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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 10 : A Return to the Old Ways

Watcher of Arceus

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“Human Speech” ‘Character Thought’ {Pokémon Speech}
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The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story “Watcher of Arceus”.


Chapter 10 : A Return of the Old Ways

Thomas moved through the city of New Hamlin City. As was the case with any major city on a tourist island, pretty much everything was stacked high there and of course there were loads of various gift shops and so many other things guided towards keeping tourists coming to the island. Of course, since Ferry Island was located just close enough to be connected by a bridge to Hamlin Island and acted as the main entrance way to the rest of the Orange Islands from The Kanto Region, about half the city was set up just to cater to tourists.

Thick crowds, constant up beat tropical musics, non-stop yells and cries from people trying advertise their businesses, on top of the smell of fresh tropical desserts and snack foods, all mixed up with tourist trainers and coordinators trying to get around with their larger pokemon that weren't supposed to be out made for an endless stream of things all around them.

Not at all dull, and easily making Thomas feel crowded, he just did his best to walk around at the moment. While Radara was at his side, Mewtwo was on top of the large buildings look down over him for now. Willing to share what he saw and heard to some degree, Thomas was just talking quietly to himself, allowing Mewtwo to share his words as he walked, showing him how the humans lived or at least some of them did anyway.

Even Mewtwo was overwhelmed at first by sheer number of minds around, having though that all groups were considerably smaller. His first view of the real human world in a bustling city was quiet intriguing for him and he only to seemed to have more and more questions. Technology seemed to be his weakness, and he wanted to know about everything, but Thomas could hardly even being to try and explain it all.

He did his best of course, but Thomas still preferred to live in the past in some ways, preferring a time when things were simpler and for him easier. Having grown up as a child during an age when technology was evolving certainly made it far easier for him then the final years of his father however when so many things started to appear and human genius began to show and grow almost unchecked.

'And these large glasses, they can show any number of things?' Mewtwo asked, having just asked him about the large televisions. His voice had slowly been changing in tone a bit over the course of the day, and now it seemed rather relaxed, just curious if anything.

“Yep.” Thomas just said quietly mostly under this breath. It was easy to hide who he was talking to in such large crowds with so much noise. “Ones this size are usually just built for showing advertisements to the masses. Getting them to purchase certain products over others. Most of these ones seem to focus on getting the tourists to visit certain shops, stay at the best hotels, and make them hungry to go buy food. Its basically just the same principals as the screens on my pokedex, just much larger. You also can't just touch or type things on them and get them to display information. They just display information that they are told to from somewhere else.”

Although he couldn't see Mewtwo at the moment, Thomas could feel his curiosity peaking a bit more as Thomas rounded a corner and entered onto Main Street. While some of the streets connected to Main Street were still heavily geared towards tourists, none of them compared to the spectacles of what was to be found on Main Street.

The path itself was easily several times larger than any of the other streets, and Mewtwo was given his first real glance of automotive vehicles now, a large number of buses running up and down the road, while a large series of various animatronic things rested both between the paved roads and between each building making for a massive number of moving pokemon statues and other things to get peoples attention.

While of course the buses transporting people seemed to intrigue Mewtwo the most, the large animatronics of other pokemon advertising shops and products as well as even serving as some vending machines of sorts seemed to catch Mewtwo off guard though.

'These larger pokemon... I cannot sense them.' Mewtwo stated, having very quickly gone back to his usual overly firm voice.

“They are artificial. Not created like you were, but just machines made to look like pokemon. They were made to stand out, attract attention. Humans easily just tune in to moving things and sounds. Part of it is them watching out for themselves, but otherwise its far more a case of them giving in to curiosity.” Thomas quickly explained. “There's no need to attack them, just let them be. Some move constantly because they are programmed to until they shut down, but others are designed to respond to movement or sounds around them and act only once they are triggered.” He continued, already feeling Mewtwo's worry and bit of concern.

'They... are slaves?' Mewtwo asked, once more going back to his usual question of what was going on around them.

“No... they can't think for themselves. They are no more slaves than my pokedex is. Hundreds of parts all come together to make them work and move because that is how they were made to do things. Simply remove the power like you would any of the these other machines around us and they would cease to be with no mind or memory to care about themselves.” Although Thomas could still feel a bit of worry in Mewtwo still, he seemed to lay off the questions instead going silent. “You... okay there?”

'Just.. thinking.' Mewtwo stated after a few.

Thomas just slowly continued on, weaving through the larger crowd with ease along with Radara. Allowing Mewtwo to take a small silence, Thomas just moved over to a large snorlax animatronic. The imitation pokemon was about the same size as the real thing, but it only waved and turned its head back forth. On its stomach however was a large map and on either side of the map was a decent sized touch screen that showed all the food stands and restaurants on the main street and a few of the larger side streets.

“You in the mood for anything specific?” Thomas asked looking over to Radara for a second.

'Do they anything favoring fish? I have a craving them right now?' Radara replied. 'Suicune clearly enjoys fish as well, and Mewtwo has what looks like feline features. Perhaps we should collect a large variety dish from more then one place however...'

Thomas just nodded a bit, looking over the lists for a few, and then deciding on three places that he could visit. Adding the numbers for them all as temporary numbers to his pokedex, Thomas just walked off from the snorlax.

“Well, I found a few places that could be nice. We'll just order and do take out though.” Thomas said, walking down main street for now with his pokedex out starting to put the numbers onto a quick note for later. “There's an app for that?”

'App for what?' Radara asked.

“Food... I put those numbers on a quick note and my pokedex quickly recognized them and wants to know if I wanted to install the “Food on the Fly – Tourist's Delight” application on it...” Thomas said.

'The humans do tend to apps for everything as they call them... even you... I guess this comes from using it so often in this age.' Radara stated, Thomas just nodding not even realizing that he had said app himself.

Thomas just looked up, and then sighed some. “I wonder how long that will become a habit for...” He said, before looking over the app again, deciding to just install it for now, he would just get rid of it later when he left the Orange Islands. Since he did have some extra company, the chance to have some food prepared for them while he set about showing Mewtwo the various sides of humans may be nice now and then.

“I'm thinking... some various sample platters from the places that have it... maybe... some kingler and seaking... anything else that might be good?” Thomas asked.

'What are... kingler and seaking?' Mewtwo asked, finally returning to conversation.

“What... oh, just a few more pokemon. Feral ones, but regularly harvested. The humans help contain their population quite a bit actually and prevent over breeding. They are two of the most common water pokemon in the waters in and around Japan. Seaking is commonly found in lakes and streams, but Kingler is found all over on the coasts of Japan and its surrounding islands. Both of them get aggressive when they form too large a group though, a fight for territory so to speak.” Thomas explained.

'And they might benefit my diet?' Mewtwo asked.

“You look fairly feline to me, and fish and seafood seems to be a good choice to help them stay healthy.” Thomas said looking up towards Mewtwo again, who was now looking down over them. “They are also fairly common all throughout Japan, so you could go anywhere and possibly hunt them yourself if you need them. You seem to be doing okay on berries, but there is no real way to know what your diet is.”

Mewtwo just appeared to nod and started to look around a bit more from the roof top. Turning north, Mewtwo caught his first personal glances of the large ships however, and then fully turned north at last. 'Move north. I see the large machines on the water. I would like to see them closer.'

Thomas just nodded a bit looking north himself. “Alright. I can head towards the docks. I think they even have a museum for ships here.”

'Museum?' Mewtwo asked.

“A place dedicated just to the history and in a large way, learning about specific things. Most museums actually have a theme though, but there are some really big ones out there that try to cover the world itself.” Thomas said, starting to walk up main street.

'And this one is meant for ships... do they not teach this in schools?' Mewtwo asked, just getting up and quickly rushing down towards the docks, resting on the closest tall building nearby. Although a few people had noticed a pokemon in the sky and did look, Radara was still helping to hide his form proper. All people would see is just a xatu flying from rooftop to rooftop.

“Schools teach a lot of things to those that attend and pay attention, but they don't teach people about everything. Museums teach a lot more about the subject of history and current times.” Thomas explained, taking a small pause. “I know my history well and most schools and programs couldn't help really teach me a thing there, but even my vast memory looks small to some museums. And there are of course things I never an interest in learning about. I can show you to build a small wooden boat, I've done it before. But beyond that, I really only know the basics concepts of how the boats today work. Their shape is mostly the same, and its part of why they stay on top of the water, and I know that they use motors and engines to move, not oars or sails. There are lots of books I could get if you know how to read that could teach you more.” Thomas continued after a few, just shrugging a bit not really able to explain much more. “It really is just a lot easier to see a museum over being told about one though.”

'Then show it to me. Would it be possible for me come inside?' Mewtwo asked.

“I... have no idea...” Thomas stated. “Well maybe, if we made you look like something else, but I'm not sure if we can do that reliably here. Its easy to hide your form when your so high up. People only catch a few glimpses and its easy to make them think of a xatu since it can fly and is also a psychic type. The real problem is that your so large, its hard to hide you.”

Mewtwo just seemed to stay put for a few, looking around a fair deal now as if searching for something. Radara seemed to find a solution first though as she moved up to a large sign.

'Thomas... perhaps we don't need to.' Radara stated, turning and using her twin tails to point out a large sign by the main entrance. 'This museum has a large scale digital tour. Andrew showed off a few such things before to clients, demonstrating how he could turn part of the Devon Corp research into a tour for the Museum of Pokemon Advancements in Sinnoh. We would only need a device for Mewtwo to access the tour on.'

'Digital tour?' Mewtwo asked, now looking back down towards Thomas and Radara again.

“Its a kind of automated tour. Pre-recorded speeches explain things on the tour while a video of sorts shows off the things on display. The usually include other things not usually found in the museum as well, and can give you a lot more information.” Thomas said looking over the ad. “You could study the museum at your own pace as well. I could get it if you wanted to give it a try. There are lots of other places that you could look up as well. Can you read?”

'I will learn.' Mewtwo stated firmly, not really aggressively but definitely making it known that he would take this digital tour now, and no wouldn't be an option now that it was offered.

Thomas just nodded before walking in with Radara. “Give me a few and I'll see what I can do. It may take a day, but we'll get you the digital tour.”

Walking in and looking around, the entry hall was lined with all sorts of small display items, and it was already crowded. Thomas quickly felt a bit overwhelmed, but he just moved along, not sure when the last time he had been in such a crowded place. Moving into the main lobby though, he couldn't help but be impressed by the size of the displays. The central display was basically a small scale replica of Vermilion City in Kanto. It easily showed the entirety of docks in fine detail, as well as having displays of various ships that moved through Kanto. The S.S. Anne appeared to be the most prominently displayed ship, but there were plenty of other ships including cargo ships, a far less fancy passenger ship, and several smaller ships.

Walking up to proper entrance, Thomas quickly paid his fee to get in, and even some extra to let Radara walk with him, and his first stop was to move right for the gift shop.

Having to work his way through the crowd, Thomas felt a bit amazed himself at how many other people were there in one place, and how many were just as interested in history. It was a new sight for Thomas, who had to wonder if this was what Mewtwo was feeling.

Personally, he had never a desire to learn of anything before his current time, he would learn would he needed to know as he grew, and could then recall the rest as he wanted or needed to near his prime. To see so many others with a legitimate creative interest in history though was certainly something as he looked around a bit.

It was easily a new experience for Thomas for though as he finally started to move again, heading for the gift shop once more. Moving in and looking around, he was also amazed at the sheer number of things for sale. He usually only collected gifts that were given to him, even if he knew that humans were well attracted to greed and their little baubles.

He couldn't fault them for it, every species with a higher understanding just sort of collected things, and he knew that he had collected more then most given his life spans. And those with the ability to create forms of art and just things in general liked to collect them more.

The gift shop however showed how severely he had underestimated these aspects of humans. Almost a dozen rows of shelves filled the shop with books, baubles, and boxes. While most of the things were related to ships, docks, and related subjects in some way, there were also a few other things that Thomas could only assume were either just very popular or they were related to other museums.

Filled with a large crowd already, Thomas just waited on the sides, before seeing one of the clerks finally finish up and take a seat waiting for someone else to come up.

“Excuse me, I've got a few questions.” Thomas said as he moved up. “I've got an out of country pen pal, and they really like learning about everything. He doesn't know how to read much in the way Japanese though even if he is good at speaking it. I'm wondering if you have any audio books or similar things that I could send him to help him out as he learns. He likes pretty much anything science like, ships, rockets, you name it.” Thomas started.

The clerk just smirked some. “There's always someone who wants to learn everything.” She laughed a bit. “Yeah, we got some audio books and hard copies that you can send them, and I can even recommend a good digital teaching program.” She quickly took out a small note pad, wrote some things down on it, and then waved to someone at the door.

“Hey Yagami. Got someone looking for help. Can you run him the isles and help him pick these things?” The clerk called out, the man whose attention she got quickly nodded and coming over.

“Yeah, I can do.” He nodded, coming up and taking the list.

“And when you come back, I'll have the links for that teaching program. Bit on the pricey side as far as programs go, but I've never had anyone complain about this one. I recommend it to all sorts of tourists.” She smiled, going to her computer for a few while the man waited for Thomas.

“So, another tourist eh? Name's Yagami. Let's see this list now.” Yagami stated. “Lots of books on this one.”

“Not so much a tourist myself as exploring the islands over the cities. Saw the museum and thought that a friend would love to see a few things. Is this there I get the digital tour access?” Thomas said, following along as the man started down one of the isles, right after grabbing a basket, giving that to Thomas.

“Most trainers usually just explore, so I can understand. And yep, we've got a few digital tours here. The most basic one is free and can be downloaded from the website, but its just a quick cheap video guide to get people to come visit in person. We've got three... hold on... ah here they are.” Yagami started, only to pause at one of the book racks. Several different books lined the shelve, most of them all about boats. The man just quickly looked over the books, and quickly grabbing a few various ones.

“Lots of books here to pick out though. These three are the most popular ones though. One is the general history of the islands and their dependency on ships. Its aimed more at children and so its not very detailed, but its got lots of cross sections on the ships and other illustrations. Its got a multi-lingual audio book to with it.” Yagami explained, handing him the largest of the books.

“This one is more of a reference book, but boys into life on the seas really like it a lot. Its got lots of information about various ships of all kinds, and lots of little facts about some of the best ships in the world, both modern and some of the ships in the past. No audio book though.” He continued and handed him a second smaller book.

“And finally, this one is probably the best of the three for history. Its got a detailed history of how the shipping lanes and how cargo shipping evolved throughout Japan. Bit of a heavier read, but history buffs love it. I think it has an audio book, but I'm not sure in how many languages.” He finished.

“Oh, thanks... guess I'll take all three. Can you recommend any others about history in general here?” Thomas asked, taking the books.

“Not sure we have much in general history, but I know the museum in Jubilife City and the library in Canalave City in Sinnoh and the museums in Goldenrod City and Florando City in Johto are big on history. We have ties with the museums there and some of our research and artifacts are on loan from whoever owns the library I mentioned.” Yagami smiled as he moved over to another large rack with what looked like thousands of small micro SD cards in small security cases on it. Spinning it around a bit, he picked out two and then handed them to Thomas. “And these are the hard copies of the audio books. You can buy them digital, but if you're traveling around a lot, I've heard a lot of people going on about how the digital ones don't always work for some reason outside of Japan. These will work pretty much anywhere.” He smiled.

“Oh, thanks.” Thomas said as he kept looking around. “Would you sell tablets here or do I need to order him one just to be safe?”

“We've got a few models for sale. Bit on the pricey side, but they do come loaded with number of programs from the museum.” Yagami smiled. “You'll just need to ask for one at check out.”

“Cool, makes this easy.” Thomas smiled.

“Now let me check the list again.” Yagami pulled up the list again only for Thomas to hear Mewtwo again.

'That long piece of cloth, a scarf I think it is. I would like one. Yellow and black.' He stated even if his words did catch Thomas off guard a bit.

“Wha-oh... okay.” Thomas replied forgetting that he was already talking with someone else.

“You say something?” Yagami asked turning back to face him.

“I-its nothing. My espeon here is able to show me images of things and just reminded me about a few other things that our friend might like. You have any good yellow and black scarves?” Thomas asked moving towards the rack of scarves and other clothing.

“We got plenty there. I'm sure we can find one. Yellow and black, yellow and black...” Yagami stated moving over towards the clothing racks, sifting through the selection. “Oh, here's one. I think this is one of the sports teams from Johto... must have been a mix up...” Yagami stated as he looked over the rest of the rack. “Welp... looks like its the only one here yellow and black. I'll just have Sheena ring it up as one of the normal scarves.”

“Cool, thanks.” Thomas smiled, taking the scarf.

“Now, what wer... oh, right. Digital Tour codes. How big and detailed do you want the tour?” Yagami asked, moving with Thomas over to the next isle.

“Bigger is better. The more detailed the tour, the more my friend will like it.” Thomas nodded as he followed along.

“Well... we do have this over the top theater like tour. Its got access to plenty of extras in it as well, but its very expensive. Mostly, schools buy them when they can't get a field trip out here, but its detailed.” Yagami stated looking over a small case of more sd cards. Reaching up and unlocking the case, he pulled out four cards. “Okay, prices range from 95 pokedollars to 950 pokedollars. That big one I told you for schools is the pricy one, but its got the most information and extras. I personally recommend this one though. Its still pricy at 320 pokedollars, but it shows off everything here at the museum as of last febuary, which only excludes a few of the newer exhibits. The free one on the website”

“I guess I'll take that big one. I can spare it and it should hopefully be well liked.” Thomas stated as Yagami nodded and handed him the proper chip, putting the rest back and locking the case again.

“That looks like it for your list? Anything else you need?” Yagami asked.

“Nope, I think that's it for my friend at the moment. I think I'll just take a quick look around myself though. There's a lot to see here.” Thomas smiled, before turning back to the store isles.

Moving through the isles at his own pace now just looking for anything that stood out, Thomas just walked slowly down the isles. 'Thomas, what about these?' Radara asked as they stepped into the next isle. Filled with various pokemon trinkets and the like, it was mostly all based around water pokemon and other pokemon that sailors usually kept around.

There were a few exceptions however, such as what looked like copies of a wonderfully hand painted canvas of the three legendary birds of the orange islands Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos, with a small glimpse of their islands beneath them. To top the image, was a silhouette of one more bird however, Lugia. While each of the birds were very well drawn with what felt like powerful poses and showed their elemental power in some form behind them, Lugia was just a large silver shadow in the sky with bright blue eyes.

“Wow... now this is a nice copy of some old art.” Thomas said looking it over. “I can place some of the styles and strokes, its clearly a copy of a hand painted piece. Not the most precise work, but care clearly went into it.” He said as he looked it over. Even Radara nodded as she looked over the piece in full, standing carefully on her hind legs, using a paw to keep herself up on one of the supports.

'We should get two at least. I'm sure your father and mother may like one, and our sanctuary can always use some more color.' Radara said as she looked it over, before looking to the sides, more images on display beside the group picture. 'And they have other pictures too. Perhaps we should grab one of each of our brothers and sisters. We could laminate them and set them in their nests if they want them.'

“Yeah... yeah they might like that. And if you want for our... home... then I guess we can get one too. You're entitled to collect a few things as well.” Thomas said, looking over the collection and pulling out two of the largest poster copies of the image. “It will take a while to get it unrolled properly though.” Thomas sighed a bit.

'We can make do, its not the first silly thing like this we've fought with. Perhaps one of each of our brothers and sisters as well? I do not see one proper for Lugia, but Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos have some nice ones.' Radara said, looking over the images.

“I'm... not seeing any good ones of Zapdos. He's far more docile then people give him credit for, but I guess that goes with having to run people off from the islands a few times. His storms are rather showy.” Thomas said as he looked them over.

'They do have a lovely image of Articuno though... perhaps we should just get an image of her and find some statues of the others? There are other gift shops around.' Radara said, getting back on all fours and off the shelf.

“That could be one idea.” Thomas said, giving the shelf one last glance. “Shall we go then? Before we spend too much...? We've probably passed that point already haven't we...”

'Its a good thing that you are usually far more attentive to your funds so that we can do things like this without worry.' Radara said, looking up to him for a few, before slowly starting for the front of the store.

“Yeah... let's just go and we'll check on that after I check my account again.” Thomas said, following Radara now towards the check out counter.

Although the clerk from before had a person with her, Thomas just waited and once she was free again, he moved up to her. “Did you find everything you wanted?” She asked, her smile still there as she took the things he had for him.

“Yep. Do you have that language learning program you mentioned and I'll need a tablet to read them on. What's the model with most room you have?” Thomas asked as she rung up the things he handed her, the three books, two audio books, the scarf and the digital tour card.

“Yep, got it written down right here.” The clerk smiled and nodding towards her note pad before moving to the back wall, and pulled out a small laminated. “These are the models we have right now, but we only have the basic silver color models left for the better models.” She stated, handing him the list.

“Is there any major difference between them?” Thomas asked.

“Well, mostly its just on board storage size and some pre-installed programs.” The clerk explained. “If you need lots of room, go with this. If you want all the extra museum learning programs and silly things, get this one. Its not much of a price difference between the two models given they are both expensive already, but if your friend likes learning, its got plenty to show off.”

“I guess, I'll just take the larger one I guess.” Thomas stated as she nodded, turning back around and unlocking a case, before pulling out a case then coming back to take his basket.

“Oh, I see you really went for the big things, not just the tablet.” She said as she rung up the items, and then reached under the counter taking the sd cards with her. A minute later she came back up, and the three cards that Thomas had purchased were now in a small storage case. “But hey, free case for any purchase of three or more cards.” She smiled, starting to bag everything up for him now.

“Okay, your total is, oh wow... 4245 pokedollars. Big spender. You won't bankrupt yourself doing this will you? You have a credit card or T.B.T.?” She asked, folding up the note and put it in one of the books.

“T.B.T.” Thomas said pulling out his pokedex. “And don't worry, I've spent more than that on just general travel expenses.”

“Just want to make sure you're not neglecting your pokemon.” She smiled looking over his pokedex. “Oh, that's a new model. Where's the port on it?” The clerk asked.

“Right on top.” Thomas stated, sliding a small panel on top to the side and revealed the small port that would connect to the cash register.

“Any cash back?” She asked.

“Nope, I'm good. And...there confirmed.” Thomas said tapping the confirm order and accept on his screen, and then taking his pokedex back.

“Oh, I like that one. Its fast.” The clerk smiled as she reached up for the receipt and then gave it to Thomas plus his back. “And there we go, have a nice day.”

“Thanks again for the help.” Thomas smiled as he went to leave. Looking on as he turned to leave though, the crowd had grown much larger though, even Thomas having a bit of trouble trying to get out easily, although Radara was easily able to move through the crowds.

For Thomas though, while he avoided actually bumping into anyone, it certainly took some effort as he moved, forced to just move around the heavily grown crowds before slowly working to rejoin Radara. Although he did his best and still avoided everyone, he couldn't help but feel like it was just a rough crowd, that some of them may have actually tried to bump into him.

As he finally hit the exit, the greeter just moved up on him and asked for his bag, Thomas just nodding. He wasn't surprised that they would be checking some people for any stolen goods. It was just to be expected, collectors hated it when their things were taken. He was let go easily enough with his receipt though and as he left the building, he felt rather relieved to be free of the large crowds even as the noticed the rain at last.

“That explains the crowds.” He stated pulling out his pokedex again and quickly looking at the weather. “But it doesn't explain the weather...” Thomas sighed. He quickly guess that it was because of a pokemon, but weather summoning moves were beyond difficult for a pokemon to learn. Normally, only the legendaries and other powerful pokemon could hope to even try to use them, but in any case it certainly brought the day to a possible closing as a large number of people seemed to rush inside.

'I feel a large amount of hatred towards pokemon.' Mewtwo's voice returned.

“I can't blame them to be honest. Everyone here was expecting sunshine all day and a clear night.” Thomas stated looking up and seeing the clouds over the city, and mostly just over the city. “Some pokemon are able to change the weather but doing so usually interferes with a lot of things. I mean there are good times to use such abilities, but only in limited use. For trainers to just abuse some of these powers for personal gain doesn't make for getting a lot of friends.”

'And so they hate pokemon for it. They want to hurt the one responsible for it.' Mewtwo added, clearly annoyed.

“Its nothing more then simple thoughts. Most wouldn't actually act out at all aside from words, and those few who really would act on their words aren't exactly the best people to begin with.” Thomas said, moving back down the street, seeing a large pavilion down the road that was fairly empty. He doubted it would stay that way for long, but the all he would need was just a few minutes to begin with. He just wanted to put his things away in his bag after all, and then check up on a getting a meal.

“Most trainers and coordinators have agreed that using weather moves is not a legal move, it causes a lot of complications for people around them. Those moves and a few others even are banned from tournaments and just use in general even, but there are always some use them away. Most pokemon usually hold back some anyway in a battle, or at least they do in regulation battles. Sure they fight hard, but they try not to kill each other. There are groups who ignore this general consensus as well, but like I've been showing you, humans can fit all kinds of molds, and have all kinds of personal views.” Thomas continued as he moved to the pavilion and quickly put his purchases away in his small backpack for now.

“I did get something that may you explore the world on your own however, from the view of a human. One of their greatest creations is something called the internet. Its a massive world wide information source, but I'm going to tell you to be careful. Never trust everything you read, and research your information well. There are many sides to any given story, and just as many sides that are plainly wrong. When using the cover of the internet, people can also be extremely hostile, but they almost never have the means to back them up.” Thomas explained as he looked over the case for the tablet he bought for Mewtwo, seeing how it connected to the internet, and his new pokedex would serve as the wifi source for it.

“It can also teach you to read and write like the humans do. Once you learn how to read, you'll be able to learn a lot more on your own if you want and I hopefully have a program that will help you do that. It should let you learn a lot more about the world from how they see things. Just remember, its only how they see things. The world is so much larger then they are and that's what I'm here to show you. For everything I can show you about the humans, I can show you how much they are just like the tribes, clans, and packs of pokemon around the world as well.” Thomas said, taking a seat and looking down over the city some.

'You feel... worried... overwhelmed... are you not prepared to do exactly as you told me you would?' Mewtwo asked, Thomas just dropping his head for a few before getting up.

“The world is large, and this is something that I've never personally done with someone like yourself. I've... I have always been one of the youngest of my kind before being the last of my kind and I've never realized what it might be like to be on this side of things. I mean I've shown others how to be more... cooperative... but with you. You're technically family, the first new family I've had in generations with a connection of blood so to speak. Its a strange feeling.” Thomas said looking up before getting up himself and moving down the street for one of the side streets, intending just to stay out of the way for a while.

As Thomas got up though, and started for the street though, Mewtwo had found something else to occupy himself. Thomas just moved to one of the side stalls which has quickly pulled out some umbrellas, picking himself out a nice quick and fairly decent one and quickly paying for it.

Opening it up to keep himself dry for a change if mostly just to keep his pokedex dry, Thomas just started to place a few orders for various things, food mostly to be picked up, as well as making notes of other places on the islands.

Completely oblivious to his surroundings, just walking through the smaller crowds with ease while ignoring all the ads around him, Thomas had no idea he was being followed. Even Radara wasn't aware of it, merely voicing her opinions on the food that Thomas asked about.

Mewtwo however was now well aware of the two individuals that were following Thomas. While still staying up above them, he had moved down much closer to the ground, now sticking to the lower roofs of the smaller buildings.

Although these two humans looked like any others he had seen, he had trouble looking into their minds, and it was that note that peaked his interest at first. It took some work to peak into their heads, but once he had, he quickly saw an image of Thomas's face, but the image was clearly old. The image that they were following and now trying to catch up to Thomas about was cracked, without color, and showed him in a very different strange outfit.

It took a lot to peak into the minds of these two however, but one other image appeared in his head, of the tiara like head jewelry that they were wearing, mostly hidden under their hands. Merely lifting his hand forward, Mewtwo waiting until a large truck was about to pass them by.

Lifting his hand back up, their hats and tiara's were lifted from their heads, just in time for the truck to splash over them since they were more occupied with their hats. Quickly releasing them and letting them cry out, heavily distracted, he got into their heads and just made them both “forget” about Thomas, only to quickly rush towards Thomas.

As Thomas neared an alley way though, Mewtwo quickly landed in it.

“What... Mewtwo... what ar-” Thomas quickly started, looking around to see if anyone else was right there and could see them.

'You are being followed. The two I noticed, their minds were... strange, hazy to me. I couldn't feel them properly, so I forced my way in without them knowing. They had an image of you that they were following to see if you matched. They called you an ancient evil, one that threatened their great god Arceus.' Mewtwo explained.

Thomas just sighed, his head dropping hard, only to shake it. “That would be my true mother Arceus, and these are some of the worst of the world that I must deal with. I told you that when one of my brothers attacked our mother, that it was one group that turned against us at first. These people would be the foolishly named Knights of Arceus, who take my mother's name in vain, thinking that they do her work. What did you do to them?”

'Nothing yet. They are dazed and confused, and had strange silver head pieces that blocked my ability to view their minds easily. It did not help them enough to keep me out.' Mewtwo stated.

“Dazed and confused?” Thomas asked as Radara turned and looked around heavily now.

'They have no memory of the past few days, and think that they are merely tourists now, wanting to see the sights. They are quite the fools, so easily controlled. Are they truly dangerous?' Mewtwo asked.

Thomas just sighed and nodded. “They are... if more so in numbers and influence. I have them to thank for my ability to travel without issue, without being known at all. It has been a blessing helping me blend in with the humans for the past few hundred years, but its still... hard.” Thomas said, looking down to Radara.

'I couldn't even feel them. I see two dazed peo-, yes yes its them. The man took off his hat and I can see his confusion,a feint image of us in our mind but he doesn't know why. I can't even peak into their minds, feel them at all until he removed his hat.' Radara stated, before looking to Mewtwo. 'Just... just how powerful are you?'

'I do not know. I know only that these humans are jokes to me now. They are poorly suited to try and control me. I will still stay with you, give you a chance to prove me wrong, but I will let no one control me.' Mewtwo stated.

Thomas just nodded some, but slowly looked down the road to the two that Radara had pointed out to him. “We should leave. I have placed an order for some food to be picked up, and then we can head back to the cabin we're renting.” Thomas said, pulling out his pokedex when it made a small alert sound.

“Going to need to change that... that is going to get annoying.” Thomas sighed, the alert sound of a bellowing venasaur was louder then he had expected. “The food has been ordered, the first one will be ready for pick up in about twenty minutes. Let's find a place to hide until its ready and we can head back. I've got some things for you to look over once we get back. Its best if we don't get them wet.” Thomas explained. “You can stay here, or head back on your own if you want.”

'I will stay close for now. I expect you to keep your word after all, and I won't have someone interfering with this promise of learning.' Mewtwo stated, before just quickly flying back up to the roof tops.

'I will keep a closer eye on you for now. I will ensure that we are not being followed.' He added as Thomas just nodded some, unsure how else to really respond.


The rest of the time in the city was spent with Mewtwo paying close attention to Thomas now, and watching out for him in his own way. Thomas was unsure how to really react to this, but let him be for the moment, just collecting the food platters that he had ordered, his travel bag full of prepared foods an hour later, and then getting a cab to head back to the cabin he was renting. Mewtwo just fly over head, Radara still mostly hiding his form though for now.

As they got back to the beach house that Thomas was renting, Mewtwo finally landed at his side. 'We were not followed, and the man will remember nothing about us.' Mewtwo stated as the cab drove back off.

“That wasn't needed...” Thomas sighed. “Not every human is looking for me, only some. My mother, the one who tasked me with helping you while she rests... she would ask that you don't interfere so directly with them unless we need to. If the knights do directly come after us, we defend ourselves, but we don't need to make ourselves invisible to everyone.”

'Is it not wiser to remain invisible if you are being tracked?' Mewtwo asked.

“I have no need to hide from the world, only this group.” Thomas said, just picking up his bag, Radara picking up some of the food herself and helping him.

'Then you intend to hunt down this group? Surely you mean to defend yourself.' Mewtwo's voice had changed a bit more, showing concern once more as he looked over Thomas again.

“I have no intention of hunting them. It would cause more problems then it solves.” Thomas sighed a bit, shaking his head. “I... I don't want to hunt them, I don't want to kill them. Its my mother's wishes that I try not to interfere too much with any group, to let them make their own cultures. They have no intent to hurt humans who merely want to live in peace, unless they think that they are part of my false organization. Fear leads them now more then anything. They even try to promote some peace between humans and pokemon to some degree.”

'And yet you still feel that they are a threat, you fear... yourself? Why do you fear yourself against them?' Mewtwo quickly stated, only to quickly turn to full confusion.

“I've fought them before directly... I killed them without regret, I can't even be sure it was me that fought them... I took a life out of personal desire and... its not who I was meant to be.” Thomas said, his head hanging, before just going silent.

'Thomas has always been a... pacifist. He dislikes fighting, he has never wanted part of it. The few times he has truly fought in these past lives of his, they ended with him taking a life, which goes against our mother's desires for reasons they were taken. She knows that some of us must hunt, and she will not argue this, it is the order of things. But to take a life out of anger, out of a personal need to inflict pain, or even just for the sake killing... these go against her wishes for all of her children, ourselves, our legendary brothers and sisters, and even you. These are things you will learn in time, but it cannot all be learned in just a day.' Radara continued when Thomas went silent, still just walking towards the house.

'If you intend to be closer to humans, then I shall have to teach you how to hide yourself more easily. You merely expressed a desire to see them closer, to see how they act and to see their cultures. If you wish to be down more directly with them, then we must hide your form, let them think that you are something that they are familiar with. It will help them act normally around you, to see them when they are calm and see how they would act normally. While Thomas spends tomorrow with Rebecca, I shall teach you a few things myself.' Radara explained as she followed Thomas.

'For now, please do not bring up the topic of the knights with Thomas. They have taken much from him over the years, and he knows only pain from it. He does desire revenge at times, but to do so would defy who he is. We are all our own person, and while change can be forced upon it, it never comes without a price. You are still a child, young and without experiences of the world to help you define yourself. Before we can even say who you really are, you must find this out for yourself however. We can only give you the chance to see the world as it is, not how you might image it is based on only a few bad experiences that had you no control over.' Radara continued before following Thomas.

Thomas just walked back inside the beach house, Rebecca quickly rushing to greet him, hugging him only to get a silent response. Even Suicune noticed as she slowly stood up and looked over him concerned.

'The knights found us for a moment, and then Mewtwo brought up some hard questions for Thomas.' Suicune just nodded lightly at Radara's words though, moving up and then rubbing both a worried Rebecca and Thomas a bit.

'Comfort him tonight. Tomorrow is still your day with him, but for now, just stay at his side, let him speak when he is ready.' Suicune told Rebecca, still just rubbing their sides as she moved to Thomas's side and took his bags from him gently. With Radara's help, the two of them quickly filled up the table with the few platters of food that Thomas had purchased.

Rebecca whined a bit, but hearing Suicune's words, she nodded lightly. 'Go with him now and let him rest. I shall prepare for a plate for both of you to share.' Radara stated, using her mind to get a plate ready while Rebecca just pulled Thomas gently over to the couch by the fire place.


Somewhere in Kanto...

A man was working hard at his desk, looking heavily over a large pile of papers and pictures of various historical artifacts. He finally only looked up when there was a knock at the door, someone else coming in.

“Just put the report for Usaki and Saeko on the desk, I'll re-” The man at the desk started.

“They have missed their last two scheduled check ins. I've sent someone to look into it.” The new man replied, merely handing a very small folder. “These are the partial report they had filed based on former check ins.”

“Fix it... quickly.” The first man stated. “And what of the relics of the temple? Can we retrieve them all? Have the teams even made any further progress into the site?”

“We can make arrangements for what few relics have been recovered, but we can't get past the protections in place that prevent access to anything more then the entrance chamber. We've tried some more... extreme measures... but the volunteer who agreed to thrown further in seems to be scared of everything now. He's accidentally hurt eight other people so far just trying to protect himself out of fear alone and now keeps begging us to reconsider entering the temple. He says its not meant for us.” The second man replied.

“Find out two strays, and find out why they failed to report in. And make arrangements for the relics of Arceus to be stored somewhere safe. It is best that we protect them until the evil has been dealt with.” The man at the desk slowly got up and moved to the window, just barely peaking through the blinds. “And what of the reports of Suicune and Ho-oh heading to the orange islands?”

“We are still looking into that. We've traced a paper trail to the island that came under attack however. The people involved have questionable ties to those possibly involved with Team Rocket, but we cannot prove anything yet, nor can we tell what happened.” The second man replied.

“Keep digging into it. I want to know what happened.” The first stated looking back slowly.

“Yes sir. May the light of Arceus guide your steps.” The second bowed.

“May the light of Arceus guide your steps. Dismissed.” The first replied.



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