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A Snake in the Brush by lazy_amp


Story Notes:

I've been told that I have a rather technical style, but hopefully Wendy's voice shines through it.

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Chapter 1

 Roughing it through the countryside is tougher than you would be lead to believe from those documentaries on famous Pokemasters. Days of travel through the wild countryside is cut to neatly fit in that forty-two minute time block. Plus, those trainers probably only stick to the designated routes. Makes it easier on the camera crew.

'Route Wendy,' as I had taken to calling my hike in my head, was far rougher to traverse than any of the numbered routes. I was truly out in the wilds of Northwest Unova, traveling without a hint of civilization for going on eight days now.

No one could say that I went into this unprepared. A long conversation with the owner of the local sporting goods store had put a good hole in my savings, but it's better to be over equipped on an extended hike. That motto is why I over packed with enough high-density food-blocks for two weeks, a high quality water purifier, and plenty of Hyper Repel spray to keep those pesky encounters away. Unlike the flashy masters on TV I was dressed practically, covered neck to toe in lightweight canvas of various earth tones and topped off in a wide brimmed hat. Sunburns weren't going to take a pasty-face like me down.

As it turned out, my extensive readiness was still quite tasked on the journey. My amateur cartography had put it at a week to make it to my destination, but eight days out I was still on the trail. I quickly learned in trying to take the Murkrow's path between Icirrus City and Anville Town that forging through the wilderness requires a saintly amount of patience. The first few days were slow going as I made a serpentine route through valleys and forests in search for the easiest path up a steep slope or across a cold stream. Even now I sighed as I was forced once again to turn my path to walk around a particularly tight clump of trees. It reminded me of when a handful of trees in a video game forced you to into a precisely formed labyrinth, a design choice that before struck me as stupid. Then again, my only hiking experience before was in the tended lawns of the cities and towns or on the gravel trails of local wilderness parks. In the wilds here I'd need a machete to force through the twisted and prickly branches that crisscross inside the clump before me, and they reached down so low to the ground that I would have to slither on the ground like Sammi can to slip underneath.

I found myself chuckling at my mental imitation of a Snivy flat to the ground crawling about on her belly. My girl brought up her head from off the perch of my shoulders to give me an inquisitive look. Sammi was the runt of her brood, which made her the perfect size to be my living scarf. Like the rest of my classmates, I received my Pokemon friend almost a decade ago upon reaching the age of ten; unlike the rest of them she had remained my only Pokemon. They had left years ago to journey across the vast regions of the world. Me? Well I stayed at home and continued academics in relaxed tranquility. While adorable and precocious, my undersized grass-typed snake had never been apt to battle and found I didn't really have a taste for it either. There's only so much room for stories of great Pokemon masters and I knew my own path would lead elsewhere in life.

I looked over to Sammi, giving her a faint grin. "Thank goodness you never wanted to evolve. It wouldn't have been an hour out of town before I collapsed under the weight of a Servine." Her eyes narrowed down in that sly look characteristic of the species and I noted the rise of her cheeks to return my slight smile.

In honestly though, I might be able to carry a larger Pokemon quite a distance now. Days on the trail have left me feeling the best I have in ages, physically at least. Oh, the first day was a bruiser and I woke up sore all over; didn't make much progress on that second day, no, but the pains of strained muscles had definitely subsided. I've been traveling further each day now that I'm not stopping so often for breaks.

My friends would tell me that I'm not the most objective person to give a description of myself. They all say, "Wendy, you're just too hard on yourself." They compliment my dark eyes, my light skin, my wavy brunette hair, to which I answer: my eyes are the plainest brown, my skin is a sunburn magnet, and fuck my hair felt a fucking Rattata nest eight days without a shower. The scale in my bathroom is the most objective critic though. I won't deny it, I've packed on overly healthy weight in my teenage years and there's not a part of me that couldn't be called 'chubby'. It doesn't bother me so much these days; I'm fat, but I've grown to love my comfortable body well enough.

On the other hand, it feels like I've lost a kilo or three just in the past week; my clothes definitely feel looser now than when I bought them; it's only the copious sweat they've been absorbing during the daily hikes which keep them clinging so tightly to my skin. I may look like a mess right now, but at least I didn't feel like one. "I should have done this a long time ago," I spoke out loud to myself, faintly wondering why I had kept to such a sedentary lifestyle of school and study while my peers set off from home in search of adventure.

Then the dark cloud hanging in the back my mind reminded me of why I had set out so hastily.

I shook my head to blow it away, turning to watch Sammi curled comfortably at my side. They say Pokemon end up resembling their trainers, but Sammi was positively skinny in the curvature of her lithe serpentine torso. I savored in the light squeeze as she easily wrapped around my broad neck. Sam had always been the touchy feely sort, something I've never appreciated more than the last few days. Every morning after we broke camp she would climb eagerly up onto my shoulders, ready to- well, she didn't do much except doze and occasionally glance at the scenery, but it was nice to always feel her with me. I probably would have turned back after that first night if I had been truly alone. Kinda called into question the idea that I'm actually getting away from it all when I had my best friend still by my side.

The day continued in the same fashion, as the days out here seemed to go. In the times when my mind wandered I focused the calmness of nature surrounding me, searching the trees to see if I could pick out a Pidove hopping between branches or a Watchog scurrying about the underbrush. More rarely I could spy Deerling in pastel camouflage foraging in the safe distance. For most of the time though I had to keep my focus on the rough country, forging a path across roots and rocks just waiting to trip the careless traveler.

We ended the day a little before sunset, after a clamber up some particularly steep slopes to a natural rocky promontory above a fast moving river. With the river available to refill water stores in the morning I set down the heavy burden of my pack to declare camp. The remainder of my burden jumped off from my shoulders to saunter around, searching for the smoothest spot of granite to curl up on and bask as the stone released the day's heat. "Sniiii-veee," her coo brought a smile to my face as I set to rummaging through my pack for tonight's supplies.

"Well then, when you're done with your beauty sleep," I joked, unbundling the sleeping bag bound underneath, "You ready for firewood duty?" The question was a mere formality by now as my Snivy was used to her post-hike responsibility. Sammi hopped back to her tiny feet and lifted a stub of an arm as high as she could in a mock salute before turning to waddle off into the brush. I returned the gesture with a smile before she left, and made myself busy to clearing the granite ground of general debris. Next came the important task of spraying a ward of super repel around the area before I finally allowed myself to relax upon the unrolled sleeping bag.

It was a relief to be off my sore feet, but now that I was no longer on the move I noticed it was harder to keep my mind from wandering. My body was getting used to the daily exercise and after eight days I didn't even have the respite of fatigue to concentrate on. Sammi was right that the spot I chose for camp was warm and stunning in the oranges of twilight that colored the grey of the granite ridge, but this was my eighth day of gorgeous landscapes while my partner had slept through most of the journey. The scenery and the muffled babbling of the river below and the lazy motions of clouds above couldn't hold the tide of emotions this journey was supposed to be washing away. And so, slowly and surely, my hand snuck towards my pocket and brought forth the mobile phone within.

The home screen immediately notified me that I was still out of cell range. Good, the better part of my conscious mind agreed. I wasn't looking forward to checking a flooded voicemail service when I returned to civilization, and at least this would be another night without interruption. Out here, I was still alone.

Dummy, of course there wouldn't be any messages; the phone would have notified me with a chime and vibration the moment it hit signal. I would click it on to be greeted by '67 New Messages' or some other obscene number the moment I returned to range. "I don't even want to talk to these people," I spoke aloud to no one in particular, meaning myself of course. Fuck, I did not need more proof that I was losing my sanity.

Yet here I lay, my phone weakly in hand as my superego fought a losing battle against the lesser houses. I didn't want to. I shouldn't bother looking. How many times had I read it already? There was nothing I hadn't seen a hundred times before. I was supposed to be forgetting my worries. What's the point of looking again? None of it mattered; my thumb tapped on the message button anyway.

The most recent conversation was from Mark, just as it had been when I stepped into the outside world of 'No Signal'. He wore a big grin within the small square of his contact photo. Lots of teeth on that shit eating grin. Listed out beside his picture: 'W talk to someone please. Tell them where you're going'. Mark and his stupid face.

Well, it was true. I hadn't told anyone where I was going. Mark was probably right that I should have, which made him all the more fucking stupid. I didn't want the famous flying scouts of Mistralton city marking an early end to my little excursion before its natural conclusion. Makes it harder to search when no one knows where I ran off to. Also means that if I slipped and broke my neck, they'd probably never find the body.

As my rational mind wearily processed all these stupidly morbid thoughts, my unconscious soldiered on. It only took a light tap of the thumb to expand the conversation out to the rest of his one sided messages:

'W talk to someone please'

'Your parents are worried they keep asking me about you'

'Hey again'

'Where'd you go off'

A flick of the thumb across the touch screen and the messages of apology scrolled into the past. Near the bottom of the stack:

'l didn't mean for you to see that'

'I'm so sorry Wendy'

And far below that:

'She's the one who wanted it I just can't say no"

'She's been my partner for half my life before I even met you'

'Wendy it's not what you think'

Until finally I reach a different message, the last one I had sent:

'Class ended early. Be over in 10 to pick you up for dinner'

Yeah, you didn't want me to see that. You didn't want me to let myself into your apartment to find your cock buried inside your dear Dewott did you? Your partner underneath your naked body. It really was my fault not to call ahead when I wanted to see my boyfriend. I just came in and opened the door to your room to find a face full of fucking bestiality. That blue toned otter, her face red with exhaustion, collapsed and sprawled out onto the bed, head tilting to the side, mouth dripping with contented drool.

Sorry I'm making a big fucking deal about it, but the image managed to burn itself into my brain pretty quickly.


My heart skipped. I craned my head back to glimpse the approaching Pokemon while, without much subtlety, my hand slipped the phone back into the privacy of my pocket. "Hey there Sammi, that was pretty fast!" I sat up and put on my best smile as she walked on over. The Snivy carried a sizable bundle of wood easily in two prehensile vines that extended from her back. I knew those vines more than made up for her teensy arms; with little extra effort Sammi could probably manage over twice as much firewood as she brought now. "Do you think that's enough for tonight?" I asked, hoping to avoid a different conversation.

Sammi let the bundle drop to the ground and curled her arms and vines on her hips in a pout, not taking her stare from me. When she got serious my sweet little girl could really give a mean leer. I instinctively gulped as I felt my defenses being lowered. "I mean, ah- I have a feeling it's gonna be cold tonight, so we should be sure we have enough, right?"

In a flash of green, one of Sammi's vines sped towards me, skillfully worming into my pocket to nab my phone faster than I could react. I could only manage a feeble "Hey!" in protest, my hand extending only to barely graze the escaping phone. The lunge landed me ungracefully on my belly, impotent as Sammi tapped the unlock. "Sammi, it was just a quick check, I just wanted to see if we were in range yet." Undeterred, my friend played with the screen, passing through Mark's many eloquent apologies. "It doesn't mean anything, Sam," I started, defensively, following up that lie up with my best smile, "I'm getting over him, I swear!"

"Snii!" she countered, her mouth a frown. I opened my own to defend myself further, but stopped as I held her gaze. At first all I could see was anger, but as I stared I began to realize it was concern that clouded her face. I had restrained myself from speaking my feelings through the entire hike as if just the routine of travel and my short, one sided small talk could bury the matter. "Snii, Snivee-vee!" As her protests continued I arrived at the realization how much of an ass I had been to my best friend. No, it didn't speak well of me.

"Fuck, even with you I can't be honest, can I- this is ridiculous," I paused, unsure what exactly to say next. That stupid fuckup doesn't deserve my sympathy- right? Why was it so hard to say how much I hate him? "I mean- I always expected that I might have a guy cheat on me some day," I spread my arms to exhibit just how much of a mess I looked, "Not much of a prize, you know."

"Sni-vy!" My friend's eyes flared up at my self-targeted insult, but I waved it off. "Sammi, he was with someone else- and I think... I could probably even forgive him if it had been another girl," I looked away so as not to clam up again in front of her. "I don't know but," it was a struggle to get the thoughts out, "Sam, it was his Dewott- I mean, fucking seriously? A Pokemon?" my voice rose in pious fury, "I wasn't enough, so without saying anything to me- nothing at all!- he just goes ahead and barebacks it in his Dewott!"

I pulled my knees up to my chest and turned my head into them. I didn't want Sammi to see me on the verge of screaming or sobbing; I was unsure which would break first. "Who knows?" my voice sounded muffled to my own ears. "Maybe he's been fucking her since his prick started rising. Oh yeah, I know it wasn't the first time, not by far."

The quiet of the wilderness filled the space between us as my ranting subsided. Neither of us spoke for minutes on end until I began to hear a few stifled sniffs. I wearily raised my head to see Sammi walking up to me, coming to put a leafy hand on my leg. Her eyes were wide and moist with worry for me, deep with fear of the pain she saw in me. I had brought my dear Sam to tears out of love for her friend.

"Hey girl," my voice softened instinctively with the sight, "I'll be alright, I'm sorry to make you worry." I extended my hand out to gently cup her face, running a finger under her soft chin. "I'm feeling a lot better-" no, wait, "much better than I was when we left. Thank you for being with me," I held out both arms to pull her to me. "Always."

Sammi quickly echoed my embrace. She was small and couldn't reach her arms far, but I could feel her exertion as she worked to stretch those stubs as far as possible around my belly. Tension in my shoulders eased, my body relaxing in the comfort of the moment. The little Snivy chirped with pleasured coos as one of my thumbs idly stroked down the yellow ridge of her back. It was wonderful to just sit with her.

As the minutes passed I noticed Sammi was working to snuggle closer and closer to me. Her body even began to give small shivers as the cooling breezes of evening swept around us. "Hey Sam, you should go grab some more firewood before it gets too dark." I let go of her back but she remained clutching to me. "Come on now, girl, it's just gonna get colder. You don't want to have to spend the night in the Pokeball, do you?"

It was somewhat of a low blow, to be sure. The grip of those leafy paws brought a quick pain as they dug in to show her annoyance of the threat. Despite all assurances from the manufacturers that Pokeballs are 'perfectly safe and comfortable for all sizes and personalities' I remained skeptical and reluctant to force Sammi into the convenient travel cage. For her part she had no problem agreeing with that decision. "I promise, we'll talk more about it later," I told her softly, before adding, "and I promise I'm not upset with you. There's just a lot on my mind and- it's hard not to be angry with him." I gave my dearest Snivy one last squeeze before letting go of the embrace.

After a short hesitation, Sammi released herself and soon after her small form trod away to disappeared into the underbrush. I was alone again, but for the first time I felt as though I was a step towards closure. Sure, Mark was still a fucking dick, but I could get past him. I'm better than that. Fuck, look how far I've come just this past week.

I was happy that some mental turmoil was subsiding, but my body began to signal for another sort of relief. "It's always something," I muttered as I make my way towards the privacy of the woods off the camp, making sure to leave in another direction from the one Sammi took.

It took a minute and change to find a spot I felt had enough underbrush to keep me secluded. As I pulled down pants and plain practical panties to my knees, my hands brushed lightly along my thighs. A shiver of pleasure tingled up my body. "Th-that too?" I wondered aloud as I squatted to do my business. Lack of access to a toilet was an unpleasant affair that I was forced to acclimate to out here, but I had almost forgotten what those more perverse urges felt like. Oh, it's not as though I'm prudish or anything, but the last days had ended in such exhaustion they never have crossed my mind.

Finishing my business, I carefully peered over my concealment, looking for another place to continue to sate my body's needs. No such luck, not another comfortable hiding spot in sight. Between my body's sudden call to action and my mind's requirement of privacy, here was probably the best place to take care of it. What was I worried about, I was alone after all. Sammi was off somewhere else entirely; I couldn't just to go back to camp and have her sneak up behind me again. We were close, but some things you just keep to yourself. "Just a few minutes," I whispered while scootching away from my fresh puddle, a hand reaching towards my wetted slit, "Shouldn't take long."

The first touch sent a shock through my system, and I had to steady myself with my free hand not to tip backwards. Immediately my body ached for a nice bed to relax on, to lie back and squirm in the soft sheets rather than contend with this awkward squatting. A sigh, and I forced those thoughts away. I was prepared the on the second touch, and this time I did not fight the wave of pleasure as my finger caressed down my slit. I just had to roll with each shudder, letting sensations take their course through me and leaving warm trails in their wake. By then I could start in earnest, letting that probing finger slip between already moist lips.

One pudgy finger wasn't enough to sate my desire, and soon a second and then a third pushed in to stretch my lips further apart. Sure my digits were covered in the grime of travel, but, fuck it, I was grimy all over. I worked them into my most sensitive spots with a passion I hadn't felt since I first experimented with myself. "Ee-eight days, way too f-fucking long," I stuttered, trying to stifle any moans of pleasure while the back of my mind wondered if there had ever been four days that I hadn't managed at least a quickie.

I let go an involuntary squeal from a particular wiggle before quickly forcing myself into silence. Sure, no human for miles, but Sammi was definitely still within shouting distance. My best friend she may be, these sessions have always been a private matter between us. One of the best reasons to use Pokeballs at night, I figure.

"Damn it..." I whispered breathlessly. My forced silence and awkward mental tangents didn't help the natural rhythms of my body, but through the repression and discomfort the pleasure kept building. Out here there was no boy to fantasize about, no porn to engulf myself within. This act was mine, of me, a release of the hardships I had borne the past days. Fucking glorious.

The wind began to pick up and the air grew colder, but my exposed flesh continued to heat as I grew close. I wanted this, to satisfy myself out here alone in the wilderness.

A snap of a branch from behind me signaled that I wasn't alone, not even here. Conscious of my position, I sped to pull my hand away and to the ground for balance. I could feel the dirt stick to my wet fingers, and I instinctually wiped them on the canvas of my pants before I return standing to my feet, pulling the trousers up to fasten them more appropriately. "Saaamm-eeee," I tried to pull my breathless voice back to a normal tone, "you gotta stop sneaking up on me like this!"

I turned my head to look down at her, but there was no Snivy below my eyeline. Instead, my sight traced up a bulk of white shaggy fur to the head of a icicle tusked monster. A massive Beartic stood before me, a mountain on legs more than half again my height. He stared down at my wide eyes with his black beads, until my sight drifted to the massive paws at his side and the quarter meter ebony claws which shone with menacing light. Understandably I found myself speechless, but the freezing Pokemon had enough words for the both of us. His roar came out in a massive bellow as the capstone to the frightening image before me, a fearsome cacophony of noise and sleet-filled spittle.

I'll be honest, I might have peed my pants at that culmination of terror if I hadn't already.

My mind raced, tripping over itself as it wondered what I could possibly do to protect myself alone here in the woods. You moron, Wendy, you had left the Super-Repel protected camp to come out for your fucking depravity without the sense to bring the bottle along with you. The backpack and all of the supplies was probably a minute's sprint away. What did I have that could combat a wild Pokemon?

Dumbass, a real trainer would call on a Pokemon of their own.

"SAMMMMIIIII!" I yelled as loudly as I could manage, though it probably came out more as a terrified scream. Actually, the call prompted the fearsome Pokemon to take a pace or two back from me, eyes turning from imminent violence to shock. My own fear waffled into confusion, but then those mandatory outdoorsman classes from youth came back to mind. "Yeah, fuzzbrain, you're not as tough as you look, are ya!" I took a step forward, trying to be as intimidating as possible. Power. If you could puff out your chest and pretend to be dangerous, they'll back down. Lots of noise helps. I wave a hand excitedly in the air for good measure.

And it works. I rose from the clump of bushes, holding up my pants and trying to button it one-handed, probably looking like a crazed hermit to anyone back in town. Somehow in this huge Pokemon's eyes I'm a threat, or at least enough of one to not be an easy meal. I smiled at my advantage. I just have to get him to move on, just to leave. He backed farther, looking around the rest of the empty forest. "Yeah, go away you fucking Beartic!" I say with a stamp of my foot. That was good, and I stamp again, and keep on stamping a growing cloud of dust.

It works until you stupidly start stamping your feet and put yourself off balance. I slammed my foot hard onto shallow stone which, in the worst karma, caused me to slip. These were good hiking boots, but they aren't perfect if one doesn't pay attention to what you're doing. I felt the shift of balance as I started to fall to the side, and suddenly the stress of the day's walk was fully evident; my muscles simply didn't react fast enough to right myself. Without another option I let go of my pants, using that arm to catch me before luck managed to fracture my skull.

Now on the ground far below him, my pants halfway down my thighs, I was no longer the fearsome sight I was pretending to be. It takes the Beartic a good ten seconds of confusion before realizing this reversal was not another trick. Another ear-ringing roar and the ice bear resumes his steps towards me. Power. I have never felt like I had so little. Fuck, I'm naked and alone in the middle of nowhere. How easy would it be to just let him have his way with- Wait, Wendy, where the fuck did that come-

The shock accompanying the errant thought sent my body into a frenzied overdrive; I had to get away. Unbidden, my legs fought back, pushing my fallen body along without care for the harsh gravel and underbrush below digging into my thighs and hips. I swear my body just fucking hates me.

I needed to get up. I wouldn't let myself cower and end up eviscerated by a wild Pokemon. I will get through this, but first I have to get up. A quick swing to the right, rolling onto my hands to push me off the ground, and- "AHHH!"

My sharp scream came as a particularly nasty branch punctured my palm. The moment began to slow down in my head, senses starting to numb to ignore the waves of pain as blood began to leak from the wound. My head rested an inch above the ground as my other arm took what it could of my weight. I must look so fucking stupid on all fours, sobbing in pain and cowed over like a bitch.

The errant thought returned, just as disturbing but now much more sinister; it would be easy to let him just to come up behind and mount me here and now. I lowered my tear soaked face further to rest it upon the ground. I just had to accept what was coming to me, the hand fate had dealt. Yeah, don't think about it too much Wendy and you might even get off to it, you fucking slut. Who else would care to fuck you?

Ok, so I think it's now fucking well established that both my body and my brain are in cahoots against me. They won't even give me the decency of a peaceful final moment. In the slim chance I make it back to town, my first stop should be a bus stop on route to the asylum.

"Snii-VEEEE!" my slim chance cried with as much ferocity as her little body could muster! I turned my head against the dirt to look up from my low vantage; above, Sammi had managed to land on top the Beartic's head, jumping down from a tree to ride the beast like some mechanical Tauros. Her vines extended to catch the sides of his mouth, stretching his cheeks away from his teeth in a bared smile. It was a inspired attack, forcing him off balance by pulling his head left and right while at the same time taking his pea brain off the former target.

It wouldn't be enough though. I realized quickly that the enraged Beartic would eventually get himself under control. He would shake my brave Snivy off or a lucky swipe of his claw would slice off a vine- or worse. The opportunity her bravery provided was fleeting at best; she needed my help now. I pushed off the ground with renewed strength to make a beeline back to camp and my backpack. In short order my half-fallen pants snagged on the ground, but I quickly yanked my legs out of the canvas shackles, saving only my panties and now sprinting all the faster.

I grabbed the one thing I knew would get the fearsome beast away from us as quickly as possible and spun back to return to the fray. As I ran I tore the plastic tab that kept the bottle sealed before use. My weakness was gone as I ran; unburdened by backpack and Pokemon, and pants for that matter, I felt as though I flew across the uneven wilderness terrain, coming to a proud stand before the fearsome rampage. "HEY BUDDY, HAVE SOME OF THIS!" I yelled, inciting the frozen bear to turn towards me. He graciously obliged, ignoring Sammi for a moment to let loose a frozen spittle filled roar at me.

Action hero I am not, but I didn't need to be strong or have good one-liners to unload the bottle of Super Repel straight into the Beartic's fucking face.

Whenever I use the Pokemon repellant, I always try to keep my mouth closed to avoid that backlash chemical taste that spreads out upon the air. Any discomfort that comes from being behind the spray must seem like heaven when the potent mix billows right into one's open mouth and eyes. The cries of rage from the bear split into pain, and I had to clear out of the way as he started to charge blind ahead, jumping to the side and landing on my still wounded hand. Oww.

I got back up to see him stumbling forward, Sammi still conducting him from on top. My legs worked to keep up maybe twenty meters behind as the careening Beartic moved quickly through the trees and, to my realized horror, right towards the edge of the cliff we had decided to camp so close to. "Saammmiiii!" I'm screaming as I did my best to close that gap, "Juuuump!" I extended my hands, even though I was still too far away as we both grow rush towards the edge. Brave Sammi stays on though, still tugging his cheeks and leading him to that edge.

And then that huge weight of white starts to drop, his feet waving in open air as he dove into the river many meters below. "NOOOOOO!" My pained cry reached out, hoping with all my heart just let her be ok. As the Beartic disappeared below the lip, my dear Sammi looked as though she was floating in midair, as if on a breeze. As I approached and finally slowed, I realized that she pulled away her vines at the last minute to catch a passing tree branch above. "Oh my dear Sammi," I lifted hands up to my savior, fingers brushing her tail, and my Pokemon dropped from the branch into my waiting arms.

As I pulled my dear Snivy so closely to my chest the chemical smell wafted up into my nose. Of course, dummy, Sammi was right on top of the head you blasted with the Repel. It was incredible: she had managed to keep on the Beartic even while suffering the same noxious chemicals, driving him towards that cliff while powering through the all stinging discomfort. On top of that even, she had seen the tree through tear coated eyes to catch it before she went toppled over the edge herself.

Tears welled up, not just from the scent, as I told her sincerely, "Sammi, you're the most amazing friend I could ever want!" I exhaled heavy sighs of relief as I pulled off my shirt to wipe away as much of the noxious chemicals as I could from her, discarding the Repel laden garment away from the two of us. With the fumes mostly gone now my dearest Snivy could breathe more easily, her mouth overflowing with exasperated, if cute, noises.

Coming off the brief adrenaline, it felt good to hold my girl tightly against my skin. Despite her small and fragile appearance she had shown how strong she really was and I squeezed all the harder for it. "Oh my dear, you came just in time- I can't thank you enough, how amazing you are-" I continued on, giving affectionate kisses to the top of her head, the usual green of her skin blushing from exertion while her tail wagged contently, brushing the leafy tips against my exposed belly. Now with the warmth of my Snivy against my skin, the growing coolness of the evening became more pronounced. Actually, I admit to taking a quick look around, not wanting to be snuck up on by another ice-typed monster. "Come on, let's get back to camp." I get back to my tired feet, carrying her like a baby. "Can't have either of us catching a cold after all that."

I first needed to take an embarrassing detour to pick up my pants, to which Sammi was thankfully, if somewhat awkwardly, kind enough to stay silent during. Her quiet embrace didn't help my short term memory any though, and I tried to repress that disturbing thought of the huge Beartic above me. I was so mixed up at the time, panicked beyond sanity. Fear and adrenaline had sharply interrupted my private time and somehow merged into my anger with Mark, stuffing emotions and baser impulses in a fat blender. It was stupid. I'm not gonna deal with my feelings for Mark just by fucking a Pokemon myself.

Upon returning to our belongings I was happy to find that our bundle of firewood had grown larger since I had left camp. Sammi must have collected another ample bundle of wood before rushing off to my call. I gave her another thankful kiss, which made her squirm in my arms some more, before I set her down to start the fire. Easily enough I get a lasting blaze going and sit back to finally relax for the night.


I pulled the weight off the wound on my palm. Somehow I had done pretty well to put out of my mind. Sammi noticed my wince and waddled over to examine the wound, looking back to me with empathic pain before running off to the backpack to fetch the first aid kit. "You really are the best, you know that?" I tell her with all honesty, to which responding a trailing 'Sniiveee'. Her tail made contented swishes as she dug for the case. Seeing her enthusiasm, I let her play the dutiful nurse, disinfecting and bandaging the minor wound. Really, I was just glad to see her active and well after all that happened.

After sharing a quiet dinner of our processed trail food in the dimming twilight I sprayed down a second Repel border around our camp. I didn't expect any other trouble but I also wanted to be certain of a nice restful sleep after today's action. Sammi had already burrowed into the sleeping bag by the time I returned, only a slight bulge in the padding visible where she laid curled underneath. "Make sure there's some space for me too, Sam!" I joked to her as I stripped down to my undergarments before joining her underneath. That leafy tail brushed along my leg as I slide in alongside of her.

"Hey, Sammi, could you come out for a sec?" Slowly, her curled up form shuffled inside the padding before her head poked up near my own. "I just wanted to say that- I'm really thankful you were here today." I closed my eyes, mustering courage to say more. "I was- actually planning on leaving you behind, back at home. I thought it might be better if I went alone-" I could just imagine the look of hurt on my dear's face. "That was wrong of me. And it's not just about you getting me out of trouble, I just need you-"

No sooner were the words off my lips than they were brought sealed again. I opened my eyes, a little startled while my dearest Sammi pressed her pointed nose against mine to better lock her small mouth to my lips. For a few moments I remained stunned as her softly scaled skin pressed in warmly, but then I regained sense to pull back. "Sam, what was-"

Not content with the brief kiss, my Snivy pushed in again, turning her head to rub her nose against my cheek. Hitting me in mid-sentence gave room to snake her tongue easily into my mouth. She raised her hands to my head, holding gently on as she samples a longer kiss to make her intentions clear. Still, she's such a small thing it wouldn't be hard for me to pull away once more.

I didn't.

If you told me that kiss went on for ten minutes I would probably have believed you. My weary body and mind focused themselves on my mouth, on every caress of lips and stroke of tongues. After a time Sammi pulled herself slightly away, and I became embarrassingly conscious that my own tongue had extended past my lips to hers. She laughed as I hastily pulled it back, her voice filled with mirth rather than teasing. It was the same laugh as when a loving caress accidently tickles, or the laughs I remembered sharing with Mark whenever we bumped teeth while making out. It's the laugh you never hear in a movie scene because it's just too raw; two people trying to be perfect during a moment of intimacy before realizing how fine and fun it is to be imperfect.

Except in the case here, one of these people was a Pokemon.

"Sammi- fuck, I mean- are you serious?" She just smiled back sweetly for a few movements before replying with a few bats of her eyelashes and an affirmative "Snivy!" Despite my growing nervous state, that call was cute enough to break a brief chuckle on my confused face. "How long?" was my next question, my mind racing through all the years we spent together, growing and playing and living together. Her response was a simple held sigh, followed by a tight hug of her stubby arms around my neck.

Too long.

I returned the squeeze until the residual euphoria of the surprise kiss began to wane. I had to tell her. "Sammi, I like you too-" I stopped myself before adding in that important qualifier of 'but'. Sammi pulled from the hug during my hesitation, her face turned to be both high-spirited and seductive. It was a lovely mask, but the wetness in her eyes was so clear. I couldn't bring myself to continue, and taking my silence as assent she slipped her head out of sight within the sleeping bag, squirming around to a new position on my belly.

I reached my hand down towards her, first with the thought to push her off, to tell her no, but all it managed to do was cup and pet the smooth arch of her back. My strokes gave her encouragement, her tail wagging and stroking across my waist and thighs. My lower body squirmed in involuntary response, the memory of my interrupted session rushing back into my muscles. Her focus was not there however, but further up my body as she began to plant wet smooches on my pot belly.

I was acutely aware how that pointed snout of hers of was pushing underneath the elastic of my sports bra. Fuck. Sammi might not large, but I had never seen her more vigorous. If she forced herself too far underneath there would be a good chance the tight stitching would stretch to a breaking point. I only had one spare without the luxury of a department store for days. I had to end her exploration here, before she went too far.

My mind began to wrestle again with its own logic, as it had done many times today. Just pull it off before your dear Sammi hurts it. Why not let her continue? I bit my lip, the pleasure of my partner's mouth fresh on my tongue.

Partner. My partner. Just as much a partner as fucking Mark and his Dewott. That's what our lifelong friendship would devolve to.

Sammi's nose pressing against the soft flesh of a breast brought my internal deliberation to an immediate halt. The sensation of her little nostrils flaring and jetting a rush of warm air across my flesh. Even down underneath all the padding and fabric of the sleeping bag I could hear the obvious excitement in my Snivy's calls and moans. The sounds awakened a new thought: how much of a fucking moron I am. Only now, as my best friend fought furiously to reach second base, did I realize that Pokemon have needs and desires no different than mine. Just because I had never seen Sammi masturbate doesn't mean she didn't; I had my alone time after all, she had the same. Just because I had never fantasized about my Pokemon doesn't mean that she didn't feel the same about the person she lived with every day for almost a decade.

The decision came more easily now, the least I could do for my best friend and recent savior. It took some wiggling but I pulled off the bra, letting my unbound tits flop limply on my chest. I imagined myself and my own imperfect body, thinking about how small my breasts are compared to the general heaviness of my other features, before embarrassingly realizing how stiff the cold night air has made my nipples. Yeah. Right. The cold.

The sleeping bag lifted as Sammi raised herself for a better view, and even in only the fading twilight there I could see the shine of her eyes as she marveled at my body. All these years, finally laid out bare as never before. Watching her now I picture her better as an adolecent boy than the girl I remember growing up with. I don't know how many years of repression I was unleashing this night.

Eventually Sammi made up her mind in the classic laborious decision: she picked left. I repressed a yelp as that mouth which gave such gentle kisses latched onto my hardened nipple, lips kneading into sensitive flesh, suckling greedily as a newborn. Such a tiny mouth, but one eager to pour warmth and desire deep to my core. Her hands began to grope the rest of my chest, claiming them as her own. The roughness was uncomfortable, but in my heart I couldn't blame her. She foresaw this her one chance, and she would savor it utterly.

My legs were less amused, squirming with neglect as teasing tingles of pleasure coursed downwards in waves. I moved my hands towards them, slipping underneath Sammi's flat leaved tail to pull plain panties down, exposing the rest of my body. Damnit, if my Pokemon was enjoying herself so much than so should I. Lacking the urgency I forced into my earlier session, my fingers moved slowly across my flesh. I didn't put in the same extreme insistence that Sammi was using, but an arousing freshness that moved each touch. And fuck, how much more pleasurable it was to be here than behind some shrubs. Even my Snivy's overly forceful fondling was becoming a comfort, and the voice I had repressed before around her could now finally be released in passionate moans.

My cries, sounds that my Pokemon had never been party to, froze her ministrations flat. In the absence my fingers followed suit, and I opened my eyes to find my girl staring wide back into them. I watched as her eyelids dropped back into that sly smile, which for the first time was tinged with an unnaturally heated blush. My own expression was likely much rosier. As the stillness grew uncomfortable, I asked, "So, Sammi, wh-"

I screamed.

The shock faded quickly, replaced by bliss as the bulbous tip of one of Sammi's vines continued to massage my folds. It slipped easily down my soft flesh, lubricated from my own fluids. I sucked a breath back in, and the cold clean air helped to bring some composure. Then the second vine joined the fray, pressing into my clit to rub in little circles.

I screamed again.

There was no control to be had anymore. I screamed in affirmation of pleasure as my wonderful fucking Pokemon drove me straight to bliss. Her touch was firm and her strokes were smooth, and thankfully she took my sex more gently than she had my chest. I gripped at the fabric tightly and tried hard to keep my legs open to the whims of my overeager Pokemon.

Then the vines pulled away. The pit left behind once sensation ended was an immediate agony. "Sammiii," I stuttered her name, vaguely aware that she had pulled from my breasts to turn around. "Oh, oh fuck, Sammi-" Her breath was unbelievably warm as she lowered her head to my lips. That tail of hers went wild as she kissed and licked down my folds, its leafy end smacking over my naked skin. She kept going even when my chubby thighs squeezed together around her head, with even more fervor than she had started with.

That was enough. Muscles tensed all across my body, contracting to the point of what at any other moment would be pain. And then the buildup released, my body floating as tension drained away. My legs released Sammi's wonderful and lovely head to fall limp, and slowly she pulled away to rest her head on my soft thigh, her face dripping warmth onto my skin.

Endorphins clouded my mind, an incapacitating haze that left me in golden peace of mind. By the time I was aware of myself the sun had fallen into deep night. I peeked underneath the sleeping bag, only barely able to see her by the campfire light. Her serpentine back slowly rose and fell in contented breathing. I wasn't sure what to say to her as she lay there on my leg so pleased with herself, flipping her tail back and forth as she did during a good dream.

My nose began to perk, a heavy floral scent growing on the fresh clean air. I sniffed around, before pinning that it was originating from the grass-type, her own fluids leaking and evaporating from her backside, wafting stronger each time her tail flipped. An urge I could not explain urged my hand forward, brushing my fingers against the smooth scaled skin of my Pokemon towards her own aroused sex.

I could feel Sammy shuddering with every touch, trembling as I slowly lifted her backside for better reach. With index and ring I parted those lips, watching the pink flesh glint wetly in the firelight. I had never examined Sammi like this before, even when I bathed her as a hatchling. She had only one hole, a Caol... Cloa- I didn't remember, biology was never my field. "So small..." I let my center finger drop and pass along the exposed serpentine slit so lightly. I heard a moan and felt my dear girl stretched herself against my leg as I teased her.

But I had given my girl enough teasing. Without reservation I pressed that middle finger against her semi-spread opening, exploring deeper into her warmth. At first it slipped easily, but before long Sammi cried out and her body's softness clenched around me. I held it there calmly as my Pokemon adjusted, releasing some of the pressure and letting me slowly feel around her inner walls. Even then she was tight; I didn't even consider trying to add a second finger inside there.

As I continued to work her passage grew wetter and the scent stronger, clouding my mind once again. Sure, I had already come once, but now I had to be as good to my partner as she was to me. I slipped my wetted finger away from Sammi, despite her whine of protest. Overcoming some natural hesitation, I brought the finger to my lips and touched my tongue to the fluid.

My eyes widened. This was fucking nectar I had before me, a concentrate of sweetness that electrified my tastes. I slipped the rest of the finger quickly into my mouth to suck the rest off, but that was not enough of the taste to sate myself. "More..."

I press my finger back in, a wet squeltch audible over Sammi's shocked cry. A brief massage and it is coated again in her sweet juices that I greedily suck down. Not enough. Neither of us would be satisfied with these sips. I grab Sammi by the belly with both hands, pulling her from my leg up all the way up to my head. The scent is so overwhelming, forcing me to indulge my nose against the source, sucking in a deep breath of her sweet floral warmth.

I'm shaking like an addict now, opening my mouth to let her opening drip onto my tongue. Straight from the source the taste is so wonderfully pure. There's no resistance, and I raise my head to honor her with my tongue. I could feel her tail leaves coil around the back off my head, tightening as my tongue pushed into her petite insides. I wanted to explore her slowly, but the constant sweetness made it difficult to calm my lustful motions; I just wanted more and more of her.

My tongue was certainly larger than a finger, and I had to curl it tight to fit in as deeply as we both desired; better really, as it let Sammi's syrupy lubricant dribble straight down my taste buds. Perfect. Taking a deep breath, I reached my arm around her back to pull her flat against my face. More than perfect.

As the flow began to pick up with pumps of my tongue, I can't help myself. My free hand is once again against my crotch, three fingers digging in to massage my still dripping vagina. I squeal and dig in farther, my mouth and nose pressed so close it grew hard to breathe. No way it could make me stop, not as long as I had this taste on my tongue and my Sammi's rapturous moans flooding my ears.

And then there it was, a flood of heated honey that flowed from her pot as it contracted tight around my tongue. I swallowed over and over, my head growing light from the limited air. My hand never stopped its furious massage, and lead on by aphrodisiac nectar and probably some erotic asphyxia, I came as well, the spray soaking my hand with my own warmth.

I couldn't hold the moment as long as my spent body clambered for air. I released her back to pull in a deep breath of sweet and sweat-heavy air. She collapsed exhausted onto the soft pillow of my breasts, falling into silent sleep almost immediately. Gently petting at her head, I let her stay; there'd be time to clean up tomorrow, and I didn't want to do anything to interrupt her sweet dreams now.


I felt my phone vibrating intermittently, notifying me of the untold number messages that it had been unable to receive during past 10 days. It was easy to ignore it as I continued hiking the steep incline.

"Looks like we're getting close Sam."

It was just under half an hour before we made it to the top of the ridge. I brought a hand up to keep my tangled hair out of my eyes as we looked down on Anville town. "It's... smaller than I expected." Sammi nodded agreement, before turning her eyes to meet mine. We laughed.

"Well, at least this is a good spot for a quick break." I picked a suitable boulder and set down my pack, sitting down to let Sammi curl up in my lap. With a smile I finally pulled out my phone, flipping through the boring messages as I idly stroked my partner. I replied with text to my parents, letting them know that yes I was healthy, no I wasn't kidnapped, and that I would be taking the tram back in a day or two. I'd wait until I was in person to get chewed out for negligence.

For Mark, I decided to give him the respect of a real call. I stopped maybe only for a few seconds before hitting the screen to begin. Ring. Ring. Ring.


He picked up, his tone a little incredulous as he asked if it was really me.

I sighed and nodded, not like he could see. "Hi Mark.

"Yeah I didn't do anything that crazy, just needed some time to think. Decided to go for a hike, guess it went on longer than I expected.


"Yeah, Mark, I was mad. Steaming. Going fucking mental at first.

"Yeah, it felt like you were cheating on me, like I wasn't good enough. But I understand it better now, you love your Dewott just as much.

"I know, should have talked to you instead of just running off, it was real immature of me.

"Yeah, this weekend really helped to- um- loosen me up." Sammi snickered, and I dug my fingers into her head to quiet her. "And I was just thinking- maybe after I get back- how would you feel about trying a foursome?"

Sammi perked up.

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading! Let me know how you liked the characters, action, and if there's a better title than my lousy pun!

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    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
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    Nicely done. A few minor errors, but a great read.

    The way you brought out the lives on Wendy and Sammi worked well for the brief insight you gave us, and with the way you changed Wendy's overall mood by the end was a bit rushed but still deliciously fleshed out--and the last thing Wendy said just begs and teases an upcoming sequel!

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    Author's Response:
    Thanks for the excellent comments.

    Looking back, I do agree that Wendy's change came a little quickly. I may go back and add some hints that dear Sammy is laying on the sweet scent.

    As for a sequel, I would have to be really inspired, as Wendy's issues were mostly resolved in this episode. If anything it would be from Mark's perspective, dealing with Wendy's sudden change of heart.