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Giselle's Harem by SilvurrTiger


Giselle's Harem

Part of the Pokémon Ranger creed is "Love and respect all Pokémon, both wild and tame." A lot of different people interpret that in a lot of different ways, but I'm fairly certain few have the interpretation I do. I mostly have Giselle, my Goodra, to blame for that, but I'm by no means complaining. She's an angel when we're on the job; she's sweet, kind, helpful, nurturing, and everyone we meet, person or otherwise, leaves with happy memories of her. But when it's just me and the rest of my team, she becomes something else. Not just an angel, but a goddess. I love all my Pokémon, Giselle included, in a rather uncommon way. A much more physical way that the seven of us greatly enjoy.


Sex with Giselle is like nothing else. She's my only female, something she is more than willing to remind us of. She's insatiable, loving every bit of attention given to her. You might ask how exactly it would be so delightful while being so sticky, but Giselle has a trick. I don't know if all female Goodras do it and I don't particularly care, but she seems to have a "switch" she can flip at will. And when she does, something wondrous occurs. Her natural secretions instantly change from the sticky mess into a slick, slippery ooze filled with pheromones and a mild, sweet flavor that, should you taste it, makes you instantly want more. Her chest swells, two large, squishy breasts with big, pert nipples appearing from her usually flat skin. Her smooth nethers bloom, the lush petals parting to reveal her sex. And her eyes... Her eyes gain a gleam of lust and desire that says "worship me" with but the slightest glance. The six of us are more than eager to oblige.


I'm Ben, by the way; a Pokémon Ranger from Kalos who spends most of his evenings unwinding with his Pokémon in the most erotic of ways. After a long day of work, I return to our favorite campsite: the top of a shaded and well concealed hill with a natural spring feeding into a crystal clear pool. While it exudes tranquility and relaxation, it's usually not long after letting everyone out of their Pokéballs that the sex begins. Giselle flips her switch and Hazel, my Lopunny who you'd swear was female thanks to his name and figure until you saw his usually erect cock, starts trying to rile everyone up. If one of the two doesn't get us horny (unlikely), the other definitely will, and together it's nearly maddening. Along with Hazel, I have four other males: there's Zephyr, my Arcanine, Serenade, my Milotic, Omen, my Absol, and Wisp, my Braixen (who is almost as feminine as Hazel). And that brings me back to Giselle, our queen.


I said before that sex with her is like nothing else, and I meant it. Every inch of her body is squishy, pliable and, when she's in the mood, perfectly lubed. It seems like everywhere is an erogenous zone; grabbing and squeezing practically anywhere results in a lustful moan and more of the aphrodisiac coating her body. And if you thought her ooze was erotic, just wait until you experience her juices. Nibbling and sucking her antennae, massaging her tits, rubbing and licking her thighs, worshipping her ass, and of course pleasuring her vagina results in a gush of nectar, twice as sweet and twice as potent. Touch her in the right spots and she's practically a fountain, her folds drooling non stop and waiting for more stimulation. And her orgasms? Unbelievable. A tremendous wave of her juices guaranteed to soak any cock, tongue, or whatever else brought her such bliss. Making her cum is guaranteed to put everyone into a lustful haze that only leads to more and more sex, and it's absolutely wonderful.


Tonight didn't start any differently. The sun was starting to dip below the horizon, signalling the end of another long work day. I was eagerly looking forward to burning away the day's stress with my lovers in the usual manner and made every effort to return to camp as fast as possible. I climbed the familiar hill along my discreetly worn path, hooking a sharp right around the huge oak tree and clamboring over some moss-covered rocks. Cresting the hill gave me the oh so familiar campsite, the bubbling spring pouring from an immaculate pile of polished stones and the fire pit ready to once again be set ablaze. My fingers caressed all 6 Pokéballs on my belt as I finally reached my crumpled sleeping bag. I'd usually ride Zephyr back to camp, but when I had last recalled him he looked like he was about to pass out from exhaustion after helping to deal with an incredibly rowdy flock of Honchkrow and Murkrow that were harassing the passing trainers (some Pokémon make it incredibly difficult to follow the "Love and respect" creed), and I wanted him well rested for the evening. I sighed in relief as I kicked off my shoes and plopped down on the cum-stained sleeping bag, whipping my belt off in extensively practiced yet clumsy manner that caused all six spheres to fly off in a random spray, releasing my team for the evening.


As it so happened, Hazel materialized right on top of Zephyr's head, where he immediately pounced on the Arcanine's ear and starting chewing it playfully. I could see Zephyr's muzzle curl into a smile as he growled in approval. Wisp was next to exit and was only a few feet away from me. After a quick stretch his ears caught the much bigger fire type's growl, causing him to blush and dart into my lap as I was stripping off my jacket and shirt. The little guy was always so timid. It had even been suggested that he's afraid to evolve, but I figure that deep down he just likes his diminutive size too much. Despite his skittish tendencies, he loves the sex as much as the rest of us, especially when being used as a plaything by a much bigger lover. And just like Hazel, his feminine frame belies his impressive endowments. Though he has a huge penis for his size, it takes a lot of coaxing to get him to be on top. He much prefers to be as submissive as possible.


I chuckled and wrapped an arm around my Braixen as Serenade and Omen came up and greeted me with a happy nuzzle and an only somewhat-brief kiss between the two of them. I could feel Wisp wiggle against me as we caught a brief glance of tongues being exchanged. Giselle was last, her colossal form solidifying next to the firepit. She smiled sweetly at the four us and glanced over to Zephyr, who now had the perpetually horny Lopunny humping the silky cloud of fluff around his head. A quick shake was enough to eject Hazel to the ground, and after he saw that we were all present, he started to dance.


Hazel was backlit by a small jet of flame shot from Zephyr's mouth to light the fire pit as he started to sway his curvaceous hips. His long, dangling ears swung back and forth, purposefully brushing against his erection with each pass. His paws rubbed up and down the creamy chocolate fur on his chest, gradually slipping lower until he was trailing a single digit up his shaft. The poofy tail just above his rump twitched as the finger circled his sensitive head before swiping the single drop of pre that and lingered there and bringing it to his open mouth. After thoroughly sucking his finger clean, my Lopunny worked himself into a twirl on a single foot, ears and arms outstretched before nimbly hopping across the flames and landing on his opposite toes, repeating the motions and leaning his head back, closed eyes and smiling muzzle facing up towards the darkening sky. He returned to both feet and let his long, fluffy ears wrap around his body before unwinding and once again hanging to his sides. His eyes opened in a seductive glance as he bent slightly over, hands on his knees, letting his big, plush ass jut out behind him as he faced Wisp, Omen, Serenade and I. Hazel always tries his best to seduce us with his dancing even though he knows full well the elaborate display isn't necessary. That night, though, he had happened to leave his back to the one it had worked especially well on.


A shadow fell on Hazel, followed by the big beast of muscle and fluff that was Zephyr. The now wide-eyed Lopunny was effortlessly pinned beneath a single massive paw before he could so much as turn around. The Arcanine grinned a predatory grin as he did what he does best: assert dominance. While he was a huge sweetheart in most other situations, whatever hole he wanted to fill with his massive length got filled without question. The equally impressive balls that dangled between his hind legs were always full of his seed, with which he delighted in filling us up to the brim. None of us minded of course, especially Hazel, who was starting to blush bright as he felt Zephyr lift his paw and press his fully erect shaft against the Lopunny's back, grinding the much smaller Pokémon into the grass beneath him as much warmer pre drizzled onto the rabbit's coat. It was clear who the fire type wanted to take him first.


Giselle clearly approved of the new development and having not had the chance before, did her thing. She slowly closed her eyes and let out a deep breath, causing a subtle but steadily growing wave of her new scent slowly wash over all of us, making our skin tingle. Her chest swelled as her breasts quickly formed, jiggling as they suddenly sprang forth, causing her to shudder a bit and leak some of enticing oils from her large, green nipples. The space between her legs started to turn a deeper purple as her lower lips swelled and parted, revealing the equally green flesh of her insides. The dragoness brought her hands up to give her tits a quick squeeze and her nipples a gentle pinch before finishing what Hazel had started. Her eyes slowly opened, her countenance having changed into one of domineering lust. Her eyelids remained half closed as she gazed alluringly at the remaining four of us.


My cock was straining against my pants, Wisp softly grinding his ass against the bulge as he pressed his back firmly into my bare chest. I gave him a gentle hug with an arm before seeing Serenade's head slip past my left shoulder and give me a tender kiss on the cheek. I turned to meet him and reciprocate, my mouth pressing against his cool lips and his tongue deftly slipping into my mouth to lap at mine. At some point during the kiss, the Milotic had wrapped around, presenting his cock to Wisp who was eagerly suckling on the tip and grinding his own meat against the larger shaft. It was then that the kiss suddenly broke and in a single fluid movement the Braixen was securely wrapped in Serenade's coils, lifting him off my lap. The water type shared some of Zephyr's dominance but had a much more graceful and subtle approach, as he had just demonstrated. And with Wisp firmly in his control, I could finally stand to strip off my pants. As I disrobed, my eyes met Giselle's and I was (as always) instantly entranced.


I nearly stumbled as I pulled off my socks, trying to make my way to Giselle as quickly as I could without running. I could practically taste her aura as I drew close, her eyes narrowing further and mouth curling into a sly grin as she no doubt pondered what she would have me do. I would do it, of course. I will do anything she asks, and she knows it. I was soon before her, heart beating and penis rock hard. She towered over me, her lush, bouncy tits each bigger than my head. Her pussy was plump, the lips flush and large enough to easily accommodate any part of me. While I would have no qualms about doting on either, Giselle had a different idea. She turned slowly, keeping her eyes on mine for as long as possible before she had her back to me. Her tail tip brushed against my erection, causing me to shiver as her natural lube was slathered on the underside. I could hear her giggle as she carefully maneuvered herself onto her belly, elbows and breasts resting on the grass, her head turned to once again look at me. She winked and gave her ass a loud slap with her tail before lifting it out of the way and bringing the tip to her muzzle, fellating it like she would my cock.


I was instantly on my knees. She had told me what she wanted, and I was happy to oblige. Her thick, wide hips and equally thick tail gave way to a perfectly plush and plump ass that was several feet across and glistening with her oils. Proportionally, her ass was was even bigger than Hazel's and while part of that could be attributed to Goodra physiology, she was more than a little gifted in the department. I loved it, and was prepared to give my goddess the worship she both desired and deserved. I shuffled forward on my knees until I could wrap my arms around her rump, giving it a tight, squishy squeeze, causing her tailhole and cunt to bulge slightly while leaving my front coated in lube. I pressed my cheek against hers firmly, sighing with bliss at her perfectly smooth and pleasantly damp flesh. I didn't want to let go. My fingers dug into her hips, her malleable body practically giving me handfuls of itself to hold on to. But I also wanted to pleasure her, and while squeezing her ass as hard as I could was a good start according to her own happy sigh, I could do so much more.


I released my grip and watched as her ass sprang back to its perfect roundness. I licked my lips before moving both hands to a single cheek starting to rub. My palms and fingers glided effortlessly across, any oils wiped away instantly replaced by more to maintain the thin, luscious film. I had been breathing her natural perfume deeply ever since I had been within a few feet of her, and it was already working its magic. My whole body was tingling with pure lust as my rubbing gradually gave way to a deep massage. I pressed my hands firmly into her, her soft body giving way to them. I could hear her moan with approval as I slowly kneaded her ass with every finger, my hands traveling inch by inch across her backside. Her tail swayed back and forth in a slow rhythm, her moans occasionally stifled by her tail tip finding its way past her lips. My work was slow and thorough, making sure to pleasure every bit of her perfect Goodra rump. As I switched from the left cheek to the right, I slid a couple of fingers up her taint, earning a heavy shudder and a muffled squeal. I grinned. Though my groin ached with anticipation, I had a job to finish.


Partway through working on the right side of Giselle's ass I heard a wild squeal from behind me. We both turned out heads to see Zephyr ramming his cock into Hazel like a jackhammer. It seemed the foreplay was finally over and the Arcanine was now doing the OTHER thing he did best: fucking the hell out of his partner, and the Lopunny was loving it. Hazel's face was flushed, his eyes rolling back with his mouth hanging open as he somehow took nearly the entirety of Zephyr's tremendous cock, with each thrust pushing him hard into the bed of grass he was gripping tightly. The fiery beast had his paws anchored firmly into the earth as he plowed the accommodating bunny beneath him. His own maw hung open only in a determined grin, his drooling tongue dangling from his lips as he lost himself in the bestial frenzy. Hazel's shaft and sac jiggled furiously as his lover worked him over, ribbons of pre whipping up to his belly that was being very noticeably distended by the much larger Pokémon that was sliding in and out of him.


Giselle and I watched the two of them with great enthusiasm for a bit before I turned my gaze in the opposite direction to check on the others. My timing was impeccable, as I saw Wisp with his head thrown back as he shot a jet of cum out of his cock that was currently sandwiched between two of Serenade's coils. They were continuing to roll and undulate against the foxhood between them even after the first climax of the night ended. The Braixen was sexually gifted in his own way as well; it doesn't take much to get him to cum, but his stamina is unparalleled. While Giselle's aphrodisiac means at least two or three orgasms for the rest of us males each night, Wisp can easily reach seven or eight, each just as impressive as the last. And from the coils, the deep kiss he was currently locked in with the Milotic, and the telltale movements that meant the obscured Milotic shaft was currently being thrust into a very tight tailhole, Wisp's second peak probably wasn't too far off. Serenade certainly knows how to use his physiology to the advantage of both himself and the rest of us.


My hands had idly been rubbing at the magnificent rump the whole time I was watching my other Pokémon, but my attention quickly refocused as I heard a loud "shlurp" and a muffled groan from in front of me. My eyes turned to meet Omen who had his forepaws on Giselle's head, holding it in place as he bucked into her eager muzzle. That's what he always does; watch the rest of us have our fun before choosing his own place and slipping in without warning. He gave me a very familiar smirk before taking one of the Goodra's antenna in his teeth and tugging firmly. Another muffled, yet much louder groan escaped from Giselle as the Absol facefucked her. Her regal countenance was gone now that her mouth was being treated as nothing more than a hole to rut (which I knew for a fact she in no way minded), but her ass still deserved worship. I decided a change of pace was in order.


I brought my lips to the slippery skin and brushed them against it in a gentle kiss. I could just barely taste her flavor on my lips as I brought them back to her rump again. I couldn't help myself this time and let my tongue slip free. I pressed it against my Goodra's ass and slowly started to lick, her faintly sweet secretions dancing across my taste buds. I could feel her body shiver as I dragged my tongue higher and higher, briefly withdrawing it into my mouth every now and then to swallow. I soon reached her tail, having taken special care to avoid her taint and tailhole along the way. I moved to her other cheek and started to lick it as well, this time a bit rougher and quicker, wanting to drool over as much of her luscious ass as I could. My saliva mingled with her lube as I got sloppier with my licks, and I could tell by the intensely sweet scent coming from her pussy that Omen and I were driving her wild.


I pulled my head back, licking my lips thoroughly before diving back in, only this time in a much more sensual spot. I spread my arms to hug Giselle's ass again as I brought my lips to her tailhole. I gave her a loving squeeze as I pressed my lips to her entrance, my nose rubbing into the very wide base of her tail, which was now whipping back and forth rather frantically. I held the kiss for several seconds, gripping at her squishy hips with my hands, letting her oils run across my fingers. I slowly pulled away and licked my lips again as I released the hug, only to have my right arm reach as far around her tail base as I could get it. Holding onto her as tight as I could manage, I once again brought my mouth to her anus, only this time with my tongue. I started to rim her hard, my tongue tip sliding around her ring and occasionally dipping into the center. Giselle's body was convulsing wildly now, and I could feel a pool of her juices forming at my knees. As I pressed my face harder into her rump so my tongue could slip further into her ass and lap at her inner walls, my free hand dropped to her pussy and gave her labia a gentle brush with my fingers.


I heard a stifled scream of bliss slip out from around the lips that were currently wrapped tightly around Omen's cock. Giselle's other lover was pounding away at her muzzle with fervor, still clutching the antenna in his teeth. Every tug he gave was met with a claw pressing into the Goodra's green cheek spots, one of her more sensitive places and a source of her more potent goo. The Absol's claws and teeth are as much a part of sex for him as his cock. He always accompanies fucking with claws and bites, but with such grace and technique that he never brings pain, only a more thrilling sensation. Giselle was proof enough of that, her eyes glazed over with lust as she sucked Omen's shaft hard, her equally stretchy tongue wrapping around it several times over, fighting to keep it in her muzzle as he thrust in and out. Every tug on her antennae and claw on her spots made her redouble her efforts to give the Absol the best blowjob he had ever received, and it was certainly looking to be the case. The elegant composure Omen always held, even during sex, was cracking. His eyes were squeezed shut, his teeth clenched hard around Giselle's appendage. Each tug and scratch was becoming more bestial but still never causing harm.


Meanwhile I had brought my index and middle fingers together and was forcing them into Giselle's vagina, pumping in and out rapidly as I struggled to push my tongue deeper and deeper into her ass. The holes clenched down tight around my body as I pleasured both at once, my right arm squeezing her tail hard both reflexively and for stability. The fingers on that hand were caressing the same green spots on her tail that Omen was clawing on her cheek. The wild, gasping screams continued, persistently muffled by Absol meat as I could hear him start to speed up his own fucking from the sound of his balls slapping against her squishy chin. A third finger soon joined the first two, my pinkie straining to reach her engorged clit which was about the size of my thumb. I swirled my tongue as best I could around her delightfully textured inner walls before pulling it back into my mouth so I could bite and tug gently at her anal ring. That was all it took.


Giselle somehow managed to pull her muzzle off of Omen's cock despite his paws holding her head in place. A piercing squeal of ecstasy rang out as her cunt clamped down around my fingers much, much tighter than you would think a hole of that size would be capable. A veritable flood of her cum squirted out from around my hand, coating my thighs, groin, and stomach with the thicker, sweeter juices. The consistency was akin to semen, only without the stickiness. It was instead silky smooth, even slipperier than the normal ooze all over her horny body. It felt astounding as her warm Goodra cum washed over me as I continued to squeeze her tail, tug at her tailhole, and pump my fingers into the now tighter passage. A few short seconds after her orgasm started, I heard Omen cry out as well. His thick Absol cock pulsed as the first rope of cream squirted straight into Giselle's open muzzle. His eyes remained squeezed shut as he continued to pump his load over Giselle's face, with the second and third shots instead clinging to her lips and chin. The final spurts fired right across her face, leaving warm, white streaks all over it.


I gave Giselle's asshole one final kiss before pulling away and rubbing her cum against my cock and balls. It felt divine as each finger glided effortlessly across, my own pre quickly mixing with the juices. I was far past ready to slide it into something, and I had just lovingly prepared my Goodra's ass. I rose carefully to my feet, letting my tip slide up against her taint as I did so. I could hear her croon with delight and encouragement now that her mouth was empty. I lined up perfectly with her tailhole once I reached a full standing position and wrapped both arms around her plump tail, hugging it firmly. She glanced over her shoulder at me with that same lustful stare, her face painted with Omen's seed only added to her allure. The Absol sneaked his tongue to her chin, lapping up the remains of his orgasm that clung there. This caused Giselle's eyes to close and lips to part with a soft sigh before she pressed her lips to his, forcing him into a deep kiss that he more than willingly returned. As their tongues shared his cum between them, I pressed firmly against her well prepared anus, my cock popping inside.


Part of what makes sex with Giselle so incredible is the fact that she's always so wonderfully tight, no matter what you do to her. Her entire body essentially being pliable goo means that her pussy and ass wrap firmly around any lover, no matter the size. It catches me off guard every time I slide into her that a beautiful creature of her size can be so snug, and it nearly caused me to cum right then and there. I squeezed her tail tighter, my arms sinking into her flesh as my cock slid all the way into her ass, leaving my still cum-soaked groin pressed firmly against her. I could hear her groan with approval into Omen's muzzle, who responded by deepening the kiss, trying to fuck her muzzle with his tongue like he had his shaft. I simply stayed hilted in Giselle for a few seconds, my knees trembling as her body squeezed against me, begging for me to fill her other end with seed as well. As soon as my impending orgasm faded, I immediately pulled out completely before slamming back into her as hard as I possibly could.


I pressed my face into her tail to stifle my gasp as my hips met her ass hard, causing it to jiggle with the impact. This caused her passage to squirm around my shaft as I once again pulled out and slammed back in with all of my strength. Each time my flesh met hers, a loud, lewd smack sounded out across the campsite, signaling to the others that I was once again fucking our goddess. Seeing me pound her was all the encouragement Zephyr and Serenade needed to finish with their own lays. Their pace increased even more, Hazel and Wisp squealing in unified bliss as the huge cocks in them drove deeper than they ever had that night.


While Wisp was quickly silenced with another kiss and what was probably his fourth or fifth orgasm of the night, Hazel was wailing as the Arcanine's knot forced its way into his tailhole and started to throb madly with Zephyr's climax. Hazel had his ass held up as high as he could, letting his own bunny shaft erupt onto the grass beneath him as his lover pumped him full of what should have been an impossible amount of cum, continuing to ravage him with short but powerful thrusts, his knot locked securely inside. Zephyr's eyes and jaw were clamped shut as he blew his load into the Lopunny, his tremendous sac filling him to the brim and beyond with rich Arcanine cream. Hazel's eyes grew wide as he could start to feel his belly expand, the volume of semen soon obscuring what had been the clearly visible bulge of the fire type's penis. He threw his head back, ears whipping wildly as his own cock throbbed one last time, shooting the last of his cum onto the grass beneath him.


Serenade and Wisp were currently experiencing something very similar, though the Braixen's wails were being muffled by the Milotic's tongue. The binding coils that were holding the smaller fire type firmly were being loosened bit by bit as his own stomach started to swell. Not being impeded by a knot, however, let Serenade continue to thrust in and out of his bitch as he came, spurts of his thick, white cum escaping every time he withdrew. Wisp soon reached yet another orgasm as the coils continued to massage his cock, not letting up for even a second. The serpent made his final thrust, the last of his climax emptying into fox's now rounded belly. He tenderly parted their lips, letting his lover pant hard as all movement came to a halt until another gentle, yet passionate kiss was placed on his forehead.


The sounds of ecstasy coming from my other Pokémon rang through me as my cock drove into Giselle's wonderful ass again and again. Each thrust forced her harder against Omen as they continued to kiss, his teeth gently nibbling at her lower lip. She was starting to drool a bit, the intense pleasure of her rapidly approaching second orgasm as well and the prolonged kiss that was getting more and more sloppy making her lose herself in the moment yet again. As my Pokémon made out on on her front end, I was still giving it my all and trying to hold out as long as I possibly could. It was clear I wouldn't last much longer and I was eternally thankful that I couldn't hurt her no matter how hard I squeezed her wide tail. My tongue managed to slip out of my lips every now and then to lap up the ooze, the intoxicating flavor bringing me just one step closer each time. Finally, I could last no longer and I yelled into the underside of her tail as my hips met her rump for the last time. My cock exploded into her hole, spraying my incredibly pent up seed deep into her, her jiggling ass clutching my cock tighter than ever, milking me for everything I could give. My orgasm made Giselle reach her second peak as well, crying out into Omen's mouth as her juices squirted freely from her untouched pussy. I could feel her cum wash over my feet as mine coated her inner walls while I squeezed her tail so tightly her green spots bulged.


I stayed deep within Giselle for at least a minute, even after the last of my cum had been shot into her. I grinded my crotch against her ass, my grip on her tail steadily loosening until my arms fell away. I slumped back onto the soaked grass below, my cock slipping free from her asshole easily, leaving some of my climax to drool out in a messy creampie. My chest heaved as I brought a hand up to brush some hair from my eyes so I could stare at my cum as it slowly trailed down her taint to her quivering pussy. Giselle had been brought to two orgasms without someone's length in her cunt. I think that was a new record, especially considering it was probably the most well used hole in the group.


The prolonged kiss between Omen and Giselle had turned much gentler now that she wasn't gasping and trilling into his mouth. The remnants of the Absol's first orgasm of the night were all but gone now, the streaks of cum having been cleaned from her face with deft licks while they caught their breath. Their lips parted for the final time, a quick peck on the cheek spot from Omen being their last interaction before he quickly slipped away. I had caught my breath at that point and was more than ready for another go. My cock still throbbed with need thanks to Giselle's aphrodisiac oils. I brought my face to her ass one last time and planted my tongue at the bottom of her labia, dragging it up along her taint to her tailhole, scooping up all of my cum and swallowing it down along with her ooze. I once again started to rim her, dipping my tongue into tailhole to clean myself from her as she started to squirm again, never tiring of attention to any part of her body. Eager to do something new myself, I pulled away after a short while and gave one last swallow as I watched the dragon roll over onto her back and come to a sitting position. Her face seemed to glow with the pleasure of her first two climaxes and the anticipation of many more to come. I smiled at her, but before I could do anything we were joined by the others.


Zephyr was carrying a cum-bloated and very satisfied looking Lopunny in his teeth by the scruff of the neck. Hazel was gently set on the grass, where he flopped onto his back, his stomach jiggling a bit. I brought a hand to it, rubbing his velvety belly fur and marveling at the feeling of what felt like a fuzzy balloon filled with warm, gooey goodness. The stuffed bunny moaned, his paws coming to meet my hand as his cock twitched; like myself, he was still rock hard, and a quick glance confirmed that the Arcanine was as well (though I would have been shocked if they somehow weren't). I was caught off guard by a warm, quick lick to the back of my neck as Omen had once again managed to sneak up behind me. I turned to face him only to see him gesturing to the Milotic and Braixen that were also coming to join us.


Wisp was in a similar state to Hazel. His shaft was hard and stomach swollen, his paws rubbing across it idly as he rode on his most recent lover's back. Serenade came to rest at my right and surveyed the rest of us, happy to see that we had had plenty of fun as well. The fun wasn't over yet, though. Rarely a night went by without all of us pleasuring Giselle in some way. Such was her nature; she was able to draw all of us to her eventually without even trying. She was the nexus of intimacy in our group, and we all did our best to show that she was loved and treasured. And with all of us males having only came once (except Wisp, the lucky fox), we still had plenty of love to give her, and countless ways to give it. We all exchanged glances, eagerly waiting for someone to make the first move.


Naturally, that happened to be Zephyr. The Arcanine sauntered over to Giselle, giving her a slow, loving lick up her long neck. The Goodra crooned, closing her eyes and leaning into it. She turned to gently hold the dog's cheeks in her hands and give his big nose a quick kiss. Zephyr murred softly before flopping onto his side and rolling onto his back, exposing his colossal equipment to all of us. A thick strand of pre was leaking from his tip and onto his fur as he gave Giselle a commanding look and rubbed a paw across his chest and belly. The dragoness eagerly rose to her feet and was about to lay belly to belly with him, only to be stopped. Zephyr made a circular motion with his paw and gave her a fierce look with a mock-snarl. Giselle pretended to pout before turning around and sitting on his belly, her tail bapping him on the nose.


Giselle's false disappointment didn't last long as she hungrily eyed the Arcanine's cock, easily the biggest among the six of us. She started to grind her rump back and forth across Zephyr's muscular chest and belly, matting his fur with her oils and flowing pussy juices. A satisfied growl came from the hound's mouth which quickly turned to a whine as the dragoness brought her hands to his always impressive length and started to brush a finger up and down the sides. The squirming body under her ass made her grin devilishly as her fingers barely touched his flesh, dancing up and down his shaft, circling his tip and knot multiple times. A much louder whine signalled the bucking of the Arcanine's hips and single, powerful shot of pre that struck Giselle right on one of her cheek spots, making her squeak in surprise. She then giggled, causing her breasts to bounce as she wiped the warm goo from her face and brought her fingers to her mouth, where they met her outstretched tongue which started to messily lap up the treat.


The other five of us were watching the display intently, our own pre running down the sides of our own painfully hard cocks. The worst part about participating is that you don't get to watch. But when Giselle pulled a finger into her mouth with her tongue and started noisily sucking on it before giving us a wink, we all knew that the time for watching was over. She wanted more of us, and she gently reclined onto Zephyr, her tail folded and squished between them as she put all her body on display. Her head came to rest on the soft grass a bit past the Arcanine's, and she closed her eyes with a smile as she felt his forepaws rest on her shoulders, waiting for her subjects to once again worship her.


Giselle didn't have to wait long. Serenade had approached the two of them and gave Zephyr a quick, knowing glance. Without any further communication, their eyes broke contact and the Milotic got into position. The Goodra's eyes shot open, her lips parted in a gasp as the elegant shaft of the water type was slipping between the plump lips of her labia and prodding her clitoris. She started to trill with delight as he teased her, only for it to be interrupted by a moan as Zephyr shifted his hips until his tip was prodding at her tailhole. Serenade wasn't done yet, though. He glided across her belly and chest before wrapping himself around the dragoness' jiggling tits, leaving them held firm and prominently in view. The Milotic's tongue mimicked the Arcanine's from not too long ago, trailing up the Giselle's neck as his body fully outstretched until his mouth met his fellow male's, resulting in yet another passionate kiss not unlike the ones he had shared earlier with the rest of us. All the while, the two cocks were rubbing and prodding, never actually penetrating, and driving their "prey" crazy.


Squirming wildly was difficult while pinned between the two males that were close to her in size, but Giselle was trying her best, not that she could help it. The foreplay continued, her pussy and asshole yearning for the males to stop teasing and just fuck her. Every time she would start to whimper and plead, Serenade responded by constricting her breasts harder, causing her head to lift off the ground as she moaned in bliss. Streams of thick, milky goo squirted out from her big green nipples with each squeeze. While it wasn't her cum, it was just as rich and equally intoxicating. While the Milotic and Arcanine continued to wrestle tongues, Hazel was dragging a furiously blushing Wisp over to join them.


The Lopunny, despite his still-swollen stomach, hopped up easily onto the much bigger body of the Goodra. He reached down and grabbed Wisp's paw, dragging him up before the Braixen could object. As soon as they were level, Hazel pulled the even smaller Pokémon into a fierce kiss, eager to put his mouth to intimate use. The shy fox seemed to melt against his new lover and gently leaned into him, making their cum inflated bellies press together. Their cocks were also touching as they indented into their stomachs, the tips rubbing against each other and mixing pre. Hazel brought one paw to the back of Wisp's head and the other to their cocks, where he started to stroke both at once. Before they could progress further, they were interrupted by a ear piercing squeal from Giselle as the two males that had previously been only teasing penetrated both her holes at the same time.


It wasn't hard to tell that Giselle was in heaven. Serenade's shaft was now hammering her pussy and Zephyr's meat was harshly pounding her ass. Though I had felt amazing, the two Pokémon were much, much bigger. My cock was a snug fit, but the Arcanine was stretching her tailhole wide, despite her being much bigger than the Lopunny that had managed to take his entire length earlier. Her vagina was in a similar state. While not quite as big his partner, Serenade was still very well endowed. His length forced her lips far apart as it slipped into her again and again with a lewd squelch, his pearlescent pink flesh completely blocking the view of her green tunnel. The fact that she could feel both huge cocks press against each other through her body only reconfirmed just how much she was being filled up, and she wouldn't have it any other way. Well, she probably would, but this was just as wonderful as anything else she could think of, I'm sure.


The kiss between Serenade and Zephyr had ended at this point, with Zephyr's jaw now firmly closed around his new bitch's conveniently placed neck in a mating bite. The Milotic was taking advantage of his flexible serpentine body to watch the two smaller Pokémon that had been interrupted from their make out session. His eyes drifted between theirs before smiling and giving the Goodra's tits another squeeze. The jets of "milk" and increased pitch of Giselle's now constant whimpering that resulted gave them all the hints they needed. Hazel once again grabbed Wisp's paw and dragged him up the the coiled body of the water type and enthusiastically guided the Braixen's face towards Giselle's nipple. Before the fire fox could do anything himself, he gasped as he felt the Lopunny's paw once again grip and squeeze his shaft tightly, only for once again the other paw to push the back of his head, forcing his open mouth right onto one of the Goodra's most sensitive spots. Whether he had needed that much encouragement in the first place was questionable, but he certainly didn't need any more now. Wisp closed his eyes as he started to suck, his tongue flicking the stiff nub that was oozing the sweet, arousing goo. Hazel grinned and reluctantly released the fox cock he still had a grip on before turning his attention to the other breast and mirroring Wisp.


I had been stroking myself the entire time I was watching, trying to decide where I wanted to join in. Zephyr or Serenade's tailhole would be nice, but it was already crowded enough down at that end already. Wisp and Hazel were busy tending to Giselle's tits, and again, it was crowded enough on top of her as well. I was about to rise to my feet and get Giselle or Serenade to suck me off when I felt fangs gently dig into the back of my neck. My body nearly went limp as I inhaled sharply, not able to move. Omen tightened his grip on me but, as always, not enough to draw blood. It was, however, firm enough to send a very clear message; the two of us had already had some fun with Giselle, and now it was time for HIM to have some fun with ME.


I could feel hot breath on the back of my neck as my Absol guided me forward, never releasing his jaw even the slightest bit. I obediently bent over so that I was on my hands and knees, eyes fixed forward at the pile of four the horny male Pokémon having their way with with an equally horny female. Once I was steadily in position, the teeth on the back of my neck vanished. Omen's absence was short lived, as he brought both forepaws to either side of my ass and dragged his claws slowly across it. I shivered at the sensation that had surely produced the telltale red lines across my flesh, trying not to close my eyes so I could keep watching the show in front of us. It wasn't until I felt him gracefully mount me and press his tip, lubed with Goodra saliva and the Goodra cum I had been sitting in, against my entrance that I failed. His silky, pure white coat against my naked body and the anticipation that I was about to be fucked nice and hard had forced my eyes closed. They then shot open along with my mouth to yell as he shoved into me, hilting inside with a single, smooth thrust. His balls slapped against mine, causing my voice to turn to a submissive whimper as he grinded against my ass, just like I had been doing to Giselle. Omen's forelegs wrapped around my middle in a tight hug, letting his claws dance across my chest and stomach as he slowly, agonizingly started to pull out, my hole clenching around every inch of him as he did. The Absol pulled out to his tip and clamped his jaw down on my shoulder and slammed into me for the second time, growling and making me scream for more.


If anything, my cries only made the others go at it even harder. Zephyr and Serenade were ravaging Giselle rougher than ever, the entire lower half of her body jiggling wildly from the repeated impacts. My Arcanine's knot was being forced in and out of the clinging tailhole with each thrust, sometimes in time with the shaft in her cunt, sometimes at his own ferocious pace. Wisp and Hazel were pawing at the big, squishy breasts that still had the Milotic wrapped tightly around them. They kneaded the supple, quivering flesh and tugged on the nipples with their teeth, resulting in mouthfulls of slippery Goodra milk that they swallowed down happily. And the larger fire type still had his fangs around Giselle's neck, the bite having never been released. The dragoness herself was long gone, stuck in a sexual stupor of pure ecstasy, her eyes rolled back and her mouth hanging open with her tongue dangling from the side. A myriad of moans, gasps, and other sounds of pleasure escaped from her, traveling through the campsite, rising and falling in volume and pitch with no real consistency. Each reentry from her aquatic lover caused a spray of her juices to shoot out from all angles, foretelling that her next orgasm would probably be far beyond the first two. Every squeeze, thrust, and suckle only added to that.


Omen had now worked his way into a steady rhythm and was pounding away at my ass, each thrust filling me up with pulsing Absol cock and more and more of his pre. Our sacs collided against each other over and over again, each time causing my cock to jerk and drool more of my own pre onto the grass below. His hard panting was loud in my ear as he nuzzled my cheek, letting me know he was in control. His scythe glinted in the light of the fire as he kept up his pace, using me as nothing but his bitch as I pleaded for him to fuck me even harder. I have always loved taking it from any of my Pokémon just as much as giving, and Omen was doing an impeccable job of reminding me why. His width spread me open again and again, filling me with the wonderfully erotic and bestial sensation of being stuffed full of Pokémon cock each time. His shaft continuously pressed hard against my prostate, making my whole body burn with a fire that felt agonizing yet amazing at the same time. I can't describe it and doubt I'll ever be able to. All I know is that I can never get enough of that feeling, and when in perfect view of the rest of the team fucking, it made it even better.


What made the exhibition more arousing than ever was Serenade once again putting his flexible body to good use. As he continued to fuck Giselle silly alongside Zephyr, his head had curled around to behind the Lopunny and Braixen and was making them twitch madly as he alternated rimming their tailholes and nibbling at their balls. Hazel would hug Giselle's breast tightly as he pulled his muzzle off with a squeak as the Milotic's tongue snaked its way into his ass, causing him to get a facefull of Goodra goo as the coils around the dragoness' breasts constricted. The same thing would then happen to Wisp as Serenade wrapped his tongue around the fire type's balls, pulling them into his muzzle and suckling gently. My Milotic's ability to multitask always astounds me and he never fails to come up with new ways to use his body. This method was proving to be very effective as both smaller Pokémon were forcing their cocks between Serenade's torso and Giselle's chest, thrusting them into the base of her plush tits. Certainly unorthodox, but it was enough to speed things along to a very messy end.


Giselle's body was quickly approaching the absolute limits of how much stimulation she could take. Her secretions were starting to turn thicker, like it was trying to turn back to her normal, sticky ooze. Something had to give, and with a deafening scream and a full body spasm that sent ripples across every visible inch of her flesh, she did. Giselle's vagina clamped down on the Milotic meat deep within her tighter than ever before, an explosion of her love juices spraying everywhere, drenching not only Serenade, but Zephyr's crotch and the backsides of Pokémon sucking her tits. The unprecedented tightness caught the water Pokémon by surprise, causing him his body to stiffen and match his lover's scream with his own melodic wail of climax as he pressed against her as hard as he possible could, pumping her pussy full of his own cum. Serenade wasn't the only one being held onto tightly; Zephyr, who had until very recently shoved his knot in and out of Giselle's ass with each thrust, suddenly found himself locked inside, finally releasing his mating bite and howling. His cock throbbed and his balls churned as what had to be over a gallon of rich, hot Arcanine cream flooded into the dragoness' backside. Hazel and Wisp, hearing everyone else climax and having received the biggest mouthful (the the point of overflowing) of milk yet, cried out in unison, the goo flowing from the corners of their mouths as they pulled out from between the two large bodies, spraying both of them with their own loads. At this point, Serenade had pulled out of Giselle's pussy, leaving her an even sloppier creampie than I had left in her ass and was shooting the rest of his seed across her belly and the rumps of the two Pokémon on top of it.


Watching the beautiful and unbelievably hot climax of the other five nigh simultaneously brought Omen and I to the edge as well. His thrusts were a blur as he bit down on my neck one final time before he buried his cock in my ass and erupted, filling me with his tantalizingly warm essence. Again, I couldn't keep my eyes open as I begged for him to give me everything he could only to mangle my words halfway as I too came. My balls pulsed against his as we emptied them, him into my ass, and me into the grass below. I was starting to see stars, my eyes were squeezed so tightly shut. A few final thrusts and some more grinding against my rear ensured that I was filled with as much cum as the Pokémon could manage. My joints were burning in protest before suddenly giving out, causing me to collapse and pull Omen down with me. Just like before, my chest heaved, as did his against my bare, sweaty back. I almost felt numb all over, but the gentle, loving licks of my Absol to the back of my neck where there was almost certainly bruising gradually brought the feeling back to my body.


Opening my eyes after what seemed like hours of hazy bliss, I smiled as I watched the others bask in their afterglow. Giselle's pussy predictably had no signs of having been stretched, but the steady stream of Milotic cum running down her taint to the still-knotted Zephyr was evidence enough. The fire dog himself was exchanging tender licks and kisses with the dragoness, whom I could swear actually seemed to have some marks on her neck where she was bitten, something I didn't even know was possible with her body. Serenade, Hazel, and Wisp were in a very messy three-way kiss that, while unrefined, seeped just as much love and passion as the two Pokémon they were piled on top of.


After all, that's what these orgies we have are about: love and passion. It's more than carnal lust and base desires; we all genuinely love each other. We trust each other with our lives, and often while on the job, we actually have to. Sex is one of the best ways we've found to bond, to strengthen that trust, and to show we care about one another. The gentle licking on the back of my neck that hadn't yet stopped was proof of that. I turned my head as best I could to meet Omen in our own kiss that, just like the others, showed how much I love and trust him. As he sweetly reciprocated, he slid out of me, leaving me with a creampie of my own and a dull ache that was well worth it. As we slowly made our way to the others, we were both met with countless signs of affection from everyone. And as we all snuggled happily together (completely covered in cum and Giselle's oils) against the still-tied Giselle and Zephyr, we were at peace.


Until Giselle coaxed another cock into her, that is.

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