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One-Shot. Sometimes you venture to be alone, but sometimes you find so much more! This is the story of a teenager who goes camping to seek solitude, but ends up finding much more than a just friend. This is rated M, for lemons and adult themes. Not mature enough, don't read. MHuman X FPokemon, OCxLucario. Reviews help!

  1. The Lonely Soul (10803 words) [Reviews: 1]

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    Reviewer: kolofox
    Date:Aug 13 2014 Chapter:The Lonely Soul
    I did spot a few errors here and there, first write out numbers, it adds a level of professionalism, at the start it was a little rough but as it progressed it smoothed out a bit. over all its very detailed and a way to take care of the question mark symbols is to paste the work to note pad and use the replace feature to change them over to a compatible symbol. I know that certain web pages don't like fancy fonts and symbols like opening and closing quotes or "..." I know that microsoft word likes to turn that into its own symbol