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Anastasia decides to take it upon herself to find a subject for her and her King to rule.  Her ingenious, wicked plan is sure to attract just the right Pokemon for the job... even if she doesn't know exactly who she'll be bringing home to her trainer!

The First Subject

Anastasia lifted her nose into the cool evening air, smelling the fresh grass that surrounded her.  The moon was bright in the sky, only shadowed by the distant light of her trainer's campfire. It was too far away to hear the crackling of the logs and twigs, but her lithe tongue could still touch the air and taste the spicy hints of Cheri wood smoke. She wouldn't wander too far from her King, after all.

But as his high consort, it was her duty to find him proper subjects.

He deserved warriors, entertainers and servants, yet she was still the only retainer in his retinue. She didn't mind the extra attention, of course! She relished every second of being the focus of his worthy gaze! But kingdom of two was hardly impressive, so the both of them must accept their right, no, their responsibility, to rule. Which meant it was her responsibility, as the royal liaison to Pokekind, to fill her lords ranks with useful, loyal subjects.

Even if it meant... sharing.

Anastasia tried to look on the bright side. She could finally get herself a handmaiden! The regal Pokemon was giddy at the thought of having a Pokemon to carry her berries and clean her King's flesh after their nightly consummations. To find the right Pokemon, though, she would have to use a particular method of attraction.

Enter her Sweet Scent. Divine as it was, it didn't spark until after she'd started bathing in her trainer's passion.  The honeyed milk that she coaxed so often from his root had been seeping into her skin evening after evening. Her Scent was now spiced with his royal musk, the smell subtle to a human but more than obvious for the rest of Pokekind. More than a few potential subjects responded with deep curiosity when that holy cocktail reached their nostrils. The most natural response she received, of course, was envy. It can't be helped. To want is the burden of those that do not have.

But tonight was their lucky night. One lucky creature would get the honor of sleeping at the foot of the royal sleeping bag.

Her tail swayed into the shuddering wind, the leaf sweating the combined odor of her and her lord.  It drifted through the grass, calling to all those who not only found this scent interesting, but appealing.  She had to find those willing to serve her trainer, and scent told so much more than words ever could.  A keen nose could sense his strength, fertility, and other hints that would serve as his broad and pleasing banner to all who wished to follow him.

It did not take long for the grass to rustle.  A nervous whisper in the night, making the proud snake slide her head towards the source.  Two black eyes peered back at her, shorter than her own, the moonlit sky bouncing a small reflection off of its short fur.

The princess let out a short series of welcoming hisses, giving her tail a slow fan to beckon and further entice the Pokemon.  Sweet Scent was a rather effective technique at gathering Pokemon.  It swarmed the senses of even the most stalwart of future subjects.  She watched the furry Pokemon crept from the grass, its long ears curled towards high consort and a puffy tuft of white fur bristling from its chest...

Oh, what a fascinating little creature this was!  Anastasia couldn't contain herself, approaching the drunken creature with curious abandon.  She ran her tiny fingers through the fluff of its brown fur, cupping its cheek, toying with its lips, taking in its scent.  Aaah, her scent.  She moved to the tail, lifting it, inspecting it.  

Yes.  Definitely a her.

The little creature looked as though it were about to squeak out a protest, but that thick leaf eased across her nostrils.  Her head followed it as her eyelids lowered, her nose twitching as she let her mind be ensnared by the captivating smell.  Anastasia, for a moment, had second thoughts about bringing such an easily overpowered servant into the fold.  She could only replicate so much of her lord's scent, and this little one was already captivated.  What would happen if she were exposed to the real source?

Ah, but that is what made her change her mind.  For her lord's first subject to be so unquestioningly and naturally devoted would inspire others to the court.  Yes.  That is what was important.  She would just have to make sure that this little one knew her place in this heirarchy.

She eased one of her thin, strong vines out of her collar, creeping it outwards and sweepingit over the furred female.  It stroked along the drunken creature's lips and cheek, dragging across fur-covered skin until it reached a tense shoulder.  There, it twisted like an adoring snake, embracing her throat in a firm, but fair grasp.  She tested her hold with a tug, and the subject resisted for a moment.  It was clear, though, that the resistance was built on confusion rather than blatant defiance, as a second tug eased her forward at a plodding pace. It helped that every inch of Anastasia's hide had a light tone of her King's gracious smell.

This furry female would learn, in time, how swiftly she should obey.  But the princess wouldn't be training her until she knew her lord approved.  She returned to camp at an even pace, moving just fast enough to encourage the neophyte to pick up her feet and work up a little sweat while she listened to a few key pointers from her princess on how to treat royalty.



Anastasia had been gone a while.

I wasn't worried about her, of course.  Being my only Pokemon, Anastasia was already so much stronger than when we first started training together.

...But it helped to know that my Pokedex didn't alert me to any particularly tough Pokemon around here. With a rather large daycare center only a few miles away, I'd be surprised to find anything threatening enough to scare away their business.

I stirred the campfire with my hiking stick, watching the embers dance away from the flames as I waited for my Pokemon's return.  My eyes were darting to any odd rustle that disturbed the tall grass.  It was mostly the wind, I'm sure, but I caught at least one pair of nocturnal eyeshine watching me before darting off when the fire popped a bit too loudly for its liking. The Pokemon here were more curious than aggressive. Maybe tomorrow we could find another Pokemon to take with us...

My brow piqued as a hissing trill bled from the tall, dark blades of grass, followed shortly by the sleek gait of my Snivy.  There she was. We locked eyes and exchanged a smile, but hers was far more telling and mischevious than mine.  That drew my attention to the vine that stretched into the grass, and the beady black eyes that seemed to rest at its end.  As soon as brown fur and a white tuft came into view on four little legs my eyes widened, much to the sly delight of my Pokemon.

It was an Eevee.  I couldn't help my curiosity, crawling on all fours towards my princess and her prize. They weren't as rare as they once were, but to find one without looking still took a legendary amount of luck...

"Is this what you were hunting for, girl?"  I asked Ana, reaching my hand out to stroke her cheek.  It was intercepted by an overeager headbutt against my palm, drinking my praise through the heat of my skin.  The little snake chittered and ruffled her tail, tugging her vine forward to bring the Eevee closer to me.  The creature's ears were down, but its back wasn't raised and its tail wasn't tucked to its belly. It was submissive, but not terrified.

What had Anastasia told it?

As if to answer, my Snivy tapped the Eevee's nose with her broad tail leaf.  I watched the young one's snout follow the leaf's path as if it had been stuck to it, darting out its tongue to try and catch a taste.  Then, the honeyed smell hit my nostrils. Sweet Scent.  Clever thing.  It was useful for attracting Pokemon in the wild and disorienting them in battle.  This one seemed to be doing a bit of both.  

My other hand floated to its furry cheek, surprising me when she didn't flinch away.  Its nose turned to my hand and dug in, taking sniffs of me so hard that I thought she would pull my skin into its nostrils. Anastasia pulled her leaf away as the Eevee found a new fixation against my wrist, its soft chin sliding into my palm.

A sigh melted from its mouth, a warm, soft sound of relief. Anastasia perused my movements as I stroked my hand across this wild Pokemon's back, watching its spine arch into my touch.  My nails dug into the fur and dragged across the skin beneath, scratching it, getting its hide to shiver and its tail to wag.  My fist then closed around its tailbase and gave a squeeze, hearing it mewl with a desperate tone.  Its black eyes looked up to mine as my fingers slipped beneath its tail.  

Aha... Her tail.  

Anastasia beamed as the Eevee squirmed, the warm, puffed vulva of a female in heat pulsing against my fingertips.  So that's what happened.  Anastasia went hunting for females in heat.  Sweet Scent wasn't usually so discerning... oh, but maybe her prideful baths in my spunk were more to her than a lewd badge of honor. Her scent must be... a very special one at this point. Unique to us, I would think...

My fingers traced the warm spade of the rare female, my groin growing tighter with each pass of soft, swollen flesh.  My shameless Pokephilia combined with the need I saw in this little one's eyes.  Did her heat just start?  Was she already rutted?  Did she even know what was going on?

Another mewl from the Eevee shook me from my thoughts, and Anastasia's gentle yet incessant tugging eventually pulled the Eevee against my bulging pants.  Her nose glued itself to my throbbing, hidden sex, her tongue dragging against the rough fabric while Anastasia looked on with lustful joy.  Perhaps it was simply a show my little princess was after?  

Alright.  I'll give her one.

I released Anastasia's cheek and undid my pants, noticing my breath had quickened.  The belt jingled, the button popped and the zipper hissed as I fished my cock out of its bonds.  

My half-hard flesh bobbed into the open air and pushed against the desperate Eevee's cheek.  Her eyes gleamed as she shoved her head against my crotch like a magnet to iron. Her nose buried itself in the coarse hairs of my bush, soft hiss of her deep inhales bringing more voyeuristic glee to my princess.  The Eevee whimpered as if she were getting a dose of her favorite drug, my finger growing wetter as her hindquarters swung against my wrist.  Her short muzzle dragged along the base of my sex as my length hardened,  sliding along her cheek and dripping clear pre onto the soft fur of her neck. 

Her wet, curious tongue finally slapped against my base, mashing into the soft flesh of my balls.  She drove herself wild with me as my finger curled and dipped into her tight spade, feeling the sharp curve of her inner tunnel. Her whimpering hiked, and  her fluid covered my hand within a few steady probes, her walls constricted my digit with a desperate need.

 That much did worry me.  She was elastic, as all Pokemon are when it comes to breeding. Many couples just wouldn't work otherwise. But was she still just a little too small to fuck? I had to see if she could really take me.

"Anastasia," I whispered, looking to my lustful, curious companion, whose wide eyes were fixed on my throbbing shaft and whose lips were just as wet as the Eevee's pussy.  "Use your vine on her.  See if she's ready to take me."

My Snivy's eyes lit up at the command, one of her long vines slithering out from behind her collar like a slender serpent. She let out a hissing, rattling chuckle, sliding her small claws along the Eevee's back and taking a hold of that fluffy tailbase. Ana's vine coiled and slipped between her thighs, the slick flesh pushing up against her wet, reptilian slit as the bulbed head poked out from underneath. She leaned over the Eevee, her mouth opening in soft, focused whispers of hissing words as her hips rolled, doubtlessly teasing that tip against that puffy spade. I didn't understand that lewd dialogue, but I FELT the words across the smaller creature's expressions, hearing the Eevee whimper in pitiful, adorable need as my Ana sneered above her.

The passionate contortion of that small, furry Pokemon's face as the Snivy pushed into her with her faux cock was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

The Eevee let out a choked chirp as she was penetrated, her hips jumping forward for a moment to escape the sudden invasion. Ana grabbed another fistfull of fluff before giving her another thrust, fucking her back into position with a trilling, endearing coo. The Eevee's back arched and her hips dipped, instinct forcing her into a comfortable position to be bred in. That other green claw gripped the top of the female's head and pushed her back into the base of my cock, a lewd dominance overtaking my princess as we shared a female between us.

I felt my mouth growing wet and my heart beating harder with that same feral lust, holding the Eevee's cheek in one palm while my other gripped my shaft. I smeared my dripping sex across the female's brown cheek, her horny cries for more punctuated by an occasional hungry lick along the underside of my fleshy crown. I wasn't going to make the little thing suck me, not when she was getting pounded so hard by my Snivy, but I did push my musk, her drug, into her nostrils and fur.

It was a sick pleasure, I knew it. I might even feel bad about this after I cum. But I couldn't help myself. Not when I saw a pair of desperate, hungry eyes staring up at me, right beneath my princess's glistening gaze. She spoke to me in words she knew I couldn't hear, but I knew they were encouraging me. Telling me to have fun with her. I didn't know if I was corrupting my Pokemon with my own perverted lusts, or if she was the one training me, helping me to let go...

A high squeal resounded from the little furry kit, the hot gasps washing against my cock coming in faster and faster breaths. Ana knew the little female was cumming, gripping the Eevee's neck in both claws and letting out commanding growls and hisses to command her. I could hear the vulgarities in her feral language, the wicked things she must be saying to this innocent, cum-starved soul as they both rode towards their climax. I felt like pumping myself off right in her face, but I was poised for such a big orgasm that I knew my next load would drain me for several minutes.

I wanted to unload right into that thirsty cunt of hers, even if I only got a few pumps through that tight sleeve before doing so.

The Eevee's eyes clenched and she let out a pleasured, squeaking howl, Ana's hips forced themselves down against her own vine to help send herself over the edge as well. There was something about the heat of the Eevee's breath against the head of my cock that made me see stars, and I tried clenching my fist around my cock to keep myself from blowing.

That was a mistake. The added pressure caused my hips to surge and my cock to burn with an explosive, unavoidable climax. I gave up as I felt the first jet of my cum defiantly bursting from my tip, launching over my Snivy's back and splashing against her tail.

The hot fluid against her skin made her eyes shoot up and her mouth open out of reflex, pushing her upper body off of the Eevee so that my spunk could bathe her face and chest. I aimed as best I could, the cum loudly popping in thick ropes against my Pokemon's skin before oozing down to soak into the fur of the Eevee below her. Anastasia slipped lower as the furball's legs gave out, my next strand of thick seed covering her back before I could aim. The last of my load dribbled from my tip and oozed over the furry face of our new friend.

Ana cooed again and began scooping the thick dollops of seed into her mouth with her claws, and I couldn't help but rub my dripping tip against the drool-and-pre-soaked fur beneath her. The Eevee was panting, taking in cooling breaths, barely registering what I was doing save for the few times my twitching cock slid over her outstretched tongue. She took what little I gave her into her mouth and swallowed it quickly so that she could cool down again...

Fuck... I was spent. And I did feel bad... but not because of how we had used her. It was because it'd be a while before my next load was ready, and this poor thing wouldn't be more than a limp toy for at least a good hour or so. Oh well... it'd give me time to recover and catch my own breath...

....At least, that's what I'd thought until a rustling in the bushes beside us brought me and Ana's eyes to attention. Our gaze met a third, a familiar pair of large, black, doll-like eyes.

Another Eevee?

My eyes squinted as I took deep breaths, thinking for a split second that the lack of blood and oxygen to my brain was making me hallucinate. It took several steps towards us, swaying its hips to and fro and licking its lips like a hungry animal.

Oh, it was definitely real.

I looked to Anastasia, wondering if this was another little surprise that she had planned, but her wide eyes told me that she was just as shocked as me. Was this a relative of the little one we'd just drugged and toyed with? My cock out and swinging, I was in no position to explain myself or fight...

I turned my eyes back to the newcomer. It was quite a bit larger, maybe older than the female between my legs. Anastasia questioned it, throwing curious trills and warning growls towards the haughty creature. The larger thing paused, smiled and... bowed. It knelt onto its forelegs and flicked its... her... tail high in response.

There was a thick, black spade under her tail as well, and it was already dripping wet. Had she been watching? It spoke in its feral tongue towards Anastasia, who cocked her head with such a confused expression that for a moment I didn't think she understood the language.

Then Anastasia giggled. Then laughed! I haven't heard her laugh like that in ages! Whatever this Pokemon had said, it'd pleased my princess to no end! The Eevee smiled in return, and I watched these two Pokemon have a conversation while I knelt in the dirt with a sleepy Eevee nuzzling my knee with her wet cheek. I moved to slip my sensitive cock back into its safe prison, but I was stopped by a green, waving claw.

"Making a new friend, Anastasia? I don't think you need my cock out for that."

A trilling giggle contradicted me, and the larger Eevee was led with a nod towards me. The first thing this Eevee did was move her muzzle up under my softening shaft and let the flesh drape across her brow. I took in a breath, but didn't move, not wanting to overstimulate my raw member. With a glance at my Snivy, I realized that the way Anastasia was smiling at and studying this new female made this look like an initiation.

Any indignant thoughts were snuffed out as I felt a stream of air surround my cockhead. I gasped and looked into the sultry eyes of this new Eevee, who had her lips puckered and was blowing across my tip. The sensation was incredible on my sensitive skin, my dick flexing in response to the new stimulus. I was getting hard again. I didn't have more than a few drops left in me, but my cock was waking up all the same.

While my member was somewhat still soft, the large female pushed her paw into the base of my shaft and mashed it against my belly, leaning up to get a better angle. It forced a moan out of me, which brought delight to both of the lewd, conscious Pokemon beneath me. The big girl dragged her long tongue from base to tip, skating off my head as if she were saving it for last. It didn't take more than a minute or two before I was throbbing under those soft pads, leaning back on my palms and watching this female work.

Something told me that she was a Release from that daycare. Pleasing a male like this wasn't an instinct. She had to be taught techniques like this...

...Fuck it...

I leaned forward, which made the Eevee step back and smile. My cock bobbed into the air, still sensitive but able and willing. This female knew it. She was already turning around and flipping her tail, showing that black, puffed spade that wafted such a humid scent that I didn't have to be a Pokemon to know how far she was into her heat. Anastasia was beaming as I stood and pulled my pants completely off, not wanting them to get in the way.

I walked up behind the large Eevee and dropped to my knees with an ugly thud, no grace in my movements as I grabbed her scruff in my fist like the clumsy, horny animal they were turning me into. The puffy skin of her sex was hot as I dragged my cock against it, my thighs shivering and my throat vibrating in a grunt. I tried to ease into her. She was still much smaller than me, after all...

...But she wasn't having it. The head of my human cock slipped beyond that first inch of squeezing muscle and I felt her SHOVE herself against me, making us both cry out in sharp pleasure. I doubled over and caught myself before falling on top of her, gripping her scruff tighter to try and control her. She wasn't having that, either, her hips rolling, bouncing and getting herself off on my turgid, sensitive flesh.

That had to stop. I was going to blow a painful load before long if I didn't gain control of her needy grinding. I gripped her scruff and pulled it back. She responded by squealing and squeezing my shaft harder, her dark brown fur grinding against my thighs as she buries me inside of her. I grabbed a fistful of the soft fur of her ass. It didn't help. I grabbed her tailbase to steady her, and she rolled her stomach and massaged my over-stimulated cock from within with eager twists of her inner muscles.

I was the one getting used... but that was my mistake. I tried to fuck her like an animal. I was at a disadvantage.

I grabbed her scruff and pulled her back hard, so hard that her front paws left the ground. She yelped, but her wiggling hips still tried to beat me in this game she'd invented. But once I grabbed both of her back ankles in one fist, she finally lost all control. All she could do now was try to squeeze me as I sat back and started lifting her by her scruff and feet, dropping her back down like a fuzzy sleeve. I was still going to cum just as fast, but it would be on my terms. I leaned over her as I bounced her hard on my lap, looking down into those pretty blue eyes and-


I paused, and she tried to wriggle her hips to make me continue. After a few seconds, though, she'd realized what I'd been staring at and her eyes blinked and widened, fading back into that familiar doll-black.

What have we here?

I lifted her up and slammed her back down, her eyes going wide at the sudden motion and flashing back to that blue color again. Her front paws, their colors shifting to a darker shade, started to swim in the air as she half-struggled with herself. She'd been caught, and I was determined to find out what exactly I had my cock in. I started shoving her down onto my cock with the intent to break her, the rough-loving female crying out in wincing bliss as her fur began to blossom into a different color. It was like a mirage was evaporating before my eyes, the chocolate fur growing deeper and darker, the creamy white bleeding into a bloody red and the cute, blunt muzzle starting to sharpen itself out...

I felt her climax grip my cock as her body changed in my grasp. The black-furred fox flailed and clenched in pleasure as her yipping cry contrasted the squeaking howl of the species she was imitating. I shuddered and buckled over her, hugging her like a stuffed toy against my body as my cock throbbed and rode her climax into my own.

I filled this twitching Zorua with my seed.

Despite my last climax, she'd been able to work another decent load out of me. I rocked back and forth on my heels as I gripped her, her trembling form squirming  against my thighs while she spasmed and jerked with every hot splash of cum she stole from me.

When I'd finished draining myself, I eased my way out and felt her tunnel cinch closed, instincts trying to lock my spunk inside of her. She must have been in heat, too. Not surprising. She shared a breeding group with Eevees, and Zorua were notorious for infiltrating other species to procreate their rare line. The tired pup immediately rolled onto her back and began to purr like a cat, trilling as her quivering legs shivered in the grass.

I then followed suit, laying down on the cool grass to lower the temperature in my own skull. I was sweating, my legs shook and my cock caught a cool breeze with its wet skin. "Fuck," I whispered into the air, moving my hands to my forehead to brush my hair out of my face. I must have laid there for several minutes, trying to get the strength up to walk back to my tent and grab my Pokeballs. I only budged when I heard a stifled mewling nearby.

I dreaded turning my head, and what I saw confirmed it. Ana had the little Eevee girl on her back, her thighs spread, those little green claws squeezing and playing with that puffy, feral slit that the snake herself lacked. I caught her mid-lick, and Ana gave me a sly, sidelong glance and pulled her mouth away, spreading the girl's sex wider. No. There was no way I'd have the energy to do this again, especially not for the three drops of cum I had left in my balls.

But that's when I learned that you should never take your eyes off a dark type.

A purring giggle caught my ears only seconds before a long lash of hot tongue slapped against my softened sex. It was frankly embarrassing how quickly my cock responded to that wet mouth and the soft presses of skilled paw pads. Did every female Zorua know how to please a male? It would help the other species look past their disguise...

...Damn it, I can't distract myself anymore. "Fine, bring her over here," I remarked, much to the wicked delight of the two wicked females and the soft, panting smile of the smaller female, whose pussy still ached for whatever this male had left for her. I felt bad I wouldn't be giving her much, but I don't think Anastasia would let her go unsatisfied either way. She seemed to love the noises that the little Eevee made.

As a warm, tight sleeve of feral pussy was lowered onto my cock by strong vines, a pair of sadistic dark paws aiming my throbbing member towards her sex, I let my muscles relax and let these two females jack my strained cock off with a living, eager toy. It seems Anastasia found more than a subject for us. She found a like-minded friend. Training them was going to be tough with how they seem to enable one another...

But I was coming up on my third orgasm of the night. I had no room to complain.

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