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A story between a trainer and his Victini, is a work in progress.
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  1. Chapter 1 (2531 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Life was good for Arthur, but the former champion decided to bite off more than he could chew

  2. Chapter 2 (2815 words)

    Arthur wakes from the aftermath of his failed mission.

  3. Chapter 3 (1999 words)

    Faced with the consequences of his actions Arthur devises a plan

  4. Chapter 4 (3347 words)

    it seams our hero is in for more pain this time around as he heads for home.

  5. Chapter 5 (2886 words)

    lets just say things are heating up for our favorite former champion.

  6. Chapter 6 (3963 words)

    if I say anything spoilers will abound.

  7. Chapter 7 (4735 words)

    Lemon alert!

  8. Chapter 8 (2228 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Finally they made it to their journey into Desert Resort. surprises inbound

  9. Chapter 9 (3381 words)

    the escape from team plasma leave our heroes trapped in the ruins, how will they escape?

  10. Chapter 10 (8029 words)

  11. Chapter 11 (3367 words)

  12. Chapter 12 (4243 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Arthur and Nicole continue their journey to Jhoto

  13. Chapter 13 (3483 words)

  14. Chapter 14 (2588 words)

  15. Chapter 15 (4839 words)

  16. Chapter 16 (2444 words)

  17. Chapter 17 (3631 words) [Reviews: 1]

  18. Chapter 18 (2876 words) [Reviews: 1]

    Wrath of the Champion

  19. Chapter 19 (4265 words)

  20. Chapter 20 (2553 words)

  21. Chapter 21 (3749 words) [Reviews: 1]

  22. Chapter 22 (2780 words)

    Date:Aug 23 2016 Title:Chapter 21

    I love this story so far, and I remember first seeing it on

    I just wanted to say, 'Victini's Love' is a great story, and I can't wait for the next chapter <3

    Date:Nov 16 2016 Title:Chapter 22

    A nice chapter. Bit crule for what needs to be to achive something she doesn't even want. I do wonder what the cost will be to her if she does achieve it. A great read hope to see more when you have the time.

    Date:Sep 23 2017

    Another story i adored goes unfinished :( i loved this alot

    Reviewer: lock
    Date:Mar 21 2014 Chapter:Chapter 8
    Great story's
    Reviewer: jireh
    Date:Jun 29 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1
    Hello there. Don't worry about your story losing touch with me. I just found your emergency dilemma on fanfic. As a fanfic writer myself a well who wrote some things like yours, i joined on this site as well. Aka, I was (w--- c--------) on fanfiction. I even reviewed it too, so I'll let you guess who was i on the invaded

    But overall, I truly love just how caring the characters are to each other. Especially Nicole who wanted to get to the sexual course quick. Had it not been for the female Lucario, she could have done it. But miss Lucario is right to restrain little victini from having pleasure too soon
    Author's Response:
    Not to worry i know who you are, as i do remember reading Milky star on
    Reviewer: jireh
    Date:Aug 29 2014 Chapter:Chapter 12
    Uhhhh. Wow Nicole, why not show any signs of warning? You just made things too swift for both of you. Welcome to pre-parenthood Arthur and Nicole. And wow, I guess you kinda got a bizarre idea as to how giving birth could kill her if her original form returns
    Author's Response:
    Okay first off she's not pregnant she just in her heat. second she is in the form of a human thus the baby's form will be human as well. Now given that Victini's are significantly smaller than humans what do you think would happen if Nicole tried to carry something that is roughly her size. Note that Arthur didn't screw her on the first night, he was too big and she really doesn't stretch that well. Now the reason why Helen is throwing such a fuss over the early estrus is it CAN be BAD, especially regarding its possible sources, The Deal struck with Giratina which turned her mostly human, and the contraceptive she was on.
    Reviewer: jireh
    Date:May 11 2015 Chapter:Chapter 17
    Right now, that theme of family only gets so tense up until the end of this chapter. And the fact that wishes are so volatile, I think this might make things even more disastrous as a normal victini. Just maybe, this victini is not so immortal anymore.

    All Nicole wanted was to be Arthur's wife and start a family. That is really sweet. But so far, your story is the only Victini and Human romance story that stands out for me due to the fact that the relationships built overtime in your stories almost feel like ever changing. I hope this story gets completed in some way.
    Author's Response:
    Actually Nicole was never Immortal, by her own admission in chapter 3 just simply long lived which would add to the drama concerning the fact that Arthur is human and a human's life is a flash in the pan in contrast (unless your Ash then you stay perpetually ten forever)

    Also don't worry the ending will be appropriate to the story but it isn't for a while yet.
    Reviewer: jireh
    Date:Jul 24 2015 Chapter:Chapter 18
    Playing the Sorrow Music from Xenoble Chronicles for the Wii made this depressing chapter even more fitting than usual.

    Looks like my interpretation is wrong about Giratina playing as the Atoner. Now, the human is SO PISSED! Gosh he had a Victini scar before? I can't help but wonder if that one scar could trigger his transformation. Not only that, but Helen the Mismagius gets betrayed in the middle of it all the fight back at the cave. Uuughhhh, this is why Froslass is one of those pretty pokemon that scares me upon discovering her.

    Ohhh wow. Looks like my favorite Jirachi cannot save Victini from Purgatory because of their energy differences. So Millennium Comet Energy ain't compatible with Radiactive Victory Energy? Ouch dude. You just got me reminding of YuYu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter the Anime). Get those Spelltags going Arthur, be the human prince that will save his Pokémon Wife. Where are the fairy types when you need them. Aura ain't gonna be enough to stop Big Bad Giratina, and his 666 Vivillon minion.
    Author's Response:
    Okay this made me laugh XD.
    First Arthur first acquired his scar in chapter 4 when Nicole had her nightmare, and this was mentioned in chapter 10 when Lily had a vision of it.

    Second, while the Jirachi wish is indeed powerful, most of its power was used up in saving Nicole from near death.

    Third Arthur isn't a prince he's a knight Xp

    and Lastly Arthur's not just bringing Aura, he's also bringing Jack, Ace, Helen, And Aqua. and Jack's a Dragon killer same for Aura so I think they have a shot.
    Reviewer: catsithx1999
    Date:Sep 2 2016 Chapter:Chapter 21

    A very touching story. Such twist and turns. Still feel like your going to screw someone over.


    A few mistsked here and there typos and spaces where there should be none. Still over all a great read.

    Author's Response:

    Thank you