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Victini's Love by kolofox


Chapter 16

Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokemon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.

Once upon a mid-day Trail

Aura sat in an earthly hollow with her trainer's old X-Transceiver. Roars and jeers could be heard coming from a nearby clearing where a trial was being held in Pako's court.

"If I were you I would run," her guard spoke. "Takea is still enraged about Joko's death."

"No, I will face my judgment." She sighed.

"You are brave." The Zoroark paused for a moment. "Did you know it was Joko?"

"No, he must have been in disguise."

"Pako was grooming him and his brother Takea to join human society. He even had them taking lessons in aura from that one Lucario family...well, before they were wiped out."

"I see."

"It was..." he started when a Liepard stepped into view with a pair of Gurdurr guards, "Stand ready, it's your turn."

"Step aside, I will escort Aura to the Pack Master's court," Tess spoke solemnly

The Lucario nodded as she stepped between the two guards.

"That battle proved to be a minor boon to the pack," Tess explained. "It exposed Hasko's treachery as he made an attempt on Takea's life."

"That explains the roaring crowd."

"Executions, Hasko was the first. That unfortunately leaves..."

"Takea as the last legitimate heir," The Steel type interrupted. "What is going to happen?"

"That is for Pako to decide," Tess sighed as she ushered the Lucario into the clearing to where a single blood-stained stone served as a pedestal.

"Aura, you stand here accused of willful endangerment of the pack, and the endangerment and death of my son Joko," the ancient Zoroark listed tiredly as the same blood that painted the stone dripped from his mouth. "How do you plea?"

"Guilty," she choked, the heavy scent of the blood making her gag.

"The clan has to move now because of this, the humans cannot forgive such a transgression made against their kind."

"But your promise?"

"Will be honored." Pako paused. "By Takea."

"What!?" the younger Zoroark that sat next to the Pack Master balked.

"You are old enough to be Pack Master," the old dark type sighed. "As such Aura is your responsibility to judge."

"Then I..."

"Be wise Takea," Pako warned. "Her death would incur the wrath of Arthur, and that is something even I cannot stand against."

"Exiled," He barked. "Escort her from our lands to her home."

"I accept the new pack masters decision," Aura sighed sadly.

"Gah, first take her to my chambers," Takea hastily added. The two Gurrdurs gave each other confused looks for a moment before leading the steel type from the clearing.

"What is the meaning of this Father!?" the younger turned once the clearing was free of the audience that gathered to watch the executions. "I thought you would remain Pack Master until your death."

"Never once had I said that I was stepping down as Pack Master. With the clan moving north I must be able to lead them, you are the Pack Master here," Pako explained.

"Well once Arthur returns then I shall be able to rejoin the pack."

"Perhaps, but you forget your mate's own illness. Tanya won't survive the journey north."

"I haven't forgotten father, but she seemed so bright so heathy today, she has to be getting better."

"Illusions my son, there is no cure for Pokerus. Tanya will die though I know not when," The elder sighed reverently.

"I am glad you sent Lupen with Arthur, I would not wish him to see his mother waste away."

"A cruel fate for a child to bear. Go see to Aura, she will be able to shed light upon the forces arrayed against you."

Aura was lead to a simple yet large bramble hill off to the side of the sparsely inhabited village.

"Inside!" one of her guards commanded. The Lucario again remained silent as she carefully picked her way into the thorny hill.

The hollow smelled of sweet burning herbs with a slight musk. The heady smoke wafted from beside a simple curtained off sleeping area.

"Ta... Takea?" a voice whispered.

"N, no I'm Aura," the steel type answered. She pulled back the curtain to see a mere wisp of a Zoroark resting on a bed of pilfered pillows.

"You must be his mate."

"Tanya." The dark type introduced, her voice straining from the effort.

"What's wrong?"

"P-pokerus, it won't be too long now," she gasped. Aura visibly stepped back from the bed, fearful of virus that infected the Zoroark. "F-fear not... healers said I can't pass it on anymore."

"Should one be here?"

"No, there is nothing they can do."

"But Takea..." Aura started when the dark type started to cough. She looked about the simple room to see a small clay cup filled with sweet smelling water, but once she felt the cup she realized the tea was too cold to be effective. The Lucario focused for a moment igniting her paw with a fire punch. The mixture soon steamed as she passed the cup to the ailing Pokemon. Tanya took the simple cup and greedily sipped the hot tea.

"Ah," she sighed relived of her coughing fit. "Now, how many pups?"

"Oh, um two, a boy and a girl."

"Heh," she paused to cough again. "I thought you were a mother. Have you met my pup, Lupen?"

"I have, he's traveling with my trainer, Arthur," Aura nodded; she knelt down next to the Zoroark no longer fearing the disease that befell her.

"Good, good, he... he got his wish," Tanya smiled. "When he returns, give him this."

The dark type produced a small simple bracelet strung with three blue glass beads. "Give it to him and tell him... tell him that I will always watch over him."

"I-I can't accept this," the Lucario declined.

"P-please I, I will be gone when he returns," the Zoroark wept.

"I..." she started when a shout sounded from outside the bramble dwelling.

"You idiots! I said my chambers, not my home!" Takea shouted.

"Heh, Gurrdurs?" Tanya feebly chuckled.

"They didn't seem too bright."

"They are loyal none the less," She sighed. The Lucario closed her eyes for a moment to spy on the emotions that emanated from the new Pack Leader, but her gaze was quickly drawn to the Pokemon she knelt beside. Tanya's aura faded and flickered like a candle about to go out. "Your aura?"

"I know," the dark type hushed. "Pray for my mate, to lose both his brothers and to be so close to losing me... pray for him."

"Tanya," her mate cooed, his rant with the guards outside finished. "Are you feeling better?"

"A little yes, thanks to Aura," She smiled.

"My trainer, he has a piece of Ho-oh's power," The steel type spoke. "That is why team plasma took Captain's body."

The two Zoroarks looked to Aura in disbelief.

"Ho-oh's power is evil," Takea spat.

"Love, please. Ho-oh's power isn't evil, but we Zoroarks view resurrection as abhorrent, for it is a way to enslave a free spirit," Tanya weakly corrected.


"Why would a greater being grant such a gift if there was nothing to be gained?" The bed ridden Pokemon continued.

"So, what do you think of the view?" Arthur asked as he stood next to his mate atop the snow covered peak of Mount Silver.

"It's breathtaking," the changed Victini breathed.

"It is quite the view," Aurora added. Jack merely sat next to her content with remaining silent as he drank in the crystal clear view.

"Nicole?" the trainer asked as his mate slipped her coat from her shoulders to reveal her small wings. She simply stepped close to the edge of the drop off and spread her arms to embrace the brisk air. Arthur smiled at the novelty of the Victini and stepped up behind her to wrap his arms around her waist.

"The air, it's so clean and so crisp. Oh, I wish I could fly right now," Nicole sighed, leaning into her mate's embrace.

"Once we get to Mount Cornet and get your power back, you'll be able to fly there," Arthur cooed. "Come let's get you warmed back up."

The Suicune watched the pair return to the cave where the rest of Arthur's and Nicole's teams rested.

"You up to going again?" Aurora asked slyly.

"Hrm, to what end I wonder," Jack replied tiredly.

"Why for the fun of it of course. No male I have ever laid with has ever had the stamina to do it up here."

"Haven't you ever gotten bored with sex? Haven't you ever wanted to settle down?"

"No," the Water type answered

"I see," the tripod Pokemon sighed. "Do you know how long a Glaceon is supposed to live for?"

"Well you're an ice type and ice types have a fairly stable life span,"

"Fifty to seventy-five years, pretty long lived compared to some of the woman I've laid," He supplied. "Heck Flareons, they only live for twenty to twenty-five years. Jolteons are even shorter lived."

"What of the longer lived Eons?"

"I've never done an Espeon, but there was this one Leafeon." Jack paused. "She was a timid little thing, sweet though. Heh she was very surprised by how gentle I was when we first did it."

"Why didn't you stay with her?" the legendary asked, genuinely curious about the Glaceon.

"I was... afraid, afraid to settle down at the time. I felt so bad about the break up that I went through the trouble to set her up with a fellow Leafeon."

"How is she now?"

"She was heavy with her third litter when I saw her last."

"I take it now you want to settle down?"

"Heh yeah, but to tell you the truth, it wasn't the loss of my leg that made me want to settle down," Jack smiled before gesturing to the cave mouth where a Young Lucario, Zoroark, and Vaporeon slept next to the fire. "It was those three."

"Being a father to them,"

"Yeah, especially little Namiko."

"I can respect that," Aurora nodded sharing the ice types smile.

"Come with us, come with me," the tripod suddenly offered. That request struck the Suicune unexpectedly as she turned to study the Eon next to her. Jack's smile was warm and genuine and every fiber of her being wanted to pounce him and say...

"No," she finally said with adamant resolve.

"Wha- I-I don't understand," the Glaceon asked, confused. His question was in vain as the Suicune suddenly sped off down the mountain side. He watched the snow cloud that was Aurora disappear into the forest below. With a heavy heart he slowly stood and hobbled back to the cave where Arthur and Nicole both nursed cups of hot chocolate.

"You broke another heart didn't you Jack?" the teen observed. The Glaceon merely huffed as he flopped down at the edge of camp.

"Uncle Jack, where's Aurora?" Namiko asked woken by the Ice type's shivering. Arthur noted the strange behavior of his friend as his form shuddered.

"She broke yours," His trainer corrected.

"Glaceon," the Eon wept. Arthur looked to his mate to see she wore the same worried expression, and without saying a word they both got up and joined their crying friend.

"So Helen, how does a Mismagious wind up in Giratina's service?" the white clad trainer asked idly from the railing of a private ship.

"I was born into it centuries ago," the Ghost explained. "I was the first of my family to become an Acolyte of Giratina,"

"I see, so why were you so quiet in Jhoto?"

"That was where I was born, and my daughters," Helen paused to take a long shuddering sigh. "And where they died."

"I-I am sorry to hear that," Arthur also sighed.

"My story is not a happy one, but traveling with you and Nicole... it has been refreshing," she smiled. "I will miss you both when Giratina calls me back to his service."

"Why not stay with us? I doubt Giratina will mind," Arthur offered. The Mismagious thought hard upon the offer before replying.

"Giratina will try to tempt you when you go to retrieve Nicole's power, to trick you into his service. Whatever you do you must not take anything he gives you, this includes myself."

"So you're saying you can't because..."

"If I wished to go with you I must first be released from Giratina's service, unfortunately I would also lose all the benefits of being and Acolyte, and one such benefit is that I have lived long past the expectancy of a normal Mismagious.

"Yeah, but I doubt that you're just going to keel over the second that happens," Arthur pondered. "And why are you painting Giratina as evil?"

"He is a god, a god that desires power and influence, you were right not to trust him."

"I see, so once we get Nicole's power back we will have to go our separate ways?"

"Yes, but I will cherish this bright memories made this short journey."

"Well then," the teen straitened and offered his hand to the ghost. "I wish you the best of luck for when we do part ways."

"Likewise," Helen smiled, shaking the offered hand.

"Get your leg up Dart," Aura instructed as she trained her pups. "And Morgen, stop making faces at your brother!"

"Aw but Mom, Dart keeps messing up," The elder Riolu protested. The younger fighting type shyly pointed to an approaching Pokemon from the forest.

"Excuse me but am I intruding?" A Zoroark asked as he stepped up to join the small family.

"Takea, what are you doing here?" the Lucario asked.

"I want to thank you for helping Tanya," the new Pack Master bowed. "She is doing better."

"She is," she paused to regard her pups. "Morgen, Dart, head inside and get washed up for lunch."

"Aw but Mom I almost got it," the younger whined.

"I know sweetie, but you can't keep getting better on an empty stomach."

"Alright," Dart sighed, defeated

"Good names," Takea remarked once the Riolus were inside the home.

"Why are you here Takea?" Aura repeated.

"Because I can no longer have a closed mind regarding the world, and I need someone trained in aura to help me master aura illusions."

"I see, so you come here thinking I'll just teach you this?"

"I need this so I can maintain the illusions that keep your family safe." Takea pressed. "The Musharna told me about the enemy having aura sight, and the only way to counter that is either seal the sense or to jam it with illusions."

"Fine, but first I am going to go fix my pups their lunch."

Ha ha and you thought there was going to be sex in the cave XD. Any who sorry for the short chapter but I deemed it necessary to build up a couple of characters before they get to Sinnoh, but hey it's official now; Arthur and Nicole are finally going to Sinnoh to reclaim her power woot. Won't be long now till the conclusion of part 2
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