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She Who Sought Relief

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, dismemberment, strong language, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokemon or associated Medias. This particular chapter has heavy suggestive themes.

She who Sought relief

Lucy woke to the slight rustle from her trainer's tent.

"Fret not miss Lucy, Vix is merely awake from a minor terror." The Honedge soothed. "I have been intervening in her dreams to prevent the Malamar from gaining too much power within her mind."

"What more can you do for her?" the Flabebe asked.

"Nothing yet, but the longer Malice is denied the terror he desires, the weaker he becomes."


"That is what he calls himself, whether it is his real name or not is irrelevant," Amaru sighed before turning his attention to the tent. "Ah... that is a promising scent."

"What...that Vix is horny? Also, how can you smell?" Kris pondered as the Braixen groggily stumbled from the tent.

"I am uncertain to how I can 'smell'; I just do. Besides, the fact that her libido is returning means that she is permitting herself to enjoy life once again."

"But you don't have a nose...or a mouth for that matter," the Umbeon observed.

"Yeah, how can you eat?" Lucy added.

"I am a spirit bound to a sword, and you ask me how I eat and Ask yourself how a Skrelp can battle on land with no ill effects!" he snapped.

"Hey that's..."

"Shh...I think Vix is having a little trouble," Kris hushed. "I mean seriously, has anyone seen her masturbate?"

"*ahem* not since my inclusion into the team," Amaru blushed.

"I have, but it was a long time ago...before you joined the team," the fairy squeaked. "But what can we do? She's not into girls like I am and Amaru wouldn't know how to please her."


"I think I know how to help," the dark type smiled.

"But Kris..."

"Shh, just think about how you're going to take on the gym tomorrow," she hissed as she trotted down the beach to where the Braixen sat. A sharp heady aroma briefly drew the Umbreon's attention to the newest member of the team. Luthur lay next to the ashen fire pit sound asleep, but Kris's own arousal peaked when she spied the Lucario's morning wood standing proud and tall.

'No wonder Vix is horny,' she thought to herself as she quickly shook her head free of fog produced by the phallus.

"Vix..." the Umbreon whispered.

"Eek Kris! I-I'm busy!" the fire type shrieked.

"Shh, I didn't mean to startle you,"

"What...what do you want?" Vix asked briskly.

"You looked like you're having trouble," Kris stated flatly, "I've come to offer a little help."

"Arceus' bleeding tit! Not you too!"

"I'm not gay Vix. I am merely offering you what I offered to my sisters,"

"What do you mean?"

"The Breeders that tended the nursery pits didn't like it when the young Eevees cry, especially when they were on their first heats"

"This is hardly my first," Vix huffed.

"No, but how many Eevee's do you think had your problem?"

"Perhaps...but I'm just not too keen on letting you between my legs Kris."

"While I am not estranged to female company, that was not what I was going to offer," the Umbreon explained.

"Then what are you offering?"

"Often times grooming was enough to quiet down the young Eevees. It got them wet enough for them to see to themselves,"

"So you're going to groom me until I can pop on my own cherry? But what about you? You're not going to ask for return service are you?" Vix paled.

"No," Kris answered simply. "But if you are uncomfortable with my offer then I under-"

"Wait! J-just don't do anything weird, okay?"

"Hm, very well," she smiled before settling behind her blind friend. "Just relax okay? And it doesn't hurt to fantasize a little."


Anthony woke to Arrow's normal cheerful greeting and the heavy patter of rain. Despite his groggy mind, he still managed to sneak a quick peek outside the flap to see the beach drenched by the downpour.

"Anthony you'll want to just sit tight for today!" Tony called as he returned to the camp. "We won't be able to make it to Cyllage City today!"

"Why?" the Teen replied.

"Tide's too high, it's swallowed the path up ahead. Luckily we're on high enough ground to stay mostly dry."

"Alright...wait, have you seen Vix?" he asked, noticing his starter was missing.

"I'm here! I had to pee," the Braixen called, returning to her trainer's tent with a couple of MRE's. "Don't worry, everyone else is safe and sound in their balls except Arrow of course."

"Ah, that's good," the trainer sighed before reaching to his bag to grab a towel for his starter. "Here you go."

"Thanks," Vix nodded.

"Whelp I'm bored," Anthony droned as he watched the rain from within his tent.

"What do you want to do?" the Braixen offered in a slight accent.

"Well..." he paused when a loud yowl emanated from Tony's tent. "Well we know what Tony and Blair are doing."

"Heh yeah..." the Braixen blushed.

"Hey how about you teach me Brail?" Anthony chimed.

"Nah, not really in the teaching mood," she sighed. "Maybe later, okay?"

"Oh okay...I'm going to go check up on April then, see how she is doing."

"Okay, try not to get a chill out there."

"I'll be fine Vix, it's not the winter months yet," the trainer soothed. "I won't be long."

The dark haired trainer donned his coat and leg, readying himself for the rainstorm that raged outside his tent. He ran out into the storm with the Ghost trainer's tent in sight.

"April?" Anthony called while he gently tapped her tent flap.

"Hm? Oh Anthony, what's up?" she answered pulling open the fabric to allow the rain soaked trainer into her tent. "You can leave your coat there."

"Thanks," he nodded as he shrugged out of the wet jacket. "I'm just checking up on how you are doing."

"I'm alright, kind of cage happy and a little annoyed at the two love birds in the next tent," the purple haired teen huffed.

"Heh, I think Blair is on her heat."

"She is, and with as many times they've done it I think they are trying for a kid," April remarked dryly.

"Is that possible?"

"Haven't you read the report? Humans are compatible with a select few members of the field group and nearly the entire human-shape group."

"Really? Which ones from the field group?" Anthony asked.

"Here, I printed this off the internet; it's the report that has the Triple B in such a panty twist," April offered.

"Oh, let's see here," the teen mused as he took the paper pamphlet. He glanced over the paper report only to have his gaze drawn to the bottom of page.

"'To this date no reported Pokemon/human hybrid has been successfully documented'," He read aloud. "Then how can it be possible?"

"Genetic tests," she answered. "Apparently humans are closer to Pokemon than what many believed,"

"Fascinating. According to this, Zoroarks, Lucarios, Meowstics...wait, I don't see any Delphoxes."

"It's just the preliminary report," April shrugged. "They were going to put out a more complete list once they finished their tests. Those listed were the more common pairings."

"Are you saying that pairing with Delphoxes is rare?"

"Don't you know? Delphoxes ritualistically mark or burn their mates to show they have been claimed." The girl explained.

"Oh...I did not know that," Anthony paled. "I guess that is why such pairings are rare."

"I've read some reports that some males are often killed during intercourse."

"Ouch...I guess I'll have to talk to Vix about that, but I guess that would be a onetime deal." the trainer gulped. Outside the Braixen sat beneath the rain cover listening to the two conversing with horror. She quickly ran back to her trainer's tent where she quickly tore into Anthony's pack looking for his Pokedex.

"Ah...h-here it is," she gulped once she found the device. Vix felt over its surface looking for a specific button.

"Please say a command," the device suddenly blurted when the Braixen pressed a tiny button on the side.

"P...please find Delphox."

"Delphox: the Fox Pokemon. It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future. Using psychic power, it generates a fiery vortex of 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit..."

"Wait stop...Delphox m-mating."

"Searching...Searching...Delphox ritualistically mark their mates to show the permanency of their bonds. If the male is weak to fire, Occa berries will mitigate the damage and prevent shock induced death.

"B-but...would it work on Anthony!?" the fire type frantically asked.

"Searching...Searching...Unable to find 'Anthony'," the pokedex beeped.

"Oh shut up!" she wept. "I don't want to hurt him...but if the Occa berry doesn't work...if I kill him�no. I-I need to talk to an actual Delphox and see if there is a loophole to this ritual."

"Powering down..."

"Maybe Blair knows where I can find a Delphox," Vix sighed. Anthony continued to converse with April, having long since abandoned the topic of the report.

" after Tess finally teleported up onto the roof I was so numb from the cold I couldn't even protest getting teleported into my room..."

"Hahaha, how long were you grounded?"

"I wasn't. You see, Papa O'kai said that was the first time I actually smiled since I lost my leg...that and I kind of caught pneumonia. Heh, Simon was so worried but with Penny and Larz I was better in no time at all."

"That must have been the sight, you standing on the roof snowball in hand, laughing," the Girl smiled.

"Me, Penny, and Larz...heh now that I think about it I'm glad that roof was pretty strong."

"Heh yeah..."

"Hey April, I've been meaning to ask" the trainer stammered.

"Why I kissed you...? And the other stuff, um...I guess met a blue haired Zorua a long time ago and heard the tales she told about you. I guess I kind of developed a crush on you before I met you."

"Was her name Fay?" Anthony suddenly asked.

"Yes, I...we parted ways when I left to go start my journey, she was..."

"Wait, back in Connection Cave before I blacked out I...I remember seeing something big with a purple mane standing over me... shielding me from the psyshock,"

"That was where she set up residence. She told me that a Gardevoir had teleported her to Connection Cave in a fit of rage."

"All these years...after I get my second badge I'm going to go look for her. Without Vix..." The trainer breathed. "You met her last, so you can lead me to her."

"What are you going to do when you meet her?"

"I-I don't know."


"What took you so long?" Vix asked suspiciously.

"Sorry, April had that report on Pokemon/human compatibility and I guess I lost track of time," Anthony explained as he returned to the tent.


"We also swapped stories and stuff," he shrugged.

"That's nice, I got hungry and fixed up a quick sandwich. Or, actually, Kris fixed the sandwiches when" the Braixen blushed.

"That explains why my sleeping bag is covered in hastily cleaned up mayo," the trainer chuckled. "Anyway, it looks like the rain is starting to let up so we'll be able to set out tomorrow morning."

"Um, before we get on to dinner and stuff I...I kind of overheard you and April talking. You know, about Delphoxes and their ritual..."

"I see. I'm not going to lie, but something like that kind of scares me...we'll cross that bridge when we get to it."

"Occa berries, do they work on humans?" the fire type asked.

"Well, balms made from them actually act as a good sunscreen. It's even used by the Hoenn volcanologists when they study the more active volcanos of Hoenn, but..."

"But..." Vix started.

"Look, I love you, and I'll only have to go through the ritual once."

"But what if you die?"

"Vix, I'm pretty tough... I mean I did take a direct psyshock."

"That psyshock broke four of your ribs, cracked your skull, and left you with multiple lacerations."

"Well, I was still standing...until I was thrown into the wall,"

"Which cracked your spine, and ruptured an artery in your back," she continued to list.

"Okay, okay! I get it...I'm not indestructible. That is neither here nor there though. We're not mating until after we get all of this figured out," Anthony soothed. "Now let's get dinner going."

"I guess I might have been a little too strict with everything. Now that I'm off my heat, I guess we could experiment..."

"No Vix, I...not now alright? I just want to drop the whole mating subject, okay?"

"Alright..." the fire type relented.

"Look Vix, I'm sorry about snapping. I just have a lot on my mind right now."

"Yeah... I guess we all have a lot hanging over our heads," Vix huffed.

The group finally arrived at Cyllage City with a spell of deadly silence hanging over them.

"Well guys we're here and we have a..." Tony started to announce when a firework pierced the evening air.

"Gah! What was that boom!?" the Braixen shreiked.

"A firework," the ranger explained. "Wait...oh! Today must be Xerneas' day."

"It's wrong to celebrate today," Anthony huffed.


"Xerneas' day is the day Team Flare fell," April explained.

"It was the day Geosenge was destroyed, and Xerneas rose from the crater. Yet with all of his life giving powers he didn't do a damn thing for everyone who lost their lives that day." The dark haired trainer growled.

"Hey, that machine was draining his power. By the time he was strong enough to do anything it was too late," Tony bit back.

"It's still wrong to celebrate today," the teen growled. "I'm going to turn in."

April remained silent as she watched Anthony storm off for the hotel with Vix close on his heels. She was about to give pursuit when the large pink hand of her Gourgeist stopped her.

"Leave him alone for tonight, his mind turmoil," Blossom whispered. The trainer released a heavy sigh once he was within his room.

"Anthony, are you alright?" his Braixen asked.

"'s just bad memories Vix. don't have to suffer on my account. If you want you can take everybody down to enjoy the party," He sighed.

"No, Kris can go but I'm staying."


"Shh, whatever burdens you bear, I'll bear," the fire type soothed. Anthony smiled and pulled the Braixen in for a kiss.

"Go ahead and let everyone out so they can enjoy the party," she offered after accepting the kiss.

"Maybe tonight won't be too bad," the trainer continued as he lifted the short fire fox up and placed her on the bed. His hand dug into his coat and fished out the pokeballs of his other Pokemon. A flash of bright light marked the summoning of his team.

"Hey guys, downstairs a party is going on and I'm not up to attending, but I don't want you all to suffer on my account. So go down and enjoy yourselves, okay?" Anthony announced. The team gave puzzled looks for a moment before a curt cough from the Braixen on the bed sent them from the room.


"I...I still want to wait on mating, but um I just...I just want to be know, back when you woke up, and before my nightmares,"

"I think I can handle that," the teen cooed.

Vix laid awake as her trainer's arm wrapped around her chest, his fingers feeling the steady beat of her heart. Anthony's other Pokemon had long since returned from the party. Exhausted from the revelries, they slept about the room save for Amidamaru who floated above the bed.

"What troubles you young one?" he asked.

"Lots of stuff... too much stuff," the fire type sighed. "Sorry about sending you guys out like that, but..."

"I understand young one, as do we all," Amaru spoke calmly. "Share these troubles, and I shall share my experience."

"What would you do if you were in my position?"

"You are both too young and moving too quickly to have a strong and lasting bond," the sword sighed. "I doubt that was the answer you wanted to hear, but that is what I see."

"No it wasn't the answer I wanted..."

"My apologies young one. I do see love between you, but it is clouded by doubt, fear, and worry."

"So what do you want me to do, huh?"

"You both will stumble through the years. Keep an open heart and your bond will last," Amaru cooed.

"As in read his mind and no matter what I see I must forgive him?"

"What!? No! Don't enter his mind!" the sword protested, but the psychic link was already formed. "Curse it all! She's going release the Malamar back into his mind!"

"Kris, wake up!"

"Huh...wha...what's going on?" the Umbreon droned.

"If I start to evolve you must kill me!" he roared.

"What, how!? Wh-"

"Sever my tassel and you sever my link on this world!"

"Amaru! I'm not going to-"

"Now is not the time for ethics! I must draw the Malamar into myself, and if I evolve he will be in control!"


"If you hesitate, you all will die!" Amidamaru snapped. He turned to the still sleeping teen and plunged his ghostly tassel into the mind of the trainer.

"Vix! Vix where are you!? Call out if you can hear me!" an armor-clad soldier shouted.

"A...Amaru! The was him. h-how...?" she wept.

"Now is not the time for tears, young one. We must give chase before he reaches Anthony!" the soldier yelled.

"But...but the pain. He was using the nightmares, My worst fears brought to light! My pain..."

"Yes young one, he was using your pain grow stronger, but I was keeping him from your nightmares. He could only face the good in you, and that weaken him. I had hoped to draw him into myself once he was weak enough." he explained.

"There! The central pillars!" she called, pointing to the three standing monuments where a veil of water suddenly rose to overtake them.

"He's not strong enough to overtake them yet, but we must hurry!"

"I'll stop him!" Vix growled.

"Be wary young one, he is pure malice. To bring such emotions to him will only make him stronger!" Amaru warned.

"Hey squidbreath! Leave my mate alone!" she roared before launching a volley of embers at the water.

"Hmm? Mate? But you are not his mate," the veil spoke with cold intensity. "April is his mate."

The surface of the water gave way to the form of the Malamar that bore a grisly hole in its chest.

"You lie!" the Braixen spat.

"I'm afraid not my little Vixen; see his memories and know the truth," The squid cruelly grinned. Images played upon the dark veil; images Vix did not want to see. April laid beneath her trainer, her bare chest bouncing as he ravaged her.

"No..." she breathed, "No! it can't be true!"

"You feel it don't you? That sickness welling up in the pit of your know that feeling! Know that I, am, Malice!!!" The Malamar roared.

" he promised..."

"Vix! Don't feed him! Follow your own heart! Anthony would never do that to you!" the soldier urged. "Never once did he return from April smelling of sex!"

"Showers and perfumes, he smelt funny when he returned that evening!" Malice sneered.

"Don't listen to him Vix! You didn't place that mark upon his back for nothing!"

"He...did smell funny...and..."

"Vix! If you let him win Anthony will never wake up! He will die because-" Amaru paused.

"Say it Sword! He will die because of her!" the Malamar cackled.

"This is what you meant when you said I needed an open heart...that I must forgive him..." the Braixen breathed

"Yes! You must forgive him!" the soldier confirmed. Vix gulped as she looked between the Honedge and the Malamar. Without a second thought the fire type ran at the wall of murky water, much to the surprise of the squid.

"Amaru! Keep him busy!" she called.

"Ha! You think you can face your fear of water!?" Malice roared. Fear took a hold of the dark type as the Braixen dove into the water.

"Damn it! I have to keep her from reaching her trainer..." he cursed.

"You will have to go through me first!" Amidamaru challenged as he drew forth his blade. "God's speed Vix!"

The fox scrabbled through the veil of Malice; her short claws were struggling to find purchase on the muddy ground. Horrors danced around the fire type, taunting her with slimy tendrils. Still Vix pressed forward until one of her paws struck against a hard stone surface; her heart skipped a beat when a stone hand suddenly gripped her wrist. The hand pulled the Braixen out of the water to face the effigy of Tess.

"Do not let Anthony fall to this monster!" the Gardevoir growled. "Go! I am keeping this Malice at bay...for now."

"But how can I help him?"

"Take this to him. It'll work when the time is right," Tess spoke as she shoved as bright pink orb into the fox's paws.

"Hurry! His mind cannot take much more of this!" she urged, pointing to the huddled figure in the center of the three standing stones.

"Anthony..." Vix breathed, recognizing the sandy blonde youth.

"It''s so c-cold...I-I can' foot...I can't feel my foot," the boy shivered.

"Anthony, Anthony! Snap out of it!" she pleaded.

"I lost...I lost everything..."

"Yes you did lose so much Anthony, but you also gained so much. have me Anthony."


"Please Anthony, I...I forgive you..."

"Vix...I-I love you...but I don't" He started when a figure stepped out of the murky water that surrounded them.

" sweet, such reunions always make me so...sick," the Malamar sneered as he threw an armored soldier down at the feet of the pair. "I assume this is your Honedge."

"Amaru!" Anthony called.

"Master...I-I am sorry. I-I failed...he is too strong," the soldier gasped. "Vix...I managed to tether me. Leave...kill me...Malice will die with me..."

"No! No I won't," the Braixen growled as she held up the brilliant pink orb Tess gave her.


"What!? But...that is Dazzling Gleam! How!?" the Squid balked. The sphere suddenly released a blast of intense light, burning away the water and searing the Malamar.

"Now Amaru! While he's weak!" Vix cried once the light receded. Amidamaru quickly lunged for the weakened dark type and drew its essence into his being. Everything faded as Anthony suddenly felt himself jarred awake by a heavy object landing on his stomach. He instantly recognized the object as his honedge; its tassel was bound tightly around its sheath.

"Amaru..." the teen sighed.

"Return him, there is nothing we can do now..." Vix spoke. "to-tomorrow we should look at getting an everstone..."

"How long will he stay like that?"

"I-I don't know...but Malice won't bother us again..."

"I hope so," Anthony gulped as he returned the ghost.

Well I've had some tough chapters to write and this one was one of 'em. But now Amaru is out of commission and Anthony still has to take on Grant for his second badge. See you all next time.
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