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Catch a Fennekin by the Tail by kolofox


They who snuck out after Dark

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, dismemberment, strong language, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokemon or associated Medias

They who snuck out after Dark

Kris sat close to the bed watching over her Braixen friend as she shivered from another nightmare; four months passed since their trainer woke up from his coma but she still suffered night terrors, and often in her throws she would wake Anthony for fear he wouldn't wake up.

"What do you sense Amidamaru?" the Umbreon asked.

"The darkness that held our trainer migrated to her, I fear it might be power left by the Malamar," the sword replied.

"No... Anthony... Anthony you can't die..." Vix muttered in her sleep.

"Should we wake her?" Lucy asked.

"No, in this state she is prone to attack anyone trying to wake her," Amaru warned.

"Anthony! Anthony wake up! Wake up please I need you..." the fire type cried as she suddenly sat up to shake the sleeping trainer.

"Huh what, what is it..." he droned before he noticed the crying Braixen, "Vix wake up... come on girl wake up... I'm right here."

"Let go..." she suddenly snapped as her trainer tried to wake her, "Let... let go..."

"VIX it's me, I'm here," Anthony yelled; finally snapping the Fox out of the nightmare.

"... Anthony..." she wept; hugging the teen, "I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I... I couldn't..."

"Shh, it's alright tell me what happened." He cooed.

"No... I... I can't... I'm sorry but I can't..."

"Vix please you have to tell me, you can't just keep it bottled up,"

"I'm fine... I just need to get some fresh air," the Braixen dismissed as she hopped off the bed to step out of the room.

"Vix..." Anthony sighed as she left the room.

"Umbreon..." Kris soothed as she hopped up to comfort her trainer.

"Um," she gestured nudging her trainer to chase after the Braixen.

"Yeah..." he nodded, briefly hugging the dark type before he retrieved his leg to follow the fire type.

"Vix!" Anthony called as he hobbled over to a bench that overlooked the sea. As the teen drew near the stone seat he saw the Braixen seemingly looking out to sea even though he knew she was blind.

"Sorry about running away," she sighed.

"Vix... look I know I can help you, but you have to let me in,"

"What do you know..."

"I know this..." he spoke as he sat next to the fire type; he gently grasped her paw and made her feel his stump of his right leg, "I watched Tess, my mother's Gardevoir kill herself because she was becoming a monster, she sent a very close friend away, and she almost attacked me in a blind rage,"

"I... I know... but you had people there to help you along... I'm alone, I have to be strong..." Vix retorted.

"I was coddled, looked upon as a fragile thing, but Papa O'kai told me that I have to get tough or die, it was hard but I had to fight even harder to become a trainer. He didn't coddle me and more often than not I had some form of injury, but my great grandfather was my friend and so was his Raichu Charlie."

"Get tough or die... choice words from a ghost..."

"He also told me to be honest, to confide in my team and that I should let them confide in me. We're a family, and we're friends, if you have a problem tell me I will try my best to help you."

"What does it look like?" Vix sighed


"The sunrise... I feel it's warmth... but... I can't see it" she wept. Anthony turned to the mountain that loomed over the small town.

"it's just cresting over the mountain, the sky is a mix of pink and gold... the sea is shimmering with little golden flakes every time the waves crash into the cliff... but I think the most beautiful sight in the morning light is you... you're white fur..."

"Shh... spare me the sappiness you knucklehead," she hushed.

"Fine your pretty in the morning light," he huffed, "anyway I grabbed one of your books, I was thinking maybe you can start teaching me brail; it'll help with taking your mind off of things for a while."

"Okay... which book did you grab?" Vix smiled as she took the plane bound book from her trainer, but as she ran her paws over the surface of the cover; her eye's widened in shock.

"Uh... not this one..." she blushed.

"Why not?"

"It's um... a romance,"

"Oh that's not so bad, I've read a few romances, what's it about?" Anthony shrugged. The Braixen rolled her eyes and opened the book to her bookmark and read aloud a few paragraphs. The teen sat there next to the fox blushing from the rather descriptive scene of 'romance'.

"Uh... wow um... wow, where did you get that book?"

"I asked Tony to buy it, he can't read brail,"

"Well now I suppose I have even more of a reason to learn brail, so I can look over anything you hand me," he sighed.

"Okay Mister O'kai I think that is enough for now," Nurse Joy chimed as she over saw the teen's therapy, "I must admit you've made some significant progress."

"Yeah I know, but four months of therapy and I'm still not at one hundred percent," he huffed.

"Hey be thankful that all you have to go through is therapy, and be thankful for that your Braixen wished her sight away to save your life," she snapped.

"I know, I owe a lot to her," the teen sighed as he turned to regard the fire type that sat reading her 'romance' book.

"She just seems so different now..." he whispered.

"Think about what she went through... hm if you want I still have her interview on file you could look through it," she offered.

"Thank you..."

"I'm blind but I'm not deaf," Vix shouted.

"Sorry Vix, we're just..."

"I said I'm not deaf and... it's enough to know that you are getting better," she sighed, "and don't worry about me, I'll get back to my normal self once we get back on the road."

"I'm going to worry Vix," the trainer sighed as he slowly made his way over to his friend, "It's my job to worry."

The fire type felt her trainer's hand grasp her paw when he knelt before her.

"Vix I know that you delved into my mind, I don't know when but you did help me remember what Tess was becoming, but no one should have to endure the pain I went through," he whispered.

"and you shouldn't have to endure it alone, I... I will tell you about my dream... just not now okay," the Braixen replied, "besides I'm still the little willful Fennekin you fell in love with, I just had to grow up a little."

"I... I..."

"Say it..." Vix heard from the nurse.

"Thank you, thank you for being strong for me... when I needed it,"

"Yes!" they heard from their singular observer.

"Oh... sorry I ah I'm just going to go," Mrs. Mar gulped once she noted the irritated glare from the teen. Anthony sighed as he turned back to the Braixen.

"I love you," he whispered.

"I... I l... love you too," Vix choked returning the teen's hug, "Damn it you got me crying again, you know that's a pain to wash out of my fur."

"At least I'm not the one reading smut," Anthony smiled.

"Oh hush, you just want to learn so you can read this,"

"Parish the tho... mpf!" he started to retort when the Braixen suddenly gave him a quick kiss before she hopped of her chair.

"Come on, I'm hungry," she chimed

"Anthony I want you to give up and come home," the teen's uncle sighed.

"No... I'm not giving up," the teen breathed, "I made a promise... once Vix is a Delphox and she can see I can give up."

"And when will that be!?" Simon shouted, "She's blind! She's never getting her sight back!"

"Then I will never give up!" Anthony roared in replied.

"I almost LOST you! I can't go through that again," the man cried as he gripped his nephew's sholders.

"I almost lost him! you and Joy were talking about pulling his plug!" Vix screamed.

"Chesnought!" Larz boomed as he pulled his trainer away from the teen.

"Well now I wasn't expecting this level of drama," Tony remarked from the door way, "anyway I think you all would like to see what's happening on the T.V."

Anthony turned to the television and flipped it on only to gasp in horror as the screen flickered to Lumiose City just outside Professors Sycamore's lab. Smoke billowed from a crater that marred the front of building and street, but worst of all were the rescue workers pulling bodies of Pokemon and trainers alike from the rubble.

"... we are here outside Professors Sycamore's Lab where early this morning a bomb went off, killing two new trainers and one of the Professor's aides. The blast wounded several others, but the professor fortunately was away on league business..." a news reporter spoke as she stood before the ruined lab. She briefly touched her hand to her ear for a moment.

"Sorry but I am now receiving reports that the Black Ball Breeders have claimed responsibility for the attack..." the reporter froze mid-sentence as a pink aura enveloped her.

"Fitting that you didn't mention the Pokemon casualty's... but it probably wasn't in your script," a cold voice spoke as a man slowly walked into view of the camera, "Yes it was my organization that bombed your fair city, but know that we do not seek to destroy Kalos, but merely return it to its founding traditions, Pokemon are not our equals, nor are they our friends, family, lovers... etcetera, etcetera... they are tools! Meant to be improved, forged and purified," the man sneered.

"W... why... why are you doing this?" the female reporter struggled.

"Why? I suppose that is a fair question," the spokesperson smiled cruelly before lifting a paper report into view, "This is why, this report is a lie! Human's and Pokemon cannot interbreed, but it pains me to say that such coupling can no longer be tolerated by the triple B, these perversions will be purged from our society and Pokemon will be put back in their rightful place as tools..."

Tony stepped around the dumbstruck teen and turned the television off.

"That isn't the worst of it unfortunately," he sighed, "the triple B have placed a bounty on our heads."

"Why, I haven't done anything to them aside from deck that one trainer that dumped Kris," Anthony shrugged.

"That boy you decked, he happened to be that man's son, so needless to say they are pissed at you and me," the ranger explained, "as such I am being assigned as your personal guard while you travel."

"Wait what? First I want you to explain to me why you decked someone and second if he is being hunted that means he should stay home where he's safe," Simon argued.

"No they will eventually find him at your home; he would be safer on the move and on the road," Tony explained, "as for him decking the triple B agent I temporally deputized him."

"He left Kris out on Palas Lane to die; I couldn't just stand by and let that happen."

"After all this now he has to stay way?" the teen's uncle huffed.

"Most likely in disguise," a Red haired Trainer sighed as he too stepped into the room.

"What in Arceus' good name are you doing here Dillon," Anthony glared.

"I'm Tony's informant regarding the bounty," he replied, "besides I figure I would try to make amends and make my mom happy."

"Why are you an informant?" Vix asked suspiciously.

"I've done business with them, but with their actions at Sycamore's lab... two of my friends left to get their starters this morning, I just now got word that one of them was caught in the blast,"

"That doesn't exonerate you," the Braixen growled venomously.

"And what business did you conduct with the BBB?"

"I bought Queen and Sophie from them, I can't fish worth a damn and I needed a water type, and Sophie because I needed a counter to psychic types aside from Beo,"

"Do you have their original balls?" Tony asked.

"No, I took them over to a pokeball technician to have them disarmed and their data chips migrated to new ones," Dillon explained.

"And what of their euthanasia capsules?"

"They are immune to euthanasia capsules, no they had scrambler chips; I paid extra to have them removed."

"What are..."

"Pokemon are converted to energy when they are recalled into their pokeballs, a scrambler chip distorts that energy so when the Pokemon is called out, all that's left is... isn't pretty," the ranger sighed.

"Meow..." Blair cooed as she held her trainer's hand.

"Why go to them? Why not ask a fisherman, or a licensed breeder," Anthony snapped.

"I've always had a soft spot for poison types, and Mawiles; growing up here I'm familiar with them,"

"I see and I assume that they both underwent evaluations?" Tony pressed. Dillon began to fidget under the ranger's hard gaze.

"I can vouch that Queen isn't dangerous but I have yet to see Sophie in battle yet," Anthony added, "but to satisfy Amidamaru's wish, I must warn you about your Honedge."

"I am aware of Dis' disposition, and I don't need your help, Sophie and Queen both passed their evaluations; it's just Queen has a fear of electric motors, and Sophie is completely gay," the ginger retorted, "Your ghost girlfriend helped sort out Dis, I don't know what her Gourgest said to him but he won't even rattle his sheath at me."

"She's..." the teen started when Vix gave his arm a rough pinch.

~ Let him think that...~ she conveyed.

"She's good with ghosts and she helped me catch Amaru," he finished.

"Hey Blair, how old was Tony when you... um you know... did it?" Vix asked.

"Hm... I think he was seventeen... or maybe eighteen, it was a while ago why what's up?" the Meowstic answered.

"Just curious," she shrugged.

"Heh right now Anthony is a little young even with his experience, give him a few years to grow into his wisdom so to speak," the cat smiled, "I would also wait until after this business with the triple B clears up."

"What do you mean?"

"The BBB have made it no secret that they are targeting known Pokemon/human pairings,"

"What about you and Tony?" the Braixen asked.

"Tony and I maintain a since of professionalism while we are in public, but we still have to be careful?"


"How easy was it for you to peg Tony as my mate?"

"True," Vix nodded, "Thank you for the advice, but as of late I really haven't wanted to be touched."

"Why's that?"

"I'm on my heat and... ever since I evolved into a Braixen they have been painful, even with the suppressants and painkillers; I'm hoping that once I evolve into a Delphox it won't be as bad," she admitted, "but enough about me... have you had any luck with..."

"Nothing yet, but we'll be able to try again soon,"

"Sorry to hear that, maybe you and..."

"Oh no I made sure to get the test done this time, Tony's plenty fertile and we are compatible, besides its natural for there to be a few failed attempts during the course of conception,"

"Hey Anthony," the Braixen greeted as she heard her trainer entered the room they stayed at.

"Hey Vix, sorry I'm late I had to pick up some supplies for our disguises," He sighed.

"That's fine, I've been printing brail tags for your bag so I can find stuff," the fire type nodded before she pressed the newly created label to the bag, "I... I want to talk to you."

"About what?"

"I've been thinking about us... about what if we mated..."

"If it's about the BBB don't worry about it"

"Damn it stop telling me to not worry!" Vix snapped, "I love you Anthony but if they catch us, if they catch me with your scent, what do you think will happen?"

"I... I don't want to think about that..."

"I'm blind, I'm intelligent and I can speak English, I am a threat to them,"

"Vix they're a threat to everyone, they bombed Sycamore's lab!" he shot back

"Flabebe!" Lucy screamed.

"Umbre!" Kris added.

"Anthony we can't be close, not like this, my nightmare was about you getting shot because we mated," the Braixen choked, "I know that some of it is my imagination but I also know my power... my Delphox powers are developing..."

"Vix..." the trainer cooed.

"Please... it's for the best we end it here,"

"I don't want it to end Vix, but we can wait... we can wait until after this whole thing with the BBB blows over, even after you evolve, but I don't want to just give up on us," Anthony sighed.

"You damn fool..." The Braixen breathed, "I don't think I could push you away like that, but I had to try,"

"I know you are trying to protect me Vix, and I thank you for that," he smiled as he leaned in to kiss the fire type, but she turned her head; presenting only her cheek to the teen.

"We are going to have to tone down the physical affection, at least in public okay,"

"I think we are already at that point there Vix,"

"Granted, but even the slightest scent could be incriminating,"

"Vix, you're on your heat, can't get much more incriminating than that,"

"You... you can tell?" the Braixen balked.

"It's hard to miss the slight musk, and every male Pokemon turning his head with interest," Anthony explained.

"Oh... sorry for not telling you, it's just I had to go through my first one as a Braixen unassisted,"

"Why didn't you go to the nurse, she would have helped you,"

"I... Kris got sick that first week, and I needed her medication more than I needed that shot," Vix explained, "by the time she got better I wasn't on my heat anymore."

"I see, and what about last time?"

"I didn't want you to worry because you were still recovering, but I am taking suppressants this time... and some painkillers,"

"What's the matter?"

"The Nurse said that I am allergic to the shot... it caused a mild reaction, but..."

"Vix why are you taking painkillers?" the trainer pressed.

"Cramps... without the painkillers they would be a lot more painful,"

"Okay... I wish you told me sooner, but regardless I think we have a plan for the near future,"

"One last thing however..." the fire type added, "Ask April to... to travel with us... and be receptive to her advances..."

"You're not saying what I think you're saying?" the teen paled.

"I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do but the closer you are to her the less it would seem we are together,"

"It wouldn't seem right to use her like that,"

"Explain it to her... all I ask is that you remain chaste,"

"In other words be a professional boyfriend, or say I that I don't want sex until after marriage,"

"Basically, although the thought of marriage seems... Romantic,"

"Get that from one of your smutty books?" Anthony jested.

"Oh hush you," Vix huffed.

"Why do I have to wear these things... they hurt my eyes," the Braixen complained as she rubbed her eyes.

"Don't rub at your eyes Vix, you'll get use to them," the trainer cooed as he knelt down to stop the fire types incessant rubbing, "by making your eyes stand out more and masking your scar we can pass you off as a sub-shiny,"

"Even if I'm blind?"

"Braixen with blue eyes have extremely high cases of natural blindness,"

"What about you?"

"I got some black hair dye and brown contacts,"

"Hey you aren't the only one who have to wear a disguise," Announced the Ranger; who now sported short brown hair and green eyes.

"Hey why doesn't Blair wear a disguise?" Anthony asked as he uncorked the dye bottle

"Because she is common enough to escape scrutiny even at her size," Tony sighed.

~ It is far easier to pass off my size, than it is to pass off unique scars. I would advise you to keep a shirt on when out in public, ~ the cat conveyed as she pointed to the small white star burst scar on the trainer's back

"Why?" the teen turned

~ The Wish mark on your back is hard to mistake for anything but a sacrifice from one of your team, a sacrifice only Vix could make, ~

"But Kris also knows wish and Lucy is learning,"

~ But they do not love you like Vix does, they couldn't make the sacrifice because... there is power in love, that mark proves that. If Lucy or Kris tried to save you it would have failed. ~ Blair explained, ~ and once the BBB sees that mark it's only a matter of determining whose closest to you. ~

"I see,"

"Use it or cork it, that stuff stinks," the Braixen complained as she held her nose to ward off the stench of the dye.

"Oh April wait up!" Anthony called as he ran to catch up to the purple haired trainer.

"Hm... do I know you?" she asked; turning around to greet the dark haired trainer.

"Oh it's me Anthony, I'm wearing a disguise," he explained, "contacts and hair dye."

The girl sniffed a few times before her blue eyes sparked with recognition.

"Did you just recognize me by smell?"

"I've always had a keen sense of smell, how are you feeling Anthony?" April replied.

"I'm still recovering but I'm fit enough to travel,"

"That's good,"

"Um hey, since I'm planning on hitting the road here soon I was thinking if we could continue traveling together?" the trainer asked.

"What about you and Vix?" the girl asked.

"Actually she was the one who suggested it,"

"She did?"

"I might have gotten into some trouble, you no doubt have heard about what happened at Sycamore's Lab?"

"How could I not, the bombing is all over the news," April shrugged, "but how does this pertain to you getting into trouble?"

"The group responsible... the Black Ball Breeders, they put a bounty on my head, that's why I'm wearing a disguise."

"... I'll go with you... but... I want to... before we go on the run; do you want to go out to dinner?" she asked hesitantly.

"Sure, I don't see any reason why not," Anthony shrugged.

"Good... come with me," April beckoned leading the teen to a small restaurant.

"This seems like a nice little hole in the wall?"

"Blossom and I came here a couple of times while you were recovering; they have some really good food,"

"That's good, I'm kind of getting tired of the center food," the teen nodded as a waiter led them to a secluded table, "so um... with the stuff going on with the BBB; I was thinking it might be best if we share a tent... I'll be a gentleman that is for sure and..."

"I trust that you will be," she smiled, "although I don't always sleep in my sweater."

"Heh... I'm sure that your sweater gets pretty warm in the summer," Anthony blushed, "Achem anyway I want to thank you for helping out with my team, Lucy seems to be close to evolving now, everyone is doing fine now..."

"Is Vix still suffering nightmares?"

"She is... I worry that she isn't getting enough sleep,"

"From the bags under your eyes; I'd wager you haven't been getting enough sleep either," April observed.

"Excuse me, but shall I take your order?" a waiter greeted.

"Ah yes could I get the house special with some sweet tea," she ordered.

"I'll have the same but with lemonade," Anthony smiled. The two sat quietly conversing until the hour grew late and their meal long since consumed. The young teen couldn't help but feel a distant kinship with the girl as they slowly walked back to the hotel.

"You know April I feel as if I've met you a long time ago, but I can't quite think of when that might have been?" the teen mused.

"Anthony..." she paused; tugging his hand so he'll face her, "I... I want to um... I want to tell... you something..."

"Yeah what's up?" he asked, but April struggled with finding the right words; instead she grasped his other and pulled him closer. Anthony's heart skipped a beat when April's lips met his but in the wake of his surprise he found a strong tug of familiarity with the purple haired trainer. His thoughts began to drift into a blur as April led him to her room and before he knew it her sweater was off and her bra littered the floor. She started to reach for his pants when a trailing thought passed over his mind, a thought reminding him of his promise to Vix.

"No... I don't want this..." he gasped; halting the girl's advances, "No... I can't do this to Vix... I... I love her..."

"She asked you to wait huh..." April asked dryly.

"Yes... she... she wanted to end it..."

"Then let her end it..." she pressed.

"No... I knew she didn't want to... she wanted to protect me April,"

"Then why are you here, as some pawn of her schemes?" she snapped.

"No... I am here by my own free will; there is something familiar about you something even Vix sees yet..."

"A friendship..."

"Yes... if... if we had met earlier in life maybe... but now..."

"We'll travel together, but it will be in separate tents..." April huffed as she covered her exposed breasts, "but for right now just go..."

Anthony collected what little had been discarded in the room and saw himself out, but the ache in his heart made itself known as he turned to say 'goodnight' only to see the thin streams of tears running down her cheeks.

"On the road again..." Anthony sang as he and his friends exited the Amberette Aquarium.

"Now that we are on the road, I think we should go over a few things," Tony interrupted, "First Anthony O'kai is still in Amberette town, and your name is..."

"Dimitri Slatter," the teen sighed, "and Vix's name is..."

"Lady..." the Braixen huffed, "I don't see why I have to change my name, I like Vix just fine."

"Aw come on Vix, Lady is a pretty name, though I would have named a Ninetails that instead of you," the teen chuckled.

"And I don't get why we have to have that, following us," she growled pointing to the Red haired trainer.

"Because Dillon volunteered to help, as uncharacteristic that might be I won't turn down the support of a full team," the Ranger sighed, "But know that I am in command you don't enter battles without my say so,"

"Fine," Dillon huffed, "and I only did this so I could get my team back from my mom, 'make friends' she said, 'go out and be more than your father'."

"You shouldn't talk like that about your mother," Tony chastised. Anthony turned his attention away from the fighting; instead looking to his right to the purple haired trainer next to him. He draped his arm over April's shoulders and pulled her into a loose hug.

"I'm sorry..." he whispered. She smiled and wrapped her own arm about his waist; the smile was forced however and the arm was foreign. Anthony knew he had hurt her and he knew he had to make it right somehow.

"This ground feel's weird," Vix observed as she traversed the soft wet sand. Behind the group a rough yet playful growl sounded.

"It isn't awesome it's weird, it's cold, and it's wet, and I am not a big fan of water." The Braixen replied. The group turned to see a snickering Lucario with its feet embedded in the soft ground. He looked up to regard the blue eyed Braixen only to blush and offer a shy compliment.

"Uh... thank you... I... I'm sure you are quite handsome yourself," Vix blushed, ~ Catch him, Lucario's are strong and... ~

'if you expect me to be chaste then I also expect the same for you Vix,' the teen smirked, "I was planning on getting a water type but Lapras rentals aren't too expensive,"

"Hey what about me?" Dillon protested.

"Your team is full, my isn't," Anthony shot back, "Well Vix are you up to a battle?"

"Sure, how about you stud you want a battle?" the fire type smiled, "to prove yourself worthy to travel with us?"

The Lucario offered a short huffed pointing to the Braixen's eyes.

"First mistake," Vix barked, as she sent a strong psychic beam to upend the fighting type, "I may be blind but I can still hear you,"

Before long Anthony walked beside his newest member of his team whom he named Luther.


Well now Anthony seems to have full team now, but the journey has only just gotten more interesting; forced to travel with rivals, hunted by a villainous group and all the while trying to train up to take on the next gym. Next stop Cyllage City see you there.

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