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Victini's Love by kolofox


Chapter 21


Warning this contains death and dismemberment and mature content. This is a work in progress that does include Lemons. I do not own Pokémon or associated media. If you do not like the described content do not read. Also if you are under the legal age to read mature content DO NOT READ.


A Victini’s Love

Part Three a Victini’s journey

The Flute of Blue

Arthur woke in a darkened room to the sound of his starter murmuring in her sleep. A sudden movement from his left hand drew the teen’s attention to the pair of impossibly blue eyes.

“You’re awake?” Nicole asked.

“Yeah,” he breathed. “Oddly I don’t feel the pain from the burns, they must have me pretty doped up.”

“Actually you’re not on any drugs, because… I’ve been healing you,” the Victini smiled nervously.

“What? I thought you couldn’t heal?” Arthur balked.

“I-I know but ever since I woke up I… I don’t know it just feels so natural to heal now, like I’ve always been able to do it,” the fire type shrugged.

“How long have I been out?” he asked. A gruff reply came from his starter, but to the teen’s surprise he didn’t understand the Lucario.

“Heh, sorry Aura I didn’t understand that,” Arthur spoke. The Lucario rolled her eyes and repeated the same huff.

“Use your aura sight Arthur, if you can,” a tiny Yellow-colored fairy added.

Uxie?” the trainer turned to face the lake guardian. “How will using aura sight help?”

“Just try it,” the legendary deadpanned. Arthur closed his eyes with a sigh and focused his senses, but no fire sparked from his starter or Victini. He felt his own spark of Aura within himself but no matter how hard he tried he could not draw from it.

“I-I can’t,” the teen concluded.

“As I thought, you used your aura to channel Nicole’s power, yes?” Uxie asked.

“Yeah, I used it to heal Aurora when she tripped on a branch,” He answered. “It was the only way I could get a handle on Nicole’s power.”

“I see,” the being of knowledge nodded. “I’m afraid you have lost your ability to channel aura, perhaps permanently.”

“So that’s why I can’t understand Aura?”

“It’s a simple disruption of the bond you and your Lucario share, it will reestablish itself in a matter of days. However, should Aura try to spark your ability to conduct… aura…” Uxie paused as she pinched the bridge of her nose. “You have a very poor mind for Nicknames.”

“Actually that is her name,” Arthur shrugged while the Lucario gave an exasperated nod.

“Anyway, should she try to help you recover your aura abilities it will most likely result in a painful and ultimately fruitless endeavor,” Uxie sighed. “However to address the other side of the equation, Nicole has awoken abilities previously thought to be beyond a normal Victini.”

“You mean her ability to heal?” the teen puzzled.

Precisely, as such she is a candidate for ascension to become truly mythical.”

“Ascension?” Nicole muttered.

“Wait I thought Nicole was already a mythical Pokémon?” Arthur asked.

“By human terms yes, but after she succeeds at ascension will she be considered mythical by other mythical Pokémon. Rarity alone is not enough.” The fairy-like Pokémon explained.

“What would that mean to me?” the Victini worried.

“It would mean that you would represent your kind as a whole in Arceus’s court, and to an extent bear witness to Zygarde’s trial of Legendries.

“What is this Trial of Legendries?” Arthur questioned.

“It’s… it’s Zygarde’s way of holding Mythical and Legendry Pokémon accountable for crimes they commit against nature and Humanity,Uxie explained.

“So it’s literally like a trial?” the teen observed.

“Not in a sense for human trials, but close enough. I do believe the ones that are facing Zygarde’s wrath are Groudon, Kyogre, Palkia and Dialga. I’m sure they will need to make an appearance, and it will also review Giratina’s punishment and… Victini’s right to exist,” the legendary swallowed.

“What? Right to exist, what do you mean by that?” Arthur balked.

Zygarde views Victini as a threat to the balance to the world if they are not kept in check.

“Why are we a threat? I’ve never hurt anything that didn’t try to hurt me first?” Nicole spoke out.

Victini are infinite sources of energy, and this energy has traditionally been used for destruction, domination, and assured victory. That, and Ho-oh was forbidden from creating the first Victini from a fallen Mew,” Uxie enlightened.

“So I’m a candidate because I don’t have to be destructive.

“You are a candidate because you can pass on your ability to heal to your children, granted not to the same degree as yourself,” she continued.

“You say that like she isn’t the only candidate?” Arthur observed.

“She isn’t, but there is only a hand full of Victini left and she is the only one that has managed to take the next step towards ascension.

“Okay so what’s the next step?” the teen smiled, but his smile quickly faded as he noticed Nicole quietly wringing her hands with worry. “What’s wrong?”

Ar-Arceus spoke to me as I-I slept,” she shivered.He said that I must find the Azure Flute.”

“Okay,” Arthur shrugged.So we go find this flute and…”

“You cannot come with Arthur,” Uxie interjected.

“What, why not?” the teen asked, confused.

“A Mythical Victini helped create the Azure Flute and as such only a Mythical Victini can find it and destroy it, The lake guardian enlightened.

“But why can’t I come with?”

Arceus said that you will inhibit me with ascension,” the fire fairy squeaked tearfully. Arthur reached his hand out to the Victini with a warm smile. Nicole grasped her mate’s hand and allowed herself to get pulled into a gentle hug

“I know you can do it Nicole,” he cooed.

“What about you?” the fire type choked.

“I’m going to honor my promise I made to Aura and then I’m going to apply to become a professor,” Arthur spoke.

“A noble endeavor,” Uxie nodded. “I applaud your pursuit of knowledge.”

Namiko sat dozing in her usual spot next to the window sill as a slow steady rain pattered against the glass. Lupen sat overseeing Aura’s kids as they batted a ball between them.

“Telephone!” a Serperior called as he slithered into the room. “It’s Arthur, he asked for you and Lupen.”

The Lucario took the phone and held it up to her ear.

“Hello?” she droned tiredly.

Namkio? You sound tired,the steel type heard from the device. She knew aura speech didn’t convey through the piece of technology but Arthur seemed to understand her basic answer.

“Is Lupen there?”

Yeah,” the Lucario yawned.

“Good put it on speaker okay?” her trainer instructed. Namiko pulled the device away from her ear to inspect its many buttons.

“Uh Lupen how do you switch this to… speaker?” the Lucario gulped when she realized that she didn’t really understand how the device even worked. The Zoroark smiled and stepped over to assist his friend. He carefully inspected the phone in Namiko’s paw before he touched one of his claws to a button.

“Hello, is it on speaker yet?” Arthur’s garbled voice sounded.

“Yeah it’s on speaker,” Lupen chuckled

“I’m guessing that was Lupen,” their trainer observed oblivious to what the Zoroark said.

“Heh, yeah,” the Lucario laughed.

“Okay, first I want to apologize for sending you two away, I wanted to protect you two because I knew what we were going into with the Distortion world,” Arthur explained.And Lupen I’m sorry, I asked too much of you.”

“Is she okay?” the Dark type asked.

“Nicole?” their trainer spoke.

“He was asking about me,” a familiar voice sounded from the phone.

“Ah, well as you all might have heard, Nicole’s doing alright, but uh yeah some stuff’s come up and well it’ll be just me and Aura coming home, Arthur sighed. “We should be back by about the end of the week.”

“Why isn’t Nicole coming back with you?” Namiko asked before her trainer could hang up.

“Uh,” Arthur’s voice sounded confused by the more complex message from the young steel type.

“I have to do something first before I can come home,” Nicole supplied. “Arthur can explain further when he gets home.”

“Thanks hon, I’ll talk to you guys later and I’ll see you when I get back okay?” They heard. “Stay out of trouble.”

The conversation ended with a soft click as their trainer ended the call. Namiko passed the phone to Lupen for him to power down the device.

“I told you he wasn’t mad,” the Lucario laughed as she gave the Zoroark a playful punch.

“Hey,” the dark type huffed as he teasingly grabbed the fighting type’s tail. Namiko squeaked and swatted the Zoroark’s paw away.

“Don’t!” she blushed. “Don’t grab my tail.”

“Hey I’ve pulled your tail before why are you so bashful all of a sudden?” Lupen teasingly protested.

“I-I’m not comfortable with you grabbing my tail anymore, okay,” the Lucario gulped. “Now if you’ll excuse me.”

Lupen stood dumbfounded as the blush from Namiko never left her face as she ushered Aura’s children out of the room. His gaze fell to the Serperior that slithered in behind the Lucario with a smug look upon his face.

“I…” he started.

“I heard, and I’ll give you a bit of insight. Lucario tails are very sensitive, strong and male Lucario grab them when they are interested in mating.” Cloud enlightened.

“Oh god,” Lupen paled.

“A bit of a stark difference from a Zoroark’s more laid back stance to mating.

“Well Zoroark do chose lifelong mates but in a society the pack leader is expected to assist with the heats of unmated females and naturally accidents do happen, but uh I wasn’t to proposition Namiko,” the dark type swallowed.

Mhm,” the grass snake nodded.

“I should probably apologize?” Lupen gulped.

“Yes, you should, but that should be easy compared your little scar debacle.” Cloud smiled. The Zoroark nodded as he squeezed past the grass snake to chase after Namiko. Lupen found the Lucario exiting Lily’s room with a slightly less red face.

“N-Namiko, I am so sorry I…”

“I-I know, Lily told me,” The steel type placated. “Youre handsome and all but I’m…”

“I know, not ready and um young,”

“I’m not that young, but I am still grieving for my family,” she sighed. “However I realize that I do owe you an apology as well given that I did put you in a similar position back in Kanto.”

“D-don’t worry about it, heh,” Lupen blushed. “But given mutual instances of embarrassing situations, I think we are even.”

“Right, because propositioning me for sex is equal to me giving you a full-fledged hand-job.” Namiko deadpanned.

“We’re even!” Lupen balked as he face turned an even deeper shade of maroon under his thick black fur.

“Mr. Kiles, I am both shocked and pleased to say that you have a clean bill of health after just a few days,” Nurse Joy announced as she inspected the teens near pristine chest and arms. “Pokémon are miraculous creatures and your Victini is no exception.”

“Yeah, Nicole is a wonder,” Arthur smiled as he regarded the Victini that waited just outside the open door.

“Well there’s nothing left I need from you so… out,” the nurse jested. The trainer nodded before he got up from the bed and replaced his shirt. Nicole turned her attention from a tiny psychic bauble to her trainer that stood leaning against the doorway.

“So what’s the news?” she asked.

“I’m cleared; you ready to return to our room?” he asked. Nicole dispelled the shimmering orb of energy and started to wring her hands with worry.

“Arthur I’m, I’m scared; I mean, should you be returning to Unova? What about Ghetsis?” The Victini worried.

“I’ll be careful,” the teen soothed.But you’re going to have to be careful too.”

Nicole nodded as her trainer led the way back to the lobby. Arthur stopped and turned back to the tiny fire type. The distracted Victini failed to notice that her trainer had stopped until he suddenly kissed her. He didn’t care about the patrons that watched the clear display of affection towards the fire type, but Arthur knew she was terrified. When he pulled back he couldn’t help but chuckle at her deepening blush.

“Aw you’re as bashful as ever Nicole,” the teen teased, but the Victini’s mood quickly dropped despite his best efforts to cheer her up. “Hey, I promise to be careful okay? I won’t be reckless and I’ll avoid any situations like back in Wellspring Cave. I’ll be patient and smart, and the truth about Team Plasma will eventually get out and they will fall apart. When they do I can walk in and retrieve Captain’s body without any danger.”

“I-it’s not that, I-I trust you. But this journey I have to embark on, I don’t know if I’m up to the task. Uxie said it might take years to track down the flute and I don’t know if I can…”

Shh, I have an idea,” Arthur placated. “Let’s make a real quick pit stop at the Pokemart.”

“Okay,” the Victini smiled as she watched her mate shrug into a dark grey coat. “Are you going to get your old coat repaired?”

“Yeah but I’m going to take it back to that one tailor back in Castelia City,”

“Oh, so why are we going to the pokemart?” she puzzled.

“You’ll see,” he beamed.

“So how’s your leg?” Jack asked as he nuzzled the injured Suicune.

“It’s healing,” Aurora sighed. “Look about us…”

“I know we can’t just pick up right where we left off, but…” the tripod Glaceon started.

“No Jack, there is no picking up where we left off… ever,” the legendary interrupted. “I would be forced to watch you grow old and die while I remain young.”


“I can’t take it, I’ve watched one lover die from old age and I can’t, I can’t go through that again,” Aurora wept.

Shh, it’s okay,” the Glaceon tried to soothe.

“No it’s not, that’s why I ran!” the Suicune screamed. “I wanted to remember you as you were atop Mount Silver, but here you are willing to forgive me. You are forcing me to watch you die!”

“Leave her alone Jack, it’s clear she can’t comprehend what you are offering her,” Aura called from the doorway.

“What do you know Lucario?” Aurora growled.

“Two children, and the best five years of my life before Captain was taken from me and Jack is offering you ten times that,” The Lucario bit back bitterly. Jack was about to respond when tears suddenly started to stream from the Pokémon’s crimson eyes.

“Excuse me,” she choked out as she left the Glaceon and Suicune alone in the room.

“Aura…” Jack called. He turned back towards the Suicune but instead of a face of compassion he bore the unmistakable scowl of anger. “I’ve known Aura almost all my life and that Aurora, was low.”

Then go to her,” the water type huffed. The Glaceon snorted a burst of frigid air from his nose and left to chase after his friend, but just as he reached the doorway he passed though the ghostly robes of a Mismagius.

Excuse me Jack!” Helen balked. “I doubt there is anything under there you wish to see.”

Sorry I’m trying to go after Aura,” the Glaceon explained as he stepped out from under the Mismagius.

I understand, but before you chase after Aura I need you to give Arthur this,” the ghost offered. Jack looked at the tiny vial of living fire that Helen held.

“I thought you gave that to Aurora?” he observed.

“A fake one, at the advice of Uxie,” Helen explained.

“Why?” Jack questioned.

It was a plan B if Uxie could not take Nicole’s power and Arthur died during the encounter with Giratina,”

He had to succeed at all costs, but wouldn’t Nicole’s power been lost if he died?” the ice type continued to question.

Uxie never explained that far, but I’m sure she had her ways of restoring Nicole’s power on her own,” the Mismagious sighed.

“Well what’s done is done,” Jack nodded. “I’ll take this to Aura, since it is her mate that we are trying to bring back.”

Before you do consider this, how long has Captain been gone and how long will it take to retrieve his body?” Helen asked.

“Why do you think I’m giving it to her?” the Glaceon answered. “It’s her choice not Arthurs, and if she grows to accept and move on then we will be giving her closure by retrieving Captains body.”

The ghost gave the ice type a warm smile and gave him the vial of living fire. “Hang on to that wisdom Jack.”

“Ugh that had to have been the rudest store clerk I have ever met!” Nicole fumed as she followed Arthur into their room.

“At least we still got you your XTransceiver,” her mate sighed. The tiny Victini puffed up her cheeks as she floated down to the bed.

“Aw don’t be like that; you got all of your other supplies…”

“I knew you wanted it to be a surprise, and he just had to ruin it with his anti-Pokémon are equal crap,” she pouted. Arthur chuckled at the adorable sight of the flustered Victini before he knelt down and kissed her.

“I might not fit but I think we can get a little creative to try for a kid,” he cooed. Nicole bit her lip as her mate’s hand gently cupped her flower, but she stopped the teen as she recalled the unpleasant memories of Joy’s newly born children.

“No,” she spoke. “I want to but it wouldn’t be right to raise a child on the road, not to mention highly irresponsible.”

Arthur nodded and started to pull away, but again Nicole stopped him. “That doesn’t mean we can’t… enjoy ourselves.”

“So where should we enjoy ourselves? A nice hot shower or should we just snuggle up under the covers?” he mused. The Victini gasped when she felt one of the teen’s fingers slip into her sex.

“Wait, wait…” she panted. “L-lock the door and…”

Arthur smiled and withdrew his finger to do as the fire type bade. Nicole whined at the absence of her mate’s finger as he walked away. She tried to slack the feeling of emptiness with her own tiny fingers but there was just no comparison to Arthur’s larger digit.

“H-hurry up,” she begged. Her mate smiled as he slowly pulled his shirt off and started on his belt.

“S-stop teasing or your gonna lose that pair of pants!” she snapped

“Okay, okay easy,” Arthur laughed as he quickly discarded his pants and underwear. Nicole saw that the trainer was already hard and swallowed at his intimidating size compared to her much smaller body. The teen noticed her distressed look and carefully scooped the tiny Victini up and lay upon the bed in her place.

“How about you take it at your pace,” He cooed. The fire type swallowed as she regarded the teen’s member. It was a little less than half her height and while she was human she could handle it no problem, but as a Victini she couldn’t hope to even fit the tip.

“Um right,” she gulped.

“Do you want me to prop it up?” Arthur asked.

“No, that won’t help,” Nicole huffed. “Hold on let me lay on my back.”

The Victini lay on her mate’s chest and lined her flower with his member. “Give me your hand, and hold me steady.”

Arthur chuckled as his hands descended onto the fire type. She gasped when her mate’s finger slipped into her sex yet again.

“Yeah…” Nicole relaxed as his finger reached all the right spots. She extended her mind as best she could and started to stroke Arthur’s member.

“This works but I think we can up it a bit,” the teen mused. The Victini felt Arthur’s digit leave her quivering flower only to be replaced by another.

“That’s dirty!” she shrieked when she felt the moistened finger at her tail hole.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispered into her ear.

“N-no,” Nicole breathed. Needing no further encouragement Arthur pressed his finger into her ass and began to work both his digits in tandem. The Victini moaned when she felt the coming orgasm build within her, but despite her pleasure fogged mind she still managed to service Arthur’s length with her telekinesis. Arthur gritted his teeth as the fire type’s telekinesis became more forceful, but his mind was jarred away from his own member when Nicole kicked his hand away. The Victini cried out in orgasm with a splash of her honey across Arthur’s lap. Mercifully the psychic type released her telekinetic hold on his member and with the sudden release of pressure he loosed his seed across the prone Victini. The two laid there for several long minutes recovering from the afterglow of both their orgasms.

“Woah…” Nicole panted, “I didn’t think you’d cum this much.”

“Sorry… didn’t think you’d have that strong of a grip,” Arthur replied.

“Sorry,” the Victini squeaked.

“Heh, hold still for a second.” Arthur smiled as he held his XTransceiver up and snapped a picture of the fire type still in the lewd position.

“Hey!” she blushed. Nicole tried to cover herself but the picture had already been taken.

“That will make a good ID pic for you when you call.” He smiled and the Victini’s blush deepened.

Aura was about to knock on the door to Arthur’s room when her ears picked up on the rather lewd sounds of her trainer and Victini making love beyond the locked door.

“I’ll tell him later,” the Lucario sighed as she turned away from the door. She returned to her room to see a tri-pod Glaceon laying on the bed deep in thought.

“Hey Jack,” Aura greeted.

“Hey,” the ice type nodded, “I uh… here, Helen kept the sacred fire to ensure Arthur’s success, but now it’s obvious that he did.”

The Lucario saw the tiny vial of fire resting next to the Glaceon’s only forepaw. She took the vial in her paw and looked it over. Part of her wanted to smash it for what Arthur went through to get it but another part wanted Captain back.

“Thanks… I guess,” Aura sighed.

“Look we’ll get Captain’s body back and…” Jack started when he noticed that his friend started to cry.

“We never rang the bell for him,” the Lucario lamented. “I think… I think we should ring it for him no matter what.”

Aura moved to sit next to the Glaceon as she continued to weep over the sacred fire. Jack simply moved to comfort her as she wept.

“I miss him, but I want to move on Jack. I want to see him again but I… I don’t know if I can face him. Oh god what do I tell them… what do I tell my children,” she cried.

“I don’t know, but I’ll help you tell them,” Jack comforted.


Well that’s a rather steamy start to part three. Sorry for the wait but I’ve had stuff come up and all that.

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    Date:Aug 23 2016

    I love this story so far, and I remember first seeing it on

    I just wanted to say, 'Victini's Love' is a great story, and I can't wait for the next chapter <3

    Reviewer: catsithx1999
    Date:Sep 2 2016 Chapter:Chapter 21

    A very touching story. Such twist and turns. Still feel like your going to screw someone over.


    A few mistsked here and there typos and spaces where there should be none. Still over all a great read.

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    Thank you