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Watcher of Arceus - Path of the Immortal by the_shadow_master_of_wea


Chapter 9 : Story Times

Watcher of Arceus

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“Human Speech” ‘Character Thought’ {Pokémon Speech}
Co-author: Catsithx
The following is a total and complete Reboot of the story “Watcher of Arceus”.


Chapter 9 : Story Times

As night set in over Hamlin island, Thomas was now sitting in an old out of the way rented beach house. Radara had easily hidden both Mewtwo and Suicune from view while Thomas paid for the place for the night giving them plenty of privacy.

Once inside though, Thomas went about covering all the windows before he let out Rebecca and Saber as well, so that everyone was out now. Saber quickly got startled by seeing Suicune as well as some new pokemon that he could just tell was powerful, sticking mostly to the other side of the beach house for now.

Even Rebecca was scared though, able to see the powerful aura of Mewtwo, but Suicune helped reassure her that it was safe, as she explained the circumstances of how each of the pokemon came to be in the care of Thomas, and of how all four of them willingly followed Thomas.

As for Radara and Juno, the two of them just kind of lazed about in the middle of the beach house, Juno having fallen asleep very quickly, while Radara played translator for now, only occasionally speaking up with her own personal thoughts.

This left Thomas to call his foster father at last however, Thomas not even sure how things would play out. He just dialed the number on his pokedex, and very quickly the device went to work establishing a mostly secure line.

It didn't take long for someone to pick up though. “Hello, Falston Residence. This is Derek Yagami, how I might take your call.” Derek spoke up, as usual at his best professional tone.

“Hey Derek, is my father there?” Thomas asked, just on speaker for now.

“Oh, hello again Master Thomas.” Derek stated rather cheerfully. “I'm afraid that Andrew is a little busy at the moment. He is tending to his devices in his lab, trying to busy himself. I am sorry to say that Mr. Eric may have tried to cause some trouble when you were last here before you both left. Andrew seems to think nothing of it, but whatever lies Mr. Eric seems to have spewed has soured things between himself and Mrs. Vivian.” Derek explain. “I could have him call you back, but if this is a pressing matter, I'm sure he would make time for you.”

“Yeah... this is something of a pressing matter. I really need to talk him.” Thomas said, just sitting at a desk in the corner for now, watching the pokemon in the room, seeing how easily Rebecca seemed to be at ease around Suicune now, even if Saber was still hesitant.

“Very well. I shall put you on hold and then go inform Andrew that you need to talk with him.” Derek stated, before a stereotypical elevator tune started to play over the phone.

Thomas just tried to calm himself though as he waited, wondering how he might even begin to explain things to Andrew about this one. Suicune of course left him no choice, and that made things more difficult. If it was just Mewtwo, then things could have been different. Mewtwo was an undiscovered pokemon after all, it would have no name, no entry, nothing except a height and weight listing, as well as generic black and white silhouette image for its placement in the local pokemon registry system.

New pokemon weren't unheard of, and a new one popping up from time to time was still common place. There were still many places that humans had never explored, and not every nation openly shared their discoveries openly after all. It often fell to the pokemon scientists, or the nice and friendly ones at least to share the information with each other and update the pokemon data bases for each nation.

Suicune on the other hand was very well known by comparison. While still only having very limited data, the fact that she was a known legendary pokemon, and the powers that she did have, not to mention was rumored to possess made her highly valuable. If she was listed on the public register, Thomas would no doubt be hounded heavily, more so then some others even. Because he was the official son of two high ranking Devon Corp researchers, he was already kind of well known, and if it popped up on the register that he had them, Devon Corp would quickly start asking questions.

While Devon Corp would be pushy, they wouldn't try to steal Suicune. Once they started asking however, other company's would then notice and a news report of him being the first trainer to capture a legendary would quickly get out of hand. Devon Corp would no doubt try to claim some credit and then it only get worse when a number of the major pokegear companies would all try to start competing for the right to work with him and he would never have a moment of rest after that. Thomas just openly sighed at the thought, only for Andrew to pick up in time to hear.

“Now surely you didn't interrupt me just to sigh at me over the phone?” Andrew stated, almost startling Thomas.

“W-what.... n-no.” Thomas quickly stated, rapidly recovering himself. “Look, I need a favor and a huge one. Are you alone in your lab right now?” Thomas asked.

“Thomas... what did you do?” Andrew asked, already a bit concerned.

“I'll explain in a moment, it would be better to show you why I need some help before you do anything. And I can't have this getting out or it would cause a lot of problems.” Thomas explained.

“Give me a moment and I'll lock my lab door.” Andrew said after a short pause. The call went silent once more, before Andrew came back. “And I'm alone. Did something happen to Rebecca?” He asked, thinking that this might be the problem at the moment.

“No, she's fine. She looks rather content actually.” Thomas said, flipping out the built in mini stand feature and moving his pokedex and setting it on the desk, before turning on the video feature. “Transfer this to the video receiver and I'll explain.”

“Alright.” Andrew stated, and a moment later, the pokedex asked for permission to join the video call. Thomas quickly accepted and as soon as he did, he once again saw his foster father sitting back in his favorite lab chair. He was leaning back, attempting to look relaxed, but Thomas could easily see the worry in his face and his posture.

“What's going on Thomas... You have me worried here.” Andrew stated looking on over Thomas now, as if inspecting him as best he could through the video phone.

“You know how I just have a way with pokemon. How I can just be friends with them and get them to trust me, to get them to understand that I really am trying to help them.” Thomas started. “I need some help with that this time.”

“You... need help getting a pokemon to trust you?” Andrew asked a bit confused.

“I need help protecting them...” Thomas said slowly. “I've got two new pokemon who would travel with me, but I can't capture them right now. I don't want them on the local registry for their protection.”

“And who exactly are you protecting?” Andrew asked, before Thomas just lightly turned the pokedex, Suicune and Mewtwo coming into view.

Mewtwo was just standing there, in the middle of the room, looking over Suicune and Rebecca, turning only for a second to face Thomas, before turning back to them. Rebecca however just sitting very happily between Suicunes' front legs, Suicune sitting up, her ribbons getting rubbing the lucario as she rested her head lightly on Rebecca's shoulder.

Rebecca just looked over herself though, and seeing Andrew on the video screen, happily waved to him, smiling happily as Thomas just waved back, along with Andrew. Giving Andrew a few to look over them, before turning the pokedex back so that it faced Thomas directly.

“Yeah... so I need to keep the news of my having them with me from getting out.” Thomas said once he turned to face the video call once more.

“I see what you mean. That's going to take a lot to do though.” Andrew stated. “How exactly did you... meet Suicune since you just left not long ago. And who is that other pokemon. I don't think I've ever seen that one at all.”

“Let's leave it at Team Rocket was involved, but things happened. You could say that I saved them and now they are just... following me for now. If they are going to follow me, then I need pokeballs for them, but capturing them right now would put them on the local registry and I don't want to be known as the first trainer to capture a legendary pokemon, much less capturing a new species of pokemon at the same time.” Thomas explained.

“Always the hero, always thinking of others first.” Andrew said, just laughing a bit now even as he shook his head. “Oh brother, what I am going to do with you.” He said, looking back up but smiling happily. “Rebecca looks very happy with her new friend at least.”

“She certainly seems very happy.” Thomas said. “Saber's a little cautious, but Juno and Radara don't mind the extra company at all.”

“So, this happened in just the last few days then? What happened to Sarah? I thought she was traveling with you when you left. Angelia said that she saw the two of you leaving the manor together.” Andrew asked.

“Yeah. She wanted to compete in Kanto, but I just had to get away from people for a while. I'm on Hamlin Island of the Orange Islands.” Thomas explained.

“I understand. You always were better with pokemon then people, and given what happened at your birthday party, I can see why sadly. And of course, just like your biological father, the water always seemed to bring peace to your mind. I guess an island just means more water for you to listen to the waves on right? At least you have friends and of course Rebecca.” Andrew smiled.

“I think I can help, but I'll need to talk with Hanna to make it stick. She is big with the whole P.A.R.C.A. ideals and I think that she would understand. I might be able to set up a private control account that will hide them for a few days, but she would need to okay and set it up proper so that its long term. Devon Corp usually only uses them for short term things, like transporting pokemon from one lab to another, things like that. Its not perfect, but unless someone is actively looking for them, no one would be any wiser about the account.” Andrew explained, starting to do some typing on a nearby keyboard.

“Now there is a problem though. I can set it up for a few days, but once those few days run out, the pokemon automatically register to the person who caught them and it would be on the public register. Hanna is one of the few people who can access those accounts without issue and modify them to be long term. They would still be yours so to speak, and treating them at any pokemon center, trading them, putting them into gym battles or other tournaments would all have them marked as yours and clearly tell everyone around that you have them with you, but it would still be private on the register.” Andrew explained. “Check your pokedex, you should be getting a few alerts on it.”

Even before Andrew had said it, a small icon appeared on the top of the screen and by pressing it, the device quickly extended to its full mode to display multiple screens. A number of small alerts were present, but the one that was needed easily stood out on the top. Pressing the icon, it quickly brought up a new set of tabs on the device.

“Those alerts are the standard Devon Corp service agreements and the like, but the one you need to really read over at some point is the Private Account Agreement. You shouldn't have any problems with it, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of it. I've got you set up to register two pokemon on the private account at the moment, but anymore beyond that will add them to public register. More importantly, you still can't go past the standard 6 pokemon per trainer limit. If you catch any more pokemon at all, they will automatically transported back to the lab here at the estate since your registered with us. Well assuming that you're in a place that connects to the network at least.” Andrew told him, finally looking back to the screen.

“If I can get Hanna to approve of it off the books, and I hope she will given what you did for her, then this could be a permanent arrangement. Otherwise, the only way to keep them off the registry is to release them before the account expires. Once you agree, you can capture them as normal, and you'll have a constant timer on your account page showing how long the private account is in effect. Keep a close eye on it. I've managed to get it properly set for 3 days, but you may have up to 5 days tied to it, let me know once you've read up on the agreements and can agree with the terms.” Andrew continued, Thomas just nodding, and flipping one of the folding side screens out to read the agreement in full and more importantly larger text.

It took a few minutes, but at last, Thomas read the entire thing and nodded. “Yeah, I can comply to these terms. Nothing big stands out.” He stated, accepting the agreements and then noticing that his the button for his account tab had changed to an inverted coloration. Bringing it up, Thomas quickly noticed the timer under this account ID now.

“It says 4 days, 12 hours. Think you can get Hanna to agree to this?” Thomas asked again.

“I certainly hope she does. The only other methods to get pokemon to stay off the registry are all highly illegal and would attract attention. I'm just hoping that no one notices this giant loop hole, private accounts are supposed to be private for a reason and usually only for governmental positions and workers.” Andrew explained.

“Yeah, I can understand the reasons for private accounts being listed. It's part of how they track how many pokemon are captured at any given time and when. It prevents things like over capturing and the like.” Thomas nodded.

“That and so much more.” Andrew said. “But I'm sure that would bore you and I'm still more interested in your two new friends.”

Thomas just nodded. “I'll keep you updated about them. For now though... I just hope this works.” Thomas reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of ultra balls, looking them over before getting up.

“I'll keep an eye on the network and make sure that this takes right. If not, we can play it off as you caught them and just rush them to the nearest pokemon center to get them checked out before releasing them. That should avoid a lot of questions and help avoid the hassle of people hounding you for them to some degree at least.” Andrew stated, once more at his computer.

“Hey... you two ready for this?” Thomas asked moving over to Suicune and Mewtwo.

'You are sure this is wise?' Mewtwo asked once again.

'We are family to Thomas. He would never hurt us or force us to do anything against our will.' Suicune smiled, getting up and moving over, nuzzling Thomas some, her ribbons giving him a small hug again. 'Thank you for listening to me.' She smiled, before tapping her nose to the first ultra ball. In a quick burst of red light, Suicune quickly vanished. The black and gold orb shook a lot at first, before suddenly going quiet, the soft ping of the device showing that a capture was successful. Letting it stick for a moment, making sure that the device wouldn't break, Thomas released Suicune once more.

Returning in a flash of bright white light now, Suicune was once more sitting down. 'That was a new feeling. It was quiet and peaceful, and yet I could feel and see things around me to some degree.' Suicune stated looking back to Thomas and then to Radara and Juno, even looking to Rebecca a bit as well. 'Is it like that for all of them?'

'I find it peaceful.' Rebecca said. 'But Thomas sometimes ignores me and won't let me out.' She said giving Thomas a small pouting glare.

'He does it for your own good at times. Don't worry, I would never let him ignore you.' Radara said, Suicune just smirking.

'Are you mistreating your lover, my son?' Suicune grinned. 'Don't worry little one. If Thomas ever mistreats you, I will spank him for you.'

“W-what... Hey no. It's not like that. Things are just...” Thomas quickly stated putting his hands up in his defense.

'When are things with us not complicated.' Radara grinned looking at Thomas with a slightly evil grin. 'I have help now Thomas, don't you dare screw this up.'

“Why are you ganging up on me? I'm legitimately trying here.” Thomas said, rather unamused, and even a bit worried now. Rebecca just burst out laughing a bit, even Juno smirking some.

“Thomas... are you okay over there?” Andrew called out, having only kind of heard things.

“Yeah, I'm fine... I hope.” He stated, adding the second part quietly before moving back to his pokedex. “Is Suicune on the register?” He asked sitting back down for a moment at the pokedex.

Andrew just looked over the computer a bit more, before shaking his head. “Only on the private account. It appears to have worked. You can catch the other one now and both of them should be well hidden.” Andrew stated looking back to the screen. “Thomas... your all red. Are you sure your fine?”

“I think Suicune may be on Rebecca's side of things and might be abusing her position to try and get Suicune to help her get her way with things.” Thomas sighed some.

Andrew just burst out laughing a bit himself now, shaking his head. “Well... I guess there is nothing stopping them from talking to each other now is there. Pokemon see to understand each other very easily after all.”

“I really feel out numbered here.” Thomas said, still a bit worried.

“You have surrounded yourself with women my dear boy. They band together quickly. Saber is the only male in the group with you by the looks of this screen here. You are very much out numbered.” Andrew laughed a bit as Thomas just sighed once more.

“Lets... lets just get this second one finished.” He sighed heavily before getting up and moving back to Mewtwo now. “You only need to tap the small button on the front and it will do the rest.” Thomas explained.

'Relax, do not struggle, just let it work.' Suicune stated.

'It will only be for a moment. And I can tell easily that you can break out of it. I have little trouble breaking myself out should event arise and I need to enter one.' Radara added.

Mewtwo just looked at it for a few more though, before finally reaching up and tapping the device. In the same flash of red light that had engulfed Suicune, now it was Mewtwo's turn to vanish for a moment. Almost immediately, the device began to dance more than just shake. It bounced and shook hard, but Thomas did not force it to stay shut, trusting Mewtwo to do this himself at the moment. It took almost a full minute, but at last it finally started to slow down, and then eventually stop entirely. Waiting just another minute to make sure that the device was still safe to handle, Thomas finally let Mewtwo out again, Mewtwo looking around slowly.

'What is this... technology?' He asked looking over the device some, but not moving closer.

“I only know so much. It's some kind of energy storage device that converts a pokemon into energy for easy storage. I'm not all that familiar with it, but my foster father could probably easily explain it to you.” Thomas said softly, before setting both ultra balls down by his belt on a near by night stand.

“Did we get both of them on the private account?” Thomas asked moving back to the pokedex.

“It looks like it. I'll try to call you back in two days, three at the latest. If not, call me and make sure to get through so I can tell you whats going with the private account.” Andrew stated.

“Thanks... you've really helped me again right now.” Thomas smiled.

“Anything you need, just let me know. Are your personal funds still okay, or do you think you could some extra to help take care of your two new friends. They look larger than any other pokemon you have had, so they may eat more then you might expect.” Andrew asked, just hoping that he could still help Thomas even more.

“I... I mean if you want to send some more money, you'll do it anyway right? I guess you can do whatever you want there. But trust me, this alone is far more than enough for now.” Thomas smiled.

“You know me well.” Andrew smiled, doing a bit of typing once more on the screen, not noticing that Rebecca seemed to suddenly get very excited behind Thomas talking with Suicune. Andrew spent a few minutes typing before looking back at last. “I've sent a nice sum to help you and I've arranged for something to get shipped out to you. You're on Hamlin Island right?”

“I plan to be here for a few more days. Maybe explore the islands for a while.” Thomas said, and in response, Andrew just hit a few more keys on this computer before nodding.

“I've sent something else that might help you. Well, ordered something to be sent for you to pick up. You probably passed by a large hotel called the Hamlin High Suites when you crossed the bridge from Ferry Island to get on Hamlin. Right across from it is one of the islands major delivery centers called The Lapras Express.” Andrew explained, sending Thomas an order confirmation number to his pokedex, and matching bar code.

“It says that it will take two days for it arrive, but I think you could use this given your new friends. The Lapras Express will hold the package for two weeks before sending it back, but I would wait at least three days before heading there to pick it up, just to make sure that it gets there. I won't ruin the surprise, but I think you'll appreciate it.” Andrew smiled.

“Thanks dad.” Thomas smiled, starting to stand up.

“Oh, hello Rebecca. Ho-” Andrew started as he looked over Thomas's should to see Rebecca moving quickly towards him, only to gasp out a bit when Thomas yelled out.

“H-Hey!” Thomas yelled as Rebecca had forcibly pulled his pants down, or was clearly trying to.

'You never told me you had such a silly scar on your backside. I want to see it!' Rebecca's voice quickly chimed in his head.

“Call me back later.” Thomas quickly stated, ending the call and even knocking over his pokedex in the rush, grabbing his pants to try and keep them up now, quickly sitting back down even.

'What... is the female doing?' Mewtwo asked looking on, Juno and Radara both laughing, even Saber coming out to see what was going on and then cracking up a bit.

'Oh... I just told Rebecca about the time that Thomas sat on a sleeping sandslash by mistake. She wants to see the scar he got. Me, his sister Gali, and many others who got to see it all agreed that it looked like a butterfree.' Suicune smiled. 'Of course, that scar won't be on Thomas now, it was on his great-great-grandfather, but I figured that she could have some payback for not getting attention for a while.'

“H-HEY!” Thomas shouted. “Its not my fault, Ho-oh summoned me directly, how I could not accept them and rush to get there! And Rebecca, please stop, there is no scar.”

'But Radara gave me a faded image of it!' Rebecca said, her hands still on his pants.

“Radara! Would you two stop this please!” Thomas cried out, his face extremely red now.

'You're lovers aren't you. She'd see you naked eventually.' Radara grinned.

Thomas just grumbled, reaching around and grabbing Rebecca, pulling her into his lap now and holding there. He just sighed, but rubbed her head now as he held her. “Look... there is no scar on my butt. It wasn't me specifically that got scar, it was one of my ancestors okay.” He sighed. His petting at least heavily slowed Rebecca's attempts, but she still gave a few small tugs on his pants even as she sat on his lap though, loving the attention.

“And you two... I though that was in the past. Its been over 200 years since that happened.” Thomas grumbled, still rubbing Rebecca's ears, but shifting the chair a bit to glare more easily at Radara and even Suicune. “Even Juno stopped bringing that up long ago.”

'It was her idea.' Radara smirked.

'I deny everything.' Juno stated, with Radara's help at least, Juno now getting a large glare from Thomas too.

Through all of this, Mewtwo was just looking on in confusion. 'What... is happening here?' He asked at last.

'Oh... just a mother embarrassing her son for not spending enough time with his lover.' Suicune said her smile growing. 'And Rebecca dear. If he ever mistreats you again, I have plenty more to share while spanking him.'

“Suicune....” Thomas whined a bit, getting a bit more red once again as she laughed a little.

'Now what else is a mother supposed to do?' Suicune teased, laying down on her side. 'If Thomas doesn't share his bed with you tonight, you come lay down with me and I'll share more stories.'

Thomas just grumbled a bit more, helping Rebecca stand up but keeping her close as he stood. “I'm going to bed... its been a long day and I'm sure we could all use some rest.” He stated, still grumbling a bit. “You want to come?” He asked Rebecca who eagerly nodded.

“The rest of you can hang out here, there are pokebeds for each you and even the couch has a decent sized fold out bed.” He said. “Mewtwo, I'm not keeping you here, but it is easier for me to protect you if you do stay close. I'll know if something bad happens in the night, I always do. Just try not to pick any fights if you can help it.”

Mewtwo just barely nodded though.

“All the berries and fruit are fair game, just not to make a mess of the place.” Thomas sighed a bit again, moving to the small loft in the cover of the ceiling facing the water. He readily let Rebecca climb up to the loft with the bed first, and then followed her up, laying down with her quickly for the night, just holding her close, Rebecca more then happy to have help getting to be with Thomas now as she curled her tail around his leg to keep him close when he covered them up.


Like always, Thomas was up early. He just looked out over the waters in the early morning light, the waters calm, just like the surroundings for now. Rebecca was still sleeping, and not wanting to disturb her, Thomas eased his way out of bed, and looked over the railing of the loft. Mewtwo was up, looking over just about everything now as he walked around the beach house. He inspected the phones, and fridge, the stove, all sorts of things moved around a bit, but nothing major really moved.

Climbing down slowly, Thomas easily found the others as well, but they were still sleeping. Suicune was on the largest of the pokebeds, with both Juno and Radara sleeping with her, Juno's tails acting as a cover for them. Saber of course was by himself still, but was rather comfy, sleeping on the floor right in front of the heater.

As Thomas stepped on the ground, Mewtwo quickly turned towards him, looking over.

'What are these things?' He asked.

“Technology. What the humans are really known for.” Thomas stated, moving over to the fridge and opening it up, looking around to see what all was there, finally pulling out a large bottle of miltank milk. “I'm afraid that I can only explain so much though, just what I've heard.”

'You... do not know what you have grown up around?' Mewtwo stated, his voice clearly unimpressed.

“I grew up in a different time entirely. We had the means to control fire and make ice, to grow crops and build simple huts. When I was born, in my first life, I could never have imaged a world like this. I was born with my twin sister Radara from the World Mother Arceus, the goddess of this world, the great creator.” Thomas explained, pouring himself a cup, and even a second. “What do you eat? Do you know?”

'I do not... the same as you would eat I expect.' Mewtwo stated, merely talking the glass and drinking it slowly. 'What is this white liquid.'

“Miltank milk. A favorite the world over. It's nice and sweet, and a very healthy dairy product.” Thomas said moving over and taking a seat at the table in the kitchen. “Now a days, it can be stored fresh for weeks and the humans can even ship it thousands of miles with ease. When I was born, if you wanted miltank milk, you had to raise miltank or know someone who did.”

'So, you do enslave pokemon.' Mewtwo stated.

“That is a very strong word, and while appropriate in some cases depending who is raising them, it's actually more of a mutual relationship.” Thomas explained.

“Not all pokemon have the same strong mind as us. Many do, and many can think in complicated manners, ask questions, understand words and languages, even form communities like the humans. But for every strong minded pokemon, there are those that only know instinct. For that matter, there are exceptions to both as well. Some of the strongest minded pokemon species still have those who cannot think strongly, and even some of the more instinctual pokemon can be so much more.” Thomas continued, looking around for his pokedex, seeing it on the floor and scowling at himself for mistreating it. His eyes began to glow lightly and it quickly made its way to his hands, where he set down for Mewtwo to look over as well.

“You've seen the worse that humans have to offer. Here's a glimpse of some of the best humans have to offer.” Thomas quickly pulled out the fold out screens almost tripling the side of the device, with its new screens, and pulling up the P.A.R.C.A. home site.

“P.A.R.C.A. is a collective group of humans who all work together much like Team Rocket. But where Team Rocket has no regards for obeying the desires of human culture and breaking the laws that they collectively decided upon would govern their way of life, P.A.R.C.A. uses those rules and builds trust of the people. P.A.R.C.A. stands for Pokemon Awareness, Rescue, and Care Association. And their goal is to promote peace between pokemon and humans. They know that pokemon can have their own desires and needs, and they also understand that pokemon will hunt each other and violence among them is the natural order.” Thomas explained.

“I can personally survive on just crops, fruit and berries with some veggies are all I need to grow well. It always has been. I will eat meat from other pokemon from time to time, but I don't go out of my way to make it a part of my diet. Juno however, my ninetails companion, is a carnivore. Meat makes up the majority of her diet. It's part of what her species does, they hunt. She usually only hunts and preys upon those species who can't speak in full, but she happily accepts what meals and treats I can provide for her. My mate Rebecca is a lucario, and she also usually has a lot of meat in her diet as well. She doesn't hunt though, I provide for her.” He continued, Mewtwo just nodding. “All different species of pokemon have different needs, and that is part of the cycle of life. I guess we should try to get you all sorts of foods and see what you like to eat and drink best, and what you end up feeling best from eating.”

Mewtwo just continued to nod lightly some, moving over to the table. 'They said that I was made from a fossil of Mew... would my needs be like his?'

“That's a good place to start. Water and berries go a long way with him. He is also very much smaller then you however, so you may need more then just that to stay healthy. You don't look fully like him either though, so they have done more to you. You may have entirely different needs.”

'This is true. I certainly do not look like the little annoyance.' Mewtwo stated looking himself over again.

“Now now, go easy on him. Mew is now and will always be a child. Arceus, our mother, the mother of all life native to this world gave him the essence of innocence. All innocence could be said to spill from him, and as long as he lives, innocence will not leave the world either.” Thomas smiled some looking down over him. “Something I could use a bit more of myself even I guess. Just give him some time, and don't harass him much. He will calm down, he just feels that are you special to him, a brother that is his alone.”

Mewtwo just only nodded again. 'I see. And he will hound me for that reason?'

“I would put my faith in the fact that he will show up again. I just hope that does it when we are not surrounded by people. But... with all that innocence, he can only see the best in anyone. He wants to play, he is free, and knows nothing different. He lives in a place untouched by people, with toys and gifts he has collected since his birth, giving them away and collecting others, inviting friends to play with him and then taking them home. The only troubles of the world to bother him are when someone comes to hurt him and force their will over him, but I have never stopped protecting them. The world is always changing and there will come a time of peace again when he can be as free as he wishes playing with anyone he wants.” Thomas sighed some remembering the last time the world was such peace, but also knowing that there were times of war and Mew had to hide away to remain safe. With these thoughts, memories of the past started to appear in his head.

'Before we get off topic again though, I would return to a previous question. You said you could show me the better parts of your humans?' Mewtwo stated, pointing once more to the pokedex and the large P.A.R.C.A. banner on one of the screens.

“Oh, right. This P.A.R.C.A. group is one of the better groups for humans out there. While there many trainers and other types of humans who travel beside pokemon, they have rules and regulations that they have to meet to keep their pokemon. P.A.R.C.A. is always pushing for more things, but they don't try to force things. They help change the cultural views of how pokemon should be treated by leading and showing others how it should be done. They even maintain the pokemon centers where pokemon are healed and given medical treatment.” Thomas explained.

'They are treated in different medical facilities? Is this not segregation?' Mewtwo asked.

“Humans... while complicated creatures by any means, are still usually a more simple creature when it comes to learning how to care for them. Because they are so adaptive and can live and do so many various things, they are just kind of easy to fix for little injuries and they heal on their own a bit better then some pokemon even. They're resilient and hearty as well. Aside from diseases, they mostly manage themselves and only need real medical care for serious injuries. The human hospitals care for these needs and while they larger then a pokemon center, they are surprisingly fewer in number.” Thomas explained.

“Pokemon centers on the other hand are pretty much everywhere a human might so much as journey on a regular basis instead of just in proper towns and large cities. Additionally, Pokemon Centers are built to care for all problems that a pokemon might have, and not just one kind. Pokemon health care systems are actually quite a fair bit ahead of how advanced human medical technology is.” Thomas continued. “Yes, they might be separate, but they are more readily available and they even help wild pokemon.”

Mewtwo merely listened for now though.

“In any case P.A.R.C.A. certainly helps pokemon and makes sure that they are treated properly. Any trainer found abusing their pokemon knowingly can be tried by their peers, or in real bad cases, have their pokemon rescued and given help to try and help the pokemon first. Those found guilty of the crimes must end up paying fines, and can lose the right to publicly have access to pokemon. Even when people aren't trainers or similar, P.A.R.C.A. will go after businesses and people in power for abusing that power. More than once, P.A.R.C.A. has forcibly shut down operations that interfered with the natural habitat of pokemon, and are even working to force groups of humans to reuse land, to rebuild and fix things up rather then leave houses and buildings abandoned and just grab new land that would intrude on the habitat of pokemon.” Thomas stated.

'So... some of your kind do protect pokemon... and the others between these groups?' Mewtwo asked.

“I'm not human, even if I look one. Just try to remember that I live among them, trying to help show them how to live with pokemon. Not all humans want to live with pokemon though, but there is nothing wrong with that as long as they don't go around attacking pokemon. There are many pokemon who avoid humans or other species of pokemon themselves.” Thomas said memories of the past really starting to resurface now. “There is nothing wrong with that, and if you want to avoid the humans when I'm done showing them to you, by all means go ahead. My family... your family even, can find a place that is to your liking. You can live in isolation, or make friends pokemon and humans, it is your life. I'm just here showing you that they don't need to be wiped out. They are always changing, for good and for worse, but they are no different than the world they share a place one.”

'I see.' Mewtwo stated. 'I sense a great conflict in you about things. What are you hiding?'

“Nothing... at least from you. It's more just myself, myselves in a way.” Thomas sighed a bit, dropping his head as he recalled so many various times and changes from the humans.

'Selves?' Mewtwo questioned.

“I guess I should explain what I am properly. I am born to look human, but I am like the legendary pokemon. I am immortal, but I'm guessing that term is new to you. I live and then relive life again and again. Every time I die when I am destined to, my mind, my memories, my abilities, everything that makes me who I am is carried into the mind of next body, my child in a sense. My father lived his own life, grew up in a different way, and learned of the world by his own hand, just like everyone of his line before him all the way up to our proper mother Arceus, The World Mother.” Thomas stated.

“My twin is Radara, born an eevee, and then choosing her form most of them has let her live a far more diverse life than myself, but we are the same, and inseparable from me. We are two halves of the same coin so to speak, now and forever stuck with each other. At times we know peace, and at times we have our own problems, but we always manage. That is not say that I can't be killed however. I am the last of my kind for that matter, me and my twin sister are the last of our once special race. There use to 120 sets of twins, all like me and her, one looking human and one a various species of pokemon.” He continued.

“Every year once we all came of age, two of us would be reborn. Like clock work, on a cycle, two more of us would continue to be reborn and the cycle was unending. Those times were far more peaceful, and we were accepted as open mediums, a place between the humans and the pokemon. It was why the World Mother gave birth to us, to help bridge a gap that was forming. And for a while, it worked. For many generations, things kept us busy, but there was days of peace and days of war. I know both well. One war stands out though, a war in which something took over my brothers and sisters, and it wasn't easy.” Thomas sighed some looking back up slowly.

“It took a lot, but we managed to over come this war and we all continued to live, but we all gave up some power. Power that we have all been getting back slowly each time we are reborn. We are all a long way from our true selves however. Despite this, my kind, the god children, took a vow after the war. When our legendary brothers and sisters were weakened, we would help watch over them. Like I said, there is always bad among the world, and some would try to exploit those with power to enforce their way. Since the war, we have denied anyone from controlling the legendaries for their purposes, we could always feel trouble before it happened, and we would always come in time to help save them. That's how we found you. You just so happened to care for yourself, but the fact that I was pulled to you, you are family and one I will continue to help as long as I am able.” He said.

'That explains how you found me when the large one said none could know of this place so openly without knowing of it. But I would still hear more about you.' Mewtwo stated.

“Well, like I said, we were once the great god children and openly accepted every where. There was a time that my presence alone would ensure that no one would question you or even Suicune and we could travel with generous greetings. People even tried to shower me with gifts, even though I usually declined them. But... then one of our kind tried to kill our mother. The emperor at the time sent his best men to help us, but even with them all, it was a mess. A number of my brothers and sisters were killed defending our mother, and worse, greed and despair took the hearts of humans we trusted. At first, it was only one group who turned on us, but little by little, over time the world changed around us. Our legendary brothers were protected still, and humans worked to even help us in that goal, but in exchange, they wanted our blood despite the cries of our legendary brothers and sisters.” Thomas just slowly slumped down a bit.

“One by one, we were found and slaughtered, and now today, I live with my sister alone. We are the last. I know this, because I have lived that history. Although I was not there personally, I know what I need to know by reliving the memories of my father all the way down to his first birth, having been given life from The World Mother herself. If nothing else, I can promise to show you the best that humans can offer, and even humans worse than the one who would try to control you.” Thomas stated finally looking back up, but worn and tired.

'How old are you truly?' Mewtwo asked.

“I can only live to be a hundred and twenty years of age at any given time. On that day, when I turn such an age, this body will die and my child takes on all that I am, if locked away to be awaked a little at a time later. As for my total time spent upon this world... well that's hard to answer. As a number, its been over thousands of years. But... for me personally, its complicated. I feel both too old, having lived so long that I want to retire and find a place to sleep with friends and lovers under roof where the world no longer cares. But at the same time though, I know I'm too young. I'm inexperienced, still just a child, well out of my depth trying to do too much.” Thomas said looking up, only to hear a new voice.

'At least you admit it for once. And maybe for once, something good will come of you asking for help.' Radara's voice sounded as she had gotten up and jumped off the bed, stretching like all cats would, just getting up and giving a yawn.

“Yeah yeah... I admit it.” Thomas said just putting his head on the table.

'You are... unusually sober this morning, clear thinking and accepting... Were you hit on the head without me seeing it in that last fight?' Radara asked.

“Just more memories of the past.” Thomas said. “Yes, I deserve it all, yes I know I'm still a child, yes my former lives are still as bad as they were and will always be and yet as great as anything ever.” Thomas said, just looking back to the fridge, opening it with his mind and pulling out the miltank milk again, as well as grabbing a small saucer, pouring a little in and the pulling out a chair for Radara to sit on.

The espeon just jumped up into the chair and lightly licked at the milk. 'You really should cheer up some. If Suicune catches you like this, she will want to know what's wrong. You worry her just like you worry me.' She said.

'Why would you shoulder such burdens alone. It looks to me like the world is with you. You appear to have many who would give you the benefits of companionship and would eagerly help you shoulder the weight you try to carry alone.' Mewtwo stated, a bit of confusion in his voice now even, for the first time. Even Radara gave him a quick look from his tone.

“Yeah... yeah maybe I should let them help.” Thomas sighed a bit, slowly pulling his head up, looking over only to see Radara smiling.

'Is that a hint of the former brother I had peaking through?' Radara grinned. Before he could respond though, a loud aura filled shout filled the beach house.

'Thomas... Thomas!' Rebecca was screaming, only for Radara to just teleport the worried lucario down to the table as Thomas sat up and just pulled her into his lap.

“For the last time, I'm not going to leave you.” He said holding her. “You have too many people working for you to keep me in line you spoiled lucario.” Thomas said, smiling some, but also giving a partial whine knowing how outnumbered he was, Rebecca's scream must have woken them all up fully now. Even Suicune was looking at him slightly annoyed, but Thomas once more quickly put his hands up defensively, only to quickly grab Rebecca again. “What? Come on, I tried to let her sleep in.” He whined.

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