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Rise of an Undead Queen by the_shadow_master_of_wea


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Chapter 3

Ravnica and the Star of Kael'thas
Book 1: Rise of the Undead Queen

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'Character Thought'


Chapter 3: A Greater Evil

Gerrard had spent the day mostly standing there in the room with the king and his now two best advisors. Occasionally he would be asked a question, but for the most part, he was just asked to sit there. He could tell that the king was very much worried, and soon enough though, he found why. As the topic of the rising dead expanded into other very recent events, Gerrard began to worry a bit himself. He was too young to know anything about it, but this comet, The Star of Kael'thas, a name he had only heard whispers and passing mentions of was the cause of the king's worry. The King had called for Krates as well as the leader of his personal guard, a rather slim looking gallade.

As the gallade was in, he looked around, but the xatu was the first to speak. "Derek, when did you get here? I thought you were assigned to the borders." She asked.

"I was sent out on a recruitment assignment, sadly, I have chosen to add none to my ranks right now." The gallade explained. "I would have thought that you would have left yourself though, Lilly." He stated.

"I swore my loyalty a long time ago and I intend to fulfill my duties." Lilly countered.

"Now is not the time for this." The king stated. "We have things to discuss."

"Of course my king. Let us get to the reason why you have called then William." Derek bowed his head and took a spot next to Krates.

"Look, none of this can reach the people." William said. "All of you have already been told about what happened the last time the Star of Kael'thas came. Three kingdoms were lost in the two years it took for the star to make its pass. Ravnica was nearly among them, but my father was able to save the kingdom. He gave his life to protect this land and his entire council gave theirs as well. Only Valix was left alive and that was because he was told to protect me at that time."

Valix just nodded as the others looked at him. "I did exactly as I was told. I don't know how King Jonathan was able to save the kingdom last time the star shared its evil ways with us, but I can only image that things will be even worse this time. We do not have as many allies as we did and the lands between us and the demons have been cut in half since then."

"Look, the first thing we need to do is start a extensive search of the sewers." Krates spoke up. "If Gerald's right and it was only a few men controlling them, then they couldn't have made that many. Father Alexander has made it a point to fill me in on just what it takes to cast the spells required to raise an undead servant and Santos root is not a common thing in these parts."

"Santos root?" Derek asked confused. "That's a highly toxic root though, why would it be in the city in the first place?"

"Because the church uses it to cure a few things themselves, Derek. The poisons in the root may be strong, but in controlled doses, those poisons will fight off some diseases and can be cured before it spreads too far. A small pouch was misplaced recently and I thought that it might have been stolen from the start. It looks like I was right." Krates explained. "But given the small amount, whoever is in charge of this undead situation can't have raised too many."

"I agree with Krates." Lilly spoke up. "At the very least, we should send some guards down to recheck the sewers. If the maps are inaccurate, then we should know just how much of the sewers are unexplored. I've been reading the records from the time of the last time the star made its pass and imps made a habit of swarming the sewers, they nearly took over the entire sewer system."

"Imps?" Krates sighed. "Imps are small, barely stronger then a young child. They barely even have any magic to use as well. The problem with them is that they rarely ever travel alone, rarely in packs fewer then twelve, but there is no limit to how many can live in a colony. If you say that the records show that they swarmed the sewers though, then just how many where there and where did they come from?"

"The records gave no numbers, merely that it took weeks for the entire city guard to fight back the majority of them of." Lilly explained. "There were also no signs of how they arrived in our city in the first place."

"I recall the reports of that incident, Lilly." Valix stated. "I was tasked with keeping the Southfury Iron mine operating at that time. Nearly lost that to a rogue group of mercenaries, but the reports did make it seem like the imps were just as much of a threat if not more. It said that it was as if they had just appeared over night, just one of many threats we faced during that time."

"Yes, we all know about that dangers of the star, but we have to keep the city calm. Panic struck the city hard last time." William explained. "My father was just barely able to hold the city together, it will be up to us more then anything to keep the peace. The star isn't even here yet and evil is already starting to wake."

"I would suggest doubling the guards on patrol." Krates stated. "And I would like for at least half of my men to start combing the sewers."

"I agree that we should keep an eye on the sewers." Valix added. "Although imps aren't that dangerous, they are mischievous and enough of them can cause problems. I would hate for a repeat incident with them involved."

"I might also suggest that you place a few new restrictions on the princess." Lilly suggested.

William nodded his head. "I shall have a talk with her concerning what is going on, but you'll need to keep your eyes on her more then ever."

"I will do my best, but she is swift and enjoys running off on her own. I cannot always keep up with her." Lilly lowered her head a bit before turning to Krates. "I would like to ask if you could have your men keep an eye out for her."

"I'll alert them to keep an eye out yes, but I can't make any promises." Krates stated. "I would personally start to take away her right to enjoy the city myself if she continuously evaded her guards myself, but that is me."

"I know how you feel." William sighed a bit. "But its too late for that. The people have become used to her weekly trips through the city, my wife has made a point of her meeting the people, to learn our ways and I agree. I learned more sneaking out of the castle and into the town as I grew up then I could have learned trapped within these walls. I shall continue to all allow her visits into the city for now."

"My king, if we are in fact under attack, no matter the source, I would recommend that you still keep her inside the castle." Derek countered.

"No, the people have become too used to seeing her. Her presence does seem to bring a joyful feeling and banning her to the castle would show it as a sign of worry. They will look to us for guidance and if we show signs that we are worried, they will follow our example." William stated. "But yes, we must take some precautions. Krates, I want to you assign teams to search the sewers and we'll double night watch, but we won't pair them up for now. This will however allow us to cover more ground."

Krates nodded his head. "I can double the routes, put them in shifts. As for the teams assigned to the sewers, I'd like to request that we get some blessed torches to burn the remains of any undead creature we do find just incase."

"I'll see that you get some." Valix stated. "I agree that would be a proper precaution." He looked to the king.

"Yes, I agree on that as well." William turned looked to Derek. "And we'll double the knights around the castle as well. Can either of you think of a mon you trust to help watch my daughter in addition to Lilly?"

"I think I have a capable mon, Cecil Stanford." Derek stated. "I'll have him reassigned tonight, he was assigned to the one of the Mistvale councilman on their last trip and volunteered to continue to escort him back to the capital. He is due to arrive tonight or tomorrow."

"Very well." William nodded. "We still need to decided what do about..." William started again before there was a knock at the door. "Enter." He called turning.

"My king, I have just received a report, a caravan carrying supplies meant for the church has been raided a day out from the city." The messenger explained holding out a paper. "The herbs needed for your own elixir among many others were stolen."

The king quickly took the paper and looked over the list. "Krates, what was the name of that root again?" He asked.

"Santos root." Krates said as William put the list down on the table. Towards the middle of the list of stolen goods was a crate filled with the root. Krates quickly looked over the list and saw a number of other reagents that Alexander had mentioned to him were also on that list. "I would guess that our necromancer friends would be behind this."

"How much of the root is needed to raise a single undead creature?"

"I don't know, but father Alexander would." Krates replied. "What little is not on this list from what Father Alexander told could easily be found in the local market."

"I'd like to start doubling the knights around the castle right now." Derek stated.

"And I'd like to start forming teams to start searching the sewers. I've still got one team down replacing the broken light stones near that pottery shop, but I think that they will need help if I want them to explore the sewers." Krates stated.

"Yes, you two go. I'm going to have a talk with Father Alexander." William stated. "Valix, you're with me."

"I require a minute my lord." He stated and the king nodded before leaving. "Gerrard, I'm afraid I will no longer require your services. Sadly, due to your taking it upon your self to investigate a disturbance, I cannot pay you for what tasks you have already started and will have to ask you to pay the sum of missing coin that was lost in the sewers." Gerrard's head dropped, now not only was he broke and missing a chunk of his gear, he now owed others coin as well. "However, I think Krates may be able to help you a bit." Valix turned to Krates. "He did provide valuable information and saved that young lass. I'm sure that the bounty office would be able to give him a reward for something."

Krates smirked. "Between his information and the two confirmed undead kills he has, I think he is entitled to something." Gerrard gave a small sigh of relief, at least he wasn't at a total loss. "Come on, let's go." He said as he went to leave Gerrard quick to catch up. All around them, Gerrard could see that the castle was a bit more active then usual, but after being in that room listening to what was going on, he wasn't surprised. The bounty office seemed to be the only place in the castle itself that wasn't busy with something as Krates and Gerrard walked in.

"Sir." Both of the enforcers stood up as usual and Krates waved his hand putting them at ease. "I need the bounty records." Krates stated and soon enough, a large book was placed on the counter. Krates opened and Gerrard looked around seeing a list of past bounties that had been issued, each one listed as what counted and a corresponding amount to be paid for that confirmed kill. It was a reference guide made a long while back and it still seemed to work today. Krates quickly found the undead section of the book, there was a massive list of things on the first two pages alone. "My previous commander who took the job before I had it wrote this up during the last passing of the comet when he was still a grunt." Krates explained. "They had a real problem on their hands back then and were forced to hire mercenaries to help clean certain things out. Rather then pay them on a day by day basis, his commander gave them a small fee for peaceful days, and then paid them by the kill when things got rough." He quickly found the undead section of the book and found the bounty on zombies. "I need thirty silver coins for Gerrard." He said. Gerrard once again sighed, that wasn't enough. Krates saw this and smirked. "And don't worry, you've saved me some work in rescuing that girl. I'll pay the fee ya owe for that missing coin myself."

"Thanks." Gerrard said.

"Oh, sir." Krates looked up to the one enforcer in the back. "That blade that mon left here a while back, we still have it and no one has made any sign to come get it."

"What kind of blade?" Krates asked.

"I think its called a washitaki." The enforcer replied holding it up for Krates to see. It looked a lot like a katana, the same slightly curved single edge design, just a lot smaller.

"Its called a wakizashi, the companion blade to a katana. Any enchantments?" Krates asked looking over the blade. The enforcer shook his head. "Give it Gerrard, he lost one of his blades in the sewer rescuing that kidnapped girl." Gerrard went to say something, but Krates just looked at him. "Call it a bonus. Its a fine blade for close encounters, but we try to keep all of our men equipped with the same gear aside from what they bring themselves." The enforcer quickly brought Gerrard his silver and his new blade and Krates signed the paper work. "I'm afraid with this new job I've got to handle, I won't have any jobs for you, I'd rather not get you into anything you can't handle." Krates said. "I've done what I can to help ya for now though, all I ask is that you stay out of trouble."

"I'll do my best." Gerrard said as he attached his new blade to his belt and walked out.


Gerrard walked back to The Dreamer's Rest Tavern. It was getting late again and he was still a bit sore, Daniel gave him the usual room with a bit of a discount, just 10 silver for the night. The paste that Sister Grace had applied to his shoulder had turned into a hard shell like she said and it was giving him a relaxing chill now. Once in his room, he undid his bandages and looked at his wounds after peeling off the shell. His leg looked fine, it felt fine too. He twisted it lightly and when he felt that it was back to normal, he began to look over his shoulder. There was no doubt in his mind that he would have a scar there for the rest of his life. He had seen many others with dark wounds before, heard stories of how some of them even acquired them, some of which he could question. Still, he never thought that he would have them. He spent the night trying to figure out what to do as he once again needed a job.

It took him a while to fall asleep, but at least he slept soundly that night. Feeling refreshed the following morning, he knew he had to find something to get some cash. He needed a new cloak, a new bag, and 20 silver wasn't going to go far, doubly so when he needed a place to sleep.

He spent a large part of the morning walking around, keeping an eye out for any help wanted signs, even asking a few vendors who appeared to be having some trouble.

Things went poorly though and by mid afternoon, he had only earned 15 silver from helping out a few vendors in the market place. Thankfully though, he had earned himself a free lunch, which saved him a few coins. The sun was just starting to set and Gerrard still hadn't found any real work yet. He decided he'd give the docks a quick check, they always seemed to need a bit of help in the evening as he started his way back down there. He got lucky there though and was offered a pair of gold coins to help unload a large cargo vessel filled with various metals and lumber. It was hard work, but it paid well and Gerrard worked hard for his money. It took a few hours to finish unloading the vessel and he took his coin before starting to make his way back to the tavern.

He just finished climbing up the stone steps that connected the docks to the city and was about to turn down the road that led back to the market district when he was knocked over. He just barely managed to stop himself from rolling down the stone steps when he caught himself and patted himself off looking at the meowth morph that was running down the roadway. Gerrard started to pat the dust off of himself when he suddenly realized that his coin pouch was gone. Quickly turning back, he saw his missing pouch in the hands of the meowth before they turned down an alley. A pair of enforcers rushed past him. "Get back here thief." One of them called out. Seeing that he had been robbed, he saw that as enough reason to join the chase and quickly took off running.

"Gerrard, back off." The slightly slower of the two enforcers told him as Gerrard caught up to him as they ran down the alley.

"He took my coin pouch." Gerrard countered gaining ground on the meowth as the mon turned down another road. Gerrard was faster then both of the enforcers chasing after the thief and was slowly gaining ground on the thief as well. Gerrard managed to keep up with the thief eventually running into a dead end alley as he looked around, but there was no sign of the thief. "I know I saw him come down this way." He grumbled a bit. He did a slow search of the area finally finding a small hole in a wall behind a large broken crate.

Sticking his head into hole, he found himself in a small run down storage building of some kind. He moved slowly into the dust filled room, there was a foul stench below him and he could only wonder what it was. Looking at the wooden floor, he could see some foot prints in the dust and began to follow them slowly, carefully. It didn't take long before he came up to another large cargo crate, but this one had some old ragged quilts over its. He could also see some light from inside the crate.

Even more careful now, he slowly stepped up to find the crate empty as he walked in, but there was a freshly lit candle on the side.

Gerrard quickly found his coin purse among on the floor of the crate along with a number of other things. He took his coin purse, but left the other things alone. He decided to just get what was his back and merely tell the enforcers about this place when he got out as he tucked the coin pouch back into his belt, this time, tying it firmly in place. Turning around, he ducked just in time to avoid getting hit by the broken remains of a chair. "Hey you, put that back, its mine." The meowth yelled pulling out a dagger.

"Hey, you stole this from me." Gerrard countered drawing his new wakizashi since his machete was too big.

"Give it back." The meowth yelled as he charged. Gerrard easily side stepped the rushed attack of the meowth, but wished he hadn't seconds later. He had stepped onto another plank of wood assuming that the floor was just littered with them with dirt underneath, but found out the hard way that they were there for a reason.

The plank he had stepped on broke and his foot fell through the floor. Gerrard managed to pull himself up enough to keep from falling back more, but the meowth was over him. "How do you like that, I'll get a bigger haul then I thought." He smirked as he reached over to grab Gerrard's sword, but the one plank that Gerrard had been holding onto to keep from falling into the hole broke as well.

He yelled as he fell, but kept a firm grip on his blade. He didn't know how far he fell, but at last, he fell into a pool of something. It still hurt a bit hitting that water, but he was alive and he had to be thankful for that. He quickly swam back up to the surface and knew at once that he was back in the sewers, thankfully in a fresh water well.

He swam over to the side and checked his things once he was out of the water, thankfully he still had everything. Sighing a bit, he took a look around, the light crystals in the chamber providing very little light. "Hmmm, must be an old chamber." He said thinking out loud. "Now just where am I?" He gave the room a thorough looking over from his spot trying to find anything to tell him where he was, or at least an exit, but it looked like there were only a few passages in the room, all of them dark. He sat back trying to figure out what to do next while he rung out his cloak and other clothing. Once they were reasonably dry, he checked over his things one last time before setting out down one of the passages.

Things got dark rather fast as he walked down the stone passage and he was just about to turn back when a strange purple lit up for his belt. He quickly looked down to his belt searching for the source of the light. The pummel of his wakizashi was giving off the glow, it wasn't much, but it was still enough to watch his step. He pulled the blade from his scarab and looked at the end of the handle, the metal pummel didn't look like much when he was first given the blade, but looking at it now it had a single purple rune on the bottom of it. He knew better then to question a gift though and merely held the blade up in front of him as he moved.

He took a straight path for a long while, not sure how much time had passed, but he was slowly getting tired. All of the sub passages he had come across though showed no signs of having an exit though and he was really getting worried. He saw a turn up again and decided he might as well check that and if he didn't find an exit then, he'd just turn around and head back the way he came.

He made his way slowly and as he started to turn, he noticed a light coming from ahead. He smiled thinking he had finally found a way out and doubled his pace lowering his blade to his side, but still kept it high enough for him to see with for now.

He finished the turn coming to a large chamber with massive pillars and several blazers lining the walls. His smile grew as he saw movement from around one of the pillars across the room. He was about to shout out, but quickly changed his mind as he heard a yell of pain and someone walked out from the behind the pillar into his view with a large spear in their gut. The spear was jerked up and tore a gruesome chunk of bleeding and mangled flesh from the zangoose's chest as the mon fell. "You traitor." The zangoose shouted. Gerrard quickly recognized the voice as one of the necromancers he had encountered his last trip into the sewers. "Drew always suspected you'd betray us, he's already prepared a spell to kill you." The zangoose shouted before the spare came down again, this time between his eyes.

Gerrard quickly moved behind another pillar and hid. "Master, what should we do with this necromancer who has interfered with our plans?" A female voice asked, but there was definitely a dark, slightly pleased and seductive tone to her voice. Gerrard moved slowly to peek around the corner of the pillar and saw a glaceon kneeling over the corpse holding the spear which still had a hold on the strip of flesh it had taken.

Gerrard couldn't help but notice her armor more then anything, her voice fitting of what she wore. He could tell that it was leather armor, but it was very revealing, the tops of her breasts visible and she didn't even make an effort to try and cover up her stomach. Her legs were also exposed as well, very small skirt barely hid the plate that covered her nether regions. He quickly turned back though when an armored figure walked up behind her.

"Feed this fool to the rats, make them think that he was killed hunting zombies." A deep voice replied. "He is known enough that he will be missed soon. Tis better they think him a hero looking to stop the necromancers rather then they find out that he was one. We have enough dogs trying to track us for now and I am restricted enough as it is. We must keep their attention turned elsewhere." Gerrard spared another glance around the pillar and saw the glaceon now kneeling before the other figure. Gerrard's sixth sense that had always allowed him to sense evil intentions in people nearly over whelmed his body as he shivered.

Standing over the glaceon, was a mon wearing a jet black suit of armor. Large shoulder spikes jutted up from the shoulder plates, extending past the top of the helmet which had it's own horns that curled around the sides of the helm. Gerrard looked to the chest plate of the mon and quickly turned back again, what appeared to be an eye ball had occupied the majority of the chest plate. What scared him most was that it had almost looked like the eyeball had moved to stare at him, which only served to creep Gerrard out even more then he already was.

"Of course, master." The glaceon smiled, her voice, if anything, even more seductive in her happiness, which left Gerrard confused as to why she could be so happy, but it couldn't have been anything good. He heard the sound of something hitting the floor, but couldn't tell what it was. Second later, he could hear someone dragging the body across the floor.

He took a deep breath and then took another quick look around the corner to see if he could make a dash for the passage he had entered from only to find the dark armored figure standing right there in front of him. He quickly jumped back breathing hard, he never heard the metal clanking of the figure's boots walk up to him. "I thought I saw a rat." The figure stated in his dark voice, the eye on the chest plate blinking as it looked at Gerrard.

He wasted no time quickly dashing over to the passage. He heard the figure behind him chanting as he tripped over his own feet just in time to avoid a bolt of lighting. The bolt hit the wall next to the passage, jolts of electricity dancing over the wall for a few seconds before they faded. He quickly got up and ran down the passage. "Sophia, we have an intruder." The figure shouted.

Gerrard just barely heard the glaceon reply as he ran, the purple glow from his wakizashi now playing against him showing where he went, but he also need it himself to watch where he was going. Knowing that if he stayed in the main passage, he'd be easy prey for spells in the straight hallway, he quickly dashed down the first sub passage he came across and ran down that. He couldn't hear the clanking of metal boots behind him, but that didn't mean much given how he never heard the armored figure move the first time. He did however hear the soft thuds of leather soles running down the passage behind him and they were getting closer.

He made another random turn in the passage he was in, and then another hoping to lose his guests in the maze of twists and turns. After a few turns though, he still heard the sound of the someone following him, he spared a glance to see how close they were. Stopping right at a corner, he could see the glaceon smiling as she rounded the last corner and continued chasing him, but at least the armored figure wasn't there as well.

He darted down another passage now drawing both of his blades and smiled finally finding a staircase up. Just as he was about run up the stairs, the glaceon caught him, slamming the blunt side of her spearhead into his side knocking him away from the staircase. He yelled out as he fell over. He quickly rolled over seeing the glaceon smiling over him. If not for the fact that she was raising the spear up to strike at him, he would have sworn that she was an innocent young lass, her face looked so calm with her gentle smile. He didn't know what to think looking at her. He rolled off to the side in order to avoid getting stabbed.

That did little to save him though, the glaceon turning the spearhead sideways and quickly sliding it over to the ground towards him, the spearhead sparking a bit leaving a few small traces of fire behind as is scraped over the stone flooring of the passage. He threw his legs up over his head rolling back as he tried to catch himself and stand, but between the cloak which was now draped over his face and his lack of balance, he was struck in the leg when the glaceon thrust her spear at him.

He yelled out again jerking back, thankfully, the spear had only made a small gash in his leg, nothing too serious. He was still on the defensive though as he managed to flip his cloak off his face in time to parry another spear strike. A lucky block on his part, his next parry of the glaceon's spear caught something on the wall next to them and she couldn't pull it back. On the negative side, she still had his exit blocked. He didn't want to attack, but he wasn't going to take a chance and risk trying to find another way up.

He swung his machete at her leg, but she let her spear go and jumped back pulling out a knife and thrusting at him. He stepped back to avoid the knife as she grabbed her spear and with a sharp twist, pried it free to swing it at him. He had to fall back to avoid it though giving her yet another chance to attack him anyway, made even worse as he dropped his swords. He was panting hard now, really worried as she raised the spear up again.

He yelled out raising his hands up to try and catch the spear as she thrust it down at his chest, only something else happened instead. A small blue orb appeared between his hands. Before he even knew what was happening, the sphere flew up and stuck the glaceon in the chest. This time, she yelled out as she stumbled back dropping her spear holding her chest falling down to one knee.

Gerrard was a bit in shock at what he had done looking at her, her armor, although revealing had done it's job, her fur ruffled some, but she was intact. He quickly got up, grabbed his blades and run to the staircase. Before he could reach it though, a number of enforcers charged down the staircase. "Drop your weapons." The lead enforcer shouted and Gerrard did as he was told as the group of six entered the sewer. Gerrard quickly took a few steps back though as he looked down the passage past the enforcers.

The armored figure had rounded the corner, not making a sound at all. "Behind you, look out." Gerrard shouted. All of them quickly turned, crossbows at the ready. "Hold where you are." One of the enforcer's shouted. The armor figure responded by merely raising his hands and chanting a spell. All of the enforcers fired their crossbows, but they did nothing, the barbed spearhead bolts getting caught by some magic as they floated before the figure. The knights looked on, their blessed bolts were suppose to be immune to magic. The bolts fell to the floor as the figure began to chant another spell, a large rune appearing beneath the group of the knights as dark energies gathered around the figure, an echoing chant filling the hallway.

Gerrard turned to run, but saw the glaceon still trying to stand, a look of horror on her face. "Master?" She called out. "Please, no." she begged screaming as the knights quickly tried to reload their crossbows. "I've served your every command." She screamed out.

"You've served your purpose." The figure shouted as he threw his hands forward, the entire hall filling with light before there was a devastating blast that shook them all. Green smoke covered up the area hindering Gerrard's sight as he moved, causing him to cough heavily as he leaned against the wall just barely standing. He could hear others coughing as well as he tried waving his hand a bit to keep the smoke away from his mouth.

It took a few for the smoke to clear, but Gerrard quickly wished it was still there. Four of the six enforcers were now just bodies, their armor torn, their bodies even worse as Gerrard's already upset stomach was pushed over the edge. He fell to his knees puking from the sight of the four dead bodies, each of them looking as though they been turned inside out. He forced himself to look back around though after he finished emptying his stomach. The glaceon was sitting against a wall, panting hard, her legs scarred and cut in several places, her boots, or rather what scraps remained of them just barely still on her feet. Looking back towards where the armored figure was, Gerrard was very glad to see that they had left without a trace.

The two remaining enforcers quickly moved away from the corpses of their fellow squad members. One moved to Gerrard, a rapier drawn and pointed at him while the other moved towards the glaceon who was now starting to cry a bit. "Why master, I served you so well." She stated looking around trying to find him. "Master?" She yelled out. "Please, help me."

"Master?" The enforcer standing over her coughed. "That thing was your master?" Anger started to take over the enforcer. "That thing killed my men, and tried to kill you, maybe I should I finish what he started if you worked for him." The enforcer shouted readying his blade. Gerrard moved quickly and grabbed the enforcers hand before he could strike her though. The enforcer turned to face Gerrard and growled. "What are you doing?" He screamed in anger.

"Look at her." Gerrard stated coughing up a bit more as the last of the smoke faded. "She can't even defend herself much less walk like that." He stated. The enforcer glared at him, as though he was about to say something, but instead threw the blade down walking towards the staircase up. "Bring them." He ordered the other remaining enforcer who walked over and reached down and pulled the glaceon up over his shoulder. Gerrard moved over and grabbed his blades before helping the enforcer carry the glaceon up the stairs.

It was dark out at the top of the stairs, heavy cloud cover stopped the light of the moon and stars, the only light coming from torches that lined the streets of the city. Gerrard smiled heavily as he felt the cool air on his face, never before had he been so happy to feel the chill of night air, something that he normally disliked a bit. A small crowd was quickly growing into a large one around them, the sounds from the battle in the sewers, not to mention that last spell had woken up a lot of mons who were eager to find out what was going on.

Gerrard started to pass out though as he lost consciousness.
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