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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Author's Chapter Notes:

Co-author: Catsithx
Beta-Reader: Ravyn Arcadia
Rating: PG/14
Warnings: Mild Violence

Chapter 2

Watcher of Arceus


Chapter 2 :

Once more, he was back in the city park, but this time in the heart of the park, which was rather dead for the time of day. Thomas was leaning back on the bench, his head still pounding, having exerted his mental abilities far too much for his own good while on the beach. Of course the alternative was several times worse, but that hardly helped him now, feeling as drained as he was. Even Radara, the mighty espeon partner beside him now was drained, such use of the powers she possessed still taking their toll, despite being a pure psychic type.

Already word has spread clean throughout the city of what had transpired on the beach and, thankfully for Thomas, there was no word of his personal involvement during what had transpired, having been forced to use certain talents out the open like he had been. As it stood, the beaches were now jam packed with people, helping to clean the mess and trying to figure out exactly what had happened, leaving Thomas and Radara in a much needed and deserved silence. He reached into his bag that sat beside him, having gotten a few things from the store, and not going lightly like he normally would, he pulled out the three real treats of the day.

For his espeon, Thomas had let her pick out any treat she wanted, always going for her favorite, a small piece of mixed berry cheesecake, top of the line all the way. While she usually preferred the simple pleasures of life, there were a few modern day treats that she enjoyed, and nothing compared to the small delicacy that Thomas had gotten for her. She would take her time with her wonderful and tasty snack, the package opening up at her will before Thomas even set it down, a small piece getting pulled off and to her awaiting mouth, already purring at the thought of it.

For himself however, Thomas had picked up something vastly different. Before anything else however, he took out a small herbal remedy that he hoped would quell the constant beating in his head, taking a small sip of the potent and bitter drink, before pulling out his own snack, a small stack of homemade blueberry buttermilk pancakes, a wonderful and filling treat, to be topped with a little bit of strawberry syrup.

Of course, there was still one more thing to do before he could eat his snack, pulling out the final package that he had picked up, a rather large and very heavily packed sandwich, filled with plenty of various kinds of meat, and seasoned with a somewhat spicy Italian based dressing, and further lined with plenty of vegetables. Neither Radara nor Thomas had much interest in the sandwich, but Thomas knew he had to reward one more person today, pulling out the pokéball and releasing its occupant, a somewhat hurt and displeased lucario now standing before him.

‘Thomas… how could you…’ Rebecca whined, her ears down, giving him a rather sad and somewhat distant look. ‘I could have helped, don’t keep locking me away everything you think there’s trouble. What if something happened…’ She whined as Thomas just smiled.

“I told you nothing would happen, I just didn’t want you getting hurt. You’re a strong melee fighter, but you still haven’t mastered the use of your aura spheres.” Thomas said. “You wouldn’t have been able to do much out there and I can’t keep track of everything.”

‘But…you could have been…’ Rebecca started, only to find a finger on her nose.

“Don’t argue today.” Thomas said with an even larger smile handing her the treat she enjoyed the most, earning a surprised gasp. “Made with everything you like. Double meat, no cheese, no mayo, extra sauce, seasoned bread, full foot long sandwich.”

Rebecca gasped once more lightly in surprise now as she looked at him. She knew that this was not a cheap sandwich as she looked over to Radara who nodded, and then saw the espeon’s treat. ‘What… what is this for?’ She asked rather dumbfounded, knowing that Thomas would rather not have spent large sums of money if he could avoid it, preferring to only get the basics.

“As far as I’m concerned, you still got first place today, before they cancelled the competitions.” He smirked and patted her head, scratching behind her ears lightly, Rebecca unable to help herself, but to lean in closer, enjoying the feel of his hands paying such nice attention to her, and even more, praising her. Although she was still worried, she had gotten what she had really wanted most today, his attention and affection, unable to not dawn her own smile. “There, everything’s alright.” He reassured her, setting his bad down in front of him, opening up a spot for her to join them on the bench.

“Sit down, enjoy your reward. You’ve certainly earned it.” He nodded as he leaned back, Rebecca quick to take the open seat next to him, leaning into him as he wrapped his arm around her. “There, see. Everything is fine.”

She smiled and nodded herself, opening up her sandwich and digging into it, the sandwich having everything she wanted and even better, being a perfectly balanced meal for her kind to boot. As she started on her meal however, Thomas finally opened up his and started on them, or rather was about to when someone spoke up behind him.

“Now this is a rather large surprise. Since when did you get into the habit of going all out on treating your pokémon, but only getting something so small and not so fancy for yourself.” The male voice stated as Thomas quickly turned to see who was standing behind him.

“Andrew!?” Thomas was quick to stand up in shock, not expecting to see his step-father there behind him, just barely shorter then himself, but even in his lab coat, one could see the man’s strong build, able to tell with certainty that he enjoyed his sports in his spare time.

However, in Thomas’s rush to stand up and try to shake the offered hand, he had knocked his bag down, but more importantly, flipped the small container with his pancakes in it, Radara catching them for him with ease making sure nothing was wasted. It was her own way of saying thanks to him, saving his meal as Thomas smiled and patted her gently behind the feline’s ears. Rebecca on the hand, had to stifle a laugh from the scene, but got up none the less and smiled at Andrew, even if she still worked on her sandwich.

‘It would appear Thomas that you’re decision to return has been made for you.’ Radara said softly, the same purring sound that made to show her approval now sounded clearly in his head, although she made sure to speak strictly to Thomas now. Sure she could easily show that she was powerful, but she still had just as many secrets to hide as Thomas did.

“I was called down to the beach when the sirens went off, something about a pack of raging gyarados. It’s a good thing no one was really hurt, even if it did cancel the rest of today’s activities. Apparently, someone knocked over the main terminal in the confusion however, meaning all the new poképhones and pokédexs up for grabs couldn’t be activated and configured, so I was sent down there to get it working and make sure the rest of the prizes were handed out properly. Image my surprise to see you’re name on the lists.” He said as he took a seat on the bench them, letting Rebecca keep her seat next to Thomas when he sat back down. “So, what really happened down there, before you just… wandered away.” Andrew smirked knowing that his son didn’t like being in the limelight.

Thomas could only grin at his father’s words, Andrew knew him so well already. “I wasn’t up for joining in all honesty.” He started as he leaned back, opening up his pancakes once more to enjoy them. “Rebecca was the one who wanted in on the ‘fun’, and who was I to argue. Just because me and Radara don’t like large crowds doesn’t mean we have punish the others.” He started, savoring his first bite of real food, not just something basic for the first time in a few weeks, having been in the mountains and forests prior to returning to Rustboro City. “Things went rather well… at first. Then you can thank Radara for spotting the problem so far out in the ocean. From there, I told the nearest judge and things just kinda happened. With some team work, they were driven off.” Thomas explained, hoping that Andrew would buy the short version.

Andrew just smirked. “That trainer that was the rescued. Claims he was teleported along with his lapras, right up the beach and just in time, saying that he was about to get hit.” Andrew said as he got up and moved behind them, quickly moving over and grabbing Thomas’s hiking pack, before scratching Radara right along the back of her neck, massaging her shoulders. “You really could compete with her in the league, a powerful little psychic warlord like this would win you several matches.” Andrew joked as he looked to Thomas, speaking up once more before Thomas could object. “Yes, yes, I know. Its not your style to be a pokémon master and win the league. You just enjoy traveling, enjoying life as it comes. Why don’t we go home for now. I know you’ve had a long day, you’re definitely worn out from helping so much already.”

Thomas just looked at him for a few, still nodding as he finished what little was left of his pancakes. “You came here just to find me didn’t you. How’d you know I would be here?” Thomas asked as he got up, Radara and Rebecca joining him, both having finished their treats as well.

“You’re so much like your biological father. I didn’t know him as long I would like, but there are two places you could always find him when he needed to think or calm down. And with the beach being so crowded, that left the forest. Sure, its not a ‘real’ forest here, but its as close as you get in a city this size
without leaving the safety and comforts that come with it.” Andrew smiled, Thomas knowing that he was right. He did indeed act a lot like father, far more then Andrew would ever likely come to truly know.

“Vivian is going to be working a bit late tonight, but I think that’ll just let us surprise her when she gets back. She’s not expecting you until tomorrow after all.” Andrew added as he started for his truck, with Thomas and his pokémon following right along behind them. “So my boy, what all have you been up to? We haven’t heard much of your travels lately. Are Juno and Saber doing well?”

“Yes, they are both doing very well.” Thomas smiled as he walked with him, looking over the aging man, well into his fifties, but still so active, the same man he had always been, and Thomas hoped would always stay. “Juno’s still the same old laid back ninetales she has always been, and Saber’s still growing, quite a handful at times, but we all manage.” Thomas said as he looked over the full sized work truck that Andrew favored over other more fancy vehicles, opening up the rear door to put Thomas’s bag away, letting Rebecca get in with it as Thomas climbed into the other side with Radara jumping up to his lap.

“That’s good. Surprised neither one of those two want to participate in the league either. Juno I suppose I can understand, but she still surprises me. When she sets her mind to something, I’ve never seen her back down, doing it her way, but I can’t ever tell when she’ll want to do something.” Andrew stated as he got in himself and started the truck. “Saber of course, now he’s an easy one to read and understand. He’s just there for the action, the adventure. Of course, it still wouldn’t hurt to understand either one of them. I’d just love to complete my project already and share it with the world. I know lucarios are one of the few who can talk, but it takes so long for them to form a proper bond with someone, they can’t just talk with anyone. Still, could you image it? A world where humans and pokémon all understand each other? I just hope I live long enough to see it happen.” He smiled, his words picking at Thomas. Thomas couldn’t help but look him over now, thinking about so many things, about who had raised him this time.

This was the father that Thomas had known growing up, the one that had raised Thomas alongside his own wife, the two unable to have a child of their own for medical reasons. Although the man had been raised by both of his parents, Andrew had learned a lot more from his mother. She had instilled the man with great pride in his values, seeing pokémon not as tools just before trainers become truly common appearances, values that had been present when Thomas’s father had chosen to get to know the Falstons. It was those same values that Andrew still held onto today, treating all of the pokémon on the Falston Estate with great care and respect, trusting in their judgement and instincts. He knew that pokémon were much smarter then the average person bothered to understand, and so he had set out to work on changing that view, working to develop ways to bridge that gap, his ultimate goal of one day actually being able to understand pokémon. He knew from the time that he was growing that pokémon, or at least some of them were very much aware of things, able to do more then merely understand human speech that let them follow commands in battle. He was always sure that pokémon, or at least some of them could understand the ‘human’ factor of things, despite not being a human.

It pained Thomas at times that he couldn’t share more of the world with Andrew at times. Thomas knew things about the pokémon world that many others wouldn’t know for a long long time if ever at all. Being what he was, he had seen so much to know as fact, not speculation, but solid fact that many pokémon were very intelligent, having their world, able to talk and share their mind, govern themselves, and even share emotion just like humans. Andrew had made sure to try and instill the same values in Thomas as he grew up, before his true identity had been awakened with him, and Thomas was proud to call himself the son of Andrew.

While Andrew and Vivian had very similar views on many things, they still had their differences, even in what kind of pokémon they preferred, and at times, their pokémon were also ready to fight with each. Still, the way that the two of them got along so well, and kept the entire estate along with seventeen various pokémon all under control and working together to keep the place tidy. They certainly had Thomas’s respect, and in the end, it was the same respect that would soon come to make things so much worse. Thomas knew he would have to hurt them, and not in some small way, but possibly the worst way he could.

Thomas’s thoughts were interrupted once more however when Radara’s tail gently flicked his head to get his attention. “You okay there Thomas?” Andrew asked with a slightly concerned look. “You spaced out big time.” He stated moving opening up the door, having stopped at local outdoor market place to get some more berries, the estate rarely ever without them as most of the pokémon present on the estate were herbivores.

“S-sorry.” Thomas said in a quiet voice, knowing exactly what he had to do. “I…” He sighed lightly some before quickly putting on a fake smile. “I’ve just some things on my mind, you really don’t have to worry.”

“What kind of father would I be if I can’t help my own son.” Andrew smiled back. “You don’t have to talk with me if you don’t want you. You’ll be turning eighteen soon enough, free to make all your decisions yourself. If you don’t know what you really want to do with your life yet, you still have time, and I’m sure things will work out. They always have, haven’t they? It’s not like you have to leave just yet, you’ll always be welcome back home.”

Although Andrew didn’t know, those words hurt Thomas greatly, but he kept himself together as he opened the door and let Radara get out, Rebecca joining them, a worried frown on her own face as he looked to Thomas and his aura. ‘Are you sure you’re okay Thomas?’ Radara’s voice chimed in his head.

“I’m fine…” Thomas stated quietly enough for both Rebecca and Radara to hear, Thomas seeing that she was worried about him, but making sure that Andrew didn’t hear him. “Trust me, I’m fine.”

Andrew was thankfully already walking into the market, Thomas moving to catch up as he moved beside him, looking around the stands, most filled with raw berries, or products filled with them, although there were a few other stands around. Andrew of course knew where he going, already getting out his pocket book and counting it up. “Can you give me a hand?” Andrew asked as he looked to Thomas and even Rebecca as he stopped in front of a stand.

“Sure.” Thomas stated as Rebecca was quick to nod herself.

With their help recruited, Andrew turned the man in the booth, just as he finished with another lady. “Oh, well if it isn’t Andrew. Usual bushel this week?” The man asked.

“Nope, we’ll go with three, four if Rebecca thinks she can handle two of them.” Andrew stated as looked to the shiny lucario. Rebecca smiled and nodded once more with a smile enjoying the extra challenge. “Four it is. Forty a bushel?”

“Thirty-five for you Andrew.” The man smiled as he opened the gate to his stand and pointed out the bushels. “They’re a bit heavy on the nanab and cheri, but they still got a large assortment.” The man checked the four bushels just to be sure they were fresh before handing one to Andrew, another one to Thomas, and the last two to Rebecca. While she may have been short, she certainly had muscles, and the weight of the two bushels wasn’t a problem as she helped carry them back to the truck.

“Thanks for the help. Anything else you want before we leave?” Andrew asked deciding to leave Thomas be for now, not asking any questions knowing himself that something was weighing on Thomas, and he didn’t appear to want to talk about it. There was always later, and he felt strongly that if Thomas needed to, Thomas would talk with him about it.

Thomas merely shook his head. “Not today. I’m sure everything I want for now is at home.” Thomas smiled. “A roof, warm bed, something more then standard travel meals. You know, the little comforts.”

Andrew just grinned as he nodded himself. “Had enough of camping outside lately? You’re not thinking of actually settling down now are you?” He joked.

“No, it’s just nice to have a place to fall back on.” Thomas said let Rebecca back into the truck, before getting in himself. “Someplace where everyone knows me and I have to worry about strangers trying to bug me for things.”

“The usual trade offers for Rebecca?” Andrew asked as he started up the truck and got ready for the long ride back home, a near two hour drive to their estate after they got out of the city.

“Well, at least one person finally had a decent offer, but I turned it down as usual. Worked for Devon Corp actually, offered me two league level pokémon for her.” Thomas explained. “Said he was the head of Human Relations.”

“That must have been Asmound.” Andrew nodded thinking about the man. “Good guy, very persuasive, bit on the showy side though. Rumors going through the place are he’s trying to become the head chairman. He’s also looking for as many shiny pokémon as he can get his hands on, usually makes decent trades for them too. His brother owns a ranch, they like to breed em out there. More shiny pokémon gathered up in spot then any other place in the Hoenn Region.”

“That would explain why he wanted Rebecca, although I hardly think she would agree. Sure she has evolved already, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen her show interest in anyone.” Thomas said as he looked back, Rebecca lightly humming to herself as she looked through the bushel of berries next to her, trying to see if she could find a mago berry or two, Thomas just smiling at the sight of the eager lucario.

“Lucarios are very picky about their mates, or so I’ve heard. Common enough in the wild, but strong and fast enough that most remain in the wild. Of those that do get caught, so far many of them are male as well, and trying to watch them in the wild, never easy.” Andrew stated as they drove along, some rain picking up.

“I won’t argue that, the ones in the wild enjoy a certain sense of privacy.” Thomas said as he looked out. Before their conversation could continue though, Andrew snapped his fingers in annoyance.

“Oh for the love of… I knew I was forgetting something. Thomas, could you check the glove box?” He asked as Thomas did him the favor, opening up the small compartment in front of him, only to look on in confusion at what was inside.

“Hey… some trainer was bugging me today about these.” Thomas stated as he pulled out the three pokédexs out of the compartment, each of them all having a fancy label on them, BW-450, one of them red, the other two pink.

“Hmm?” Andrew asked. “Well, that’s weird. What did they want?”

“They wanted me to get them one, followed me for a while too even before I tricked him into thinking someone was following him. Used the chance to walk off quietly.” Thomas explained.

“There’s always that one trainer who wants it first, I guess he thought you could help.” Andrew said a bit annoyed. “But as long as everything turned out alright. Anyway, put them in my bag would you?” He said lifting the seat rest between them up to reveal a small bag. “I’ve got to hand those off to Hanna in programming. Their some of the prototypes, they work, but they didn’t hold up to the winter weather tests. Hanna’s been sick enough to not come in lately, but the boss wants them looked at if she has time.” Andrew explained.

Thomas just nodded as he put them away, Andrew taking a quick detour to get to Hanna’s house on the edge of the city. “I see.” Thomas said as he put them in his bag as he closed the seat rest and leaned back. “How much of an improvement over the Hoenn models are they?” He asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

“You finally interested in updating?” Andrew laughed. “Personally, I favor that new one Johto came out, but these guys are no slouches. We expect to start producing the final product in quantity in two or three months, after we work out all the bugs. We got a few fully functional models, looking for trainers to give them a test run even. Maybe that’s what that trainer was going on about, wanting in on that.” Andrew said.

“Could be.” Thomas replied as the rain started to really pick up. “Looks like today’s games would have been canceled either way.”

“Looks like it.” Andrew nodded as he got an idea and grinned. “Ya know, I do have one of the BW-450 test models. I don’t have use of it, but I’m sure I can arrange for you to have it, give it a nice test run.”

“I really don’t need it.” Thomas stated.

“I think you might, the original Hoenn models are going out of style, and more importantly, they won’t be up to date and handling all the new features to be released in the next Trainer Network update. To try and revive the use of pokédex’s over this poképhone craze, they’re incorporating a full video calling feature, near planet wide internet coverage, and plenty of other things. It’s also a lot harder to hack the 450 over older models, coming installed with one of those porygon trainer assistant AI things. They aren’t installed directly into the network either, meaning they aren’t being tracked yet.” Andrew explained, that last bit of information catching Thomas’s eye. That was part of the reason he preferred the older Hoenn model after all, it could only be tracked when it was online, unlike some of the other newer models which could be hacked to reveal a trainer’s location. “Normally we give them out the trainers we hire, but I’m sure being the son of the lead researchers, you’d be approved.”

Thomas was quick to reconsider his options, he could use an updated model, but always put it off for that one feature. If this model wasn’t tracked, then it could do him well, and he just use his poképhone when he didn’t want others to see the new pokédex. “I guess I could use it.” He said as Andrew smiled.

“We’ll ask Hanna then, she’s the one who has to approve their use and activate them.” Andrew smirked as they approached the city once more, and Hanna’s house, although the rain was definitely getting worse. Still, it didn’t take long for them to finally see Hanna’s house, the programmer apparently already having some kind of company since there were three cars in the drive. “Looks like she may have some family over. We’ll try to make this a brief visit then.” Andrew stated as he pulled up into the drive.

As they neared, Thomas could see more of the single story house, rather small for what he expected given that Hanna was supposed to be a lead Devon Corp programmer. “Small place.” Thomas said.

“It’s a company owned house. Hanna actually lives in Kanto with her mother. She had plans to move down here, but nothing set in stone.” Andrew explained as the neared the garage, which was already open, and their lights could make out a few people inside, who appeared to be arguing. “Hmmm, what’s going on here?” Andrew wondered as he saw the figures start to get physical, one of them pushing another to the side.

Andrew was quick to get out alongside Thomas, unsure of what was going on as Rebecca and Radara followed along, Radara creating a large barrier disc over them to keep them dry. “Hanna, you okay?” Andrew called out as he walked up, easily able to the make out the short woman that was Hanna.

Rather then get a response from the programmer however, someone else called back, walking up the greet them. “Get back in your truck and leave, this doesn’t concern you.” A male voice called out, Thomas quietly reached his hand behind his back, giving a small hand sign to Radara and Rebecca, the thumbs down telling them he didn’t this and to stay on guard.

Radara was quick to act, only to hiss lightly as the man got closer. “I think this does concern me, Hanna works with me and I personally don’t like the looks of you.” Andrew stated rather firmly. “So, here’s a better idea. You take your friend and leave before someone gets hurt.” Although he may have not been a trainer, but a scientist, Andrew still knew his way well around a fight, with a great tactical mind and brains for battling.

“I said leave.” The man who was walking up to them repeated, going for his belt and quickly grabbing a pokéball, throwing it up into the air, expecting a pokémon to come out. Radara acted first however, her mind sealing the pokéball shut and throwing it off to the side as she approached now. “Oh, so you want to fight, fine by me. Boris.” The man called as they got closer, a flash of lighting showing the mark of Team Magma on their hats, Hanna crying out for help just before the second man punched the woman.

Andrew called out his own pokémon, a blaziken to his side as the two magma grunts went for more pokéballs, Radara only able to stop three of the six they threw out however, having to compete with a houndoom, a rhydon, and a mightyena.

Andrew was quick to move in, going for the grunt in front of him as he commanded his blaziken known as Blitz to move in as well, going after the closest opposing pokémon, the mightyena, Thomas already going to save Hanna, Radara and Rebecca on his tail. “Rebecca, deal with that houndoom, Radara, the rhydon is yours.” Thomas called out as he jumped down to avoid a blow from the rhydon, who instead smashed one of the cars, seeing the glow of a fire attack behind him, knowing that Andrew had the mightyena and the first grunt under control.

In such tight and cramped conditions however, this was an up close brawl rather then usual showdown, and he knew his pokémon would have some advantages here, Radara already blasting the rhydon back, slamming into the side of the garage. Rebecca was having just as easy a time, not having to close the distance to get in for her own moves, a force palm landing right in the houndoom’s face, his howl of pain easily noticed over the storm as it got worse.

The second magma grunt wasn’t going down so easy, pulling out some kind of short metal baseball bat like object, but with a ridged club top. Thomas just growled in frustration, side stepping the overhead swing, twisting around to backhand the grunt. His attack didn’t do much however, the grunt shrugging off the attack with barely a loss of a balance adjusting his next hard swing of the bat, the top sparking loudly showing off that it was more then just a club, but a stun device as well.

Thomas only smirked, knowing that the grunt was trying to fight him with his own unique powers, moving his hand to block the club at its base. While the shocking end of the tool wouldn’t be much of a problem to him, the ridged club head itself would no doubt still hurt, and could break a bone or two if he wasn’t careful.

Behind him, Radara had the fight pretty much under control all by herself, focusing on just the three pokémon, restricting their actions as she applied a massive blast of psychic energy to the rhydon’s mind, it crying out in pain, stumbling around at her mercy. Of course her powers were limited against the other two pokémon, being dark types presented a powerful resistance to her abilities. Given her unique nature though, this was merely just a resistance, not the usual immunity dark types had over psychic types. It may have been enough for her to only slow them and keep them from using some of their attacks, but in this three on three fight, that was all she had to do.

Rebecca was really going at it with her own opponent, the houndoom unable to use any of its stronger attacks, only its physical ones for some reason which confused it, forced to react sluggishly thanks to Radara’s restrictions over it. This made it a short fight as Rebecca avoided all of its attempts to hurt her, landing another force palm on its side, sending it flying into the already smash up car, it passing out with a loud whimper when she turned to look if Andrew needed help. Blitz was keeping the mightyena restrained in a powerful chokehold as Andrew letting his boxing side show, once more hitting the grunt he was fighting in the stomach, the grunts jaw already a bit bloody from the fight.

With everyone else under control, Rebecca turned to look for Thomas, only to gasp out. Thomas was unable to avoid the next swing that the grunt threw at him, the club head catching him hard in the side, only to be pulled back. The grunt quickly went to thrust the head of it into Thomas’s chest as he held his side, only for him to grab the club by the tip in his palm. The grunt laughed at first, hitting the switch and activating the stun function of the tool, only to look on in confusion.

“Sorry pal, electricity doesn’t work here.” Thomas grunted in pain from the prior blow, using his free hand to quickly sock the grunt in the jaw and pulled the baton free of the grunt’s grip while he was at it. “Let’s see how powerful this is.” He stated flipping it around in his hand, and firing the device, sparks coming off the tip before he planted it in the grunts chest, the man locking up for a few shaking some, before falling back.

‘Thomas…’ Rebecca cried out running to him, neither one of them noticing the small item that had fallen from the grunt’s hand, only for the small cylinder to blow up, filling the opened garage with a nasty mix of pepper gas, stun spore particles, and hints of sleeping gas, a deadly triple mix threat. The blast quickly filled the entire garage with the gas, Rebecca unable to see as she coughed out, Radara immediately teleporting Thomas out into the yard and rain, already on his knees struggling a bit for fresh air as he held his throat, coughing fiercely.

Seeing him coughing so hard, Andrew called out to him, only to quit holding back on the grunt, grabbing his collar and slamming his head down to greet his rising knee. Rebecca on the other hand was in a rush to get to his side, helping him turn over and onto his back whining loudly. ‘Thomas… Thomas… are you okay, speak to me… what’s wrong… what did they do to you… what was in that gas?!’ She screamed to him and anyone else who could listen, Andrew only getting parts of it as he threw the grunt to the ground, all of the Team Magma pokémon dealt with.

Radara made her way to Thomas’s side as well, helping him by controlling his breathing now, the water washing away the worst of the gas that stuck to his skin, none of them noticing Hanna rushing out the front door, having gotten away from the fight in the confusion. “Andrew… Andrew what happened? Are you all okay?” The woman called out as she ran over to Andrew, who was at the moment more concerned about his son, running over after making sure the grunts were knocked out.

“Radara, is he okay?” Andrew quickly asked as Radara stood beside him, inspecting him, before nodding and then looking to Hanna.

“I’m so sorry for all of this.” Hanna panted as the first sirens sounded, a pair of police cars rushing up to the house. The rest was a blur for Thomas however, as parts of the sleeping gas began to take hold, Radara helping to keep him conscious as best as she could.

Hanna was sure to keep the police on track, letting them know that the Falstons had saved her by taking down the two grunts as Andrew tended to his son.


Thomas first thoughts as he regained full consciousness were of the bright lights, and something wrapped over his face. He coughed a few more times, before moving to his hands to his face, feeling the oxygen mask there. He quickly sat up, taking the mask off as he drew a few deep breaths.

“Careful, take it easy.” A deep voice stated as he looked around, a doctor right there standing next to him. “That was a nasty gas bomb you got hit by. Team Magma seems to enjoy using them lately. As if the pepper content wasn’t enough, they add it to a mixture of sleeping gas and stun spore just to make sure that at least something gets through. You’re very lucky that you survived, that stuff wreaks enough havoc on pokémon.”

Thomas just ignored his words, looking around seeing Radara there in the corner, the espeon nodding lightly. ‘He is under my influence. Our secret is safe. Show him that you can breath on your own and he’s ready to let us walk out and go home.’ Radara’s voice sounded in his head as he nodded himself.

He leaned back just a bit more, back against the bed he was on as he took a few simple breaths, letting the doctor give him a quick and simple exam, merely making sure he was breathing by himself now, before he was done and walked out. Andrew took the doctor’s place as the man left though, finally given the okay that Thomas should be fine.

“Don’t you dare scare me like that again.” Andrew said as soon as he walked in with a weak smile. “Its one thing to help me out in a fight, but you don’t have to take a bomb to the face to try and impress anyone.” He joked weakly.

“Not… my… idea…” Thomas said softly as he looked up continuing to take slow deep breaths.

“The doctor is filling out a few things. Once he’s done, he says we can leave.” Andrew smiled before looking at his wristwatch. “Vivian showed up while you were out of it. She should be home by now though, wanted to make you something for doing such a good job saving Hanna, and helping out with the beach.”

“How… long… was I… out?” Thomas asked still going slow with his words, not wanting to over exert himself just yet until he was breathing normally once more, his breaths slowly getting larger and more steady as he took his time.

“Just shy of an hour.” Andrew explained. “They put some strong concentrated sleeping gas in that thing. You’re lucky that Radara teleported you so fast, you only got a minor dose. That grunt who dropped it, he had to go into surgery. How’s your side?”

“Sore.” Thomas responded as he looked down to his side where he had been hit, a large bruise there, but nothing really serious. Thomas just pulled back the bandages a bit before letting them return to their spot as he slowly turned and got up.

Andrew kept his seat, but made sure to keep a real eye on him as Thomas stood, leaning on the bed lightly as he steadied himself as Thomas finally started to breath normally once more. “So much for an easy day.” He sighed as he turned, the doctor coming back in.

“Already walking are you?” The doctor asked, Radara’s influence still over him, using her tail to hide the slight glow in the gem on her head. “Well, if you’re entirely sure, I can’t really see a reason to keep you here other then observation. If you get light headed, lungs start to hurt, anything though, you need to come back.” The doctor stated as he handed the paper work to Andrew, who signed a few things. “You’re good to go now, just take it easy.”

Andrew nodded and smiled. “I’ll be sure he will, thanks for all the help.” He said as he handed Thomas his shirt and coat, along with two of his pokéballs. “Juno and Saber are back at the estate, Vivian took them there to let them relax. Radara got a little… persuasive when I tried to recall her and also refused to let me hand off Rebecca’s pokéball. Let me tell you, your lucario is worried about you.”

Thomas could only smile. “Radara hates being inside pokéballs, so I just let her travel at my side. She enjoys it… most of the time.” Thomas said as he put his shirt back on, as well as his shoes before putting his two pokéballs on his belt. With that done, he nodded for Radara to get up and join him, walking out at his side as they walked out of the room to leave the hospital, Andrew signing him out since he was still a minor, even if just for one more day. As they were leaving though, Rebecca’s pokéball started shaking rather hard.

“That’s the fourth time this past hour since we arrived that she wanted out.” Andrew explained as he heard it, the pokéball shaking the clip that hard on Thomas’s belt.

‘Thomas, you will need to have a long talk with her, and I will not take no for an answer.’ Radara’s voice entered his head earning a very confused look from him as he looked down to her. ‘She is very worried about you, considerably more then you seem to realize and more importantly, more then you seem to want to accept.’

As they walked out the door into the parking lot, Thomas’s curiosity got the better of him as he decided to release Rebecca as Radara shielded them from the rain. In the usual burst of white light, the shiny lucario was standing before then, but only long enough to be released. As soon as she was free of the device, she was instantly on Thomas’s side, hugging him tightly. ‘Thomas, why do you keep locking me away!’

Both Thomas and Andrew were left speechless at the action, and while Thomas could understand every word, Andrew was left only to hear small bits and pieces. “Rebecca… what are you doing?” Thomas asked coughing a bit more from her sudden actions.

‘Why do you keep trying to impress everyone, always running into danger, never letting me protect you.’ Rebecca cried out as she held him close.

“Did… did I perhaps miss something?” Andrew asked as Radara moved to his side, catching small echoes of what Rebecca had said.

Radara gives Andrew a small nudge, starting to walk away Andrew getting the hint as he sighs a bit. “We’ll give you a minute to calm her down okay, Thomas? Just remember what they say about that bond lucarios have, son. It works both ways.”

Thomas is still rather clueless, the look very present on his face as Rebecca held her vice like grip on him, a lot harder then what Thomas was use to from her. He tries to get out of it, gently at first, only to realize that she is entirely refusing to let go however. “Rebecca, I’m still in pain. I would rather not have to get re-administered again okay?” He stated as he feels her chest spike start to dig into his chest knowing full well enough that it could pierce his skin, and soon if she kept up her grip.

She quickly sees the pain in his aura though once he speaks up, along side the worry as she realizes her spike is nearly ready to pierce his chest. In a rush, she lets go rather embarrassed that she had nearly put him back in the hospital after he literally just got out. ‘I am so sorry Thomas, I didn’t mean to do that… I am so sorry.’ She whines rather pitifully, her ears wilting back in shame. Some other patients just leaving as well and some coming in looking over at him, a few giving him an angry glare for making his lucario whine like she was, not knowing the full story.

“It’s okay, just don’t try to crush me.” Thomas said as he looks around seeing Andrew and Radara both watching. Andrew seems to be enjoying himself, watching Thomas on the spot as Radara is just shaking her head at how its going already, always seeming to judge him at everything so soon. He grabs Rebecca’s paw though and moves to the side of the building to a small fully enclosed gazebo where they were away from the eyes of other patients and trainers looking at them. As he stops, the rain muffled on the high roof, he can hear Rebecca still whimpering a bit. Now Thomas really feels bad as he looks to his pokémon.

He stands before her thinking about Rebecca, about how she battles. She usually takes on most pokémon wihtout really a breaking a sweat, not quite a league level pokémon, but close. She could pace herself with ease, letting her easily outmatch several pokémon, her battle prowess unmatched by all of the pokémon he had encountered on this journey so far aside from Radara and Juno, but they weren’t even normal to begin. Even when she took a hit, she had never let it show, but now standing before him, he could see that she had actually been crying, a first for him to ever see from her.

Slowly, things began to make sense as he realized what all her aura bond with him meant. She felt his emotions, and now he could actually feel part of hers, much in the same way he had a unique link with Radara. Rather then being a powerful mental link however, this one was different, more personal, almost spiritual in a way. Rebecca could always feel his emotions, and it was no small wonder she was always willing to please me, willing to fight for him. She could feel those emotions he always kept locked away, his anger, his sorrow, but most importantly, his solitude.

Although those feelings were never directed at her, she knew that something was bothering him and she always did her best to make him happy. Thomas thinks about everything she has done to make him smile, or give her a compliment, make him feel proud that she was at his side. He had always hoped to keep that part of him private, away from others, but there was no question now that she knew. His thoughts took an unfortunate turn for things though, following the path he had forced himself to follow for so long, the same path his father had followed, and his father’s father going back five full generations of what he was. He wondered if he should leave her behind now, for her own sake more then his own. He didn’t want to force her to endure the harsh choices he had chosen to follow, and the many more that he knew would come up as well. He began to wonder if he should leave her with the Falston’s, with a considerable chance at a much better life then he could provide for her now.

Those feelings were easily read in his aura however as she spoke up rather loudly, her normally gentle voice now cracked and uneven. ‘Please, what have I done for you to feel that way Thomas?’ She whines. ‘Was it because I hugged you too tightly, I didn’t mean to. I just worry about you. You have always been so nice and always care about me more then yourself. I know I am just a pokémon, an animal in the eyes of others. I do know what it means to care for others though. What feelings towards others mean… please don’t leave me Thomas… I … I…’ She does her best to stop the tears in her eyes, but not really knowing what to say or how. To say what she truly wanted, what she had wanted since she evolved, but never really knew about until today.

When Thomas first adopted her in a sense, she was scared of him, the first human she had ever met, but he took care of her on that day so long ago, and learned to love him, but as a friend. Yet, when she evolved into a lucario, things had changed. She felt something stir within her. At first, she just hated when other females tried to impress Thomas, even a few trying to throw themselves at him thinking he would fall head over heels for them for them, and yet he always ignored them. His only care was for his pokémon, Radara, Juno, Saber, and herself. Rebecca always looked towards Juno and Radara as mothers who gave advice she would always ask for, like what it meant to know what love is. Was it the same thing like it was for humans.

Of course the two of them always had different views on things. Juno would laugh saying no. Pokémon express love different because they would not fall in love the same way humans did. Juno would always drift with her answers, mostly because Radara and Juno always had different opinions on things, even including on how Rebecca would learn. The only thing that the two ever really agreed upon however was that if she felt she loved someone, she should tell that someone, hiding it only made it worse, one of Radara’s phrases popping into her head once more. ‘Better to have loved then never loved at all.’

With her mind now set after those words once again pop into her head, she knew what she has to say to him. Even now she could see his confusion and despair that he has, that he tries his best to hide from her. ‘Thomas please… I don’t know what path you want to take in life, I have never questioned anything you have done before. I do love to battle and show off the power within me, yet you seem to try and hide me from the world. As if I am something that needs protection. So many times you’ve recalled me from battle as if I could not fight for you.’ Thomas is about say something, but she stops before he could interrupt.

‘No, please let me finish. For a long time I have… I have thought about many things while floating around inside that pokéball. I can still feel your emotions that you try to hide behind that fake smile you show at times. I am not a tiny riolu anymore, all the care and love you showed me helped me evolve, and I can care for myself now. When I evolved into what I am now, it wasn’t just my power and my body that changed, something else changed too. They have grown into something else I was afraid you might reject. Other times I have seen your compassion toward other pokémon. I know you do not hold the same feelings other humans do about many pokémon, that we are not creatures or mindless beasts. You see more than that… I am afraid to ask you… I have have battled many mons over the months, even those who could really hurt me. Yet what I’m fear most is you… asking you…’ Rebecca once again goes silent now, unable to finish her words as does her best to keep quiet, the rain the only noise around them.

That silence is perfect for Thomas however, as her words slowly start to make sense at first, but they quickly add up as memories of distant past life wake up, seeing Rebecca so vulnerable as she is causes the images of another lucario to flash into his mind, although not shiny like the one standing before him. It was this lucario, a lucario in ancient times that Rebecca had been named after.

Awarded a proper name as a sign of respect and honor in that age so long ago, Rae Beck Ann, the pokémon in the old kingdoms to be named a squire had the same problem with Thomas’s ancestor so long ago. With the images and detailed memories of the long forgotten past love present in his mind though and no longer pushed back, Rebecca’s words all made sense to him now, their weight finally kicking him. More images fill him mind, images and thoughts that he had always pushed away, thoughts of him actually being with someone once more after so long, sharing a life together, relying on each other in a different way then he relied on Radara to assist him.

With the images of all the good that love had brought him in the past, a nearly forgotten act, the cost that came with love also came forth, of how he would always end up going on without them, of how he had lost some of the love of his past lives, of how brutally his last love had been taken from him.

The thoughts were already there however, of how he wanted to share his life someone, of how wanted someone to bring him the peace and comfort of knowing that he wouldn’t have to hide everything from everyone, that there was always someone he could share what he was with, but was it worth the price. He would have to leave his home soon, always stay on the move, and not only because he would stop aging, but because he was hunted, and what he had to do aside from that. Was it worth it to bring her along, to confide in her, to put her in harms way. He had seen plagues, faced wars, seen nations rise and fall over the course of time, the memories of past lives always there if he needed, and sometimes, too often these days it seemed. Her words now though, were the greatest torture he could recall however.

With his mind so distracted, he failed to notice that Rebecca had once again moved closer, taking his hand and placing it on her chest, Thomas able to feel her heart beat with his. He could feel her bond to him, feeling her trying to match her aura with his own, easily able to do so with how much she wanted him, and deep down, he wanted her as well.

He knew what she wanted more then ever now, what she wanted most of all, what he found himself having put off for much too long, his stubborn ways and those passed down from his father still arguing against it, wanting him to leave her like they had done. Would she follow him though, would she accept the truth of what he was, the truth he had hidden from everyone except Radara and Juno, who had traveled with him for generations.

With their newly found bound, Rebecca was quick to nod, not knowing what he meant in his mind, but she knew that she would stay with him, no matter what he was. For the first time in so very long, he couldn’t turn this one down, he couldn’t say no, giving a weak smiled.

“Yes… yes Rebecca.” He says softly moving a hand up to caress her face, having shunned love, real love between mates for so long, he was lost as to how this would happen, but he wanted it, and it was about time that he gave it a chance. “I… do love you…” He said praying so desperately that his purpose in life would not bring her harm, that he could her just as safe as those he had been tasked to protect since birth.

At his words, she quickly leaned up on her toes as best she could, pulling his head down, their lips catching in an awkward kiss being such different creatures. She didn’t care, and neither did he now that he had said it, pulling her as close as he could without digging her chest spike into his chest.


Andrew looked down to Radara as the minutes ticked by, getting a bit worried not seeing Thomas, still concerned with his health. He had already tried to move once to follow along, but Radara had stopped with, her tail surprisingly strong, no doubt helped by the power of her mind, and he had agreed to give them a few more minutes.

Still, he was getting worried as he looked down to her. “Are you absolutely sure they are okay?” He asked as the espeon nodded, still protecting them from the rain beside his truck. He looked down to the espeon, still unsure himself, only to see her point with her tail.

Thomas and Rebecca were coming back around the building, this time holding hands, Rebecca smiling as she leaned into him. Thomas on the other hand, was unsure of things, knowing what he wanted, but unable to tell if it was a good idea. Although he couldn’t sure he was doing the truly right thing, he knew he had what he wanted for him, even if the doubt of the future was still there.

As they came back however, Andrew gave them a rather unusual look about how close they appeared. “Is something wrong?” He asked also paying attention to the look of worry on Thomas’s face. Radara could only smile, the task she had set out to correct was finally done, at the very least he was willing to try loving someone else after so long.

“Andrew… father…” Thomas said softly. “You once said… you didn’t care what I did… as long as it felt right.” He started knowing that he couldn’t hide this from Andrew, he was far too observant, always looking for the little details, those things that told the real story.

Andrew merely studied them for a few more, before smiling. “Well, that starts to explain a lot.” He said with a smile. “I’ve always dreamed of talking with pokémon, something that you just kind of did, or at least understood far better then anyone else I know.” He said walking up to them looking them both over. “If you really think that this is what you really want, that you two can make this work, I won’t stop you. I trust your judgement, I know you’ll do what you feel is right. I’ve never been the best father spending so much time working, but I’m sure that I’ve taught you the difference between right and wrong. Whatever you need to do, I can trust that it was done for the right reasons, even if I may not understand it all the time.”

Thomas smiled a fair bit now, at least glad that Andrew was so accepting of him and his judgement, even now when it was obvious that he wasn’t in love with another human, but the pokémon at his side. His words brought other ideas forth as well though, but those thoughts could wait as Radara walked up to him with a large smile on her face as well, before turning for the truck, opening the doors for all of them.

“Come on, let’s go home. I’m sure we can all use the rest and time to settle down. Just… try not to share this with your mother. I know she values pokémon, but she doesn’t quite see them as good lovers. She had a friend once who shared that kind of thing with her, telling her the truth. She hasn’t spoken to them in five years and I heard it was not a pleasant departure.” He explained. “If you want though, I can tell Vivian that the doctor said you need lots of rest, give you two some time alone in your room.”

Thomas smiled and nodded. “I would like that a lot.” He said as he looked to Rebecca. “Is that okay with you?” He asked Rebecca, who quickly nodded leaning into him even more. “Just remember, we can’t tell Vivian then. I… I don’t want to upset her anymore then she already is.” Rebecca’s ears dropped a little bit, but she nodded, unfortunately knowing that most humans would not look kindly on them for their decision.
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