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Catch a Fennekin by the Tail by kolofox


He who flew upon Burning Wings

This fan fiction is rated M for blood, gore, dismemberment, strong language, and suggestive themes. If you do not like the listed then do not read, I do not own Pokémon or associated Medias.

He who flew on burning wings

Vix felt the gentle caress of a hand upon her chest while she enjoyed a warm heartfelt kiss from her trainer. She felt his other hand glide over the velvety soft fur of her legs.

“Careful Anthony, don’t want to catch your hand on fire,” the Braixen chuckled when the teen’s hand got caught in her skirt. His movements slowed when he felt the stark change from soft velvet charcoal fur to coarse and slightly waxy yellow fur.

“How very odd,” Anthony mused.

“It’s the same fur on my tail, minus the highly flammable oil of course.”

“So no fire sack then?”

“No I still have one but, it’s a little rough on the throat to use it,” She smiled after she breathed a short blast of ember-laden air. The trainer marveled at the lingering wisps of sparks before he kissed the Braixen again. The fire type purred when he rained down a line of little pecks down her neck and chest. Vix spread her legs in anticipation when her soon-to-be-mate caressed her inner thigh. Vix’s head grew light and her breath rapid as the erotic moment seemed to drag on forever.

“Gah!” She suddenly gasped as she bolted upright in the bed. Cold crisp air blew in from an open window as the Briaxen flopped back onto her pillow.

“Damn that was a good dream,” Vix sighed as her paws started to explore her own body. “Perhaps a bit too good.”

The Braixen quickly stopped herself when she heard a soft snore from her trainer at the foot of the bed.

“I’d better not do that while he’s sleeping right there,” she huffed. “The shower should cover whatever noises I make and I might as well wash off all the ash I’ve built up.”

Vix hopped from the bed and made her way to the small bathroom which held an equally small shower stall.

“I hope I didn’t make a wet spot on the bed,” she muttered to herself as she smelled some of the complementary bottles of shampoo. “Ah, this one smells nice.”

Anthony woke from an uneasy dream with a dull ache in his right leg.

“Sounds like Vix is taking a quick shower,” he observed when he sat up from the bed. “And I slept in my leg again, great. And it’s another cold morning.”

The trainer shuddered when a gust of cold morning air blew in from outside as he removed his clothes left on from the night prior. The trainer fished into his bag and pulled out a small bottle of lotion for his stump and began massaging life back into the shortened limb. Once done, Anthony laid back only to feel a small cold wet spot on the bed.

“Heh, I think I know what Vix is doing,” he blushed when a soft moan echoed over the sound of the shower. The trainer pushed the obvious thoughts from his mind before rolling over, but just as he closed his eyes a loud clatter sounded from the bathroom.

“Shit, Vix must have slipped!” the teen panicked. Anthony moved with surprising agility to the water closet and tore open the door. Vix stood there in the cascade of water petrified by the sudden bang of the door. The trainer saw the Braixen’s paws clinched between her legs in lewd position as he stood there stupefied.

“G-get out…” she squeaked.

“Uh…” Anthony gulped unable to tear his eyes away from the wet Braixen.

Get. OUT!” Vix screamed causing all the water to turn to steam and blasting the trainer out into the hall. Before the teen could get a chance to recover the door to the bathroom slammed closed, leaving the still soaking Pokémon alone in privacy. Minutes later after Vix was clean and dry, she opened the door to address the still stunned human.

“Anthony, are you alright?” she said in a calm voice.

“Y-yeah, um… are you alright?” he asked in response.

“I’m,” Vix paused. “I’m alright, but I need you to see how badly I laid myself open.”

“O-okay,” the teen gulped as the Braixen led him back to the bed. “Where did you scratch yourself?”

“Um… down low,” she blushed as she climbed onto the bed and laid back.

“Oh,” Anthony gulped again. “Well, uh, let’s take a look.”

Vix bit her lip as her trainer gingerly parted her legs to inspect her womanhood.

“It doesn’t look like anything too serious but uh, you tore through your hymen,” he assessed.

“Heh, well Anthony you managed to take my virginity without touching me,” the Braixen chuckled.

“The hymen isn’t a good indicator of virginity Vix, because of stuff like this isn’t all that rare,” Anthony sighed.

“I know, but maybe you could kiss it to make it feel better,” she smiled innocently. The trainer raised an eyebrow to the fire type as he contemplated her request.

“Did you really just ask that?” he asked

“Um… yes,” Vix squeeked.

Outside Kris sat up and yawned tiredly when a maid and her Leafeon passed by her trainer’s room.

“Oh hey baby, how about you and I go out for a moonlight stroll if you catch my meaning,” the Grass type greeted.

“Okay, you asked for it!” Kris heard from the other side of the door.

“Ack, no Anthony stop!” the fire type shrieked from the other side of the door.

“What was that?” the Leafeon asked.

“I only give blowjobs with my teeth, if you catch my meaning,” the Umbreon huffed.

“Oh well, I might have to take a pass on that then,” he gulped before running to catch up to his trainer.

Back within the room Vix scooted all the way up to the head of the bed and covered herself with her tail while Anthony merely chuckled.

“It’s-it’s not funny!” she tried to defend.

“You did ask for it,” the trainer reminded. The Braixen bit her lip for she knew she was cornered. Slowly the fire type began to relax, but kept her legs closed.

“I suppose it was a bit silly with how I acted,” she chuckled. “But you do seem to be a bit more… playful lately.”

“I’m simply in love with a sexy fox,” Anthony smiled before kissing the fire type. It suddenly struck Vix with how odd that sounded; all the playfulness and his attempts to seduce her all seemed off about him.

“Anthony,” she spoke with a tone filled with worry. “Are you feeling alright?”

The fox’s question struck the teen like a punch to the gut. Anthony’s playful mood suddenly melted as he turned and sat on the bed.

“Is it that obvious?” he droned.

“Anthony, I love you, but this seems reckless even for you,” she cooed as she wrapped her arms around his chest. Her trainer remained silent for a while as the fire fox continued to hug him.

“Vix, I-I’m sorry, I just feel so scared, so weak, so…” Anthony choked. “Helpless.”

“You don’t need to apologize,” the Braixen soothed. “But you don’t need to rush either.”

“I know, it’s just ever since Fay… ever since Fay tried to force that onto me, I’ve been curious to what it should be like,” He sighed.

“I can understand and I’m curious too, but if we jump right into it without any form of protection and by some chance I do get pregnant, we would have to raise a young kit on the road,” Vix explained. “And right now neither of us needs that kind of stress.”

“Yeah, but I’ve taken care of young Pokémon before,” the trainer shrugged.

“Anthony, I’m not ready to care for a kit.”


“Three years okay, when you’re sixteen and can buy or get a hold of some form of protection,” Vix smiled.

“I can wait two and a half years,” Anthony sighed.

“Smart ass,” the Braixen huffed.

“Yeah I am a smart ass,” he laughed half-heartily. “But I must address the fact that you did say that we should let things happen.”

“I am letting things happen, but I’m tempering that with responsibility, or more accurately, the fact that I don’t want it right now.”

“Okay, okay I get your point,” Anthony sighed before kissing the Braixen. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Vix replied. The fire fox deftly hopped from the bed and proceeded to the door to the room. “Now I don’t know how early it is but I’m hungry.”

“It’s four-thirty, the hotel’s breakfast bar isn’t open yet,” the trainer remarked dryly.

“Really?” the Braixen turned. “Well that sucks.”

“If you are really hungry we can break into my bag for a snack.”

“I guess some jerky would tie me over until the buffet opens up,” Vix sighed.

“You sure?” Anthony asked as he started to rummage through his bag, “I have some of that instant oatmeal.”

“Too sweet,” she grimaced.

“Ah right you don’t like a whole lot of sweets in the morning,” the trainer nodded. “Here you go, some pieces of jerky to tie you over till breakfast.”

“Thanks,” Vix nodded as she took the jerky.

“Oh and remind me when we get breakfast that I need to pick-up Kris’s Estrus-ender, I know that her heat is coming up,”

“Why not get it now?”

“I don’t know,” Anthony shrugged.

“Ugh why are we still escorting this bitch when we could just dump her in some isolated place and be done with her?” Doc ranted angrily.

“Because she is still Blossom’s friend,” Druid sighed as he worried an old dried up leaf until it fractured under its harsh treatment.

“Oh will you knock that off Druid, you know those things never come true,” the Haunter chastised.

“Looks like one of us will engage in a great battle, but beyond that I can’t say,” the Phantrump observed before dropping the broken leaf.

“And the last one said one of us would leave for some distant land,” Spooks added timidly. Behind the three arguing ghosts a purple clad girl trudged slowly through the mud and stench of the bog.

“Why, why did Anthony chose her over me?” she softly stewed. “If it weren’t for that stupid Gardevoir, I would be in her place.”

“Will you knock off that damn muttering!?” Doc snapped as he turned to cuff the girl with a ghostly claw. The force of the blow knocked the illusion from the Zoroark and sent her crashing into the stench filled mud.

“Heh, that felt good,” the Haunter jeered, but before he could cuff the Dark type again a pink ethereal fist sent him spiraling into the bog.

“Lay another claw on my friend and I swear I’ll kill you,” the Gourgeist growled.

“Blossom, you returned!” Druid greeted.

“Yes, but I cannot stay for long,” the large ghost sighed. “I had hoped you all would have made it to Laverre town.”

“I’m sorry Blossom, but Doc’s been slowing us down. ‘Training’ he says, picking fights with nearly everything we’ve come across,” the Phantrump explained.

“I see.”

“I need to be strong if we are to keep her under control if she has another one of those episodes,” the Haunter defended. Blossom merely glared at the ghost as she helped the Zoroark from the mud.

“Are you alright Fay?” She asked.

“I’ll be fine,” the dark type huffed.

“Let’s get to Laverre town and get you cleaned up,” Blossom offered. “I know your illusions can’t cover up smell.”

“You say that like I’m going somewhere.”

“We are, we need to head to Geosenge to get the BBB off of Anthony’s tail,” the Gourgeist explained.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to face him yet,” the Zoroark sighed.

“You won’t face him, you’re just leading the BBB agent back to Cyllage city, I’ll take care of the rest,”

“Alright, now as you all know the next gym specializes in fighting types,” Anthony announced to his team as they gathered around a standing stone. Luther whined indignantly as he nursed his broken leg.

“Sorry Luther, I know you would like to participate but unfortunately your battle restriction will still be in effect,” the trainer sighed as he patted the Lucario’s shoulder. “However, as long as you are not a part of an official battle you can still train.”

The steel type gave an indignant huff as he gestured to his cast bound right leg.

“Oh come on you can still use your aura,” Anthony smiled to which the Lucario only cocked his head to the side. “Don’t you know aura sphere?”

Luther merely shook his head no as his trainer listed off moves he should know until finally he nodded to hidden power.

“Okay so, I know how to fix this at least temporarily,” Anthony sighed as he produced his Pokedex, a pair of headphones, and a disk. “This is dark pulse; it’ll give you something a little more reliable than hidden power.”

“Hm,” the Lucario grimaced.

“Now don’t be like that, once we get to the Shalour City gym we can ask Korrina for advice okay?”

“Hmph,” the fighting type huffed.

“He’s still not for it,” Vix translated.

“I’m sorry buddy but I don’t have any other TMs that are projectile based,” Anthony shrugged.

“I can’t say I blame him, I mean your TM you used to teach me flamethrower gave me one hell of a head rush,” the Braixen chuckled.

“Yeah and you also started slurring your English for half an hour,” the teen nodded before turning back to the Lucario. “Well if you are against it Luther I won’t force it onto you, okay?”

“Hm!” he smiled.

“Anyway getting back on track, the next gym is a fighting type gym so Arrow, you’re my front runner followed by Lucy and Vix,” Anthony announced.

“Fletchinder!” the Bird cried jubilantly.

“Yes, yes I know you’re excited,” the trainer sighed as his bird darted about the field. “But, that gym is going to be accustomed to flying types exploiting weaknesses, so you’re going to have to train really hard and get really good at dodging those hits.”

“Fletch!” Arrow chirped.

“So I am going to enlist Vix’s help to teach you that, and if worst comes to worst she’s going to teach you how to take a few hits,” Anthony smiled.

“Wait, what?” the Braixen balked.

“Fletch?” the fire bird gulped.

“Relax, first exercise is going to teach you how to get in and get out while avoiding hits,” he continued as he fished into an old duffle bag filled with rental training equipment. The trainer pulled out a long leather belt with a pair of tassels hanging from break away clasps and affixed it to his starter.

“Anthony I’m not sure I want to participate in this.” Vix paled

“Arrow isn’t going to be trying to hit you, all he’s trying to do is steal these tassels,” he explained. “And all you have to do is keep him from getting them.”

“Okay…” she swallowed. “Sorry Arrow.”

“Exercise is over when Arrow has both tassels,” Anthony announced as he stepped back. “Start!”

“Hold up let me get extrasensory up!” Vix gasped.

“Sorry Vix, but this is as much training for you as it is for Arrow,” her trainer shrugged. The Braixen snorted an ember filled blast of air and swatted the bird from the air before he could snatch one of the tassels that hung about her waist. The same exchange repeated for several bouts until Arrow started dodging the blasts of fire.

“Move around Vix, don’t give Arrow an easy target!” Anthony called when his Fletchinder got close to one of the tassels.

“I’m workn’ on it!” the Braixen spat, but as she turned her attention back to the fight Arrow managed to catch one of the tassels.


“I’m fucking blind you asshole!” she snapped with a swipe of her cane. Anthony quickly ducked as an ember whizzed by his head.

“Focus Vix!” the trainer snapped, but before the Braixen could turn her attention back to the Fletchinder she was hit by strong blast of fire from the bird.

“Fletchinder!” Arrow shrieked as he flitted to put himself between Anthony and the fire fox.

“That was a cheap shot Arrow,” Vix huffed.

“Fletch!” the bird shot back. Before Anthony could break up the starting battle, Arrow went berserk. The Braixen barely had time to react as the bird shot forward and started buffeting her with his wings. Vix managed to blast the bird away with confusion only to have him dart back in moments later.

“Damn it Arrow, back off!” she growled before using her flamethrower.

“Arrow!” Anthony yelled as he reached for the bird’s blood stained ball. Before the trainer could return the agitated Fletchinder, Kris jumped into the middle of the fray, pinning both Arrow and Vix beneath her.

“Umbreon!” the dark type growled.

“Thank you Kris,” Anthony sighed.

“Umbre!” she snapped. “Umbreon!”

“What?” he replied.

“Kris, let me up so I can translate,” Vix sighed, but the Eeveelution didn’t budge from her back.


“Yes I will translate word for word,” the Braixen huffed. “Anthony, just think of Kris talking okay?”

“Alright, what’s on your mind Kris?” the trainer nodded.

“This isn’t training, this is a glorified game!” the Umbreon spoke while Vix translated what she said into English. “You say you don’t want to be coddled and yet you coddle us, it’s time to grow up and face the fact that we have to get stronger and the only way for us to get stronger is if you let us battle!”

“I’m getting you all used to…”

“No, you are hurting us by forcing us to conform to this farce!” Kris spat. “The Black Ball Breeders will kill us all if we aren’t ready to face them!”


“You have allowed this calamity to weaken you, you are no longer the trainer I came to trust, you are no longer the trainer I call my friend!” the Umbreon concluded.

“Fletch!” Arrow cried as he tried to struggle out from under the heavier Pokémon.

“No Arrow, Kris is right,” Anthony placated. “I’ve been overprotective of you guys and I’ve been holding you guys back because if I lose any of you guys…”

“I live because you saved me from the BBB, but the path you are taking is suicide and I do not wish to die.”

“Kris I think you are being a little too harsh on him,” Vix sighed

“Umbreon,” the dark type addressed before turning back to her trainer. “My life has been harsh but I cannot shrink away like a little pup. While not all of my scars show so readily on my hide, I know that what doesn’t kill me will only make me stronger.”

Kris’s words stung like a bitter truth and yet at the same time they inspired Anthony.

“This secret you keep weakens you, it is time to slough off the weight and unburden your heart.”

“And grow stronger,” the trainer finished.

“Um,” Kris nodded.

“Something going on kid?” Tony asked as he joined the teen. Anthony turned to the Ranger to see concern on his face.

“Yeah, could I get some help training?”

“Uh, yeah,” the ranger said taken aback. “You want something like a mock battle?”

“No, an actual battle.”

“You sure kid? My team is scary strong,” Tony warned. “I could go over and wake up Dillon,”

“Nah, I want to battle you, less likely to leave one of my team critically injured.”

“I heard that!” the Ginger trainer called as he lounged on a plush pile of grass.

Fay silently stalked a dark dressed man as he rounded a corner into an alleyway to answer the ringing of his phone.

“Sir, I have visual conformation of Anthony in Geosenge,” he spoke oblivious to the Zoroark that stalked him. “Yes the Braixen is there too, she looks close to evolving.”

The dark type took the time set up a quick disguise as a Fennekin so she could creep closer.

“No, the kid’s Braixen must have caught onto me, did a swap out for his Fletchinder and I couldn’t get close,” the man continued. “Yes sir, I’ll make my move tonight.”

“Fen, Fennekin!” Fay chirped startling the man.

“Sorry, some stray feral startled me, I’ll call you when I have Anthony and his Braixen, and that perverted Ranger is dead,” he sighed before closing his phone. “You look like you got the bad blood of the family.”

“Say that again when my fangs are on your throat,” the tiny fox suddenly spoke.

“Wha…” the man managed to gasp out when a large pink hand clamped down over his face. He struggled for a bit but the relentless grip of the Gourgeist never let up until his form slackened.

“He’s a danger to Anthony,” Fay assessed.

“Yes, let’s get him out of town,” Blossom nodded as she released the man. Fay moved to lift the BBB agent when a soft click sounded from him.

“We!” a Weavile gasped as it was released from a black ball.

“Icy wind,” its trainer wheezed. Compelled by its command chip the ice type blasted the Gourgeist with an ice laden wind. Fay quickly locked her jaws on the human’s throat and pulled.

“Weavile!” the frightened Pokémon paled when it saw the stringy remains of its trainer’s throat hanging from the Zoroark’s mouth. Something clicked within the ice type’s body followed by an immeasurable pain within her chest.

“H-help me,” it choked as foamed spittle formed in its mouth. Fay knew it was hopeless to help the poor Pokémon as it started to struggle to breathe. The Zoroark turned away unable to continue to watch as the Weavile slowly died from the venom that attacked its heart.

“Ugh…” Blossom groaned as she recovered from the ice attack. “Fire I can handle but ice types still hurt.”

“Anthony is in trouble…” Fay worried.

“Yes I know, I only hope this guy’s friends won’t come looking for him until Anthony sets out tomorrow,” the Gourgeist sighed.

“No, he said Vix is close to evolving, she’ll be a psychic type then, she-she’ll tamper with his memories,”

“Now Fay, relax Vix won’t…” the ghost was cut short when the Zoroark struck her with a dark enshrouded claw.

“She’ll erase his memories of me!” Fay snapped, but her outburst forced the Gourgeist to retreat into her gourd to recover from the damage she sustained in the brief battle with the Weavile, “I have to stop her…”

“Keep after her Arrow!” Anthony called as he Fletchinder chased after Tony’s Togakiss.

“Try and land Genie, catch your breath!” the ranger countered. Arrow once again proved his speed as he quickly caught up to the fleeing Togakiss and delivered the final blow.

“Ha ha, good one Arrow!” the younger trainer called. “Come on back here!”

“Fletch!” the bird chirped jubilantly as his form started to glow.

“Wait Arrow stop!” Anthony cried as the bird’s form grew to be much larger than his original form. The now Fifty pound Talonflame bowled over the young teen as he tried to land on the youth’s shoulder.

“Sounds like Arrow’s grating voice is back,” Vix sighed as she nursed injuries from the battle.

“Umbreon,” Kris huffed.

“Arrow off,” the trainer shoved, “We’re still in the middle of a battle.”

“Talon!” the great bird cheered as he hopped back from the teen.

“Kid, Arrow is your last available Pokémon, and I still have Denryu and Blair, both of which know electric moves,” Tony warned, “And now that Arrow is large enough I’d like to start teaching you both how to fly.”

“As in HM fly?” the teen asked as he sat up.

“Yes, it will take some getting used to, but the sooner we teach you the easier I’ll breathe knowing that you have an escape route if it ever got rough,” The ranger affirmed.

“How about it Arrow, wanna forfeit this match so we can learn how to fly together?” the trainer offered.

“Talon,” the fire bird whistled disapprovingly.

“Now Arrow, in this regard sometimes it is better to cut losses and run, because without you or any of my team I am helpless,” Anthony placated. The Talonflame huffed his displeasure but remained passive as Tony gave his Togakiss a revive.

“Don’t worry Arrow, far better for Anthony to lose to Tony in controlled conditions than to lose to a BBB agent hell-bent on hurting all of us or worse,” Vix soothed.

“Talon,” the bird nodded with understanding.

“Everyone good?” the ranger asked as he dug into his own bag to produce the Hidden Machine that contained Fly

“Yeah we’re good, Arrow this’ll be just for a moment okay,” Anthony spoke before returning the fire bird. Tony passed the disk to the teen as he inserted Arrow’s pokeball into his pokedex. A few minutes later Anthony and Tony were airborne.

“You warm enough kid?” the ranger asked as he pulled his coat tighter.

“This is nothing,” the teen beamed.

Below Vix lounged in the warming sun as she slowly recovered from the battle with Genie.

“You acted like a spoiled brat Vix,” Kris huffed. “You’ve been acting like a spoiled brat for a while now, and I know why.”

“Oh,” the Braixen sighed, too tired to give a sarcastic remark.

“You have an itch that you want Anthony to scratch; you’ve allowed him to get too close,” the Umbreon explained.

“So, I’ve put on the brakes.”

“For now, but can you honestly trust your willpower when you are in the middle of your heat?” Kris turned.

“I did it before,” Vix retorted.

“You and Anthony were just barely getting into your relationship,” the dark type countered. “Now that you two have entertained thoughts of mating, and given what I’ve heard this morning you came very close to letting that happen. I suggest that you two start sleeping separately.”

“I didn’t think you were awake,” the Braixen blushed.

“Oh, I was awake, and you were very much in a moment of weakness,”

“It didn’t help that dream was…”

“Arousing?” Kris smiled. “Look if you want to do it now I won’t judge, but I don’t think you know just how big Anthony is.”

“The only way I could find that out is if I feel him up when he has a boner,” Vix spoke as her blush deepened. “And I’ve kind of been hesitant to try that even if we are starting to explore.”

“He’s still young but I’d guess he’s about…”

“Achem I don’t think that kind of conversation is very appropriate given present company,” Blair interrupted.

“Heh, you know I never really took you to be a prude Blair,” the Braixen chuckled.

“If I want to be a mother I’m going to have to start curbing the overt sexual discussions, and young Espurr’s are notorious for projecting anything that they happen to imagine,” the Meowstic huffed. “And I don’t want images of Anthony with disproportionate parts suddenly popping into my head.”

The psychic type’s remark caused both Vix and Kris to giggle.

“Oh grow up you two,” Blair snapped. “Now to change the subject before it gets too far out of hand. Achem Vix I am very happy with your progress with Extrasensory and I think you are ready to start learning Miracle Eye.”

“Really?” the Braixen gasped.

“Please bear in mind that you might not be able to do this until you are truly a psychic type,” the Meowstic warned.

“I don’t care; it’s one step closer to being able to truly see Anthony’s face again,” Vix nearly wept as she grabbed the cat’s paws. Blair sighed and stepped back away from the excited Braixen.

“Miracle Eye doesn’t work like that, it simply attaches an aura to your target that makes your attacks home in on them,” she explained. The fire type was struck speechless as the Meowstic allowed the terrible news sink in.

“I’m sorry I thought you knew,” Blair sighed. “I didn’t mean to get your hopes up like that.”

“I-I, it, it’s okay,” Vix choked as she seemingly recovered. “It should still be useful to learn.”

The psychic type nodded silently as she knelt down before the Braixen, “Form your Extrasensory.”

“Okay,” the Braixen nodded as she effortlessly formed the tiny bubble of light.

“Now instead of pulsing your power through it, focus it in the center and try to create a vacuum,” Blair instructed. Vix did as the Meowstic instructed and caused her orb of Extrasensory to become highly unstable.

“Okay try to get it stable while I get Kris set up.”

“Uh, okay,” The Braixen gulped. Before the Meowstic could move to get the Umbreon into position the orb Vix held suddenly gave a loud pop.

“Ack!” she shrieked.

“Vix are you alright?” Kris gasped.

“Y-yeah I just got the piss scared out of me,” Vix chuckled nervously.

“As long as you are not hurt, form it up again,” her teacher huffed. High overhead Tony also lectured his student as Anthony held onto Arrow’s neck.

“Okay, this position is great for when your bird is ascending, but in a slow dive you’ll slide right off,” the Ranger instructed, “Now if you lightly pinch with your knees right behind the wings you won’t…”

“Are ya bored yet Arrow?” the teen whispered. “Let’s see if Genie can catch up to you in full tilt.”

“Talon!” the bird excitedly chirped, and with three flaps of his wings Tony and his Togakiss were far behind him.

“Yahoo!” Anthony yelled as his Talonflame continued to pick up speed.

“Anthony, slow down!” Tony yelled as he struggled to keep up with Genie.

“Pidgeot!” a third flyer screeched as the fire bird and trainer rocketed by.

“Whoa Arrow, I think you almost hit my uncle,” the teen laughed as his bald uncle clung to his Pidgeot.

“Geez Anthony, if it weren’t for your Talonflame, I would have thought you were your father,” Simon sighed as he landed. Anthony touched down next to his Uncle while Tony slowly caught up

“Where’s Penny?”

“Audino!” came a cry from under the burly man.

“Sorry it took so long for us to come out, I couldn’t find Penelope’s pokeball so I had to carry her with Feather,” the burly man explained as he and the Audino slid from the Pidgeot.

“It’s alright,” Anthony placated.

“Have you eaten?” the teen’s uncle asked.

“No, no I’ve been training all morning.”

“Ah good because I got some of Penny’s famous chili for everyone,” Simon smiled before he pulled out a large sealed container filled with home-made chili

“Awesome,” Anthony beamed as he took the container.

“Chili?” Vix asked as she joined her trainer.

“Audi!” the Audino chirped.

“Of course your chili is way better than the canned stuff, they don’t nearly put enough tamato berries in it,” the trainer placated.

“Tamato berries?” the Braixen gulped.

“Yeah, after a cold day of scaling a fifty foot cliff of ice eating a bowl of this is sure to warm you up,”

“I bet,” she smiled nervously when her trainer cracked the seal on the container of super spicy chili.

“Audino?” Penny addressed the Braixen.

“I can tolerate most spices but tamatos are a bit too much for me,” Vix chuckled.

“Oh here is the rubbing I made of the wall,” Anthony recalled as he produced the charcoal stained paper.

“Keep it kid,” Simon sighed.

“I don’t want it to fade, and I already made myself a copy,” the teen smiled.

“Ah good, I’ll get this framed for you then,” the elder nodded. “Now if I recall correctly you were training your team?”

“Oh no he’s done for today,” Tony interjected. “Mr. Okai I must apologize but we need to keep visits between you and Anthony brief.”

“Ay I know,” Simon sighed. “It’s good seeing you again Anthony, and on your feet too.”

“Yeah, it’s good being on my feet,” the trainer laughed. Vix waited until she heard the rustling of wings as her trainer’s uncle left for home.

“Anthony please, it still hurts a little to hear you laugh about that.”

“Sorry I was…”

“I know, Simon doesn’t understand what I gave up to save you,” the Braixen sighed.

“He does Vix, but he doesn’t understand… us, nor will he have understanding of it.”

“Why not?” Tony asked.

“My uncle never married, nor did he produce any children of his own,” Anthony explained. “That makes me the only legitimate heir to the O’kai family name, all I ask is that you keep our relationship secret from my uncle until I figure out a way to break the news to him.”

“I more than understand keeping a relationship secret, but for right now let’s get back so we can get supplies,” the ranger nodded.

“Yeah,” the teen shrugged. “Though I suppose we should wake up Dillon.”

“He spent a really long time talking to his Pokémon last night, ran the battery dry on my translator,” Tony sighed. “Come on Dillon time to wake up!”

“I’m up!” the ginger droned. “Shit how long was I out?”

“Nearly the whole morning,” the ranger smirked. “We’re done training so we need to head into town for supplies before heading out.”

Dillon gathered up his things and joined Tony and Anthony on the short trip back to Geosenge.

The rest of the day Anthony spent in his room with his team. Boredom quickly settled into the air as the teen tiredly flipped through the hotel’s poor selection of channels time and again.

“Damn so much for that movie,” the teen sighed as the end credits of a simple anime movie played across the screen of the television.

“Floette?” Lucy asked as she preened her tiny flower. Vix was about to answer when she heard her trainer stand up and click the T.V. off.

“How about a walk?” he asked, but when he surveyed the room most of his Pokémon that were out of their pokeballs were still drowsy from their battle with Tony’s team.

“I’ll go,” the Braixen chimed when no one else spoke up.

“Okay, you guys behave while Vix and I are out.”

“Um,” Kris huffed.

“She says she’ll keep the order,” the fire fox translated.

“That’s good,” Anthony smiled. The trainer led the way back to the memorial with his Braixen close on his heels.

“So how was training going with Blair?”

“Hard,” Vix droned.

“You feeling alright?” Anthony paused.

“Yeah, it’s just I thought there was a work around with Miracle Eye and it would let me see at least temporarily,” she explained.

“Oh, and hearing Simon joke about it struck a nerve?”

“Y-,” Vix suddenly froze when her paw stepped into a shallow puddle. A sharp metallic odor assaulted the Braixen’s sensitive nose followed by a painfully familiar musk. Anthony’s leg bumped against something hard and made of wood as he turned to regard his starter.

“Oh no,” Vix gasped.

“What is it?” the teen asked, but the answer came all too soon when he watched a mass of black and purple fur tackled the Braixen.

“Vix!” Anthony cried as he saw the Zoroark grip his starter by her throat and started shaking, but the Braixen’s reality was vastly different as the Zoroark simply laid beneath her seemingly laughing as Vix slowly came to terms to what hit her.

“What is this April!?” she spat, but before the dark type could reply Vix was suddenly hit by the full weight of her trainer. His strong hands clamped down around her neck and a guttural growl rumbled in his throat.

“Ah… Anthony… stop,” the Braixen choked. “Please.”

“You’ve hurt me, now you’ve hurt Vix,” Anthony growled. “Unforgivable Fay!”

‘Fay?’ she thought. ‘Damn Zoroark’s using her illusions, g-gotta break it somehow.’

Vix extended her psychic power into her trainer’s mind but just as she was about to make the connection for telepathy a powerful force shut her down.

“I can’t allow you into Anthony’s mind,” Fay spoke, “I can’t allow you to erase his memories of me. But I will finally have Anthony, I just have to take your place pass off my behavior as being rattled, fake an evolution and bam I get what you will never have.”

The Braixen started to grow light headed as she struggled beneath her trainer. Her short claws dug at Anthony’s arms until she finally found purchase on his hand. She pried with all of her strength until she was able to take a quick raspy breath before the teen redoubled his grip. Vix’s mind reeled for a way to reach her trainer until she recalled the only thing he would know.

“Wh-whatever… b-burden you bear… I-I bear…” she choked out just as her mind started to go blank. Anthony froze unable to comprehend what the Zoroark said.

“Vix?” he gasped as he released his hold on the dark type. The Braixen coughed as her trainer staggered back. “Only Vix says that.”

“D-don’t listen to her she’s lying!” Fay disguised as Vix spat.

“Anthony, do you trust me?” the Braixen turned Zoroark wheezed. The trainer froze up unable to decide between his beloved starter and the traitorous Zoroark.

“Anthony I have to break the illusion,” Vix pleaded.

“There is no illusion she trying to turn you against me again,” Fay countered. The trainer breathed a heavy sigh to clear his mind before turning to the Zoroark. “I trust you Vix.”

The Zoroark’s form glowed and started to change form. When the light receded a Delphox stood where the dark type once stood.

“You are the anchor of this illusion Anthony, just hold still,” the psychic type spoke. The trainer felt all of his senses get flooded out by some unknown force until he saw that the Braixen’s image start to fracture.

“Hang on Anthony just a little longer,” the Delphox continued. The smaller fire fox began screaming in agony as more of her body cracked until Anthony felt like he was about to pass out from the sensory overload. Finally the illusion gave way leaving a cringing Zoroark huddled where the Braixen was.

“Vix?” Anthony turned to face the Delphox.

“It was the only way I could think of to overpower Fay,” the Delphox explained.

“You bitch!” Fay spat. “You’ll destroy his memories of me!”

“No, I won’t,” Vix spoke as she lit her paw with a shimmering fire. The Zoroark charged with a feral growl while the Delphox whipped the fire lit paw in a circle.

“Mystical Fire,” Anthony recognized but instead of sending forth a ring of shimmering fire Vix unraveled the ring into a whip. She cracked the burning tether into a wide arc sending out a large wave shimmering fire. Fay couldn’t react fast enough as she quickly got ensnared by the Mystical fire.

“Found you!” Vix growled when she felt the Zoroark’s presence in the fire. With her other paw the Delphox sent forth several piercing rays of light aimed directly at the dark type.

“Dazzling Gleam,” Anthony once again observed. Trapped and facing a fairy type attack Fay simply closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable to hit. Despite Vix’s anger towards the Zoroark she withheld just enough so she wouldn’t kill the dark type.

“See to her,” she sighed once her fire died back.

“But…” Anthony started to protest.

“She’s in heat, and you have Kris’s Estrus-ender,” the Delphox interrupted.

“What about Kris?”

“She’s suffering Anthony,” Vix said flatly.

“Alright,” the trainer sighed as he fished into his pocket to grab a small pen-like object. Fay started to growl as the teenager drew near but a curt bark from the Delphox caused her to flinch. The Zoroark whimpered apologetically when Anthony knelt down. He removed the safety cap from the needle and carefully inserted it into her arm. The pen clicked when he gave it a light squeeze. Almost immediately the Zoroark relaxed as the drug worked to neutralize the hormones that raged within her.

“Forgive me,” Fay wept when the teen withdrew the needle.

“I’m sorry Fay, but I can never trust you, not after this,” Anthony sighed.

“I-I know,” she choked. “Just remember me as the little Zorua, and not as this-this monster I’ve become.”

The trainer pulled the dark type into a loose hug and though he felt a small pit of revulsion as he remembered that at one time she could have been his starter.

“I don’t think of you as a monster, just a… friend that made some bad mistakes,” Anthony spoke. “In time maybe I can find forgiveness, but for now I think it is best you go back to Laverre town.”

Fay silently nodded as tears freely flowed down her face. She waited for Anthony and Vix to leave the alleyway before moving to Blossom’s gourd. The Zoroark dug into her plush mane and retrieved a small scrap of paper, a pen and a revival crystal. After scribbling a quick note Fay cracked the revive and left before the Gourgest could regain conciseness.

Sorry for the long wait between chapters, it has been one heck of a month for me. But hey it’s nice and long

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