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On a stormy night, a young man named Jazz runs for his life, trying to escape the war between his family at home. Falling and knocking himself unconscious, he is found by two male Typhlosion, who help him by housing him in their cave. This is their short story.

God I suck at summaries. Promise it is a bit better inside. :P M/M/M Threesome, One-shot :3

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First story ever, so any constructive criticism is appreciated! :3

  1. Chapter 1 (3121 words)

    One-shot. I have always fantasised about two Typhlosion having their way with me, and this is the fruit of that fantasy. Sorry for possibly horrible story, first fanfiction EVER, and I am not the best writer. :P

    Date:Mar 13 2016 Title:Chapter 1

    That was a really good story only a couple spelling errors but I liked. Is there any possibility of a second chapter?

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