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Wendy and Sammi, trainer and Snivy, are on an extended trek through the wilderness as Wendy tries to deal with her boyfriend's recent cheating. Can Sammi help her trainer out of this funk?

Story Notes:

I've been told that I have a rather technical style, but hopefully Wendy's voice shines through it.

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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Mar 17 2014 Chapter:Chapter 1
    Nicely done. A few minor errors, but a great read.

    The way you brought out the lives on Wendy and Sammi worked well for the brief insight you gave us, and with the way you changed Wendy's overall mood by the end was a bit rushed but still deliciously fleshed out--and the last thing Wendy said just begs and teases an upcoming sequel!

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    Author's Response:
    Thanks for the excellent comments.

    Looking back, I do agree that Wendy's change came a little quickly. I may go back and add some hints that dear Sammy is laying on the sweet scent.

    As for a sequel, I would have to be really inspired, as Wendy's issues were mostly resolved in this episode. If anything it would be from Mark's perspective, dealing with Wendy's sudden change of heart.