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Day Off by ayn_blackfox


Day Off

Keshi groans a bit and
then looks over to her sister who is putting away the camera
equipment. She looks over at the clock and then sighs softly. Kesha
finishes up and then sits next to her and sips on a cup of tea. The
Plusle smiles a bit and then offers some to her sister, who shakes
her head "no". The studio is quiet and Keshi does not like
it when it's quiet. She enjoys the sounds of the various Pokemon that
come in and make a scene for a P & M DVD. Kesha would care or
less. Busy or quiet, she just liked being in the studio.

"Sis, it's too quiet
today. I think we should just take the rest of the day off."
Keshi said always hating to "ride the clock", even before
they started making films. She is wearing blue and white office style

Kesha smiles and then
finishes off the tea. She sets the glass on the counter and nods.
"Agreed. I do not think we are going to get any filming down
today." Her red and white clothing looks exactly like Keshi's in
design. She turns off the cash register and turns off the lights to
the filming rooms using the control panel behind the counter on the

"How about we go to
that new cafe down on 9th Street?" Keshi said grabbing the keys
from the drawer as the rest of the lights go out in the building.

"Sure. I am pretty
hungry." Kesha replied starting to walk out of the studio.

They walk out of the
building and Keshi locks the door. They walk over to the white sport
coupe parking in front of the studio, with Keshi getting in the
driver sheet. Kesha sits in the passenger seat and then starts to
brushes her fur matching hair making it look neat. She fastens
herself seat belt. Keshi starts the car, puts in gear and rolls away
from the parking spot. She accelerates slowly so she can put her seat
belt on. Kesha shakes her head and then leans back in the seat as
they come to a red light.

Keshi smiles looking back
at her sister as a police car goes by with lights and sirens on. Both
laugh as the light then turns green. Keshi pulls away from the light
and continues down Seaboard Drive until she reach the Highway 2
junction. She gets on the eastbound ramp and pushes the gas down to
get up to legal speed. Kesha closes her eyes and then exhales as the
car cruises down the smooth highway. Keshi turns on the radio and
plays soft music as Kesha drifts off to the sleep. She hums lowly.

A few minutes of driving,
Keshi gets off the highway and slips into the downtown area. She
sighs a bit as traffic has pick up a little more. She stops at a red
light, again, and waits as the long lines of traffic pass by. She
pulls away from the light when it turns green, simply cruising down
9th street. She sees a light turning yellow and speeds up to catch
it and slip through the intersection. She giggles and mumbles how she
hates back to back red lights.

Kesha wakes up and then
looks at her sister. She grins and then yawns with a bit of a
stretch. She wiggles in her seat as the car comes to a stop after
going through several stale green lights. Kesha looks next to her to
see that a couple of boys in a hot rod are waving to them. Kesha
waves back and then looks at her sister and then points to the hot
rod. Keshi looks over and then winks at them before pulling off in
front of them.

They stop in front of
Micky's Cafe and park in an empty parking stop. Kesha gets out the
car first and then puts $1 in quarters in the parking meter as Keshi
gets out the car. Both look at the cafe, seeing that it is not
crowded. They nod at the same time and then walk into the cafe.

Inside they are greeted
by the delightful smell of the various foods cooking, steak being the
most dominant smell. They walks over and sit in a booth near the
window, some where they always sit. A waiter comes over and starts
setting up silverware and hands both of them menus. The waiter is
Lopunny with blond hair. He smiles and then pulls out his order
taking pad.

"Can I start you
ladies with a drink?" He asked with his handsome voice. He gets
a smile from Kesha.

"Tea please."
Kesha said with a bit of a wink.

Keshi looks at him. She
holds back her smile and then looks at her sister briefly. "I
want a soda please." She looks at the waiter again.

"Coming right up."
He said and then walks away.

Keshi looks over the menu
for a few minutes and then puts it down. She looks around the cafe
before tapping her sister's hand. "Hey." She calls quietly.

Kesha looks over the menu
and then blinks. "What?" She asked as her was still looking
at what to eat.

"Want to tell you a
secret." The Minun said as Kesha leans forward a little. Keshi
leans in and then starts to whisper and then licks her sister's ear.
Kesha peeps and then shakes her head a bit.

"What was that
for?1" The Plusle exclaimed in a low toned voice. She rubs her
ear a bit.

Keshi giggles and then
winks. "Just because I can."

The waiter come back and
puts the drinks on the table. "Are you ready to order ladies?"
He asked.

Both say at the same
time. "Three Meat Spaghetti." Though unintentional, they
get it out perfectly. They are each other and then and then giggle.

"Coming right up."
The waiter said taking up the menus and walking away.

Keshi sips her soda and
then giggles a little. She looks around the cafe slowly seeing that
there are not a lot of costumers. She sips a bit more and then looks
at her sister who is always drinking her tea but looking at the cup.
Kesha sips until the glass is down to half of what it used to have.
She wipes her face with a napkin and then looks at Keshi. She sticks
her tongue as she throws the used napkin in a near by trash can. She
watches as her sister muffles a burp and then giggles a little after
excusing the burp.

A few minutes pass and
the waiter returns with 2 plates of steaming Spaghetti. He places one
plate into front of each girl and then walks away again. He returns a
few minutes later with Texas style toast. "If you need anything
ladies, just tell me." He walks away and then goes into the

Kesha looks at her plate
and then shakes a bit of the Parmesan cheese over her spaghetti. She
giggles and then passes it to her sister who does that same. Kesha
mixes up the spaghetti and then smiles widely. She starts to eat as
Keshi continues to cover her food in the powered cheese. Kesha shakes
her head and then slowly eats her food taking a sip of the tea as her
sister just starts to eat. She wipes her muzzle with a napkin as the
waiter walks by. She waves at him a bit and holds her tea glass up.
The waiter smiles having the tea picture in his hand. He fills up the
glass and then hands it back to her.

Keshi smiles and then
wipes her face off as she sips her soda and then smiles a bit widely.
She waves sassy-like at her sister and then continues to eat. Kesha
blinks and then face-palms. She waist a few seconds before taking a
bit from Keshi's plate and sucking on the noddles. Keshi follows her
as then suck on the noddles until the find a common noddle that
brings them into a lip to lip kiss. Both blush and then giggle a bit
as the noddle is eaten. They look around a bit as then start to kiss
a bit more passionately.

They leans over the
table, placing a hand on the back of each others head, kissing
deeply. They wrestles with each others tongue, starting moan softly
into the kiss. Electric sparks start to jump from them as they kiss,
sending a tingling feeling through both of them. They then stop and
then sit back down in their seat, giggling. The water looks at them
and then passes out on the floor. Both look at the waiter and then
shrug. "Check please." They both say at the same time.

A few minutes later,
Kesha and Keshi leave the restaurant and get back into the car with
their "to-go" boxes in hand. Keshi puts her's on the back
seat while Kesha holds hers. Keshi starts the car and then pulls off
like she did last time waiting until she comes to a red light to put
her seat belt on. She giggles a bit and then looks at her sister who
seems to be daydreaming. Keshi keeps driving and then turns onto
Elmwood Avenue and then cruises down the street. She comes to a stop
where traffic is backed up a little. She sighs and then looks at her
sister who slowly turns and looks at her.

"What?" Kesha
asked with a bit of a smile. "Something bothering you?"

"No. Just wondering
what is on your mind." Keshi replied. "You like," She
shrugs a little. "why you seem to be staring into subspace."

Kesha smiles and then
waves a finger. "Oh just things about what would happen if we
did get some filming in today." He nods. "That is all."

Keshi shrugs again and
then rolls with the flow of traffic, which is rather slow. She looks
around to see if there is a street she can turn down to avoid the
heavy traffic. She stops behind the local city bus and then waits
patiently. She follows behind the bus a bit before stopping at a red
light where the street goes from one lane in each direction to two.
She pulls away from the light getting far away of the buses and
trucks that are turning on the street. Kesha looks out the window
and then gasps.

"I have an idea!"
Kesha explains. "How about we go up to the water park and see
what is going on up there?"

Keshi grins and then
turns left on the highway just in time before she missed the turn.
She presses the gas down a bit and quickly gets up to highway speed.
"That is a good idea." She replied as she merges on the
highway. She turns the cruise control on and then lean back in the

She continues down the
highway until it merges with the bigger, Highway 30. She keeps going,
holding her speed even as other cars pass her by. Kesha knows the
trip takes 45 minutes so she closes her eyes hoping to get a quick
nap in. She crosses her arms and then exhales slowly. The car
bounces up and down a little from the dips in the road. Keshi smiles
and then rubs her sister's leg softly finding that she has quickly
gone to sleep.

20 minutes later, Keshi
slows down as traffic builds up. She slips in behind a moving a truck
and then waits as she comes to a stop because of the tolls having to
be paid. She pulls up to the toll window and drops her 50 cent in.
She pulls away and then starts up the bridge as the small sport
coupe's engine revs up a little a high to get to the hill. Keshi
giggles as the tachometer shows that engine is revving up to 5000
RPM. The cars reaches the top of the bridge and then revs down to
normal range. Keshi lets the car get up to 60 before turns the cruise
control back on. She goes down the bridge to Dezo Island and keeps

She smiles widely seeing
the ferris wheel from the local theme park, Paramount Island. She
chuckles as she passes a series of school buses headed towards the
nicely sized park. She waves to kids as he passes by. The thought of
the children having fun makes he sigh softly, wishing that she would
have thought about that. She continues to drive, soon reaching the
north Lexington Bridge which is not as steep as the South Bridge but
a little longer.

Keshi smiles again seeing
the "Welcome to Lexington Falls" sign. She keeps driving as
she slows down and gets off the highway. She smiles and then follows
the signs to Splash Water Park and Resort. She comes to a stop at a
red light and looks over at her sister who is still sleep. She shakes
her head a bit and then rolls away from the light.

Pulling into the parking
lot of the water park, Keshi smiles widely. She parks in a Parking
spot somewhere on the west end of the park and then pulls into it.
She turns the car off and then looks over at Kesha. She shakes her a
little, calling softly. "Hey sis, we are here."

Kesha mumbles a little
and then wakes up. She yawns and then stretches a little before
looking at her sister. "We are?" She asked and then looks
at the window to see a large water slide in front of her. She smiles
and then undoes her seat belt getting excited. She steps out the car
and is greet by the screams of people going down the water slide.

Keshi opens the trunk and
then grabs a small bag and then waves to a couple of passer-byes. She
walks over to her sister who seems to be hypnotized by the actions
happening in the water park. She pats her sister on the shoulder and
takes her over to the ticket gate. The clerk smiles at them.

"Two please."
Keshi said as her sister keep looking at the water slides.

The clerk types in a few
things on the computer. "$25.50" He said with a smile.

Keshi hands him $26 and
then takes the tickets and walks to next booth where the ticket and
stubbed off and they can enter the water park. Kesha smiles and looks
at her sister. "Thanks, Keshi. This is wonderful!"

Keshi smiles and then
rubs her sister's arm. "We need to change though." She gets
a nod from Kesha and then go over to the changing rooms. They waste
no time changing and come back in to two piece bathing suits, both
being pink in color. They walk over to an empty table that has an
umbrella. Keshi puts the bag down on the table and then turns to
address her sister but has already walked off and gotten a tube for
the water slide. She chuckles and then walks over to where her sister
is and then smiles as he takes a tube from a worker. She wades a
little to some who are arguing and catches up with her sister.

The two of stand in line
and slowly make their up to the very top of the tower where most of
the water slides are, including the high speed "black tube".
They stay silent for the most part on looking at each and giggling
at the sight of other crashing and burning at the end of the slides.
Kesha goes over to the spiral like green tube as her sister follows
her. The worker let's Kesha get set up before sending her down the
tube. Keshi giggles hearing her sister squeal the whole way down
until she reaches the end and skips a long the surface before falling

Keshi smiles and then
takes her turn doing the same exact thing until the end where she
holds on a little longer than her sister and then rolls over. She
surfaces and then grabs her tube and hands it to the work before
catching up with her sister who has stopped to stare at an otter
male. The male is mostly brown with white "gloves" and
"boots". His hair, medium length and matches his fur except
for the two pink bangs. Kesha looks at her sister with wide smile.

"Oh my! He is cute!"
Kesha said watching the otter slip of his shirt. She gasps seeing the
tattoo on his back and then giggles a little more. "I must meet

Keshi nods. "Indeed."

They both walk towards
him slowly, staying in stride with each other. This catches the
male's attention and watches as they approach him. He blushes a
little and then shakes his head a little to clear his mind. He
swallows hard and then smiles a little as they stop a yard from him.
He looks over them with his green eyes, making the two sisters giggle
a little. Kesha steps forward and then waves a little.

"Hello, there."
She said looking at the slightly taller male. "I happen to see
you here and well, I got interesting. Name is Kesha and you are?"

"Tyler." He
said and gets a giggle from the girls, hearing murmur to each about
his handsome voice. "And who is that?" He added pointing to

"I am her sister,
Keshi." The Minun said and giggles a little more.

"Nice to meet you,
Keshi and Kesha." He said as his tail wiggles a little.

Keshi steps forward and
then smiles widely. "You are pretty handsome for an otter."
She told him forwardly. "It has been a while since we have seen
such a cute male like you."

Tyler blushes a little a
the straight forward approach from the twins. "Thanks." He
stumbles out, as the twins seem to make him nervous.

"What is that tattoo
on your back for?" Kesha asked him.

"That is my tribe,
insignia. The River Tribe." Tyler said. "I would tell you
more but we would be hear all day."

The twins giggle and then
looks at him. "Want to swim with us." They ask at the same

"Sure." He
said. "Wave pool OK?"

They both nod as he then
stands next to them. They walk over to the wave pool. Where they are
quite a few a patrons but as many on the slides. All three slip int
the water and then wade out until they have to stay afloat. They stay
together with Tyler holding both of them as the waves come and splash
against them. All three laugh and then ride the waves as the come in
and crash against them, sending them back to a shallower end of the

Tyler lets the girls go
and then smiles. They walk back over to the slides and grab the foam
mats and grin widely amongst each other knowing that the foam mats
mean speed sliding. They wait in the long line. The fast tube being
as popular as it is, the line was normal about 10-12 minutes long as
compared to the others. The reach the top of the tower and then wade
over to the black tube. Keshi sets up first and then waits for the
work to let her go.

The worker gives the OK
and she pushes to the starting jets which move her around the corner
and then to the first drop. She gasp and then drop pulls her down.
She gasps and then round around the first corner, banking high like
she is in NASCAR race. She holds on tight as she rounds a second
corner that brings her to a slow down point. She goes around a corner
and then is suddenly dropped in a cover tube. She screams as she as
screams and passes a display hung overhead that says 25 mph. She
exits the tube and then crashes in the water with a large splash. She
surfaces and then swims to edge and sits down.

Kesha exits the tube a
short time later and then does the same. She goes over and sits next
to the her sister. "What was your number?"

Keshi growls a bit. "25."

"Cool I was 23."
Kesha said as Tyler comes flying out of the tube and and skims across
the water. His mat flies from under him and hits the worker in the
face and Tyler slips across the top of the water stopping in front of
then girls with a wave.

"36!" He said
with a bit of a cheer. Then both Kesha and Keshi splash him with

They exit the pool and
slip over to the Lazy River and then get a float large enough for
three people. They look at the lazy river and no one is around. Tyler
gets on the float first laying the middle. Kesha lays on the right
side and Keshi on the left. They slowly float along the lazy river
looking up at the clear sky. They can hear the other patrons scream
and cheering as then go along the water slides. The much calmer lazy
river pulls them around a corner and then float on down passing by a
blue slide tube.

They keep floating along
going to a tunnel before the go around a turn and start going back
the towards the entrance. They sit up and then look at each other.
Tyler smiles and then looks down at his shorts to see that they are
mildly tented. He grits his teeth and then blushes a little. He turns
and then tries to cover it up. Kesha looks at him and then smiles a
bit. She moves a hand over and touches the tattoo on his back, making
Tyler softly. She giggles and then starts to rub his back softly.
Keshi blinks and watches her sister rub over Tyler's back. She does
not say anything but simply watches. Her facial expression trying to
tell Kesha "Not right now" but the Plusle ignores it.

Tyler smiles and then
closes his eyes enjoying the back rub from the Plusle until it
suddenly stops. He looks over to see that they are whispering to each
other but in an angry way. He blinks and then shrugs a bit and lays
back down on then float but on his back. His tented shorts being
worse than before. He grimaces and looks at the twin who simply look
back at him. Keshi and Kesha look at each other and then start to
whisper to each again but in much calmer tone. Tyler looks on and
then blushes a little.

They go around the lazy
river again and then are told the park is closing. Keshi and Kesha
slip away quietly and go out of sight. Tyler looks around not seeing
the twins. He rubs his head and then heads into the mens changing
room, which is empty. He places his bag down and then goes over to
the shower and then turns it on. He slips out his shorts and then
giggles a bit. He lets the warm water spray on him as he pours some
soap in hands and then starts to lather up. The soap has a general
scent to it not really having a special smell to it. The covers
himself from head to foot-paw in the soap and then starts to rinse

As the otter rinses off,
he feels something touch his side. He gasps and then looks down to
see Kesha rubbing at his crotch. He blushes a little as his penis
erects in the Plusle's hand. He gasps as Kesha licks over his the tip
of the penis softly as he fully erects. He moans softly as Kesha suck
over the tip of the member. The Plusle grabs the member and strokes
it slowly. Tyler moans softly and humps a little at Kesha who then
starts to suck on the tip again before slipping into her maw. Tyler
gasps again and squirts a little pre into Kesha's maw. The Plusle
looks up at him and then smiles a bit.

Kesha pulls of the member
and then pulls the otter out of the stall and then lays on the warm,
wet floor. She straddles him and grinds herself against him softly,
moaning lightly. She moves down and then grabs the penis tightly,
making the otter groan. She rubs the tip with her vaginal lips,
teasingly, gasping at the warm of the member from the shower water.
She bites her lip softly as she slowly lowers herself onto Tyler. She
gasps and the moans softly as her tightly depth squeeze the member,
making Tyler moan out to her.

Kesha moans out and then
pants a bit as she fully lowers herself on the member. She grinds
against him softly as Keshi walks over to them, nude. The Minun grins
as she goes over and straddles the otter's chest and then rubs her
breast over him before scoots up and presenting him with her already
wet, musky smelling vagina. She moves up and rest her knees on the
floor and hover her sex over him. Tyler grabs her legs and starts to
lick at Keshi lips before pushing his tongue in. He moans a bit as
Kesha moves her hips, slipping the member in and out of her tense
sex, also moaning.

Keshi rubs over her
breast softly and moans feeling the tongue slip into her. She
squeezes her breast and then wiggles a bit against the invading
tongue. Kesha keeps riding the member, periodically staying down and
grinding herself against the otter. Tyler pulls Keshi a little closer
as his tongue swims around the inside of the vaginal passage like a
fish. The Minun moans out and then pants a bit as she feels her body
tensing up. She moves her hands down and rubs over her belly.

Kesha moans out louder as
she rides the member still. She tenses up a bit as her climax
approaches. Sparks start to fall from her cheeks and lightly sending
pulses through Tyler, getting a muffle groan from him. Keshi looks
back and sees her sister sparking as then starts to spark off as
well. She leans back a little, showing off her flexibility and pulls
her sister into a kiss. Their combined sparking makes Tyler groans
and then arches his back a bit. His body riddled with the pleasuring
electric pulses.

Kesha and Keshi continue
to kiss as they spark off heavily. The moans into their kiss,
wrestling tongues as then both reach climax. Kesha breaking the kiss
and rides the member a bit faster, her tense body squeezing the penis
inside. Tyler groans and then arches his back a bit more as he
climaxes a few seconds later. His warm otter seed, quickly filling up
the smaller Plusle. Keshi gaps and then squeaks a bit as she
climaxes. Tyler's eyes go wide as he laps at Keshi's vaginal passage
as she climaxes. Then moves her off of him and then goes limp. He
pants and then wiggles a bit, making Kesha gasps and then moan

Kesha smiles and then
pulls off of Tyler and then stands her sister up. She winks and then
places her in the shower stall and uses a small rope to tie her wrist
together and then and hangs her off the pipe behind the shower head.
Tyler slips inside and sees this and gasps a bit as Kesha licks at
her's sister's vagina softly, making the bonded Minun moan lowly.
Kesha stops seeing Tyler and then spreads her sister's legs. Tyler
blinks and then walks over still with an erection. She grabs Keshi's
legs and then slips his penis into her wet sex.

Moaning, Tyler pushing in
slowly, making Keshi moan and then wiggle against her binds. She
wraps her legs around him and pulls him closer to her. She gasps as
the member slips deeply into her. "Mmm. So good." Keshi
said as the otter starts to thrust into her.

Tyler moans and then
thrust quickly against her. His body still sensitive from the first
climax. He pants and then moans out loudly, his member twitching and
leaking left over cum into her. Keshi moans out and then tenses up
against as a second climax quickly builds up. Kesha giggles and then
leans in and licks at Tyler's balls softly. The otter gasps and then
shudders into an unexpected climax. Keshi squeaks into her climax and
then goes slightly limp as the otter seed splashes into her.

Tyler pulls out of Keshi
and then stumbles out the stall. He rest on his knees. He looks over
his member as it slowly softens. He smiles and then look back at the
stall as Keshi and Kesha walk out of the stall. Keshi looks at Tyler
and then winks before exiting the the changing room with her Sister.

Out in the parking lot,
Kesha and Keshi stand by their car putting the bag into the trunk.
Kesha stands on the driver side and then then smiles widely. "Think
we should give him a card? We could use someone like him in the
studio." Kesha said.

Keshi nods. "Shh. Here he comes now." She said as Tyler walks over to him dressed
in a normal clothing.

"Hello ladies."
He said. "Still here?"

Keshi nods. "Yea.
can't get this bag in the trunk." She said slipping a business
card from the bag stealthily. She walks over to him and then smiles a
bit. "And this is for you. Come on down and see us." She
places the business card on his chest and then closes the trunk. She
tosses her sisters the keys as puzzled Tyler looks at the business

"P & M Films".
Interesting." He said. "I..." He stops seeing the
small sport car pull away. He shrugs and then puts the card in his
pocket and walks over to his small car. He throws the back over to
the passenger side and then pulls away from the water park as the
lights go off behind him.

The End

Chapter End Notes:

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