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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


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“Human Speechâ€
‘Character Thought'
{Pokémon Speech}
Co-author: Catsithx
Beta-Reader: Ravyn Arcadia
Rating: PG/14 Warnings: Mild Violence
Both Rating and Warnings will change with each chapter as needed for that select chapter.
The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story “Watcher of Arceusâ€.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 :

The city of Rustboro was running full swing as the mid morning hours rolled around. As usual, it was time for the summer line up of new products from the Devon Corporation for pokémon trainers and coordinators alike. Everything from new Poké-phones to Pokédexs were up for sale, as well as all manner of other items, just of the traveling pokémon trainer or coordinator.

The constant chatter of groups of people all waiting for the new line up to be revealed later that day and talk of preparing for the slowly approaching pokémon league were common topics of conversation throughout the city streets as yet another trainer walked into the city.

Easily hidden among the crowds of other trainers, dressed in just a plain tee-shirt and long pants, the only thing to set him apart from any other trainer were the blue tints to his black hair, the average height of the trainer easily let him slip into the crowds going completely unnoticed with his partner at his side. At just under six feet, he wasn’t much to look at in his travelling gear. Much like himself, the espeon at his side was hardly noticed, easily weaving in and out of the crowd keeping up with her trainer.

“Any thoughts on lunch?” The trainer asked his partner quietly as he walked through the crowd, ignoring as much of the chatter as he could, instead listening for other things. As he kept walking however, he merely greeted with a strange silence from his partner prompting him to look down to the espeon. “Its unlike you to be so quiet for so long. What’s on your mind Radara?” He asked before looking around for something to eat.

‘I am concerned.’ The voice that entered Thomas’s head was all too familiar, female in tone, gentle, with just barely an echo to it. ‘Are you sure we should be here, so close to ‘home’ at this time Thomas?’ The voice asked as the espeon stopped for a few, Thomas stopping with the psychic feline.

“I know.” Thomas replied quietly as he started to move again, knowing exactly what his partner was referring to. “Trust me Radara…I know.” He quietly moved into a small outdoor poké-café. He was lucky to get the last empty seat as the waiter quickly came up. “Tea, any berry blend you have, hot, two sugars and honey, the largest size you have, and a small bowl of…” Thomas looked down to his partner who quickly told him what she wanted. “A small bowl of oran berry juice for my partner. If you have any fruit salad, I’d like a small cup of that as well.” Thomas told the waiter as he sat back.

“Of course sir.” The waiter said. “And is there anything else you’d like?”

“Do you have a wireless link to the Trainer Network?” Thomas asked, pulling out his poké-phone when the waiter nodded and went to fulfill his order. Thomas was quick to log into the Trainer Network, looking around at the recent news in the area, of course plastered with ads for all sorts of things.

‘Are you sure you want to be here?’ Radara asked once more as she took a seat beside him. ‘You still haven’t even decided if you are going to visit them one last time before…’ Thomas merely nodded at her words before she could finish, a quick wave of his hand stopping her thoughts.

“If it happens, it happens.” Thomas said looking down for a few, knowing exactly what she was talking about. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but…” Thomas sighed a bit. He quickly went back to looking through the Trainer Network News trying to take his mind off the truth he knew had to happen. “I swear, there are more and more ads every month, asking for trades for the legendaries.” He said trying to take his mind off things. “Look at this one, 5 million pokédollars for any of the legendary birds, an extra 2 million if its Lugia and Ho-oh, double for an egg or child. That’s got to be record so far.”

‘Greed is a powerful motivator, but we still haven’t heard the call. We can only assume that they are capable of handling themselves at this point.’ Radara said as the waiter returned, placing the items on the table as Thomas thanked him. He looked to Radara who climbed up in the chair beside him, looking over her small bowl of juice, leaning over to have her drink. ‘I still think that you should make up your mind about the Falston’s however. You know what will happen and you can’t put this decision off forever.’

Thomas just sighed again. “I know… believe me… I know.” He said softly as he looked through the last of the things he wanted to. “Its not like this is the first time. Leaving like that is always hard.” He leaned back a bit and merely looked to the sky for few, only to quickly look back down at the sounds of someone pulling a chair over to his table. “Can I help you?”

“Thomas… Thomas Falston right? Son of the lead Devon Corp researchers Andrew and Vivian Falston.” The boy asked, looking just a bit younger then Thomas, and very eager about something. Dressed in some better traveling gear, and his pokéballs and badges in plain sight, it was easy to tell that boy was a trainer, and judging from sheer number of badges, an experienced one.

“Adopted son, not that it appears to mean much to you…” Thomas stated as he looked the boy over alongside Radara, who was quietly peeking into his mind just to be safe.

“Fine fine, adopted son. Look, point is you are their son regardless right?” The boy stated as he pulled out his own poké-phone, and brought something up, before pointing it to Thomas to show off. “This is the new Poké-Phone BW-450.” The boy stated showing off the image of a device very similar to the Unova regional pokédex, with some obvious additions. “Rumor has it that Devon Corp is working with Battle Company to produce the next generation of poké-phones, and that they are suppose to be shown off this year. How do I get one?” The boy was quick to make his intentions known as Thomas just stared at him.

“Are you really asking that?” Thomas stated rather annoyed with the attention as he moved to sip his tea and start on his salad. “Just check the stores, they can help you more then I can.”

“Come on man, you’re in with the big time. I hear your folks are suppose to be working on it and they got some prototypes working. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t say that it would be making its appearance this fall. Come on, I have to have one.” The boy repeated as he looked to Thomas.

In response, Thomas merely pulled out his own pokédex, a standard Hoenn model, and placed his base model poké-phone beside it. “See these.” Thomas stated as he let the boy look at them a bit confused. “That’s what I use, a basic type Hoenn Type-2 with extra memory that I update once a month, and an original touch screen poké-phone with folding secondary screen attachment. That’s all I use, that’s all I need, and more importantly, I’m not going to risk my foster parent’s job just to give away something that isn’t even out yet.” Thomas told the boy who hardly seem deterred.

“Look, its all cool man. I can pay. I’m going to be this year’s champion after all. The regional Elite Four, the gyms, other trainers, none of them can stand in my way. Why as soon as I get my title, I’m going legend hunting.” The boy smirked. “I’ll be the first trainer ever to have one and I won’t stop there, I’m going to collect them all myself.” He stated rather assured of himself. “I’ve already acquired 22 of 29 Hoenn badges, not to mention I’ve got just as many badges from the other major Japan regions.”

“I really don’t know who you’re trying to impress.” Thomas stated having finished his tea and salad, Radara also finished with her juice. He had heard similar claims from other trainers ever since the start of the age of the trainer. “I don’t know much of anything about the new brands of poké-phones, nor do I care about them. And as I said once before, I’m not interested in helping you, regardless of whether or not it would get my foster parents in trouble.” Thomas stated, getting up to pay his bill.

Thomas’s words hardly stopped the boy as he continued to follow him. “Come on dude, don’t you want to help the future Japanese Grand Champion?” He laughed as Thomas merely started to walk off with Radara as his side. “Well, if cash doesn’t interest you, how about a battle then? If you win, I’ll give you a nice pay out, and if I win, you get me the new Poké-Phone BW-450.”

Thomas merely ignored him now as he walked along, peeking back behind him a few times as he walked. ‘Thomas, we appear to have a shadow.’ Radara stated as they kept walking, but from her tone, it was easy to tell that this kid wasn’t the issue.

“I’ve already seen him, but he doesn’t act like he knows its us, he’s too inexperienced to be a bloodhound or even a squire.” Thomas muttered very quietly. “But… this guy does give me an idea.” Thomas smirked a bit as he rounded another corner, into an alleyway to cut across town. As he did though, the kid who was following him, just kept on coming.

“Thomas dude, come on. Why are you acting so high and mighty? Its just a phone, its not like I’m trying to steal a pokémon.” The kid stated. Thomas just smiled a bit more before turning with a sudden annoyed frown.

“Look man, I’m not helping you. So you can take that big guy whose with you and leave me alone already. I’m not here to get anything from Devon Corp, I’m just passing through.” He stated.

“Big guy whose with me?” The kid asked as he turned around to see a man at the end of the alleyway duck back into the street. “He’s not with me.” The kid stated.

“Really…” Thomas stated. “Cause I’ve watched him follow you around since you sat down at the café. If you think you’re just going to rob me for your next phone, I’m going to repeat myself. I don’t know anything about the BW-450. Now take that guy and leave.” Thomas didn’t really need to finish his statement, he could already see the kid going for his belt as he slowly turned to walk back towards the street mumbling something about Team Magma.

As soon as the kid called out one of his pokémon, Thomas quickly started through the rest of the alleyway with Radara and back into the more populated parts of the city making sure to hide in the crowds for a bit. “Well, at least that’s one problem dealt with.” He stated as he started to walk around once more. “Can’t be too careful anymore these days. Seems like there are more and more of them every cycle. They keep up this recruitment of theirs and they won’t be able to hide themselves any longer.” He stated as he looked around, wondering just how many there could be in the city at this moment. It was a large productive city after all.

Despite that, he quickly pushed the thoughts out of his head as he moved on to find something to occupy his time while he concentrated on the real problems at him, namely his foster family, the Falstons.

The Falstons, Andrew and Vivian were lead researchers with the Devon Corporation. This meant two things to almost everyone else, first of all being that they were well respected and known throughout the Hoenn region and even other major parts of Japan as well. Secondly, this also meant that they were well cared for, with more then enough money, which Thomas often found portions of despite his lack of interest in.

What mattered to Thomas though was that they were the ones who had raised his as a child, and given him the name he now used. They had cared for him as their own child, unable to have one of their own, taking him in as an infant when his biological father had passed on, leaving only his two pokémon with Thomas, one being the espeon who served as his partner today, Radara.

They were always good to him, instilling him with many proper values and manners, making sure he knew how to care for himself and always cheering him on in their own ways. His father had been right to make friends with them, the pair raising Thomas well, even better than what his father could have hoped for. It just so happened that those same actions however would result in the hardest choice he had to make, and soon no less.

‘There are ways of lessening this blow to them.’ Radara chimed in knowing him oh so well once he began to think, sharing his thoughts to an extent.

“I just wish I didn’t have to lie to them. Telling them the truth… it would be the same as killing them myself. I won’t let them fall victim to the same stake that claimed Lea and Hansel.” Thomas said as he walked along, the thoughts of what he had done to so many others starting to weigh heavily on him, memories of the families he had hurt still clear as day to him.

‘Are you sure you should be here? Right now?’ Radara asked looking up at him as she stayed at his side, doing her best to remain there even with the crowd, a small bit of mental influence from the espeon ensuring that they were like ghosts to those around, Thomas’s words completely ignored. ‘There is still time, you have 2 years before the process has run its course.’

“Its better to leave them early. We’ve had a few close encounters already, and even though I’m not going for the league, my face is becoming a little too well known.” Thomas countered as he moved down a less crowded street towards the older part of town, away from all the action of Devon Corp and their fame. “Besides… I turn eighteen in a few days, and they’ll want to celebrate that. I can at least give that much. Just like for us, eighteen is a big number, if for entirely different reasons.”

‘If you are sure, I won’t argue.’ Radara said as she merely continued to follow along. ‘It is your decision and if you feel you are prepared for it, then I will not stop you.’

“And what is that supposed to mean.” Thomas glared down at his partner as he walked.

‘I know very well the importance of the start of the eighth year of your life, and how well your father coped with a party then. My mother made sure to impart certain memories on me to keep watch over you.’ Radara stated not even caring for his look, knowing exactly what her meant.

“I thought we were past that…” Thomas stated, annoyed frown once more present on his face. He merely looked at her with it for a few before shaking his head and starting to walk on as normal.

As he walked down the street, his thoughts returned to his condition, or rather the condition that would soon take effect over him as it always had in the past, the same condition that his father had to hide, and his father’s father before him. Soon, his body would stop aging, and that meant many things, most importantly on that list being that the world would take notice if he gave them time to see it.

This was his reason for having to leave the Falston’s soon. He was sure that they would come to understand in time what he was, if he let them. Sadly though, there were other complications that prevented such an outcome as he walked with Radara letting him think his through on his own now.

As always, this was a hard thing for him, for his kind, or what had been his kind. With the knights always there now, Thomas couldn’t be too careful as he looked around. He knew ultimately what he had to do, sever his connection with the family who had raised him this time and move on, return to the life that had become the norm for his kind.

He began to wonder how badly he would hurt his foster parents if he had faked his own death. Would they be accepting of his decision, accept the supposed fact that he was dead and give up on looking for him. If he merely walked away and vanished, he couldn’t help but think that they would ruin themselves to find him, but it would give them hope in the end, but was that worth it. He knew there were other ways to get them to stop looking for him and disown him if he wanted them too, but he wanted them to remember the boy they had raised.

As he wandered and thought about things though, he found himself in the Rustboro City Park, where his thoughts were interrupted. His hiking pack was shaking, and he knew exactly what it was. Reaching around his back to the bottom of the pack, he unzipped a small side pocket and pulled out the source, one of his pokéballs, the sign that one of his pokémon wanted out. Opening the device to its proper size, he let out the pokémon at their request, the two legged jackal pokémon slowly stretching as she gave a loud audible yawn.

“Sleep well?” Thomas asked as he moved to take a seat after taking off his hiking pack looking over his pokémon, a lucario. Already a prized and somewhat rare pokémon for trainers to have, Thomas’s lucario was even more valuable then many others. Not only were females of the species uncommon, but to have a female that was “shiny” was much more difficult to come by. Primarily yellow in color with a blue vest rather then the reverse, Thomas was proud of his fighting steel type pokémon, the aura pokémon having helped him out on numerous occasions.

She yawned again, but much smaller and continued to stretch, only to finally look at him with a large smile. ‘Master.’ In a similar manner to Radara, his lucario was also able to clearly communicate with her trainer, in a form very similar to telepathy, if through a different manner. Like Radara’s voice, her voice was clearly female as well, but without the echo that came from Radara’s unique link with Thomas, and a bit softer.

She smiled looking at Thomas as he sat back, the lucario already getting a few looks from those in the park, those few trainers in the area looking in, most with hints of jealousy. ‘Are we back home yet?’ She asked moving over to take a seat next to him, obviously shorter then him, but she didn’t care as she looked around trying to figure out where she was.

“We’re in Rustboro, so I guess that’s close enough to be called home… for now…” Thomas said, only to add that small bit quietly under his breath. His lucario had heard his words, all of them. She had heard similar words before, but didn’t question him, knowing that something was wrong, his tone and aura telling her that. Radara had often explained to her many times before however that it wasn’t her place to question him, it was not a problem that she could help with, one that only he could handle, and would need to do alone.

This hardly stopped her from being concerned however, but she left it be and kept her smile. ‘It feels nice to be back. Can we stop by the ocean? Its been so long since we’ve walked on a beach, I miss the feel of the sand.’ She said as she looked to the northeastern section of the city, which housed the public beach.

Thomas smiled and gently patted her head. “Maybe later today Rebecca. There’s a competition down there today and I’m not it the mood for a battle. Besides, its bound to crowded with some of the current prizes that I heard about.” Thomas explained, failing to notice the group of young trainers that had come up to look on at the semi-rare pokémon. Thomas and his pokémon ignored them however as leaned back a bit more. “You hungry?”

‘A little bit. I could use some exercise first though, those pokéballs are nice and quiet, but I always feel so much better after I move around for a while.’ Rebecca smiled as she got up and waited for him, Thomas getting up right behind her.

“Rebecca was it?” One person stated as Thomas and both of his pokémon looked at the new comer, some man in a suit. “Tom Falston I believe. I haven’t had the pleasure before. Excuse me if I got your name wrong, I’ve only heard of you in passing mention.” The man stated. Just looking him over, Thomas could tell that this was another one of the Devon Corp higher ups, they would be the only ones with real money out and about right now, everyone else from out of region would be too busy at the Devon Corp Headquarters making sure things went smoothly for the upcoming events today.

The man was very well dressed, a solid red suit and a bit taller then Thomas and very much standing out. “Its Thomas, a bit more formal, but some friends do call me that. Either way, I seem to be at a disadvantage here. You said you’ve only heard of me in passing mention and yet here you are, apparently with a purpose.” Thomas stated inspecting him.

“It was your lucario that gave you away. I heard rumors through the company that Andrew’s boy had a prized pokémon, a shiny lucario, female to boot. Sure they are common enough in the wild, but to catch one is something else, doubly so for her looks.” The man explained before Thomas raised a hand to interrupt him.

“I’m sorry, can I have a name to use first. Its obvious that you’ve grown accustomed to some deal of respect around here and I’m sure you’d prefer a name rather then merely sir.” Thomas stated.

“Ah yes, where are my manners.” The man laughed. He quickly held out his hand for Thomas to shake as he introduced himself. “I am Asmound Biggs, current head of Human Relations at Devon Corp, although I do dabble in security as well.”

Thomas nodded as he spared a small glance to Radara, who merely shook her head. With his worry of Asmound possibly working for the knights gone, Thomas was a bit more relaxed, at least for now. “I see.” Thomas said looking him over. “And what brings a traveling trainer like me a visit from someone like you?”

“Your lucario of course. Rare find if I do say so myself.” Asmound stated looking over Rebecca, who was smiling a bit at the praise, only to smile and even blush a bit more when he continued. “Good muscles, sleek fur, well kept and groomed, obviously a decent fighter just looking at her. Strange name though, Rebecca…” He stated. “Odd choice for a pokémon.”

“She reminded of someone I met long ago, acts just like her.” Thomas explained. “Couldn’t figure out what to name her early on when she was a riolu, when I made a comment that she reminded of another person who happened to be name Rebecca. She seemed to respond well to the name and I never saw a reason to argue. Call it my way of holding onto a memory of a long forgotten friend.”

Asmound merely nodded. “I see.” He stated as he continued to study the shiny lucario. “She would make a nice addition to any team, is she fast? And what about her aura talent? Does she use that properly, can she see aura well enough?”

“You’re asking a lot of questions, but not the one that you seem so eager to. What are you after?” Thomas countered as he started to study Asmound in a similar manner to his study of Rebecca.

“What pokémon do you have with you?” Asmound asked earning a rather quizzical look from Thomas, not expecting that question.

“My espeon, and my lucario here as you see, but I also carry two more, a ninetales and an absol.” Thomas answered after a few, wondering where this line of questions was going, but already having a few good ideas. Ultimately, Thomas was sure that Asmound was going ask one of two things, either hoping to have Thomas possibly join Devon Corp, possibly as a sponsored trainer, maybe even a guard, or perhaps even a spokesperson. The other option that stood out in Thomas’s mind as the usual request from other trainers, asking to trade, although Thomas didn’t see any pokéballs on Asmound’s belt. Of course, that didn’t mean much, high class business didn’t exactly like to broadcast that they carried around pokémon, and often carried them around inside their jackets or pockets.

“I see… I see.” Asmound stated as he looked over Thomas. “Small team though, but I can see it being a little balanced. Any reserves?” He asked.

“Might I inquire what the final question is going to be?” Thomas asked. “This is starting to feel like a quiet interrogation.” Thomas stated showing his annoyance while attempting to remain polite.

Asmound merely remained quiet for a few, obviously thinking about something, before pulling out his own Hoenn region pokédex and pulled up a short list of six pokémon. “I can tell you value your pokémon, and so I won’t even try to insult you with some pitiful offer. I have with me right now six league level pokémon. And I am will to make a fair trade. Lucarios are rare to capture, and rarer still for a shiny female. Pick any two and I won’t argue.”

At Asmound’s words, Rebecca took a step back, and right next to Thomas as she looked over Asmound.

Thomas didn’t even look over the list, merely not accepting the pokédex from him. “Rebecca chose to follow me one day, and even caught herself for me in a sense. It’s not my place to choose a new person to lead her when she obviously chose me and has stayed at my side ever since.” Thomas stated. “She may not be ‘human’, but she is very much well aware of things around her and I don’t think she wants to leave my side.” He stated looking to the lucario with a smile who quickly smiled back and nodded.

Asmound looked him over for a few more, before nodding. “Everyone has a price.” He stated rather calmly as he put his pokédex away. “I can see that additional pokémon are obviously not suitable for you and I can respect that kind of decision. I suppose there are other shiny lucarios out there. We’ll see if I have any luck finding one. If not, then I’ll just have to figure out your price then.” He nodded and slowly walked off.

“Well… at least that was easy for once.” Thomas smirked as he patted Rebecca’s head once more. “At least he seems nice enough not to bother us again for a while.”

He started to walk once more back into the city proper as he looked around, Rebecca on one side, still stretching to work her muscles with Radara on his other side.

“You said you wanted some exercise first Rebecca…” Thomas said quietly while thinking, looking around as they neared the pokémon district, tons of shops and wide open spots for trainers and their pokémon to do all sorts of things, from buying specialty made clothing, to training.

Rebecca smiled as she looked around, but nothing looked interesting until she saw a large poster for the beach competitions. Thomas had taught her the basics of reading, and understood many words, even if she still had some trouble with many longer words, she easily saw some of the contests that were being held at the beach and while most didn’t interest her, not even the battles for now. However, there some that looked fun including two that really caught her eyes, a weight throwing contest and an obstacle course.

‘Thomas, are you sure about the beach?’ Rebecca asked as she pointed out the sign. ‘I know you like keeping us all in shape and I enjoy some good weight lifting from time to time, and it could be fun to run that obstacle course.’ She smiled looking at him with hopeful eyes.

Thomas stopped and looked at her, then back to the large posters that advertised the various contests, as well as some prizes such as updated poképhones, pokédexs, and other such accessories, including a few small cash prizes.

“You really sure you want to head down there. Most of the competitions are already underway, and its bound to be crowded.” Thomas stated as he looked at her.

Rebecca just smiled a bit more as she nodded. ‘Its not wrong to want to show off every once in a while, is it?’ She asked knowing that while Thomas hated being in the spotlight, she enjoyed showing off a bit, mostly for him more than the attention of anyone else.

She smiled, secretly loving his attention, his praise. Over the years that she had spent with him, Rebecca was unaware of just how much she had come to want his approval, for anything she could to hear the words saying that she had done good.

Thomas merely looked over her for a few, but eventually nodded after looking to Radara. “I suppose we could join the show for a little while.” He said with a slight smile of his own. “I guess it can’t hurt to let you show off some.”

Radara nodded lightly, thinking that this kind of distraction could possibly do him well.


The beach was packed, not a single spot left open to swimmers for the day, everyone there present to either participate or merely watch the events unfold, large sections of the beach separated off for the events, some for battle, others for events, and some merely for refreshments.

Thomas walked along with his two pokémon at his side. He could easily make out the contest registration tents in the middle of the beach, his pokémon already getting looks as he moved, many other trainers present sizing him up as he moved to register Rebecca for a few things. “Well, there’s the weight throwing area, looks like it might also be target throwing, so possibly two scoring systems. There appears to be the obstacle course over there, right alongside the target range.” Thomas nodded as he looked around seeing the large strips of beach cut off into sections for many things.

The three that stood out easily identified were the obstacle courses, two separate courses, one for smaller pokémon, for pokémon like Rebecca, lucarios and others short in height and small in size, while the other was clearly for larger pokémon, nearly twice the size. Of course they were hardly large enough for truly large pokémon, not fit for such pokémon like a snorlax and their kind. Both of the courses had their twists and turns, constructed tunnels and hoops, meant to test speed and agility.

The other two kinds of easily identified courses, were the target range, stretching out into the water, filled with large heavy metal targets to be knocked over, and right beside it were a few throwing ranges, easily identified by the large number of diskettes and iron weights piled up at the end of the strips, various water pokémon still retrieving the last of them from the water.

The other sections and strips of the beach however, were harder to identify, some equipment placed about, but nothing going on at the moment. One of the easily identified things of the courses however was the fact that it looked like all of them needed hands for the days contests, a fact further proved by the banners for today showcasing humanoid pokémon. Aside from a few trainers still picking out their smaller prizes, everyone else merely waiting for the next round to start up, a series of small clock posts showing a timer for the next set of rounds in about nine minutes.

Thomas made his way to the registration tents and quickly looked over the list of contests, Rebecca just going with what she had seen earlier, the small size obstacle course and the weight throwing competitions. With that settled, Thomas moved up to the small group currently in charge of registration since the next crowd hadn’t really arrived yet.

“I’d like to enter for two of the competitions.” Thomas stated out as he walked up to main table, quickly getting some attention.

“Alrighty, today is the humanoid pokémon competitions, but just a few questions first. And I’ll need your pokédex for a few.” The man stated as he pulled out a clipboard leaving Thomas to pull out his pokédex. “First off, your name, which pokémon you want to enter in what competitions, and the entrance fee.” The man stated as Thomas opened up his pokédex.

“The name’s Thomas Falston. Not competing for major prizes, just fun today. My lucario here wants to try testing her skills out. I’ll have her try out the weight throwing contest and obstacle course.” Thomas explained. The second he mentioned his name however, the man quickly gave him a second longer look and took his pokédex.

“Falston… Andrew and Vivian’ son?” The man asked, to which Thomas nodded. “You understand that you won’t get anything major, minor cash prizes at best. Additionally, you won’t be able to compete in the final winner matches at the end of the day even if you do you win.” The man stated knowing the rules for family members of employees competing.

“Already said I wasn’t looking for major prizes. This is just for fun, to see how some hard work and training has paid off.” Thomas explained.

“Very well, it is my job to make sure you understand the rules. Now, for the weight throwing contest, free throw or target throw?” The man nodded as he opened up his laptop and connected it to Thomas’s pokédex for a few. “Looks like you’re missing last week’s system update, may want to get that. Devon Corp is preparing for a total network makeover, with full customization for trainers.” The man smirked as he flipped the screen over, showing Thomas’s Trainer I.D. and a picture of Rebecca, as well as the two competitions he has asked to sign up for, Thomas selecting the free throw contest. “This all looks about right.” He asked as Thomas hit the next key on the touch screen, which showed the prizes and competition times for the next set of rounds.

“Yep, that about covers it.” Thomas nodded looking to Rebecca who smiled back and nodded herself.

“That just leaves the entrance fee, cash or T.B.T.” The man asked.

“We’ll go with the Trainer Bank Transfer, I don’t like carrying much cash on hand.” Thomas replied hitting the T.B.T. button again and bringing it up.

“And would you like to make a donation while you’re at it. Devon Corp is funding this year’s P.A.R.C.A. donation drive. We’ll match all donations given by trainers this year.” The man smiled, to which Thomas nodded, paying double the entrance in donations today. “Just give your thumbprint here and you’ll be ready.” The man stated as he held up Thomas’s Pokédex for him, the thumbprint tab opening up to confirm the transfer. He placed his thumb down on the small pad and in just a few seconds, it was done. “Thank you for coming, here’s you’re competition number, you’ll be number seven ninty-two competing in group B.”

Thomas nodded once more as he moved to let the next person up, noticing a few more people showing up as well, many of the other trainers around with badges on as well, letting their pokémon stretch a bit as well. “Want a snack bar or something?” He asked as he moved to the concession stands, which were as always busy.

‘I am fine, but thank you.’ Radara chimed in as she looked around. ‘If you require my presence, I will be resting in the shade over there. You have enough looks due to Rebecca’s presence and I will only get in the way once the competition starts up.’ She explained as Thomas gave a nod, the image of Radara’s resting place shown to him in very vivid detail as he looked over to the edge of the beach, seeing the large tree that she had pointed out to him.

Rebecca on the other head was looking to the concession stands, seeing if anything there interested her, which proved very fruitful, her favorite treat on display, a mago berry fruit bar. As soon as Thomas had walked up, Rebecca instantly pointed it with an eager look, her ears up very hopeful. “I’ll take two of those, mago berry, and…” Thomas gave a quick look over everything else. “And one blueberry donut.”

The lady was quick to get his order as he paid her. “You’d better hurry up and get to the stages.” She smiled as she took the cash and moved to get his change. “If you get there early, you often get the best seats.”

Thomas nodded. “I know how that works.” He smiled and nodded. “Keep the change.” He said before just walking off, handing Rebecca her two fruit bars while snacking on his own donut while making his way to the competition areas, just in time for the first announcement to sound, the weight lifting courses nearly ready, and first throw taking place in five minutes.

Hearing the announcement, Rebecca smiled some as she rushed a little bit to finish her snacks, before hurrying over to where everyone was starting to gather up. Many other trainers started to gather, some of them having been competing all day with various pokémon, others just joining the activities much like himself, but in a small rush to get registered for the events.

Thomas merely just went about his usual way of things, ignoring others for now as he waited, letting Rebecca stretch her arms and legs, preparing for the events. Before things could go much further however, Thomas felt something, that all too familiar feeling.

‘Thomas…’ Radara’s voice chimed in his head.

“I know… I can feel it.” Thomas mumbled under his breath as he gave a small glance to the sky. He could just barely make out the moon right now, able to see that tint and glow that was unique to his kind, the immortal children of Arceus, the watchers and their legendary brethren. “Has it really been that long?” He asked just as quietly. “Do you know who?”

‘I do not recall entirely. They do not reincarnate nearly as often as we do, but I do recall wings, large wings, feathered, not scales.’ Radara replied as she thought on the matter, trying to figure out who would be next in line, as their help could very well be needed if word got out about the legendaries giving birth to young, their lives could get interesting very quickly. Thomas closed his eyes for what he thought was just a second though before Rebecca gave him a light nudge.

“And so begins the next round of competitions.” An announcer shouted over the crowds, the megaphone he used easily getting the usual attention. “First up are the 100 yard dash, the weight lifting and the throwing arm contests. All participants please get your pokémon ready and head to the designated stands.”

“I suppose its show time then.” Thomas smiled as he patted Rebecca once more for making sure he stayed on top of things and moved over to the proper waiting area with a rather large crowd of other trainers. Many trainers were already eyeing each other and sizing up their pokémon against one another as Thomas walked up, Rebecca getting the usual number of looks, but Thomas could tell that while they recognized lucarios as a powerful fighting type, the looks she received as a competitor were vastly outnumbered by the looks she got for being what she was.

On the other end things, Thomas was also looking around to see who all might be worth noting in the competition, a machoke on side, an infernape just joining the group, and a few others standing out. The groups were mostly divided by three things, including size and evolution stage, the two things that Thomas actually considered important, knowing first hand that the ‘average’ strength of a pokémon hardly defined the group.

Of course, looking around also revealed one large bit of information, everyone around appeared to be a skilled trainer, Thomas even seeing a few previous league level trainers who were in the news at some point or another, getting special recognition for competing at the Hoenn League, and hardly seeing new trainers present.

“Well, at least this set up will keep things interesting.” Thomas smiled some as he waited, most of the crowd present as one of the contest representatives showed up.

“Alright, gather around.” The lady stated as she looked over the crowd. “I’m sure you all know the rules, but just in case you don’t here’s a general reminder. Each of your pokémon have already been assigned a weight to throw. You can always let your pokémon throw a larger weight, but that’s on you. To qualify, you must follow these three rules. One, your pokémon are not allowed to use any move to assist them, it must be thrown with their strength alone. Two, your pokémon must throw the assigned weight or higher. And finally three, no interfering with anyone else’s throw.” She stated as she pulled out a list. “As usual, farthest throw wins, and the distance is counted when your weight breaks the water’s surface. Do your best to keep them in bounds and its good, if it lands outside the lines shown by the bowies, it doesn’t count, and you only get one throw.” She stated as she pulled out a tablet. “First up, trainer fifty-three, Yui and his machoke.” She stated as she pointed out which weight the machoke had to toss to qualify, the trainer of course smirking when the machoke picked one four sizes up.

“And it looks like we have a few showboats.” Thomas stated quietly as he turned to check on Radara as he waited his turn, not really caring much for the competition as the machoke threw its weight. There were a few impressed gasps from other trainers, and even Rebecca was a bit impressed. “Relax, you’re not here to beat anyone remember.” Thomas smiled. “You wanted come here just for some fun and exercise.”

Rebecca smiled at Thomas’s words, reassured about her purpose there, remembering that she was only there to do her best, to impress Thomas and no one else. With that, she quickly nodded and continued stretching as the next competitor was called up, also going with a weight larger then what they were required to use.

Thomas merely ignored the others present as he waited, not even watching their throws as another dozen pokémon came up and made their throws. With Rebecca watching the other pokémon and Thomas’s general lack of care and attention to them however, neither of them noticed the little things that were happening out in the ocean as pokémon took their turns.

Radara was slow to catch on however, but not before it was Thomas’s turn, getting called up with Rebecca.

Thomas moved up with Rebecca at his side, the judge saying that he needed Rebecca to throw a sixty-five pound weight to qualify. Rebecca looked at the selected weights, before picking a larger seventy-five pound weight not wanting to get left behind since everyone else seemed to be picking larger weights.

Rebecca tested her grip a few times, lifting the weight up and down a bit, pleased that she could lift it easily enough without trouble, looking to Thomas who smiled back and nodded. Her own smiled grew as she moved to the marked square in the sand where she could throw it.

She quietly kneeled down with the weight just a little bit behind her on the ground as Thomas gave her plenty of room. She took a small breath before quickly reaching back and grabbing the weight, lifting it up clean over her head with a nice large arc, releasing it just before it went over her. In her rush however to try and get some good power behind it, she slipped a bit in the sand, falling over with a small surprised gasp.

Thomas stayed put, but was obviously worried when she landed face first in the sand, Rebecca quickly looking up to find out where she had throw the weight, seeing it fly just a bit off, not entirely straight. The judge was quick to pull out her binoculars to watch the weight. It didn’t take long for it to come back down, just barely in the boundary line as Rebecca sighed quickly getting back. The judge waited as a marill quickly surfaced where Rebecca’s weight had landed on the water’s surface. Rebecca was then quick to the judge as she dusted herself off, the judge hitting a key on her laptop to register the distance between the starting pad and the collar on the marill’s tail. “One hundred and fifty-three feet for trainer seven ninety-two, Thomas and his lucario. Not bad, first place so far.” The judge nodded as Rebecca quickly smiled, just barely ahead of the machoke, the current pack leader. Its trainer was already glaring at both himself and Rebecca as Thomas smiled rather impressed with her performance.

“Wow, that was very good.” He congratulated her when Radara’s voice chimed in again.

‘Thomas, look to the ocean. I sense great amounts of anger and just barely a small ping of fear far out in the water.’ Radara’s voice sounded as she sat up, intently watching the water. Thomas looked back to her, giving her a worried look, Rebecca able to pick up on his sudden worry as he turned to her.

“Rebecca, what you sense out on the water? Far to the east?” Thomas asked quietly as she gave him an even look of confusion. Still, seeing Thomas’s worry, she did as she asked, quietly using her aura sight to try and see something, but she couldn’t see anything.

‘Thomas… this anger… I recognize it…’ Radara stated as she got up and quickly walked over to them. ‘Gyarados, at least a dozen of them.’ Her voice normally calm and collected reflected her worry, slow and nearly monotone as she dashed up to him. ‘And they are coming this way.’ Thomas knew that could only mean one thing.

“Umm… excuse me…” Thomas spoke up as he neared the judge. “What’s that way out there that looks like its causing lots of waves.” Thomas asked the judge who looked at him with the same look of confusion that Rebecca had given him. A gentle push from Radara’s mind however peaked the judge’s own curiosity as she looked out with her binoculars, maximizing the zoom function as she gasped out.

“Young man, you have a very good set of eyes.” She stated seeing a trainer on a lapras, the usual choice of pokémon used by trainers for water travel, its trainer waving desperately at the beach, just barely noticeable on its back, both going as fast as the lapras could carry them. Behind them, sure enough just as Radara had stated, was a pack of gyarados, roaring out and looking like they were ready to attack, the judge only able to merely guess that the glow from one of their mouths was a charging hyper mean. The judge quickly pulled out her walkie-talkie. “Someone get the coast guard, we got a trainer getting chased by a pack of gyarados off the coast, unknown distance, too far out for my binoculars to calculate, and they are mad.” She stated. As soon as she said it though, other judges began looking out the water to see if what she has said was true.

With so many of the judges looking out the water, other trainers were quick to pick up on it, the lapras out in the ocean growing closer and closer, if just barely visible. What was visible however, was the sudden eruption of water, one of the gyarados attacking the lapras now, the column of water that it had kicked up very much visible from the beach.

Talk began to spread as the objects in the water began to grew steadily closer. “Radara, what’s going on out there?” Thomas quickly asked knowing that although they weren’t legendary pokémon, gyarados easily lived up to their nickname of the angry pokémon, and a pack of them on the rampage was never a good sign.

‘Now that they are closer, I can feel the trainer’s mind. He was on a small fishing boat, and apparently disturbed a nest. My guess is that they disturbed their annual migration, perhaps the crew was deep-sea fishing, diving possibly. In any event, they sunk the boat, and while the others got away, or so the trainer’s hopes, the group appears to have converged on chasing him.’ Radara explained as she neared the water.

“Can you handle that many?” Thomas asked quietly. “And more importantly, when can you teleport those two to safety?”

‘He’s out of range, and if I want to get them both, I’ll have to wait even longer.’ Radara explained as the beach goers watched a second, and third column of water rise up in the distance after the trainer and his lapras. Words of worry began to rise among the judges and everyone else on the beach now, even more so when someone shouted out something about raging pokémon. A few of the less experienced trainers were already starting to leave in fear. ‘As for trying to contain them. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that without help. We need to identify the alpha and either redirect them, scare them, or defeat them. With so much anger, I cannot communicate with them however.’

Thomas nodded at Radara’s words looking around. “Well, one thing is for sure, this party is over.” He stated quickly moved to the water’s edge. “How soon until you can teleport them to us?”

‘I can lock onto the lapras, and teleport that here, but they are still too far out for me to grab them both. I won’t have a chance to focus in that water if I teleport out to join them, so I would be unable to teleport them back.’ Radara explained as she took a seat on the water’s edge herself, clearing her mind to try and increase her own power. Thomas understood exactly what she meant though, just like himself, Radara always preferred solid ground under her feet, never having been good at swimming in this life, and with the water so chaotic out there thanks to the gyarados’s multiple hyper beams, she wouldn’t be able to safely concentrate. ‘I am going to need assistance detouring them no matter what. You may wish to return Rebecca as well if you wish to avoid attention.’

Thomas nodded as many of the other trainers around them began to back off as well. “Look, don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” Thomas quickly stated as he returned a very surprised and unwanting Rebecca to her pokéball. He then just as quickly began to look around, seeing what kind of options there were as Radara concentrated on just getting the one trainer to safety right now. Although today was definitely the humanoid competitions, he could see plenty of ice pokémon around, seeing a few ice types as he started to think up a plan. He quickly turned to the judge giving a light tug on her sleeve to get her to look at him. “How many judges and volunteers have ice type pokémon.” He quickly demanded, his own eyes giving off a gentle flash to get the judge to give a quick answer to the best of her knowledge.

“We keep all types on hand, with focuses on water, electric, fire, psychic, and ice types to help keep everything running smooth. The ice types help with any of the concession stands that need to keep things frozen, and they help with the ice pillars in some of the later challenges.” The judge stated not noticing that gentle psychic push in her mind.

“Get them all out and on the beach, any of them who can use ice beam or anything close to it. We can make a frozen barricade to keep the gyarados away from the beach. If they get too close to the city, they could cause a ton of damage.” He stated as he looked around closing his eyes for a second. “Gyarados… flying and dragon type… susceptible to… electric types. Ice types work well too… but having them create a barricade is much better.”

His thoughts were interupted when a few other trainers came up to him. “What are you thinking?” One of them quickly asked also recognizing the threat if those raging gyarados got close. Thomas quickly looked up and over them as they gave him rather determined looks back.

‘They are in range. Whatever you are planning, do it fast, they are getting close.’ Radara’s voice chimed in as the jewel atop her head began to glow, her fur standing on end, seconds later, the lapras and trainer appearing right next to the beach, just above the water. At the same time, sirens sounded alerting the beach goers to the obviously hostile and incoming pokémon.

“Took them long enough.” Thomas grumbled as the turned the trainers. “If we can get enough ice types using ice beam, we can slow them, and even give any electrical pokémon here a good spot to stand and drive them off. We need to find the alpha and drive it back. If we can do that, then we can get them to return to the ocean.” Thomas explained as he turned to the judge. “Well, hurry up, spread the word, we need ice and electric types now.” He half shouted looking to Radara who was kneeling a bit as she recovered from the long range teleportation of the trainer and his pokémon, who was already on the beach begging for help.

The judge shook her head and quickly nodded as Thomas’s words finally clicked, making the call, several older trainers and even a few pokémon rangers running up to beach. Thomas was quick to move in, to what he assumed to be the lead ranger with the other trainers right behind. “We need to act fast. If we get enough pokémon to use ice beam, we can form a barricade of sorts.” Thomas quickly explained pointing out to the water giving a rough arc for what he thought would make the best barricade. “That should keep them back. If we can then target the alpha, and drive that one away, the rest should follow. I suggest a large number of electrical attacks all focused together, gyarados are highly susceptible to the combination of ice and electricity. As raging mad as they are, there is no way you’ll be able to just ‘tame’ them right now.”

“Good thinking kid.” The ranger stated as they took control Thomas running back up to Radara.

“Any chance you found the alpha yet?” Thomas quickly asked as he looked around, over half the beach empty now. He naturally assumed that the largest of the gyarados would be the alpha, but he knew that was just hopeful thinking, as none of the oncoming pokémon really stood out, just rushing in and preparing another set of hyper beams, the first one connecting in the water not even a few yards off the coastline. “You guys may want to hurry up.” He called out as Radara quickly put up a barrier just in time to barely hold off the next two hyper beams fired their way, the massive green wall already cracked despite just being brought to life, quickly fading away. “My espeon can’t hold them off forever.” He shouted as two of the trainers near him also called out their pokémon to help Radara with the barriers to hold off the hyper beams.

The rangers were quick to take action now, leading the pokémon on as the police showed up to help keep order as best they could. It was easy to see which ranger was in charge as the man charged up to the best, calling out for all the ice types around them, his own partner a walrein moved as fast it could behind him.

“Drop it now.” The ranger called out as soon as the other ice types were ready, trainers all around the beach helping out. “ICE BEAM!” The ranger screamed out as loud as he could, his partner quickly firing the blue icy beam into the water just as Radara and her helpers dropped the barrier. Several other beams followed the first into the water, a massive thick sheet of ice forming starting on the beach and quickly spreading out into the ocean towards the incoming gyarados.

The gyarados hardly stopped their assault however, once again charging up more hyper beams as they neared the beach, blasting into the ice now as they raged on. Radara and her helpers alongside Thomas were quick to get on the ice, running up about halfway to block another wave of the incoming onslaught. Following Thomas’s lead, the rangers and other trainers present moved out as well to get into better range to help defend the beach, and even more important, the city.

‘Thomas, the third one from the right, with the broken fang, he is their alpha.’ Radara stated as she used her claws to keep from slipping, slowly advancing out, creating small barriers to keep the worst of the hyper beams from hitting anything important.

Thomas made sure to stick fairly close to the lead ranger and quickly pointed it out as the rest of the pokémon with them started to move out onto the ice to get in range to defend against the gyarados as well. “That one, with the broken fang. He’s the alpha.” Thomas shouted out to the ranger pointing him out as he nearly slipped when Radara held back another hyper beam. “Subdue him, tame him, repel him… anything and the rest should follow.” He stated as he looked around.

“You sure about that?” The ranger shouted back.

“That’s the one my espeon showed me to be the alpha and I trust her with my life.” Thomas shouted back ducking under a large shard of ice that had been blown free when one of the barriers broke, letting a weakened hyper beam threw. He could easily see that this wasn’t going well. “Hurry up, we got a lot of pokémon and trainers out here, not to mention if one of those attacks makes it to the city.”

‘Thomas, if they can distract him long enough, I can get inside his head. Break his concentration and I can get him to retreat.’ Radara stated as calmly as she could, but her voice was strained, tired even. They would have to hurry if she wanted to make this happen.

The ranger could tell that pokémon defending them were quickly getting tired, even though they were picky about which attacks to block. “Come on, everyone gather up and focus on that one, the one with the broken fang.” The ranger cried out ushering them forward still, the trainers and other rangers getting the message and focusing on the one gyarados now, but still trying to keep them all from advancing further.

As soon as they all started to focus on the alpha gyarados however, the whole pack of them started to try and retaliate against the trainers and rangers directly and things took a turn for the worse still when one of the gyarados jumped clean out of the water. Having angled itself to dive right into the ice sheet, breaking through with partial success, although it was left stranded where it was, even though it could still fight back.

The only good point to all of this however is that the gyarados’s rampant use of hyper beam attacks was taking its toll, starting to drain them at last as the group split into two, one to focus on the gyarados on the ice, the other group going after the alpha now.

With the alpha now under direct attack and losing its concentration to fatigue, Radara once again stepped up, this time with Thomas’s help, Thomas doing all he could to help his espeon partner in getting into the alpha’s mind. It took some work, but soon enough, Radara was in. “Quick, try to tame him with that capture top of yours.” Thomas called out, not truly familiar with the device used by rangers.

Still, his words were enough as the lead ranger moved into action running to the edge of the ice sheet and going work. He pulled out his capture styler and immediately launched the stylus that it held. “Capture on!” He shouted out going work, the stylus flying towards the gyarados beginning to circle around and around the alpha, Radara doing her best to keep it still, Thomas concentrating himself, lending what skill he had to his partner. The device began to spin faster and faster now, a solid ring appearing around the gyarados as it slowly closed in.

The alpha did thrash around a bit, nearly knocking the device away, but Radara and Thomas only worked harder, both of their eyes glowing rather brightly now as the device was nearly finish, the ranger spinning his capture styler around harder and harder, until at last, the cycle was done. The ring finished and closed around the gyarados, while still angry, finally open to listening. “Please gyarados, there is no need for you to be angry, we don’t mean to hurt you.” The ranger shouted as the gyarados slowly started to calm down, before roaring out.

The other gyarados slowed their assaults, but still prepared one more volley as the ranger called everyone to back off and let them be for a few, even if everyone still stayed on edge. Between the capture stylus however and Radara’s influence, the alpha was slowly calming down. “Please, we beg of you, return to your home, end this violence. There is no need for this destruction.”

“Radara?” Thomas asked quietly falling over on the one knee and starting to slide around a bit, grabbing onto one of the many cracks to stay still.

‘Its working. Between our efforts and the capture tool, he is calming.’ Radara sighed as she slowly began to weaken her hold slowly, letting the gyarados move fully once more. This wasn’t quiet enough to straight up end the stare down between the trainers and pack of gyarados however.

For several minutes, no one made a real move, just staying there, watching each other, prepared for the fight to resume, but ultimately just waiting. It felt like the longest to almost everyone, Thomas of course experienced with such things and paying attention not to the gyarados now, but the other trainers, far more concerned with their actions.

His worry was unwarranted in the end however, the gyarados first to move, the alpha giving a small cry, before diving back into the water, the others moving to follow it. Radara teleported the last one, the one who was stranded on the ice underneath the water to follow the rest as everyone took a deep breath, Thomas falling onto his backside panting. “Radara… we should leave.” He stated and no sooner did he say it, the two of them disappeared in a bright flash of light.

Now sitting back on the coast in a small cluster of trees, both of them laid back taking a much needed breather. “Well… that could have a lot better. I think we’ll just ignore the contest for now though.” He said looking to beach and seeing everyone start helping each other off the ice sheet and back to shore, several fire pokémon being called out now to deal with the ice.

“Next time… next time…” Thomas started, but not really sure where he wanted to go with it.

‘Next time, they can handle the mess.’ Radara finished for him with a weak smile, but knowing that it wouldn't be like that, they would help anyway.

“Let’s just go get a hotel room and sleep this mess off. All that work… my head is pounding.” Thomas smirked as he slowly got up, moving over to pat Radara on the head a few times, earning a quiet purr from the psychic feline.
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