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An ancient undead being has long since slumbered in a hidden tomb deep beneath the city of Benalia, Capital of Ravnica. Having been trapped there for centuries, her anger and desire for freedom as well as all the things that she has been denied have grown and corrupted her. Betrayed by her own followers for the evil she sought to bring about in life and trapped in a tomb, she is slowly trying to return to an undead life. The approaching Star of Kael'thas had provided her with the power she needed to reach out, seducing the living to find and free her. Ravnica, already having its fair share of evil finds itself threatened by a new plague, the dead have begun to wake, waiting for the rise of their leader to join them adding as many to their ranks as they can while seeking sacrifices for their undead queen.

Story Notes:

Characters / catagories / warning will be added as needed.

  1. Chapter 1 : Return to Benalia (7262 words)

  2. Chapter 2 (7866 words)

  3. Chapter 3 (6321 words)

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