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Our story begins with a trainer, his precocious Snivy, a hotel room, and a bottle of massage oil...

Meet My Princess

Here we are. I swiped my trainer card through the electronic lock and the door hissed at me as it slid into the wall, opening to reveal our hotel room for the night. The lights came on, showing off the simple amenities: two beds, a table, a dresser, a closet, bathroom, fridge and a sizable TV. It was a nice place, especially for the small dent it made in my funds. True, it would have been free for me to stay at the Pokemon Center's trainer bunks, but I needed a bit more privacy because of, well... my companion.

I felt a small tug on my wrist, the familiar feeling of the thick vine I'd been gripping like a leash reminding me that it was there. At the other end of this vine was Anastasia, my Snivy. Well, I suppose she was my Pokemon about as much as I was her human. She'd been that way ever since I first opened her ball and proved I was worthy in our first few battles. She gave another quick tug and started to pull me into the room, barely giving me the time to holster my ID back in my pocket before the door shut behind us. I immediately let my bag slip from my shoulder and fall to the ground, nearly stumbling forward as the weight of my traveling gear left me in a single, glorious instant. The constant pull of Anastasia's vine did not go unheeded, and even though I could have yanked her back at any second, I knew better to treat her so impertinently. She was just eager and, to be quite honest, so was I.

With a graceful ease, she leaped onto the first bed she could reach, giving another eager tug on my wrist until I joined her on the woefully pristine sheets. As soon as I did, she dove into the pockets of my jacket, searching for, and finding, her favorite small vial with a clear, viscous liquid inside of it. It was a massage oil, one made from the muscle-relaxing essence of Cheri berries. It wasn't much, because it was expensive as all hell, but this, like the room, was just one of the many ways I liked to spoil my princess.

Laughing lightly at her enthusiasm, I popped open the crystal stopper on the bottle, letting the spicy scent overwhelm my nostrils. This stuff was potent, but grass types were all about scents, and I'd only need a few dabs for her. She was already laying on her belly like a girl at the beach waiting for her tanning lotion, the vine along my wrist retracting so that I could dab the precious fluid onto my fingers. I felt the warm liquid tingle against the muscles beneath my skin, the spiciness of the berry seeming to melt its way through my muscles. I took a moment to enjoy the feeling before I heard the soft, helpless thumping of little legs impatiently kicking the mattress.

"Alright, Ana, calm down. Here we go, girl..."

That was enough to get her to stop kicking. I straddled myself across the bed, facing her prone form, and let my first few fingers float through the air and land gently on the back of her neck. Her short little sigh and the shiver that shook the leaf on her tail told of her satisfaction. My fingers dipped in and felt the small, yet powerful muscles she hid under this delicate body. I slid my fingers against her perfectly smooth flesh in slow, sweet circles, wanting the oil to bleed its way down into her tensed body and gently restring every muscle until it was lax and pliable, able to release every ache that was trapped in the knots beneath. I was good at this, and I have no shame in admitting that. Before I could train a Pokemon, I spent a lot of time helping my mother at the day care, and all of these techniques were proving very useful in my Pokemon training career so far. At least, Anastasia thought so, and I was inclined to agree.

My fingers scooped along her back and moved to the base of her tail, where my palms cupped the thick little trunk and began to squeeze. Her pleased chirp and her rattling leaves encouraged me further, my thumbs pushing into the tan skin along the underside of her tail and finding it even softer than the leaf-like green of her back. It was almost like the thin surface of a flower petal, cool to the touch and with all the delicate strength of silk. The leaves were thick, and sensitive enough for me to take great care with them. Just a teasing touch feathered around their edges, the oil making them tingle and quiver and adding the same shine to them as I had given her back. She cooed and kicked her legs again, likely complaining about how much it tickled, but her berry-red eyes and sly little smile told me that her complaints were teasing at best.

It was time to move on. I slid my hands back to her shoulders, rubbing in circles all the way and giving the odd push where I felt the last of her tight muscles, until I reached the base of her neck. There, the little Snivy immediately rolled onto her back, flashing me her golden underbelly with a practiced flourish. My fingertips found themselves at the base of her tender throat, and as a trainer, or even a human being, it filled my heart with a sense of pride to have her close her eyes, smile and stretch her head back to give me access to one of her most tender, vital areas. I know she saw herself as royalty getting what royalty is deserved, but the tips of my fingers pressing against her throat, feeling her heart pumping and her air pouring into her chest and out of her mouth through her windpipe was intoxicating. The trust she had to give me in order to be this relaxed was truly, and perhaps ironically, breathtaking.

I released a low sigh, fanning out my fingers so that my thumbs were rubbing her chest while my oiled fingers were tracing their glistening tips down the front of her neck to make it shine in the artificial light from above. I felt her lungs expanding with a soft hiss and deflating with a squeaky moan, the strength of her muscles dissolving from her bones and pooling against the well-ruined sheets beneath us. Her smile was gone, replaced with a relaxed gape of her mouth, and her eyes were half-shut as I continued, letting my thumbs now carefully circle her stomach while the other fingers stroked her chest to evenly paint her with the tingling fluid. There are not very many muscles on a Snivy's chest, so everything golden on their bodies is soft and sensitive, the flexible ribs and beating heart beneath my fingertips attesting to her trust of me once more. I don't need to massage her here. I just rub her and let the oil do the work. At least until I get to her thighs...

This is where things change. I'm a big fan of Pokemon and human equality which is, admittedly to most, just another way of saying Pokemon and human sex. There are a lot of philosophical discussions for both sides, arguments for and against, evidence on things going right and things going horribly wrong, but none of that is really my concern. The only thing that matters is that sweet smile and that sly glare on my Anastasia's face. You can analyze me all you want. I just think it's hot as fuck, and I know she feels the same way.

I'd been teasing myself, not looking between her thighs. You can't really tell if there is anything there unless you're really looking, but experience has taught me the, pardon the pun, "ins and outs" of her body. A slight discoloration, a warm, pink swelling, a barely visible fold... the subtlety is beautiful in an artistic way I suppose. Again, I just think it's hot. My fingers danced around the edges of the fold, and I heard the little rustling of her leaves again, trembling as her strongest muscles shake the tip of her tail.

After a few rubs like that, I saw a bit of moisture that my oiled fingers did not cause. She was getting wet enough for me to notice it, and the occasional pull of my thumbs along the sides of her sex gave way to the sight of a pale pink tunnel in that long, slender slit. Two tunnels, actually, though one of them was off limits. She was plenty tight enough without having to experiment with that last virginity of hers. I let my nostrils suck in a long breath. Could I smell her arousal? Yes and no. It was a different scent, I suppose, but I couldn't really tell why. Maybe my nose just isn't sensitive enough to notice anything significant. Maybe it was because I wasn't of the Field species or Grass species of Pokemon that could reliably breed with her. Maybe the Cheri oil made my nose desensitized to other sweet smells. Ah well. Her scent didn't really matter yet. We'll get to that later.

Anastasia was quick to remind me of that fact, her vines sliding forward and wrapping around my hips to drag me closer. I was still wearing my pants, and that just would not do, apparently. I took a brief moment to undo my button before letting her insistent tugging help me in dragging them off, ending up pants-less by the time I had cleared the arm's length I was away from her before. When I wasn't getting any closer, she pulled herself up onto her feet and reached out to grab the rim of my tented boxers, stretching the elastic and leaning backwards until she had pulled them down. My cock bounced free of its prison, thankful for its freedom and showing its gratitude by hardening in the cool air of the room and the hot breath of the female beneath it. Her large eyes stared up at the present she had just unwrapped, and seconds later she was inspecting it with her fingers.

Now it was her turn to tease me, taking great pride in her ability to do so. Her tiny claws pinched and tugged at the skin of my cock, letting the tip of her tapered nose be the only thing to touch its head. Her little nostrils hissed and flared as she sucked in my scent, and she gave happy, relaxed sighs as she rubbed my shaft with a single, small hand. Her other fingers had lowered to my balls, lifting and rolling them back and forth as though she were inspecting their weight and productivity. It wasn't long before I released my first bead of pre-seed thanks to that, which made her release a soft, squeaky moan from her little throat. That sound of pure glee was unique to her, and it made me happy every time I heard it, even when it didn't directly involve my shaft.

Then, I felt her tongue. Hot, thin, wet and slow, it lazily flicked across my tip and started slithering in circles around the head of my cock. The long thing then snaked its way further, wrapping itself around the tip of my shaft and winding a wet trail halfway down my length. It squeezed and pumped me, my toes flexing and curling on the bed as my head stroked the smooth surface of her scalp to encourage her. Her mouth was just big enough to envelope my cock-head, though she only placed her lips at the hole, having her tongue draw in the beads of fluid that she milked from me.

I watched as she pulled her body against mine, and I felt the thin oil I had covered her with now smearing itself against the underside of my cock, its thick vein throbbing against her small, beating heart. The smooth, warm skin of her chest and belly felt like slick velvet as she rubbed herself up and down along my shaft. The effect of the oil kicked in then, my dick being tickled by the rippling buzz it fed to my nerves. My hands, feeling idle, moved to either side of the soft snake and held her still. She retracted her tongue, raised her head, closed her eyes and hugged my cock tighter in her small, oiled arms, smiling lazily and giving a low, pleased hiss of anticipation.

I started moving my hips, giving small, slow thrusts that dragged my cock through the tunnel she made with her hands and body. It felt amazing being surrounded by slick, warm skin, her arms completely coating my dick in that wonderful oil. I kept pushing and pulling my cock through her arms, smearing my pre against her slender, glistening chest and soft stomach while easing my way lower down the small arch of her slender body. When I felt the beginning of her wet slit touch the gliding head of my cock, I saw her wince and felt her curl backwards in my arms. One would think she was in pain if they didn't know better, but I knew my princess. I could see that molten smile on her lips and that glazed look melting over her eyes. They couldn't feel her vines tighten on my hips or her legs spread and dangle against my thighs, inviting me in ways words never could.

This was where the oil she so liberally painted my cock with came in handy. As it smeared over her slit it lit her nerves on fire, making her small body give a few more jumps and squirms before the Cheri nectar did its work. Her muscles relaxed, so much so that even the tight opening to her tunnel gently parted and kissed the head of my cock. Her arms reached backwards and gripped the hotel's blankets tightly, her eyes slamming shut as I grew closer and closer to pushing my way into her. I pulled back, leaned forward, pulled back, leaned forward, getting her to open wider and wider with every lazy swing of my hips...

That's when I felt it. She was weakened by the muscle-softening oils of the Cheri, and I slipped in. Several inches at once slid their way into her, making her yelp and arch her long, lithe back from the bed. I smiled as I watched her body writhe and settle, her young muscles shivering in my grasp and her vines squeezing me adoringly as she once again got used to the thick flesh inside of her. It wasn't long until I felt her trying to grind herself against me, urging me to continue. Instead of moving my hips, I grabbed her small body and pushed it back and forth across the oil-slick sheets, hearing her moan and yelp again and again as I felt my cock kiss the end of her tunnel with every lazy pull and have it desperately try to suck me back in when I pushed her back. Her moans and cries were had no shame to their volume, and I would find out how soundproof this room really was by how many odd looks I get tomorrow morning.

I started to push with my hips, grinding myself into her and hearing her swallow her own drool and let out her long, squeaking moan. I couldn't fit much of myself into her, which I think infuriated her. She wanted more, and I could feel her trying to pull me into her with the vines around my hips. I wanted to try, fuck knows I wanted to see how much my little Princess could take, but I didn't want to hurt her. Aside from how much I cared for her, I couldn't imagine having to explain that kind of injury to the nurse across the street. I gave her a little of what she wanted. A little harder. A little faster. I was probably teasing her, making her hungrier for more, and in her wanton desperation she pulled herself onto me so hard that I honestly thought she was going to take every inch, even as tears started forming in her eyes. She wanted to conquer this so badly. She wanted to take all of what she deserved...

I stopped her, slipping my hand to her vine and clenching it to remind her of her dangerous ambition. She was my princess, and I was her king, and I couldn't harm her even if I cared more for her safety than she did. Panting, she frowned, though her grip did loosen from my hips, relenting to my wordless demand. However, I quickly saw a smile reform as a single vine slid from my waist and wrapped itself around the base of my cock, coiling several times until it completely encompassed me.

Hah, I see. If I couldn't fuck her pussy completely, she was going to at least make sure that every inch of me was treated fairly. Is that what she was trying to say? Or was she just going to try to pull my cock all the way into her by its root. I felt her squeeze my oiled dick hard, twisting and grinding it in a way that made me stop my thrusting to enjoy every ounce of my pulsing flesh being hugged and teased. Without the oil this might have hurt, but her vine was abusing the slippery skin beneath it, and a pat on my hip from her other tendril reminded me to keep fucking her like a good king should.

Oh, I did. If she wanted to play this game, I'll play. I grabbed her by her small arms, making her give me a small squeak of surprise. I cocked my hips back, then, holding her steady, I slammed myself against her. The vines made the perfect buffer, letting me go as hard as I wanted without fear of breaking my limber little girl. Her little fangs bit into her lower lip as I pounded her, her vine tightening into a firm coil that tried to milk me of my seed. Then I felt her thrash again, another orgasm wracking her small body as the sound of our wet skin slapping together echoed together with her loud, whining cry. It only encouraged me, making me go faster and harder, wanting her orgasm to keep rolling over itself.

I was close. Fuck was I close. I kept my momentum, going faster and faster while her upper body went limp on the bed. Her eyes were glazed and barely focused, her tongue drooling down the side of her sharp muzzle as she watched me use her. My hands left her shoulders to rest on her belly, where I felt a sudden... bump against my thumbs right where her womb would be. My heart jumped and I paused just in time to see her grinning face. She'd tricked me. Her sly smile was dopey and her chest rising and falling with a weak, panting chuckle.

You see, the coils she had wrapped around my cock had vanished, leaving only one. I was only an inch outside of her, and the outline of my cock's head was a bulge in her tight, golden belly. My hands grabbed her waist and my thumb trailed it, my heartbeat and the hiss of my breath loud in my ears. I could feel my own touch upon my cock as if it were only a thin latex keeping me from touching my own skin... and it was hot to me. She had taken so much of me, and she wanted even more. She wasn't in pain, there was nothing to show she was being hurt, only a testament to how very... elastic her young body was. I'd never even thought about seeing something like this before, but... I liked it. I loved it!

I groaned, fucking her slowly again to watch the way my hard cock could be seen surging and receding beneath her skin, the way she cried out for me making me desire her even more. She wanted this. She's always wanted this. She always did want to push herself during our battles, refusing to admit defeat, and I was enabling in that. So why not this? So I went faster, and faster, and faster until I felt my climax building up again. I angled my hips so that I jabbed upwards into her limp body, making the outline of my cock stand out even more beneath her scaled skin. It was beautiful. It was fucking sexy! That was it. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum inside of her and see if I could see my own cock throbbing as it filled her. I wanted to cum. I felt my ass clenching, churning with the seed I was going to use to fill her little body up. I wanted to cum. I felt my toes curling and my fingers digging into her. I needed to cum. I'm cumming!

But as soon as I started, I felt her squeezed down hard with that last vine. I groaned loudly and shuddered with the burning, pleasurable pain of having my orgasm denied, my tip burning as it released only one thick rope of fluid before being clenched shut. She had that coy little smile back on her lips, her now-lucid eyes smiling up at me. Ooh, that's right. The little snake had got me so hot I'd forgotten that I was to finish her little spa treatment. I nodded to her, then slowly pulled my cock from her slit, hearing the wet tunnel pop and try to weakly close in the absence of my shaft. It couldn't even shut enough to keep the thick dollop of cum that had slipped out of me from running over her tail... but I'll use that in a second

She pulled herself up with her vines, using me as a support as she came up to my cock again. There was no foreplay this time. She was still panting, and she wanted me to cum just as badly as I did. Location was important, though. Her vines both grabbed me and wrung themselves around my oiled cock as if they were trying to squeeze every drop of moisture from it. It was my turn to grab the sheets, clenching the blankets in one fist while the other rubbed her back to encourage her. I resorted to biting my own bottom lip to hopelessly hold back the moans in my throat. It didn't take long; she'd only pulled me back from my peak so she could quickly push me back over it. She aimed my tip at her open mouth, her tongue lazily lapping at the base of my dick, and she continued to squeeze me until I let out a final, rushed, groaning cry of relief.

The first thick spurt of cum hit her tongue and she immediately dove her head forward, wrapping her lips around the tip so that she didn't miss a single drop. I felt like I couldn't stop, my body trembling as each jet of cum HURT leaving me, stinging my tip and leaving the sweet burn of relief behind. Her cheeks couldn't hold it, the corners of her mouth parting just enough to have thick, white globs of seed run themselves down my oiled shaft. Her tail shivered and bounced with every hard throb of my spurting dick, mimicking it with little jumps of excitement whenever she felt a fresh rope of seed splash into her full mouth. When my orgasm ended, she slowly pulled away, looked me in the eyes, smiled, and opened her mouth, letting her tongue drool out to guide a mouthful of hot semen onto her chest and belly while her hands greedily scooped what she'd let leak out before and rubbed it into her thighs.

This was her favorite lotion, and it was my job to help her apply it. My hands came down and began rubbing my cum into her body, the thick, slick fluid barely spreading as it slipped around her oily flesh. It wasn't sticking, but that didn't stop us from trying, eventually ending up with nearly solid globs of my semen clinging to her body that simply refused to melt into an effective glaze for her like the rest. Only then did I take the little blobs of musky seed and start feeding them to her, giving her a finger-full with every pass while I tried to push the bulk of my scent through the oils that were already saturating her.

When we were done, she smelled like sugary, spicy sex, and that's how she liked it. Her body was shining, and that shine would hold for days if we ever let it go that long. My smell would eventually fade after we showered, at least to my nostrils, but the way she nuzzled and rubbed the leaves of her tail, the same way that she nuzzled and rubbed my cock, made me think that some part of my pheromones were retained there. I didn't know if it was true, but I knew enough of Pokemon breeding to know that grass types liked to broadcast the smell of their mates, which would usually be the saccharine scent of sweet leaves and honey. I can only wonder what other Pokemon would think if the smell of my Anastasia told them everything they wanted to know about our relationship...

Well... not everything. As I fed her the last large dollop of seed, I watched her delicately sip it from my fingertip and look me lovingly in the eyes once more. You can smell sex, but you can't smell love. Her vines move up to the back of my neck and try to weakly tug me towards her. I entertain the power she has over me and let my body drift closer, bringing my lips to hers and letting her small, writhing tongue explore my mouth as it always does, the taste of sweet cum lacing my palate and her trilling adoration vibrating from her throat and into mine. I stayed there, kissing her, listening to the soft hiss of her breath on my ear as our lips remained locked together and her little body squirmed and writhed in my arms. Later tonight, we would shower, politely fold our sheets, then sleep on the clean, virgin bed beside us, ever the innocent trainer and companion to the eyes of the ignorant, apathetic or otherwise polite cleaning staff.

But for now, my princess wanted to keep kissing... and so did her king.


Thank you for playing,

Matthew, the Z-Byte
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    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
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    I haven't read many good grass-type stories, but this was just superb!

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    Author's Response:
    Cheevos! Aaaaaawesome! I need a list of your achievements so I have goals to shoot for. Gotta up my Writer Score so everyone knows how big my internet penis is.

    Totally unsarcastic, by the way :X Goals are fun!

    All aside, I'm glad you enjoyed the story!