, feeling the spongy tip and tasting the slight tang of his natural flavor. A shiver went down her spine as she swallowed. She was doing it! Licking her trainer's cock! Ben! While he was asleep, of all times! She felt so exhilarated to be getting away with it! Never in her wildest dreams.... okay, maybe in her wildest dreams.... okay, definitely in her wildest dreams would she imagine doing this... But still, she never would have thought that it would actually happen!


Maya whined softly from arousal, clenching her vaginal muscles tight just from being able to lick and feel a male's organ for the first time. She fantasized about this cock she was licking being inserted deep inside her, pressing in against her walls and sending waves of pleasure course throughout her body. Once more, she curled her tongue around the head of her trainer's cock, delighted in tracing out the ridge of his sensitive head.


And then she heard Ben let out a quiet moan.


In an instant, Maya shrieked and recoiled. Fear struck straight into her heart. The girafarig backed up so quickly that she tripped over a log. Her body went tumbling backwards, with all four hooves flying over her head. She quickly flailed her limbs to right herself, and jumped behind the nearest tree, which happened to be way too small to hide her body.


Ben slowly sat up with a groan. He removed the rolled-up shirt covering his eyes and rubbed them. "Mmm... Maya? Why did you-" He blinked, looking up at her, surprised to see her shaking and cowering behind a tiny little tree.


Slowly his eyes widened as his brain processed the information. "Maya..."


Ben saw his pokemon whimper and lower her head down, hunching her shoulders. And before he could say anything else, she turned around and began to run.


She didn't know where she was going, only that she needed to be far away.


She heard her trainer call out behind her. "Hey! Maya, wait!"


She was dashing between the trees, looking for a place to hide when suddenly, a red beam caught her flanks. Her skin tingled with energy as the warm light engulfed her body. Maya let out a surprised cry. In an instant, she felt her body responded to the pokeball's recall mechanism. She tried to run further, but she felt like was being instantly yanked backwards by an unseen hand. And suddenly, her senses faded as her body was sucked into her ball....








With a rush of light, her senses returned to her as firm ground appeared at her feet once more. Ben had let her out of the pokeball. She blinked. It couldn't have been more than ten minutes that she had been inside. She hung her head and shoulders low upon seeing her trainer, knowing it was pointless to try and run again. She was defeated. Caught in the act of a lewd and selfish stunt.


But Ben did not look upset. He was actually smiling, beyond all her logic.


"Maya... I just want to say one thing..." It was Ben's turn to act sheepish. He bit his lower lip to hide his smile. "I have a confession. You woke me a few minutes before I moved, actually... I was kinda lying there half-asleep for a while, caught up in a wild dream, until I realized part of it wasn't really a dream at all...."


It was her tail! Her tail had started things, yes! She wanted to blame it on her tail. Maya shook her head adamantly and gestured to her lesser half with impunity.


Ben gave a nervous laugh. "Yea... I know. I was glad you pulled it away and switched. I wasn't very comfortable at first, but was too groggy to protest."


The girafarig winced at his voice and whimpered softly out of embarrassment. That's not what she was trying to tell him!


"Man.... up until just now, I had no idea you would ever think doing things like that with me." He ran a hand through his hair and scratched his head.


Maya stared at the ground with an expression of pure guilt and shame. "Of course he wouldn't," she thought. "He wouldn't know that I've had all sorts of horrible thoughts about him before..."


Ben grinned. "My only question is... why did you stop?"


She blinked in disbelief. "What?"


"I'm serious, Maya. It felt amazing, what you were doing. " he let out a sharp exhale. "I thought about stuff between us for a while while you were in the ball, you know. And I realized that it's not too odd if you wanna... err, do stuff, considering you've been at my side for a couple years now. My only gripe is that you could have asked, first!" He laughed.


Maya's eyes got the size of dinner plates. All this time, he would have been okay with it, if she had just asked! She felt foolish. But she also felt exhilarated! She was not going to get punished, or disowned, or released, or given up to a day care for getting caught... He just wanted her to continue! She stared at him, trying to hold in her emotions and simply give a polite nod...


...But she couldn't take it. Her nodding got more and more energetic until Maya let out a cry of happiness and pranced about in sheer excitement. She went in to nuzzle Ben's face giddily and licked his cheek, and she heard him laugh. But then she paused and slowly pulled away. Ben was still lying down on his sleeping bag, covered by only his boxers, and barely so. He was grinning.


"Well?" Ben asked.


Ben, her trainer wanted her to continue! All those fantasies she had.... the dreams and nights spent watching her own tail pleasure her while she thought of her trainer.... she would need to imagine things no more.


Maya leaned close to him, her face full of giddiness, not even knowing where to begin...


So she did the first thing she thought a human would like: She quickly bent down and kissed him on the lips. Ben gasped at the suddenness and he felt his girafarig draw him in. Though initially quite surprised, she felt her trainer almost immediately start returning the kiss. Maya kissed him deeply, murmuring quiet moans as she tasted his lips and saliva, drawing her mouth around his own. The pure sensuality of the act, as well as the excitement of doing something so distinctly human excited her. She would never tell Ben, but she had thought about what it was like to perform a kiss like humans do many times before. Never in a million years did she think she'd get to try it with anyone, let alone with a human, and her own trainer at that!


Her desire fueled her every move. Maya's kissing became more frantic and less refined as her arousal and excitement grew. Her head was in the clouds. In no time at all, Maya began licking and nibbling her trainer's cheeks and chin, biting playfully and speeding up as she found his neck. Ben seemed to be at a loss for words as his pokemon licked and mouthed at his skin at a nearly delirious pace. He softly gasped at her touch, and Maya felt his breathing quicken. Her own pace was quite fast, as Maya panting hard from her own excitement. She was enthralled to explore his body in such an intimate way. He was no girafarig, or even a rapidash, but that's what made things all the more exciting for her. He was her trainer, and she loved that.


Lower, and lower she went as her lips and tongue explored his body, pressing her lips against his pecs and even taking his nipple in her mouth and suckling firmly. She didn't even know why she did it! Ben jumped at the sensation, and then laughed quietly as he pat her head.


"Usually it's the guy who does that to the girl."


Blushing slightly, Maya released his nipple from her mouth and continued onward, planting a series of kisses and nibbles along his stomach. It wasn't long before she reached below his belly button, and at that point, she stopped and paused, looking up, first at his boxers, and than at him, for reassurance.


Smiling warmly, Ben arched his back and reached forward, sliding his boxers to his ankles. His erection sprung forth, just as hard as ever. It was a beautiful sight for her. Maya breathed out a long and slow breath as she gazed upon it in full, taking in every curvature, every vein. She saw the base of his cock now, as well as his sensitive testicles below. She couldn't believe what she was thinking about doing.


"Go on, Maya..." Ben spoke, his voice nearly a whisper. The encouragement was all she needed.


"This is it.... this is really it. I have a mate, and I am allowed to explore his body any way I wish..." Maya felt giddy from the thought.


Feeling herself begin to let go of her reservations, the girafarig let herself smile a bit and continued where she left off earlier: she darted in and licked the head of his shaft once more. Ben gasped softly from the sensation. Maya paused only a second before leaning closer and lapping along the shaft in earnest. She took her long, black tongue and licked straight up every inch of skin on the underside, curling around once she found the head, and then wrapped around the shaft twice easily, showing off her impressive tongue length. She then constricted the cock in her grip, mesmerized by the girth and firmness. She couldn't help but imagine how it would feel inside of her... Ben seemed to love the attention, and she sheepishly smiled back at him as her long tongue explored every inch of skin she could find.


She could smell his scent even stronger now... the smell of a human male's musk. It was spicy and thick on her nostrils. His skin was slightly tangy and salty on her tongue. She loved it all. Maya moaned softly as she bathed her trainer's cock in loud, audible licks, even dipping down to gently give his sack some attention too, marveling at the looseness of the skin down there and intrigued by the sensitive orbs inside. She made extra effort to be careful, having heard long ago that the area was quite delicate for males. Slowly moving upward with long licks, she eventually returned to the tip of his shaft, showering it in attention. A tiny bit of pre had leaked out, and she quickly found it, lapping it up eagerly. It tasted wonderful to her, and the added thrill that she was arousing him... coaxing these fluids out for him made it even better. The intimacy of it all, the thrill of exploring another's body, the knowledge of what was to come...


She could not remember being this excited in a while.


"Maya..." Ben gasped. The girafarig looked up and was pleased to see he was smiling broadly with an open mouth. "Are you gonna give me a blowjob?"


She was not familiar with term at all, and her confused expression was not lost on Ben.


Her trainer chuckled. "Its when you.... well, you put it in your mouth and you suck and bob your head and... yeah." He smiled and shrugged, not quite knowing what else to say.


Maya opened her eyes wide and then looked back at the erection that was now covered in her saliva. Mating with her mouth...the idea sounded a bit strange, but also kind of thrilling. Would she like it? She saw it in his eyes that Ben was excited about the idea, and that was more than enough for her.


"You don't have to." Ben offered.


But Maya had already decided. She licked her lips to wet them, and again grew close to his shaft. Seeing her decision, Ben only drew back a large grin and opened his legs wide for her. The girafarig opened her mouth and exhaled, washing it in her warm breath for a few seconds as she worked up the courage to continue. Then, without warning, she leaned in and took the first two inches of her trainer's cock in her mouth.


Ben groaned from the sudden stimulation as Maya began to suckle in a slow, rhythmic motion, drawing more into her mouth and gently lapping at the head inside. He threw his head back and bucked slightly from the instant pressure, which made her pause for a moment and look up, feeling unsure. Seeing Ben was all smiles, he gave her the go-ahead to continue.


Maya closed her eyes in contentment as she slowly serviced the enticing phallus in her mouth, lapping at a slow pace, being shocked at herself by the sheer audacity of what she was doing! It still seemed wrong to her, in a way... considering she was doing this to a human, and her own trainer. But then again, that's what made it even more enticing. It was exciting to feel him jerk and throb between her lips. Maya heard her trainer gasping for breath as her tongue and lips worked its magic. She was being gentle with him, afraid of how much further she should go.


"Harder, please," Ben gasped.


She complied, clamping down gently with her palate and tightening her lips, watching her trainer's expression carefully. He jerked and looked more than happy with the result, and Maya broke out in a cautious smile. She enjoyed finding ways to make him react.


"Trust me, you can rough with it, Maya..." He grinned. "Just don't use your teeth."


She gave a bashful nod out of self-awareness, but took his words to heart and gradually added more suction and pressure, finding that her trainer seemed to enjoy every move she made. As she continued to suck, Maya suddenly felt a gentle hand on her cheek, as Ben began to affectionately pet and rub her head in gratitude. She looked up at Ben, seeing him grinning, and couldn't help but blush a bit. Her she was, her head buried in the crotch of her trainer, pleasuring his maleness... and he was encouraging her! She giggled a bit to herself, feeling more of her apprehension fall away, and then looked back down and saw she still had more to go. Loosening her grip, Maya then sunk her head lower with a pleased murmur, feeling Ben's wide shaft fill up her mouth. She then began to gently suckle, unsure of what else to do. His tip teased at her throat as her soft lips wrapped tightly around his base. He felt huge in her mouth!


Ben swore and tensed up from the sensation, instantly threatening to buck up into her nose. The grip on her head also tightened, and Maya flinched, thinking she had done something wrong. She lifted her head, watching as the entirety of his cock slipped from her long snout, and looked at him concernedly.


"Why did you stop?" Ben panted. "You were doing amazing. Man, that tongue of yours...."


Maya felt a twinge of bashfulness from the compliment, and shied away from his gaze.


"Please continue," he pleaded.


Seeing his sincerity, Maya bent down and gingerly extended her long tongue to lap at his cock once more. Maya then tucked her tongue around it, cradling it, and slowly coiled her muscular organ around his own. Wrapping it up firmly, she then pulled it into her mouth, and once more began to work her way down to the base, where she continued her suckling. Maya tried hard to push away her meekness to pride herself on her new-found pleasuring prowess. She wanted to do this for his sake. And when she heard his loud, pleasured groan, she let herself a moment to flash with excitement.


"You're tail's watching, Maya." he grinned. "I think it's jealous.... it's imitating you."


With her heat still buried in her trainer's crotch, Maya looked back and saw with a shock that he was right. It was watching her every move, and was even imitating her lip movements just like when she ate!


"Its kinda creepy, but I can live with it." He gave a hollow laugh.


Ben's hands found her cheeks and forehead once more, and she felt gentle, loving pets and rubs from her trainer as she continued. Maya undulated her thick tongue, lapping down the underside of the shaft in waves, and nursed his cock with a steady rhythm of pressure and release. Her lips were wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft, her soft nose buried in his crotch, and she felt thrilled to be able to feel all of him at once inside her mouth. Steadily, she sucked, using her tongue and roof of her mouth to apply pressure. Precum was accumulating in the back of her jaws and she paused to swallow, before going back and continuing her work.


"Harder," Ben breathed. She looked up and saw his face tense and his eyes shut tight.


Maya followed her orders without question, tightening her lips and quickening the pace of her tongue. She pressed his cock up against the roof of her mouth and lapped at it forcefully, undulating her tongue with a steady rhythm. Thick drool began to seep out from her lips and onto his crotch. Ben's shaft felt as hard as a rock against her tongue. She was excited to see him so aroused, and all because of her! Maya began pulling back gently as she sucked, in order to increase the pressure for him, followed by sliding back down on his shaft as she released. Ben seemed to love it, and he slowly kicked his legs out and gently cradled her head.


Suddenly, Ben groaned once more. "Maya... I'm gonna come. Oh man..."


The girafarig took the words to heart and gave it her all. She was not quite sure what to expect but felt ready to help trainer finish nonetheless. The girafarig pressed her jaws together firmly, careful to not actually bite, and moved her head back and forth as she aggressively nursed his member. And after a few more moments of feeling her trainer squirm in bliss, he suddenly tensed up and gripped her head forcefully. Maya gasped as he began to thrust into her mouth, jerking wildly. And as she felt the shaft inside of her mouth stiffen even more, there suddenly came a rush of warm fluids shooting into the back of her throat. Maya was surprised by all of this, and she whined softly out of uncertainty. She did not know what to do except to hang on, and let her trainer use her mouth as he continued to thrust up into her. Several more spurts followed, and she found herself swallowing them all. The faintly sweet and bitter taste was not lost to her tongue. The experience was brutal, scary, and intense...


But a part of her liked feeling his drive and power, she had to admit.


As the rush of fluids slowed to a trickle, Maya felt the hands release her head, and she waited a moment before slowly came off of him, letting the now softening shaft slide from her semen-covered mouth. A thick strand of the white, sticky fluid dribbled from her bottom lip, and she stuck her long tongue down to catch it out of pure reflex.


She had done it... she had mated her trainer. The end had been a scary experience, and it was in her mouth, of all things! But still, she had done it, and the thought alone was exhilarating to her.


Ben gasped for air. "Maya, that was amazing. I-I think I'm gonna have to return the favor some time." He sat up and quickly hugged her neck. She was surprised by the sudden act, but cherished it nonetheless as his thick arms embraced her and his hands stroked the soft, pink spikes that formed her mane.


He leaned back from the hug and looked at her in the eye. "So, what do you want me to do? I owe you for that."


He was giving her the option! She was flattered beyond words. Never in a million years would she have thought that her first time would be like this! She graciously licked his cheek and quickly turned around, presenting for him. She had explored his body, and experienced his climax. Now she wanted to be taken for real.


It was time.








Ben felt a tad bit giddy as he saw his pokemon turn around with her lifted tail. She wanted to be taken, and by him! There was a flurry of new and strange emotions he was feeling: arousal, lust, desire... and all for his pokemon.


The idea of pokemon sex was not new to him, but Ben had never considered actually doing it. He had heard what people said about guys that own female lopunnies... and snickered at the thought. Something like a lopunny, maybe... but a girafarig? He thought it was more than a bit strange, considering she wasn't human. Heck, she wasn't even two-legged.


But... Ben found it hard to deny her when he looked up and saw the excitement in her face. The desire she showed, the wanton expression she wore, her expectant stance.... She wanted him. He had owned Maya for well over a couple years now, and there was no doubt in his mind that she was a close companion to him...


And he found it quite hard to deny her now.


Ben kicked off the boxers and blanket around his feet and stood up with a jump, already feeling another erection stirring. He imagined what she would feel like, how she would react... he had never considered these thoughts before, but was surprised to find himself rather excited by the ideas he was getting.


But suddenly, Ben's smile dropped as he took a step closer. His girafarig's rear was right in front of him.... but what caused him to pause was that her tail was there, too. It was staring straight at him with that inane grin it nearly always wore. Ben immediately thought of a guard dog protecting its yard, and swallowed thickly.


" Oh gosh... Uh, Maya?"


She looked up at him with a concerned expression on her face.


He bit his lip. "Um... your taaaaiiiil..." He drew the last word out slowly, trying to make it obvious. Ben was afraid of getting close to that thing. Especially for sex. Approaching her tail was always a testy situation... it acted on instinct and sensation alone. Just seeing it reminded Ben of his sore butt cheek. And he certainly didn't want to think about what body part was in most danger of being bitten...


Maya winced and hung her head, knowing full well that he didn't trust her.


"Okay okay..." he put his hands out. "It was just licking me earlier... maybe it won't be so bad?" He said it out loud to reassure them both.


Tentatively, Ben reached his hand out to her tail's head. He approached cautiously, having learned in the past that letting it smell you was the best chance of getting closer. He extended his fingers, and suddenly, the tail bent down to gently sniff at its trainer's scent. It was a familiar smell for the tail, and Ben breathed a quiet sigh when he saw it allow him to continue. It continued to stare at him, unnerving Ben completely.


And when he brought his cock close and placed a hand on his pokemon's rear, the tail quickly dipped down. Ben nearly freaked right then and there, and every muscle in his body tensed up. The tail drew close and paused, and started sniffing his cock. Worried, he looked up at Maya, who seemed too excited to even notice the situation.


"Nothing's gonna happen, right?"


Her unsure expression didn't do much to comfort him. This was her first time, after all.


Suddenly, he felt a nudge on his cock, and looked down. The tail was feeling him. He grimaced. It touched and nosed the organ in front of its face. And then it opened its mouth wide, showing off its row of sharp, triangular teeth...


... and Ben gasped as it extended a short, pink tongue and began to lick his shaft affectionately.


"Shit!" Ben muttered. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack for a moment, there. He watched his pokemon's tail lick his cock, completely not even sure how to feel about the situation. It.... it looked like it was enjoying its self, beyond all logic. Tenatively, he gave a small pat to the head as it licked, feeling very wary but a little amused at the situation. Although it lacked the awareness to move beyond random licking, the tail's tongue certainly felt good. Maybe it wasn't going to be so bad after all...


"Maya.... heh, I think your back half likes me, too."


He looked up at Maya again, and saw she was starting to look antsy. Ben gave an apologetic frown... it was obvious she wanted to continue. Steeling himself, he ever-so-gently brushed her tail away, and moved in closer.


...But as as soon as he started, Ben paused once more as he felt the tongue return. "Uh, Maya..." he trailed of, his voice sounding shaky. "Your tail. It's... it wont stop licking me. In fact, it-ohgodohgodohgod-"


Ben freaked as he saw that mouth full of teeth brush its tongue against his balls. He was frozen in place, knowing that any sudden movement might upset her tail and cause it to bite. All the blood rushed from Ben's face as he stared at this toothy bear trap of a mouth caress his sack. The tail was being affectionate. It was pleasuring him. But the only thing he could think about were horrible accidents involving those teeth. He looked up with his face locked in an expression of horror and whispered to his girafarig.


"Maya... it's licking my balls! Oh god, I don't trust this thing. Get it off!"


Looking concerned and deeply embarrassed, Maya focused, lifting the base of her tail up. Her tail resisted her, pulling back down to continue to lick. It appeared to be enjoying its self quite a bit. Ben ever so slowly backed away, causing the tail to stretch in order to continue licking. Wincing, Maya tried again, and successfully raised her tail back up. Ben swallowed thickly as he again got near her rear, his eyes on her tail the entire time.


Now forced to be standing up straight, the tail begun to move farther north, and drew its tongue across his chest. He tried to gently nudge the thing away, but her tail was adamant, immediately going back and nuzzling and licking his body with clear affection. Maya looked embarrassed over the situation. Ben knew she hated not being able to control a part of her own body. He tried again, but no matter how many times he pushed her tail out of the way, it always went back, pressing its self against his chest and showering him in an enthusiastic show of affection. He fought with the tail for a good minute without getting anywhere.




Ben leaned back as far as he could go, looking like he was about to limbo. The tail only bent forward and lovingly licked at his belly. He tried going a bit farther, but then toppled backwards with a crash. Maya turned and let out a meek little gasp at seeing her trainer fall over. Embarrassed, Ben then looked up at the girafarig butt in front of him and saw the tail staring straight back into his eyes. It looked displeased, if a tail that could barely show expression could ever look displeased.


"Uh.... heh. Sorry, Maya. I just...." He trailed off as he noticed his pokemon's lips curl down in a pitiful frown. She was deeply embarrased over her tail's behavior and the mood of the moment was quickly waning.


Ben quickly got back up and dusted himself off and stared at the tail once more. He was hung up on this tail of hers. He watched it leer at him silently for a while, trying to figure the thing out and wrap his mind around its behavior....


And suddenly, something clicked. Perhaps... deep down inside, the tail was probably just as eager as Maya's front half? All this licking... it was just showing affection. "Okay, okay... it's being pretty creepy, but it has good intentions, right? Maybe it just wants to have sex as well...." Ben smirked at the thought, wondering for a moment if the tail would enjoy getting "its turn" if he went anal. Moving slowly as to not upset it, he gently cradeled the tail's head and stroked its fur as he looked at it in the eye.


"Okay little guy... I get it now: you're antsy too. But just calm down for a second and let me have my moment, okay?" He heard Maya give a quiet chuckle, and looked up at her with a goofy grin. He realized he was talking to her tail, just like she did.


"Sorry, Maya... I wont let your tail get in the way anymore. Now do me a favor and let out smile for me, okay?"


Slowly, Maya's frown quivered until she forced a timid, sheepish smile. It was all Ben needed to be encouraged. He didn't want to keep his pokemon waiting.... and that went for both ends of her. Gingerly grasping her tail and gently pushing it against her back, he took a step forward. He was gentle with it, and was relieved to see that the tail did not put up a fight. However, it still stared at him, causing Ben to instead look at the better-looking of the two faces he had to choose from instead.


"Okay, I think it's calmed down for the mean time, Maya. Lets do this." He saw his girafarig give a meek little smile and nod her head enthusiastically. Ben thought she looked real cute... excited beyond words but also looking so unsure of herself. He wanted to make sure she'd feel as comfortable as possible.


Ben's attention immediately turned to the space between her legs. Maya's girl parts were quite different from any girl he's seen, but then again she was a pokemon, and a giraffe pokemon at that. Her body was built pretty similar to any other equine: She had a set of long, dark brown lips between her large and shapely thighs, and just above that was a ring of flesh slightly protruding... her anus. She was already glistening wet and her lips were slightly swollen from desire.


The area looked quite foreign to Ben, but he was somewhat intrigued by it as well.


Slowly, he cupped a hand over her labia, and he felt Maya tense up with excitement. She was incredibly wet back there already... and his hands were cool compared to the immense heat of her skin. She stifled an excited cry as Ben began to gently massage her mound, pressing in with his fingers around the outside of her lips and stroking her sensitive skin slowly. Seeing her react was getting him excited. Ben steadied himself, going slowly for her sake. He pushed in gentle circles, spreading the outside of her lips with his fingers but not quite penetrating with them. His other hand found her rump, and he squeezed it firmly as he massaged and stroked. As he gingerly inserted a finger, Ben found himself instantly tempted by her entrance.... she was so smooth inside, and as she clenched around him, he was immediately taken by the pressure and her tightness. It was obvious Maya was already loving every touch, and she leaned back into him, eager for more. He reached down a little further and found her clitoral hood, which he briefly toyed with, instantly sending shivers down the girafarig's spine.


Although she looked a tad different compared to any girl he had been with before, Ben was quite pleased to find that when it came down to business, girafarig girls were quite similar to human girls in many ways. He smiled as he watched her react to the pressure on her clitoris.


"You enjoying this, Maya?" Ben asked.


If she had nodded her head any faster it would have probably fallen off.


"Well, let's get to it, then." He grinned.






Maya gasped as she felt the head of his cock suddenly brush up against her labia. He rested it there, allowing her time to gather her wits. This was it... this was really it! She gasped as he slowly pushed forward, feeling her lips part for him easily. He was sliding in for what seemed like forever! She gleefully squeezed Ben's shaft as he entered, falling in love with his girth instantly and simply wanting more. He felt so warm! He spread her open wider than she imagined, and it felt simply wonderful. Maya could barely resist from humping back into him as Ben pushed farther until his hips were flush with her own.


Maya felt wonderfully full. She looked back at her trainer, mesmerized by the moment. Ben wore a look of surprise and pleasure. His jaw was agape and he was focused... so focused that he had forgotten about her tail that was still nuzzling his chest. Ben's shaft throbbed once inside of her. He placed his hands on her hips firmly and stroked her fur for a moment, staring back at her. The two shared a short moment of eye contact.


"Hell, Maya... you're so hot back here... it's like a furnace." He gave a short laugh, and paused, trying to think of something meaningful to say. "Ah, what I mean is: Its wonderful. You... you're wonderful." Ben grinned and slowly stroked her flanks. Maya looked simply regal, staring back at him like that with her expression full of desire. She was panting already, and gave a demure little smile from the compliment.


And she gasped softly as Ben began to take her.


The girafarig lowered her head and sighed in relief as her trainer slowly thrust into her. He was gentle, going casual. The head of his shaft was pressing against her walls in all sorts of different spots. Ben thrust into her at different angles, exploring her passage with enthusiastic curiosity. He sensuously stroked her flanks and thighs with his hands. Things were slow... intimate. She loved every minute of it. Maya never had imagined such things before... there were quite a lot of surprises for her first time!


She whined as she was taken, feeling so much relief from her heat. The experience was incredible, and she loved it more the longer it went on.








Ben pulled out fully, and eagerly ran the head of his cock up and down her swollen lips for a moment. Their softness felt so incredible to him. After rubbing his cock against her clit several times, he guided his shaft upwards and eagerly pressed in between his girafarig's inviting lips once more. Instantly he felt the warmth of her body envelop his shaft again. Maya had been incredibly wet even from the start, and as she squeezed him once again, he watched as a little bit of her fluids dribbled out of her slit.


Ben grunted as he flexed and shot a bit of precum in her depths. It felt so amazing to him. Her walls were so smooth and soft inside, yet she was tight enough as well... and her muscles! It was electrifying to be inside of her. He greedily ran his hands through the short fur on her hips. Ben found that Maya loved to squeeze and feel him, and she did so happily, each time clenching around his cock with her vaginal muscles in a way that felt simply divine. She seemed delighted to make him feel this way, and that just set him off.


The only problem was this tooth-filled mouth and a pair of eyes that was in his face the entire time. Ben was glad that at the very least, it had stopped trying to lick him. It was apparently content to stand straight and let its self shake back and forth every time he pushed against Maya's hips. The tail didn't seemed to be bothered by how much its head was shaking. In fact, it was grinning at him as it swayed.


...Ben thought it was grinning at him perhaps a little too much.


"I think I need to paper bag that thing..."









Maya was in bliss as Ben slowly rocked her hips back and forth. But after several more minutes, she found him still going slow, gentle... And as time went on the girafarig wanted more. Maya had always imagined him bending her over and ramming her hard, and wanted to make that a reality. Bending forward, she lowered her chest and stuck her haunches up, inviting Ben to take her.


He looked up at her, and Maya expressed her desire, thrusting her his back into him and pleading with her eyes.


"You want me to go harder?" Ben asked. He looked a bit surprised.


Maya swallowed hard and nodded her head.


Ben took the hint, and stepped forward, bending over her a bit and beginning to thrust into her more powerfully, putting a delightful pressure on her sensitive passage. Yes! She felt him begin to press deeper, each thrust bringing his hips flush with her own and then some. He began to rock into her, nudging her forward with every push. Maya bent forward and stared back, wishing for him to get as far in as possible. She let out a wild cry as he took her with powerful thrusts. Their hips began to smack together, creating wet smacking sounds as he spread her slick walls.


She was enraptured to have Ben take her like this. She couldn't stand it... it was almost too good! Maya closed her eyes and began panting again, simply lost in the rhythm of her trainer's ministrations... feeling his weight above her, his firm grip on her hips, his girth spreading her walls wide, feeling his power, his drive. Her body was being shaken by his thrusts. The feeling of his cock going deeper enticed her and she let out a long, pleasured bay, and rocked back into him wantonly. She felt her insides tightening up as her climax quickly approached.


Gasping, she suddenly felt her walls tense up as a rush of pleasure coursed through her body. Maya cried out as her climax bloomed, shivering from the wonderful sensations of her trainer's cock pounding her from behind. Her hips thrust back into him automatically. Her legs felt like they might give out. She heard Ben gasp from her waves of contractions, her vaginal walls constricting and tightening around his cock in waves. He pounded her recklessly, causing her entire body to lurch with every push.








Ben had closed his eyes long ago, and was lost in the way Maya was making him feel. He was deep in concentration, focusing on drawing out her orgasm when suddenly something entirely strange happened. All of the sudden, he felt his mind gain a rush of new thoughts and sensations. He felt a sort of extended awareness, as if his mind was in a separate place. And he felt his girafarig: her thoughts, feelings, emotions.... all of it. He felt her excitement, her rapture, and drive during her climax. He felt it all. He felt how much pleasure she was in. And he heard her voice calling his name out in his mind.


Maya had finally done it: She developed a psychic link with him.


With a gasp he came inside of her, being fueled by hearing his name, and rammed into Maya's rear with a rough, powerful series of thrusts. The flow of sensations from both him and his pokemon passing through his mind was incredible. He surged with pleasure as he both felt and saw his pokemon react in full, undulating her hips, rocking back into him, and crying out in his head.


He waited until she had came down from her orgasm before wanting to say anything, only continuing to stroke her thighs while thrust into her slowly. But as he looked up, he could tell she knew too, from the look on her face. He pulled out gently.


"Maya..." he smiled. "You did it."


"I... I don't know what I did," she replied, smiling timidly.


Ben felt a rush of excitement: he had felt her voice reverberate in his mind. His girafarig was speaking with him telepathically! She sounded sheepish and meek to him, and he sensed her twinge of embarrassment. Ben shot it down with his own mental thoughts of reassurance. He stepped forward, trailing his hand along her flank as he did so, and wrapped Maya in a hug.


"It doesn't matter if you don't know how it happened." he replied, kissing her forehead. "I'm just really glad that you finally did it."


Ben felt her timidity melt away under his embrace, and she nuzzled his chin. An image flashed in his mind... one of Ben suddenly pulling her into a heated kiss. The image was from Maya, and he laughed. She immediately realized his awareness of the thought, and her initial reaction was that of embarrassment. His girafarig wiped the image from her head and tried to turn away. Ben, however, did not let go of his embrace.


"Maya, I think now's a great time to stop trying to hide your feelings," he chuckled. And then with a gentle push, he guided her head back until he was looking at her once again and kissed her deeply on the lips.


Maya melted in his arms as he kissed, giving a quiet moan out of the corner of her mouth. The grafarig was incredibly happy, and both she and her trainer felt it.


Breaking the kiss, Ben licked his lips and smiled.


"So, what do you think about me canceling the day care plans, at least for right now?"


"Why?" she telepathically asked. "What did you want to do instead?"


"Oh... well..." Ben trailed off, and he let his mind wander. Instantly, she saw each and every one of his thoughts in perfect, exquisite detail...


And Maya looked back at him with a wide-eyed expression, but her mouth was all smiles.








Post story notes:

~Okay, I just wanna say I think that's a pretty nice ending. Its like one of those "awwww" moments where its almost disgustingly sappy. But I hope that it wasn't TOO bad for you readers.

~If you couldn't tell from the intro, I am totally paranoid about people not reading or not enjoying the story as much simply because of the choice of character. I can't stand that: I get having preferences and all, but I don't get being completely turned off by something just cause it's not a dragon or a horse or whatever. For me, the species doesn't matter too much, as long as they're not ugly XD. A girafarig's face is cute, so that's good enough for me.

~I'm still pretty paranoid about people not reading or enjoying the story, so I was even considering re-writing it to be a regular horse or a dragon or something... but then I realized I'd have to take out all the plot. Like, all of it. Cause it revolves around Maya's tail. Damnit. >:/

~However.... if I did this right and you kept an open mind, then hopefully you ended the story thinking "Wow, I didn't know girafarigs could be so hot." ;) That was my goal for the story: to get you to think that! Truth be told, at first I didn't have much of an interest in them beyond the humor potential, but after writing this story I've grown to like them quite a bit. :P

~Boy, I just wanna say: that scene where Maya is stripping her trainer and exploring his body while he slept.... damn, that's really hot. XD I love that scene. That's my favorite part.

~There was SUPPOSED TO BE SOME ART BY A TALENTED ARTIST TO ACCOMPANY THIS STORY. But its been like a month and the art is still not done yet. D:< I put the story on hold for the sake of releasing the art along with it. So as I kept holding onto this story, I kept editing it until it bloomed out of proportion. What I'm saying is.... there's a part 2. :P I finally decided to get off my ass and upload this because.... well, someone bugged me to. And I got tired of waiting.

~Part 2 is mostly just a leftover sex scene that I really wanted to do but had no room to fit it in: Anal. Yup, Ben decides to give her tail a turn. And its awesome. And there's more fun stuff with how the tail reacts, too

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