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    Okay, so.... This story is a bit unconventional. Its about a girafarig and her trainer. And its a smut story, so yeah, they do it. But before you give me your best "meh" and skip over "some girafarig story" , hear me out for a sec:

    I don't blame you if you're not interested in a girafarig smut story. But... I HAD to use a girafarig. Why? Because I had this totally awesome idea to have a contrasting dynamic relationship between her and her tail. Those are big words for "tail and head don't get along" :P

    Basically, you have this timid and quiet girafarig and she is in heat. She wants to hide it, but her tail acts on her instincts to breed. And you know where this is going... Yes, the girafarig keeps getting put in unfortunate situations from her tail's behavior. Lulz ensues, followed by lots of awesome pr0n. I put a lot of work into this story... its good, trust me.

    Hopefully, at the very least, this story now sounds mildly interesting. I just gotta ask one thing... Just go against your reservations, and give the story a chance by reading for a bit. If you still weren't interested after giving the story a try, then I can respect that. Just don't write the story off, though. The writing is good, I put a lot of thought into the characters, there's a lot of humor, and the smut is freakin hawt. :P Got it? Good.

  • Summary:

    Ok, so... This, in a nutshell, is about a Charmeleon who has massive hots for her trainer, but he is unwilling to screw her. She tries to get him to fold, and along the way, there's lots of plot and smut.

    There's drama, there's humor, there's tension, there's..... a lot of other things as well, probably. Like large words and proper punctuation and capital letters. I think I even used a semi colon!

    Aaaand that's about it.... I think. Don't be fooled by this little info box: I'm actually a good writer (Quit rolling your eyes, I'm serious) so if you think you'll enjoy it, you probably will, because this isn't some 11 year old's story about "YAY LETS GO CHAR THE CHARMELEON! USE UR SUPER FLAME ATTAK he said and char the charmeleon said CHAR and blewed fire on the rattatta whihc then fainted and they got experence points". ... Yea, if I ever start writing like that, you can shoot me.

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