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    This story was randomly thought of while in a group IM. Being the "Storyteller", they wanted me to tell a story and this was the first idea that came to mind. After about 30 minutes of typing this was the result.

    Laitos and Latios have berries together. They have a bit of a secret though.

    Bring on the creppy commnets!

    Also this story was written in about 30 minutes and over about 30 IMs and is not meant to taken seriously. A few good laughs and maybe some unwanted erections but please don't ask about wanting to be my "beta-reader" and fooqing enjoy the story!

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    This story was inspired by the "Mango Vines" comic by tierafoxglove Now this story does not involve said Mango Vines but a little something I called: "Midnight Crown". Thanks for the inspiration. =D

    Summary: An-Yan and Kylen, the "Ninebreon Brothers", venture to a large fruit orchard similar to 'Lane Packing" in Fort Valley GA. They find that there is not normal part to the "garden" than they let on about.

    Story/Plants is © aynblackfox
    An-Yan and Kylen Rosewood © aynblackfox
    Copy/Paste from FA Post - November 17th, 2010 05:06 PM

    Warning: This story contains, bondage to a degree, tentacles and "suggested incest" between two Umbreon brothers one of which is male-herm.

    Wait....there is not gender tag for dual-sexed characters? DOH!

  • Summary:

    This story was written for a friend before he changed his fursona..again. Anywho, this another quick revenge story using Madilivani. The victim in question here, complained about not being able to finish anything that he wanted to draw for me and that I could take my revenge out on him in a story. However, the original idea I had in mind didn't work out as I wanted it to so I changed it to this.

    FA Posted: November 28th, 2010 06:07 PM

    Warning! This story contains rape with tentacles! Not this is not your type of tea, turn back now!

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