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Giselle's Harem by SilvurrTiger


Author's Chapter Notes:

Giselle's Harem 2

Being a Pokémon Ranger sometimes necessitates using the talents of your team in creative ways. While most trainers use their partners to battle, my team and I do whatever needs to be done to make sure that the travelers on the next leg of their journey reach their destination safely. The work is sometimes hard, sometimes simple, but always ends with a smile and sincere “thank you!” in return. While a job well done is reward enough, it’s funny how new experiences that happen during work hours can help spice up our already exotic sex lives.

Just such an occasion happened recently, in fact. It was a rather stressful day, what with the migrating herd of Gogoat who had gotten stalled near the river by a particularly frantic triple battle between some younger trainers with very little experience handling three Pokémon at once. It had taken hours to chase after and calm the dozens of stragglers after a missed Hyper Beam had touched down a bit too close for comfort to the herd. Each runaway seemed to have caused at least one problem of their own, culminating in a new trainer’s Zigzagoon getting scared half to death before darting into a tiny hole at the base of an unstable cliffside. To make matters even worse, the stampede had shaken a couple of rocks loose and the entire cave was threatening to collapse. The Zigzagoon was too scared to move and her Pokeball had been broken in the commotion, so someone would have to go in after her.

Wisp, my Braixen, was the only one small enough to fit through and even then it was a tight squeeze. While he tried to calm the younger Pokémon down, I waited at the ready with the other end of the rope that had been dragged inside. Before the rescue could take place however, another fleeing Gogoat came racing across the top of the cliff, causing a sudden rockslide that left me diving for safety while Wisp and the Zigzagoon were trapped inside! The low rumbling signified the ceiling was about to give, and just as cacophony of clashing rock grew louder and louder as the small cave collapsed, Wisp appeared beside me in a blinding flash of light, clutching the still-terrified Zigzagoon tightly. I had no idea Braixen could teleport, and apparently neither did he. It took my comforting hand on top of his head for him to open his wincing eyes as he looked around in confusion, unsure of what had just happened.

A job well done deserves to be rewarded, and that night I was rewarding Wisp by fucking him into a sexual stupor on top of a very accommodating Giselle, who was leaning against her favorite smooth, curved tree at the edge of our campsite. Our Braixen was squished between the Goodra’s massive tits as I slammed my cock into his tailhole over and over again, causing muffled squeals of delight to escape from what little bit of the fox’s face was peaking out from Giselle’s cleavage. I was on top of her chest, legs wrapped as firmly as I could manage around her belly as I plowed into what was easily the tightest hole in our group and it felt absolutely divine. As each inch of my penis forced its way into the clinging rump of Wisp, my balls slapped against Giselle’s supple and oily flesh, bringing a slight sting of pleasure to the already incredible sensation I was more than familiar with. My arms were wrapped around her breasts, squeezing them tight as I tried to smother the little bitch with as much of her generous body as possible. Wisp’s own cock was, much like the rest of him, sandwiched in her chest which had by now been coated by at least two or three of the fox’s rapid orgasms, the evidence of such having started to seep out from around Giselle’s bosom in pearly strands. I’m always incredibly jealous of how much and often Wisp can cum, but I was about to do my very best to match him as I squeezed my queen tight and drew a sharp breath as I buried myself to the hilt in the Braixen, my cock pumping a huge load of my own into his ass, causing him to scream as yet another climax of his own wracked his body.

Giselle’s slick and glistening body was jiggling wildly like it always did during sex, her eyes glazed over in sublime bliss, but not just because of the action on top of her. Hazel was at her cunt, hungrily sucking her clitoris like he would one would of our cocks as he slid his Lopunny length in and out of her quivering tailhole. His paws gently rubbed and brushed against the edges of her parted lips while occasionally dipping a finger or two inside, much to the dragoness’ delight as evidenced by her sudden, almost violent squirms. The cuffs of fluffy fur around the Lopunny’s wrists were completely soaked in his lover’s juices, and once he started to nibble a little at the clit in his mouth, the rest of him was as well as Giselle came hard, coating him practically from head to toe in her rich, hazy femcum. Hazel loved it, the intense pheromones driving him wilder and wilder as he struggled to pleasure both parts of her at the same time. The fresh Lopunny semen clinging to his shaft as he next pulled out and shoved right back in showed that he wasn’t satisfied filling her ass just once.

While the four of us had our fun, Zephyr, Serenade, and Omen were tangled together in an orgy of their own. The Arcanine was taking charge like he normally did, ruthlessly pounding my Absol’s hiked ass, seemingly doing his best to drive the smaller Pokémon directly into the dirt. The dark type endured on shaky legs with his other end stuffed full of the Milotic cock that slithered in and out of his drooling muzzle. The serpent was graciously returning the favor, his head having slipped under Omen’s chest and was propping him up for Zephyr to continue his fierce pace. Each thrust from the huge dog drove his maleness, knot and all, into the much smaller Pokémon’s rump, which in turn forced Omen’s length into Serenade’s muzzle and Omen’s mouth onto Serenade’s shaft. It was a tangled machine of rutting that was bringing each of them closer and closer to the height of their pleasure at a frightening rate. Zephyr was the first to peak as he threw back his head in a bestial howl, slamming into Omen and grinding against his ass hard, balls twitching as they emptied their first massive load into him. The Absol’s eyes watered as he was forced to deepthroat Serenade, causing the serpent to orgasm as well with the ripples of Omen’s throat tantalizing him. The stimulation of being filled up at both ends at once pushed the Absol over the edge also, shooting his own modest-by-comparison cumshot into the Milotic’s waiting mouth. Lots of swallowing happened very quickly before Zephyr tugged hard, forcing his knot to pop out of Omen’s ass before immediately driving it back inside and starting to fuck him yet again, causing the dark type’s eyes to roll back into his head as Serenade’s undulations forced the other thick cock to stretch the Absol’s muzzle. It seemed no one was content to fill their chosen partner just once tonight and I was by no means the exception.

I was still buried to the hilt inside Wisp, his vice-like hole clamped tight around my length and his fuzzy ass rubbing teasingly against my groin. I was still hard and very, very horny, but seeing muzzles filled with cock and clit made my own mouth feel agonizingly empty. Trying my best to stay as deep in my Braixen as I could, I leaned over to one of Giselle’s tits as it bounced and rippled almost hypnotically with Hazel’s thrusts, the nipple oozing a bit of gooey “milk” which trailed down her breast to join the fresh fire fox cum. I opened my mouth wide before closing my lips down around my Goodra’s nipple, moving my other arm to the breast as well to squeeze and massage it. She “mmmf”ed in approval and when I tugged with my teeth, I was instantly rewarded with a lusty squeak and a mouthful of Giselle’s intoxicating, milky goo. The flavor and texture are both almost indescribable, like liquid silk that tastes of honey and pure sex. It burns on your tongue, but not like something spicy or like alcohol, but like pure, tactile arousal. I swirled the treat around in my mouth with my tongue, letting each tastebud bathe in the lusty flavor before gulping it down hardily, the intense pheromones surging through my body and amplifying my vigor. I pulled my mouth away, a strand of drool mixed with her ooze snapping messily as I did so and quickly moved to her other breast and squeezed out another erotically delicious mouthful. My cock throbbed harder and harder as my throat bulged with the second, even bigger gulp, the liquid sex sliding down into my stomach, its warmth spreading through me. My entire body was on fire with lust and I just had to fuck something. Thankfully, Wisp had remained securely on my shaft in a blissful haze that was suddenly broken as I quickly pulled out completely, some of my cum spurting out around my tip, before slamming back in with all my strength.

Giselle seemed perfectly happy with how things were unfolding, but she was getting a bit impatient at staying idle, even with my arms around her tits and Hazel diligently at her nethers. Biting her lip as she groaned and squirted the Lopunny with the second wave of her nectar, she brought her paws up to her breasts and started to rub them firmly and rhythmically against Wisp, giving him a very squishy full body massage while I continued to fuck him silly. I could hear Wisp’s muffled whimpers as Giselle massaged the fox’s own cum and her succulent oils into his coat, matting his fur with slick and sticky goodness, adding some of her drooling milk to the mix. The dragoness’ tail slithered between the horny Lopunny’s legs and started sliding along his taint and tailhole, trying desperately to push him closer into her. Hazel was taken off guard by her sudden activity and pulled off her clit, head leaned back and teeth clenched as he ground his ass hard against the gooey tail, trying to work the curled tip into his rump, his puffball tail twitching adorably. Giselle rubbed him hard, teasing his entrance before using her tail to forcefully shove him back against her, burying his cock into her ass and the rest of his body nearly sandwiched by her thick petals that still glistened with her honey.

At this point I had placed my own hands on Giselle’s slick paws, helping her squeeze our Braixen fuck toy between her cleavage. My fingers curled around her own, holding her paw tight as my hips pistoned away, the jiggling of huge, gooey tits filling my vision and making me almost lose myself in the lewd display. I was snapped back to attention however by a firm nuzzle to my forehead, and when I looked up I was ravishly assaulted by Giselle’s waiting lips. She kissed me deep and hard, letting me guide her paws across her breasts while her tongue parted my lips and started to fill my mouth. Her tongue was huge, just like the rest of her, and she either didn’t notice or didn’t care that it was starting to fill up my entire maw, even as it doubled over itself and wrapped around the miniscule human tongue it found inside. I whimpered a bit as my mouth was filled, and then Giselle began to suck. It was new and bizarre, but I definitely didn’t find it unenjoyable. Quite the opposite, actually. It was like she was trying to give my tongue a blowjob, her own slimy muscle coiled around and squeezing as her lips gently stroked mine. I was struggling to keep up with fucking the fire fox as I wrestled with this alien sensation, but when Giselle suddenly withdrew her tongue and gave the longest, kinkiest lick of my entire life up my neck and chin, snapping my head upwards, I suddenly came… hard. My cock exploded into Wisp’s rear, shooting him full of what felt like double the amount of cum my first orgasm had produced, the fresh load causing a repeat of earlier, his rump clamping down around me and erupting himself with his telltale yip. A spray of Braixen cream even came shooting out from around Giselle’s tits, painting my chest with his warmth.

The horny trio not far from us was likewise still in the throes of passion, though things had shifted slightly. Omen had his clawed paws anchored in the ground, his cheek pressed against them and his eyes screwed shut as he was still being fucked into the dirt by Zephyr, who growled and spat flames into the air as the brutal yet highly enjoyable rutting continued. The source of my Arcanine’s extra fervor was made apparent by the fact that Serenade was wrapped tightly around him and Omen, keeping them close together as the fire type constantly tied and untied his current bitch with his knot while a long, thick Milotic cock effortlessly glided in and out of the huge canine’s tailhole, slick pre dripping onto the fluffy cuffs of the fire types hindlegs. Zephyr didn’t bottom frequently, but he still loved it just as much as the rest of us. The flames and impassioned growling were signs for the Milotic to give it to him harder, which his serpentine lover happily obliged. Meanwhile, Serenade’s muzzle was no longer on Omen’s shaft, but was instead at his sac, sucking, licking, and tugging the fuzzy globes, helping build the dark type’s next load to be as big and potent as possible.

The literal clusterfuck continued for a bit longer until Omen let out a keening wail, his erection bobbing wildly as he shot jet after jet of his thick semen onto the grass below him. Serenade could feel the Absol balls in his muzzle throb and churn as they emptied, the tugs and licks he was giving them causing them to ache as they expelled everything they could. Zephyr, meanwhile, threw back his head and howled again, knotting Omen one final time as he too came, giving the dark type below him a second helping of his searing, gooey cum. Serenade couldn’t hold out any longer either, as he gave one last thrust into the Arcanine’s clenching ass and climaxed, shooting half of his load into the hot, welcoming tunnel before pulling out as spraying the rest on the furry rump and convulsing tailhole, giving Zephyr his first creampie in what was probably a few weeks. The fire dog pawed approvingly at the ground as he felt the warm stickiness shoot into and onto his rear, making him give a few more short thrusts into Omen, his fat, throbbing knot not letting him withdraw this time. The Milotic’s muzzle moved to the Arcanine’s own much bigger sac and giving it the same treatment Omen’s had received, caused Zephyr to whimper as his orgasm got a sudden second wind, a particularly impressive shot pumping into the tight tailhole engulfing his cock. Omen was moaning as he felt his belly being pumped full of wonderful warmth, the second canine load joining the first from earlier. His stomach was more than visibly bulging now, giving him a fat, squishy gut from what was probably more cum than he had ever taken before. Finally, after minutes of his rear legs trembling, Zephyr pulled himself free with a gush of his excess semen, allowing Omen to slump to the ground and onto his side, extremely satisfied but very woozy.

Giselle and I had watched the finale excitedly, both of us now eying my Absol jealously. I knew I was incapable of producing that much cum so I would sadly never have the pleasure of giving even Wisp a bulging bellyful. Giselle had the opposite problem. She was so big, no matter how much she was filled with it would never give her the sensation of a swollen stomach. Everyone had finally come to a halt as we mused, the first break we had taken since starting our nightly ritual. Things had grown quiet and it was at that moment that Giselle’s belly let out an unexpectedly loud groan of hunger, causing Wisp and I shake on top of her rippling body. I slid down her body a bit and gave her a firm rub and a sensual kiss on her stomach before looking up at her, my eyes questioning if she wanted to stop for dinner. She stared back at me with a very quizzical expression I had never seen before, as if she was contemplating something very devious. She once again glanced over at Omen, eyes lingering on the extra heft he had gained from his lovers, then back to me. No one made a sound except for the muffled grunts of Hazel who was still being held in place at the dragoness’ pussy. Then he, too, was silenced by another growl of hunger from Giselle’s belly.

Giselle’s puzzling demeanor was gone now, replaced with an almost frightening mix of lust and hunger that caused a slight, icy chill to run up my spine. Wisp had managed to squirm free from the Goodra’s cleavage at this exact moment and when she looked down to spot him, she grinned wide. Effortlessly gripping the Braixen around the waist and lifting him up to her face, she lavished him with a few firm nuzzles, letting the cum and goo he was coated in spread across her snout. Wisp had his eyes closed, sighing gently as Giselle’s muzzle was replaced by her long, dextrous tongue that snaked out of her lips and trailed up his erect shaft, cleaning the accumulated juices from it before travelling up his chest, circling his obscured nipples and then following the same trail it took on me not too long ago. But as her tongue withdrew and she licked her lips, it was clear she had additional plans in mind.

The dragoness’ maw opened wide, her tongue having slipped out again and wrapped itself snugly around Wisps neck and without waiting for his reaction, she pulled the entire top half of his body in past her parted jaws. Her eyes and lips closed at the same time, leaving the fire fox’s cock and everything else below it dangling from her mouth as she ravished the top half of the squirming fox with her wide, sweeping tongue. Her lips pursed, her cheeks sunk a bit as she sucked on him, muffled squeals of what sounded like a confused mixture of pleasure and panic breaking the silence as the rest of us simply stared. Between Wisp’s chest and Giselle’s bottom lip snaked out her long, stretchy tongue once again and wrapped around the Braixen’s throbbing shaft in a corkscrew, giving it a strong squeeze. Her lips bulged with Wisp’s thrashes as he came, spraying yet another load of fox seed onto Giselle’s jiggling breasts. The dragoness shivered as the first few shots of fresh cum washed over her before her tongue and lips pulled the rest of the flailing fox into her muzzle. Her lips sealed shut, her head tilted back, and she swallowed.

I reached up to Giselle’s head in shock, only to see a sizable, thrashing bulge slowly slide down her long neck. I couldn’t help but reach out and feel Wisp as he smoothly slid down my Goodra’s gullet until the bulge disappeared into the rest of her body. I let myself slip off her and onto the cool grass below, staring at her stomach as it jiggled with what could only be the motions of my Braixen as he shifted around in confusion. Giselle seemed to like the feeling, running her paws over her belly, sighing happily and making little “mmf” sounds every time her meal shifted. The rest of us still didn’t have the guts to respond, but the Goodra’s eyes suddenly locking with mine caused a deep blush to burn on my cheeks. Despite having seen it right in front of me, I was still in disbelief. Had she really just EATEN one of her teammates?

Giselle smiled innocently as if nothing had happened, but there was a sudden yelp of surprise from Hazel as he was lifted up, the squishy tail wrapped firmly around his waist. The femcum-soaked Lopunny was transferred to Giselle’s arms, which then carried him up to her face where she proceeded to assault him with her tongue, much more aggressively than she had Wisp, lapping up her own juices from his fur before wrapping her lips around his erection and giving him a few teasing sucks. Pulling his cock from her muzzle just as Hazel had started to thrust, she rolled her tongue back out and let the big bunny feet rest on it, the disappointed and phazed Hazel not yet realizing what she was about to do. When Giselle leaned her head back and started to lower her second helping of femboi Pokémon into her gaping maw, he suddenly sprung back to life and unsuccessfully tried to wiggle away as the dragoness swallowed. The bulge of Hazel’s kicking legs was visible in his predator’s neck and it was quickly joined by his plump thighs and curvaceous rump, leaving only his head and ears dangling outside of Giselle’s maw as she lowered her head back down and closed her lips around the Lopunny’s neck. Hazel’s thrashing suddenly took a much different turn, his face contorting into the familiar visage of pure pleasure as he came, the massaging walls of Giselle’s throat having stimulated him to orgasm. Before he could finish the squeal of unexpected passion, Giselle snapped her head back, engulfing Hazel’s head and long, floppy ears in a couple of quick swallows, the sizably bigger lump of Lopunny now travelling down her throat to join Wisp in her quivering belly.

Giselle gave a very satisfied sigh, her paws once again rubbing up and down her plump belly that now contained two of her lovers. She glanced at each of us in turn, her eyes half lidded and still lusty, still as if nothing had happened. I was frozen in place, trying to convince myself what I saw had really just happened. With my mind trying to comprehend what Giselle had just done, I hadn’t even realized I was still incredibly aroused, possibly even more so than before. I also didn’t notice when Serenade suddenly wrapped himself around me, his huge, serpentine cock spreading my ass open as it slipped inside me to the hilt, the visible bulge in my own stomach squashed against his coils. I winced and squeezed my eyes shut, feeling the familiar surge of pleasure, partly physical, partly mental of the thought of being taken by such a large, bestial creature, followed by the sting of pain that quickly faded. Yet while I waited for my Milotic to start thrusting into me, he didn’t budge. As I slowly opened my eyes, I started to panic a little bit myself as I suddenly found Zephyr and Giselle’s faces very close to mine, joined by a nuzzle on the back of the neck from Serenade. It had seemed that Giselle’s experiment had given the three of them a fiendish idea.

My face was assaulted with licks from Giselle and Zephyr, their broad, warm tongues sliding up my cheeks to my forehead and back down, lapping at the sides of my neck and sometimes squirming their way into my mouth in a slobbery kiss that I had no choice but to return. Serenade was slowly starting to slide in and out of me, but at the slowest, most agonizing pace I had ever experienced. He squeezed me tightly, just enough that I started to edge into discomfort before backing off, his tongue dancing on the back of my neck when he wasn’t sharing a quick kiss with one the two Pokémon at my front. My mind raced, trying to makes sense of this mix of pleasure and steadily growing dread. I couldn’t deny it, but could hardly believe it: they were TASTING me. What I had an even harder time believing was that I appeared to be enjoying it. I was completely at their mercy, and this time it wasn’t entirely about sex. It was about something else, something... primal, and something I had to admit excited me in some unthinkable fashion. And when Giselle nudged Zephyr out of the way so that I was all hers, my heart skipped a beat.

Had I been able to tear my sight away from Giselle’s beautiful face, I would have seen Zephyr back away a bit to the still exhausted and bloated Omen and pulling his muzzle onto his throbbing dog meat, which the Absol obediently began to lick while casting sidelong glances of curiosity back at the three of us. But I was too enraptured by the closest look I’d seen yet of that hungry look in Giselle’s eyes. It wasn’t unfamiliar to her typical lustful gaze, but there was that same hint of something different in there as well. And when she opened her jaws wide once again, letting me gaze into her cavernous mouth, there was no doubt left that I was about to be eaten by my beloved dragoness. While my instincts started to race with panic and fear, my deeper subconscious was nothing but excited and curious about the entire prospect. The fact that my cock was harder than I could ever remember certainly didn’t help, and when Serenade loosened his grip on me and lifted me towards that warm, wet abyss, I almost couldn’t wait.

I was far bigger than Wisp or Hazel, but that didn’t seem to deter Giselle as my head passed her parted lips and into her maw, my cheek resting on her warm, slimy tongue. I whimpered, the big Pokémon meat in my ass almost completely forgotten as my other senses were overwhelmed by the steamy, squishy, wet darkness of my dragoness’ mouth. I could hear the squelching of her flesh undulating and the muffled rumble of her belly and cries of my two smallest Pokémon as she experimentally closed her lips around my neck, her tongue pressing up against my face in a gentle, seemingly soothing manner. The whole sensation was strange, like all the licks and kisses of passion combined into one overwhelming experience, made all the more stranger by the gentle sucking that tugged at my head. While bizarre unlike anything else, as I started to understand just what was happening, I realized it felt.... good. Really good. Like being in a sauna while wrapped up tight in soft, squishy blanket (that’s probably a terrible analogy). I was perplexed at how pleasurable I was finding this, but when Giselle’s lips parted, Serenade slid smoothly out of my ass, and the rest of my body was being lifted up higher, I remembered that I was being eaten alive.

My body betrayed my lust and acted on instinct, trying in vain to thrash about in Serenade’s firm grip that was carefully loosening. I could feel Giselle once again give those calming, soothing licks to my face, that I knew somewhere in the back of my mind meant that she wasn’t trying to hurt me and that I should just relax. Yet when her lips were stretched for the first time as she engulfed my gyrating shoulders and my face was pushing against the entrance to her throat, the loud, trembling moan of pleasure I both heard and felt told me that she seemed to enjoy my thrashing just as much as she wanted to calm me down (of course I couldn’t understand any of that at the moment). She started to swallow, her gullet opening cavernously as a rush of her drool and my head were pulled into the tight confines, the steamy heat from her body only getting more intense the deeper I went. All I could do was thrash harder and harder with futility despite the unfathomable sense of intimacy and carnal pleasure that was building, muted by the haze of pure panic clouding my emotions. More and more of my body was being pulled in past my Goodra’s lips, her groans of satisfaction reverberating through me as she swallowed again and again, her rippling gullet massaging every inch of my face with the most lewd of noises I never thought were possible outside of sex.

Time had lost all sense of meaning, so I had no idea how long it had taken to swallow me completely. All I know is that the firm grasp of Serenade’s coils was slowly being replaced by the even tighter grip of Giselle’s muzzle and throat, and that underneath the instinctual fight for survival, I was loving it. I obviously couldn’t see, but I could most certainly feel my Goodra’s lips stretching wide as she had taken in my shoulders and chest and swallowed them down slowly but surely, thanks to the help of the Milotic feeding me to her inch by inch. I was still not in control of my body as I squirmed helplessly, arms pinned to my side by flesh, no doubt making for a very strange shape traveling down the dragoness’ long neck. All the while I had felt firm nudges against my body, what I could only assume was Serenade trying to feel me up from the outside as he helped Giselle finish her meal. Whether it was an attempt to calm me down or provocation for me to struggle even harder, I don’t know, but it no longer mattered once Giselle finally reached my crotch. Despite the ensuing panic, I was still rock hard and very, very horny, a fact that had also escaped me until the entirety of my groin and ass were snapped into warm, tight wetness after a single, powerful swallow.

My body went rigid as every ounce of fear was instantly replaced with pure, sexual stimulation. My writhing very quickly turned from fighting for my life to convulsing in pleasure. This was nothing like Giselle sucking me off or rimming me. As her tongue toyed with my cock and slipped into my ass to lap up the pre Serenade had no doubt shot inside, I let out the most helpless, pathetic moan I had ever heard myself make. This was too much. This entire strange, potentially dangerous, yet incredibly intimate situation was too much. My body was past its breaking point, with all the wiring in my brain going haywire. Gone were the helpless attempts at escape, instead replaced by the desperate motions trying to bring myself more pleasure. I nuzzled the walls of Giselle’s throat, wanting it to squeeze me tighter as I continued to slide down and into her waiting belly, my hips spasming as I tried to thrust against her soft, squishy mouth. As my dragoness continued to gulp me down, I felt her tongue suddenly leave my rump to welcome a new intruder into her stuffed maw, the throbbing shaft of Serenade. The serpent had pushed himself into Giselle’s muzzle between my legs and was sliding his length against my thighs. I nearly screamed as his thick, serpentine cock once again slid into my ass before the the Goodra’s swallowing slowly pulled me off.

Seemingly having toyed with me enough and with nothing but my easy-to-swallow legs remaining, Giselle gave her biggest gulp yet, her throat claiming my cock and ass as my legs quickly followed into her maw. I yelled, the undulating muscles of my Goodra’s throat milking my length just as hard as any pussy or tailhole, causing me to shoot a huge load of cum down the fleshy tunnel and all over my body. Serenade was full-on facefucking Giselle now, my feet straining to grip his length as best as possible as they slid in alongside it. It seemed he was quite pent up at this point, as I could hear a very muffled wail of his as he topped off Giselle’s three course meal with a very generous dessert of his thick cream. The familiar warm gooeyness suddenly flooded down alongside me, mingling with my own load and Giselle’s copious drool, coating me head to toe in pure sex. I was almost completely gone, eyes glazed over, body mostly numb and motionless. My daze of bliss was suddenly broken as I felt a sudden lack of tightness as my head pushed its way into Giselle’s stomach, gradually followed by the rest of my body.

I was met with the furry bodies of Hazel and Wisp as I slid in to join them, slumping down into as close a sitting position as I could manage. I clumsily reached out , pulling both of the quivering forms close to me in a tight hug as I tried to catch my breath. They nuzzled close to me with a mixture of fear and relief, smearing themselves with the flood of Milotic cream I was now coated in and continued to pour into our prison. I still couldn’t believe it, but here we were in Giselle’s belly, having each been swallowed whole by our goddess. There was a sudden gentle pressure on each side of the walls that surrounded us, what could only be the more-than-satisfied belly rubbings of Giselle herself. The soft crooning escaping from her finally vacant mouth told us that we had been a very, very tasty meal. The world shifted around us as Giselle scooted back and leaned against her tree once again, continuing to rub lovingly at her stomach which, for the first time, was bulging as a result of our intimacy.

I squeezed the smaller two Pokémon tightly, thankful for both the fact that they were safe and that I wasn’t in here alone. Coming back to my senses, I had no idea what was going to happen next, or what we even COULD do next. Having regained as much of my composure as I could after having been eaten alive, I started to relax a bit. The tight confines of a Goodra’s stomach, believe it or not, weren’t exactly disagreeable. It was warm, squishy, wet, and as I had mentioned, a tight fit for three, forcing us to press close together. I still couldn’t see but that didn’t lessen the comfort of the gentle rubbing and shifting, jiggling the three of us around as Giselle continued to rub at us insider of her. And though I was quite used to the usual scent our lovemaking produced, the three of us were practically bathing in it. Our dragoness’ belly reeked of cum and sweat of such intensity, the slightest breath made my head feel all fuzzy, a familiar fire once again spreading through me despite the bizarre circumstances. And being pressed so close to Wisp and Hazel, I could feel their arousal as well. Being swallowed hadn’t dampened our sex drive one bit. If anything, it had brought new excitement.

Speaking of excitement, it was at that point that there was a violent jolt, shaking us around inside Giselle as she was pounced but what I would later learn was Omen, having gotten his second wind. It seemed Serenade had given him inspiration, and his cum-bloated belly wasn’t dissuading him at all from holding Giselle’s head with his forepaws as he shoved his dripping malenss into her muzzle. The three of us were could hear the muffled “mmmf!” of delight as Giselle was suddenly fed another cock, quickly going to work on it and subjecting us to the lewd slurps and gulping sounds she made as the Absol pounded her mouth with fervor. That wasn’t the end of our sudden movement though, as we felt was could only be Zephyr straddle Giselle and start to mercilessly fuck her pussy, his large body squashing our predator’s stomach and squeezing us together. Each powerful thrust the big fire dog made shook us wildly, making me hug Wisp and Hazel tightly for what semblance of stability I could manage. Instead of stability, I once again found the erections of my smaller Pokémon press against me and I realized that this problem wasn’t going to fix itself. Fumbling, I managed to wrap my arms around Hazel’s middle and carefully guide him to press his back against my chest as I draped his huge, fuzzy ears over my shoulders. He whimpered as I tried to position myself at his tailhole and then yelled out as a particularly savage thrust from Zephyr suddenly forced me into the tight bunny rump. I gasped as my shaft was squeezed tight once again, only I didn’t move. After giving my Lopunny a loving kiss to the side of his neck as he grinded his ass against my hips, I guided the still disoriented Wisp to a similar position against Hazel. Instantly catching on, the Lopunny pulled the fire fox into his lap and onto his cock, filling our ears and Giselle’s belly with the telltale whimper as my Braixen slid down onto the large bunny cock.

It was difficult and a bit cramped at first, but soon the three of us were fucking each other as hard as ever inside Giselle’s belly. I pressed myself against the walls of her squishy, slimy stomach and let the movements of Zephyr thrusting into Goodra cunt force myself in and out of Hazel’s ass at a steady pace. Hazel was likewise doing the same to Wisp, his own length spreading the smaller Pokémon open every time my hips hit his rump. The three of us were panting, moaning, and whimpering with ever-building passion as I hugged both of them tight. This was so weird, but it was just so sexy at the same time. Were were having a threesome inside of Giselle while she was gleefully ravaged by two of our other lovers. I think she could tell what we were doing, as she did her best to rub the sides of her belly around Zephyr, encouraging us to keep going. Her belly squeezed around the three of us as it constricted and groaned, pressing us even closer and harder together. My hand was forced against Wisp’s knot, which I happily started to stroke and squeeze as our orgy went on

The savage and erotic display continued, Omen and Zephyr having their way with Giselle as Hazel, Wisp and I had our way with each other inside her. It was the most unique and downright hot experiences I had had in long time, and as Omen shoved his cock a final time into the Goodra’s muzzle and howled, it was about to get even hotter. The Absol pumped his load vigorously into the well-used muzzle, letting Giselle groan with delight as it washed over her tongue before gulping the seed down, one mouthful at a time. The three of us inside her were soon showered with the mouthfulls of Absol cream, the sticky warmth clinging to our skin and fur as we continued to rut, driven on by our companion’s climax. It was then that the merciless pounding at Giselle’s pussy stopped, and a much bigger, much thicker cock with a much, much bigger load to offer was forced into the dragoness’ throat as the Goodra swallowed like mad. Zephyr gave a few solid thrusts before howling as well, shooting his offering directly down his lover’s gullet, drenching our threesome in thick, rich Arcanine cum. As I felt the mixture of semen wash over me and pool at the bottom of Giselle’s stomach, I could take no more. I cried with ecstasy as I slammed as hard as I could manage into Hazel, filling him up with my meager human orgasm as he was blotched with white from his fellow Pokémon. The pulsing shaft in his rump was enough to set him off as well, unintentionally mirroring me as he squeezed Wisp tight, emptying his balls into the fire fox’s tailhole. This, of course, set Wisp off, spraying his own load onto the walls of our prison as his ass clenched tightly around its welcome intruder and I held his knot tightly. All the while, Giselle herself was thrashing in climax as Serenade ate her out, serpentine muzzle buried in the Goodra’s cunt as she squirted his scales with her intoxicating juices.

Things slowly came to a stop, the last dregs of cum having been milked by mouth and tailhole alike. What was once a trembling pile of gooey dragoness was now a breathless, motionless and VERY satisfied Giselle. Her low groans of contentment after having been stuffed with three lovers and three servings of rich cream was the only sound to permeate the ragged breathing of everyone else. As Zephyr slipped off her, she once again brought her paws to her bloated belly and gave it as best a hug as she could manage, squeezing the three of us, still hilted in one another. Her paws were joined by firm nuzzles and gropes from the three larger males, surrounding myself and my two fellow meals with loving prods and nudges as we too caught our breath. Despite the initial terror, things had turned out better than I had ever thought being eaten alive could. Giselle had used us as fuck toys then went even a step further and used as as food, knowing that we’d be unable to resist. Yet as she clumsily hugged us inside of her, it showed what a truly intimate and erotic experience it had been.

It was at this point I reluctantly acknowledged that we would have to get out somehow. Giselle wouldn’t have swallowed us if it wasn’t safe, of that I was certain. When I realized that most of nuzzles and rubs seemed to be aimed at Wisp, an epiphany dawned. Carefully, I reached around Hazel and took my Braixen’s paw, giving it a gentle squeeze and whispering to him. Those cute foxy ears perked up and he squeezed my hand back as I could feel a strange, tingling sensation start to overcome the three of us. What happened next must have been quite strange looking for the rest of my Pokémon, as Giselle’s distended belly suddenly sprang back to it normal, perfectly plump roundness as her meals vanished from within her. We reappeared just next to her a few inches in the air, causing us to collapse onto the cool grass below with a jarring thud, the teleportation successful. I groaned as Hazel’s tailhole clung to my length as I pulled out of him, a gooey creampie of my cum lingering behind. As the two of them situated themselves while being cleaned and tasted by the eager tongues of Serenade and Zephyr, I threw myself upon an eager Giselle, pressing my lips to hers in the most passionate and wild kiss I could remember in a long time. She hummed lovingly as she reciprocated, arms reaching around and hugging me tight as I thanked her for the wonderful new experience she had shared. Not to mention the several delightfully lewd ideas she had inspired in the rest of us.

Vore became a regular part of our love life after that evening. Zephyr and Serenade were definitely eager to try it themselves, and now knowing that it is safe and surprisingly fun and sexy, Hazel, Wisp and I volunteer ourselves (or sometimes each other) as meals quite regularly. We’ve all grown to love it so much that many nights are spent curled up inside the belly of a lover, with Wisp safely teleporting us out in the morning. The one unfortunate problem with our newfound fun was Omen. Being an Absol, he’s a bit too... well, sharp and pointy to safely swallow, but he still manages to get involved, such as literally fucking prey into the throat of their predator. The variety and excitement this new form of carnal pleasure brought deepened our bonds even further and brought us to new heights of ecstasy.

I think it’s easy to see why I love my Pokémon so much. All of them are so strong, so kind, and such phenomenal lovers. When I had first decided to become a Pokémon Ranger, I was a bit nervous that things wouldn’t work out as well as they have, yet the circumstances around the job have led the the happiest time of our lives. Would you believe me if I said it got even better? Well it did, and I can’t wait to tell you about it...

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