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Under her Leaves by jireh


Under Her Leaves

It has been three days since my best friend, Tilie the Petilill, grew sick. She's at the hospital with nurse Audino as of now. My best friend looks like a plant bulb that looks like a preschooler human girl that I find sometimes in our home. Only much smaller than human preschoolers. She doesn't have paws and legs like me though. Makes me wonder how she can constantly hop and glide.

I forgot! I'm a Minccino named Remy. Meema is having a conversation with Tilie's mom, Lilligant, at our house.

Anyways, about my friend, we've known each other since we were very young. I had to admit she's very energetic to me. Yet I'd say she's so shy when it comes to peeping at humans near the big stony bridge. It took me a while to convince her that it is fun to toy with them whenever possible when we were still very young. Over the following days we continued doing this game, it became a game that we commonly play. Please don't remind me on how extreme she can be with our game at one time to the point she has lay down on another human's leg without being noticed. She nearly put us both in danger of being caught by those round shrinking balls. We lost some friends due to those things when they wanted to travel with those people.

Ever since we bid goodbye to all of our long gone friends, something urges me to be closer to her. I don't know how to say this but I develop a big brother instinct to my last remaining best friend even if Tilie is not my sister. Yet right now, she seems to be less active. As seasons go by, she's slowly getting sick as if her bulb like body looks is crumbling like autumn leaves. She told me three days ago that if I could give her a Sun Stone, we could play with each other again. What always stuck with me is that there is a game she wanted to play only with me. Which is why for the past three days ever since she was on Audino's hospital, I have been looking for a Sun Stone for the past three days.

Me and meema are walking west from our house while we stay hidden on the outskirts of a big human city with tall diamond blue buildings and glowing ground (Opelucid City). The resident Floatzel we encountered a while ago tells us to head north of the city and climb the mountain road ahead. When we reach the northern exit of the city's outskirts, we continue walking on the mountain road.

When we're about to take a turn, "Hey! It's a Cinccino! With a child too! Awesome! I get to have two pets for my journey!" looking behind me, I see a long orange hair girl trainer holding two of those shrinking balls that the humans use to catch my friends and join them. Yet I don't want a journey with a human now.

"Remy! Run!" without looking back, both of us run as fast as we can to high ground. However, the longer we run, the closer we get to a human guy wearing black clothes near the gate. If we get spotted, we're done for.

"Get away from them girl! You two! Stand aside!" as I look out of the trees, a big bouffalant charges forward on the same road we're running. Feeling mama's paw grabbing my arm, we turn left and continue running towards the bushes. As we are close to diving head first in the bush, we can hear the human girl screaming, afraid of the bouffalant that is chasing its target. Mere moments later, the running human's screaming fades away. Looking back at the road, it is a mess of paw prints made by our savior. As if nothing bad happen to it, it approaches us while meema and I come out. "Thank you for saving us mister bouffalant." I share my thanks.

"I just do what I do best little child. Your kind is something my colony rarely get to see little cinccino. What brings you two here?" with such a deep voice mixing with his moo moos, it gives me an idea that he's an old one like meema.

"Me and my son are looking for stones on the mountain over there. It's for my son and his friend." Meema points her paw of the mountain ahead guarded by a big human made door.

"Looking for evolution stones on Victory Road? Well, looks like you need a flying pokemon to get you two there and back here. I hear that the Excadrills there are trading lots of stones to their local residents. You could find one there now while you can. Do you have any flying pokemon companions with you?" we shake our heads sideways. "I can help you with your problem. Just follow me." following the big hairy bull deep in the bushes and trees, we stop at a nearby tree with a black bird roosting on the branch. Then mister bouffalant knocks on the tree with his horns shaking it for a bit as this lady bird squawks awake. "Sorry if I break you napping. But two pokemon want to go on victory road for the on-going trade."

Hearing the birdy lady squawking badly, meema and I are about to expect it to start complaining like a bad pokemon. But when we get to see her face, all three of us recognize each other. This mandibuzz is a friend of my mom who gives us berries and other things from time to time. Seeing the pichu skull tied to her head reminds me on how scary looking she is when I was still young. Even today, her bone wearing style still scares me which does not match her friendliness. After a bit of chatting, she carries us to the big mountain mister bouffalant calls victory road.

When we get to land on the nearby cave entrance where the trading is happening, we come across a pokemon shinning in pink with some blue stripes with metallic claws carrying various stones. It is then now I know what evolution my past drilbur friend would evolve to. When meema asks for two evolution stones to this shiny excadrill, she's more than willing to give two for free to us if we clean up the stones for her. Taking up the task, we wag our tails and begin polishing each of the valuable stones it needs to trade. It's really easy for both meema and me to rid of the dirty mess that the earth made. Luckily for us, I get to clean my birthday present for my best friend while mom gets her shiny stone she's been looking for.

For Miss Mandibuzz, she suggests to me that I give her the sun stone to turn it into a necklace that my best friend can wear. Agreeing to her idea, she flies us back to her home first as she and mama make my present better. When everything is done, she carries us back to our home near Village Bridge as Mandibuzz calls it.

As soon as Miss Mandibuzz flies away into the sky, meema wishes me a good time as I run back to miss Audino's hospital. Just as I arrived at Tilie's hospital room, we greet each other for a while. "Guess what I found Tilie?" I build suspense with my voice.

"Please tell me it's a Sun Stone! Is it a sun stone?" I couldn't help but giggle at her desire for one. "Look at this!" As I show her the beads, her face ends up shocked.

"Is that, a sun stone … in a form of a Misdreavus bead?" I nod at her question for I know who really made it for her birthday.

"You'll find it hard to believe. Meema and I traveled together to a big mountain way north and find this sun stone for you. With help from my mama's friend, you can wear it on your neck. Isn't that awesome?" I wag my tail and ears as I smile at her lovely face.

As I hang it to her neck, I cheer her a "Happy birthday" until I witness her glowing up evolving. She grows with the white light all over herself as I see her grow tall to that of a fifteen year old human girl. As the bright light disappears, she blooms a red petal with a yellow tiara on top of her head. Along with her change is that she's now walking on feet like I am, plus she developed a leafy gown like cloth all over her body with alternating colors of green and dark green. To top it all off, she's wearing the beady sun stone on her neck. I feel so hot just from looking at her evolved.

Feeling puny compared to Tilie, she could look like a human I want to live with. "Please come at my place at my place tonight. You deserve a gift from me." After blushing myself hard, I left the place and say goodbye to Tilie.

After I told mom on what happened along with my plans for tonight, Miss Lilligant brings me to my friend's bedroom placing me on top of my friend's bed. As she closes everything in the room, I feel a bit nervous not being able to see anything since she blindfolds my eyes a while ago while I was following her guiding arms until I crawl somewhere sweet scented. Who knows where? But I feel so close to touching someone's thin legs and something leafy on top of my head. "Who am I touching now? Is it Miss Lilligant? Or Tilie?"
"Thanks for the gift Remy. Here is my present from you. Relax now my little friend. It's my advance birthday gift to you." Even if I couldn't see at all, hearing Tilie's voice is soothing. I let her arms guide me somewhere until my waist it touching something wet, rubbing me. I'm also somewhere in between her thighs wile I hear her pant. "Have you ever asked yourself why your mom keeps you away from the forest on certain days?"

"No." with her leafy hands/paws removing my blindfold, it is then that I can barely see something wet in between her legs thanks to the moon light piercing her leafy skirt. She places my paws on her thighs while she rubs them on … wait. "This feeling is ... strange, yet … exciting … and hard."
"Do you recall the day when we found a Seviper mating with a Zangoose?" she asks me in such a sweet voice.

"I remember. You told me that it is called mating. Are we playing that game now?" when she grabs my paws, I get to touch and rub her wet spot while her other paw lets go of my other paw and rub me in my lower thing on where I pee. While I'm panting lightly through her strangely good treatment, I can hear her soft moaning and giggling too.

After some silence from her while I feel my pee thing getting hard, she removes my paw from her wet pee hole coated with something sticky from inside her. "Of course! You will be the first one to play this game with me! Why don't you lick your paw?" taking Tilie's suggestion, I lick my paw trying it out. It strangely tastes sweet. Not to mention, the sweet scent makes me hungry ... for more of that "How do I taste?"

"It tastes sweet. Can I have more?" I ask.

She lifts her leafy clothes for me to see her blushing face showing her hole in between her legs. "Better drink it from my hole before it gets dry." dragging my head as I smell that sweet scent coming from her hole, everything just gets foggy as I lick and drink her wetness with my tongue. Way better than any Grepa berry that I've eaten in my life as I am licking a girl's sweetest body part. Hearing her cooing me to eat her sweet liquid more, the scent from her pee hole grows stronger and more fragrant.

Continuing to release my scent to Remy, I'm sure that he won't resist me from letting him pound my newly bloomed pussy with his little dick. But now, I keep on moaning as he already inserts his tongue deep inside me, sucking and eating me out. It continues for who knows how long. But he has a nasty habit of biting my pussy like a Liepard eating its prey. I'm sure he won't just rip my pussy to eat it for himself. He's no Luxray in terms of food. I can't help but get excited on how pleasurable it would be to have my best friend's dick inside me. For now though, he's kissing my pussy passionately.

He is so deep inside now that he hits my most sensitive bump inside me with his tongue; he is craving every drop of juice that I constantly produce for him. Moaning is all that I can do until I hit my climax and blast my best friend's mouth and face with my essence for a while. Inside my pussy, I can feel it getting hotter. I need him in me now to become my mate forever.

Seeing him pant in exhaustion, I get a glimpse of his furry stick in between his legs that makes his feet weary. "Tilie. I feel a bit painful in between my legs."

"You want to make it disappear?" a nod from him tells me the rest. Carrying my little friend, I guide him on inserting his swelling stick all the way inside my aching pussy. I am laying on my back with Remy on top and between my hips. When I finally get to bury his stick inside me, both of us moan in pleasure. He is quite big for a minccino. Almost 5 feet. Yet I feel that painful sting within me as I clench my teeth. It may not have reached my womb, but I find his size okay.

When he looks at me, his curiosity and relieving smile made me smile back. "Tilie! Are you okay? What should I do now?"

"I'm okay. Thanks for that." hearing that kind thing from him left me wanting my friend to use my pussy in any way possible. Concentrating on my now occupied pussy, I released another scent that makes him crave for it: my pleasure juice.

Seeing his little nose smell me, I can see his very stress of wanting to relieve his heat. "Tilie. Uhh-I … I-I-I want to do … something about the pain. It's not disappearing. What am I eating from you a while ago?"

"This is a girl's vagina that you are eating a while ago. In fact, my pussy is my gift for you to play with tonight. I need you to completely mate me. You have something inside you that must release inside me? Follow my instructions." With a nod from him, "Push your thing inside me out for a bit," with my legs crossed, he uses it as his foothold … almost pulled out of me until I stop his movement with my newly obtained arms, "Keep going inside me. As deep as you can." As he pushes himself down, both of us let out another moan. "Pull out a bit." He follows so until only his tip remains inside me. "Repeat it. It's up to you if you wanna do it slowly or quickly. Whatever you do, don't pull it out completely. Your mom permitted us for you to hang out with me tonight. Make me your mate Remy. Start…" wrapping my legs around him, I lifted my skirt and covered him completely, "Now!"

As I sniff at her wonderful scent, I feel much harder and energetic to do what Tilie teaches me. Playing with my best friend as her mate, one part of me just wants to go with and have fun making her my mate forever. Recalling that one time found two pokemon doing what we are doing now, I'm excited to feel what it is like to be in that moment. "Its just me and her pussy. 'My' pussy." Pounding everything I can to her pussy, I go as fast as I can in her pussy with as much strength as I can. Oh it's so good that I'm feeling better the more I do it. I'm glad to hear my best friend squeal joyfully. Looks like I finally know how to relieve myself ever since I felt that pain when I saw that pair "hump" their hips with each other. "You're so warm." Saying that to her, it makes me comfortable all around my body, and my tail waggling faster as I pummel my owned vagina to hear her scream blissfully.

"Pound me Remy! POUND ME HARD!" hearing those from Tilie along with me sniffing her vaginal smell, I continuously pump myself inside her vagina as if I'm using pound at her.

"Tilie! H-how …nngh… deep … is it? How much-ahh-you want?" I ask."

"As deep ...ohhh... as you can ...aaahhh...imagine." She said squealing out my name as if her words sounds like pleas that strengthened me to go further.

I can't tell how long I've been doing this. But I feel like releasing something inside her the longer I continue on pounding her vagina. The scent just tingles my nose and penis, telling me to release it inside her. Hope she won't mind about it. "Faster! Harder!"

"Looks like I need to quick attack her pussy." If pounding feels better, quick attacking her is even better when I hump at her. It went over quickly as she just pees something sweet scented and sticky rather than the usual pee. But by now, I'm hitting a different kind of fleshy wall, one that willingly opens whenever I hit it. But after a couple smacks, I release that building within me going inside Tilie's fleshy vagina.

Even if I'm tired by now, I just want to go on some more. Then I'm just staying with her, rutting her vagina as my most favorite of all playtime. "How does she make that sweet smelling scent?" Slowly as I hump my thing inside her pussy, I try to do some more until I just stop with my head lying on her belly, exhausted like a worker.

Waking up the next morning, I bask on the green light that Tilie's leaves make as the sun shines on her body and leafy clothes. Still. The feeling of mating my friend just eases me from my own thoughts. It's then when I look at my little body, my thing is still inside her vagina: only not so hard. Pulling myself out of her fleshy leaf body, her vagina closes itself back to normal without the red hue that I saw last night. Popping out of her skirt, her eyes just open up like the morning sun calling a new day. After Miss Lilligant gives me some berries for breakfast, she brings me back home to my mom's house. Life returns as usual.

Summer has passed. Personally, everything else in life is just fine as the days pass. As our friendship grows to something deeper, both of us had days where we have a hard time sharing our deeper feelings and thoughts to each other. Yet feeling these strange close feelings, neither of us couldn't stay away from each other for a long while. Since she's bigger than me, it saddens me that I couldn't play the games I used to play a lot with Tilie. We still enjoy each other's company, perhaps a bit more enjoyable by just being together walking and exploring around the forests near the human stone bridge.

Just this afternoon, mom and Miss Lilligant had a talk with each other about both of us. Simply, our moms declared Tilie and me as young fitting mates. Both of us stay surprised for the afternoon.

Yet tonight, here I am with mom teaching me about the pidgeys and the beedrills of what Tilie and I did back then. It flatters me in the middle of my enlightenment. Hey, a least now I know where babies come from. The only thing that prevented me from giving her a baby is that my spunk is still being developed. Meema also showed me the anatomy of her vagina with the help of my paws to open it up. Wonder boils up in me when she told me that opening her vagina by my paw is me looking inside of where I come from.

Yet something feels missing from what meema taught me just now as I let my paw off of her vaginal hole. "Meema. Who is your mate? Where is he?" In an instant as I await meema's answer, her smile disappears as I look at her staring on the ground sad as if she's just as small as me. With my smile just going away as well, I wonder in pain on why she isn't answering my question for a while as I let go of her hole and look at her face.

With one deep breath, meema says, "Remy. Your papa … saved us. But, he couldn't come back … for you." It is when I look at mama's face that hurts me a lot: meema is crying. Before I realize what we are talking about, I'm crying like a baby for a long while as we hug each other slowly letting our sadness finish us. When I ask on what happened to my papa, she insists me to follow her to the nearby river near the stone bridge with the human houses. Since most of the humans are sleeping inside their cubic tree holes, the neighboring Lapras come out singing on the river this night.

Looking at meema, she must be thinking something important. Feeling her paw rubbing the back of my head, she says, "Son, I think you deserve the whole truth. You see, I was raised by a human boy years ago as a companion. I'm not that much of a battler like the human trainer battles you and Tilie see near the bridge. I'm just a pet companion to your father for a long time…" it goes on for a long while telling me how my papa saved us from a mean chandy ghosty costing his very own life. Yet after I mourn in loneliness once again, meema eases me with surprise once she told me how my papa had sex with mama in the most unbelievable and sweet way that only Arceus could even do. Yet in the end, I just believe in her without a word. Even if some part of me makes me wonder if I was my papa reborn, I still see myself as meema's Remy the minccino.

"So mama, is our home village built by your own paws?" I ask.

"With help from the resident pokemon, our home is for me to fulfill his wish. For you, my lovely son." As we watch the night sky, our own body warmth eases us from the pain we just had. As meema wraps her scarf around us, we feel like a complete family as if my papa's soul is embracing me with his presence.

After returning home laying on our big leafy hay bed, mama puts me in the middle of our bed laid down while she casts her entire body over me. "Mama, what are you doing?"

"I know that this day will come. Papa told me that when you have formed a strong bond with the girl you desire, I shall train you on how to please a girl sexually." Sexy as her voice can be, she rubs her wonderful body at me. My little penis feels something opening and stretching from mama. It can be no other than her vagina rubbing at me just trying to put me inside her.

"Like when Tilie and I played that game last night." I thought to myself.

"I heard from Miss Lilligant about your relationship with Tilie. Congratulations my son. I'm proud of you two. Arceus must have made you two for each other since childhood." My face is just becoming as red as tamato berries that I refuse to eat in the middle of her cute little moan. Speaking of berries, I can feel my mom's vagina wrapped around me as she takes my penis all the way inside of her eliciting a moan for both of us. "Tonight's lesson is how you can use tail slap consecutively whenever you have sex."

"Am I gonna hit Tilie with tail slap while I'm having sex with her?" I ask.

"No. Your performance whenever you use tail slap five times during a fight will be transferred whenever you hump someone during sex: like what you were doing with Tilie nights ago." As she lifts her belly, only the tip of my penis stays inside her. "As a boy or a young male mon, you need to be sure that you and your partner are comfortable with each other while you dive your penis inside their vagina. It is either the girl that does the pushing your penis inside her, or you penetrating your partner's vagina with your penis. Both give pleasure to both parties. Just tell me how it feels once I hump on you."

As mom humps her hips down on me, my chilling penis suddenly get enveloped by her warm vagina as if it's like being wrapped by her furry scarf during the cold winter. I tell that it feels really warm for a while before it gets too hot that I tried pulling the whole thing out. Meema just keeps my tip in her continuing to boil under such a fiery warm flesh while she teaches me more about the nature of sex and mating. One thing that sticks in my mind is that every pokemon type has different feeling and texture whereas most normal types are closely similar to humans but in a different shape. Throughout her teachings, she slowly humps her body and vagina down on my penis making both of us moan lightly and comfortably. For me, I push my hips up every time she goes down. Messy at first, but I'm hip slapping her right. I simply have to hump her quickly in five counts before stopping myself buried inside her vagina.

Couple lectures later, "…Son. I think I already taught you everything that you can do whenever you and Tilie wanna have sex, and having a healthy sex life. So I have one more lesson for you Remy." Meema lightly purrs at my face. Seeing her half close eyes makes me feel … tingly hot on the inside. As if naturally, my penis within mama's pussy hardens a bit more. When I ask about that, she tells me, "Try and learn your own way on how you can pleasure Tilie using my vagina and body son. I'm the substitute you can use for now."

"But … mama. I'm Tilie's mate already. Papa made you his mate. Why you want me to play your body?" Didn't she just tell me that you only have sex with the one you truly love? I just find having sex with mom a bit … unnatural.

"You are right son. But don't worry. You claimed your virginity to your mate back then when she invited you blindfolded to have you rutt her pussy non-stop. Don't even think I didn't know your friend's dirty little antics," hearing about what I did from meema herself only makes my blushing even hotter to myself. "Even if you just had physical sex with another girl or woman, like me, it will only end up as a way of building a friendship bond in a mutual way; only if you lose your virginity to the first girl you had sex with. In your case son, your mate: Tilie." With my penis getting hotter inside meema, I quickly ask her one more time on how she wanted me to have sex with her. She says back to me, "Do me the way you want as you please." As she wraps her feet on my waist, my penis dives deeper inside her vagina,

Reaching onto her nub with my left paw, I rub it in circles while I slowly hump my penis as hard as I can inside her. Hearing mom calling me to go deeper and harder, I hump myself much faster than I expect giving me that wonderful warm feeling on my penis and my insides. Feeling my body getting harder, I plunge inside meema's pussy in such an intense way for her belly seems to be pushing upwards every time I hump inside her. When our loud moaning screams mingle with each other, I stand up and try to lift her up until I end up being on top of her.

As I hug her and kiss her on her mouth, I resume on humping fast and hard on her pussy like a bouffalant charging head first; in my case, penis first.

I lose track of time on how long I'm rutting meema as if a voice in me cheers me to keep going until I cannot hump anymore. Stopping our kiss as I catch plenty if short breaths, I see mama just moaning lightly mixed with her heavy panting and breathing. Seeing her breasts giggle, my gut tells me to try drinking meema's natural milk again. "…the tips of her breasts are screaming at me to suck and bite on them…"
As I lean my head on her breasts wen my thrusting slows down a bit, I lick the one on my right a couple times before sucking on it. In response, meema moans out happily at me. The scent of her body reminds me of what I was doing as a baby while I crave her milk to come out and let me drink it. Quickly as I hump even deeper in her pussy, I bite her breast which makes her scream and moan once again as her vagina tries to stop me from moving by clenching my penis. "I'm lucky that I'm deep inside her from seeing the bulge that I make..." Before I can sleep out of exhaustion, I taste and drink mama's milk. The taste is wonderful. Content with what I tried with meema, I fall asleep on top of her with my penis buried inside her warm pussy releasing my spunk inside my once fleshy house.

"Leave the rest to me my boy..." hearing that somewhat faint male voice, my tired, sleeping body seems to move on its own having sex with meema who is also tired and sleepy like I am. Even if I'm just letting this thing do whatever with my body to keep me on pounding meema's vagina, I love the pleasure it gives me. If it makes her happy like my dead papa, I'm happy to do so for her.
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    The Wild-Card!
    Reviewer: Captain_Dragonuv
    Date:Jun 27 2014 Chapter:Under Her Leaves
    This was spectacular! I enjoyed it very much, even though there were a few minor discrepancies scattered about. Mainly a few spelling and grammar mistakes, and then you had a sentence repeat itself within its own line. My only other 'complaint' or notation involves a size denotation--it's a bit absurd in context, which I suspect can be fixed with the right contextual word (send me a private message for the correction detail)

    The sex was great, and you put a unique spin on the theme. Glad to see such a beautiful work--shame it was far too late for the Odd Couples contest....

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